A writing prompt index?

Okay, this might not be possible, but I think it would be good for the site if there was a dedicated space for writing prompts where people would place unique story ideas that are described in only a single sentence, and anyone would be able to use them to create their own stories. Once they’re in, it’s 100% up for grabs.

So, what do you guy think? Yes or no?

Not to sound too snarky, but this coming from the person who also wants to use AI to write their stories? Do you plan on doing any of the work yourself, or will you be asking for someone to do proofreading and editing as well? :roll_eyes:

But if you insist on continuing down this path, we had a thread like that eight years ago.

Again, I didn’t want the AI to write it for me, just to help me. I’m not like Owlcan who just replaces all of their work with the output of the AI workhorse he uses. You may not like it but reality cannot be denied; as an artist I have integrity, and using a writing program to help edit my work is as far as it’ll go if I even go there!

As for the original topic it’s exactly what I said it was: a gereat list of writing prompts everybody is free to use, and that approved users can add to, then it’s completely out of their hands.

Yeah, that’s actually not what you wrote. let me refresh your memory:

I do love your attempt at claiming otherwise…

No way in hell are we ever going to have a topic with fucking gatekeepers. Ever suggest that again and I will personally enjoy hitting the SUSPEND UNTIL 06/01/3033 button on your account.