ABUniverse has made me a sad baby.

:frowning: f you haven’t seen this yet, ABU is putting several of their current patterns in the vault.

The space diapers have always been a favorite since they were introduced. I get why they’re doing it but it’s still sad. :frowning:

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I take it that means they will no longer be printing those out anymore.

I tried ABU for a bit, but their large were too large and their mediums were too small for me. The tapes never stuck that well. However that was some time ago when I first started to really get into diapers. I have since been enjoying Rearz, but their designs aren’t as nice as ABU.

They say they’ll reintroduce them at some point in the future and my personal experiences dealing with the current owner is that he’s always been upfront and honest about things so I’m assuming that will be the case.

And weirdly, I’ve always had the opposite problem with the tapes, namely they stick too well and make changes more difficult than they need to be in public restrooms.

And before anyone says something stupid, I will remind you that back in 2020 I had a horrific mental health breakdown that completely robbed me of control of mu toileting. I literally had to go through potty training again as an adult and I still don’t have full control and wear as much out of necessity as for the joy of it. :slight_smile:

Oh no! Was always disappointed they got rid of the Lavender ones.

Seems they are getting rid of the simple, which is unfortunate because I like it as a “safe” diaper in public. (IE one that if noticed would be more likely to be ignored or thought of as medical)

Any word if they are keeping Bunnyhops? Otherwise Rearz Princess would become my go to.

Not where I can grab the exact link, but if you go to the https://news.abuniverse.com page one of the first few posts should be the ones about it and which designs are affected.

thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

I used to only wear abu nappies. Theyre too expensive now. They are a rear treat now.