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A few months ago on the past forum, I left a post about the decline in websites and updates about ABs and DLs. Here is the post…


I have discovered why. Probably about 65% of the community is either on MySpace or Facebook. They are updating only their facebook pages and not creating new sites online. I have never seen so many ABs and DLs in one spot. Facebook has some but since it is pushed as a college student site, there are less.

Hey, Victoriah is there a myspace for this forum. That could bring many to this forum during the move. Just a suggestion. :smiley:


AB community

It’s hard to create sites when there are a lot of (free) hosts that don’t want them up. Though I though MySpace wasn’t all that AB/DL friendly itself, which is why DiaperSpace was created.

AB community

Hey Vic, your url at the bottom of your signature doesn’t work.

Matt :!:

AB community


Putting an ABDL profile on facebook would seem remarkably… unintelligent, to me. Your groups are traceable by pretty much anybody who cares, which means that you’d be putting it out there for the world to see. I guess they make it a lot easier to use a psuedonym then when I joined facebook (shortly after its breakoff from ConnectU), though…

AB community

when I think of myspace I think of all the dumb stuff I hear about myspace. Thats not to say all people on myspace are bad or just plain dumb. I just wouldn’t want to see that texting crap going on here.

like “I <3 you!!! ROFLMAO”

then combine that with diaper talk and ugh.

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I’m a Facebook junkie myself, but since my Facebook information is all quite real (friend me if you’d like - it’d be cool), I don’t think joining an ABDL group would be that smart. Anyone can see your groups - friends, family… professors. shudder

I get that many people probably create alternate Facebook accounts and register under pseudonyms, but what’s the point? Judging by the groups, they don’t really chat as much as we do here, they definitely don’t post stories, and their pictures seem to be lifted from paysites, or free images that everyone’s seen a million times before. Can’t say I’m that impressed with the whole Facebook ABDL scene. I’ll stick around here, thanks very much.

AB community

I’m kinda of the opinion that sites like facebook etc really should have a lot more options for privacy - like who do I want to be able to see the ABDL info

Yahoo sorta works, in that I can have multiple profiles, though I really wish it would let me associate a profile with a contact so that if I YIM someone I always get the correct ID used. Plus the old boss key works as well