Abomination [Scary]


Hallows Eve -1980

The girl with the frizzy brown hair stood by her locker eyeing her friend suspiciously. Clearly she had gone mad, right? A Halloween Party? With Sarah Abrams? That girl was going to channel every demon in a ten mile vicinity, and for what? Shits and giggles?

“Don’t give me that look, Jazzy. It’s just for fun!” Yep, just as she thought. Shits and giggles. “She’s not actually going to summon anything. You don’t honestly believe her, do you?”

Jasmine shook her head as she fished out her pre-calculous notebook from her locker while her best friend since third grade rattled on about the upcoming party.

“It just sounds so cliché and stupid.” She interrupted.

“That’s the point!” Clarissa said. “It’s Halloween! And what’s scarier than geometry?”

“My Catholic parents when they find out I went to a party with a Wiccan as the headliner- not to mention there’s probably going to be a keg. They’ll murder me! And there’s Pre-calculus, the dentist.” Jasmine listed off. “What does geometry have to do with any of this?”

“Her words, not mine. Look, people have been doing this junk for thousands of years, no one’s ever ‘opened a portal to the other side’” Clarissa said making air quotes with her fingers. “And she’s not a Wiccan, she’s a spiritualist. She’s not as weird as you make her out to be.”

“The girl claims to have pet spirits that do her bidding!” Jasmine said.

“Great, then when she threatens us with one of her pet spirits, you can threaten her with one of your pet rocks.” Clarissa said with a smirk. "We’re not even breaking out a Ouija board- the most cliché of all Halloween activities. "

“You leave my pet rocks out of this.” Jasmine mumbled.

“I don’t get why you collect those things.”

“They’re cute.”

“They’re rocks! Look, anyway Michael Simmons will be there.” Clarissa said in a sing song voice as she leaned against the lockers.

“I would hope so; it’s at his house.”

“Come with me! There’s a pool table, I even heard he’s got an Atari!”

“No, it’s not my kind of thing.”

“He likes you.”

“Does not.” It was a blatant lie. Right? She could feel her face flush at the possibility.

“Come with me or Raggedy Ann gets it.” Jasmine narrowed her eyes. She wouldn’t. The smirk on Clarissa’s face said she would. “Raggedy Andy will be so lonely without her.” Clarissa changed her voice into a higher pitch. “Help me, Jazzy, the mean lady’s gonna get me!”

The warning bell rang signaling the end of the discussion.

“I have to go, but tell me you’ll think about it?”

Jasmine let out a sigh. “Fine, I’ll think about it.”

“It’ll be bitchin’!”


“This is so not bitchin’” Jasmine mumbled as she sat off by herself in the basement of Michael Simmons house. Where his parents were she had no idea, but it was only a matter of time before the cops showed up.

She had spent the first hour admiring the place. It was obvious the family was quite well to do. She had never been inside such a huge, well furnished house. They had even gone all out with the decorations. The front yard had been made up to look like a cemetery inhabited by giant spiders by the looks of the cobwebs. The lights were all dimmed low casting an eerie shade of purple that made her white dress glow from the black lights throughout the house. RC Cola and Snickers sat on the kitchen table. She thought she might even have fun. Then the keg came.

Now everyone was acting like idiots. The music had gone up to a deafening pitch, the strobe lights were giving her a migraine, and she couldn’t find Clarissa anywhere. She tried to maneuver the crowds of drunken teenagers, but after several elbows to the face, she gave up in search for a more peaceful sanctuary.

A television had been set up across the room marathoning horror films. By the sound of it Jason was wreaking havoc at Camp Crystal Lake, followed by the murders of Michael Myers and the possession of little Reagan. No movies she was technically allowed to watch, but she would have preferred them to being up stairs. She had even gotten through half of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre before she took her eyes off the screen to find the area around her had turned into something resembling an orgy. She had then grabbed her beanbag chair and scooted as far away from the STD swap meet as possible.

So now here she sat alone in the dark, running her bare feet through the shag carpeting. Parties and crowds just weren’t her thing. She had come to the conclusion an hour ago finding her friend would be hopeless. She was most likely already under the sheets with some guy she had just met.

How had she let herself get talked into this? She’d rather get lost in a book alone in her room, but Clarissa had insisted she come, only for her to turn around and ditch her. Should she try to make a break for it? But that meant going back upstairs into the chaos, and marijuana smoke clouds. No, she was much better off waiting for her friend to find her. She was her ride home after all.

Jasmine tensed as she heard a hoard of footsteps stampede down the basement steps towards her. She briefly made eye contact with Sarah Abrams before looking back down at her feet. She could hear her buzzed and obnoxious voice explaining how tarot card readings worked. She seemed to be enjoying the attention. Doesn’t she realize she was invited as a joke? Well, whatever, if Sarah Abrams wanted to make a fool of herself for popularity points, who was Jasmine to stop her? Jasmine watched as Sarah took a seat at a nearby table with Stacy Richter from English AP as a line quickly formed behind her. Jasmine looked on with mild curiosity, before a voice next to her startled her.

“She’s doing palm readings.” Jasmine looked up to find a slightly red faced Clarissa. “I’ve been looking for you, have you been down here the whole time?” her voice was slurred, and she seemed a bit unsteady on her feet. She seriously doubted Clarissa noticed she was missing.

“How many beers have you had?” Jasmine asked. She rolled her eyes as Clarissa giggled sounding more than a little guilty. There went her ride home, Jasmine thought with a sigh. She’d have to walk the two miles home. No way was she going to call her parents in the middle of the night to pick her up from a party she wasn’t supposed to be at in the first place. As far as her parents knew, she was staying out late at a youth group function. Well if it was any consolation, she knew the girl sucking face on the right couch cushion from church.

“Are you having fun?” Clarissa slurred.

“Yeah, totally.” Jasmine said heavy on the sarcasm as she stood up from her bean bag chair to stretch.

“Cool! I’m glad. You need to get out more.” Her friend was too inebriated to catch the hint, even hints as obvious as a wrecking ball. “HEY, SARAH!” Jasmine cringed. She didn’t need the hearing in her left ear anyway. “WHEN’S THE SHOW GONNA START?”

Jasmine plugged her ears as Clarissa continued to have a ear splitting conversation over her head with Sarah Abrams about the inner workings of Sacred Geometry. She didn’t see how writing math problems on a wall was supposed to do anything other than piss off the cleaning lady.

“Hello, ladies. Are you having fun?”

Jasmine swallowed. Hard. A sharp elbow to the ribs, in what she assumed was supposed to pass for a gentle nudge, made her cry out in pain.

“Yeah. Fun.” Jasmine said through clenched teeth as she smacked her drunken friend upside the back of the head with her palm.

Michael Simmons, with his brown curly hair that hung just inches above his golden eyes, stood before them. He fake pouted as he took in Jasmine’s expression. “You don’t look like you’re having fun.”

Jasmine let out a nervous laugh as she fingered the heart shaped locket around her neck. “I’m not a big fan of crowds.” She admitted.

“You just need to loosen up, you know?” Michael said. He eyed Clarissa for a moment and the two seemed to share a smile. The inside of Jasmine died a little as her eyes cast down. Of course he would rather fancy someone like fun loving Clarissa Jenkins over the shy bookworm like herself. She looked back up to find him staring at her. “Can I get you a drink?” He asked.

“Oh, umm, I don’t drink. Thank you though.” Might as well seal the coffin to her social life as well.

“Not even soda?” She smiled as he cocked his head to the side. He was so cute when he turned his head like that. A brief fantasy of being led by the hand to the couch with the others crossed her mind for a split second. Her? Suck face with Michael Simmons? Her face flushed with heat. Oh god, why was he still staring at her like that? Wait, she hadn’t answered his question! She shook her head “no” but the words “yes, please” came out. She was so awkward. She watched him head back up the stairs and admired the way his bell bottoms hung off his hips.

She couldn’t stop herself from shouting, “NO ALCOHOL…please.”

He turned back and smiled. “No alcohol, I promise.” He turned his attention back to Clarissa. “Another beer?” She agreed and he disappeared up the stairs.

“He likes you.” Clarissa hissed in her ear.

“Wh-what? No, he-”

“He’s getting you a drink!” She insisted.

“He’s getting you a drink too!”

“He asked you first!”

“He saved the best for last!”

“Make a move before someone else snatches him up, girl!” Clarissa said. “A guy like that isn’t staying single for long. He’s handsome, nice, fun, and have you seen the place? His family’s loaded!”

“Then you date him if you like him that much!” Jasmine said. She regretted the words as soon as they left her lips. If Clarissa went after him, Jasmine didn’t stand a chance. “So what does his family do?” She asked in order to change the subject.

“That’s something to ask him about.” She said with a wink.

“Ask who what?” Michael said from behind her. Jasmine jumped a little before he handed them each a plastic cup. “A beer for you, and a soda for you.” He smiled as Jasmine accepted the cup. He had even gone to the trouble of putting it in a cup of ice for her. She took a gulp and cringed. It tasted off. A little bit bitter even; it still tasted like cola, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. “Something the matter?”

“Uh, no. It just tastes…different.” She explained. He frowned.

“Here, let me try.” Clarissa said taking the cup from her. She took a sip and shrugged. “Tastes fine to me.” she said before handing it back. Jasmine frowned. Was it just her imagination or was Clarissa too drunk to notice?

“The carbonation could be off; they were left sitting in the hot car all day.” He paused seemingly lost in thought for a moment. “I could get you another.”

“Are you really going to make him go all the way back upstairs, through the throngs of people for a soda. It’s so far.” Clarissa teased, exaggerating every word. Jasmine’s face fell. She didn’t mean it like that! She wasn’t asking anyone to go out of their way for her, she was just making a statement. She could feel her face flush with embarrassment as Michael joined in exaggerating all the work he had done to bring her that drink. Clarissa sealed her fate when she added she was being ungrateful. Jasmine knew they weren’t serious, but how did the saying go? There’s always a little bit of truth in every “just kidding?” She hadn’t meant to sound so picky! She could feel the beginnings of tears sting her eyes and she desperately tried to fight them. Curse her social anxiety! She tried to backtrack.

“It’s fine guys, really. It’s probably just me!” Jasmine said taking a big drink to prove her point. It wasn’t really that bad or anything. Maybe it was just in her head. She took another drink. They seemed relieved. Maybe it wasn’t just her that didn’t like forcing themselves through walls of people.

“I’m going to start, it’s fifteen minutes to midnight.” a new voice next to them said. Jasmine looked over and nearly jumped. The white painted face of Sarah Abrams was staring at her a few inches away. How long had she been standing there?

“Cool, sounds fun.” Michael said. Clarissa followed him over the the far right wall where Sarah had already set up some kind of display.

Sarah whispered something in Jasmine’s ear, but she didn’t quite catch it. Did she say “Don’t wink?”

Jasmine wasn’t quite sure what she had expected to happen. She thought there’d be more candles. And chanting. There was neither. The part of her raised in religion was relieved, maybe she wouldn’t have to be baptized in holy water after this. Another part of her was disappointed though. If this was the main event, it was a bit of a let down. They all stood around Sarah and watched her dip her hand in a bag of what appeared to be fireplace soot and draw a five foot pentagram on the wall. Creepy? A bit, but not at all what she had seen in movies. No dead animals? No sacrificial virgin? No blood? What were those numbers she was drawing in the stars points? Was that the geometry? It didn’t look like geometry. There was no Co, Sin, and Tan. Well…maybe there was a bit of sin of the other variety.

Jasmine stood back and watched taking sips of her drink every now and then as Sarah continued putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece. The only other thing besides the numbers that stood out to her was in the very center of the pentagram were two crudely drawn stick figures, one large and one small, holding hands. It was so simple, but something about it was just mildly unnerving. Jasmine couldn’t stop staring at, almost as if she was drawn to it. She absentmindedly sucked down the last of her drink all the while never breaking eye contact.

Sarah stepped back and dusted her hands off. She looked at her little book, then back to the wall before shrugging. “That’s it.” She said.

It was three minutes until midnight. The crowd was growing restless. Jasmine was beginning to feel anxious. Two minutes until midnight. It was so quiet quiet you could hear a pin drop. One minute. Jasmine felt sick. Her stomach was in knots with a sudden rush of anxiety. What was going to happen? Was she going to summon a demon? Would Sara change her mind about sacrificing a virgin? Was she the only virgin here? Her mouth had gone dry. She was sweating profusely. Was it always so hot here or was it just because there were so many more people? Or was it because all hell was going to break loose? Was that sulfur she smelled or just B.O? The clock chimed midnight. Jasmine stared wide eyed at the pentagram waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And then it happened. Absolutely nothing. She breathed a sigh of relief. Sarah simply smiled and shrugged. A boy from the photography club took her picture standing next to her graffiti. The crowd was beginning to disperse after a few minutes. The show was over, but Jasmine couldn’t stop staring. Her breath was caught in her throat. She let out a moan of terror and pointed to the wall.

“The stick figures are moving!”

People rushed back to come see, but they soon left disappointed. Jasmine couldn’t understand. They were swaying back and forth in the center of the pentagram. They were coming to get her! Why was no one else noticing this? She heard a giggle coming from the back of the room. She knew that giggle. Clarissa. She tore her eyes away from the pentagram to find her when she noticed it wasn’t just the figures moving; it was everything! Objects and shapes danced in her vision while the lights in the room displayed indescribable colors. She took a step back and tripped over her feet, but someone caught her mid fall.

“Are you okay? You don’t look so good.” It was Sarah Abrams. A blurry Sarah Abrams, but Sarah Abrams nonetheless.

Jasmine could feel the sweat pouring down her face. Nothing had happened, but she still felt as if she was in danger. Anxiety was building in her chest. Was it because of Sarah? It had to be!

“Their coming!” Jasmine said as she tried to free herself from Sarah’s grip.

“Who is coming?”

“The things you summoned! Let me go!”

Sarah smiled weakly. “That whole thing? It’s just an act. I didn’t summon anything. You don’t think I actually believe in all this stuff, do you?”

“You don’t?” Jasmine was stunned. “Then what about your necklace, and your clothes, and…”

“This old thing?” Sarah looked at her pentagram necklace. “My grandma’s a spiritualist. She gave it to me. I thought it looked cool. She taught me a few things, but I don’t actually think it works. Between you and me, that palm reading thing earlier? Bull. I was making it all up. Just be vague and tell people what they want to hear. I don’t even know how to read palms. As for the clothes.” Sarah shrugged again. “I like black.”

Jasmine felt angry. Irrationally so. She wanted to lash out, to tell the world she was a fraud, a charlatan, but she seemed to have forgotten how to talk. Objects around her were fading in and out. Her mouth felt funny. She could taste the noise in the room. It was unpleasant. Her senses her intertwining. The lights smelt of oranges and mothballs.

“Maybe you should sit down. Your pupils are the size of marbles.”

“I like marbles, I don’t know where they are though.” Jasmine said before letting out a string of unintelligible words and sounds.

“Uh-huh, yeah, I can tell you can’t find your marbles. Let’s go to the couch.” Sarah led Jasmine by the arm and had her sit down. Jasmine ran her finger over the fabric. Was the couch always this texture? It was so soft and the colors were so vibrant. She ran her hand up and down the couch several times.

“I don’t feel good.” Jasmine said after a few minutes of running her hands and toes through the carpeting.

“Do you know what you had?”

“A soda.” Jasmine answered in between letting out another slew of words.

“What was in the soda? Jasmine?” No response. “Jasmine! I need you to tell me what was in the soda? Do you know?”

“Just… . . ice. Why is your face moving?” She didn’t like this. The colors were too bright. She felt afraid, but couldn’t quite place the reason. She picked up a button off the floor and admired its intricate pattern to keep her mind on something else.

“You had more than just soda, do you know who gave you the drink? No, Jasmine, don’t put that in your mouth! Who gave you the drink?”

“They said I was ungrateful because it tasted funny.” She was hit by an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Her chest hurt, her head felt weird, and she just wanted to go home. She curled up in a ball. “I’m scared. The lights are talking.”

“Hey, it’s going to be okay, but I need to figure out what you had and how much. Do you remember who gave you the drink?”

“My friends Michael and Clarissa.”

“Ok, I’m going to go talk to them. Stay here, and stop putting things you find on the ground in your mouth!”

Jasmine sat alone on the couch for a few minutes before she began to squirm in place. What was wrong now? More stress? No, something was building inside of her. She inwardly groaned. She had to pee. She sat up as the room began to spin. Was there a bathroom down here? Ah, there’s a toilet! She made it halfway across the room before she stopped herself and realized where she was headed. Jasmine rubbed her face in her hands before she silently scolded herself. Potted plant and a toilet are not the same thing!

She took the stairs slowly one at a time as she hung onto the handrail with a death grip. She tested each step with her foot before putting her full weight on it. The steps appeared to sway back and forth, side to side and up and down. She could feel her stomach beginning to make the same movements. She stopped to grab herself. How did she not notice she had to go this bad? She fell forward on her hands and knees. Her right knee began to ooze purple sludge. She could hear whispers coming from the walls, but couldn’t make out the words. She wanted to sit and cry. Why had she even come up here? Her bladder reminded her.

Jasmine closed her knees together and proceeded up the rest of the stairs on all fours as if that’s how one would normally go about it. She could see the bathroom door now. She ever so slowly inched herself up onto her feet by grabbing onto the coffee table and hoisting herself up. Time seemed sped up. People raced around her in a blur, she tried to pay them no mind. She made a beeline for the bathroom door. Everything was rushing by her! She was going too fast! She was going to crash! Jasmine walked face first into the door. She briefly collected herself and opened it. She had made it! But why were there two toilets? And why were they so high up? She opened the lid. Why were there clothes in the toilet bowl? She grabbed the clothes and threw them on the floor before pulling her panties down. She was right about to hoist herself up when someone caught her attention.

“Woah, what are you doing?” a guy said.

“Get out!” Jasmine yelled covering herself. “Occupied!”

“If you’re looking for the bathroom it’s the next door over, that’s a washing machine!”

Jasmine looked back at the toilet. The fog had lifted a little as the large, white, and now square shape of the washing machine came into clarity. Had she really almost peed inside it? Jasmine shuffled off towards the next room, panties still around her ankles. The voices were getting louder. They came from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

She got to the bathroom door only to find it locked. She knocked on the door with her fist, but it bounced back as if the door was made of rubber. She thought it was neat. She hit the door harder and harder, but still her fist mildly sunk in before springing back. Was the door made of rubber or was it her hand? She examined her hand only to find it covered in green slime.

“You couldn’t wait two seconds? I said I was coming!” The occupier of the bathroom came storming out after flinging the door open. It was Stayce Richer from AP English. Her face fell when she eyed Jasmine. “Holy shit, what happened to you? Did you get mugged or something?”

“No, I just–” Jasmine stopped as she looked back at her hand. It was no longer green, but covered in fresh red blood.

“Come in, here, I think there’s some bandages in the medicine cabinet.” Stayce said. Jasmine paused halfway in. There were so many voices. She looked to Stayce who seemed just as confused. “I think it’s the plumbing. I think the voices are coming from the people in the basement and it’s carrying through the pipes or something.” Jasmine relaxed. It sounded like a perfectly reasonable explanation. She watched Stayce wet a washcloth in the sink and wipe Jasmine’s knee with it as she sat in the edge of the bath tub. Jasmine winced. She hadn’t noticed her knee was bleeding too.

She looked up from her knee and screamed. Giant arms were stretching through the wall and reaching out towards them. Jasmine fell back into the bathtub as the massive extremities grabbed Stayce by the waist and pulled her back. Stayce screamed as she tried to fight them, but she was overpowered. She managed to stretch forward and dig her fingernails into the hardwood floor of the bathroom, but the arms dragged her back. Her fingernails left gashes behind in the wood before being ripped off one by one. And then Stayce Richer was gone, stolen by the arms and taken into the wall.

Pt 2


Jasmine screamed at the top of her lungs and ran through the kitchen and back into the basement. She curled in a ball and cried. It took close to a half hour to get her to calm down enough to say what had happened. She was only vaguely aware of someone lightly stroking her head. Every time she closed her eyes she saw the arms taking Stayce into the wall. She heard her screams, heard the click click click of her nails breaking. Saw the blood trail. There was something here. And no one believed her.

“YOU IDIOT! YOU GAVE HER 300 UG?!” Came Clarissa’s voice from beside her somewhere. “You were supposed to give her Fifty! Fifty!”

“You said you wanted her to lighten up and have fun!” Michael said defensively. “Fifty is so small. I take 300 all the time!”

“That’s because you’re a junkie! You’re used to it; she’s not!”

“Does it look like she’s having fun?” Sarah said from above her. Jasmine wondered for a brief moment how she had ended up in Sarah’s lap, but the thought passed as quickly as it came. Her fingers felt nice on her scalp, and whenever her body began to involuntarily tremble in fear, an arm would wrap around her. She couldn’t believe why she hadn’t noticed how nice she was. “I still can’t believe you guys gave her acid without telling her.”

Clarissa and Michael hung their heads. “She’ll be okay; she’s just having a bad trip.”

“I’m starting to wish she really had peed on your clothes.” Sarah mumbled.

“What?” Michael said.

“Jake said he found her about to use your washing machine as a toilet. Oh and you might want to get your bathroom door replaced before your parents get home. She’s stronger than she looks. Punched a hole right in it.” Jasmine mumbled into Sarah’s chest. Her bladder gave a strong warning pang. “What is it, hun?”

“Have to pee. Bad. I’ll go here.” she mumbled.

“NO!” Michael shouted making Jasmine jump. "Please take her to the bathroom. Someone. "

“C’mon, hun, let’s go upstairs. I’ll help you.” Sarah said. “Let me fix those cuts of yours too.” Jasmine began to shake again. The bathroom was where the thing was!

“I can’t! It’s where the monster is! Please, please don’t make me go in there!” Jasmine begged. She could feel the bile rising in her throat at the mere thought. Tears streamed down her face.

“There’s no monster, Jazzy! You were hallucinating! You’re just in the middle of a bad trip is all.” Clarissa said.

“Something’s here! It took Stayce!”

“No one took Stayce, Jazz.”

“Then why can’t you find her?”

“Because she probably went home; it’s late!”

“It’s going to be okay, Jasmine, I’ll stay with you if you want. Nothing’s going to hurt you, I promise!” Sarah said.

Jasmine began to cry harder. “I can’t go in there!” They all argued back and forth, but after a few minutes it became apparent Jasmine wasn’t budging.

“Wasn’t your grandma living here a few months ago once she got out of the nursing home?” Clarissa asked Michael.

“Ugh, yeah. I miss the city. That’s why we moved out here in the middle of nowhere last year. The smell was terrible.” He scrunched up his face when he realized where she was going with this. “You’re not serious, are you?”

“That or your favorite couch cushion. She won’t remember any of this in the morning.” Clarissa said. “You still have any or not?”

He frowned. “I’m not changing her.”

“You’re not going anywhere near her!” Sarah shot back.

“Just go get them and come back. And bring a blanket!”

Jasmine curled up in a tighter ball and rocked back and forth. The urge was growing worse and worse. An accident was imminent. She didn’t know what was going on, but she just couldn’t go back there. Something was still here. If she had an accident, oh well. She was even debating on just letting go here and now to get it over with. They had bigger problems.

“What’s taking him so long?” Clarissa mumbled.

“Do you think you can hold it much more?” Sarah whispered in Jasmine’s ear.

“No.” She admitted. “I need to go NOW!”

“Umm, umm, umm.” Sarah said looking around. “Hand me that cup over there!”

“Eww, seriously?” Clarissa said with a cringe, but she complied.

“Do you think you can stand?”

“I can’t go upstairs. Please, no!”

“I know, I’m not making you go upstairs. I promise. You’re gonna pee in this. Think you can do that?” Jasmine nodded and shakily got to her feet. The room still spun, but it wasn’t as scary now that she knew the cause. She only feared the monster. She was about to reach for her underwear, but Sarah led her by the hand to the corner farthest away from the people congregated in front of the television. She was still in full view, until Sarah turned her back to her and stretched out her arms acting as a barricade. She handed Jasmine the cup, but Jasmine dropped it. Sarah picked it up and tried again, only to have the same thing happen. “Do you…need help?” Sarah asked after a few seconds once she heard the cup fall to the floor for a third time.

“Yes,” Jasmine said softly. “I’m seeing double. I’m sorry.”

“This isn’t your fault; it’s theirs.” Sarah picked up the cup for a time and turned to find Jasmine bent in a ball with her hands up her dress. “Do you care if I. . .see. It’ll be faster.”

“I don’t care, just hurry!”

“Pull down your panties.” Sarah whispered. Jasmine tried, but she couldn’t move her hands away."

“Too late!” Jasmine mumbled. She could feel some leak down her legs. Sarah shot her hand under her dress and tugged her panties down for her.

“Spread your legs a little.” Sarah said as she held the cup under her. “Now bend your knees. There, like that. Phew, that was close.” Jasmine leaned against Sarah’s shoulders for support and rested her head against her neck. Sarah wrapped her free arm around Jasmine and rubbed her back. “Just think, you can throw it on Michael when you’re done.” Jasmine smiled a little and closed her eyes. She sighed as she felt the pressure leave her abdomen. “That’s it.” Sarah whispered.

Sarah watched the cup fill up with morbid fascination as the warm liquid poured into it. She never thought she’d have to help anyone in such an intimate way. For Jasmine, the skin ship felt good in her heightened sense of awareness. She wobbled a bit, but threw her arms around Sarah’s neck until she felt the last remaining trickle escape.

“Are you all done?” Sarah whispered.

“Mmhmm.” She wasn’t sure whether to feel more embarrassed or relieved.

They broke apart as Sarah set the cup in the corner, before she had Jasmine step out of her wet panties completely. “We’re bringing you some new underwear, the crisis is averted for the time being, but just put up with it.”

Michael silently set the pack down along with the blanket.

“Are those?” Jasmine asked as she saw Sarah coming towards her. “But…why?”

“We think it would be best if you slept it off down here for the rest of the night. Clarissa doesn’t think you’ll remember any of your hallucinations in the morning, and if you do, the more rational part of your brain will kick in. It would be best if someone watched over you the rest of the night.”

“But why the…”

“Are you going to go upstairs next time?” Jasmine eyes went wide as she shook her head. “That’s why. You at least won’t have to worry about that, and it’s just in case you confuse another random object for a toilet again.” Jasmine scowled as Sarah smirked.

“I really saw something though. . .” Jasmine mumbled. Sarah didn’t respond as she began to dig through the bag. Jasmine stood by hanging onto the arm of the couch for support as she looked up. The popcorn ceiling took on odd shapes. The more she focused on it the more she was convinced she could see faces staring down at her. She looked away convinced the faces were monstrously disfigured and judgemental. Jasmine tried to focus on the couch fibers, but the faces in the ceiling were beginning to talk to each other. Her blood ran cold. It was just like before.

Jasmine trembled in fear. “We have to leave!” She shouted. Sarah looked up to see Jasmine visibly upset. “We’re not safe here!” Jasmine continued. Tears spilled down her face. She tried to take a step towards the stairs, but her vertigo made her stumble to the ground. She curled into a ball and plugged her ears. She could still hear the voices. A hand began to rub her back, but it did little to ease her fear. “We have to leave! We have to leave!” She repeated over and over. Sarah tried to get an explanation, but all she managed to get out was, “the voices are coming!”

“Is she going to be okay?” Clarissa asked. “I’ve never seen anyone react this bad.”

“She’s paranoid. I heard one of my cousins friends had a bad trip like this. Clawed himself open because he thought maggots were crawling under his skin. Ended up in the hospital.” Michael said.

“Should we take her to the hospital then?” Clarissa asked.

“No way! My parents would kill me if they knew I was giving out their drugs.”

“Their drugs?” Sarah asked. Michael just shrugged. “What was it that your parents did again?”

“Buying and selling.”

“Your parents are drug dealers!”

“What? No! Stocks! They buy and sell stocks! I think…”

“Drug dealers! Our town didn’t even have a drug problem until your family moved here last summer!”

“We’re not drug dealers!” Michael insisted. “They just like to blow off steam once in awhile. They just don’t know I sometimes get into their stash.”

“Well if you have so much experience then, what do we do about her?” Sarah asked, her voice rising with every word as she pointed to the trembling ball on the ground that was Jasmine.

“We just have to calm her down. The biggest danger to her is herself. If she can go to sleep she’ll be fine. We can take her up to one of the guest rooms where it’s quieter and-”

“She just peed in a fucking cup because she’s too scared to go upstairs!”

“Fine, then she can sleep down here! Someone needs to watch her though. We can take turns and-.”

“You’ve done enough! I’ll stay with her.” Sarah said. “Why don’t you go ruin someone else’s life?” She grumbled under her breath, not quite silently enough.

“What the hells your problem? We just wanted her to lighten up and have some fun!”

“FUN? You think poisoning your friends is FUN? You think I had FUN taking care of my mom when she was strung out? You think I had FUN at her funeral last summer when she over dosed?”

“Both of you! Calm down!” Clarissa said getting in between them. “Sarah, I’m really sorry about your mom. We made a mistake, but if you have experience in what to do with this situation that doesn’t involve getting her grounded for the rest of her life, we’d appreciate it.”

“My mom was more into meth than acid, but it’s like he said. We should probably calm her down.” The group looked to Jasmine who was still huddled in the fetal position on the basement floor.

Sarah leaned down close enough to hear Jasmine whispering, “They’re coming. They’re coming.” She flinched at Sarah’s touch, but a few gentle strokes of her head and back seemed to stop the violent trembling.

“Jasmine, Jasmine, look at me! You’re safe! I promise.” Sarah whispered in her ear. Jasmine’s eyes were large, wild and filled with terror as they searched the room looking for any sign of the invisible dangers. Sarah brushed back Jasmine’s bangs that were matted down with sweat. “The more worked up you get the worse you’re going to feel. You need to stay calm.”

“We can’t stay here!” Jasmine’s voice cracked with a heavy sob.

“This is the safest place for you right now. Nothing’s going to get you. We need to let the LSD run its course before you can leave, so we’re going to set you up a place to sleep it off down here.”

“No! Please don’t leave me!” Jasmine begged. If they all left her down here alone she would surely be taken by the monsters in the walls.

“Hey, don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay with you all night if you want me to. We’re not going to leave you down here by yourself where you can hurt yourself. Speaking of…” Sarah grabbed Jasmine’s hand and examined her fingernails. “Sharp… I don’t want you ending up like Michael’s friend. Do you have anything to put over her hands? Like gloves or something so she doesn’t scratch herself?”

Michael shrugged. “I can look.” he said. Sarah gave him a list of things to bring down so they could set up a place for Jasmine. Sarah looked around the room for a place to take care of what came next. She finally settled on dragging a few chairs over and throwing the blanket up and over them to make a make shift tent.

“I’m scared.” Jasmine said. Sarah looked over and gave her a sympathetic smile before pulling her into a tight embrace. Jasmine let her lead her by the hand as she crawled into the blanket fort. It reminded her of being kid and brought her a little comfort. She laid out on her back as instructed unsure of what was going on. She looked up at the lights shining through the tiny holes in the fabric. The odd shapes they took reminded her of a kaleidoscope. If it wasn’t for the severe paranoia and anxiety that sat in her chest like a rock, this experience wouldn’t be so bad. The innumerable sights, smells, and vibrant colors might even be considered fun, but the knowledge of what lurked upstairs ready to pounce left her trembling like a small child afraid of what lurked in the closet.

A comforting hand rested on Jasmine’s thigh. “No one can see.” Sarah whispered. The two girls made eye contact before Sarah pushed Jasmine’s dress up past her belly button leaving her completely exposed. Urine still coated her inner thighs leaving damp streaks on her skin. She wanted to pull away and cover herself, but the mental fog prevented her from doing much more than letting out an embarrassed squeak. The voices joined in seemingly to torment her further. She still couldn’t understand them, but they must have been there to mock her before taking her into the walls. “I’m going to clean you with a wipe, okay? You’re wet.”

Jasmines felt the cool wipe start off near her ankles, before it began climbing higher and higher up her legs. She squirmed from equal parts embarrassment and cold as the cloth was guided into her more intimate areas. This really wasn’t how she had imagined being touched there for the first time.

Jasmine had never had such an emotional night. Her moods seemed to balance on a delicate lever ready to be switched on and off at the slightest of circumstances. She loved her friends. She hated her friends for poisoning her… She was having fun. She was terrified of the things they said were hallucinations. She disliked Sarah for being a fraud and a weirdo, and now her emotions were changing again. There was plenty of anger, but it was turned to herself. How could Jasmine have been so judgmental towards this girl? Underneath the gothic makeup was the kindest soul she had ever met. This whole time she had only been thinking others. She did her best to entertain them- not for popularity like Jasmine had originally assumed, but for their amusement.

Jasmine covered her face and cried out. How could she describe all these feelings? Gratefulness? Shame? Maybe even a tad bit of arousal as Sarah’s hand began to clean more intimate areas. She was doing something so disgusting and revolting for a girl she hardly knew. Jasmine sure wouldn’t be cleaning up pee off a stranger’s legs. This girl was something special.

“It’ll be over soon; you’re doing so well.” Sarah whispered. Jasmine looked up at her in a whole new light. Her features seemed brighter. Her eyes shone an emerald green illuminated by the eyeliner and mascara. Maybe Jasmine was falling for her. Or maybe it was just the three hits of acid she accidentally dropped.

Jasmine’s eyes went wide when she saw the unfolded diaper. It was so big! But the sound was…delicious. Her senses were getting mixed up again.

“Lift up your waist please.” Jasmine did as she was told until she rested her bottom on something soft. Sarah folded the top up by Jasmine’s belly button and taped it shut after a few tries of getting it just right. “Does it feel okay?” She nodded as she rubbed her hand down the fabric. She enjoyed the sound it made so she kept rubbing to make it crinkle. Sarah pulled her hand away flipped her dress back down into place. She offered Jasmine a hand up.

“Thank you, I’m so sorry!” Jasmine said over and over into Sarah’s ear as she clung to her.

“This isn’t your fault, hun. Your boyfriend’s an asshole.” Sarah replied rubbing her back a few times before they crawled out of the make shift tent.

“So not my boyfriend.” Jasmine grumbled as they went over to the couch to join the others. She looked around noticing that the basement had emptied quite a bit since earlier. In fact it was just the three of them now.

“Where is everyone?” Sarah asked.

“Went upstairs.” Clarissa said, leaning against the armrest of the couch. “I’ll be back.” she said getting up and heading for the stairs. “Bathroom.”

Jasmine thought about telling her to not go up, but she was too mad at her at the moment. The monster could get her for all she cared. Not like anyone believed her anyway. They all said it was in her head.

It was just her and Sarah now alone in the basement. The party upstairs was still going full swing. She could hear the music through the walls as well as the voices.

“It sure is noisy up there, huh?” Sarah asked.

“You can hear it too?” Jasmine asked. Her eyes went wide. “The voices…?”

“It’s just the people upstairs. There’s nothing to worry about. Are you still scared?” Jasmine nodded. Sarah motioned for her to scoot closer and eased her head down in her lap. “This better?”

“Yeah,” Jasmine whispered as Sarah lightly stroked her head. She was comfortable now. In fact she was almost about to fall asleep like that when she heard it. Screaming. And lots of it. They both sat up and stared at the ceiling. Jasmine’s blood ran cold. It sounded like utter chaos upstairs. The sounds of twenty or thirty pairs of shoes running full speed out the door echoed through out the basement. Yelling, shouting, pushing, glass shattering and banging had the two girls hiding inside the makeshift fort like children.

“What’s going on up there?” Jasmine asked.

“I-I don’t know.” Sarah whispered back. “Maybe the cops showed up.”

Jasmine didn’t know how much time had passed. Ten minutes? An hour? Five hours? Neither dared to utter a single word. Jasmine held a death grip onto Sarah’s arm. They held their breath when they heard footsteps approaching down the stairs. What or who was coming for them? Sarah peeked out and breathed a sigh of relief before motioning it was okay to come out of their hiding spot. There stood Michael, Clarissa, Jake, Elisa, and Anthony looking worse for wear. Jake was holding his arm as if he had been injured. Anthony was covered in a shower of blood.

Sarah tried to ask what had happened, but they all seemed too shell shocked to speak. Sarah stared in awe as Jake showed her his arm. It was all the explanation she needed. There on his arm, was a hand print, but not any hand print. A massive one. His shoulder had been dislocated from being tugged too hard and giant bruises in the shape of fingers encased his skin. Jasmine had been right all along.

“Where’s everyone else?” Sarah asked. Michael just shook his head.

“Taken.” he whispered. “Taken into the walls.”


“This isn’t possible!” Sarah said sitting on the sofa with her hands clasped firmly to the top of her head. “This can’t be happening! Someone tell me this is just a prank.” No one answered as they all stood around the basement. Clarissa shifted from foot to foot.

“I went to use the bathroom and there was blood everywhere.” Clarissa said. “I yelled and that’s when Anthony and Jake came.” Clarissa went silent as she shuffled in place, so Jake finished the story for her. “I bent down to see where the blood trail was leading and something came out of the wall and grabbed me! It tried to pull me in and Anthony cut whatever it was up with his pocket knife.”

“I think I hit an artery or something.” Anthony said nodding to his blood soaked face and clothes.

“Something came out of the wall? How? Is there someone living in the walls? Like it busted through or…?” Sarah asked.

“N-no… it was like it just. . . went through the wall… like it wasn’t even there.” Jake said.

"So all we have to do is not go towards the bathroom, right? We just make a run for the front door and. . . " Sarah suggested.

“No, you don’t get it! There’s more than one! There’s ten, no, twenty! They’re everywhere!” Michael said. His eyes were wide and were in the beginning stages of tears as the whites of his eyes began to turn red and puffy. “They took everyone! Once Clarissa started screaming arms just started appearing everywhere and taking people! They came from the walls, the floor, the ceiling!” He collapsed to the floor in a heap and rested his head in between his legs. “I can still hear the screaming. This girl she…she got grabbed in front of me. The look on her face… She was begging me to help her, but there was nothing I could do! They had grabbed her by the neck and…and I heard it snap! She was dead before she was even pulled in.”

Sarah got on her feet and glared at them. “Look, I get it! You had me make a summoning spell so you could play a prank on me! You’re all so full of shit! Well, guess what? I’m not buying it! Look, you’re freaking her out even more!” Sarah pointed to Jasmine who sat shivering on the couch wrapped in a blanket. “Great friends you guys are. I’m going upstairs. This is ridiculous .”

“No! Don’t!” Clarissa shouted but Sarah didn’t listen.

Sarah walked upstairs and opened the basement door into the kitchen expecting to still find a party, but the house was deserted. Perhaps the cops had come. The evidence of a party still littered the ground. Cups and trash everywhere. The strobe lights were still blinking in rapid succession. Silver streamers still hung from the doorways. She reached for a light switch and flicked on the lights. The place was a mess. She walked from room to room. No one there, and certainly no monsters.

She walked to the end of the hallway and sighed. She could see someone’s arm stretched out from around the corner. Another passed out drunk teenager no doubt. If there were monsters taking people, they would have taken this easy target for sure. She turned the corner and froze. She stood stalk still as she took in the grizzly scene. The arm that gripped the corner was just that. An arm. With no body attached to it. It sat in a trail of blood leading into a wall. Bone and strings of tendon leaked fresh red droplets. The overwhelming scent of copper assaulted her nose. She bent over as she began to choke and gag. Her knees wobbled and shook.

Sarah slowly stood back up while wiping traces of regurgitated candy and beer from the corners of her mouth. She looked up before letting out a scream. Hands were reaching towards her. She had to run, but she couldn’t move! She realized with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach she was going to be taken. This was the end. Would she be reunited with her mother soon? She felt something hard slam into her. Her body went flying. She hit her head on the wall as she cried out in pain. Her head spun. Sarah opened her eyes to find Anthony getting dragged into the wall. Had he just pushed her out of the way? She watched is silent horror as he yelled, fought and struggled before disappearing. The wall they had come through rippled like water before settling down and returning to normal. She got up and ran to it before pounding it with her fist, but it had already returned to its solid state.

With her heart pounding in her chest and tears dripping down her face she ran full speed back to the basement to join the others. This wasn’t real. . . it couldn’t be! But she had seen it right in front of her face. Had they drugged her too somehow? She thought back to the beer she had. She didn’t taste anything off, and she certainly wasn’t acting off her rocker like Jasmine was.

“Where’s Anthony?” Michael asked but Sarah let out a choked sob and hung her head. “Shit! I told him not to chase after you!”

“Thanks” Sarah said sarcastically as she tried to catch her breath.

“This is all your fault! You know that! Anthony’s dead because of you!” Michael shouted getting in her face.

“I didn’t ask him to chase after me!” Sarah yelled back.

“You summoned those things here! This is all your fault!”

“You were the one who asked me to draw that thing in the first place! You gave me the book!”

“How was I supposed to know it would actually work?”

“And I was?” Sarah shouted. Her temper was boiling.

“You’re the witch; not me!”

“For the last time I’m not a fucking witch!”

“WILL YOU TWO SHUT THE HELL UP!” Clarissa yelled. “Do I have to throw you two upstairs and let you fight to the death?” They both grumbled and took separate corners. Michael with Jake and Sarah with Jasmine on the couch.

“I’m glad you’re okay, I was scared you wouldn’t come back…” Jasmine mumbled leaning her head on Sarah’s shoulder.

The group sat in silence as they tried to cool their temper. Sarah looked over to Clarissa and found her sitting in a chair white knuckling the sides. She tried to give her a reassuring smile, but Carissa seemed to either not see or not care. Suddenly Clarissa stood and joined them on the couch.

“How long do you think we’ll be stuck down here?” She asked. Her lips were curved into a tight frown and her face seemed almost pained.

“I don’t know.” Sarah admitted. She hadn’t even thought of the fact they were essentially trapped down here. “Are you okay?”

“I…uh…gotta go. I was headed to the bathroom when all this started…”

“Ohh…uhhh…cup?” Sarah suggested. She looked around and frowned. Where were all the plastic cups?

“Michael already cleaned them all up and threw them away upstairs.” Clarissa said crossing her legs.

“Oh.” Crap. What were the girls supposed to do? She had already caught Jake relieving himself in an empty beer bottle an hour ago. The opening was too narrow for them. Had they really been down here that long? All Clarissa’s rocking and moaning was making her have to go too! The idea of ticking Michael off by telling her to pee on his carpet was tempting, but they didn’t know how long they’d be stuck down here until help came. The desire of fresh air was stronger than making Michael mad. They had to figure out something though! She would be in the same boat too soon.

“Umm, Sarah?” Came a timid voice next to her. She looked over to find a red faced Jasmine.

“What’s the matter?”

Jasmine leaned in and whispered in Sarah’s ear. “I need a new one.” Sarah looked at her in confusion. “Well, I, uh, had to pee, so I-I used it.” Jasmine mumbled clearly embarrassed. " Was I not supposed to?" She asked after seeing the blank look on Sarah’s face. Finally the light clicked in on Sarah’s head.

“Ooh, no, that’s fine!” Sarah said. She had forgotten about the diaper in the midst of the chaos. Sarah envied her for a moment. At least she didn’t have to worry about that particular problem. She looked over to Clarissa who was nearly in tears. Was she that desperate? If worse came to worse and help didn’t come soon they didn’t have much of a choice. “Clarissa, uh, how bad is it?”

“Bad.” Came the curt reply.

“I have an idea.” Sarah said. Clarissa’s face perked up.“You can always use one of the diapers we brought down for Jasmine.”

“NO!” Clarissa shouted. “That’s just, ugh, no. So gross!”

“It’s not like you have to keep it on after.” Sarah said. Honestly, it didn’t sound all that bad of an idea. The beer was starting to hit her. Hard. In fact she was planning on slipping one on after she took care of Jasmine. Clarissa shook her head again and groaned as she rocked back and forth. “C’mon,” she said holding Jasmine’s hand. “I’ll help you out.”

“Thank you.” Jasmine mumbled. She clutched Sarah’s hand especially hard as she stood up. Sarah assumed she still wasn’t feeling too good when she moved.

Jasmine crawled into the blanket fort and laid down. Sarah flipped her dress up to find she had thoroughly soaked thru the padding. Sarah inwardly cringed as she untaped the sides and the stale smell of urine wafted up into her nose. She took out a wipe and went to work before getting a new diaper ready. Once the now very flustered Jasmine had been taken care of she instructed her to go back to the couch. Jasmine let out a meek, “thank you,” before crawling out.

Sarah wiggled around on her knees with the bottoms of her shoes planted firmly against her as she stared at the remaining three diapers in the pack. She bit her lip as she considered her options. Was now really the time to be embarrassed? No, it wasn’t. There was no telling when or if help would come. She didn’t want to spend her last minutes on earth miserable. She needed a clear head to think of a plan of escape, and there was no doing that with a painfully full bladder.

She pulled a spare out of the pack before staring at the material unsure of how to go about it. Should she put it on and wear it, or just hold it against herself and pee right here and now? She doubted she’d be able to go in front of anyone, so it really only left one option. She opened it slowly as she cringed at every noise it made convinced everyone could hear and know what she was up to in here with Jasmine gone. She squirmed some more and debated how to go about it. Sarah finally settled on getting up on her knees. She pulled her pants and panties down and held the diaper against her.

“What are you doing in here?” Clarissa asked as she popped her head in. Clarissa stared wide eyed as Sarah’s face flushed underneath the white make up. There was no hiding what she was doing with her hands full of the white diaper pressed against herself and the hiss of flowing urine between them.

A pained expression filled Clarissa’s face with every second as tears seemed to fill her eyes. She didn’t back out or apologize for the intrusion as Sarah wished. It was almost as if she was frozen in place. “Are you peeing in that?” Clarissa she asked bluntly. Sarah bit her lip as she resisted blurting out a sarcastic comment still too embarrassed to speak. Instead she hung her head and let the noise speak for itself. She shimmied the material up to dry areas as she felt warm moisture coming thru the diaper continuing the process until she was finished… She let out a held breath as Clarissa began to move thinking she was leaving, but instead was surprised when she made a dash for the bag. “Did it work?” Clarissa asked barely above a whisper.

“Yeah,” Sarah answered as she pulled the saturated diaper away from her skin while Clarissa was preoccupied examining a garment of her own. She wiped herself down and quickly pulled her pants back up. She balled up the used garment and put it to the side with Jasmine’s too embarrassed to go out with them in search of a trash can.

“Can you open it? I can’t figure it out!” Clarissa moaned. She was bent over clutching herself. Tears were running down her face in frustration and desperation. She was too drunk, Sarah realized. It would explain the lack of privacy. She inwardly sighed and opened the diaper up. Helping Jasmine was one thing. It wasn’t her fault her friends had drugged her. Clarissa chose to get drunk. And now here was Sarah stuck taking care of them. But now wasn’t really the time to get angry. Or embarrassed. Their lives were in danger.

Clarissa grabbed the diaper and held it against herself. Her facial expressions showed a mix of relief and ecstasy. “Please don’t tell anyone about this.” Clarissa said. Sarah had to bite her lip to keep from smirking. It was obvious to everyone outside what was going on in here. Clarissa’s loud voice and moans of relief left little to the imagination. “Shit shit shit!” Sarah took a peek to see what the problem was. Clarissa hadn’t moved the material and now it was leaking all over the place. So someone peed on Michael’s carpet after all, Sarah inwardly thought with a grin. Trickles of urine splashed down Clarissa’s hands and wrists onto her legs and the floor below. When she was finished, Clarissa sighed as she expected the damage. She took a wet wipe to her legs as best she could before balling the offending garment up while more pee trickled onto the floor to be absorbed by the carpeting.

When the girls returned to the couch they found the guys in a deep discussion of what to do. Each idea sounded worse than the previous. They couldn’t just sit here forever, but nobody wanted to be the one to test if it was safe or not to leave. Then the discussion turned to what these monsters were and how they came to be. Jake described them as normal human arms, the only difference being their size. Sarah supposed it was better than hideously grotesque monsters chasing them, but human or not, it was clear they meant the group harm. Were they ghosts coming to take revenge on the living? Had someone built this house atop sacred burial ground? And why were they only able to get them if they left the basement? What was keeping them safe? The Amazons, as Jake dubbed them, could move through walls as if they weren’t even there. Why didn’t they just pluck them out of the basement?

They talked about the possibility of there really being some other…dimension out there. Sarah recalled the fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk with the giant wanting to eat Jack. Is that why they were being captured? To be eaten? Sarah shivered as she imagined a giant picking her up and holding her like corn on the cob before taking a big bite out of her. She tried to reassure herself they weren’t THAT big, but the thought of being cut up and passed around on several plates didn’t help either.

“Where did you get that book, Michael?” Sarah asked when the conversation turned towards her summoning ritual.

“Found it in my parents closet.” He said with a shrug. “It had fallen behind some shelves.”

“So do you guys really think that’s what brought them here?” Jake asked. “That drawing?”

Michael got up and stood by the wall as he stared at the picture. “Right here, look!” He said, pointing to the center. The rest of the group stood and walked over. There in the center of the pentagram was the two crudely drawn stick figures, one large and one small standing side by side.

This was it. This was the cause of the hell they had endured.

“So what if we just…erase it?” Jake asked. The group looked at each other before shrugging. Would it really be that simple? “Any objections?” The decision was unanimous. Sarah returned with a wet wipe from the diaper supplies.

“May I do the honors?” She asked, holding the wipe up. Michael motioned for her to go ahead, before taking a few steps back. Sarah wiped the wall down removing the symbol in the process. “Now what?”

“Was that it? Is it safe now?” Jake asked.

“I-I guess…” Sarah said with a shrug. She turned her back to the wall and looked in the direction of the staircase. So who was going to be the one to test it?

Suddenly, Clarissa let out a scream. Sarah spun in the spot in time to see arms and hands everywhere. They dangled from the ceiling reaching blindly to grab for them. They came from the walls and the floor, in all shapes sizes and colors. Then she felt hands grab her and yank. And that was the last anyone saw of them alive.

[i]". . . Search parties in the hundreds have been sent out, hoping to find some trace or clue as to what exactly happened that night."

“. . . Students are saying there was a party at a nearby residence. The owners are refusing to answer any questions. Police obtained search warrants to search the house but so far have turned up no evidence. They say the house had been cleaned top to bottom.”

“. . . Police still have no clues as to what happened to the students of Ritchmore High School class of '80 and are urging anyone with any information to please come forward.”

“. . . A body from one of the missing students has finally turned up almost a week after the investigation started. Their injuries are numerous…”

“. . . Police have identified the body of Clarissa Jenkins. She was found in the nearby woods a few days ago with three broken bones, a displaced hip, and a head injury. The coroner’s office has ruled her cause of death to be starvation.”

". . .The body count continues to rise as multiple students have been found dead and dismembered all along the forest floor. Some are missing limbs, others with crushed ribs. Police still have no suspects at this time. "

“. . . It’s been almost nine months since the massacre of the class of '80 and the final missing body has been found. 18 year old Jasmine Montello. And this one was the most grisly of all. It appears someone or something had disemboweled her. A note had been found on the body detailing her struggle for survival. I’m told police are trying to keep an open mind, but this story is just too hard to believe. If you are easily upset or squeamish I’d suggest you turn the channel.”

. . . "It was just like a regular city, but bigger. A lot bigger. We were taken and put together in a cage alone in the dark for an unknown period of time. Some of us had serious injuries, some of us were already dead. The smell was horrendous. It was later that night we were moved and our purpose became apparent. We were prizes to be won at a Halloween festival of giants. We were like gold fish. Knock down all the bottles, win a human. Get the ring around the bottle, win a human. Except they called us Littles. We were children’s play things. Pets even, but with less rights. The thought of goldfish kept coming back. We were easily disposable. One of the giants even said we never lasted more than a week. But I did.

There was only one rule to owning a Little. It wasn’t a crime to hurt us, or even kill us. We were meant to be given to children and as they said, “accidents happen.” The one rule was; no sexual contact. Ever. It was a serious crime to have sexual relations with a Little. There were signs everywhere reminding them so. I thought it an odd rule, but nevertheless thankful it was there.

It did little to save me though. I was won by a man who seemed to have other plans for me. 3 months later it became apparent why that rule was there. I was pregnant. The thing growing inside of me is a beast, an abomination! I can feel my ribs cracking with every kick. My belly has expanded to impossible lengths and I can no longer stand on my own. I have tried to kill the thing inside of me numerable times, but the little monster is a resilient fucker. I can feel my own life slipping away. I hear my captor is planning on dumping me back in the real world tonight. So if anyone reads this…please… kill whatever is inside of me. It is not meant to exist."[/i]

Re: Abomination [Scary]

I like this one, reminds me of The Mist. Although I’m sore about the ending; these were good characters and I think they deserved a better way to go. Very anti-climactic compared to the build up. Still, this is a top contender and there are only 4 stories left that I haven’t read. Good luck! You might have one of my votes.

Re: Abomination [Scary]

Probably ran out of time to give them a proper ending. It’s difficult to tie everything in perfectly with a dead line looming over the horizon

It’s like the Diaper Dimension meets Stranger Things ^^

Re: Abomination [Scary]

So glad I’m not the only one who thought that. :slight_smile:

Re: Abomination [Scary]

I felt that the Diaper Dimension element was tacked on, never gave the connection time to develop. It just went from large arms to Amazons to Littles in such a short time span.

Connecting an existing world to an original world is tricky, especially when they don’t really overlap in themes or content, the author is compelled to shoehorn something to make it work. More time and effort is needed to properly mold the two together.

I haven’t seen Stranger Things, yet. I’ve got a long queue to go.

Re: Abomination [Scary]

I thought it was pretty clever.

Having not seen Stranger Things, I’m getting an Event Horizon type of nasty, mixed with a Cabin in the Woods commentary of the genre.

Re: Abomination [Scary]

Someone stole my idea :’(

Edit: Not really, just something I was wanting to do at some point…. well played author, well played.

Re: Abomination [Scary]

I thought the ending was fine. The change in viewpoint helped to bring things back to earth. ;D

It’s a genuinely scary story, and had a dash of disgust with the rape connotation and other elements. I feel this was something that most other stories lacked, it was a very well used tool on the part of the author. I couldn’t sleep after reading this.

But I feel that the diaper element was forced into this story. Jasmine had already used a cup to pee, and I’m sure eighteen-year olds would have rather used a plastic bag or something rather than a diaper, given so many people were in the same room. Nevertheless, that section didn’t feel too cliche to read. Sans the diaper-portion, it’s a strong contender.

Re: Abomination [Scary]

I thought the diaper element was cute; Jasmine and Sarah have great chemistry. I wish there were a spinoff about their relationship if the ending had never happened and they continued their lives.

The ending wasn’t bad, I just feel it could’ve been better.

Even if you still killed everyone off I think there’s a better sendoff for them out there. Again using The Mist (movie version) as an example, despair and suicide as a result of a prolonged siege is way more hard hitting and personal than letting the monsters kill them. It would feel better in a character driven story such as this.

There are other options but that’s the one I would’ve chosen.

Re: Abomination [Scary]

As someone who can’t stand the Diaper Dimension shudders interesting to see a different take on In-betweeners. I’ve always been like, why is no one talking about the fact that in order to make one a giant would have had to do it with a little? e.g. Hagrid.

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I think the drugs cover the bases pretty well on that front. The psychedelic mindspace is weird as fuck and one can get very suggestible. The strangest things seem entirely natural, and vice versa. Granted not all of the characters were on acid but none of them were sober.

I take more issue with the ending. Feels like it was spliced on from a different story. Giant hands reaching through the walls and snatching people away is terrifying. I think explaining them in any way is a mistake. Let me imagine something far worse than anything you could write on the page. That is my problem with Lovecraft. I love his writing, despite his infuriating archaicisms and his being a total racist. But tentacle monsters? That’s just silly. What’s next, flying spaghetti monsters? That’s why my favorite Lovecraft story is The Color Out of Space. In that story, the monster is truly alien; it manifests only as a color that won’t fit on any color wheel. The relevant point here isn’t to rant about Lovecraft (I could do that for ages), but to emphasize that in horror, less is often more. The most effective horror rarely shows its hand. Often, the outright horror is purely psychological; the things unseen monsters make humans do.

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Is that the original origin of In-betweeners (this is an open question, I want to know if the first batch of writers ever clarified this point)? I had the impression that they were descended from a pygmy tribe of Amazons, since they’re not treated as an “other” like the Littles, in most stories, but as a rowdy underclass of people. I’d assume a hybrid species would be treated far worse than the Littles, given the setting, yet they seem to be consistently better off.

I wasn’t sure if that was meant to be an In-betweener, but I suppose it couldn’t have been anything else. Honestly, I think having a name to call it lessens the impact of it, somewhat.

Agreed, the hands were far creepier when they seemed demonic and unknowable.

Although I will claim that tentacles are no more or less scary than any other appendage the monster can be made of. But yes, The Colour is one of his best. I wish he’d done more with that concept.

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This is why the greatest slasher film of all time is the original 1973 Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What is left OFF CAMERA is so profound, it gives chills one can’t accomplish by showing everything in all its morbid glory (a la Friday The Thirteenth, et al)

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Well when everyone gets killed, there’s not a lot left to tie. :stuck_out_tongue:

But you threw me for a loop with the ending. One of our other members has done started a DD story that also featured news channel blurbs.

I should have known it was you. Going over the top with diapers isn’t your style. The fact that the story would be almost exactly the same without their inclusion should have been a dead giveaway.

But I have to ask, please don’t take this the wrong way.
Is the last line a stab at DD stories and their frequent total absurdity? ;D

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It wasn’t meant to end there. I ran out of time. I was too busy with work >.< I might make a part two. It was supposed to end with the same thing going on with the next generation. I wasn’t planning to reveal it was the DD. I had planned on that part ending with arms grabbing them, then being like 15 years later etc. where a 6’3 girl (adopted) is on a school trip, notices the same symbol etched into the side of the bus. Bus breaks down, kids start disappearing. Girl gets taken, THEN reveals diaper dimension where they freak out over her existence as an in-betweener and try to kill her. They are the ones who see her as an “abomination.” Michael Simmons was the bus driver and took over the family business of selling people to the amazons.

As for the news channel, I actually got the idea from a song from the House of 1000 Corpses soundtrack, not WB Daddy XD

IDK, I don’t see diaper scenes as “special” if they are in every other scene, so I try to use them sparingly. I’m not an AB or a DL in real life. I’ve tried them once or twice out of curiosity, but felt ridiculous. And the ones I tried were absolute shit and I ended up making a huge mess XD. I like them in stories, but that’s about it.

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I never guessed this was a SashaButters story. I should have known, because it has all the elements of The Corn Maze and is just creepy enough to keep us in suspense until the end. Although I am not a Diaper Dimensions reader and missed the whole Amazons that baby normal humans part of this, I thought this story was complete without that back story. However, I wanted to know why there was a gateway in the house and what the monster’s motivations were.

I love your stuff, so keep writing.

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Ah, the gateway. Have you ever heard of The Black Tapes Podcast? It’s an audio drama about an organization using sacred geometry to open a gateway to let demons into the world. The Family was supposed to be part of this organization, (had to cut the story short so I never got into it) It was supposed to be a mixture between that, stranger things, (also a show about a monster coming through portals and dragging people to the other side called the Upside Down) and the diaper dimension. I replaced the Upside Down with the Diaper Dimension. This story makes a bit more sense if you’ve seen Stranger Things.

The motives were to collect them as prizes to give out at a festival. I thought being a kids toy would be scarier than being a baby. Kids are rough with stuff. That’s how everyone died from injuries. Then when they died, they just threw the bodies back through a portal.

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Solid writing and characterization. The twist of the diaper dimension was very clever, but to me it felt like it came out of nowhere. (Though, in retrospect, the drawing of the big and little stick figure was a clue and cements the linking of the worlds in the story, or so I assume.)