A Whole New World Ch. 9-10

Chapter 9

“Oh that is just too cute!” Sara declared, looking down at her son and his friend napping cuddled together.

His mommy’s voice roused Brian from his slumber just as the lullaby tape clicked off. He blinked his eyes open, looking into Rachel’s still sleeping face. He stretched his arms as the lights flicked back on in the room. It was then that he noticed his mommy was actually standing right there above them. He jerked onto his back and away from Rachel in surprise. It was like his mommy had walked in on him while he had a girl over in his dorm room.

“Well hello there sleepy-head, did you have a nice cuddle with your friend?” she asked him cheerily.

Brian didn’t know what to say so he just nodded slowly.

Rachel came to at this point and felt a little weird to wake up with this woman standing over her. Meanwhile Brian noticed the bunched up shortalls over his mommy’s arm and he knew that she knew what he’d done. His eyes lowered to the floor and he crossed his legs to make their bareness less obvious.

Sara didn’t comment on her son’s accident though, she had other things on her mind. “We’re going back to your friend Meggy’s house for a play-date today Brian. Isn’t that nice?”

Not waiting for a response she continued, “And your friend Rachel is coming too. Her mommy asked me to watch her while she takes Danny to the dentist.”

Inside Brian was actually overjoyed at this news. Since the book wasn’t at his place nor Rachel’s that meant Meg’s was where it had to be. This could be their best chance to fix things. Rachel on the other hand was quite nervous. She’d seen what had happened to Megan. Going to the house where it likely happened was not her idea of a good plan. But she had no say in the matter and so a few minutes later they were all piled in Sara’s car headed to Megan’s house.

As they drove through the streets Meggy seemed to be having a lovely time watching the world go by. She pointed out the window time and again, patting at the glass and crowing, “Biwdie!” and “Fwuffy!” at birds and squirrels and “Woof-woof!” at dogs being walked along the sidewalk. She was the picture of cheerful innocence, chewing at her thumb and singing along nonsense with the music on the radio.

As soon as she was freed from her restrains Meggy leapt from her car seat onto the driveway and raced across the grass to her front door, just in time for her mommy to open it and nearly be tackled in a hug. Brian hurried to the front door just as quickly as Meggy had, feeling practically naked with his pull-ups showing to anyone passing by on the street. Rachel padded more gingerly into the house, careful not to hurt her tender soles and upset Sara had simply packed her shoes and socks away rather than let her put them back on.

Inside the house Brian had stopped to stare slack-jawed at Sue. The teen girl was in an adult-sized version of a baby jumper. It was suspended by elastic straps to the top of the doorway between the living room and dining room. The blue pouch Sue was sat in dangled just high enough so that only the tips of her bare wiggling toesies brushed across the floor. As she fidgeted the elastic bands would stretch and her feet would fall flat on the floor, prompting her to push up making the pouch she was in bounce up and down. Dressed in nothing but a diaper hidden by the bouncer she appeared naked, her breasts jiggling as she jumped.

“Watch it Brian or your face will freeze that way,” Rachel warned him.

Brian blushed at being caught and pretended to be very interested in the ceiling all of a sudden.

Amanda welcomed Sara into the house and shut the door while Meggy continued to try to hug her tightly around the waist. “Okay, okay honey. Why don’t you take your friends out to the yard and play for a bit,” she suggested.

“Meggy pway!” the girl agreed, hopping up and down so that the sound echoed through the house.

Amanda nodded and commented to Sara, “She’s just getting to the age where she enjoys playing with other children you know. It really is wonderful.”

“Oh yes, twenty-one really is a magic age for little ones, getting used to the potty, playing with other children. It is a great time,” Sara noted.

“Okay honey,” Amanda told Meggy, “Before you play let’s get you nice and nakie.”

“'Kay!” Meggy chirped.

With that Amanda unzipped Meggy’s play dress and slipped it down to her ankles, leaving her standing in nothing but her pull-ups. Then with one quick flourish she had those around her ankles as well. Amanda helped her daughter step clear of the piled clothing, leaving her hopping about buck naked singing, “'M awll nakie! Nakie, nakie, nekkid!”

Seeing Sara’s confused expression Amanda explained, “Oh it’s a new thing I’m trying. They call it nakie potty training. See whenever she has something on, even just pull-ups, she thinks it’s like a diaper and she just goes. When she’s naked she remembers to use the potty and she doesn’t lose control while trying to get her clothes off to sit on it.”

“Does it really work?”

“So far, so good.”

“That sounds like something I should try with my little guy. He has a really hard time telling me when he needs to potty,” Sara mused.

“Oh definitely give it a try. It’s perfect because you know little kids have no modesty anyway. As you can see my little Meggy just loves her nakie time.”

What they’d seen before this moment had been bad enough. But to see Megan stark naked in all her glory was beyond the pale. There was their long-time friend and compatriot hopping around totally unclothed and happy as a lark. She wasn’t drunk or slutty, she wasn’t making lewd gestures for a bunch of frat boys. She was just playing like the innocent toddler she thought she was, and in her new diminished mentality clothing simply got in the way.

Meggy had a slender, pretty body. Her small breasts jiggled as she hopped about. Although he tried not to stare Brian couldn’t help but notice that his friend lacked tan lines. Her bared bottom was just as tanned as her arms and legs. It seemed that in this new reality Meggy spent a lot of time nude in the sun, probably playing in the yard, perhaps even at the beach. She really was a silly little nudist now.

Sara and Amanda entered the living room leading the naked woman by her hands. Sara said to her friend, “Yes, I think now is the perfect time for Brian to have a go at nakie potty training himself. If that’s okay with you?”

“Oh by all means, Meggy would love to have another jaybird to play with,” Amanda assured her.

“You’re sure? You don’t mind his pee-pee jiggling around all free?”

“Don’t be silly, nobody will mind his cute little weenie!”

But Brian shook his head vigorously. He felt naked in his pull-ups as it was. “I don’t wanna go nakie!” he told them.

“Oh don’t be fussy Brian, Meggy’s mommy doesn’t mind one bit. It’ll be just like at home after bath,” his mommy assured.

Brian backed away but there was no escape. Sue was blocking the way to the dining room and the adults were before him. He just kept shaking his head. “Brian, you’re just having too many accidents. Now either we try this or we have to go back to diapies for a bit,” Mommy warned.

He didn’t know why, but that idea actually scared him more. He didn’t want to be a baby! Being a toddler was more than bad enough. “No, please! No diapees!” he wailed, feeling on the verge of a temper-tantrum.

Mommy stepped close and pulled her grown boy into a cuddle. “Okay, no diapers,” she agreed.

Brian let out a sigh of relief. Mommy knew he wasn’t a dumb little baby. But just as he felt relieved cool hands slipped under the bottom of his red t-shirt. The chilly fingers tickled against his sides and then yanked upward, swiftly removing his shirt. A separate set of fingers belonging to Amanda hooked into the sides of his pull-ups and yanked downward at the same time. In a split second he’d been rendered nude.

Cool air brushed across his penis. He looked down at it dangling there, flaccid and exposed to everyone in the room. Brian tried to cover himself but Meggy had already rushed over and seized his hands, hopping about urging, “Pway, wanna pway!”

Brian nearly broke down into tears right there and then. Rachel could see his defeat and she just couldn’t let him be alone like this. He’d tried to save her back in the potty room after all. Now it was her turn.

“Can I go nakie too?” she called out.

Brian sniffled and looked over at Rachel like she’d grown a second head.

“Oh, of course sweetie,” Amanda replied. “I don’t think Joy would mind, do you?” she asked Sara.

“No, she won’t care. We need to give them a bath later anyway,” she agreed.

“Okay honey, let me help you get undressed,” Amanda directed.

Rachel swallowed her pride and let the woman slip her dress off, feeling a rush of shame as the cool air brushed across her bared breasts. As her pull-ups were slid down her legs and her bottom was exposed to the air as well she forced herself to look at Brian. He better appreciate what she was doing for him.

“Joy never mentioned Rachel being a little nudist like my Meggy,” Amanda commented to Sara.

“Well you know little kids, monkey see, monkey do,” Sara replied.

Rachel wanted to slap the woman across the face but instead she bit the side of her mouth and kept her lips sealed.

“There we go, the three little bares!” Amanda smirked. Then she gave Meggy a gentle pat on her bare bum. “Okay, on your way ya little jaybirds!”

Brian wanted to dig his feet into the carpet and stand his ground, but his legs wouldn’t cooperate. With each step the sliding door to the backyard grew closer. The brightness of the sun outside seemed blinding and somehow foreboding. Brian kept shaking his head and mumbling. “No, wanna pway inside,” to the mothers.

“Don’t be silly dear, you need some fresh air,” Mommy insisted, following him to the door.

Brian blinked in the brightness and cringed as he felt the heat of the sun on his skin, emerging onto the deck. Rough wood gave way to soft grass under his soles and a warm breeze played across his pee-pee and bum as Brian made his way into the yard. He looked about desperately for some type of shelter. There were fences on all sides of the yard but they weren’t high enough to provide real privacy. Houses overlooked it on two sides. An older woman watering plants on her deck next door glanced down at the naked twenty-somethings and smiled, giving them a condescending wave.

Playing naked outside was downright degrading. Brian felt like a dog put outside because he wasn’t housebroken. Meggy didn’t mind one little bit of course. She just ran helter-skelter about the grassy lawn, boobs bouncing free, tumbling and rolling about as if nothing could be more fun. Soon the soles of her feet were brown with dirt, her toes muddy and he knees grass stained. Twigs and pieces of grass stuck out of her wild hair and yet she couldn’t have smiled and wider. Brian and Rachel sought shelter by the fence, crouching in the small shadow there.

“Why’d you do it?” Brian asked.

“So you wouldn’t be alone,” she shrugged.

“Well, there was Megan.”

Rachel shook her head dismissively at their old friend who was chewing on a dandelion and some dirt pulled from the ground. “She doesn’t count. Not anymore.”

Brian nodded.

Sara appeared on the back deck carrying a pink potty seat. A moment later Amanda came out with a second one, setting it to face the other. “If you need to go potty, they’re right here,” Sara told them.

“This is so…” Brian began.

“What?” Rachel asked as he trailed off.

Brian grasped his abdomen and looked at her with worry. “I… I think I gotta go.”

“So, go then. I won’t look. You heard your mommy, the potty is there.”

“Not… not pee-pee,” he mumbled.

“Oh,” Rachel nodded.

Grunting again Brian stood and hurried towards the deck, ignoring the feeling of his unhindered pee-pee swishing back and forth between his hairless thighs. His only thought was of making it to that potty in time. He did. Sitting swiftly on the seat and leaning forward to do his business in some sort of privacy.

“Oh look Sara, your little boy is using the potty already!” Amanda called from just inside the house.

Brian cursed her for calling attention to his predicament. Next thing he knew his mommy and Sara were out on the deck smiling down at him. Meggy hurried onto the deck herself and sat on a red plastic push-trike. Rachel slowly ambled over, covering her breasts and trying not to stare.

“Honey, come sit on the potty so you can make too,” Amanda called to the girl, taking her hand and leading her reluctantly to the second potty seat.

Now he and Rachel were each sat on a potty on the deck, naked in the sun, facing each other while everyone looked on expectantly. Brian tried not to go now. He couldn’t do it, not in front of all these people. But his body wasn’t cooperating anymore. He felt sudden pressure and pushed in response. It was instinctual and he couldn’t stop it after that. Everyone heard the rude noises erupting from the potty, the plop-plop of poopy dropping into it. Brian grunted and strained, just wanting it over with quickly now. As the sounds continued his mommy knelt beside him, rubbing his bare back and crooning, “Good boy Brian, what a good boy you are making poopies for Mommy!”

Even Meggy was clapping her hands and feet as she sat on her push-trike babbling, “Poopy! Poopy-poo-poo!”

Even when that humiliation was over the worst was still to come. Brian had barely finished his business when he found himself being stood up and led over the wall of the house. Mommy took out some wipes and he felt the cool moist things cleaning his bottom. He knew his position was revealing this whole messy ordeal to Rachel and Meggy, but he was powerless to resist. He just stared down at his toes and waited for it to be over.

After the cleaning ordeal was over they were allowed back inside to watch cartoons, while still sat naked on their two potty chairs. As if watching Winnie the Pooh wasn’t bad enough, now he wasn’t even allowed off his potty seat because he needed to “set a good example” for Rachel until she could make poopy too.

As they sat there in silent humiliation Sara strode into the room carrying a pink toddler book. “Hey Amanda, where did you get this book?” she called. “It looks really familiar for some reason.”

The other mother came in from the kitchen and looked it over. “Oh yeah, I dunno where it’s from. Just found it last night. Why?”

“Well I’m pretty sure The Catcher in the Rye is one of Brian’s books.”

Brian and Rachel’s heads snapped to attention at those words. There was the book! But it didn’t look anything like the book they wanted. What had happened to it?

“Oh, Meggy must’ve taken it by mistake when they played yesterday. You can take it back of course.”

“What’s it about anyway. That’s a funny title.”

“Seems to be about a little rabbit who doesn’t want to grow up,” she said, flipping through the pages.

“Oh I can understand that,” Sara nodded. “I mean, just look how much trouble Brian is having learning the potty. Things were so much easier when he was little.”

“I know,” Amanda agreed. “I wish we could just keep them our little bundles of joy a bit longer.”

Brian and Rachel’s eyes went wide and the whole world seemed to freeze as the book in the mommies’ hands began to glow once again.

Chapter 10

The air seemed to ripple outwards from the book, as though it were the source of a gas leak. The two mommies were truly frozen, unblinking, unflinching. The same was not true for Brian and Rachel. They could still move alright, but they were nonetheless frozen where they were, unable to move out of terror. What could possibly be happening now? Already they were sitting on potty chairs, buck naked, watching kiddie cartoons. They shuddered to think this could get any more embarrassing.

As the ripples swept outward the first changes they saw came to the toys on the floor. Dollies and Lego blocks seemed to implode in on themselves then morph into simple plastic letter blocks, clown-faced rattles and other baby toys. Something large began to grow out of the floor, expanding like a fast-growing flower until it snapped into shape, a playpen.

The wavy air reached the two adult toddlers next. Brian leant back on his potty as he felt strange energy beginning to flow over his bare skin. As he tried to push away as though his space was being invaded by an aggressive puppy, as though simply scooting back and looking away could stop it, the potty chair beneath him began to melt away. He fell to his bottom with a thud as the potty disappeared into the carpet as though swallowed by quicksand. The potty gone Brian scooted back on his bum, his limp penis brushing across the carpet as he tried to escape the unknown forces assaulting him.

Rachel abandoned her potty as it too sunk into the carpet, though it felt plenty firm under her bare soles. It was no use running though, for the process seemed to gain speed with every passing second. The energy passed over and through the duo. Rachel’s mouth tingled, her gums aching as several teeth receded up into them, leaving nothing but bare pink gums in their place. Her dark hair turned lightened several shades, not going blonde, but certainly not as dark as before. It also became thinner, wispier as her pig-tails vanished.

Brian grasped at his mouth as he too lost several teeth. Then he was distracted by something more concerning even than that. His legs felt strange, fatigued and twitchy. He rubbed at his calves, trying to see what was happening to them, though they looked no different. With a thud Rachel dropped to her bottom beside him, looking particularly surprised. And Brian knew, she hadn’t meant to sit down at all, her legs had simply given out.

Her bared bottom didn’t smart for long though. A second after she hit the floor a crinkly white diaper appeared out of thin air, wrapping itself around her loins. Rachel hoped a shirt would materialise the same way, but she had no such luck. As the ripples seemed to dissipate she was left sitting on the floor in only a diaper.

As a stillness returned to the air the mommies began speaking again as though nothing had happened.

“But what can you do, they grow up so fast!” Sara declared.

“Yep, my little Meggy-poo is just crawling up a storm these days. Why she’ll be walking all on her own in no time!”

“How cute!” Sara gushed.

From the way they were talking Brian guessed he and Rachel were now little more than infants. Aside from the playpen and baby toys the room hadn’t changed that much, but he guessed his bedroom would be much different now.

“Ugh, mmmph,” Rachel grunted, trying to stand up but finding her legs uncooperative.

Brian shook his head knowingly. He wasn’t foolish enough to try that himself. He could feel the weakness in his legs. He knew somehow he’d lost the ability to walk.

Rachel dropped onto her stomach with a bang, painfully landing on her bare breasts. She grunted and sulked, sticking her diapered bum in the air and showing off the puffy white garment decorated in a pattern of light green rattles and teddy bears.

Amanda and Sara looked over at their babies and shared a chuckle at the little girl’s difficulties. Then Sara clucked her tongue at Brian.

“Well what happened to your daipie little mister?” she asked rhetorically, heading over to her boy. “Did you wanna get all nakie-wakie? Did you?” she cooed in baby talk to him.

Brian shook his head and tried to quickly explain. " No, I din’ wanna go nake. Bwi wan’ cwodes."

As soon as the words left his mouth Brian knew they had come out all wrong. He’d thought the normal words in his head, but the messages got garbled on the way to his mouth and then his tongue seemed to be all clumsy and tricky to control. Before he could correct his poor diction his mom was picking up a big pack of diapers and addressing Amanda as though he hadn’t said a thing. He was being completely ignored!

“He’s such a little nudist these days!” she told Amanda. “I think I’ll have to start taping his diapers onto him. He gets his hands on the tabs and next thing I know there’s a rip and he’s streaking through the mall with his weenie hanging out.”

“Oh I’m sure Meggy will be just the same once she figures out how to get those diapies off.”

“Could be,” Sara agreed, setting the diaper box on the floor and opening it up.

Brian looked at the side of the box. It showed a picture of a young man around his age lying on his back in nothing but a diaper and pulling at the toes of both feet as he waved his legs in the air. The man had a glassy-eyed soporific look on his face, grinning like a contented idiot as he played with his feet. Above him the brand name Huggies was emblazoned across the package. In the right corner were the words: Crawling/Early Walking Boys 16 to 22 Years.

Sara drew out a big white diaper with blue teddy bear prints. She unfolded the bulky garment while Brian tried to calm down and concentrate on speaking properly. He found that if he was less excited it was easier to control his tongue properly.

“Mama I don’ wanna be…” he started, speaking slowly and clearly.

“I know you want to be nakie honey-bun, but this isn’t our house and you can’t be making pee-pees and poopies on our friend’s carpet,” Sara cut him off.

Brian reddened with frustration. He wasn’t saying he didn’t want to wear a diaper, he was trying to tell her he didn’t want to be naked! Why wouldn’t she let him finish what he was saying?!

Sara knelt at his side and gently pushed him onto his back on the carpet. “Okay honey don’t squirm while I get you dressed. Be a good boy for mama!” she urged him in that awful high-pitched voice.

“I won’ mama,” Brian assured her, nodding. He was determined to show her he wasn’t some stupid little baby.

Sara lifted Brian’s legs, slipping her head between them and placing one calf on each shoulder. Then she used her body weight to push Brian’s legs upward, lifting his butt in the air just long enough to slip the new diaper under his butt. She grabbed some lotion from the bag beside her, squirting it into her palm and then reaching forward. Brian’s eyes widened and he felt a flush of shame as his mother’s hands began to rub his exposed penis and all around his crotch. This was an all new height of shame for the young man. To have his own mother actually manipulating his former manhood, simply to keep it clean when he inevitably wet and messed his new diaper, was so demeaning it made Brian want to cry like the baby he was being treated as.

“There we go, that will keep mama’s widdle guy nice and comfy in his diapie,” she told him as her hand slipped under his raised bottom.

Brian closed his eyes and sniffled as he felt the cool greased fingers slip up and down his butt. He felt so violated, so powerless. He couldn’t help but wriggle his legs, wanting to pound his heels on the floor.

“Honey, don’t squirm. Remember, you promised mama you’d be a good boy.”

“Am a bi’ boy!” Brian squealed, the tears starting to escape the corners of his reddened eyes again.

“Then show mama how you can hold still,” she replied.

Brian forced his legs to be still and mama’s hand left his bum at last. Then she had a bottle of powder and she was dusting his pee-pee and bum with it. The smell of the baby powder was overwhelming to his senses. It seemed they were becoming keener. Every touch, every scent was magnified. He could feel every cool fleck of powder settling on his pee-pee and bum.

Mama put away the powder and began to tape the diaper closed, finally giving him a speck of privacy. It was a big, bulky diaper and it came all the way up to his belly-button. But it also forced his legs out slightly. As he moved them he could feel the crinkly material brush across his smooth hairless thighs. Once it was fully secured Mama let his legs go and then directed his arms up, slipping a red t-shirt over his head. It wasn’t like his earlier t-shirt though. It had writing on it he couldn’t read, but the real change was its length. This shirt was only half-length, not quite reaching his belly-button. Dressed in this baby tee and diaper he felt like Tommy Pickles on Rugrats.

As he turned onto his knees and attempted to stand, the t-shirt left his tummy uncovered. Brian was beyond this small shame though. He had experienced so much worse now that being half clothed no longer fazed him. In fact it no longer even bothered him that his legs were totally exposed or that he was barefoot. All that mattered was he prove to himself that he was at least still able to stand on his own two legs like a man. He just wanted that one small dignity to be left.

It took all his strength to force his knees to lock into place, his legs straightened. They felt weak alright, but more than that he felt like he was standing on a rolling, pitching ship’s deck. His toes flexed and his knees wobbled as he tried to keep his balance. He was forced to hold onto the couch for support. Rachel was staring up at him, chewing her thumbnail anxiously, slowly slipping more and more of the digit into her mouth. The mamas were beaming at him like he’d made a great accomplishment in simply standing up.

“Look at that Sara, you’re little one is quite advanced for his age. Twenty-one years old and he’ll be walking around the place on his own in no time,” Amanda commented.

“Yes, he’s quite good at standing and he can even walk a bit as long as I hold his hands. But he’s not quite ready to tool around on his own yet.”

“I can walk!” Brian blurted out indignantly.

“Well he certainly has the right attitude,” Amanda noted. “And he is quite the little talker isn’t he? Very advanced for his age.”

“Oh he’s gonna be quite the chatterbox pretty soon, no doubt about that. Most grown-ups have a hard time understanding his babbling but mama knows what her widdle guy wants. Mamas can always understand their baby’s language.”

“He seems eager to do a little walking, you want to give him a hand?”

“Yes, he could use the practice. But get ready for some crocodile tears when he falls down,” Sara warned.

Brian pouted. He hated the way they talked about him like he was deaf. Here they were mocking him while he stood right in front of them and they went on as if he couldn’t understand a word they said. He was determined to show them he could do more than walk with someone holding his hand. He’d just been running around the backyard minutes ago. He would force his muscles to work properly.

Mama came up beside Brian, smiling as she took his hands off the couch and into hers. She pecked a kiss on his cheek, smiling as she looked him in the eye. “Okay honey-bun, let’s go for walkies!”

Brian felt even more off balance as Mama led him away from the couch. She walked backwards, keeping a firm grip on his hands and her eyes locked on his, smiling encouragement the whole way. Meggy’s mama was also smiling and nodding her praise as she watched the walking lesson. Rachel didn’t seem impressed at all of course. She just sulked on the floor, now fully sucking her thumb.

Walking was tricky indeed. The changed wrought on Brian’s body by the last shift had done a number on his abilities. His motor skills had taken a very serious hit. With each step his leg jerked upward rather than smoothly lifting. He stepped too high, all his movements exaggerated, awkward. His foot would then slap down hard, toes turning inward. With each step his body swayed left or right, pitched forward or slipped backwards. Only his mother’s firm grip on his outstretched arms kept him standing upright.

“There we go, lift those toesies, get them up and set them down,” she directed. “Very good Bri! You’re making walkies just like a big boy! Mama is so proud!”

As she praised him Brian felt an odd sense of accomplishment. Sure it was silly to be proud of something so basic, but given the problems with his body this was an achievement. He found himself beginning to smile, even to giggle with giddy pride. Mama led him all across the room and he didn’t fall down! That made him feel so big, walking just like mama! For a second it didn’t even to occur to him how ridiculous that thought was.

Then Mama set his hands on the door jamb by the entry the dining room. She brushed a hand through his hair again and gave him a big smooch on his forehead. “You did very good honey. Mama knows that was tough for Bwi, and she’s glad you tried.”

Mama started to walk away but Brian had to follow her. He’d made it this far, surely he could do a couple steps on his own. Tentatively he let go of the jamb and took a furtive step forward. His legs wobbled dangerously but he continued. He swung his right foot past the left, going for his second step, but as it set down his foot rolled on its side and his knee gave way. Next thing he knew his arm and cheek were slamming into the carpeted floor.

Out of shock Brian began to wail. Falling like that was so disorienting, he didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t just sniffle and tear up, this time he was balling his eyes out, unable even to see straight. Mama spun around as soon as she heard the thud of his body hitting the floor. He’d only given a couple shrieks before she was at his side, pulling his lanky six-foot form into her lap and cuddling her arms around him.

“Shh, shh, there, there little guy. It’s okay now, Mama’s here. I got you and you’re all safe,” she sung to him, rocking gently back and forth.

Brian wanted to stop but once started it seemed out of his control. His emotions were on a roller-coaster ride now, impossible to keep a hold on. He sobbed even as Mama’s warm arms cuddled him close and he felt her kisses pecking the top of his head. Mucus poured from his nose and dribbled over his lips.

“Where’d you get hurt sweetie? Where are those bad boo-boos?” Mama asked, looking over the young man’s face and arms.

“Did they hurt you here? Is this the bad boo-boo?” she asked, gesturing to his right arm. “Let Mama kiss them all away then. See, Mama kisses them and makes the boo-boos all better!” she told him, kissing his arm and cheek.

Slowly Brian felt his emotions coming back under control. It had been like trying to stop a speeding train, getting them in check, but he felt much better now that Mama kissed away the hurt. In fact it was the surprise of falling more than any actual pain that had made him cry. As his tears dried up he realised there wasn’t actually any pain. This made him feel even more foolish.

“That’s better isn’t it Bri? You feeling better now baby?”

Brian nodded, still sniffling a bit as he said, “Sowwy I cwy Mama.”

“Oh that’s okay honey. Don’t worry Mama knows what baby needs when he falls down and goes boom. Baby just needs kisses on his bad old boo-boos. That makes them all better because Mama has magic kisses.”

Brian giggled despite his shame. Somehow the idea of his mama having magical kisses was both ludicrous and wonderfully comforting. On an intellectual level he knew that was made-up, but somehow it seemed perfectly possible to him on an emotional level. He trusted everything Mama told him without question.

His tears dried up and a smile on his face Mama lifted Brian out of her lap and set him on his butt on the floor, getting him a few toys to play with while she went to prepare the babies something to eat. Brian wasn’t interested in the silly red and blue letter blocks Mama had left him so he got onto his hands and knees to crawl over to Rachel. Creeping about that way really was much easier and safer than trying to walk. As much as it demeaned him to crawl he didn’t want to have another meltdown like a moment ago. The idea of walking now really scared him.

“Wachel, you 'kay?” he asked his friend as he reached her side again.

Rachel was still sitting right where she’d been the whole time, sucking her thumb vigorously in an apparent daze. She hadn’t moved or said a word since the last transformation. She wasn’t even making any attempt to cover up her bare breasts. Brian was worried that either the transformation had warped her mind or it had simply snapped under the strain.

The diaper-clad young woman turned to him, showing her sorrowful eyes. They stared at each other for a long moment before she removed her thumb with a pop and mournfully announced, “I don’ gots teeths.”

Rachel was pouting and looked on the verge of a meltdown herself. Brian shook his head and corrected her quickly. “You got teefs! Can’ you feew 'em?”

She opened her mouth wide, revealing a mouth with several gaps where teeth hadn’t popped through the gums yet. “Lookit’ they all gone!”

“Jus’ some of 'em.”


“It’s okay. We gonna be 'kay.”

Rachel shook her head, determined things would not be okay. “How come we can’ tawk good? Sound all dumb-dumb.”

Brian shrugged. “Cuz a da book. It do ebwyding.”

Rachel looked angry now, very angry. She turned to a toy play-set nearby and bashed it with her fist. The toy rattled and made several dinging noises. It was brightly coloured and plastic of course, covered in bells and things that could be turned and twisted, knobs and levers. As soon as she’d hit it Rachel found her attention drawn in by the bright noisy toy. She pulled at a blue tab sticking out of the contraption and it immediately produced a satisfying ripping noise. She hit the bell next, then twisted a multi-colour dial, resulting in a crunching sound. It was so engrossing!

As she played with the toy Brian crept up next to her, bopping the bell experimentally. When it rang he too smiled mischievously. Soon they were each banging away at it, twisting and pulling the gizmos, having a grand old time with the Playskool baby’s toy. They barely even noticed when the mamas reappeared from the kitchen.

“Well I’m sorry to put an end to the fun but it’s time to fill those tum-tums up with nummy-nums,” Sara announced.

Brian didn’t really want to put aside the toy. He was really having fun with it. It made so many cool noises and… wait, cool noises? Brian blinked in astonishment as he reflected on what he’d been doing. He was a college student, he still looked like one, aside from his teeth and hairlessness. Yet he’d been happily playing with an infant’s toy for going on five minutes, if not longer. In fact, he’d been so engrossed he’d actually lost track of time. And from the look of Rachel’s face, she was having a similar revelation.

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I am enjoying this, good job producing so quick.

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this story is great.Keep it coming