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A virus swept through the world infecting everyone.No one knew how it happened, they thought it was to thought through to be an accident but every government in the world denied that the made it. The virus had four stages. The symptoms affected hosts in the order below.Thee host would gain all symptoms in a stage within 1 – 3 days.

stage one Little kid

The host becomes immune to diaper rash
The host needs the toilet more as the virus increases urine and feces production.
The host looks for other methods of voiding waste without going to the toilet.
The host becomes comfortable sitting in feces or with wet pants
The host will use there pants as a toilet if they don’t have any other options or if they are totally engrossed in what they are doing.
The host, no matter what relation they had with there parents/guardians, suddenly adore them like a little kid does.
The host loses the ability to understand or pronounce long words.
The host has a more juvenile approach to solving problems.
The host’s hand eye coordination degrades.
The host stops caring if people in diapers wear trousers.
The host stays in this state from a week to a month.

stage two toddler

The host develops sympathy to people in diapers
The host begins needing the toilet almost always
The host starts using there underwear as a toilet when alone regardless of if they can get to a toilet or not.
The host finds sitting in wet and/or messed underwear the most comfortable thing ever.
The host becomes incontinent.
The host starts sucking there thumb
The host puts themselves in diapers.
The host loses any sexual preferences.
The host stops wearing or caring about trousers
The host stays in this state for a week.

Stage three baby

The host gets a crush on the first person there age and the opposite gender that they see in diapers.
The host loses the will to change there diapers.
The host stops what ever they where doing and go’s home.
The host loses all hand eye coordination and the ability to walk.
The host stops trying to change there or anyone’s diaper.
The host loses the ability to talk.
The host expels a lot of waste quickly.
The host loses the ability to crawl.
The hosts mind regress to that of a 1 year old.
The host stays in this state for 12 hours.

Stage four recovery

The host regains a regress version of there old personality.
The host regains the ability to walk and crawl.
The host regains a regressed form of any language they knew before they where infected.
The host regains the ability to change diapers.
The host’s relationship with parents reverts to before the virus
The host will engage in romantic relation ships due to increased hormones
The host will be more susceptible to any romantic offers.
The host’s hand eye coordination return.

Lingering effects

The host will never completely regain adult personality.
The host will never be able to pronounce or understand long words.
The host will always remain incontinent.
The host will always want to suck there thumb or a pacifier.
The host will try to get the person they go out with to wear a diaper at the same time as them.
The hosts genetic code has been rewritten so that a spread up version of Disease becomes a part of puberty that happens to there children when there 18.

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Re: Abdl flu

I’m just going to apologize in advance for the future responses you’re probably going to get on this.

EDIT: This is not a license to be an ass. Constructive criticism is fine, and expected.

Re: Abdl flu

Is every human being affected by the “virus” at the same time?
Seems like the writer was affected as well ;D

Re: Abdl flu

Wait, I need a license for that? :smiley:

Sometime later, when I have time, I’ll try to put together some feedback for this. Hopefully it’ll be more on the gentle side.

But to the OP, let me be blunt, just for now.
You have essentially written a list.

Yes, I did see that you wrote ‘prologue’ so I imagine there’s more to come. But opening a story with an enormous list is… Let’s just say that generally there are much better ways to begin a story.

Lastly, if your story is going to only cover the events of the virus, then you’ve already spoiled any mystery. An intro like this is shakey ground at best.

Re: Abdl flu

I agree with Vearynope that so far, this is just a list.

But perhaps is this an outline for a forthcoming story? In that case, this makes sense, and kudos for actually writing one and planning stuff. I’m thinking Walking Dead style, you’ve invented a world/situation you can put some characters into and see what happens. You may want to also outline some of your characters and plotlines to help round this out.

Alternately, I could perhaps see this as poking fun at tropes in AB/DL fiction. Like a metaphorical flu that infects all our characters, warping them in often formulaic ways.

may i suggest if the original is a outline,it would be a very good one,it will take time but a fun time.

Seeing as the post was made more than two years ago, I wouldn’t hold my breath and shiver with antici…


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