Add status flag to story search forum

It just occurred to me that adding flags like the incomplete/complete/abandoned set to the story search forum might be nice. The obvious pair is “open” and “found”, but there are also some open-ended searches, which may have a number of suggestions, but there is no definitive “found” point. “Open-ended” would be one possibility, but maybe there should be a some found.

Also, any thoughts on editing subjects of successful searches to include the story title?

Re: Add status flag to story search forum

Well there’s one issue with expanding the prefixes in that forum. Namely, the fact that they aren’t available to non-staff accounts to set. :slight_smile:

As far as editing the subject lines goes? If you want to do it, have fun. :slight_smile: Due to a quirk of the import script the subjects on anything posted before the migration can’t be edited by non-staff accounts. For after move stuff. if people want to that, they can. But remember there is a 140 character limit on subject lines so it may not be possible without destroying the original subject line.

Re: Add status flag to story search forum

Well, I guess that lets out that idea. Prefixes might have been nice, but there’s no good way to have everything.

I’m not minded to go through everything and make notes, but I might do some if I go rooting through that forum for one reason or another.