Addler dreams

Three year ago I started an experiment with combination of a story and video game. The first three episodes of the game have been developed and they are available.

I decided to rework the introduction and write a related story.


The clock showed 23:59 and the teenager sitting at the table was dog tired. The girl closed her textbook and stood up. Her mind was occupied by wild fantasies and she wasn’t able to learn anymore.

Jessica Barry was a cheerful teenager; she attended the senior year of the local high school and belonged to the best students. She also was a member of the school choir and earned several awards. However deep secrets were hidden behind the mask of the exemplary student.

Jessica’s mind travelled back in time when she was about five years old. She was playing in her room along with her younger sister Alice. They were immersed in the game, putting the dolls into the dollhouse when Jessica felt mom’s hand sliding inside her pants and heard the sigh:

“Jessica, you peed yourself again. Why don’t you ask for the potty like Alice does. You are older than her and I still have to change your diapers.”

“Sorry mom but I forgot.”

“You forgot! Jessica, you go to school this fall. Would you like to wear diapers at school?”

“Isn’t there a nurse there?”

Alice burst into laughter but Jessica stayed calm. Her mom was desperate and Alice teased her often but Jessica refused to get toilet trained. She somehow liked the feeling of a soft and comfortable package between her legs.

The memory ended and Jessica sighed only… Although she got toilet trained that summer, she remembered the great feeling and she even tried out adult diapers later. In her dreams she often was a diapered toddler and it surprisingly helped her relax and become the exemplary student.

Jessica hurried up to the bathroom, took a quick shower, cleaned her teeth and changed into pajamas. The soft bed was waiting for her already. She switched off the light and closed her eyes. The next dream was beginning.

Part 1:

Jessica opened her eyes and looked around in an utter surprise. The room was large, but it definitely wasn’t a classroom. The walls were painted in bright colors and pictures were hanging on them. The tables and chairs were smaller than in a classroom. However the biggest surprise was a playpen and many toys scattered on the floor. A little baby girl was standing in the playpen, a boy was sitting at the table and coloring. He was about 3 years old and diapered. Jessica realized she was about the same size and she also felt something between her legs; it was a diaper.

What should it mean? Did Jessica get back to her childhood? Was she in a kindergarten? How did she get there? There were hundreds of questions in her mind but Jessica stopped thinking of them, sat down next to the boy and took a doll.

The door opened and another boy entered the room:

“Mark, it’s your turn. Oh, we have a new friend here. My name is Allan.”

Mark stood up and Jessica noticed the diaper dropping between his legs. He apparently was soaked and he hurried up towards the door.

“Nice to meet you Allan. My name is Jessica. Where is Mark heading?”

“You apparently are new here. He needs his diaper changed and the nurse does it. I’ve just returned from the bathroom. What about you? How did you get here?”

The simple question made Jessica perplexed. She didn’t know how she got to that room:

“I … I … don’t know. I’ve just found myself here.”

“Interesting but … how do you get back home then? My mom will come in the afternoon and take me home.”

“I don’t know but I could try to find a way to get away from here.”

“Are you sure? It could be a challenge if you don’t know how you got here.”

“I have to try it anyway.”

Jessica stood up and headed towards the door. She opened it and got to a corridor. There were several doors on both sides and she even noticed a stairwell leading up and another one leading down. An older lady was standing next to the stairwells and she looked like a prison guard rather than a kindergarten teacher. Looking at her Jessica got an unpleasant feeling.

A door opened and Mark emerged from a room; it probably was the bathroom. Mark waved at her and returned to the room Jessica had left. However she wanted to learn more about the kindergarten and stepped forward. The corridor wasn’t too long and Jessica spotted the exit door. That would be the way out!

“Jessica, stop!” a squeaky voice broke her attempt and the prison guard like lady took Jessica at hand and led her back to the room she had left moments ago.

“Welcome back,” Allan and Mark chirped unisono and smiled at her. Jessica smiled back but she felt the diaper between her legs getting warm. She peed in it and didn’t feel it at all. What should it mean? Was she a toddler indeed? Jessica wasn’t sure if she liked it or if she was terrified. She recalled her secret dreams and decided immediately; it definitely was that dream. She shrugged only and headed to the boys. However she noticed the baby girl sobbing in the playpen and walked over to her and stroked her hair. The little girl smiled at her and gave her a kiss. Jessica leaned down and returned the kiss. The boys seemed to ignore the baby.

Jessica didn’t give up and she headed towards the corridor again. She opened another door and found herself in the second playroom. There were three girls inside and Jessica’s heart jumped; she probably found some soulmates. She headed to them and smiled:

“Hello, my name is Jessica.”

“Hi, Jessica, I’m Mary,” “I’m Ellen,” “I’m Priscilla”, three cheery voices answered her and she headed to them. Five minutes later the girls were sitting and playing with the dolls like the knew each other for ages.

“Excuse me,” Ellen stood up and Jessica smelled a poop. Ellen hurried up and in about five minutes she was back. Jessica realized diaper changes were a part of the kindergarten life and nobody felt embarrassed.

A nice teacher entered the room and she brought sandwiches and juice in baby bottles. All girls sat down at the little table and they took the bottles. Priscilla and Ellen were able to eat her sandwich on their own but Mary and Jessica had to be fed by the teacher. It was another surprise. Jessica wasn’t able to eat on her own.

When they finished eating and drinking, Jessica remembered the plan to get away and asked the girls. Mary and Ellen shrugged only but Priscilla nodded:

“Jessica, I think you can find a way out but I need my teddy bear first. If you bring me my Mr. Bear, I tell you a secret.”

Jessica nodded and stood up to look for the bear. At that moment she felt her diaper grow warm again. Priscilla and Mary stood up as well and they headed towards the door. Their diapers were dropping between their legs and Jessica felt the same. All three of them walked over to the bathroom and the nurse peeked out of the door:

“Of course, you have had your snack. Well, wait here and I change you one by one.”

Allan and Mark emerged from the playroom and joined the queue. Jessica had to grin at the view. The nurse called them into the bathroom and changed their diapers.

After the diaper change Jessica remembered the teddy bear and started searching the rooms. She found several teddy bears but Priscilla shook her head. When Jessica brought Priscilla the third bear, Priscilla stopped her:

“Jessica, did you try to search the basement or loft?”

“What are you telling me? Isn’t it dangerous?” Jessica was surprised by her own words. She wasn’t afraid of basements and lofts; after all she had an adult mind. However the toddler side of her mind made her ask the question.

“Don’t be a coward!” Priscilla grinned.

Jessica nodded and headed out of the room and she approached the stairwells.

“Hey, little one. Basement and loft are not your playrooms,” the strong hand of the prison guard dragged her back to Allan and Mark.

“Aww, do you know how to pass the damn guard?”

“Jessica, Mrs. Brown isn’t any guard but she is a strict teacher. However I can give you an advice,” Allan replied.

“Watch her for awhile and she eventually looks away and you can sneak past her.”

“Thanks, Allan,”

Jessica peeked out of the door and watched Mrs. Brown. She really looked away and Jessica sneaked to the stairwells.

Up or down? Jessica couldn’t hesitate for long and she headed up to the loft. Her heart jumped; she tricked the damn teacher. Before Mrs. Brown looked back, Jessica was in the loft. She felt like a hero on her important mission.

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Part 2:

Jessica stopped on the stairwell top and looked around. Her eyes needed a minute to accomodate to the dim light. There were two small windows on the opposite wall and the most part of the loft was hidden in long shadows. Was it really the place where she could look for a lost teddy bear? Who could bring him here?

Jessica stepped forward carefully; she wouldn’t like to attract attention by squeaking on the floor. Fortunately the floor didn’t squeak and it was a bit surprising. There wasn’t dust everywhere as if somebody cleaned the loft regularly.

An old mirror caught Jessica’s eyes; it was hanging on the wall between the windows. Jessica walked over and watched it. She could see her own mirror image but suddenly the image changed for a split of second and Jessica looked into her own bedroom at home. Was it an illusion only? She rubbed her eyes but all she could see was her own mirror image in the dark loft.

Jessica shrugged and decided to ask Priscilla; the little girl probably knew more. Now she had to find the teddy bear. There were doors on both side walls and Jessica turned to the left and headed towards the door.

After two steps she felt rumbling in her bowels and seconds later the back of her diaper expanded. The smell of poop spread in the room and Jessica blushed; it was unpleasant and she almost started crying. She liked the feeling of wet diapers in her childhood but messy ones weren’t that pleasant. Even worse she wasn’t aware of the urge and could expect more messy accidents. Her diaper got heavy and the bowel movement pressed on her bladder and made her pee in the diaper too.

The poor girl forgot about the teddy bear and turned back to the stairwell; she hurried down the stairs, ignored Mrs. Brown and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Oh, poor thing,” the nurse opened and lifted Jessica on her arms. She put the toddler onto the changing table and opened the soiled diaper.

While she was being changed, Jessica cursed herself; she could search one of the rooms at least. Now she had to wait for the next opportunity. However she could ask Priscilla at least. As soon as she was diapered and dressed again, she thanked the nurse, smiled at her and headed to the girls playroom. Ellen was leaving the room and they met on the corridor.

Priscilla listened to Jessica and grinned:

“The mirror is strange,” she leaned to Jessica and whispered: “I have seen a strange image there as well.”

“Did you find the teddy bear?” Priscilla asked her aloud again.

“No, I had to run down to a diaper change.”

“Hey, why did you run back immediately. The diaper is a big advantage. You can decide when to get changed. Ellen always runs to the nurse when she pees in her diaper but she probably is an exception. The nurse is busy with Ellen and the little Zoe usually. We get a change before lunch anyway.”

At that moment Jessica realized the smell of Priscilla’s diaper. Priscilla was sitting there in a wet and messy diaper and talking with Jessica.

“Okay, Pris; I do another attempt,” Jessica collected her courage and peeked out of the room. Mrs. Brown was just distracted by Ellen and Jessica sneaked past her. She wanted to find the teddy bear this time.

The door on the left side didn’t squeak as well and Jessica finally could see the left side room. There were several cabinets and tables inside and toy animals were piled on one of the tables. However an animal caught her eyes. A rabbit was sitting on the table and a plate with toy food was arranged in front of him.

Jessica looked around to find the missing teddy bear. The piled animals seemed to be old and not used for a long time but she found a teddy bear below the table. Hopefully it was Priscilla’s one. Jessica took it and returned to the stairwell. This time she didn’t hurry up and waited until Mrs. Brown turned away.

Priscilla immediately took the toy and hugged and kissed him: “My Mr. Bear, thank you, Jessica.”

“Could you tell me the secret now, please?”

“Yeah,” Priscilla looked around carefully and pulled Jessica to the corner away from Mary and Ellen.

“There is a special bear in the basement. He can speak and he told me about a way to get away from here but I failed. It is the mirror.”

“What? A speaking bear? What are you telling me? Why do you want to get out from here in that way?”

“Jessica, I don’t know how I got here and need to find a way out. This kindergarten is cursed.”

Jessica was about to ask Priscilla more but they were interrupted by a teacher: “Lunch time, girls. Hurry up to the bathroom first!”

Part 3:

Priscilla sighed and stepped forward; she was waddling a bit because of the heavy package between her legs. Jessica followed her and Ellen and Mary also ran to the door.

The diaper change took longer than before; Priscilla and Mark needed to be cleaned thoroughly. Jessica was the last one in the queue and the nurse found her dry; it was a big surprise.

The lunch was delicious but Jessica and Mary needed assistance again. Despite of her age Jessica’s fingers were clumsy and the teacher had to feed her. It was a mystery and Jessica wanted to ask Priscilla about it.

After the lunch Jessica and Priscilla were led to the bedroom to have their afternoon nap along with Allan. There were four beds in the bedroom. All three children had to lie down on the beds, Mrs. Brown put spreader pants over their diapers. Jessica’s legs were held wide apart and she couldn’t sit up let alone stand up and run. Mrs. Brown then put mittens onto their hands.

When Mrs. Brown left, Jessica turned to Priscilla:

“Hey, what is going on? Why are we restricted in this way?”

“How do I explain it? All others would leave with their parents after the nap and we have to stay here.”


“The parents wouldn’t be pleased if they saw us.”


“I told you; this kindergarten is cursed and we are somehow trapped here. We don’t belong here.”

Jessica was even more confused. Where did she get and how could she escape? She couldn’t stand up and walk but she still could talk:

“Pris, tell me more about the mirror. Did you try to get away indeed?”

“Yeah, I did but something went wrong.”

“I did it as well,” Allan joined the discussion.

“What happened?”

“There are some conditions and we didn’t match them,” Allan shrugged. He paused for a short moment: “Wait a little I have to poop.”

Two minutes later the smell spread across the room and Allan continued:

“You have to ask the bear in the basement; he mentioned two basic requests. You have to eat on your own and use the potty. However I don’t have any idea how to do it. My fingers are clumsy and I always go in the diaper.”

Jessica remembered the feeding and turned to Priscilla: “Pris, you can eat on your own. How did you manage it?”

“There is a rabbit in the loft. Ask him and he teaches you.”

“Well, I’ve seen him though. As soon as I can get there, I ask him. It would be simple. But what about the potty?”

“Sorry, I don’t know but the diapers are that comfortable. I can pee and poop whenever I need.”

Allan seemed to be tired and his eyes closed. Priscilla also yawned: “Okay, let’s have a short nap now.”

Jessica was able to stay awake for about ten minutes until she fell asleep.

When Jessica awoke, she heard voices outside and she could guess the children were leaving. Allan and Priscilla still were asleep and the smell of urine and poop was spreading across the entire room. Jessica felt wetness between her legs; her diaper definitely was soaked.

Priscilla yawned and smiled at Jessica: “Hello, how did you sleep?”

“Thanks, good.” Jessica realized they were speaking like adults rather than toddlers.

“I’m all wet. What about you?” The question was direct. Priscilla didn’t mind speaking of her diaper at all.

“I … I’m wet as well, Pris. Tell me, why don’t you mind speaking of diapers? Isn’t it embarrassing?”

“Why? They are comfortable and somebody would change us eventually. We don’t have to care.”

“Yeah, but I‘d like to get away. I can remember I wasn’t a toddler.”

“I also would like to get away but it isn’t easy. What about the potty?”

“Some of the children use it here; however I never found out how.”

The door opened and a teacher entered the room. Fortunately she was not Mrs. Brown. She walked over to the beds and took away the mittens and spreader pants. Jessica could see the wet spot on her pants; her diaper had leaked.

The teacher took all three children to the bathroom and changed their diapers and put clean clothes on them. After that she gave them baby bottles with juice. The children walked over to the playroom and sat down. Jessica had to find out more about her new friends:

“Pris, Allan, do you remember something? How did you get here? I don’t remember it but I saw an image in the mirror and it reminded me of a room where I lived before.”

“Yeah, I remember something,” Allan nodded: “I was a late runner in the toilet training and I liked the diapers.”

Priscilla looked at Allan and nodded as well: “The same for me. Now we like our diapers here as well. Maybe it is an explanation why we are here. Anyway I still don’t have any idea how I got here.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jessica shrugged. “It’s more important how we get away. Allan, let’s sneak into the loft and ask the rabbit to learn eating.”

“What about the potty?” Priscilla remarked. She got an answer immediately when her diaper grew warm. “I’ve just peed in the diaper”

Allan and Jessica shook their heads. They had to find an answer elsewhere but where? The teacher wouldn’t tell them anything.

“Allan, let’s find the rabbit,” Jessica stood up and headed towards the door. Allan followed her immediately. Jessica opened the door and two little figures were sneaking to the stairwell.

Mrs. Sanders was preparing dinner and she was unaware of the children she was listening to on the radio and singing along. Jessica and Allan could climb the stairs without being noticed but the loft was even darker in the late afternoon light.

Jessica opened the door and they proceeded towards the sitting rabbit:

“Mr. Rabbit, could you help us,” Jessica felt uneasy and odd when she asked a plush toy but she was taken aback when the rabbit answered her in a high pitched voice:

“Hey littles; I can help you. Stretch your arms and touch the plate in front of me. You learn to eat immediately.”

Jessica and Allan stared at the animal in an utter shock but they obeyed. They felt something like light pulse in their fingers and pulled the hands away quickly.

“Don’t worry; it didn’t hurt you but you are able to use cutlery now.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rabbit,” Allan and Jessica said unisono and they hurried up back to the playroom.

Priscilla was waiting for them and they were back in time. Mrs. Sanders opened the door and brought them dinner five minutes later.

Jessica took the spoon carefully as if she wasn’t able to believe what had happened. However she was able to eat on her own and so was Allan. Mrs. Sanders didn’t say anything but praising them:

“Well, you are quite smart children. I’ll miss you.” she realized she gave away something they needn’t know. Of course she knew about the mysterious children appearing out of nowhere and leaving; anyway she didn’t know about the mirror; only small children could see the images and leave through it. Allan and Priscilla had appeared long ago and they had been living in the kindergarten for months and Mrs. Sanders loved both and took care of them.

Priscilla and Allan raised their heads and noticed the sadness in her voice. However they didn’t intend to leave and they liked to wear diapers even if it should be forever. Neither Priscilla nor Allan tried to find out how to use the potty even if they were curious sometimes.

Jessica liked the diapers as well but she was much more curious and wanted to reveal the secret of the mirror even if she left the kindergarten. Maybe she would find Priscilla and Allan again.

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Part 4:

After the dinner Mrs. Sanders carried the plates and spoons away to do the dishes and the children were alone again. Jessica remembered the sad face and turned to Priscilla:

“Pris, the teacher looked sad. Would she miss us indeed?”

“Don’t worry, Jessica. I don’t plan to leave the kindergarten. It is that nice place and Allan also wouldn’t like to leave.”

Allan nodded and Jessica was a bit confused:

“You told me you tried out the mirror though. You would have escaped.”

“Jessica, we never tried to leave the kindergarten. We only wanted to see the mirror and we never matched the conditions, particularly the potty one. Allan even didn’t try to eat on his own until you convinced him.”

Allan looked at Jessica: “I’m not sure if it was a good idea to learn eating on my own. It is that good to be fed by a nice nurse or teacher. Fortunately I still can enjoy the diaper changes … I’ve just peed in my diaper,” a smile appeared on his face.

At that moment Jessica felt a grumbling in her guts and a massive load of poop filled the back of her diaper and spread up to the front. This time Jessica stayed calm and she also announced her accident without any sign of shame: “I’ve just pooped in the diaper.”

Priscilla nodded only, she stood up and bent her knees; a grunt escaped her lips and she pressed. Seconds later she sat down: “All done, now we can get our bath and go to beds.”

Mrs. Sanders appeared five minutes later and called the three to the bathroom. She removed the dirty diapers and put them into a bathtub. Both girls and Allan were put in the bathtub. Jessica didn’t expect to be in the bathtub together with a boy but she didn’t feel any embarrassment and Mrs. Sanders let them play for a while. The bathroom got a bit wet when they splashed water out of the bathtub but Mrs. Sanders smiled only.

Half an hour later they were relaxing in the bedroom; Mrs. Sanders switched the night lamp on and left the room. All three toddlers were wearing onesies and soft thick diapers. Jessica was tired already but she still wanted to ask Allan and Priscilla.

“The teacher said she would miss you. How long have you been living here then?”

“I don’t remember exactly but it’s long ago when I appeared here,” Allan replied.

“Very long,” Priscilla smiled at Jessica: “It’s like a dream.”

At that moment a light bulb went on in Jessica’s brain. The word ‘dream’ reminded her of the way how she got here:

“I know how I got here. I fell asleep and this is my dream!”

Priscilla and Allan looked at her in an utter astonishment. They realized she was right.

“Yeah, this is a dream and I wish it lasts forever,” Priscilla chirped after a minute of silence.

“How is it possible then? We have been living here for months. Why didn’t I awaken?” Allan was taken aback.

“No idea, Allan,” Jessica shrugged only. However she had another idea:

“If this is a dream, we wake up eventually but we fall asleep the next night and could get back.”

“Yeah, we could do it but would we meet again? Would it be in this kindergarten?” Priscilla was worried a bit.

“Maybe we ask somebody. Mrs. Sanders is a nice person.”

“Okay but let’s do it tomorrow. I’m about to fall asleep,” Jessica yawned.

Allan and Priscilla yawned as well; in five minutes all three were sound asleep. Mrs. Sanders came to check on them and covered them and gave a kiss on their foreheads. She was almost sure they would leave but she knew they would meet again and maybe call her as well. She knew about the dream mystery more than everybody in the kindergarten.

The mysterious children had a strange ability to control their dreams and they experienced their secret wishes in their dreams. Moreover they could call the friends from a former dream to the next one even involuntarily.

Jessica opened her eyes in the morning and stretched her limbs. The sun was peeking into the bedroom and his rays awakened her. Allan and Priscilla still were asleep. The smell of pee and poop was spreading across the room again. Jessica’s diaper was heavy and cold but this time she didn’t leak. Jessica also didn’t feel the mushy poop on her back. Somebody else was the source of the smell.

The little girl stood up and headed towards the corridor; she encountered Mrs. Sanders there: “Good morning.”

“Good morning sweetheart. Let’s change the uncomfortable diaper,” she lifted Jessica on her arms and carried her to the bathroom. She unbuttoned the onesie and opened the wet diaper.

While being changed Jessica remembered the discussion and asked Mrs. Sanders:

“Am I right this is a dream?”

“Yeah, you are quite smart,” Mrs. Sanders nodded.

“Can I leave the dream and come back later?”

“Of course; you possess a rare ability to do it. However you probably get into another dream world.”

“What about my friends and …?”

“And me, sweetheart? You can call them back and you also can call me. However I exist in the dream only. Maybe I’ll look differently then.”

“Could you tell me how to leave?”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you; the mystery of travelling between the worlds is accessible by you, Priscilla and Allan only. However some children could know more; the rumors are spreading here, even among the children.”

“Thanks; I tell it Allan and Priscilla.”

Jessica jumped off the changing table and hurried up to tell the news Priscilla and Allan. Priscilla just opened her eyes and listened to Jessica:

“Jessica, it’s great news. You can leave and come back then.”

“Pris, don’t you come with me?”

“No, I stay here; it’s that pleasant. Maybe we meet again when you come back.”

Allan also awoke and stretched his limbs: “What are you talking about? I stay here with Priscilla.”

Jessica realized she would be alone in her attempts. However she still was curious and eager to find out everything about the mystery. She trusted Mrs sanders and decided to come again and summon all three.

Priscilla stood up carefully and waddled towards the bathroom. Allan followed her and the smell of poop was spreading from him.

After the diaper changes Mrs. Sanders made breakfast for all and sent them to the playroom to avoid the parents. The first child just arrived. It was the baby girl Zoe.

Jessica finished her breakfast quickly; she was quite able to eat on her own already. Minutes later Ellen and Mary entered the room and they hugged Priscilla and Jessica. Jessica hugged them back and decided to start her investigation.

Part 5:

The girls sat down and started playing with dolls. Jessica didn’t mind it; she got an opportunity to ask the Mary and Ellen inconspicuously:

“Did you ever hear of a magical mirror or children which stay here at night?”

“What are you talking about, Jessica? We all leave with our mommies, don’t we?” Ellen replied and Mary nodded. They apparently didn’t have any idea but maybe Jessica asked them a wrong question. However she still could ask Mark; Jessica stood up and walked over to the corridor and the second playroom:

“Hi, Mark, how are you?”

“Good, Jessica. Could we play together?”

“Of course,” Jessica sat down to him and played with toy cars. It wasn’t fun for her but she needed some information.

“Mark, did you ever hear of a magic mirror?”

“What is it, Jessica? Did you listen to a fairy tale?”

At that moment the little Zoe surprised her. She listened to them and suddenly said: “Potty Faiwy.” What should it mean? Did Zoe hear it before? Who told it?

Jessica couldn’t know it but Zoe was like Jessica, Priscilla and Allan. She had appeared in the kindergarten long ago and become the darling of the whole staff. She even got a home; a mother of an older boy adopted her. Zoe didn’t grow up but her new mommy didn’t mind it and she kept spoiling her little pet.

Zoe spent her days at the kindergarten and she listened to the children carefully. Before Priscilla and Allan appeared, another little boy was talking about the potty fairy and Zoe remembered it.

Jessica stood up and stroked the baby girl’s hair gently: “Potty fairy? Thanks, Zoe. Mark, do you know about the potty fairy?”

“No, Jessica, I don’t have any idea. What are you talking about? Magic mirror, potty fairy. I don’t know that fairy tale at all.”

Jessica shrugged only and headed back to the girls; they possibly knew more.

“Potty fairy? Yeah, I‘ve found her,” Mary replied immediately: “Zoe told me about her and I was curious and searched the kindergarten. I saw her in the basement and there is a potty sitting on the floor next to her.”

“Potty? Did you try it out?”

“No idea how, Jessica. I go in the diaper.”

“Thanks, Mary. I try to find her and ask her.”

Priscilla looked at Jessica and there was sadness in her eyes but Jessica already was determined. She hurried up and watched Mrs. Brown carefully. She knew how to sneak past the strict teacher.

Her diaper was wet already but Jessica ignored it and hurried up to the basement. She stopped at the stairwell bottom and shivered; it was dark and cold there. There was a corridor leading from left to right with doors on the opposite side. There was a small lamp on the ceiling and Jessica could hear a machine noise.

Jessica walked over to the mostleft door and opened it; she could see some pipes and tanks and a control panel with flashing lights. The noise also got louder. She shrugged and closed the door; it wasn’t the right room Mary was talking about.

The next door was locked; Jessica proceeded to the third one and she had luck this time. A strange bear was sitting on a dirty wooden crate and he twinkled; was it possible? Could a plush toy twinkle?

Jessica rubbed her eyes and watched the bear; he twinkled again and his paw moved as if he invited her.

Jessica was taken aback but she remembered the rabbit and stepped forward. The bear opened his muzzle and spoke to her:

“Hello, would you like to get away from here?”

“Yeah, I would.” Jessica nodded.

“You learned to eat on your own but didn’t try to use the potty. The potty fairy is sitting in the last room on the right. Go to her and ask her.”

In the room Jessica spotted a doll and a potty sitting next to it. Her heart jumped and she hurried up to the doll. After two steps her bowels grumbled and a load of mushy poop filled the back of her diaper. Jessica stopped in front of the doll and asked her: “Could you help me? What should I do with the potty?”

“Come here with a clean diaper; otherwise I can’t help you.”

“Yeah, I come back,” Jessica nodded and turned away. She faced a hard task; it was difficult to guess when she pees in the diaper after a change. Her only chance was a hurry but she still had to sneak past Mrs Brown.

Jessica got to the bathroom and asked the nurse for a change. As soon as the nurse finished, Jessica thanked and jumped off the changing table. In the corridor she had to wait and the waiting seemed endless. Jessica was getting nervous but she finally managed to climb the stairs and return to the doll.

The doll watched Jessica closely and asked: “Do you really want to leave, Jessica?”

“Yeah but I come again.”

The doll smiled: “Okay then. Pull down your pants and diaper and sit down.”

Jessica obeyed and she heard the pee hitting the potty bottom.

“Pull the diaper and pants back up, go to the mirror in the loft and be sure to be clean. You have to use the potty in time because you aren’t potty trained yet.”

“Thanks, potty fairy. Are you the potty fairy?”

“Yeah, sweetheart. Good luck.”

Jessica hurried up but she still had to be careful to sneak past Mrs. Brown:

“Priscilla, I’ve managed it!”

Tears appeared on Priscilla’s face: “Jessica, why?”

“I promise, I will come back and find you again but I like challenges.”

Priscilla hugged Jessica tightly and led her to Allan then. Allan looked sad but he tried to stay brave.

“Don’t worry, Allan. We meet again even if Mrs. Sanders told me it could happen in another dream world.”

“Okay, however I will wear diapers there,” Allan grinned and Priscilla nodded to him instantly.

“I think so; after all the dream world fulfills your secret wishes, doesn’t it?”

A teacher entered the room and brought baby bottles for everybody. Jessica really was thirsty and she emptied the bottle in a minute. Her diaper got heavy and wet before she finished and Jessica liked the feeling very much. However she knew she had to be clean at the mirror. She almost decided to stay with Priscilla and Allan but she realized she would come again.

First of all she needed a diaper change and to be sure she would stay dry long enough. Maybe she could use the potty in the bathroom before leaving.

The nurse was quite surprised when Jessica asked for the potty during the diaper change and she praised Jessica: “Oh, you are a good girl, Jessica.”

As soon as Jessica was diapered, she waited impatiently until she could sneak past Mrs. Brown. Finally she got the opportunity and a minute later she was standing in front of the mirror. She reached down to her crotch to be sure her diaper was dry.

The mirror image of Jessica and the loft disappeared and the mirror turned dark. A deep voice from behind it was speaking to her: “Close your eyes, Jessica.”

Jessica closed her eyes and when she opened them again, she was lying in her own bed. The kindergarten disappeared and she was back at home.

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The sun peeked into Jessica’s bedroom and she stretched her limbs first. The dream was great and Jessica’s mood improved a lot. She was relaxed and ready to study again. The final exam was approaching and Jessica would like to be the best student of the class like usual.

Her bladder was aching and she jumped off the bed to run for the toilet. All of sudden she was potty trained and the diapers had been left in her dream.

While sitting on the toilet she imagined wearing diapers. How comfortable would it be? She wouldn’t have to hurry up whenever she felt the urge. On the other hand she would have to wear spare diapers with her and the smell also wouldn’t be pleasant. She was a bit confused.

Jessica recovered from her dreams quickly, took a shower and left for school. During the lessons she totally forgot about all dreams and diapers and dove into the learning. The day passed quickly but everything changed in the evening. Jessica couldn’t focus on the books and recalled all the experience in her last dream. How pleasant would be the next one? What if Priscilla and Allan and Mrs. Sanders would share the dream? Would be there a mystery again in that world? Probably yes.

The thought of Priscilla, Allan and Mrs. Sanders was the last one before her eyes closed.

Part 6:

Jessica opened her eyes and looked around. She expected a kindergarten but the scene definitely didn’t match one. She was sitting on a bench in a small park. There was a small fountain nearby and paths leading to all directions. Jessica could see several houses in the distance as well as a street. There was silence all around and the only sound was the running water and birds singing. The cars on the street were too far to be heard.

A young man was sitting on the next bench and he stared at Jessica in an utter surprise:

“Hey, miss. How did you get on the bench? A second ago you weren’t there.”

“Sorry, no idea. I opened my eyes and found myself here.”

“What the hell is going on? I didn’t drink anything and didn’t take any drug. How can people appear out of nowhere? Oh, sorry, my name is Edgar.”

“My name is Jessica, nice to meet you. It is a mystery for me how I could get here.” Jessica in her dream wasn’t aware of how she got there.

“Well, you should try to find out more, miss Jessica.”

“Where should I go? Could you tell me where I am? Is it a town?”

“Yeah, it is Newpool. Newpool is a small town and we all know each other very well. If you like to find something useful, try the City Hall. It is over there,” he pointed to the right.

“Thanks, Edgar, I try to find out about the mystery.” Jessica stood up and stepped forward.

Before she stood up, she looked at herself. Her body was adult and even older than her actual age; Jessica guessed her age to be in her mid 20’s. She was wearing a nice dark red top and a denim skirt, tan tights and comfortable low heeled shoes. Her breasts were bigger and she looked sexy. However there was something thick between her legs; it was a diaper. Jessica looked at Edgar inconspicuously and she noticed a bulge on his pants. Was he wearing diapers as well? He also had a big bag with him.

Jessica stepped forward and at the same moment she felt her diaper getting heavier. She was peeing and didn’t feel it at all; she stopped and waited until the flow ceased. Edgar looked at her and smiled; he apparently knew what was going on but didn’t comment on it at all.

The city hall was a large two floor building; Jessica opened the main entrance and found herself in the lobby. There was a reception desk there, several notice-boards hanging on the wall. One of them was a list of rooms:

‘Mayor office - 1F, room 101’
‘City administration office - 1F, room 103’
‘Social services office - 1F, room 104’
‘Library - 2F, door 201’
‘Computer room - 2F, door 203’
‘Dayroom - 2F, room 205’

Jessica read the board and her heart jumped; she could go to the library or computer room. However the door on the opposite wall was locked and the reception clerk’s voice sounded snippy:

“Hey, miss; it’s closed already. Come tomorrow in the morning.”

Jessica sighed only and left the city hall. She had to decide what to do next. She was alone in an unknown town and didn’t have any idea where to go overnight. Her stomach was rumbling and the biggest problem was the wet diaper between her legs. Was there any possibility of getting changed? However Jessica recalled Edgar; he seemed to be diapered so she wasn’t the only one in Newpool. She returned to the park.

Edgar had left already but small groups, couples and families were walking down the paths or sitting on the benches. The bulges on their pants and wide skirts revealed the fact many of them were wearing diapers. Jessica could guess that almost a half of them was diapered. What was going on in Newpool?

Jessica headed in the opposite direction and stopped at a snack stand. She almost asked for a cola but she stopped and looked into her handbag; did she have any money? There was money and a credit card in her purse so she could do some necessary shopping and rent a room for the night. She ordered a cola and small snack and sat down on a bench next to the stand.

The cola and snack helped her a bit and she decided to look for a place to stay overnight. Hopefully she would find a pension or cheap hostel. However it was a temporary solution only. Jessica needed a place to live and possibly a job. She stepped forward and tried to find a reality agency and a labor office.

Newpool was a small town and Jessica soon found both but the offices were closed already; it was late already. She shrugged only; an apartment and job could wait until the next day. However there was another problem that couldn’t wait. Her diaper got heavier and she urgently needed a clean one.

A familiar sign caught her eyes; there was a public toilet about hundred meters away. She headed towards the toilets but she stopped suddenly. Toilets wouldn’t help her unless she could purchase diapers there.

Why not? In a town where half of citizens need diapers it is quite possible that diapers are sold at public toilets. Jessica proceeded and she opened the door and stopped dead in her tracks.

The toilets really were different from the standard ones. There were two doors on the opposite wall labeled: “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” but there were two more doors next to them labeled “Ladies changing” and “Gentlemen changing” and a vending machine was located between the two doors. Jessica walked over and looked at the offer:

‘Size S regular’
‘Size M regular’
‘Size L regular’
‘Size S night’
‘Size M night’
‘Size L night’
‘Size S training pants’
‘Size M training pants’
‘Size L training pants’

First of all she needed the right size but she wasn’t sure so she opened the door and entered the changing room. She wanted to look at her diaper and choose the size then. There were three changing tables at the back wall separated by screens and a box labeled: ‘Cleaning station’.

Two of the changing tables were free and one was occupied by a young girl at about Jessica’s age. She just pulled up her tights and carried a used diaper to the bin. She looked at Jessica:

“Hey, Jessica! It’s me, Priscilla.”

“Oh, Priscilla; that’s a surprise,” Jessica stared at the girl and recognized her instantly.

“How …”

“How did I get here? You called me, of course.”

“Wow, that’s my dream then and you are here.”

“Not only me; Allan and Mrs. Sanders are here as well.”

Jessica hugged Priscilla tightly: “It’s great to be together.”

“Yeah, it is. Come to my apartment and you can stay there if you don’t mind living with me. Mrs. Sanders is the landlady and Allan also lives there.”


Part 7:

Priscilla hugged Jessica and she held her friend for a minute. It was a nice surprise and they were adults and could have even more fun. However Priscilla realized where they met.

“Jessica, do you need a change?” Priscilla was quite direct and sincere. After all they were standing in a changing station.

“Y … yeah … probably,” Jessica stuttered; she was taken aback by the question but she realized Priscilla had just finished a diaper change.

“You can change yourself; I guess you need the size M. The vending machine is located outside. I suppose you are new here and you don’t have any spare diapers with you.”

All of sudden Jessica realized she didn’t know how to change her own diaper; she didn’t have any serious experience. In her former attempts she was careful and peed slowly and controlled the flow; the diaper leaked sometimes despite of her control. Now she couldn’t control her pee and the diaper had to be taped properly.

“Pris, I …” Jessica blushed and wasn’t able to tell Priscilla her problem but Priscilla got the message immediately.

“Jessica, you haven’t changed your own diaper yet, right?” Priscilla stepped back, took Jessica at hand and pulled her into the cleaning station. She closed the door and looked at Jessica: “Can I help you? Don’t worry, we are alone here.”

Jessica blushed even deeper and nodded Priscilla lifted her skirt and put her hand on Jessica’s crotch.

“It’s quite full but there is no leak so far. When did you pee for the last time? I ask you because we could go home and it would be much more comfortable there.”

“I think ten or fifteen minutes ago; I hurried up here immediately.”

“How many wettings?”

“Two I believe.”

“Okay, let’s hurry up to my apartment then. You could hold it until then. We have to walk about half an hour at most.”

Both girls left the public toilets and headed towards Priscilla’s apartment. They were walking uphill and got to a place where Jessica could see almost the entire Newpool. Jessica stopped and looked around:

“Newport seems to be a wonderful place, doesn’t it, Pris?”

“Yeah, it definitely is.”

Jessica could see the park, city hall and nearby church but a side street caught her eyes. There was an old wooden booth and an abandoned factory there:

“Pris, what is over there?” Jessica pointed at the street.

“Oh, I’ve never been there and the people say it is a dangerous place. You shouldn’t go there. Let’s proceed now.”

They stepped forward again but Priscilla stopped after two steps and straddled slightly: “Wait, I’m peeing.” she again told it directly. A minute later she nodded and they could continue.

Five minutes later they stopped in front of an apartment block: “Jess, I live here.” Priscilla opened the entrance and led Jessica to the second floor.

The apartment was not too large but it was cosy. There was a small kitchen, two rooms and a bathroom there. However Jessica was surprised by the bathroom. There was no toilet bowl inside but she could see a bathtub, changing table with stirrups and a bidet:

“Are you surprised? I don’t need the toilet and my visitors don’t need it either.”

“Is none of them toilet trained?”

“Nope but there is a common toilet on the corridor; if somebody is toilet trained and is not wearing diapers they can use it.”

“What about the stirrups?”

“They are comfortable when you want to clean yourself and put your legs in them. You should try them out just now. Take off your skirt and pull down the tights first.”

Jessica looked at Priscilla in an utter amazement but she obeyed, laid down on the changing table and put the legs into the stirrups.

“The cleaning wipes are on your left and so are the spare diapers. I use the same size. Untape the diaper, lift your hips, pull the soaked diaper from behind your behind and clean your crotch; you can sit up to do it.”

The stirrups really were low enough so Jessica could sit up and clean herself. Priscilla continued:

“Get the clean diaper, put it beneath you, powder yourself and pull the diaper front between your legs.

Now the final moment; pull the tapes and tape the diaper front; there are four tapes and you have to use all four…”

Jessica followed Priscilla’s orders and the diaper seemed to be tight enough. Priscilla gave her a comfortable dress: “Skirts and dresses are more comfortable for us; they conceal the diapers and ease changing. Men don’t have that option.”

Priscilla led Jessica to the kitchen and they prepared a delicious welcome dinner. While eating Priscilla explained Jessica what to do:

“Tomorrow I tell Mrs. Sanders you are there; she needs to know it. We also let Allan know about you. I find a job for you and we spend a nice evening in the local pub. You will see the life here is pleasant.”

“Pris, I’d like to go to the library and find out more about Newpool.”

“Oh, it is a good idea but hopefully you don’t want to leave us again.”

Jessica was taken aback; she really wanted to find out how to get away:

“Nope, Pris; I’m curious only.”

Priscilla wasn’t sure if Jessica told her the truth but she didn’t insist anymore.

“Pris, can I ask you one more question?”

“Of course, go ahead.”

“Several people in Newpool are diapered but several are not. It is a mystery for me. Do you know anything about the reason?”

“Nope, Jessica. I didn’t try to find out anything; I’m comfortable in diapers.”

Jessica sighed quietly; Priscilla wasn’t interested and she was totally comfortable.

After the dinner they did the dishes and Jessica asked Priscilla: “Pris, any idea what we do now? Maybe we could watch TV.”

“Yeah, we have to wait until we poop anyway. After that we can take bath and go to bed; I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“How do you know when you go poop, Pris?”

“Usually half an hour after a meal, sometimes a bit later.”

Priscilla was right; she went in the diaper shortly after they sat down to watch TV. She left for the bathroom and Jessica keep watching a show until she felt the mushy poop in the back of her own diaper. It was disgusting but Jessica had to get used to those accidents.

Ten minutes later Priscilla appeared in the room and she was wearing a thick diaper and a nightshirt: “Jess, you need this diaper for the night. Take bath, put the diaper on and go to bed. I prepare the bed for you here in this room meanwhile.”

Jessica took the diaper and nightshirt and hurried up to the bathroom. When she took bath and put the thick diaper on, Priscilla was asleep already. Jessica lied down, covered herself and her eyes closed; the day had been long.

Part 8:

The next morning Jessica opened her eyes and stretched her limbs. The sunrays peekd into the bedroom window and she could hear sounds for the kitchen; Priscilla was making breakfast already.

She got up slowly and was surprised a bit she didn’t have to run to the bathroom. Seconds later she realized the reason. Her bladder was empty but the thick package between her legs was overfilled and dropping down.

“Good morning. Jess, hurry up, change your diaper and get dressed. We have a lot to do today. I have to work and you also wanted to go to the library.” Priscilla’s voice sounded cheerfully.

Jessica hurried up to the bathroom, took off the diaper and nightshirt and showered quickly. She managed to put on the new diaper; after that she returned to the bedroom and dressed again. However she realized she needed to purchase some some new clothes.

When she returned to the kitchen, Priscilla had finished her breakfast already: “Jess, I’m in a hurry now. Let’s greet Mrs. Sanders and Allan and I have to leave then. You can have your breakfast and go to the library.”

Both girls headed to the ground floor and Priscilla knocked on the door on her left: “Mrs. Sanders, I have a new roommate.” The door opened and Mrs. Sanders looked at them. A wide smile appeared on her face:

“Jessica, is it you?” she stepped forward and hugged Jessica.

“Yeah, Mrs. Sanders, it’s me,” Jessica hugged her back and her heart jumped.

“It’s nice to have you here. You really called us.”

“I did.”

“Come to visit me in the afternoon. We can have a cup of coffee and talk together.”

Allan wasn’t at home and the girls returned to the kitchen again. Priscilla suddenly stopped and grunted: “Okay, I can get cleaned and go to work now,” she headed to the bathroom.

Jessica sat down and started eating. Meanwhile Priscilla cleaned herself and emerged from the bathroom: “Jess, the keys are on the table and we meet in the afternoon. Don’t forget to take two or three diapers with you to change. You find the diaper bag in the cabinet in my bedroom.”

Priscilla left and Jessica also hurried up; she was curious to learn about Newpool mysteries. She grabbed the diaper bag, three diapers from the bathroom, the keys from the table, her handbag with purse and left as well. Unfortunately Jessica forgot about Priscilla’s comment on messing and hurried up towards the park.

At the park entrance Jessica’s bowels grumbled; she stopped, bent her knees and pushed a big load into her diaper. At the same moment her bladder muscles also gave up. Jessica stiffened and blushed deeply; she looked around but nobody seemed to notice her condition. It looked like the people were used to that kind of accidents and didn’t pay attention to her. In either way she needed a clean diaper; walking around in the stinky garment wasn’t pleasant. She hoped there were toilets in the city hall.

The toilets in the city hall were similar to those Jessica had found the day before. She walked over to a changing table but stopped; it was difficult to use the changing table in that condition. An older lady approached her: “Hey, dear, use the cleaning station.” There was no sign of teasing or despisal in her words; it was an advice only.

Jessica nodded and entered the cleaning station. There was another changing table and a large bidet inside. To her utter surprise a poster with detailed instructions was hanging on the wall:

  • remove your clothes from the waist down
  • remove our diaper carefully and use it to wipe away the mess
  • sit down on the bidet, press the green button and wait until you are cleaned
  • press the yellow button and wait until your diaper area gets dried
  • done; you can get diapered and dressed
  • don’t forget to dispose of the used diaper and wipes

Apparently there were many visitors who were new to the cleaning station and didn’t know what to do. Jessica smiled and followed the instructions exactly. Her mood even improved and she proceeded towards the computer room first.

She sat down at a computer and looked at the monitor.

“Newpool information system. Type your request or select from the menu below.”

The menu provided a long list about geography, maps, history, culture, local celebrities, ongoing events and much more but Jessica didn’t find anything about diapers. She typed “Diapers” and got another long list about brands and shops. There wasn’t any single word about the reason why the denizens were diapered. She probably didn’t know the correct term.

The library was a large room full of books and searching all of them would take days. There was a very little chance to find something when she didn’t know exactly what to look for. Jessica sighed and headed back to the stairwell when a woman caught her eyes; she apparently was not diapered and Jessica finally got a chance:

“Miss, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, go ahead,” the woman smiled friendly.

“You don’t wear diapers. How did you manage it? Many people here use diapers.”

“Oh, you are new here, dear. I give you an advice. Explore the old crypts below the church and you find elixirs there.”

“Thanks, miss,” Jessica smiled back and proceeded out of the city hall. While she was passing the toilets, she involuntarily reached down to check her diaper condition. It was dry and she hurried up to do some shopping for new clothes.

In the shop she remembered Priscilla’s words and purchased a skirt, a dress and several tops; it could be enough for the first days. In the underwear department she added several pair of tights, a bra and two nightshirts.

Back on the street Jessica realized her diaper was wet and she wasn’t aware of when she peed. She shrugged only and headed back to the apartment. However she was hungry and stopped at a small cafeteria. This time she hurried up to be at home in time and she almost made it in time. Her bowels expelled their contents while she was unlocking the door.

Jessica already was more skilled and took a shower before putting on a new diaper. She unpacked her new clothes and put it into a cabinet, sat down on the couch and switched on the TV to spend some time until Priscilla arrives.

About half an hour later the bell rang; Jessica was surprised but she answered the door anyway: “Oh, Mrs. Sanders.”

“Come to me to drink a cup of coffee, dear. Priscilla would come in two or three hours.”

“Okay,” Jessica followed Mrs. Sanders to her apartment and they sat down at a table; Mrs. Sanders poured coffee into two cups and asked Jessica:

“How do you like Newpool? It isn’t the kindergarten though.”

“It’s a bit … surprising for me. It wasn’t strange to wear diapers there but this is odd indeed.”

“Jessica, don’t forget it is your dream.”

“Yeah,” Jessica smiled: “but I have to get used to it. Mrs. Sanders, how could I learn something about Newpool mystery. I’m sure there is some mystery here and I can find a way to get away.”

“Of course there is a mystery here and you definitely can go back but don’t hurry dear. You can experience much more fun here. If you need some information, don’t hesitate to ask me.”

They kept talking even longer and Jessica lost the track of time. Meanwhile she felt her diaper getting wet but she ignored it already. The bell interrupted them; Priscilla returned from her work and she guessed where to look for Jessica.

Part 9:

Mrs. Sanders smiled at Priscilla and invited her as well. Priscilla smiled back and sat down at the table:

“Jess, we shouldn’t stay long; we have a nice evening ahead. I let Allan know and we meet him in the local pub.”

Jessica was taken aback; she hasn’t been at a pub so far but she realized she was of age already here:

“Okay, Pris, I’m looking forward to him.”

They talked for about fifteen minutes when Priscilla asked Jessica to leave. However Jessica remembered the library:

“Mrs. Sanders. I was at the library today but I didn’t find anything about the mysteries. Could you help me?”

“Sorry, dear, I don’t know anything but somebody else could give you the information.”


“Do you remember the little Zoe? She lives in the neighboring apartment house. She is a cute little girl about 5 years old here.”

“Oh, thanks,” Jessica hugged Mrs. Sanders and followed Priscilla to the apartment.

“How has been your day, Jess?” Priscilla turned to Jessica while changing her clothes.

“Thanks, good, Pris. However I didn’t find anything about the mystery. Fortunately Mrs. Sanders helped me. Tomorrow I find Zoe.”

“I asked about your job. You could work as an assistant at the city hall. The mayor needs an assistant to distribute documents. It is quicker than mail. You should go there on Monday.”

Priscilla started making dinner and Jessica assisted her:

“Pris, would you come with me to the old crypts? A woman told me about elixirs.”

“Elixirs? Which elixirs?”

“She didn’t wear diapers and she told me the elixirs would potty train those who take them.”

“Jess, don’t you like the diapers? I don’t take any elixirs to the potty traininig.”

“I … I don’t know, Pris. However I’m curious and eager to reveal mysteries.”

“Okay then. We can search the crypts. After all it could be fun and Allan probably joins us.”

Meanwhile the dinner was ready and they ate it quickly. Priscilla started doing dishes: “Jess, tidy up the kitchen. As soon as we go in our diapers after the meal, we can get prepared for the evening,” she again was talking of messy diapers without any sign of shame or embarrassment. Jessica still tried to get used to those manners.

Jessica was the first one who needed cleaning. She headed to the bathroom when Priscilla stopped her shortly:

“Jess, there are extra thick diapers in the cabinet. Put on one of them and we also take some with us. We are about to drink beer or wine and it makes us pee a lot.”

The diapers really were thick and Jessica had to waddle slightly but Priscilla did the same and she also was waddling. They took a big bag with three spare diapers for each and left the apartment. Allan was waiting at the entrance and he was enthusiastic to see Jessica again; they hugged each other. Jessica noticed the big bulge in his pants and he was waddling as well. The scene looked bizarre; three oversized toddlers were walking towards a pub.

The pub was half-full and Jessica noticed the thick bulges and large diaper bags almost at every table; the majority of guests were wearing diapers. The toilets were located on her right side and two women were hurrying towards them.

Priscilla led the small group to a free table and the waiter appeared instantly. Jessica was inexperienced but Priscilla ordered a bottle of white wine and three glasses as well as a carafe of soda. Allan nodded only. Suddenly Jessica got a bit worried; she never tried to drink alcohol and didn’t know what happens to her. She hoped the dream would correct her missing experience.

Jessica was careful and mixed wine with soda first; it was quite pleasant and Jessica was thirsty so she drained the cup instantly. Priscilla smiled only. Jessica poured another cup but she didn’t drink it as quickly as before. They started talking about their experience:

“Allan, Jess would like to visit the old crypts below the church. There should be some elixirs hidden there.” Priscilla started the conversation.

“Pris, it would be a pleasure for me to join you. You know, I like adventures. What kind of elixirs should be hidden there?” Allan nodded instantly

“They should have a potty training effect,” Jessica replied.

“Jess, I help you search the crypts but don’t expect me to drink them. I know you were curious and wanted to experiment but I won’t take part in these experiments.”

“No problem, Allan. I do it on my own.”

Jessica wasn’t angry at Priscilla or Allan; they were the same. Moreover the wine improved her mood a lot and she started laughing a bit later when their conversation went on. Suddenly she felt her diaper getting wet and found it funny:

“I’m peeing,” she announced aloud and laughed at her own words. Priscilla got a bit worried and looked around but nobody seemed to be upset and there was more laugh at the nearby tables. Five minutes later a young girl announced the same and even Priscilla laughed. She also peed in her diaper shortly ago.

The waiter brought another bottle of wine and the mood improved more. A music band started playing and Allan asked Jessica to dance. She nodded and let him lead her to the small dance floor near the stage. They both were waddling and Jessica felt her diaper dropping a little but Allan seemed to be in the same condition.

Two rounds later Jessica felt her diaper getting heavier and it dropped deeper; it was time to get changed:

“Allan, excuse me please,”

Allan nodded and led her back to the table, his bulge also looked heavier. Priscilla stood up and passed Jessica the diaper bag and all three headed to the changing rooms. There was a lot of women inside and the girls had to wait for two free changing tables. The smell of urine was spreading across the room; there were a lot of wet diapers in the big waste bin.

When they got back to the table, Allan asked Priscilla and Jessica watched them. She was sipping the wine and thinking of Priscilla and Allan; were they a couple or not? Priscilla didn’t mention it. While watching them Jessica’s bladder voided itself into the diaper but Jessica didn’t notice it; her mind was occupied by her friends and affected by the wine.

Priscilla and Allan returned to the table and they kept talking for some more time. Priscilla also showed some signs of tipsiness but Allan still looked alright.

“Hey, I’ve just peed myself,” Priscilla announced and Allan instantly reacted. He recognized her condition and knew it was time to go home:

“Girls, how many times did you pee in your diapers since you got changed?” he asked directly. Both girls shook their heads and he stood up and grabbed both at shoulders:

“Up to the changing station and home! Both!” He hoped they would be able to change their diapers on their own.

“Hey, Jess, could you help me,” Priscilla asked Jessica when she dropped onto the changing table. She hardly was able to speak and her legs were wobbly. Jessica was in a similar condition but she somehow managed to change Priscilla but she didn’t manage to tape the diaper properly. After that Priscilla repaid her the favor but she also didn’t have a big success.

The journey home was a bit tricky; Priscilla and Jessica were staggering and Allan had to lead them. All of sudden Jessica felt her pee soaking the diaper and running down her leg; the diaper wasn’t taped properly. A wet track appeared on the pavement.

Before they reached the apartment house, another wet track appeared behind Priscilla. Allan finally opened the entrance and ushered both girls inside. He didn’t want to embarrass them more so he helped them into the apartment and removed their shoes and wet tights before putting them to their beds. Both Priscilla and Jessica were almost asleep when he changed their diapers and put thick night time diapers on them before leaving.

Part 10:

Jessica opened her eyes and tried to recall the last events. She was lying in her bed in Priscilla’s apartment and she was wearing the skirt and top but her legs were bare. Where have the tights gone? There was a thick package between her legs and it was soaked and heavy.

“How the hell did I get here? I remember the pub and then … nothing more,” Jessica told herself and stood up slowly. Her head hurt like hell but she had to get changed urgently. She headed to the bathroom and decided to take a cold shower. It was a good idea and her mood improved a lot. She put on the home wear and proceeded to the kitchen. In the kitchen she found a bottle of soda and drank almost a half of it.

Her shoes were sitting on the floor but she smelled pee from them. A cold chill ran down her spine; what had happened in the evening? She also found two pairs of tights in the laundry and they also were pee soaked.

Priscilla appeared in the doorframe: “Hey, Jess, are you alright? We drank too much yesterday.” A strong smell was spreading from her; she messed her diaper in the night.

“Pris, how did we get home?”
“No idea, we have to ask Allan.”
“Oh, no! Did he escort us home?” Jessica was terrified by the image.
“Don’t worry; Allan is a loyal friend; he doesn’t reveal anything.”
“Really? Is he your boyfriend?”
“Nope, we are close friends but we aren’t dating.”

Jessica calmed down a bit and she recovered from the shock until Priscilla returned from the bathroom. They had a light breakfast and Priscilla called Allan. It was Saturday, Priscilla and Allan didn’t have to go to work and they could go to the old crypts.

About an hour later they met in front of the apartment house and headed towards the town centre. This time Jessica didn’t want to wear a skirt and Priscilla offered her baggy pants. The diaper bulge was clearly visible but she wasn’t the only one and nobody stared at her. The cold air helped Jessica and her headache ceased. Allan didn’t talk about the last evening and Jessica was thankful to him.

They arrived at the park and proceeded to the church. The crypt entrance was open and they climbed down a long stairwell to the front chamber. It was small and dimly lit by two lamps on the ceiling. Jessica looked around but the chamber was empty. There were two doors on both sides. Priscilla turned to the left and Jessica with Allan followed her to a long corridor. The corridor was framed by numerous tombs but there was no place where they could find an elixir.

The corridor ended in another small chamber and there were cabinets and shelves on the walls. Jessica’s heart jumped:

“Let’s have a look into the cabinets.”
“Are you sure, can we take something away from here?”

Jessica shrugged and opened the first cabinet. It was empty but there were stands with vials in the next one. Jessica hesitated for a short moment but a piece of paper caught her eye; it was pinned to the door from inside:

“Dear visitor,
feel free to take these elixirs but be careful.
Their effects could surprise you.”

Jessica looked at the vials closely; each stand was full of different colored vials. There were red, yellow, blue, green and white ones. She took two vials of each color and turned to Priscilla: “Are you sure you don’t want to try them out?”

“No, Jess, I’m not about to experiment and you also don’t have any idea how they work. In either case we should go back. It’s cold here and I probably should get changed urgently.” Priscilla realized her diaper was dropping between her legs. The cold air made all of them pee in their diapers.

They left the chamber and headed back towards the crypt entrance. Jessica was curious and wanted to search the rooms on the other side but Priscilla was in a hurry. The small group headed towards the public toilets to get changed.

After the change Priscilla proposed to have some relaxation at the nearby café. The coffee helped them get rid of the hangover definitely. Jessica was eager to experiment but Priscilla stopped her:

“Wait, Jess. Let’s do it at home better. You never know what happens.”
“Right, Pris.”

Back at the apartment Priscilla and Jessica cooked a delicious lunch. After lunch they had a short nap. Jessica recovered from the last evening and was ready to experiment but she remembered Zoe:

“Pris, we should try to find the little Zoe. Mrs. Sanders told me about her.”
“Yeah, Jess, she lives with her mom at the neighboring house. It’s nice you want to greet her.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing her. She really is nice and she knows surprisingly much.”

After a quick diaper change the girls walked over to the nearby playground. Zoe really was sitting at the sandbox and playing. She looked at Jessica and a big smile appeared on her face:

“Jessica, you are back.” the little girl stood up and ran over to Jessica and hugged her.

Jessica lifted Zoe on her arms and cuddled her tightly. Zoe’s mom watched the scene and smiled only; she apparently recognized Jessica.

Zoe pulled Jessica to the sandbox and started playing again: “Jess, play with me please.” Jessica sat down and took the shovel and bucket. She somehow liked Zoe and the game.

“Zoe, do you know some secret?” Jessica tried her luck and whispered in Zoe’s ear.
“Yeah, a secret about diapers. I didn’t find anything in the library.”
“Really?” the little Zoe seemed to be smarter than expected: “You didn’t try the right word.”
“Hey, Zoe. Do you really know more than the library?”
“Try Addler,” Zoe laughed and ended the discussion.

Jessica spent pleasant time with Zoe and to her surprise she found relax at the childish game in the sandbox. Priscilla was talking with Zoe’s mom meanwhile.

In the evening Jessica couldn’t wait to experiment with the elixirs. After the dinner she put them onto a table and watched them closely:

“Pris, what do you think? Do they have any effect at all?”
“No idea, Jess. It sounds crazy to me. Do you believe in magic?”
“I don’t know but this is a dream and everything is possible in a dream.”
“Are you sure the woman didn’t trick you? What if it is a poison?”
“I don’t think so. A poison wouldn’t be available in the crypts publicly.”
“Okay, if you insist. However there are five different colored vials on the table. Isn’t it too much?”
“The only way is to try them out.” Jessica opened the red colored vial and drained it.

They were talking for about ten more minutes when Jessica felt the pressure in her bowels but she didn’t poop in her diaper and clenched the muscles:

“Hey, Pris, I have to poop and I can control it. It’s great.” Suddenly she realized she was diapered and there was no toilet at the apartment. Her diaper was still dry and clean:

“Pris, there is a toilet on the corridor, isn’t it?” She stood up and headed to the apartment door when a stream of pee soaked the diaper. The red elixir didn’t have any effect on her bladder muscles.

The toilet was small and there was no changing table available there. Jessica hardly could put the diaper back on. She sighed and went back. However she had another option. In the bathroom she lifted her behind and pooped at the diaper without smearing it onto her crotch. It was more pleasant.

“Well, let’s try another one; I could get the full control,” Jessica watched the vials again: “Which one?” There was no clue about the remaining elixirs. She chose the green one and drained it as well.

The girls were watching TV and chatting but Jessica couldn’t notice any effect. She decided to wait until morning.

Part 11:

About midnight the girls decided to go to bed. Jessica felt her diaper getting wet when she stood up and she hurried up to the bathroom to change and take a shower. After the shower she put on a thick night time diaper, a pajama and went to bed:

“Pris, good night. I can’t wait to make more experiments tomorrow.”

“Oh, Jess, I know about your enthusiasm but I still tell you; be careful.”

Jessica could sleep well and she felt relaxed in the morning. However the package between her legs was cold and heavy. The green elixir apparently didn’t have any effect. She decided to take the next one after the breakfast. However she had to solve another problem. If she kept a partial control, she needed to remove the diapers to use the toilet. The normal diapers weren’t a good choice but she remembered the training pants.

“Yellow, white or blue?” Jessica couldn’t decide among the three vials. The red elixir made her potty trained for the number 2, so one of the remaining ones should potty train her for the number 1. However there were five of them; what about the remaining ones? The green one didn’t have any effect.

Jessica waited until she had to go poop and after a change she drained the white elixir. Meanwhile Priscilla cleaned herself and was ready to go out:

“Jess, it’s a wonderful day today and we can spend it in the park; let’s have a picnic. Allan will join us.”

“Well, it’s a good idea but could we stop at the public toilets and get some training pants? The red elixir made me potty trained for the number 2 and I can use toilet.”

“Yeah, but keep in mind that training pants hold only one wetting so you need to change more often.”

The girls met Allan at the entrance and headed towards the picnic place. It was a well equipped place with several snack stands and public toilets. Jessica didn’t have to hurry up with the training pants; she probably needed them after lunch.

The morning passed quickly and they had lot of fun at talking with Priscilla’s friends. Meanwhile Priscilla was preparing lunch on the fireplace and Jessica assisted her. Allan got a beer for everyone; Jessica was a bit careful when she remembered the evening two days ago but she was thirsty and the beer was delicious.

After lunch Jessica couldn’t resist the temptation and drained the blue elixir in a hope she would be potty trained. and she was ready to purchase training pants or get rid of the diapers totally. She felt a bit guilty; Priscilla and Allan could consider it betrayal.

Fifteen minutes later Jessica found out there would be no betrayal. The back of her diaper exploded and she wasn’t able to control it. Now she got confused; what happened? Was the red elixir’s effect temporary only? Did one of the three other elixirs undo the effect? She remembered the words in the crypt: “Be careful.”

Jessica shrugged: “Pris, I think I stop experimenting. It isn’t a good idea until I find out more about the elixirs. I try to search the library as soon as possible.” She headed towards the toilets to change herself but Allan followed her:

“Hey, Jess, should I assist you?”

“Wait, do you want to …” Jessica blushed a bit first but she stopped and pulled Allan away from the toilet entrance to talk with him in private. They stopped behind the toilets and Jessica looked around if they were alone.

“Yeah, Jessica. I did it already when you got home two days ago. I can promise you it would be pleasant this time.”

“Allan but … you can’t do it in the ladies changing station though.”

“Of course not; let’s find a quiet place here. I don’t need any special equipment.”

Allan led Jessica away and they stopped on a small clearing; the grass was soft and nobody was around: “Jess, lie down on the grass and let me change you.” He gave her an encouraging smile but she also could recognize something else and wasn’t able to decipher it; she didn’t have any real sexual experience despite of her age.

Jessica lied down and closed her eyes. Maybe she didn’t want to watch a boy change her diaper. She listened to the leaves rustling and buzz of insects when she felt her shoes being removed and her tights being pulled down her legs. The dirty diaper was removed and Allan started cleaning her crotch. He rubbed her privates a bit more than necessary and Jessica got aroused. She recognized it; she masturbated before; however this arousal was much stronger.

Allan finished the cleaning and leaned down to her: “Jess, should I continue?.” Her reaction was instinctive; she pulled Allan down and hugged him; their lips met in a long kiss.

“Hey, my diaper also needs to be changed,” he grinned and led her hands to his pants and diaper tapes. He was wet only so a thorough cleaning wasn’t necessary. Jessica sat up pulled his pants down and tore the diaper away. Allan didn’t hesitate, wiped this crotch by the discarded diaper and hugged Jessica again.

About an hour later they returned to Priscilla; she smiled at them only; it was obvious what had happened. She wasn’t jealous; Allan wasn’t her true boyfriend.

The afternoon passed quickly; they drank one or two more beers and Jessica’s diaper was soaked again. She looked at Allan; his diaper also seemed to be heavy. She stood up and took Allan at hand. He smiled only and led her away to the clearing.

Jessica was surprised by her new experience. The mutual diaper change was quite fun and they had a lot of pleasure at it. She hesitated if she should try the potty training at all. On the other hand she still was eager to solve the dream mystery and had to find a compromise. An idea hit her; she could get trained but wear the diapers anyway.

After the picnic they walked back home; Jessica kept holding Allan at hand and Priscilla smiled at them. The Sunday has been wonderful. The girls invited Allan to dinner and did their best to prepare a delicious food. After dinner Priscilla left the apartment and spent her evening with Mrs Sanders. Jessica and Allan stayed alone and they had even more pleasure at mutual diaper changes.

Late in the evening Allan left and the girls were tired after the challenging weekend. Jessica should start her new job the next day. She couldn’t fall asleep and tried to imagine her life in the dream. Should she try to solve the mystery and return to her real life?

Part 12:

The next morning Jessica jumped off the bed; she somehow was looking forward to her job. According to Priscilla the job wasn’t too hard and she would assist the Mayor. She also was looking forward to the library and computer room. Now she had some more clues.

After the usual morning ritual - Jessica got used to her diapers quickly and was quite capable of changing herself - both girls left for work. Jessica reached the City Hall and registered at the Mayor. He welcomed her and explained her everything about her duties. She should distribute documents and do the some office work. Newpool was a small town and most of the documents were sent by couriers.

Jessica learned quickly what she needed; she was an excellent student and the work wasn’t too difficult. Shortly after she had started, the Mayor passed her a handful of documents to deliver. She looked at the addresses, at the city map and tried to memorize where to go. The best option was take the first five documents, deliver them and return to take the remaining ones. Jessica left the City Hall and delivered the first documents. On her way back she had to stop and change her diaper. The toilets in the building were quite comfortable and there was even a diaper distribution machine instead of a vending one. She could take diapers for free.

After drinking a coffee Jessica looked at the city map again to find the addresses of the remaining documents and she stopped suddenly. She should deliver a document to Akewaelle. The name itself sounded weird but Jessica realized the mysterious Akewaelle lived in the old wooden booth she noticed earlier from the hill. Priscilla warned Jessica about the place but she had to deliver a document there.

Jessica shrugged, collected her courage and set off. She delivered the remaining documents first and headed to the booth at last. Her heart was beating quickly when she was approaching the booth. The street was sloppy and the houses looked ramshackled. Fortunately there was no living soul nearby. She knocked on the door and a squeaky voice invited her: “Come in.”

The inside of the booth was as ramshackle as its outer look but Jessica suddenly felt like in a fairy-tale. An old woman was sitting at an old wooden table and a cauldron was hanging over a burning fire. According to the noise some kind of liquid was boiling inside the cauldron. Jessica’s eyes instinctively searched the booth for a black cat but there was none there.

“Welcome, Jessica,” the old woman started the conversation: “You are carrying a tax assessment, aren’t you?”

“How … how … how do you know my name? I don’t know what is inside the envelope.” Jessica had to lean on the door behind her back.

“I’m the oldest witch around here and I know almost everything. Don’t be surprised.”

Jessica stepped forward a minute later and passed the envelope to Akewaelle; the old witch smiled at her:

“Jessica, would you like to get back home? I know you are struggling but I give you an advice anyway. I know the way how to get back but bring my my lost magic necklace.”

“Miss Akewaelle,” Jessica collected her courage: “Can you tell me about elixirs?”

“Of course dear, let me find the right book,” Akewaelle stood up and turned to a large bookshelf; however she shook her head: “I can’t find it but try your luck in the library. Look for the book entitled “Power of alchemy.”

“Thanks, miss Akewaelle,” Jessica smiled at the old witch: “I bring you the magic necklace.”

“Remember, Jessica, don’t put it on; it could be dangerous for you. The necklace can be worn by me only.”

The rest of the work time was uneventful. The Mayor didn’t have any special requests and Jessica asked him if she could go to the library. He smiled only: “Of course if you have finished your work so far. If I need you, I know where to find you.”

In the computer room Jessica typed in “Addler” and she got a lot of links immediately. The mystery started revealing. She read the basic explanation:

“--------------- RESULTS FOR THE ENTRY ‘Addler’ ------------------

Addler - a term used for adult people wearing diapers. The word has been created as an acronym for Adult Toddler.

Addlers wear diapers but their mind is adult and they behave like adults. They are able to change their own diapers. Small children learn changing themselves instead of potty training.

Addlers sometimes try to potty train but it is possible by using elixirs only. A standard process of potty training fails always.

All places where addlers live are equipped for both trained and untrained persons by toilets and changing stations.”

“--------------- RESULTS FOR THE ENTRY ‘Addler world’ ------------------

The Addler world probably exists in dreams of those who don’t want to get rid of the diapers and like them. This place provides them everything they are dreaming of.”

“--------------- RESULTS FOR THE ENTRY ‘Addler dream’ ------------------

While the persons are dreaming about the Addler world and they reside in that world, the time in their real life is stopped. They can spend as long as they wish in their dreams”

“--------------- RESULTS FOR THE ENTRY ‘Return from Addler world’ ------------------

A return from the Addler world is possible but it is not simple. There is a magic item in their world that enables it. However that item is individual for each person and has to be found.”

There was no exact information how to get back to the real life but Akewaelle promised Jessica to reveal it so Jessica didn’t get worried about it. On the other hand she could stay here as long as she wished. It was a pleasant image.

Jessica liked the Addler world but her curiosity kept driving her in revealing mysteries and secrets. She needed to learn about the magic necklace:

“--------------- RESULTS FOR THE ENTRY ‘Magic necklace’ ------------------

Several magic necklaces appeared in Newpool history. They belonged to the local witches family. The last member of that family is Akewaelle but her necklace got lost years ago. There is a rumor about a chosen person who can find it. Many people including Akewaelle searched the entire city and its underground tunnels but nobody has succeeded so far.”

Jessica was taken aback. Did Akewaelle consider her the chosen person? It was another mystery. She stood up and headed to the library to find the book about elixirs when the Mayor appeared and called her. The book had to wait until the next day.

In the afternoon Jessica left the city hall and hurried up home. When Priscilla arrived at home as well, Jessica told her everything including the underground tunnels. Priscilla wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea but she didn’t want to disappoint Jessica and nodded. However she asked Jessica to find a map of the tunnels: “Jessica, we could get lost there. According to the rumors the tunnels are long and there is a real labyrinth under Newpool.”

Jessica promised Priscilla to find the map. She had to visit the library anyway to find the book on elixirs. They planned the tunnel visit for the next weekend. Jessica wasn’t in a hurry; she remember the information on time being stopped.

Part 13:

The next days were uneventful and Jessica got used to her job; the Mayor was satisfied with her and she had opportunities to visit the library and computer room several times. She was patient and found everything she needed.

The book ‘Power of alchemy’ was quite interesting and Jessica borrowed it. At home she browsed the numerous alchemic recipes and got astonished by them. However most of the recipes included unknown substances like ‘Deadly Tulsi root’ or ‘African Dewberry leaves’ and she didn’t have any idea where to find the plants.

Finally she found the elixirs. To her surprise their effects were quite simple:

-yellow elixir - potty training of No 1
-green elixir - potty untraining of No 1
-red elixir - potty training of No 2
-blue elixir - potty untraining of No 2
-white elixir - restore of the adult state

She already knew about the red elixir but now she knew exactly what to do except the last one. Why the hell should somebody be restored to their adult state? It was a new mystery. Maybe the little Zoe could give her an answer. She was a reliable information source.

The next day after work Jessica walked over to the playground and sat down next to Zoe. The little girl was enthusiastic about Jessica and hugged her tightly. Jessica played with Zoe for awhile until she asked her:

“Zoe, you attend kindergarten, don’t you?”
“Yeah, there’s a lot of fun there and I’ve got plenty of friends.”
“Have you ever seen some adult person changing into a baby?”
“Yeah,” Zoe burst into laughter: “It was great fun when a mommy turned into a small girl and the grandma had to come and lead her daughter and grandson home.”
“What happened next?”
“The mom appeared two days later and she was an adult again,” Zoe shrugged: “I don’t know how it was possible.”
“Did you see how the mom turned into the small girl?”
“No, Jessica. It didn’t happen in the playroom but I heard some angry and upset voices from the dining room.”

Jessica had an important clue now. She continued playing with Zoe; the game helped her relax and she could think of her plans meanwhile. However she wasn’t able to find out the reason of the changes; however she wasn’t surprised anymore. Everything was possible in her dream world.

The underground map was an unpleasant surprise because of the size of the tunnels. It was improbable to search them on a single day. The map also was full of mysterious signs. Jessica recognized the crypts and the chamber where she had found the elixirs but the tunnels continued from there and there was a real labyrinth of them on the opposite side.

Jessica also found a visitor’s guide of the tunnels and she was taken aback; the tunnels were well lit and equipped with toilets and small snack stands so the visitors could spend longer time there and they also were safe. It apparently was a kind of entertainment place. However she didn’t find any explanation of the mysterious signs. Instead, she found something else; the visitors could get quests in the information center; they should look for a hidden item and win an award for finding it. Maybe the signs depicted the locations of the items.

There was a handwritten comment on the last page:

“Be ……ul! You … tri…r a t… when y… find the …… ……… The ex… would be lo…… and you can ….ock them if you …e … ……t.”

Parts of the text were blurry and illegible.

There was a copy machine in the library and Jessica made a copy of the map; it would be better to take that copy to the tunnels. She also made a copy of the handwritten comment. However it was unusual and she carried the guide to the librarian.

The librarian was an older man and he looked at the comment: “Miss, I don’t have any idea who could do this. People rare damage the books by writing comments into them; I can’t remember when it happened for the last time. However the guide is used frequently; the tunnels are a favorite place for the adventurers to spend weekends.”

All of sudden he stopped: “Wait, miss. I remember a mysterious case; it happened several weeks ago. A young man returned from the tunnels and he looked shaken. He was sitting in the corner and reading the guide over and over as if he was looking for something. I could hear some murmur about elixirs but I didn’t understand it. He disappeared two days later.”

Jessica looked at the comment again and an idea hit her: “Was she sweating?”
“Yeah, miss, he was … wait … the text can be blurred by sweat.”
“Did he disappear? How so?”
“Miss, some people appear and disappear in Newpool. Did you read about Addler phenomenon?”

Suddenly a light went off in Jessica’s head. The young man returned to the real world after he had found something in the tunnels. What if it was the lost necklace?

“Mister, do you know about the magic necklace? I’ve just read about it and it got lost long ago. Nobody has found it since then.”

“Miss,” the old man smiled: “It is an old rumor. Akewaelle sends people to find the lost necklace in exchange for some information. I’d guess she did it again. I can’t prove it but I think everyone finds it, brings it to her and gets the information. Maybe there is a lot of necklaces down there or the found necklace is sent back in a magical way. Nobody has seen Akewaelle in the tunnels.”

Jessica thanked the old man, returned the map and guide and headed home; it was past her working hours already. Her mind was occupied by the mystery and she even forgot to check her diaper before leaving.

While she was climbing the small hill to get home, she felt a trickle of pee running down her leg The diaper between her legs was dropping down and leaking. She stopped and stepped aside from the pavement instinctively to hide the track of her accident. Her skirt was clean but her tights got wet and she managed to remove her shoes in time and stand barefoot in the grass next to the pavement. The pee soaked into the ground. Several people passed her but nobody showed any interest or disdain; those accidents probably were frequent.

Priscilla got a bit amused when Jessica appeared in the doorframe and was blushing: “Jess, you really have found something interesting if you forgot about your diaper. Don’t worry; it happened to me and Allan several times when we were distracted. We still have an advantage when we wear skirts; they usually hide the accidents.”

When Jessica cleaned herself and put on the home wear, she showed Priscilla the copies of the map and the handwritten comment and told her about the old librarian:

“Wow, it really looks like a mystery. To be honest I’m thrilled to go to the tunnels. Allan tried to look for some items there and he even won one or two awards. I think we could go there on the upcoming weekend but we should decipher the comment first.”

After the dinner the girls sat down and started the tricky task. Some parts seemed to be easy.

“Be …ul!” was obvious: “Be careful!” but it didn’t help too much.

“The ex… would be lo…… and you can ….ock them” also wasn’t too difficult. The word ….ock definitely was a verb. Dock? Lock? The missing part was longer than a single letter. However the words “would be lo….” pointed at the solution:

“The ex… would be locked and you can unlock them.” Ex … stood for exits probably.

The next word was “tri…r”; however the next part of the comment offered a solution. The locked exits definitely was a trap. The girls wrote down what they found out:

“Be careful! You … trigger a trap when you find the …. ……… The exits would be locked and you can unlock them if you …e … ………t.”

Both girls were staring at the text but they didn’t know what to do. Some parts of the comment were clear but they still didn’t have any idea what they find and what to do to unlock the exits. It was late and they went to bed; they needed a new impulse.

Part 14:

The next afternoon Jessica hurried up home; she didn’t find anything interesting in the library and hoped to find a new clue. As soon as Priscilla returned, they decided to visit Mrs. Sanders. The landlady was glad they came to visit her and she promised to do her best to help them.

While sipping on her coffee Jessica showed Mrs. Sanders the map and handwritten comment along with the text they had deciphered. She also tried to repeat what the librarian had told her.

“Let’s summarize what we know. The young man found something and experienced a shock; he looked shaken. The first question is the item. It’s probably it was the lost necklace. Other items hardly trigger a trap; it would be stated in the guide. The staff can’t take that risk though.” Mrs. Sanders started the discussion.

“Okay, the words match the blurred piece of text,” Priscilla nodded. She knew she was about to help Jessica return to the real world but her curiosity was stronger. After all Jessica wasn’t in a hurry.

“What about the elixirs?” Jessica focused on the next clue. The librarian didn’t understand the murmur so the girls had to find out as much as possible.

“Let’s exclude the white elixir first. He was alone and he couldn’t enter the tunnels as a toddler. The only possible elixirs are yellow and red; they made him potty trained. Unfortunately I don’t have any idea about a connection between potty training and unlocking the exits.”

“Don’t forget the fact he disappeared,” Mrs. Sanders continued: “He found something and it was the necklace probably. Akewaelle sent him there an provided him the necessary information to escape when he brought her the jewell.”

“He used the elixirs to become potty trained down in the tunnels. Maybe we could try to do the same,” Jessica looked at Mrs. Sanders and Priscilla. “I’m willing to do that experiment. and I believe we solve the mystery.”

“Okay but I don’t use any of the elixirs,” Priscilla replied. However she wasn’t that sure. She belonged to the dream world and didn’t have any place to get back in the real world but she was curious about the potty training.

“What about Allan? Does he join us?” Jessica asked Priscilla even if she knew the answer. Allan definitely was an adventurer and he wouldn’t miss any opportunity.

“You needn’t ask, Jess,” Priscilla laughed: “Allan never leaves out any adventure. Looking for the lost necklace would be a challenge he can’t refuse.”

Of course, Priscilla was right. Allan promised he would do his best to help the girls. As he heard about elixirs, he hesitated. Just like Priscilla he couldn’t escape but he also was a bit curious. It was a surprise for him; he never worried about diapers and he didn’t think of potty training.

On Saturday they headed for the tunnels. Because of the cold air in the tunnels the girls were wearing warm pants and thick diapers and so was Allan.

“Jess, do you have the elixirs with you?” Priscilla asked Jessica
“Of course, I do. However we could take more. I‘d like to replace the ones I have used.”
“I … I’m a bit curious; maybe I try them out,” Priscilla blushed a bit.

Allan hesitated. He also was curious but he didn’t get rid of the diaper comfort. Nevertheless he could try out the potty training first and then undo it: “Okay, I try it out as well.”

They headed towards the crypt entrance and then to the chamber where they had found the elixirs earlier. Jessica took the elixirs she had used and Priscilla and Allan took one vial of each elixir except white.

Jessica looked at the map and they headed to the information centre. The tunnels were well maintained indeed and they passed several places marked on the map. There were small inconspicuous boxes on those places.

At the information centre they bought a cup of coffee for everyone and some bottles of soda. When they finished, Priscilla pointed at the changing station: “I probably need a change already.” Allan and Jessica nodded; their thick diapers already were soaked. Allan grinned: “Hey girls, let me help you and one of you can repay the favor. It would be quicker.”

An immediate nod was Jessica’s reply. She still remembered the pleasant experience and didn’t mind a changing by him. Allan led her inside and pulled her pants down slowly. The diaper was quite heavy and she realized she probably would need another change before they finish unless she uses the elixir.

Allan cleaned her and he rubbed her privates a bit more than necessary; Jessica moaned but they should hurry up and couldn’t continue. When Allan finished, he lied down on the changing table and Jessica repaid him the favor in the same way. Jessica left the changing station and Priscilla entered it. Was Allan about to arouse Priscilla as well? Jessica’s mind was occupied by that thought.

Priscilla and Allan appeared in five minutes and the smile on Priscilla’s face revealed everything.

They headed towards the tunnels again and started searching according to the map. There were numerous boxes spread across the labyrinth but most of them were empty or included the target items for visitors. However Priscilla spotted a side corridor that wasn’t depicted on the map:

“Hey, what is this? Let’s explore that part as well.” her curiosity was stronger than her common sense; Allan and Jessica nodded; the were getting excited.

“Well, I use the elixirs,” Jessica added: “The young man told about them and they probably are important in some way.” She opened her handbag and drank the yellow and red elixirs. Priscilla and Alan did the same and they stepped forward.

The corridor was lit dimly and it was difficult to look for hidden boxes. Fortunately Allan pulled out a flashlight and switched it on. Priscilla and Jessica didn’t think of it. There were a few lamps on the ceiling but their light was quite weak.

The small group got to a fork and stopped; where to go? Priscilla hesitated for a second and pointed to the right. Jessica and Allan followed her and they noticed a door on the right side. Jessica looked inside and there was a small toilet there but no changing station. Jessica realized she had use the elixir but she still didn’t feel any urge. She stepped back and closed the door.

The secret part was a labyrinth indeed and they had to be careful to remember their route. Moreover there was no resting place or anything else there and all they could find were a few empty boxes.

About half an hour later Priscilla felt the urge to pee. However she was used to diapers only and didn’t recognize it. She felt a pressure in her abdomen and the pressure was unpleasant. A muscle was clenched and it probably caused the unpleasant feeling. Priscilla tried to relax the muscle and felt the stream of pee soaking her diaper:

“Hey, what happened to me? I’ve just peed in my diaper but I felt an unpleasant pressure before it.”

“Yeah, I’m just feeling that pressure,” Allan added.

“It is called urge and it notifies you in advance so you have time to find a toilet,” Jessica realized that Priscilla and Allan didn’t have any idea about using toilet. “You have to hold it until you find a toilet and relieve yourself.”

“Aww, it is annoying,” Priscilla showed her disappointment. Diapers seemed much better for her: “Well, I have to hurry up every time I feel the urge. It’s uncomfortable though.”

Allan, on the other hand, showed more interest: “Jess, what should I do now?” The pressure was growing slowly and he was getting uncomfortable. Jessica pointed to the direction where she had found the toilet and took Allan at hand:

“Pull down your pants and untape the diaper first and the sit down onto the toilet bowl,” Jessica was amused; she had tell Allan what to do as if he was a toddler. However he followed her instructions and relaxed the muscle. Jessica guessed that men could pee standing but she wasn’t able to show it him.

When he finished, Jessica flushed the toilet and helped him tape the diaper again; it was better than take a risk of wet pants. When she pushed the button, she noticed something strange; a small light went off next to the button. What should it mean?

Allan left the toilet and Jessica realized she had to pee as well; she took off her diaper and peed in the toilet and put the diaper back on even if she didn’t know why. She was toilet trained though; unfortunately she hadn’t any underwear with her.

As Jessica left the toilet, they continued searching the tunnels. All of sudden Jessica spotted a small box near the floor level and the box was glowing slightly. She leaned down, opened it and stared at a golden necklace. At the same moment a squeaking sound echoed across the tunnels.

Priscilla turned to the exit and set off. Jessica and Allan followed her. They got back to the beginning of the secret corridor but an iron lattice was blocking the exit. They were trapped.

Hey !

I thought that I already have comment on this story but obviously I don’t. It’s a shame, sorry about it, because it’s a really nice one.

I like the concept of a dreamed universe and how you play with it without falling in every cliché possible. I appreciate that there is still challenges and mysteries wich add to character development.

I hope to read more soon.

Thanks for your work.

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thank you for your comment. I do my best to continue. There are two more parts of the story ready to publish.

The story is based on an adventure game I developed earlier. It consists of three chapters and the story covers the first two of them.

I do my best to write the continuation but it could take some time. I have to get some inspiration.

Part 15:

“Oh, what would we do now?” Priscilla panicked and almost fainted.

“Hey, stop panicking. We have a clue though. We’ve used the elixirs and they should help us.” Jessica tried to calm her down.

“”Yeah, but how?”

“Sorry, I don’t have any idea how. However I’m quite sure we will find the solution. Let’s go back to the necklace first.”

Fortunately Priscilla recovered from the initial shock and nodded. They headed back to the place where they found the necklace. Jessica took it carefully and almost put it onto her neck when she remembered Akewaelle’s words.

“Okay, I’ve found the necklace and now we should solve the last piece of the mystery,” she put the necklace into her handbag and pulled of the handwritten note:

“Be careful! You … trigger a trap when you find the …. ……… The exits would be locked and you can unlock them if you …e … ………t.”

They knew about the first two missing words already but the rest still was a mystery. The only clue was the elixirs. Suddenly Priscilla started fidgeting but she stopped almost immediately: “I probably need a change.”

“It wouldn’t be pleasant; the stone floor is cold and hard and there isn’t any changing station in this sector. However you could hold the next pee until we get out of here.” Allan shook his head at her request but he also told her what to do.

“You can use the toilet instead,” Jessica added but she suddenly realized what she had told. The words ‘use the toilet’ matched the missing part of text and she also remembered the small red light.

“We have to use the toilet!” she exclaimed and turned towards the toilet. At that moment she felt a strong urge and hurried up followed by Allan and Priscilla. However the urge was getting stronger at every step; it probably was caused by her excitement. In front of the toilet her bladder muscles failed and she wet herself despite the training.

Allan, on the other hand, opened the door: “I can do it.” Seconds later they heard the sound of pee hitting the toilet and the squeaking sound of the lattice being opened.

Allan left the small toilet and smiled: “Well, let’s go back to the information centre. I think I have two girls to change.” Jessica and Priscilla nodded and smiled at the thought.

While walking back to the information centre Priscilla complained: “Oh, it’s uncomfortable to feel the pressure and I wet the diaper anyway. I use the elixirs to undo the potty training. What about you, Allan?” she pulled the two remaining elixirs and drank them both.

“Nope, I keep the training even if I don’t want to give up diapers; they really are comfortable,” he replied.

“The same for me,” Jessica added: “However I’d recommend you training pants; they are easier to pull down and back up after you use the toilet.”

At the information centre Priscilla hurried up towards the changing station and Allan followed her. Jessica waited outside and she purchased several pairs of training pants. She planned to use toilets whenever possible but she still would be wearing the training pants; they provided her some kind of safety.

As Priscilla left the changing station, Jessica entered it and let Allan change her into the training pants. Allan’s diaper stil was dry so he didn’t need any change but Jessica passed him a pair of the training pants anyway. They left the changing station quickly.

Looking at the snack stand they all realized they were hungry; it was afternoon already and the search took much more time they had supposed:

“Hey, let’s go to a dinner at a restaurant,” Priscilla turned to Jessica and Allan: “We can celebrate Jessica’s success though.”

“A good idea but we should be careful at drinking,” Jessica added. She still remembered the last weekend.

“Of course,” Priscilla nodded: “We have a guardian angel with us,” she looked at Allan and he grinned only: “However let’s change into something more appropriate.”

They hurried up to Priscilla’s apartment and Allan left them in front of the house. Jessica and Priscilla took a shower and changed into dresses. Jessica was wearing the training pants and she could use the toilet in the corridor easily. However she had to be aware of her urge and her bladder muscles were weaker than she expected.

While walking to the restaurant Jessica got the first warning. She felt an urge shortly after they left and she had to hold her pee until they got to the restaurant. As they arrived, Jessica hurried up to the toilet and she made it in the last second. Allan seemed to be alright.

The dinner was pleasant and they kept talking about their experience in the underground. This time they were careful and didn’t drink that much. Priscilla pooped in her diaper shortly after the meal and Jessica had to hurry up to the toilet; she made it again. There was no family changing station there and Allan couldn’t assist Priscilla this time.

Later in the evening they were sipping wine and Jessica felt an urge to pee. However Allan was telling an interesting story and she didn’t want to miss it. When Allan finished, she stood up and hurried up to the toilet but her bladder muscles gave up before she reached it. The training pants were soaked and she had to turn to the changing station instead.

On their way home Jessica also had to hurry up and the pressure in her bladder was growing faster than she had expected. She wet herself again and started thinking of the diapers. They definitely were more comfortable. As they returned home, she drank the blue and green elixir without any hesitation and went to the bathroom to put the thick diaper on.

The next day Jessica decided to visit Akewaelle and give her the necklace. It was Sunday and she set off after breakfast. Priscilla stayed at home and she was cooking lunch meanwhile.

Akewaelle was surprised when she saw Jessica: “Oh, dear; you hurried up to leave us, didn’t you? Well, it’s time to tell you about your secret item.” She took the necklace and put it into a drawer. There were more necklaces there and Jessica remembered the librarian’s words.

“Jessica, you have to go to the abandoned house in this street and find an old clock there. It is broken and you have to find some tools and fix the clock. As soon as it starts ticking, you return to your real world.”

Jessica thanked Akewaelle and was about to leave when the old witch stopped her: “Hey, girl. Don’t forget the elixirs. You have to be toilet trained when the clock starts ticking.” Jessica nodded and looked around to locate the abandoned house. She found it quickly and tried the door handle. The door was broken, it fell down to the floor and the handle stayed in Jessica’s hand.

The house really was abandoned and everything was covered by a thick layer of dust; Jessica sneezed several times when the dust swirled. There were several rooms on the first floor but Jessica did not find the clock there. The stairwell looked unstable and she hesitated until she climbed it slowly, step by step.

The clock was hanging on the wall in the bedroom and it didn’t look broken; however Jessica didn’t find the wind up key. Was it the only problem? She opened the glass door and tried to find the key or any sign of damage.

A little scrap of paper caught her eye: “Look for the key in the basement. Don’t try to use another wind up key.”

Jessica returned to the first floor and continued into the basement. Unfortunately the basement walls collapsed and there was a small opening left to crawl through. Only a dwarf could get past the collapsed part.

Part 16:

Jessica shrugged and headed back home; her diaper was full already and she had to hurry up. Priscilla already was waiting for her and the smell of food spreaded across the apartment. Before they sat down at the table, Jessica told Priscilla about the abandoned house and broken clock.

“Would you like to leave us already, Jess?” Priscilla looked at Jessica sadly.

“Don’t worry; we meet again It definitely isn’t my last dream. Anyway I hardly get the wind up key.”

“I think we’ll find a solution. I’d recommend asking Zoe; she is very clever.”

After lunch the girls took a short relax and headed to the playground. Zoe jumped off and hugged Jessica and gave her a kiss on her cheek when Jessica lifted her on her arms.

“Zoe, I have a question. I need to get through a small hole and I’m too big.”

“Jess, it isn’t a problem; a toddler could do it.”

“Zoe, I can’t let you crawl to a basement room and your mom also wouldn’t accept it.”

“Not me, Jess. You will do it. come to the kindergarten and we ask the teacher.”

Jessica suddenly remembered her earlier talk on the white elixir. She also knew how to change back:

“It’s a great idea. Pris, you can babysit me while I’m a toddler.” Jessica grinned.

“I can do it but I need a leave or we do it the next weekend. You aren’t in a hurry, is you?”

“Of course not. I enjoy the time with you. Anyway I’m quite curious about the next dream.”

Priscilla was taken aback by the question but she really was curious: “Jess, the dreams really are great. I don’t have any idea what will happen but I’m sure it would be a nice experience again.”

“Pris, do you remember the first experience in the kindergarten?”

“Of course I do. I liked it and I like his one even more. This dream life is a challenge and I like every dream.”

“Pris, do you remember the time between the two dreams?”

“No, Jess, it is like a film cut.”

“Okay then. We can arrange my return now and I come again the next night.”

The next week has passed uneventfully and Jessica got used to her temporary job; however she was aware of the fact she leaves on the weekend. She somehow felt sad but still curious about the next adventure.

On Friday after work Priscilla and Jessica hurried up to the kindergarten. Zoe and her mom were waiting for them already along with the teacher. They grinned and the teacher invited Jessica to the dining room. It was empty already; the children had left earlier. A baby bottle was sitting on the small table and the teacher passed it to Jessica:

“Drink it and be sure you have everything ready. Don’t forget the toddler size diapers and clothing.”

“Yeah, miss; we’ve purchased everything necessary. I won’t need too much of it anyway.”

Jessica took the bottle and drank a delicious milk. Seconds later she started shrinking and her clothing fell down from her tiny body. The teacher lifted her on her arms and carried her to Priscilla: “Here you are your small sized friend.” she grinned. Jessica was even smaller than Zoe.

Priscilla took Jessica and put her onto the changing table; she diapered the toddler Jessica and put a beautiful dress and tights on her: “Wow, you are a beautiful toddler, Jess.” she put Jessica onto the floor.

As soon as Jessica was back on the floor, Zoe hugged her tightly: “I have a playmate now,” however she got a bit sad when she realized what would happen the next day.

Priscilla took Jessica to the playground and they spent a nice afternoon with Zoe and her mom until it was time to go to dinner. Before Jessica left, Zoe hugged her once more:

“Bye, sis. Let’s meet the next time.”

As they returned to the apartment, Priscilla leaned down to check Jessica’s diaper: “Hey, you are all wet. Let’s change you before you leak.” Jessica smiled only; her mind changed a little and she ignored the wet diaper at all.

Fortunately Jessica didn’t lose her motoric skills and she could eat on her own but she needed a bib anyway.

“Jess, how do you feel in the toddler body? You were a toddler the last time but it looks different now.”

“It’s alright, Pris. I consider it fun.”

After the dinner Jessica yawned; her toddler body seemed to be more tired and she needed sleep. Priscilla took her to the bathroom and helped her take a shower. It was a totally new experience for Priscilla but she liked it. It would be nice if she could take care of Jess even more.

During the night Priscilla experienced another surprise. All of sudden she awakened when Jessica crawled to her bed and cuddled with her. Priscilla smiled only and covered her friend that was asleep already.

In the morning jessica opened her eyes, realized where she was and kissed Priscilla on her cheek: “Good morning, Pris.” Priscilla opened her eyes as well and looked like she was confused. However seconds later she smiled at Jessica and kissed her forehead.

The morning routine passed quickly and Priscilla liked her babysitter role even more:

“Jess, I could be your babysitter even longer; you are quite cute and it’s a pity I have to go to work on Monday. Until then you would leave.”

“Pris, let’s hope you do this in the next dream,” Jessica added. She even liked the idea.

Both girls ate her breakfast and Priscilla started the preparation:

“Jess, what do we need? I think we should take a flashlight and a screwdriver at least.”

“I think we don’t need much more.”

Priscilla waited until she pooped in her diaper half an hour later; she changed herself and turned to Jessica: “Do you need a change as well?”

Jessica shrugged but the smell revealed her messy diaper. Priscilla was amused about Jessica’s attitude: “Let’s change you before we leave.”

After the change they set off to the abandoned house. Priscilla was wearing a backpack with spare diapers, flashlight and the screwdriver.

In the basement of the house Priscilla stared at the small hole: “Jess, are you sure? It is dangerous.”

“Don’t worry; I pass it,” Jessica smiled and crawled through the hole; it wasn’t as difficult as she had expected. However the room was dark. Priscilla passed her the flashlight and Jessica looked around. A small box in the corner caught her eyes; she really found the wind up key there.

When she crawled back, Priscilla laughed: “You should see yourself in the mirror; your clothing is all dirty. I also should check the diaper.”

Jessica shrugged again and Priscilla found her soaked. While crawling through the hole Jessica’s tummy was squeezed and the bladder voided itself.

It was difficult to find a place to change Jessica’s diaper and dust her clothing; they finally found an old couch on the first floor. When Priscilla finished, she took Jessica at hand and led her away: “I’m glad to be away from the house finally.”

As they returned home, Priscilla asked Jessica: “Jess, are you in a hurry? I don’t think so. Let me babysit you one more day. We visit Mrs. Sanders and you also can play with Zoe.”

“Okay, Pris; it definitely is fun. I can wait until tomorrow evening.” Jessica didn’t mind being a bit babied by her friend and she even was looking forward to it. Priscilla prepared lunch and Jessica had an afternoon nap after the meal.

Mrs. Sanders was amused by Jessica and she also liked to baby the little girl; she even joined them at the playground. Zoe was surprised when she spotted Jessica and she hugged her tightly: “I’m glad to see you once more sis.”

The last hours in Jessica’s dream passed quickly but she enjoyed every second of them. Priscilla and Mrs. Sanders babysat her and even Allan liked the small Jessica.

In the late afternoon on Sunday Jessica got sad: “Pris; it’s the time to go. Give me the elixirs please.” A tear appeared in her eye.

Priscilla undressed her and gave her the white elixir first; Jessica grew up to the adult size immediately. She dressed herself and drank the yellow and red elixir. However she still put on a pair of training pants; she didn’t have any panties.

“Pris, do you accompany me to the house?”

“No, Jess, I wouldn’t be able to watch you leaving,” tears appeared in Priscilla’s eyes.

The girls hugged each other and Jessica climbed down the stairs slowly. She also stopped at Mrs. Sanders and said her goodbye.

“No goodbye, Jessica. See you later.” Mrs. Sanders was more optimistic.

Jessica nodded and stepped forward. She was walking slowly as if she didn’t want to reach the house. On the other hand she was curious about the next dream and the curiosity kept driving her forward.

In front of the clock Jessica hesitated once more but her hand didn’t follow her hesitation. She wound up the clock and pushed the pendulum.

“Tick, tick, tick …” the sound of the clock echoed through the entire room and the room started fading out …

Jessica opened her eyes and found herself in her own bed. The sun was peeking into the room. The next day was about to begin.

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Sorry for the long break. I had to find a leading idea.

Interlude 2:

Jessica jumped out of the bed and hurried up to the bathroom as usual. After the morning routine she had her breakfast and hurried up to school. In the bus she sat down and closed her eyes for awhile until she got to school.

Both dreams appeared in front of her eyes while she was daydreaming but the daydreams were interrupted soon when the bus was approaching her school. The mind of an excellent student didn’t allow her any distraction at that moment.

The school day passed quickly and she also got a lot of homework. However school and homework was forgotten as soon as she left the class. The dreams came back and Jessica tried to compare them. They were quite different and Jessica wasn’t sure which one she liked more. The first dream in the kindergarten was shorter but it was closer to her desires. The second one was a bit bizarre but she liked the adventures. What if she could have both in the next dream?

Back at home she again focused on her school and homework and almost missed her dinner; her mom had to call her repeatedly. Jessica was unstoppable and she could work long and hard. Fatigue made her stop before midnight. She sighed and closed the books; of course she had finished everything but she didn’t believe it was sufficient enough.

After a short shower Jessica changed into her nightshirt, covered herself and closed her eyes. Her last thought was about the new dream. Do her wishes come true?

Part 17:

Jessica opened her eyes and looked around. She again found herself in a kindergarten. Her heart jumped when she noticed the playroom and two more kids; a boy and a girl about 3 years old. She recognized neither Allan nor Priscilla.

“Hello, welcome to hell,” the words of the girl were surprising. What was going on? In her former dreams Jessica felt like in heaven and her secret wishes came true.

“H … h … hell? What happened?”

“Look around. You’ll find out soon. My name is Susan and this is Charlie. What’s your name?”

“My name is Jessica, nice to meet you,”

Jessica looked around and tried to guess what was going on. The playroom looked like any other one in a kindergarten but the window caught her eye. She walked over to examine it closer but she noticed the big bulge between her legs and had to waddle. A thick diaper package prevented her from regular walking. Susan and Charlie were wearing similar packages. It was odd; only small babies were diapered it that way. She reached to her waist and pulled down her tights to look at the diapers and realized she was wearing lockable rubber pants over the thick diapers. A cold chill ran down her spine and she rearranged her clothing quickly.

The window looked like a normal one but the handle was high and Jessica spotted a keyhole on the handle. She crawled onto the stool and tried to turn the handle. It was locked and she crawled back.

“W … what … what is going on? Are we in a prison?” Jessica’s voice was trembling when she realized the actual situation.

“I’m afraid we are. Both Charlie and me are dreamers just like you are.”

“Dreamers?” Jessica realized the question was superfluous. Susan and Charlie didn’t wonder when she appeared in the room.

“Jessica, you probably don’t need an answer. We both were dreaming about being toddlers. Unfortunately this community doesn’t like people like us and we are treated like subhumans. I wish I could escape back but I don’t have any idea how to do it.”

Susan’s words made Jessica tremble out of fear. The first two dreams were nice and her experience was great. Now she found herself in another situation. Could she find her old friends in that hostile world? Would they be able to help her?

“Susan, I’ve had some friends in the last dreams. Maybe I can find them and get help. Don’t lose hope.”

Charlie listened only and Jessica noticed his squirming. He probably had to pee.

“Charlie, do you have to pee? Why do you need diapers then?”

“It isn’t that simple, Jessica; you’ll find out,” Charlie sighed and kept squirming.

“Oh, I understand. Your diapers are locked; why don’t you go in them just now?”

“I can’t, Jessica,”

“How so?” Jessica was taken aback. It was simple to relax the muscles.

“We can’t control the muscles, Jessica,” Charlie sighed again but he suddenly relaxed and stopped squirming.

“You’ll feel the urge but you can’t relax the muscles when you want to. They relax when your bladder is about to burst or before a change. The nurses can make you pee or poop whenever they want to. Actually I have to pee badly.” Susan added.

Jessica realized her bladder was filling up and she felt a growing urge. The urge was getting unpleasant and she tried to relax her muscles and wet the diaper. To her utter terror the muscles failed to respond. She sighed and tried not to think of the urge:

“Susan, are we the only dreamers in this kindergarten or are there more of us here?”

“As far as I know we are the only dreamers in the kindergarten. However there are rumors about more dreamers in Stagfield.”

Susan grabbed her crotch and squirmed; Jessica felt sorry for her but she also felt an unpleasant urge. Finally she relaxed and stopped squirming. Jessica tried to press her legs together but the thick diaper package held her legs far apart.

All of sudden the door opened and a teacher peeked inside:

“Oh, we have a new dreamer here. Welcome to Stagfield, little girl. What’s your name?”


“You seem to have forgotten something. I wanted to hear ‘Jessica, madam’.”

“S … s … sorry … madam.”

“That’s better. Let’s check your diapers and go to breakfast, dreamers.”

The teacher walked over to Jessica first and reached to her crotch. Jessica’s bladder already was full and it was painful when the teacher pressed against her abdomen. Jessica desperately tried to relax the muscles and get rid of the pain but her effort was vain.

“Oh, you can’t wait until you piss yourself,” a laughter was the answer to her effort. The devil teacher moved to Susan and Charlie and checked their diapers as well.

“You are OK so far, let’s go!” she pointed towards the door: “Forwards, dreamers!”

Jessica sighed and stepped forward slowly, waddling and squirming desperately. Susan and Charlie followed her to the corridor and dining room.

In the corridor Jessica experienced the first lesson of embarrassment. A small group of children ran towards her, laughed and poked her: “Dreamer, dreamer.” She tried to protect herself and push the children away but the teacher grabbed her hands, put thick mittens onto them and locked the mittens behind her back.

“Don’t dare to touch the right children, dreamer.”

In the dining room all three dreamers were strapped in high chairs and the teacher put a plate, a spoon and a baby bottle in front of everyone. Susan and Charlie started eating but Jessica couldn’t eat because of her hands trapped in the mittens behind her back. Charlie reached over and helped her a little. However the children ran over to him and pulled the high chair away so he couldn’t reach Jessica anymore. A boy grabbed her spoon and teased her: “Hey dreamer, would you like to eat?” He ate several bites of Jessica’s portion when the teacher came back: “Stop immediately, Jack!” the boy ran back to his place and trembled in fear.

The teacher fed Jessica the remaining food and let her drink from the baby bottle before unstrapping all three dreamers: “Back to your room now!” They looked around carefully and headed back. Jessica realized her bladder was empty finally. She forgot about the urge during the terrible experience; however the diaper was wet and heavy.

As soon as the teacher closed the door, Jessica turned to Susan: “It’s been terrible.”

“Get used to it as soon as possible, Jessica. We have to endure it.”

“Why? Let’s try to find the way back.”

“How? We are locked inside the kindergarten.”

“I wouldn’t like to lose hope, Susan.”

“Susie, she is right,” Charlie interjected, “We have to find a way to escape. First of all we have to get out of this room.”

“Yeah, it is a good idea, Charlie but my hands are trapped. Do you think you could free me?”

“No, Jessica. The teacher would get angry if I did it and we all would be tied up then. However I could search the room.”

Suddenly he sighed and grabbed his back: “Oh no, I have to poop. Anyway I try to do my best.” He knelt down and started searching the corners.

Susan also grabbed her back and started a massive squirming. Jessica felt the pressure in her bowels but she couldn’t do anything but wait for the inevitable. The food made her bowels move and she hoped the pressure would grow up quickly enough. She tried to push hard but the muscles kept tight.

The sound of Charlie’s diaper meant that Charlie was the first one to mess the diaper. Minutes later Jessica felt her muscles relax and a big load of poop filled the back of her diaper. Meanwhile Charlie hurried up to her and smiled: “Look, Jessica,” he showed her a piece of wire.

Charlie hid the wire below his bed when the teacher entered the room again: “Diaper changing time! Follow me!” She pointed to the door and Jessica stepped forward followed by Susan and Charlie. The teacher led them to a large bathroom with two changing tables. Susan and Charlie got strapped down to the tables while Jessica had to watch how a nurse unlocked the rubber pants, removed the dirty diapers and cleaned their crotches with cold water. Both Susan and Charlie were exposed and their legs were tied to the stirrups.

When the nurse finished, she helped Susan and Charlie down from the tables and lifted Jessica onto one. Fortunately she unlocked Jessica’s hands and removed the mittens. Jessica had to endure the embarrassing procedure with her legs tied to the stirrups. However she was glad to have a clean diaper and the nurse didn’t put the mittens back.

Back in their room Jessica turned to Charlie: “Charlie, let’s try to use the wire; maybe we could open the window.”

“Okay Jessica but what do you find outside? I don’t have the slightest idea.”

“I will try to find something and come back soon. We should try to be inconspicuous and I’ll come back as soon as possible. The first journey will be a short attempt.”

Charlie got the wire and passed it to Jessica. She took it and crawled onto the stool again.

“Charlie, keep guard at the door.”

“Don’t worry; the damn teacher doesn’t come before lunch. We usually spend most time alone.”

Jessica inserted the wire into the lock; she wasn’t a skilled lock picker but the lock was quite simple and Jessica unlocked it quickly.

“Charlie, close the window behind me and wait here. I’ll come back soon. It’s a test only.” Jessica opened the window and looked outside. There was a park and forest behind the kindergarten. She crawled out and turned to the left; she slowly waddled along the wall. Charlie closed the window behind her.

Part 18:

Jessica stopped at the corner and looked around carefully. There was a house near the kindergarten and she could see a street through the gap. Several people were walking down the street. It wasn’t a good place to start her tour. Jessica had to walk towards the other corner; she spotted trees and bushes there. It was an ideal hideout.

There was a playground there and Jessica could hide behind trees and bushes. She sneaked slowly as close to the playground as possible without being noticed.

The playground was full of playing children and Jessica recognized several of them; they were teasing her at breakfast. The teacher was sitting on a bench along with a few women and talking with them. Jessica guessed they were mothers of the other children. She started listening to the talk:

“Ms. Farwick, is it true that you have some dreamers in kindergarten? Why do you keep those devil creatures there?”
“Mrs. Grimmer, we have to keep the dreamers isolated from other children and this is the ideal place for it. Would you prefer to kill them?”
“Oh, no; we still have to stick to the Commandments. However, aren’t you afraid of them? Father Patrick told us they were witches and could hurt you.”
“Don’t worry. All of them are secured in their room. To be honest, I don’t believe in witchcraft. They are plain kids.”

Jessica kept listening; she could get useful information. However she was curious about other dreamers. Were there only three of them in Stagfield? Unfortunately she was getting an unpleasant feeling. Her bladder was getting full and the pressure distracted her. She couldn’t focus on listening but tried to forget about the pressure and keep listening. She grabbed her diapered crotch and pressed against it.

“Ms. Farwick, are you sure you have all dreamers under lock and key? I’m worried about my children.”
“I know about three children but I’ve heard about more adult dreamers; they need diapers and they are kept in the Harefrost manor near Stagfield.”
“Is it a prison?”
“I don’t think so but they are guarded and you can ask for them if you need some help at cleaning, cooking or other chores.”

Jessica’s muscles finally relaxed and she peed in her diaper. She was wet but she again could focus on listening. A boy apparently listened to the teacher and hurried up to his mother:

“Mum, what did you say about dreamers? Are they witches indeed?”
“Thomas, you know you shouldn’t listen to adult talk but I answer you anyway. Didn’t you hear? Father Patrick told it.”
“I know but why haven’t they used magic so far? Ms. Farwick also doesn’t think they are witches.”
“Thomas, it doesn’t matter; you shouldn’t talk or play with them anyway.”
“Mum, why? They are children like us.”
“Do you know why they are called dreamers? They are adults and they are having sinful dreams and that’s why we have to stay away from them. It is a sin to become children again; it is against God’s will.”

Jessica was amused and sad at the same moment. That world definitely was hostile and superstitious. Now she knew some basics and understood the attitude of the children and teacher. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to change that attitude and she definitely had to escape. Now it was time to go back. She sighed heavily and headed to their room.

Charlie was waiting for her and heard the quiet knocking. He opened the window, Jessica crawled back and they closed the window again.

“Charlie, let’s lock the handle; the teacher mustn’t find out we unlocked it. I will do more tours later. Would you like to accompany me?”

“Maybe if Susie cooperates. Somebody has to stay here and close the window behind us.” Charlie passed the wire to Jessica and she locked the handle.

“No please, Charlie; stay with me,” Susan apparently wasn’t the right person to cooperate.
“What do I say if somebody asks about you?”

Jessica nodded; the question was valid. They had to prevent the teacher from revealing the unlocked window. If a teacher entered the room while she was away, they had to find an excuse.

“Hey, Jessica. We could tell her you disappeared just like you appeared lately.”
“Right Charlie; they think we are witches and we could use it against them.”

The teacher interrupted their conversation and announced the lunch time. Jessica had to experience the same embarrassment but she could eat on her own at least. The other children were as unpleasant as before and Jessica did her best to ignore their teasing. Sitting in a wet diaper also didn’t improve her mood.

After lunch the teacher led them back to their room and ordered to lie down on the beds:

“Afternoon nap, dreamers!”

Susan and Charlie sighed and Jessica revealed the reason. The teacher took three pairs of spreader pants and strapped them onto their legs. Jessica’s legs were held wide apart and she couldn’t sit up let alone stand up. Even worse, the teacher strapped mittens onto their hands; they were helpless.

“Susan, this is terrible.” Jessica sighed when the door closed.
“Get used to it, Jessica. We have to spend the afternoon nap and every night like this.”

Jessica realized that her plans would be quite hard to carry out. She only had short periods available but she still didn’t want to give up.

Her bladder was filling up again and this time the pressure was more unpleasant due to her legs in a widespread position. The diaper already was wet and uncomfortable. She desperately tried to relax the muscles over and over.

After and seemingly endless torture the muscles relaxed and her bladder voided itself into the diaper. It was sagging already.

Charlie was squirming violently until he finally stopped and the smell of poop spread in the room. He turned to Jessica:

“Jessica, tell me more about your tour. We didn’t have time for it up to now. We can’t do anything but wait; I’m not tired.”
“Charlie, I didn’t find out too much but it still is interesting. I guess that many people believe we are sinners because of our dreams. That’s the main reason why they hate us.”
“Oh, it is quite bad. Do we find an ally here?”
“I hope so. In my former dreams I met a few friendly people and I’m quite sure some of them live here.”
“Let’s believe you’ll find some of them, Jessica.”

Jessica recalled all her friends. Her biggest hope was Mrs. Sanders but she had to find her first. Fortunately Mrs. Sanders always was nearby. Zoe was another friend. However Jessica didn’t have any idea that Zoe was a dreamer as well. Priscilla and Allan were dreamers and Jessica couldn’t hope for help or support from them. She even should help them get back and escape from the hostile dreamworld. They probably were kept in the Harefrost Manor.

Her first task was checking the mittens if she could remove them. She lifted her right arm and put the mitten to her mouth. The buckle looked simple and Jessica could grab it by her teeth. That was the most important step in getting free. In the evening she could get free and do another tour outside. However she didn’t have any idea where to go.

All of sudden the door opened and a little girl peeked inside:

“Jessica, is it you? I’m Zoe.”

Jessica’s heart jumped when she heard the name. Zoe looked little and she hardly could walk. Her crotch was covered by a thick diaper package. She dropped to the floor and crawled to Jessica:

“Zoe, I’m glad to see you. How did you find me?”
“I recognized you at lunch. I feel sorry for you and the teasing. I’m a dreamer as well but my adoptive mom didn’t tell anyone.”
“Do you have any idea how to get back? I wouldn’t like to stay here.”
“I know about an old witch. Her name is Hejelle and you find her easily. If you are standing in front of the kindergarten, look to the right and you find an old wooden booth there. I think she knows a way to escape.”
“Thanks, Zoe. Do you know about Mrs. Sanders?”
“Maybe you find her in the park over the street but it would be hard for you to go there in daylight.”
“Thanks, Zoe; you helped me a lot. Come over again if you can.”

“Okay, I come again,” suddenly Zoe stopped and pushed hard. Another wave of smell spread across the room.”
“Sorry, I’m leaving,” she crawled back and closed the door behind her.

Part 19:

Zoe crawled back to the playroom and joined the other children; they didn’t notice her absence. She was glad to have found Jessica but she felt sorry for Jessica and the other dreamers. They should escape. Zoe was sad that they would leave but this world was hostile indeed. Fortunately Zoe’s adoptive mom could conceal her origin. Zoe was happy and wanted to stay here forever even if she didn’t like some of the children.

Later in the afternoon Zoe’s mom arrived and took Zoe home. As soon as they left the kindergarten, Zoe said everything about Jessica and the other dreamers. Her mom got sad and she promised Zoe to help Jessica and the others.

They stopped in the city park and looked for Mrs. Sanders. Fortunately she was there and she also promised to help. Zoe told her about Hejelle and Mrs. Sanders headed there immediately.

The old witch didn’t seem to be surprised; she knew almost everything about the dreamers and was ready to help:

“Nice to see you, Mrs. Sanders. How can I help you? Take place and drink a cup of tea with me.”

“Ms. Hejelle, how do you know my name?”

“Call me Hejelle. Don’t be surprised; I’m a witch and I know everything or almost everything about people here in this damn town.”

"Well, call me Helen then. Thanks for the invite,” Mrs. Sanders sat down and waited until Hejelle poured the tea into two cups.

“Helen, let me guess. You’d like to ask me for help; some dreamers want to go back home.”

“Yeah, Hejelle; I should be surprised by your knowledge but I’m not. My friend Jessica is trapped in the kindergarten along with two more dreamers and …”

“I know, Helen; I know Stagfield and its fanatic citizens and Father Patrick. It’s difficult to change the opinion of half of the town but I can use some magic and help the poor children.”

“Do you know how they can get back home?”

“I do; there is a well in the old temple near the town. It is called Well of Undreaming.”

“Well; I try to contact Jessica and tell her everything.”

Jessica felt a big relief; she had an ally at least in the hostile world. Moreover she knew about Mrs. Sanders. It was good news and she turned to Charlie:

“Charlie, my mood has improved a lot despite our current condition. Zoe would help us for sure.”

“Yeah, Jessica, I’m surprised by her.”

“Zoe is very smart and intelligent and she helped me a lot in my former dreams. However I didn’t have any idea she was a dreamer like us.”

“I’m surprised her mom could conceal it. Jessica. It’s a big chance for us. Not all people are that fanatic and superstitious.”

“I hope so, Charlie. I’ll try my best to find Hejelle as soon as possible. I think I’ll be able to undo the mittens and spreader pants in the evening.’

“It would be good but you have to strap yourself afterwards.”

“You’re right, Charlie. I have to try it out before my next trip outside.”

At that moment Jessica realized Susan didn’t say anything. She seemed to be asleep and Jessica somehow envied her a little. She hardly was able to sleep while the thoughts of her condition and escape were occupying her mind.

Suddenly Susan opened her eyes and started struggling:

“Oh, I have to pee badly again,” she almost cried.

“Susan, we have a chance,” Jessica tried to calm her down: “A good friend was here shortly ago.”

“Yeah, she’s just left and I believe she helps us,” Charlie added.

“Be careful please. We could get punished if they reveal you, Jessica,” Susan wasn’t able to hide her worries.

Unfortunately Jessica didn’t have time to do her experiments; the teacher entered the room:

“Diaper change time!”

Jessica startled when she realized the poop smell. Zoe’s visit could be revealed. However Charlie pooped his diaper earlier and the teacher didn’t get suspicious.

After removing the mittens and spreader pants all three dreamers had to endure the uncomfortable changing process. They were led back to their room and another teacher brought them juice and snacks. It was much better than eating together with other children.

The afternoon passed uneventfully and the dinner was much better; all other children had left already and the dreamers were alone. The unpleasant teacher left and another one started her night shift. She wasn’t very friendly but not as cruel as the former one. She even let them watch some fairy tales and after a diaper change she secured them to their beds; however the straps weren’t very tight.

Jessica started her escape attempt as soon as the teacher left. She grabbed the strap in her right wrist mitten and pulled on it until it slid off the buckle. Now she could pull the mitten off her hand. Freeing the other hand and undoing the spreader pants was quite easy.

“Charlie, I should free you and you should close the window now.” she walked over to Charlie and freed him quickly. They unlocked the handle and Charlie turned to Jessica:

“I put the spreader pants on again and pretend to be secured until you come back.”

“Yeah, it seems to be a good idea.” Jessica nodded and crawled out of the window.

Walking was even more difficult; she had a thick night time diaper on. Jessica headed left and watched the street; there was no living soul there. She stepped forward carefully and headed towards the street when she heard voices. Her heart dropped and she hurried up back. Her bladder also protested and she felt the unpleasant pressure.

A small group of three women passed the kindergarten and she could proceed and look for Hejelle’s booth. The booth was really close and Jessica hurried up to avoid being seen. She knocked on the door hesitantly and waited.

“Come in, Jessica,” a squeaking voice called her name and Jessica almost fled from the door. However she collected her courage and entered the booth:

“Good evening miss … are you miss Hejelle?”

“I am, dear. Don’t worry and take place. We can talk for awhile.”

Jessica waddled over to the table and sat down on a chair next to Hejelle but she had to fidget.

“What’s going on, Jessica?”

“I feel an urge to pee but I can’t control my muscles. It’s that unpleasant and almost painful.”

“Well, I’ll help you. I give you an elixir that makes you pee and poop without the unpleasant pressure. You will get comfortable.”

“How so? I’d need diapers then.”

“Of course but you are wearing them anyway.”

“Yeah, and they are locked.” Jessica realized she couldn’t use the toilet.”

Hejelle opened a cabinet and brought several small vials and passed a green vial to Jessica:

“Drink it up and you get rid of the unpleasant feelings. I give you two more and give them to your roommates.”

Jessica took the vial and drank the contents` it was sweet and delicious. Two minutes later her bladder muscles relaxed and she wet her diaper.

“Miss Hejelle, could you tell me how to escape?”

“Yeah, I could. You have to get to the Well of Undreaming and enter it but your diaper has to be clean at that moment.”

“Where is the well?”

“In the temple near Stagfield. Don’t worry, Mrs. Sanders leads you there.”

“Do you know her?” Jessica stared at Hejelle wide eyed.

“Of course; she is a very nice person. Go back now and Mrs. Sander will contact you later. Take the vials and give you another elixir.”

Hejelle took an orange colored vial and passed it to Jessica as well. “Pour it near the door and every person except a dreamer would forget everything they noticed in your room.”

“Thank you, miss Hejelle,” Jessica stood up and waddled back to the door.

The streets were abandoned and she could get back to the kindergarten without any incident. She knocked on the window and waited until Charlie opened it.

“Charlie,I have good news and I got some elixirs. We won’t have to endure the unpleasant pressure. Drink it up and you will pee and poop easily.”

“Wait! Does it mean we become true diaper dependent babies?”

“We don’t have any other option but diapers anyway.”

“You’re right,” Charlie took the vial and drank up the elixir.

“Wow,” he sighed when he wet his diaper uncontrollably but without the pressure.

“Could I have the elixir too,” Susie looked at Jessica.

“Of course, here you are,” Jessica opened the vial and let Susan drink.

“Susie,don’t you mind the diapers at all?”

“No Jessica; it still is my dream.” Susie smiled when she felt her bladder voiding itself into the thick diaper.

Jessica remembered the last vial and poured the elixir onto the floor next to the door. After that they locked the handle and hid the wire. Jessica was about to secure Charlie when the door opened and the teacher entered the room.

Part 20:

The teacher stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed Jessica and Charlie:

“Hey, what are you doing here?” she grabbed Jessica and forced her to the bed and buckled the spreader pants onto her; this time she pulled the strap taut and Jessica wasn’t strong enough to undo it. Before Jessica could defend herself, her hands were trapped in the mittens.

Charlie was wearing the spreader pants already; Jessica managed to secure him. His hands were free but he was shocked and stared at the teacher in utter terror. It was easy for the teacher to put the mittens onto his hands.

The teacher stepped forward and was about to leave when a vial caught her eyes. She lifted it from the floor and looked at it:

“What the hell is it? We don’t have this kind of vials here.” she looked around and found the remaining three ones. “Where did you take it?” She opened one of the vials and smelled it but she wasn’t able to recognize the scent.

“Miss, we found the vials here behind the cabinet,” Jessica was surprised how easily she lied to the teacher; there was no sign of guilt in her face.

“Okay, I report you in the morning and give the vials to our director.” the teacher shrugged and left the room closing the door behind her. She headed to the office, made a coffee and started watching TV as if nothing had happened.

An hour later she switched the TV off and laid down on a couch: “The small beasts are asleep and I can have some sleep too” she told herself. However the vials tinkled in her pocket and she stared at them: “What the hell is it?” She threw the vials into the bin and dozed off. Apparently the elixir worked and she didn’t remember what she saw in the bedroom.

Back in the bedroom Jessica had to recover from the shock and so had Charlie and Susan:

“Hey, Jessica, the teacher reports us tomorrow and we get punished.” Susan almost cried in utter desperation.

“Susie, don’t worry. The witch gave me an elixir that makes her forget everything.”
“Do you believe her? Will it work?
“I hope at least but she seemed to be sincere.”
“Well, let’s sleep now. We can’t do anything else.”

Charlie probably was asleep already; he was silent. Jessica also tried to relax despite the wet and thick diaper between her legs; it was getting cold and clammy. However her fatigue took over and her eyes closed half an hour later.

The next morning Jessica woke up and she felt relaxed a lot; she could sleep well and didn’t have to wake up because of an urge. However her diaper was heavy and the smell revealed she had messed it in the night.

“Hello, good morning sleepy heads,” she turned and looked at her roommates.
“Morning Jess,” Susan replied immediately: “I could sleep well. The elixir is wonderful.”
“Yeah Susie but I messed my diaper in the night and didn’t wake up.”
“What? Do you mind it? We are diapered anyway.”
“Yeah but we have to be clean at the moment we escape and I’m not sure if we manage it.”

Charlie opened his eyes and turned to the girls: “Good morning; how did you sleep?”
“Good Charlie,” Susan smiled at him.
“So did I but now I’m afraid of the consequences of our adventure. The teacher will report us and we get punished.”
“Let’s hope for the elixir,” Jessica tried to be brave but she also was worried. She was squirming in discomfort and wanted to be changed.

Five minutes later the teacher entered the room: “Good morning. Oh, some of you urgently need cleaning.” There was no sign of anger in her voice. The elixir worked indeed. She unstrapped all three dreamers and led them to the changing room:

“Jessica, it’s your turn first,” she lifted Jessica and strapped her legs to the changing table. Susan was strapped to the second table and Charlie had to wait. The teacher cleaned both girls quickly and helped them jump down before lifting Charlie and changing him as well.

Walking in the daytime diaper was much better and Jessica walked towards the dining room quickly; Susan followed her and they waited for Charlie and the teacher. The other children didn’t arrive yet and the dreamers could eat undisturbed.

Jessica sat down on the high chair and Susan and Charlie did the same. The teacher didn’t strap them. Jessica took the toast and ate it slowly and drank the warm tea from a sippy cup. She felt good and smiled at Susan and Charlie: “This is a wonderful morning.”

“Yeah, it is,” Susan replied and smiled back. Suddenly she stopped: “Hey, I’m peeing in my diaper and don’t feel the urge. This is strange.”

Jessica almost reminded Susan of the elixir but she kept silent; the teacher forgot everything and it would be a bad idea to talk on elixirs in the dining room. Minutes later she felt pee soaking her own diaper without any urge.

The teacher led them back and she left then; the day shift teacher started her duty but she didn’t know anything about the events of yesterday.

Back in the bedroom Jessica waited until the teacher left and turned to Susan: “Remember the elixir. Don’t mention it anymore; particularly not in the presence of a teacher. They would get a suspicion.”
“Sorry Jessica but I was surprised.”

Voices of the other children could be heard from the corridor and the dreamers were glad to be alone in their bedroom. They could play undisturbed. The teacher peeked into the room once but she closed the door and left immediately.

“Hey, Jessica, what will we do now?” Charlie interrupted the game. They were having fun but they wanted to escape.
“Charlie, we have to contact Mrs. Sanders. Hejelle told me about the Well of Undreaming and we have to jump into it. However we need to be dry and clean at that moment.”
“It won’t be easy unless we find a solution. The elixir was good but we still aren’t able to control our bladders and bowels.”
“I’ll ask Hejelle again but I have another problem. I think my friends are here and they are kept captive.”

“Let’s play now please,” Susan interjected.

“Okay Susie, we can’t do anything just now,” Jessica nodded and sat down to Susan and took a doll. Charlie took a coloring book and pencils and started coloring.

Half an hour later a smell spread from Susan but she ignored it at all. Jessica frowned but she didn’t stop playing either. Her diaper was wet and heavy and she didn’t know when she had peed in it.

“Lunch time! Let’s go to the changing room,” the squeaking voice of the teacher interrupted their game. She led them to the changing room and after the diaper change to the dining room. The other children were sitting at the table already.

“Hello, Jessica,” Zoe smiled at Jessica.
“Hey, why are you talking to the damn dreamers,” a boy jumped to Zoe and pulled her hair.
“What are you doing to her?” Jessica jumped to him and grabbed his hand.

At that moment the teacher returned and grabbed Jessica’s arm: “What the hell are you doing? You seem to be quite stubborn and you probably need a lesson!”

She brought three pairs of mittens and tied up all three dreamers. They were strapped in the high chairs and unable to eat on their own. Meanwhile the boy jumped to Zoe again and threw her plate onto the ground: “Dreamer friends are unwelcome,” he pulled Zoe’s hair again and forced her to the ground. Jessica struggled violently in a vain effort to get free and help the poor baby.

“Garry, stop or you will end like the dreamers,” the squeaking voice made the boy go back to the table. The teacher walked over to the dreamers, let them drink from the baby bottles but didn’t give them lunch.

“You stay like this until tomorrow morning!” After lunch the teacher led them to the changing station again and put extra thick diapers onto their crotches. In the bedroom she locked the mittens over their heads and pulled the spreader pants taut. Afterwards she left and came back with three baby bottles full of juice:

“Drink if you are thirsty,” she laughed and put the baby bottles next to the beds and left.

Part 21:

Mrs. Sanders started her tour in the morning and she visited Hejelle again:

“Good morning Helen, did you like my tea that much,” Hejelle smiled widely at her as soon as she opened the door.

“I have to admit it was good; anyway this isn’t the only reason I came here.”
“Okay, let’s sit down and have some more tea,” Hejelle took two cups and poured tea into them.
“Hejelle, do you have any news about Jessica?”
“Yeah, she was here yesterday in the evening and I gave her some elixirs. She also asked me about an escape route.”
“And?” Mrs. Sanders got curious.
“I told her about the well of Undreaming and told her you would lead them there. You should go there and search the old temple before you lead them to the well.”
“Well, I’ll do it Hejelle. However, could you tell me more about the temple?”

“Yeah, of course Helen. The temple was built 600 years ago and it was a monastery. However the well in the basement got enchanted; this is the Well of undreaming now. The monks considered it black magic and they left the monastery shortly afterwards. Since then no living soul has been able to live there. The building probably is abandoned but you have to be sure; wild animals don’t believe in black magic.”

Hejelle opened a cabinet and took out a parchment: “Here you are a map of the temple. The building is located south from Stagfield in a distance of about 4 kilometers. You also can see the Harefrost Manor near the temple. I think there is some kind of labor camp there.

Mrs. Sanders thanked Hejelle and headed for the temple. She left Stagfield and walked down the dusty road. She had to walk for almost an hour when she reached the old buildings.

When she opened the squeaking old door, she got into the entrance hall. Everything was covered by dust and the only sound was the echo of her own steps. There was a stairwell leading down on the opposite side and Mrs. Sanders switched on the flashlight and climbed the stairs slowly to enter a labyrinth of passages and small rooms. The map helped her find the well. There was an inscription on the wall behind the well:

The chosen dreamers would return home
if they are all dry and clean.
A soiled baby will be returned back.

Mrs. Sanders hurried up and she decided to search all rooms to be sure there was no danger inside. Fortunately she didn’t find any sign of people or animals; were animals scared off by the magic, too?

Before she headed back towards Stagfield, she remembered the manor and looked around but didn’t see anything. However the road led towards a forest and she decided to proceed. Behind the forest she spotted the manor. It wasn’t too big but Mrs. Sanders was taken aback by the iron fence. She walked over and peeked inside.

“Priscilla!” she spotted the girl in an orange dress working in the garden. Priscilla recognized her but she was very careful; she walked to the fence and whispered:

“Oh, nice to see you Mrs. Sanders. How did you find me?”
“An old witch told me about the manor but I didn’t know I’d find you here.”
“Mrs. Sanders, could you help me escape? I’m trapped in the labor camp and so is Allan.”

At that moment a guard appeared in the manor door: “Hey, go to work immediately and don’t talk to strangers!”

Mrs. Sanders turned back and hurried back to the forest; she didn’t want to be recognized by the guard. She hoped nobody would chase her. Fortunately she could get away without being recognized or chased.

Back in Stagfield she headed to Hejelle again and told her about the labor camp.

“Hejelle, can we help Priscilla and Allan somehow?”
“I think yes. Of course you can’t fight the guards but magic is stronger than pure strength. I give you some elixirs but I have to think of a plan first.”
“Of course Hejelle. I come again in the evening and we can talk about that plan. I try to talk with Jessica now.”

Mrs. Sanders left Hejelle and after lunch she headed to the kindergarten. She sneaked behind the building and peeked into the windows to find Jessica. The first window led to a storeroom but the second one led to the bedroom; she knocked on the glass silently.

”Sorry guys; I only wanted to protect the poor Zoe,” Jessica sighed heavily.
“It is okay, Jess. I can understand your motive,” Charlie tried to calm her down.
“Oh, Jess, be careful the next time; I wouldn’t like to experience this punishment again,” Susan apparently didn’t want to support Jessica.

Jessica didn’t reply; she didn’t want to argue with Susan. However she had to agree the punishment was quite unpleasant. The spreader pants were tight and her legs were getting cramped and numb in the unnatural position.

“Let’s try to have some sleep; the time passes quicker then.” Charlie’s proposal sounded reasonable.
“I don’t know; the spreader pants are quite uncomfortable,” Susan complained but she somehow managed to fall asleep ten minutes later.

Jessica felt hot pee soaking the diaper; the diaper was pressing against her crotch. She tried to move her legs and pull the wet cloth away but the spreader pants were too tight and she couldn’t move her legs any single inch.

Suddenly she heard a quiet knock on the window. She lifted her head and noticed Mrs. Sanders outside. Mrs. Sanders tried to knock several times and she peeked through the glass. She spotted the children on their beds and Jessica shook her head and Mrs. Sander understood. There was no chance to talk with Jessica at that moment. She shrugged and left in a hope she would be lucky later.

Jessica relaxed on her bed and tears appeared in her eyes. She tried to get some sleep and her eyes closed a bit later. Susan was asleep already.

Later in the afternoon Jessica opened her eyes and spotted Charlie and Susan; they still were asleep. Jessica was thirsty but there was no chance to grab the baby bottle even if it was sitting next to the bed. Jessica tried to grab the strap by her teeth but she failed.

The door opened and Zoe peeked into the room. She waddled towards Jessica:

“Sorry Jessica. I know you wanted to protect me but you didn’t have to do it. Now you see the consequence.” Zoe smiled at Jessica.
“Zoe, I couldn’t watch how the boy attacked you. I always wanted to protect my friends.”
“Thanks, Jessica but it wasn’t necessary. My mom would require satisfaction.”
“Zoe, could you give me the bottle please; I’m thirsty.”
“Sure, Jessica,” Zoe took the bottle and put the nipple into Jessica’s mouth. Jessica drank up all the juice and felt better. At the same moment she felt a hot stream of pee soaking her diaper but she ignored it simply.

“Zoe, could you tell your mom that Mrs.Sanders were here? She probably has some news.”
“Yeah Jessica, I do it and I come again tomorrow and pass you the news if you can’t contact Mrs. Sanders until then.”

Meanwhile Charlie and Susan awakened from their nap and Zoe helped the drink from the bottle but she had to hurry up before the teacher would find her there. She escaped in time; five minutes later the teacher entered the room.

“You are witches; how did you manage to drink?” she stared at the empty baby bottles. When she checked the straps, she shrugged only and took the bottles away. The elixir worked again and she forgot everything and put the bottles into the kitchen.

Part 22:

Zoe couldn’t wait until her mom arrived and she told her everything about the incident. Her mom immediately required an investigation why Garry attacked Zoe.

“I’m terribly sorry, Mrs. Coldwell but I can assure you Garry doesn’t do it anymore. If he did, he would be punished just like the small beasts.”

Zoe’s mom almost asked about the dreamers but she knew it would be a bad idea: “Thank you. Zoe is a sensible child and this was a shock for her.”

Zoe looked at her mom and tears appeared in her eyes: “Mom, are you sure Garry doesn’t hurt me anymore?”

As soon as they left the kindergarten, Zoe laughed aloud: “Mom, you were great. However we should help all the dreamers. Hopefully we find Mrs Sanders.”

“So was you Zoe. I don’t like the damn teacher and hopefully she sometimes learns her lesson.”
“Mom, could we join Mrs Sanders and go to Hejelle as well please? I’d like to see her.” Zoe pleaded.
“Well but promise me not to disturb.”
“No mom, I won’t disturb. Please.”

Zoe’s mom nodded finally and they headed to Hejelle as soon as they met Mrs. Sanders.

“Welcome, Zoe. It’s good you are here,” Hejelle smiled at Zoe: “Maybe you could help us too.”
“How, miss Hejelle? What can I do? I’m a small toddler though.” Zoe promised not to disturb but Hejelle spoke to her directly.
“Wait my little girl and let me explain the entire plan first. I tell Mrs. Sanders and your mom and I also tell you your role.”

They all took their places at the table and Hejelle started explaining:

“We have lots of problems to solve but I still believe it’s possible. We have to free Jessica and her mates as well as the dreamers from the manor. The first task is escaping. I know Jessica knows how to escape from the kindergarten and we probably rely on her. Maybe she would need our help but I know how to arrange it. Freeing the dreamers from the manor is more difficult but I also have a plan.”

Hejelle walked over to her cabinet and brought a tray; there were numerous vials on the tray and Hejelle pointed at the silver colored ones; the liquid inside was glowing:

“These are the elixirs of invisibility; they are our basic means to sneak inside the kindergarten and manor. Mrs. Coldwell calls Zoe sick and Zoe sneaks into the kindergarten to fulfil her missions. Helen will sneak into the manor and fulfil her part.”

The next vial was blue colored and Hejelle pointed at Zoe’s diaper:

“My little girl, you will be invisible but you might soil your diaper and the smell could reveal you. You also might need to stay longer inside and can’t be changed. Your mom pours this elixir onto your diaper and the diaper cleans itself whenever you pee or poop in it. You probably can stay longer without food but you can use the baby bottles in the kitchen to drink. They get invisible as soon as you touch them. However be careful.”

There was another vial on the tray; it was red colored and glowing even more than the silver colored ones:

“Helen, this is the elixir of mind control; be very careful. It makes a human or animal follow your orders for about an hour After that the person forgets everything they did. You use it to let the guard free the dreamers and let them go. If you find a dog there, you can make it stay calm and not to bark or attack you.

The elixir is very strong and you can spray the person or animal only but be extremely careful not to spray yourself.”

As soon as Hejelle finished explaining on the elixirs, she proceeded to their particular missions. Mrs. Sanders, Zoe’s mom and Zoe were assigned several tasks. Zoe was enthusiastic about her missions; she felt like a superhero. On the other hand she was a bit sad that Jessica would leave her. She considered asking her mom to let her go with Jessica but it wasn’t a good idea. Zoe didn’t know anything about Jessica’s life and they probably wouldn’t find each other. Neither Jessica nor Zoe knew about their lives outside the dream world.

“Oh, it’s dark outside; we should go home,” Zoe’s mom realized they stayed long at Hejelle. Zoe’s diaper was wet and heavy and she didn’t have any spare one.

“Don’t worry, I help you and take care of our little hero” Hejelle smiled at Zoe’s mom, lifted Zoe and put her onto a couch. She opened her diaper and poured a few drops of the blue elixir onto the diaper and Zoe’s diaper area. Zoe and the diaper got clean and dry instantly.

“Okay, the effects lasts until tomorrow morning, you needn’t change her.” Hejelle put the diaper back and dressed Zoe. Zoe stared at her in an utter surprise. Her mom thanked Hejelle, took the vials and left. Mrs. Sanders did the same half an hour later. They all knew what to do and needed good sleep to be strong the next day.

Jessica and her mates had to wait until dinner and they hoped the night shift teacher would be less strict. The teacher brought them dinner and fed all three dreamers and left.

Susan started crying: “We are trapped here forever. I don’t want to be here anymore,” she started a violent struggle but the mittens were tight and she couldn’t move her legs at all. The only result was a big mass of poop in the back of her diaper. The stench spread around the entire room.

“Hey, Susie, stop. It doesn’t help us. Try to think of a way to escape. You definitely should cooperate,” Charlie turned to her. He also was uncomfortable and he desperately needed a change.

Finally the door opened and the night shift teacher entered the room. She wasn’t the nice one from the last night but she was surprised by their condition:

“Why are you strapped down like this? I free you and give you a bath before your sleep.” She noticed the stench and realized they all were in a desperate need of change. She removed the mittens and spreader pants but the toddlers weren’t able to walk; their legs were cramped in an unnatural position.

The warm bath helped the dreamers relax their muscles and they were diapered again for the night. However the teacher didn’t put the spreader pants onto their crotches; she wanted to give them a relax.

Jessica, Susan and Charlie fell asleep unaware of her upcoming rescue. The next morning began just like all others. Fortunately the strict teacher had a day off and they were relaxed when they found it out.

Zoe’s mom called the teacher and told her Zoe was sick. The teacher wondered a bit; she didn’t remember Zoe being sick but it was quite possible.

Zoe, her mom and Mrs. Sanders were about to start the great rescue mission.

Part 23:

Zoe was excited and couldn’t wait to start her great superhero role. She had a delicious breakfast and a diaper change afterwards. Her mom took the blue colored elixir and poured it onto the diaper and Zoe’s diaper area.

Before leaving the house Zoe drank the silver elixir and her mom stared at the empty space:

“Yeah, it does work, Zoe.”
“Wow, it’s fun mom,” Zoe looked in the mirror and didn’t see her mirror image and laughed.
“Be careful my little girl. I could hear you clearly so you have to stay quiet.”
“Okay mom,” Zoe laughed and patted her mom.

On the way to the kindergarten Zoe followed her mom quietly. They stopped in the neighboring street and Zoe had to continue on her own. She waited until a mom with her child entered the kindergarten and she sneaked past them.

The teachers were busy; it was breakfast time. Zoe could see Jessica, Susan and Allan but she had to resist the temptation to touch them. She had an important task ahead and she needed access to the office. It was locked and Zoe had to wait until a teacher would unlock the door.

After breakfast the teachers started their everyday routine and one of them headed towards the office. Zoe used the same trick and sneaked into the office and waited inside until the teacher left. Her small heart was beating quickly; after all she was a small toddler even if she was smart. Her bladder voided itself into the diaper but the elixir worked well. Zoe felt the pee; her diaper got wet but it was dry again a minute later.

She walked over to the table and opened the first drawer. It was high and Zoe had to crawl onto a chair to be able to peek inside the drawer. There were documents inside and Zoe closed it again. She wasn’t interested in them and she couldn’t read anyway. Her mind was regressed partially.

Zoe opened the next drawer. Bingo! She spotted the items she was looking for. Several keys were sitting there and she grabbed one of them. They were keys of the locking pants and Mrs. Sanders would need them to change Jessica, Susan and Charlie before entering the Well of Undreaming. All three toddlers weren’t able to control their bladders and they had to be dry and clean at the moment of their return.

The first part of her mission was accomplished and now she had time until evening. After dinner she had to help the dreamers escape if they wouldn’t be able to get untied. She had plenty of time left and an idea hit her mind.

Another teacher entered the office and Zoe sneaked out to the corridor. She was thirsty and remembered Hejelle’s advice. She walked over to the kitchen, spotted several baby bottles sitting on the counter and grabbed one of them; the bottle got invisible indeed. Zoe drank up the juice, peed in the diaper for the second time and put the bottle to the kitchen sink quietly.

At lunch time, Zoe was hungry but she already had a plan how to get some food and tease the children; they tormented her before when she didn’t agree with their opinions about dreamers. Now it was time to get revenge.

Garry, Annie and Patsy were sitting next to each other and eating. They usually started teasing and tormenting of Zoe or other children. Zoe sneaked behind Annie and poked her ribs from the left side. Annie turned left and Zoe took her piece of meat from the right side. The meat got invisible and Zoe retracted to a corner and waited for the reaction.

“Hey, Garry, what are you doing,” Annie was taken aback: “It is not fun.”
“What’s going on? I didn’t do anything.”
“You poked me in my ribs!”
“No, I didn’t do it.”
“Don’t lie.”

Annie sighed and turned away but she noticed the missing meat:

“Hey, Patsy, you stole my food.”
“What are you saying? I didn’t do it.”
“You both have planned it! Garry poked me and you stole the food.”

Annie jumped to Patsy and grabbed her hair. Patsy hit Annie and Garry joined the battle immediately. Seconds later all three were rolling on the floor and fighting. Meanwhile Zoe ate the meat. Zoe remembered the saying but it got slightly modified: ‘Where three are fighting, the fourth wins.’ However the meat wasn’t the only award.

“Hey, stop immediately! What are you doing? Garry; you got warned already and it’s time to teach you a lesson. All three!” the teacher interrupted the fight. She grabbed Garry and the girls and led them to the changing room. Annie and Patsy tried to protest; they were toilet trained already.

“Nope, you will spend the afternoon in diapers and I report everything to your parents. Until then you don’t get any change.” Annie and Patsy were tied to the changing table and despite their protests thick diapers were put onto their crotches. Garry got the same treatment and all three were put into a separate room, got the spreading pants and mittens on their hands. Zoe watched it from a distance and she had control herself not to laugh.

Annie felt the pressure building in her bladder and started fidgeting. However the pressure got stronger, she couldn’t close her legs or grab her crotch. Finally she had to wet herself and she yelled at Garry:

“It is because of you; why did you poke me? Don’t lie to me!”
“Annie, I really didn’t do anything. The damn dreamers did it somehow.”
“How? You are a dumbass. They were sitting across the table.”
“Maybe they used some magic.”
“W … what? Do you believe in magic? You really are a dumbass.” Annie sighed in frustration.

Zoe had to leave the room; she didn’t want to risk a discovery and she also got thirsty after the lunch. Meanwhile she pooped in her diaper but she got clean immediately. She also needed an afternoon nap so she took another baby bottle and after drinking the juice she crawled into an empty room and found a mattress.

When she woke up, it was the late afternoon and the children were leaving slowly. She again sneaked to the dining room where the dreamers were sitting at the table. This time she didn’t want to steal anything and waited patiently.

After dinner the teacher took the dreamers to the bathroom to give them a bath and a diaper change before night. Zoe sneaked into the kitchen and grabbed a spare baby bottle; she was thirsty again. As soon as she put away the bottle, she felt her diaper getting wet; however this time the elixir didn’t work anymore; it wore off probably. Zoe shrugged; the diaper would hold for the rest of the evening.

The teacher left the bedroom and headed to the office to get some rest. Zoe sneaked into the bedroom:

“Hey, don’t startle. It’s me, Zoe but I drank the elixir of invisibility.”
“Oh, it’s a surprise. What is going on?” Jessica reacted immediately.
“You get rescued and can go back home tonight. Let’s start. Can you get untied?”

Jessica checked her mittens but the teacher pulled the straps tight and she couldn’t use her teeth: “No, Zoe, we need your help. Try to undo the buckles.”

Zoe walked over to Jessica and crawled onto the bed: “Wait Jessica.” She pulled on the strap but it was too tight; however she freed the end of the strap and Jessica could use her teeth.

As long as Jessica had one hand free, she was able to free her mates and Charlie hurried up to unlock the window handle. When they opened the window, Zoe’s mom was waiting for them already.

“Zoe, do you have the key?”
“Yes, mom,” Zoe answered proudly. She felt like a superhero.
“Okay, I have spare diapers to change all of you as well as the elixir of invisibility.”

Zoe stretched her arm and touched her mom. She needed a little help to crawl out of the window. All three dreamers followed her quickly and Charlie closed the window. Zoe’s mom gave them the elixir of invisibility and they stepped forward:

“Be careful and follow me. I can’t see you so we can talk to be sure we are together. However we have to leave Stagfield first. I stop when we leave the town and wait for all of you.”

Part 24:

Mrs. Sanders started her mission later; she didn’t need a long time to accomplish it. It was the early afternoon when she drank the elixir of invisibility and left her house.

There was silence in the forest and she arrived at the manor in about an hour. Priscilla was working in the garden again but Mrs. Sanders didn’t let her know yet. She needed to get inside first.

All of sudden a car was approaching and it stopped in front of the gate. The driver got off and rang the bell. A guard appeared and opened the gate.

“Finally; we’ve been waiting for the supplies since morning.”
“Sorry, the car broke and I had to fix it.”

The guard shrugged and stepped aside to let the car in. Mrs. Sanders sneaked inside as soon as the car drove inside and the guard was about to close the gate. She followed the guard and got into the guardroom. That was the first task. Now she had to wait until night.

All of sudden she realized a mistake. Her bladder was filling up. Using a toilet wasn’t a good idea; she would have to flush and the sound would be suspicious.

She walked out of the guardroom and started searching the building. There was a nursery nearby and Mrs. Sanders found a pile of diapers there. Was it the solution? She smiled at that image but the growing pressure made her act quickly.

The nursery was abandoned and she could lie down on the changing table and put the diaper on even if it was quite tricky. Finally she could relax the muscles and pee in the diaper; it was unusual but a bit funny. The diaper held.

Mrs. Sanders left the nursery and watched the guards. The work was over and the captives were led to a dining room to eat their dinner without any diaper change.

After dinner they got the diaper changes but it was very unpleasant. They had to lie down on the examination tables and their legs were tied to the stirrups. After the change belts were put around their waists and their hands were strapped to the belts.

All captives were led to the bedrooms and locked there. All guards but one left the camp and that was the opportunity to start the rescue mission. Mrs. Sanders waited until the night guard sat down, switched on TV and relaxed.

The TV distracted the guard and Mrs. Sanders could open the door silently and sneak inside. She pulled out the red elixir and aimed it at the guard. The vial was equipped with a spray and she sprinkled the man. However she still didn’t know if it works and stepped back to the door first:

“Stand up,” she whispered and the guard obeyed immediately.
“Switch off the TV,” the next command was executed as well and Mrs. Sanders was sure the elixir was working.
“Go to the bedrooms where Priscilla and Allan are sleeping, unlock the door and free Priscilla and Allan.” she was tense; it was the critical moment.

The guard did exactly what he was told. Priscilla and Allan were shocked when Mrs. Sanders talked to them:

“Don’t startle now. I’m Mrs. Sanders and I will rescue both of you. A witch gave me the elixir of invisibility.”

Priscilla was the first one who composed herself: “Okay, let’s escape now. Can you take more captives?”
“Of course. Tell the guard and he frees anyone you order him. He is affected by another elixir and will obey every command.”

Priscilla starred in an utter amazement at the place where the voice came from. Invisible Mrs. Sanders and the guard that obeyed her commands was too much for her. However she composed herself and named more dreamers. The guard freed all of them indeed.

“Well, let’s hurry up before the elixir wears off,” Mrs. Sanders asked all captives. They had to solve another problem but it could wait.

The guard unlocked the entrance door and the main gate and let them out.

“Now lock all doors and forget everything that happened,” Mrs. Sanders commanded him before leaving the manor.

The group headed towards the abandoned temple where they stopped and waited for Mrs. Coldwell with her group. Meanwhile Mrs Sanders turned to her group:

“We have to solve a problem. There is the Well of Undreaming in the basement and this is your way back home. Each of you can return home but they can’t wear soiled diapers. Either you are toilet trained or you have to be changed immediately before entering the well.”

“I’m afraid I need diapers,” Priscilla sighed and Allan nodded as well. They originally were toilet trained but the treatment made them diaper dependent, at least partially. The other dreamers were in a similar condition.

“No problem. Mrs. Coldwell brings diapers with her and we can help you change.” Mrs. Sanders calmed them down.

They had to wait for about half an hour until they noticed Mrs.Coldwell; however she was alone.

“Hey, where are the children?” Mrs. Sanders asked her but at the same moment she realized she still was invisible and so probably were the children.

Jessica couldn’t resist the temptation and hurried up to Priscilla and poked her:

“Hi Pris, nice to see you. Hopefully you will see me when the elixir wears off.”

Mrs. Sanders listened to Jessica and she realized a possible problem. She was invisible as well as the children. It was quite hard to change diapers of an invisible toddler. There was no chance the elixir would wear off soon. Zoe spent the whole day invisible.

“Well, let’s start with the easier part. Mrs. Coldwell will change the diapers of the adult and visible dreamers and we’ll try to find a solution for the rest then.” Mrs. Sanders started the mission.

However there was a problem. Mrs. Sanders was invisible and she couldn’t show the way. She had to explain every turn and the others followed her. Jessica found it a bit funny but it really was difficult not to bump into each other.

Finally they were standing in front of the Well of Undreaming and the final could start but Jessica got sad:

“Pris, Allan, how do we find each other in our real life? I don’t remember my whereabouts. As soon as I wake up, I won’t be able to find you.”
“Don’t lose hope. We can use a social network to find each other. Hopefully our names are the same.” Priscilla tried to find a solution.
“Okay, let’s try to create nicks and hopefully we remember them in real life,” Allan interjected.

“Okay, I’ll be Jessicadreamer,” Jessica reacted quickly.
“Zoedreamer,” Zoe added. “Maybe you find me as well even if I can’t read and write. My mom does it for me.”

“Wow, it’s a challenge,” Mrs. Coldwell smiled “Do you believe the social network is able to reach through the dream world boundary? Anyway, it’s worth an attempt.”

“Susandreamer,” “Charliedreamer,” Jessica’s mates didn’t want to be omitted.

Now it was time to start. Priscilla lied down on the stone floor, Mrs. Coldwell changed her diaper quickly and Priscilla climbed to the well rim and looked down. There was a total darkness inside.

‘Priscilla, courage!’ she told herself and stepped forward. The well swallowed her without any sound and her body disappeared in the darkness.

All adult dreamers got the same treatment and they stepped into the well too. Now it was Jessica’s turn:

“Mrs Coldwell, you don’t have to change me. Zoe gave you the key. Give me it please, I will unlock my pants and give it back to your pocket. According to the rules I can’t wear a dirty diaper but it’s enough if I remove my diaper and step into the well. I manage it on my own. You only have to think of how to change Zoe.”

“Right, Jess. It looks much simpler and Susan and Charlie manage it for sure.”
”Well but I’d like to say goodbye and hug you all. Zoe, Susie, Charlie, try to get closer and we can touch each other.”

All three dreamers followed Jessica’s voice and they really touched each other and ended in a big hug pile. Tears were running down their cheeks but they hoped to meet again later in real life.

Five minutes later Jessica had to break the hug and start. She was sad but she didn’t lose hope and believed she’d find all her mates. She took the locking pants key from Mrs. Coldwell, unlocked the pants, pulled the wet diaper from between her legs, put the key into Mrs Coldwell pocket, climbed on the well rim and stepped forward courageously.

The mysterious darkness swallowed her instantly and she didn’t realize she was falling down. Instead; she opened her eyes and found herself in her own bed.


Jessica never had entered the dream world and focused on her school. The last experience discouraged her and she somehow controlled her wishes. However she still wanted to find her dream friends.

About two weeks after her last dream she was sitting at her computer and she tried to recall the memories. However the memories were hidden deep in her mind and she had to struggle to dig them up.

They wanted to find each other and chose nicknames. Which nicknames? Jessica hardly remembered the names.

‘Jessica, focus’ she tried hard to remember

‘I was Jessica there … my friends were … Patsy? Peggy? … no … Priscilla! … now to the nicknames … it was my dream though … YEAH! … Priscilladreamer. I have o tbe Jessicadreamer then’

She logged on and typed:

“Hello, my name is Jessicadreamer.”

No answer.

Jessica was about to switch off the computer and go sleep when she heard a click:

“Hi, Jessicadreamer, I’m Allandreamer. How are you?”