Accidental Assassin

The roar of construction machinery is deafening. All I can taste is blood, dust was choking me and the sound of gunshots cracked through the air. The thought of opening my eyes terrified me, I could feel myself-moving. I tried to move but couldn’t, my muscles wouldn’t do as I told them to. I tried to talk… but nothing. My breath quickened.

Without warning something sharp pushed against my flesh. Almost instantly my body went numb then, nothing. The machinery was gone. The pain of the needle was gone, my sense of smell was gone. At this moment I thought of my family: were they ok? Were they here? I started thinking about my deceased father, was I soon to join him. I had failed. I knew I couldn’t go back to work, and if I did I would be shot before I even put my foot on the first step. What were they going to do with me? Kill me! No. If they wanted me dead I would already be dead.
I realised that My senses were starting to return. Breathing in deeply was my first mistake, the smell of rotting flesh filled my nostrils, vomit and bile filled my mouth, as my stomach contents emptied. Rolling over with surprising ease; for the first time my eyes opened and I saw… Nothing. The Impenetrable darkness closing, crushing me like a car in a crusher. I started listening, trying to hear anything at all even the sound of someone screaming would help so I knew if nothing-else that I wasn’t dead. The lights turned on. I was momently blinded by the light, I cautiously looked around the room and saw what looked 11thlike pieces of scientific equipment but couldn’t identify them, everything was distorted.i couldn’t sit up. I felt two things at almost exactly the same time. One was cold steel against my head the other was a thick rubber belt that connected me to the desk, I was trapped. I couldn’t do anything except roll from side to side. A whirring started and there was the feeling of air sucking at my feet clawing at me trying to pull me towards the noise. The suction got stronger and stronger whilst the whirring got louder and louder. Now the whirring was deafening I could only hear the screaming and my rapidly quickening heartbeat. Everything got cold and my vision greyed out till I only saw the endless expanse of all devouring blackness swallowing me whole, I tried to scream but nothing came out. The whirring was now an incessant screaming drilling its way torturously into my head. The belt around my waist started tightening squeezing the air out my lungs. I tried again to scream for help but none came I passed out the fear of what that whirring was. Gone. Along with everything else. When I awoke from this endless nightmare I immediately opened my eyes and I saw the person I was sent to terminate was standing above me with a smile on his face - he didn’t look sad or angry he was just smiling calmly almost lovingly . but it is hard to see emotion on this type of person Sorry. That is all I said. I then fell asleep.
I awoke on a grand 4 poster bed with drapes closed I lessened to see if I could hear anything. A voice I recognised then spoke “you’re awake, how did you sleep?”. I answered with a question. “Why aren’t I dead?”. “You’re needed.” came the reply. “For what?” I asked, with apprehension in my voice. “We will talk later, get dressed. We eat at 9, it’s steak tonight.” The door closed with a soft click I slowly opened the drapes to reveal a Victorian looking room with rich paintings of elaborately dressed people standing chest out head up with very little expression faces. I got up and walked across the room to a door I hesitated long enough to hear something outside the room it wasn’t loud enough to really here so I dismissed it as my mind playing tricks on me i continued through the door into the room. The room was a brightly lit bathroom with marble counters, crystal white bath floor walls and nearly everything else except for the shining silver of the power shower and and gorgeous granite walls of the shower cubicle. After a short power shower i dressed in my clothes that were neatly folded on the bed the military camo combat trousers khaki t-shirt and military boots. The concealed pistol in my boot sole wasn’t there. I then checked my pen that i was given at the start of my mission it still had the dart and the poison 1 ml would kill him in just moments and i had 2 ml i in a capsule in the back of the pen the other in the dart. The pen itself was a blowgun with its deadly package loaded and ready to be fired it would incapacitate him is about 20 seconds and kill in 40 seconds there was nothing anyone could do to stop it once in your system. Death was inevitable. The temptation to end all my missions with 1 shot was almost to tempting. I then thought about my kids i didn’t want them growing up without a father they would be 2 tomorrow and it was killing me that i couldn’t be there to see them wish them a happy birthday or even call them my phone had been destroyed by the marshes that i had hat to wade through to get here. my wonderful wife what would she do without me she could barely get a job and the ones she did get were very low paying so she wouldn’t be able to support the kids i had asked my work if they could help my wife with money for the kids and house and obviously food but i didn’t get to hear the response as the training officer came in and started my basic training that included how to shoot and load a gun as well as how to completely strip one down and rebuild or repair a rifle, pistol and sniper rifle. I was also taught hw to hotwire, morse code and trap setting and some basic rushan, as that was were my mission was to take place.the time came for me to go to dine i walked slowly out of my room. Senses in overdrive listening,looking for the slightest thing that was out of place or dangerous. When i reached the stairs i looked down and saw the man i was sent to kill this was the first time i had properly seen him before this i had only seen grainy video footage that
was hard to see any fine details i looked at him for the first time i saw something i didn’t see in the video footage. A soft almost as if i was a long lost family member i thought back to when i was in the mill about to be crushed and a shiver ran down my spine this was that exact same smile it didn’t differ at all he seemed genuinely happy to see me i casually started walking down the stairs towards him as i reached the bottom of the stairs he said the dining room is this way. He gestured and started walking i quickly followed a few steps behind expecting something to happen but there was nothing when we got to the dining room there was a huge perfectly polished solid wood table that looked like it could seat 50 but there were only 2 chairs the room looked it was from the tudors with a sealing that with maple panels on the lower half of the wall and the upper of the wall was a cream colour with stuffed animals heads dotted all-over like war trophies. there eyes looking like they were following us as we walked in and to our chaires. we sat down and almost instantly 2 doors that were concealed by the wood paneling opened and 4 people in immaculate chef’s uniform walked in 2 of them carried a plate each and the other 2 carried cutlery and an immaculate white linen napkin with they placed the 2 knives and fork on i then haid a plate of perfectly cooked steak with tantalizingly tomato, marvellous mushrooms, outstanding onion rings and

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This is a story i am working on please dont coppy or repost without asking and getting a reply

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Could you do something about the Block o’text?

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Kerry as I said work in progress I am going to correct the block text but haven’t got round to it yet but will as soon as I get a chance:cool:

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The problem is that no one wants to read a block of text. So if you’d like feedback on your work in progress it would be advisable to fix it sooner rather than later. :wink: