About the Stories category

When posting new topics in this section please properly tag your stories as it will help both the seach tool and your fellow members to find the stories they are looking for or want to avoid.

All stories must use one of the following tags: #incomplete, #complete, or #abandoned

Do not use the #status-unknown tag. That is a tag is used by the Moderation Team when we need to move stories that currently don’t have one of those tags and we don’t know the status of the story. Here’s hint: Unless you want regular emails asking you to update the story or change the tag, don’t use it. You will quickly learn to hate @Draculaura, @clawdeen, @Howleen and the other bots with Monster High names.

NOTE: We are sunsetting the separate Non-ABDL Stories section in favor of the #non-abdl-story tag instead and consolidating all stories under this category and its sub-categories.