Addler dreams

I’d like to make an experiment; a combination of story and video game.

[HR][/HR]Part 1:

Jessica Barry was a cheerful teenager; she attended the senior year of the local high school and belonged to the best students. She also was a member of the school choir and earned several awards. However she had a secret deep in her mind. Jessica was in diapers almost until an age of 5 and her toilet training was quite hard. Jessica’s mother was even afraid her daughter would the only who wears diapers at school. She wasn’t able to find out the reason. Jessica somehow liked the feeling of wet diapers and didn’t want to get rid of them. Even now she sometimes was daydreaming about diapers. Anyway she didn’t have the courage to buy a package of adult diapers and try them out. Every evening before falling asleep she imagined herself as a toddler and she sometimes dreamt about it.

A weekend in May before her graduation changed her life. She was tensed and stressed and her memories were getting more intensive. It probably was a subconscious desire for the careless toddler life. On Friday she came home and learned until late evening. Almost at midnight Jessica put the book away and closed her eyes. Her dream was very vivid this time.


Jessica opened her eyes and looked around in an utter surprise. The room was large, but it wasn‘t a classroom. The walls were painted in bright colors and pictures were hanging on them. The tables and chairs were smaller than in a classroom. However the biggest surprise was a playpen and many toys scattered on the floor. A little baby girl was standing in the playpen, a boy was sitting at the table and coloring and another boy was sitting on the floor, playing with toy cars. Both boys were about 3 years old and diapered. Jessica reached to her crotch and felt a diaper as well. Fortunately the diaper was dry.

What should it mean? Did Jessica get back to her childhood? To her utter surprise she enjoyed her condition and almost sat down and took a doll. Anyway she wanted to find out what was going on. She also was curious about the place and its surroundings. Would it be able to find an exit? Maybe the children would know something.


[Would you like to know what happens? You can try it out. Find the link in the forum General. I can continue the story later; it would be a spoiler just now. The game actually includes the episode 1 and ends at the moment Jessica escapes from the daycare.

Game thread link.

I’ve tested the game; however there still can be bugs there. Send me a feedback if you find any, please.]