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WARNING: As of Chapter 2, it got progressively more risque. Right now it’s PG-13, it may go further, so, for those looking to avoid sexual situations you may want to skip it.
Also, I’ve hit a little writer’s block on Stained Glass, so I may work on this for a bit, especially since a bunch of folks seem interested.

CHAPTER 1: ADDED 2014-11-11

Just threw this together on the fly. I proofed it once, but I usually wait a day between writing and proofing. If there’s still errors, I apologize. If people like the idea, I might continue it, if not I’ll just let it go. I thought it was a fun spin on some traditional story plot lines.

CHAPTER 2: ADDED 2014-11-12

CHAPTER 3: ADDED 2014-11-14

I’m glad people are enjoying it. Feel free to critique grammar/syntax/style. As for the plot itself, no spoilers so no comment (@TheOneWhoSees) but I think cohesive plot and theme matter a lot to a story so you should probably keep reading.

CHAPTER 4: ADDED 2014-11-17

EPILOGUE: ADDED 2014-11-19

Well, I hoped everyone enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. I managed to capture some emotions and scenes in this one that I’d wanted to do but never quite figured out how. I thought it was reasonably original too (I know a chunk of my stuff is pretty derivative, I hope, in a good way).

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A Weekend for Babysitting - Chapter 1

“You don’t need a babysitter, you’re twelve now.” Mom said, surprised at my question.

“Well, I mean, maybe I’m not ready yet…” I replied, fidgeting.

“Tiffany went off to college, honey, I don’t even know who I’d get to babysit you now.” Mom replied in thought.

“I could find one.” I replied quickly. “I could handle it.”

Mom looked at me like I was an alien for a moment, before shrugging. “Okay, honey, if you’re worried about being alone all weekend…”

Mom had been required to go to a work convention for her job on short notice. It was a whole weekend, out of state, and the hotel room she was provided was shared with a female coworker. Our only family that lived nearby was my uncle and aunt, but they were out of state on vacation for two weeks at the same time.

Mom wasn’t bothered by that though; she’d decided I was responsible enough to stay home alone for two nights. I, however, wasn’t so sure. Being home alone was boring and I knew my friends parents wouldn’t let my friends come over unless my mom was home. Mom was right that I’d never misbehave while she was gone; I wouldn’t do that to her. She worked so hard for both of us.

All the same, being home alone for two nights would be really lonely. It’s not that I wanted someone watching me for the weekend, it’s just that I didn’t mind having a babysitter and I wanted the company. Mom relented easily though and decided to save herself time by having me pick the person to babysit me- after all, she was fine with me being home alone.

My mom’s credit card in hand, I headed to the computer to prepare for the weekend. Mom gave me permission to order a few DVDs or something, and to arrange a sitter. I’d seen an advertisement for a babysitter website on the T.V. the previous day and decided I’d give it a go.

Mom’s comment about “I think it’s cute that you’re old enough to arrange your own sitter,” still rung in my ears, making me blush. So what, I liked the embarrassment just a little bit. I wished, all too often, that I was still a kid that needed to be taken care of. Middle school was hard and scary compared to elementary school. I wished I could just turn back the clock.

I clicked through ads, looking over different selling points sitter’s brought to the table. “Good with small children,” “can handle multiple kids,” and “first aid experience” were pretty common attributes. Most of the sitters were pretty boring, not like Tiffany. Tiffany had been my sitter until two years ago when she went off to college. She was also like my best friend. I knew she probably had friends her own age too, but she talked to me on FaceBook at least once a month and I followed her on twitter. She told me all about college life too. It sounded really exciting but also really scary.

Finally, somethingan ad caught my eye: “specializes with older children still in diapers.” I don’t know why, but I stopped scrolling. Wistfully, I though how cool it would be if -I- was still in diapers. Diapers meant you got babied and cuddled as opposed to being told to stay home alone for two days… or having to change in your underwear in the locker room when you hadn’t even started developing breasts yet.

I sighed, clicked to the next ad, and thought about how cool it would be if I was still in diapers, because then I could hire that babysitter. I couldn’t get it out of my head so I went back to that sitter. She was seventeen, a junior in high school, drove her own car, and had been babysitting for three years. Her tastes sounded similar to mine: she like reading and classical music. She sounded so mature, even if she was only five years older than me. Her picture was cute too, I compared her subtle curves and decent-sized chest with my flat lines. I had all the downsides of being a teenager (middle school, responsibilities) and none of the upsides (breasts, car). She had pretty blonde hair where mine was a mousy brown. I felt my braces with my tongue, wondering again how soon it would be before the doctor said they could come off. I really wanted her to be my sitter.

Suddenly I had a thought, as I looked at mom’s credit card propped up against the computer. I had a budget of $40 for the weekend but I’d also saved $40 of allowance that my mom would let me use on her card. With fear and anticipation I went to Amazon and typed in “diapers.” Sure enough, a bunch of hits came up. I bit my lip; I always got home before my mom, I could take in the order without her knowing…

I looked through all the hits, trying multiple searches. I tried searching for kids diapers, but everything seemed to small, except GoodNites and Underjams, but I wanted real diapers. Finally, I found Attends briefs, small size, on sale for $35.00 and the reviews said they fit kids my age. That seemed good, so I added it to the shopping cart. I also added some wipes, a big plastic changing pad, some baby powder, and, finally a pacifier into the shopping cart. I gulped, looking at the order in the cart, wondering if I had the guts to hit send.

I rang up the order as a guest, so there wouldn’t be record on my mom’s Amazon account, and used my personal email. Finally, with a deep breath, I clicked “confirm.” It was done. With free shipping, I’d only spent $68 and change and the shipping said everything would arrive by the Wednesday before mom left on her trip.

That done, my heart still pounding heavily, I went back to the babysitter site and prepared a message to the babysitter I’d seen.

[i][i]"Dear Alyssa,

I am a mother of a twelve-year-old girl who’s still in diapers. She’s responsible, but I can’t get her to change her own diapers so I need a babysitter to handle her diapers. I am going business trip on the thirtieth. Could watch her Friday evening through Sunday afternoon?


Ms. Rossing"[/i][/i]

I waited, butterflies in my stomach, for a whole day. It had better work, because Amazon had already confirmed the order. I checked my email before I went to school, at lunch in the computer lab, and at home as soon as school was over. I was checking it for the third time at home when I received the following, at about four P.M.

[i]" Ms. Rossing,

I am good at handling older kids in diapers; so that’s not a problem. Is she disabled? Is there any other special care I might need to provide? I normally charge $200 for a weekend, and an extra $50 if diaper changing is required. Is that acceptable?

Alyssa Stevens"[/i]

“Mom,” I said, in a slightly whiny tone as I walked out to the dining room. What was I going to do? $250 was a ton of money, that three months of allowance! Mom would never agree to it.

“What is it honey?” Mom asked pleasantly, looking up from the mail she was sorting.

“I found a babysitter I like…” I said fidgeting, my foot pointing at the ground. “She wants $250 for the weekend…” I handed her a redacted advertisement so mom wouldn’t consider the thing about diapers having anything to do with why I selected her.

“That’s about what I expected.” She replied looking over the advertisement. “She sounds fine. Have you talked with her?”

“Yeah, I kinda suggested I was you,” I replied, embarrassed. “Cause’ it’d be weird to hire my own babysitter…”

“Fine, fine.” She replied. “I’ll leave the cash with you; I’m not stopping by the house after I go to work Friday. It’d take me too long to get home and then back to the airport. Make sure it’s the same person in the picture before you open the door. Otherwise, call the police.”

I nodded, adding: “thanks mom.” My plan was complete. I would’ve cackled right there in the living room if I hadn’t been so apprehensive and embarrassed about what I’d set up. I immediately returned to confirm with a message.


Not disabled except for the diapers. $250 is okay. I have to leave straight from work on Friday, can you meet at our house at 4 P.M.? I’ll leave the money with her."

Ms. Rossing"[/i]

She replied almost immediately:

“Sure, 4 P.M Friday the 29th. What’s your name and address?”

As I typed back my name and the address, my head was giddy with anticipation. I still had a week before mom’s trip. It would be the longest week of my entire life.

The diapers arrived the Thursday before, and I was getting scared that everything wouldn’t get there on time. I’d thought I was ordering a single package but it turned out to be a case. There was almost a hundred diapers in there; I should’ve checked the ad better. I hid them in my closet as best as I could, wondering what it was like to wear one. I wanted to try one on right away but it was almost time for mom to come home and I didn’t dare risk it. I put the pacifier, wipes, changing pad, and powder in a shopping bag- I would setup a changing area tomorrow first thing when I got home.

When school let out on Friday I practically ran home. It was almost two-fifty by the time I unlocked the door to the house and I threw my backpack on the sofa in a flurry, running back to my room. Out came the Attends disposable briefs, and off went my underwear. I taped it on as snugly as I could and surveyed my handiwork.

It was awesome, crinkly and cute in the bathroom mirror. This was going to be the best weekend ever. I’d been holding it all afternoon, waiting for this, so I immediately tried to wet the diaper, only to find my body wouldn’t comply.

Frustrated, I tried squatting a little, then sitting on the toilet with the lid down. Sitting on the toilet did the trick and, with a bit of effort, I was peeing heavily in the Attends brief. It was warm and squishy and I felt super babyish. The experience was amazing, even as I felt utterly embarrassed at what I’d just done. The scent of my pee was lingering now, even if it was barely noticeable.

That completed, I walked in the sodden diaper back to my room and pulled my jeans off the floor, pulling them up over my diaper and zipping up the fly. I was very happy now that I liked my jeans baggy (normally cause I’m a little sensitive about my figure) because they fit comfortably over the diaper.

I pulled the changing supplies out of the closet and setup a changing area on my bed, stacking the extra packs of diapers on my nightstand. The money for Alyssa was in an envelope on the coffee table in the living room. Everything was completed. It was only three-twenty. I gulped, unsure about whether I had made the right decision, and sat on the couch waiting for the doorbell to ring.

Ding-dong. The doorbell echoed through the house as my heart jumped out of my chest as quickly as I jumped to my feet.

“Coming,” I croaked, my voice running away in my fear.

I peered through the eyehole to find Alyssa, from the ad, looking around, a duffel bag over her shoulder. Her straight, blonde hair was tied in a tight ponytail behind her, and she was wearing a black skirt and a light blue blouse.

“Hey, are you Savannah?” Alyssa asked me as I opened the door.

“Yeah,” I replied, all my language skills leaving me as I realized I was twelve-years-old and wearing a wet diaper in front of someone I’d never met before, even if it was under my jeans.

“I’m Alyssa, your mom told you about me, right?” Alyssa said, coming in and following me to the living room where she set her bag on the floor. “Your mom’s pretty trusting to hire me sight unseen but, hey, a paying job is a paying job.”

“Well, if you weren’t the girl from the picture, I didn’t have to open the door.” I replied, calmly. Alyssa nodded and that as we both sat down on the couch.

“So, tell me a bit about yourself?” Alyssa asked.

“I’m twelve, in seventh grade, and I like reading, math, and My Little Pony, the newer version.” I replied, glad to have something a little more childish than school stuff to put in. I wanted to be friends but if I seemed too mature the diaper thing might be even weirder.

“Well, I’m Alyssa, I’m seventeen, in 11th grade, and I like reading, and My Little Pony too.”

“You don’t like math?” I asked.

“No way. Math sucks.” Alyssa replied laughing. “Yeah, but seriously, I suck at math. Anyway, I hope we can have some fun over the weekend. Oh, is this for me?”

Alyssa picked up the envelope off the table and rifled through it for a moment. “Cool, your mom left us some money for food too, if we want to go out.” Alyssa put it in her pocket. She looked over to me, and I wondered if she was mistaking my embarrassment over the all-too sodden diaper between my legs as a general shyness.

“So, your mom says you still need diapers, huh?” Alyssa asked. I nodded, feeling my face flush. “You wet right now?” She continued. I nodded and Alyssa stood up. “Right then, where do you get changed?”

I got up as well and led her to my bedroom where the changing pad and supplies were all laid out. Alyssa looked around my room thoughtfully as I stood in front of the bed, too embarrassed to move.

“Well,” Alyssa said in a playful voice, “first step is getting those pants off.”

I was deliciously humiliated as Alyssa pulled my jeans down, revealing the yellow, sodden Attends diaper beneath. Butterflies were pounding through my stomach in a good way. She was going to do it; she was going to change me. I felt a tingling in my lower regions that made me feel warm in a new sort of way.

My jeans off, Alyssa guided me onto the changing pad, laid me back, and pushed my ankles into my hands.

“Hold these for me, okay?” She asked, and I nodded. The tapes to the diaper were ripped and the scent of pee grew stronger as she pulled the front of the diaper down. I gulped as Alyssa pulled the first wipe from the container.

“So, why do you have to use diapers?” She asked, concerned, as she wiped down my vulva, brushing ever so briefly against my clitoris as I felt electricity shoot through me in that instant. The wipe itself was cool and refreshing. However, my eyes widened in shock at her question. What should I say? I hadn’t thought this very far through…

“I just do.” I replied in a scared voice, hoping she wouldn’t press the issue.

“Oh,” Alyssa said, lifting my butt off the wet diaper to wipe it. “Just wondering if it was an injury or something else.” She added, shrugging.

She pulled the old diaper out from under me and set the new one down, gently laying my bottom back down on top of it.

“You want some powder?” She asked, and I nodded faster than I probably should have. Alyssa sprinkled it liberally over my diaper area and rubbed it in. It felt awesome. Soon enough, though, she had taped up the new diaper and, all too soon, my first diaper change was over.

My diaper change done, I got up and stood there in just my t-shirt and diaper.

“You look pretty cute like that,” Alyssa said, in a kind voice.

“Maybe I’ll just wear this, then.” I said back, and Alyssa didn’t say anything to the contrary. We went back out to the living room and I found myself even more self-conscious now that my diaper was on display. I turned the T.V. on and sat on the couch, hugging my knees to my chest.
Alyssa sat next to me, thoughtfully, watching me as I watched the T.V. It was a bit disconcerting, and I glanced back to her every once and awhile.

“I wish I’d thought of something like this when I was your age…” Alyssa said wistfully.

“Like what?” I replied, turning to her.

“Like hiring myself a babysitter and pretending I needed diapers for the weekend when my mom was out of town…” Alyssa replied, still wistful in her tone.

My heart ripped through my chest at that, bursting through the window and landing somewhere in the next town. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like…

“I… I…” I stammered. “No…”

“Oh, come on.” Alyssa jeered at me playfully. “I can tell.”

“How?” I replied, my fear showing plainly on my face.

“One, your emails. You don’t know how to proofread yet, do you? Two, the diapers. You have a bunch of unopened packs and the pack that is open had exactly one used- the one you were wearing. Three, how embarrassed you were by being changed. If you didn’t actually change yourself you’d be totally used to being changed by others by now. Four, when I asked ‘what’s your name and address?’ you forgot and gave me your name, not your mother’s.”

My jaw dropped in complete amazement. Was Alyssa a detective or something? Well, even if my weekend was ruined and she told mom everything, at least I got my diaper changed once… I looked down in deep disappointment.

“You haven’t asked why, if I figured this stuff out, I agreed to do the job.” Alyssa replied, and I looked up at her in surprise. That’s true, why had she still agreed?

“Why, then?” I asked, worried.

“Obviously because I’m an infantilist too.” She replied, cheerily. I didn’t know what infantilist meant but it sounded like “infant.” Alyssa continued, “Come on, you think you’re the only one who likes to wear diapers? Still, I never thought I’d be hired by one of us. That’s crazy. The reason I specialize with older kids in diapers is that diapers don’t disgust me; if I can handle changing my own diapers, obviously I can handle someone else’s. I figure it’s bad enough those kids have that problem, who wants to be changed by someone disgusted by you?”

“Do you ever get hired to change older kids?” I asked, sheepishly.

“Oh sure, I babysit an older kid with Spina Bifida occasionally, and there’s a kid with autism that I used to watch until her family moved and sometimes four to five-year-olds that just aren’t trained yet,” Alyssa replied, “but never have I got hired to baby a teenbaby. No one will ever believe me if I post it on the forums.”

“The forums?” I said in horror, “Don’t tell…”

“Oh, it’s not like that. There’s a whole community of us that like wearing diapers online. I’d just tell them, and I’d never leave information that could identify either of us. I won’t tell them, though, cause’ they’d just call me a liar.”

“Oh,” Suddenly, all the things Alyssa had been saying began to sink in. “Does that mean you like wearing diapers too?”

“And here I thought you were a pretty smart kid,” Alyssa replied, laughing. “That was a pretty slow uptake there.”

“So, you won’t tell my mom?” I replied, hopefully.

“Of course not.” Alyssa replied. “You okay with me wearing diapers too, though?”

I nodded, unsure how else to respond. Immediately, Alyssa opened her duffel bag, pulling out a big diaper, grown-up sized, with a cute baby-block print on the front. She unclipped her skirt and let it drop around her ankles as she threw the diaper on the couch and started taking her panties off. I couldn’t believe this was happening; this was crazy.

“I was almost positive about what was going on.” Alyssa said, as she pulled the diaper up between her legs. “I mean, not one-hundred percent, but everything just felt weird about you hiring me. What’re the odds, huh?”

“I picked you because it said you specialized with older kids in diapers.” I replied.

“That’s true,” Alyssa said, giving me a nod of agreement as she taped on her oversized baby diaper. “Still, never thought I’d meet my first IRL ABDL friend though my babysitting ad.”

“ABDL?” I asked, still amazed by everything that was going on.

“Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. It’s what we call ourselves.” She replied, “I’m more of an AB, cause’ I like pacifiers and stuff. You know, playing like you’re a baby.”

“I want to try that too…” I said, embarrassed.

“I’ve never worn diapers in front of someone else, at least, not since I was potty-trained.” Alyssa said, after she finished diapering herself, sitting back on the couch.

“I’ve never worn diapers since I was potty-trained, until today.” I replied.

“Wow, really?” Alyssa said amazed. “So, that was your first diaper?”

I nodded.

“Did you like it? How was I at changing you?” She asked.

“I liked it a lot, and you were awesome at it.” I replied, my voice still quiet.

“Stop being so embarrassed,” Alyssa asked, giving me a hug from the side on the couch. “We like the same stuff, it’s okay.”

“I’m just, I didn’t think this would happen…” I replied. I still wasn’t sure if I liked the turn of events or not. I mean, it was really cool to meet someone who shared my interest in diapers but I kind of wanted her to not know I liked them. I wasn’t as embarrassed now but I kind of liked being embarrassed. It was all too much to take in.

“Oh, you disappointed I found out?” Alyssa asked worried.

I shook my head. “No.” I decided with finality. “It’ll be more fun this way.”

“Diapered weekend here we come!” Alyssa said happily and I finally giggled, accepting the change of circumstances.


Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chapter 1

This is a great start please continue.

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chapter 1

Definitely surprising, I really like where it’s going.

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Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chapter 1

I would vote for continuing the story if you can.

By making the main character an Infantalist right up front you’ve actually managed to sidestep many of the conflicted I like diapers/No I don’t
problems that can bog down the typical babysitter story.

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chapter 1

Excellent start of a story! I’m excited to read more and find out about their diapered weekend!!!

Chapter 2

Everything out in the open, Alyssa and I had immediately gone about planning the best diapered weekend possible. She agreed to split the $250.00 with me, after expenses, provided I agreed to change her, and I made that deal readily. We both knew I wouldn’t be able to do as good of a job, she was almost as big as a grown-up already, almost five-foot-six, and I was still only four-foot-eleven but Alyssa said she’d always wanted to have her diapers changed by someone else and it didn’t matter.

She had a few different types of diapers she’d brought with her, plenty for the weekend, as well as a selection of clothes that looked super cute and babyish. We decided to stay in and watch movies the first night, go to the zoo on Saturday, and go to the mall on Sunday. It was going to be amazing.

Alyssa pulled out a cute baby-doll dress that wouldn’t even go down to my diaper and handed it to me.

“You wanna wear this?” She asked, pulling on a pair of short-alls that had diaper snaps in the crotch. I was in absolute awe that such things even existed. I agreed readily, took off my t-shirt and put the baby dress on while Alyssa was snapping on her short-alls. We giggled at each other as Alyssa pulled out some huge looking pacifiers.

“These’re special ones,” Alyssa explained, “for grown-ups. Wanna try?”

Again, I nodded and we popped the giant pacifiers in our mouths as we sat back down on the couch.

“I gotsh all dees wit babyshitting money.” Alyssa lisped around her pacifier. She leaned back, got an expression of intense concentration and even someone as inexperienced as me could tell she was wetting her diaper. It lasted for a good twenty seconds before she opened her eyes and looked at me with a deeply fulfilled gaze.

“I’s made pee-pees.” She replied, giggling, as she relaxed again. I giggled back, getting more and more into the spirit of it. I was disappointed I’d already wet, even if it was an hour ago, and ran into the kitchen to get some water. I definitely wanted to use my diaper. I downed the bottle of water quickly, disappointed that it didn’t make me need to pee instantly. I knew it would come soon enough though.

We watched an episode of CSI as I waited for my bladder to fill. Soon, I was ready and announced my intent to wet at the next commercial break. Alyssa just smiled, turning to watch as I stood up and squatted a little when the commercials came on.

Now that I remembered how to do it, it wasn’t nearly as hard as the first time. The warm piss flooded out of me and into the diaper. It was exquisite, and I understood how Alyssa could just close her eyes and enjoy it as she peed. I didn’t wet it as much as the time before because I hadn’t been holding it as long but the wetness was still visible from the diaper’s exterior.

“We both wet our diapees.” I said, excitedly, as I took the pacifier out of my mouth. Alyssa nodded in agreement. I sat back down on the couch and we continued watching the T.V. quietly until the episode ended. Alyssa was constantly fidgeting, her legs squeezing in and out around her swollen diaper under her short-alls. I hoped I looked at cute as she did. If it weren’t for her breasts, she would look every bit the toddler. I looked up at the clock as the show ended; at that point, it was only five thirty, and we had the whole weekend ahead of us.

Alyssa nudged me with her foot, and I looked over to her. With all her self-assurance she’d exhibited for the last hour and a half, I was surprised to see her suddenly blushing. She sucked the pacifier heavily as she looked at me. It was weird seeing a big girl - almost a grown-up, looking so… scared?

“Savannah…” Alyssa said bashfully. “I need a new diapee,” She shivered a little, looking at me hopefully.

“Okay,” I said, thinking. “Should I just bring the changing stuff out here?”

Alyssa nodded but kept quiet as I went back to my room to get the pad, wipes, and powder. The breeze between my legs reminded me of just how short the baby dress was, and I tugged it down involuntarily. It wouldn’t have covered a thing if Alyssa was wearing it. I grabbed the stuff and came back to the living room.

Alyssa took a deep gulp and popped the pacifier out of her mouth as I laid the changing pad on the ground. I could hear her taking sharp breaths.

“You okay?” I asked, seeing her eyes transfixed on the changing pad.

“I’ve wanted this forever…” Alyssa said, her voice incredibly serious, suddenly, and also shaky. “I’ve never been changed before…”

“Well, that’s okay, cause’ I’ll change you.” I said cheerfully, patting the changing pad. “It’s the first diaper I’ve ever changed though. Sorry if I don’t do a good job.”

Alyssa nodded and laid herself down. I unsnapped the bottom snaps of her short-alls one at a time, gleefully watching Alyssa’s intense expression as she sucked hard and quickly on the pacifier she’d put back in her mouth. While I had enjoyed my own embarrassment, enjoying Alyssa’s embarrassment might be even sweeter. For a middle-schooler, seeing a high-schooler completely dependent on you was empowering and exhilarating. I felt my confidence rising as I pushed back the short-alls, revealing Alyssa’s sodden diaper.

“You really wet that one, huh?” I asked, squeezing the front of the diaper. Alyssa’s expression was one of shock for a moment, as her face tensed up, her whole body writhing. Her hard suckling of the pacifier stopped instantly. I removed my hand quickly.

“You okay?” I asked, concerned.

“I’m fine,” Alyssa panted, her breathing quickly returning to normal. “I’m just, I’m really excited…” She replied, embarrassed. I guess so, I’d also been pretty embarrassed when Alyssa had changed me. I undid the tapes, pulling the front of the diaper down.

I hadn’t really studied Alyssa before, out of politeness, while she was putting her diaper on. Now, with wipe in hand, I didn’t have much choice. She certainly was a woman. Her pubes were trimmed into a neat triangle above her va-jay-jay. It was sexy and adult. I had a respectable tuft of hair above my own (at least, I thought it was respectable) but I didn’t have hair that I could spare by trimming it.

Internally, I winced, realizing how much more of a kid she would know I was since she’d seen me naked. My kneejerk-reaction was to tell her I’d already gotten my period to even things up but, just as quickly, I realized that probably make me seem even more like a kid; since I was still proud of it.

As I ran the wipe across her vulva, she shivered violently under its coolness. I tried warming up the second one in my hands but it didn’t make much of a difference; she still shivered. She grasped her legs for me so I could slid the old diaper out, and I did so pretty quickly, placing a new one under her as she let her butt fall a little. I wiped the pee off her bottom as well, tapping her on her outer thigh to let her know she could release her legs.

I powdered her even more liberally than she had powdered me and rubbed it in carefully as she smiled, transfixed, still sucking her pacifier hard and fast. I pulled the diaper up and carefully attached the tapes.

“Tiker” She said, quickly, around the pacifier and I realized she wanted it tighter. I had to apply some real force until, finally, she was satisfied that I had gotten it tight enough. I dusted my hands and surveyed my handiwork. Alyssa looked absolutely blissful.

“Tank you,” She said, sitting up and giving me a hug. I blushed that she was thankful for such a small thing as I hugged her back. “Now you.” She added, taking out her paci and putting it on the coffee table.

She turned and pushed me down onto the changing pad, changing me as expertly as she had done the first time. It was heavenly, even if the supreme humiliation of the first change was missing now that I realized Alyssa understood me. Soon enough, it was done. We giggled at each other, freshly diapered, as Alyssa helped me off the changing pad.

“That was amazing.” Alyssa said, once we were back on the couch, her tone shy and embarrassed. “Could you tell I came?” She asked.

“Came from where?” I responded blankly, considering how she’d been in the living room the whole time, as far as I’d seen.

“Oh,” She replied, “Nowhere; just how long I’d wanted someone else to change me, that’s all.”

“Cool, so I did a good job?” I asked.

“Yeah, like I said, it was amazing.” Alyssa replied. “So, umm, what do you want for dinner?”

“Maybe like pizza or something.” I suggested.

“I hate delivery,” Alyssa replied, disappointing me slightly, “Have you ever been to Prosecco?”

That was an unexpected response. Prosecco was mom’s favorite Italian restaurant, we went out there at least every couple of weeks. The food was delicious and, in mom’s opinion, reasonably priced. I’d never gone on my own though… It felt so adult. My friends and I always got fast food or delivery when it was our choice…

“Yeah, they’re delicious.” I replied.

“Wanna go there?” Alyssa suggested. “My treat even,”

I agreed readily and considered changing out of my diaper by Alyssa convinced me that we had to stay diapered all weekend. So, instead, I got out my baggy jeans and Alyssa’s pulled out a pair of baggy sweat pants.

“You can’t see it under this, right?” I asked Alyssa, looking at my butt in the mirror as she did the same.

“You’re good.” She replied, “This is okay, right?”

I checked her over. A slight crease was visible when she moved a certain way but no one was going to be looking for diapers so she was safe. We both agreed that we were ready, tossing Alyssa’s baby outfits onto the couch for later, and headed out to get some dinner.

It was weird being in a car with Alyssa. Already, it felt like we were good friends, not like babysitter and kid. I considered, in awe, that she could drive this car wherever she wanted. The freedom was staggering. I hadn’t cared about getting a license before but, suddenly, I wanted one for myself.

The engine turned and we were off. Prosecco wasn’t too far away from home and it only took about five minutes to drive there. It was still relatively early for a Friday night so we were able to get seated right away. I felt oddly grown-up at eating out with a friend, and oddly immature when I considered that I was diapered under my jeans. We both eyed each other knowingly as we scooted into the booth, feeling the diapers scrunch against us as we did so.

We split a pizza, chatted, and Alyssa gave me super-secret info about high school life. Little things about boys and dating that grown-ups would never talk to me about. I wished I had a big sister like her. It was frustrating not to be able to say more about diapers, and I could see that’s where Alyssa wanted to take the conversation as well. That was the downside to having decided to eat out. As delicious as the food was, we were happy to be headed home.

“This is so much fun,” Alyssa said, once we were back in her car. “I never had the courage to wear diapers out until now.”

“Yeah,” I said, getting into her excitement. “It feels so neat.” I hopped up and down a little on the seat. “How long have you liked diapers?”

“As long as I can remember,” Alyssa replied, “how about you?”

“Well, I only really started thinking about it recently when I saw your ad.” I said, thoughtfully, “but I used to steal my cousins diapers when I was five or six. I stopped after my uncle caught me because it was super embarrassing.”

“I wish I had cousins in diapers…” Alyssa said disappointed. “I didn’t get a diaper between when was potty-trained at three and when I started babysitting at fourteen.”

“That sucks,” I replied empathetically.

“Yeah, it did.” Alyssa agreed.

Home again, we threw in some Disney movies and sat happily diapered and full on the couch. It was pure bliss. I’d glance over at Alyssa ever once and awhile, and she’d pat her diaper knowingly and I’d pat my own in response. Then we’d giggle. After we watched Frozen and Aladdin, Alyssa decided to show me some of the ABDL sites she knew about and I watched over her shoulder as she navigated through them.

“See,” She said, “this one’s a story site, they write stories about playing with or being put in diapers.”

“That’s weird.” I replied, giggling.

“No, they’re really good. Well, some of them.” Alyssa added. Then she started showing me the custom diaper and clothes sites. Our mouths watered in desire as we went through the cutest adult-sized baby stuff.

“You know what’d be really cool.” Alyssa asked.

“What?” I replied.

“A crib. I would love a crib.” She said, blushing.

“But your parents would know!” I replied, scandalized.

“Well, yeah. Obviously I can’t actually get one, but it’d be really cool.” Alyssa said wistfully. She looked up at the clock and my eyes followed hers. It was already after ten.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked. Alyssa thought for a moment. Suddenly, a thought came over her. There was a glint of excitement and danger as her grin widened.

“Wanna go to a Playplace?” She asked excitedly.

“What?” I replied, aghast.

“Well, two towns over, there’s a McDonald’s that’s open twenty-four hours. They never lock the Playplace either. I went there with friends once after a party, and checked it myself later. We could dress up in the baby stuff and…”

“No way!” I said, “They’d see…”

“Wait, wait.” Alyssa replied, shushing me. “Like, there’s one or two employees on staff to see- if they even pay attention. Haven’t you wanted to play in one again?”

I had. I deeply missed playing in Playplaces, which my mom had said middle-schoolers didn’t get to do, plus I was over the height limit. Without the Playplace, McDonald’s could get stuffed for all I cared. Perhaps that had been mom’s plan…

“But…” I replied, worried we were getting out of hand.

“If they ask us to leave, we leave.” Alyssa encouraged, waiting. “I never had the courage to do it alone but if you’re with me…” Talk about turning up the pressure… I didn’t want to let Alyssa down, and it did sound like a lot of fun… and I started getting the delicious butterflies in my stomach again.

If asked later as to how it happened, I don’t think I could quite recreate the combination of excitement, humiliation, and togetherness which brought Alyssa and I to a McDonald’s at eleven at night, her wearing short-alls with snaps in the crotch and me wearing a pink romper. I could hear her breath as heavy as mine as we walked through the open door into the completely empty fast-food joint.

With no one in sight, we snuck to the door that adjoined the restaurant with the Playplace and Alyssa pushed the door. It stuck fast. I tried but, I found the same as she had, the door was locked. I sighed in disappointment and defeat, especially at coming here in this getup. We turned to try and sneak back out quietly.

“Nice clothes,” A voice sounded from behind us. A guy in his late teens or early twenties had come up to the cash register and looked us over, from across the counter, like we were pieces of meat. We both blushed heavily under his gaze. “You guys want into the Playplace?”

“No,” Alyssa started for us. “We just wanted some chicken McNuggets…”

“Look, I’ve got the key,” The man replied kindly, holding a key ring up for emphasis. “I don’t mind letting you in. Oh, and how many McNuggets?”

Alyssa looked at me. Then back at the McDonald’s employee. Finally she took a deep breath and addressed him. I stood silently, half-hidden behind her, wondering what would happen.

“A ten piece. And, yeah, if you don’t mind…” Alyssa replied.

The employee put in the order, came back with our nuggets a few seconds later, then walked over to the door, opened it and flipped on the lights.

“There you go, play to your heart content…” He thought for a moment. “Here, I’ll open the bathroom inside too.” He also walked over and opened the family bathroom attached to the Playplace.

“Thank you,” I said, sheepishly.

“No worries.” He replied, flashing me a smile. “I get to see the craziest shit working here. I’ve seen drunk frat boys asking to be let in before, but never girls wearing baby getups. I didn’t let the drunks in cause’ they damage stuff, but you guys look cool. Besides, I always give women what they want…” He added, winking at Alyssa.

Alyssa blushed. The employee nodded at her and headed back to the front of the store. Alyssa and I were now alone in the Playplace.

With a cheer we threw off our shoes and ran into the plastic tubes. My diaper was already soaked and I assumed Alyssa’s was the same but we thumped through the tubes with abandon. I declared I was the princess of the castle and Alyssa said that she was my knight. We fought imaginary foes for over an hour, running through the plastic tubes and hanging out in the ball pit.

The place smelled atrocious, of course. Far worse than I remembered it, as the smell seemed to be a combination of cheese, feet, and pee. Despite that, playing was fun. We were moving around so much that I wasn’t even that tired as the clock well past midnight.

I came down the chute into the ball pit after playing on my own for a few minutes, looking for Alyssa. She was sitting quietly in the ball bit, tossing them amiably into the air and watching them fall back into the pile. I crawled happily through the balls toward her, my diaper crinkling behind me as I moved.

As I closed in, a heavily smell fell around me, deep, pungent and bad enough for me to gag for just a moment. Alyssa didn’t meet my gaze as I came closer, simply staring at the balls she was playing with. I was pretty sure what the stench was; the babyish smell of powder and poop was lingering around her.

“Hey Alyssa,” I said, trying not to cough as I grew accustomed to the smell…

Alyssa acknowledged me with a flash of her eyes. She squirmed a little where she was sitting in the ball pit.

“I made a messy,” She said cutely, and I inwardly groaned as she squirmed more. I’d never even thought about dirty diapers. Why hadn’t I considered that? Still, she was counting on me; we were a team this weekend.

“Okay, let’s go get changed,” I said, encouraging her to get up. She followed my lead, even though she was a foot taller than me, as we went to the bathroom attached to the Playplace. Her hand in mine, she took steps behind me as if she was a toddler being led. She did, however, grab the diaper bag she’d thrown next to the door as we walked inside. Inside, we found changing counter with a handicapped toilet on the opposite wall.

Alyssa got onto the counter first, and I unsnapped her shortalls, hoping that I would be able to handle with finesse the problem that awaited me inside her diaper. I undid the tapes, quietly took a deep breath, and removed the front of her diaper.

Poop was smeared all over her bottom and her vagina, and she squirmed in it happily as the heavy, harsh scent met my nose. Still, it wasn’t making me throw up like I had worried; that was a significant relief. I went to work with a first wipe, and then another, as Alyssa grabbed her paci from her short-all center pocket and sucked happily as I tried to clean the unfathomable amounts of poop off her rear.

Ten wipes in, it was pretty much done. I could tell Alyssa had enjoyed every second of it, even if it had been pretty hard for me. At first, I was tempted to ask her not to make me change dirty diapers in future but, as I got used to it, I realized it wasn’t so bad. I’d just have to get her back with a real stinker of my own… I really hoped I’d enjoy poopy diapers because, if I didn’t, Alyssa would have me at a major disadvantage over the work we put into changing each other’s diapers.

“Tank you,” Alyssa cooed as I finished taping up her new diaper, tossing the huge mess into the garbage can. Now it was my turn. Without hesitation, she helped me onto the changing counter, undid my diaper after pushing my dress up, and began wiping the pee from me.

She took a lot longer than the first changes she’d done for me. Circling around my vagina, it tickled my pubes and made me feel warm and fuzzy. Alyssa smiled down at me as she cleaned me gently as completely, gingerly wiping between the lips of my vulva. I took a quicky, raspy breath as she hit my clit, and wondered why it felt so good when she touched there.

As if Alyssa knew, she ran the wipe over it again and I bit down on my tongue to stifle the sounds that were threatened to come out of my mouth as if they had a will of their own. Then it was over, I was powdered, diapered, and a little confused about how enjoyable diaper changes were.

We went back into the Playplace but pretty much wrapped things up at that point, thanking the employee and heading back to the car. The employee slipped a piece of paper to Alyssa as she left, and she just nodded and placed it in her pocket.

“What’d he give you?” I whispered as we got into the car.

“Probably his phone number,” Alyssa replied checking it. “Well, he wasn’t bad looking… but I dunno. At least I know he wouldn’t hate a diaper girl.”

Again, I felt the difference in our maturity, with Alyssa being hit on even by the McDonald’s employees. It didn’t matter though, I felt good for Alyssa. She was my friend, and I’d even changed her poopy diaper. Well after midnight we headed home to end the evening. I hoped tomorrow would be even more exciting. As the street lights flashed and the radio played low in the background, I felt myself falling asleep.

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Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 2 (ADDED 2014-11-12)

Love your story, please continue

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 2 (ADDED 2014-11-12)

I’ve never seen an angle like this in a babysitter stories. I personally LOVE when babysitters end up in diapers under humiliating situations but this opens up possubilities I never thought of. I wish my writing was even half as good as this. I’d probably write stories like this.

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 2 (ADDED 2014-11-12)

I feel Alyssa crossed the invisible line by fondling a twelve year old. It’s not too much of a deal breaker for me as long as this gets addressed in a reasonable manner. Be careful with that. I’m still following, though.

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Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 2 (ADDED 2014-11-12)

Omg… You’re right O.o

I mean… It could be argued that she was showing her the more traditional sex appeal that one can have from the kink but… Ya…

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 3 (ADDED 2014-11-14)

I awoke with my cheek resting on an incredibly soft surface. As my eyes opened, I realized it was Alyssa’s breast and I was drooling on her. I blushed, smacking my lips together, as I looked up to find Alyssa watching me calmly.

“Sleep well?” She asked, as she gave me a hug and I snuggled closer to her. Cuddling was nice.

“Yeah,” I replied, feeling the early-morning tension on my bladder and squirming around until, finally, it allowed me to release my pee even though I was lying on my side.

“Is someone making pee-pees?” Alyssa asked cutely, distracting me and which made me stop peeing mid-stream.

“Well, I was,” I pouted for just a moment before smiling. At least my bladder didn’t hurt now.

“It’s almost ten am,” Alyssa mused. “We slept in.”

I suddenly wondered how I’d gotten into bed. Everything from last night, after the Playplace was a blur. I thought hard, and remembered Alyssa gently waking me up, guiding me to the bed, and passing out the instant my head hit the pillow. Well, I guess it made sense, I’d never stayed up after midnight before…

Alyssa was naked except for her diaper, I was still wearing the pink romper from our McDonald’s outing. As I remembered the smells of the Playplace, I knew I’d have to wash my sheets.

Alyssa stretched one arm over her head, her breasts shifting near my face and she did so. She smelled like pee, diaper perfume, and a little hint of her body odor. I liked it. I snuggled against her again and she wrapped an arm around me happily.

“You were a big snuggle bug all night,” Alyssa said, her voice kind and soft.

“That was so cool, last night,” I mumbled, half against her chest. I stretched myself, waking up gradually and finding it easier to finish releasing my bladder, enjoying the heavy, wet warmth that now encompassed my more sensitive areas. I squished it a little against myself as the crinkly sound came to my ears.

“Yeah, that was awesome…” Alyssa agreed readily. We snuggled for another ten minutes before we decided to get up and have breakfast.

I got out the bowls and cereal, because Alyssa didn’t know where there were kept. Meanwhile Alyssa sat at the dining room table. She was still naked except for her diaper but the toddler look had diminished with her boobs just hanging out there for anyone to see. I slipped a hand under my right boob, over my shirt, without thinking, feeling nothing but the slightest hint of baby fat, as always. I blushed as I realized I’d done that in full view of Alyssa.

“Mine didn’t really grow until freshman year,” Alyssa said reassuringly, trying to make me feel better. The look on her face when she looked down at her chest showed how proud she was of them though. I set the bowls of cereal down on the table, and we dug in. It was a quick breakfast, as I was sure both of us wanted to get onto more exciting activities for the day.

“It’s already 10:30,” Alyssa mused. “By the time we get to the zoo, if we start getting ready now, it’ll be noon.”

With that thought, we decided to hustle our morning activities. We showered in turn, put each other in new diapers, and started to get dressed for the day.

“You wanna wear my short-alls?” Alyssa asked as I pulled a baby pink t-shirt over my head.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I’m going to wear grown-up stuff I think. I’ll just have the diaper underneath.” Alyssa said, “I can treat you today.”

I nodded, Alyssa wanted to make me more of the baby, so I stood there calmly as she helped me step into the short-alls and snapped them up. It made me feel even more babyish to have her dress me. For herself, Alyssa pulled out jeans and a white t-shirt. With her hair up in a tight ponytail it made her look very much the teenage babysitter she usually was.

Our outfits completed she walked us over to the mirror. The juxtaposition between us seemed to take a few years off me, especially since puberty hadn’t done much work on my chest yet. I might pass for a tall elementary school kid. I put my thumb in my mouth for emphasis as Alyssa chuckled behind me.

Next, Alyssa picked up the diaper bag she used last night and made sure there were enough spares for each of us and wipes, powder and pacifiers. She also put in a few water bottles to keep us hydrated.

All prepared to go, I locked up the house, we got in Alyssa’s car, and we were on the way to the zoo. Everything seemed to be going fine until we got close to a car accident. The freeway became bumper to bumper traffic and, at about the same time, I felt breakfast catching up with my digestive system. The pressure on my bowels wasn’t serious, but it was uncomfortable.

As the car plodded along slowly, I considered that dirty diaper from the Playplace, and decided that turnabout was fair play. I’d never done this before, however, and after ten minutes of trying to stealth-poop, I realized I’d have to put in more effort.

Alyssa was singing along with the radio and watching the traffic, so I covertly kicked off my shoes and places the bottoms of my feet on top of the seat, hugging my knees. Next, I pushed my back against the chair, slowly raising my bottom, feeling the diaper fall away from my butt just a little and bringing me into a squatting position.

I usually pooped about this time each day and, now that I was in a position that was somewhat more comfortable, it was possible to push the load into my waiting diaper. I grunted softly, straining as quietly as I could and, luckily, it was inaudible over the radio. I felt the first log come out, smooshing against the back of my diaper. The second log followed right after as my face tensed up and strained before finally relaxing. I could tell I’d done most of it but I didn’t feel as empty as when I used the toilet.

It was over, and I relaxed my back, sliding back down a couple of inches and landing on my poopy diaper. It was slippery and icky in the back of my diaper now. I could feel it sticking to my bottom. The naughtiness was super intense and the smell washed over me as I sat on it, knocking the scent out of my diaper and into the car. I looked over at Alyssa.

Alyssa was paying heavy attention to the road, as we were finally coming up on the accident. It had blocked three lanes but, once we were past it, Saturday traffic should be pretty light to the zoo. However, once I sat, ser nose scrunched, then scrunched again, and then she looked at me. I couldn’t help but give her a broad, impish smile in response.

“Savannah!” Alyssa said, scandalized, “We’re stuck in traffic.”

“Poopies.” I replied happily. Alyssa chuckled and coughed as she rolled down the window. The car was still full of the smell of my poo and the smell of our diapers. It took ten minutes to get past the accident and, by the time we were, it was only another ten minutes to the zoo.

“I’m changing your poopy butt as soon as we get to the zoo, young lady!” Alyssa teased. I rocked back and forth in my messy diaper. The smell was haunting and familiar. Alyssa’s hadn’t been so bad, but the smell of -my- poop mixed with baby powder was retrieving memories long lost. I pulled out my pacifier from the short-all pocket and shoved it in my mouth.

Sucking a pacifier, sitting in a poopy diaper, and wearing toddler-stlyed short-alls had to be the closest to being a baby I could imagine. Never would I have dreamed I’d get to go this far this weekend. I thought I was going to be babyish to try and sneak my normal-sized pacifier at night after Alyssa had gone to bed. Alyssa was on a whole higher level of ABDL stuff than I had ever imagined existed.

I felt the poop going around all my nether regions and felt both disgusted and warm and tingly because of it at the same time. The smell was dirty, babyish, and bad; I had known it was bad since I had been potty-trained but there was something spicy and naughty about it too now.

We rolled into the zoo parking lot, selected a spot in the shade, and Alyssa prepared a changing station in the hatchback section of her car while I waited. She’d put the back seats down, laid out a blanket, and beckoned me to lie down on top of it. I obliged her and she undid the short-all snaps, opened the diaper, and surveyed the damage.

“Wow, I’ve got a messy girl, huh?” Alyssa asked me, tweeking my cheek. I giggled in response.

“I poopthed” I replied around my pacifier.

I couldn’t really see how bad it was, but the wipes in Alyssa’s hands went over a very large area of my bottom as she went to work cleaning me up. I smiled at her, sucked on my paci, and looked at the side of the car. I closed my eyes, just enjoyed the care she was taking in cleaning me up. It was comforting, it felt nice.

I wasn’t sure how much I liked pooping in diapers, though the experience held a… dirty naughtiness that was as strong when I just peed, but I definitely liked getting cleaned up afterwards. Alyssa had to work for a good ten minutes before she thought she was finished.

“You got poop everywhere!” Alyssa exclaimed, teasing, as she wiped her hands with a fresh baby wipe.

“I swwy.” I said around my pacifier.

“It’s fine;” Alyssa said, reassuring me. “I’ve changed worse.”

She helped me up and I asked her if she needed to be changed but Alyssa said she’d wait for a bathroom. There wasn’t anyone in the parking lot but, I had to admit, I barely fit in the space at the back of her hatchback, it’d probably be even more uncomfortable for Alyssa.

She took my hand and we swung are arms lightly and happily as we approached the ticket booth. When the salesman looked at me I realized I’d neglected to take the paci out of my mouth and I frantically removed it. It was too late, however, the man shot me a knowing glance and I blushed heavily as we arrived.

“One student and one child.” Alyssa said, the man nodded passing us two tickets as Alyssa handed him a twenty dollar bill. Our change received, we went through the gate. I hadn’t been to the zoo in years but the sights and smells brought major nostalgia. Instead of continuing down the main lane, Alyssa guided me towards a side building and walked inside.

There were a row of strollers inside, ones I was used to seeing and some larger ones that appeared to be for two kid. Embarrassed, I stood there as Alyssa paid the attendant, took out one of the larger strollers, and motioned for me to sit in it. Humiliated, but loving it, I obliged her, sitting my diapered butt on the seat as Alyssa started pushing the diaper back out into the park. Because of the extra width, it was a comfortable fit if I slouched.

I felt like everyone was staring at me, twelve-years-old and in toddler short-alls to boot. I hadn’t been in a stroller since I was five.

“Savannah,” I heard Alyssa from above me, pushing the stroller. “If you’re nervous, just use your paci, right?”

I gulped. Already feeling like all the eyes were on me, I couldn’t imagine doing that. Yet, all the same, I wanted that guilty, naughty spike in my gut to drive deeper. Summoning all the courage I could muster I pulled out my paci, popped it in my mouth, and sucked hard as Alyssa pushed me through the park. This experience was utterly amazing, earth-shattering, it was like there was nothing we couldn’t do. I feel free and scared of discovery all at the same time.

We stopped in front of the lion cage, and watched quietly as the lions lazed around in the afternoon sun. Alyssa pointed out the male lion, hiding behind some brush, and I watched him saunter out into the open for a few minutes. Every moment, I was trying to be less conscious of my diapered, toddler-esque state but to no avail. I was giddy with excitement and worry that someone might say something.

Another stroller pulled up, next to our own, with a little boy of about four or five, babbling to his mommy excitedly about the lions. Above me, I heard his mom talking to Alyssa.

“Nice day, isn’t it?” The unknown woman spoke.

“Yeah, I thought it’d be a great day to go to the zoo.” Alyssa replied.

“Is she you sister?” The woman asked.

“No, she’s a girl that I babysit.” Alyssa replied, “Is that your son?”

“Yes, he is.” The woman replied.

“Mommy, that lion has the big hair!” The boy declared next to us. He glanced over to me for confirmation. I nodded, but didn’t move the pacifier from my mouth. His jaw dropped as he watched me sucking it. “Mommy, where’s my binky?”

“I thought we were going to save it for later…” His mother said worriedly.

“She’s a big girl and she gets a binky.” The boy said, craning his head outside of the stroller a little.

“Sorry,” Alyssa apologized to the boy’s mother. “She’s delayed.”

“Oh, of course, I understand.” The boy’s mother said kindly. “Honey, if you really want your binky now, you can have it.”

As the boy received his binky and turned back to watch me, I released my bladder, feeling absolutely embarrassed by the whole exchange above me, especially as my diaper filled and warmed around me only half an hour or so after Alyssa had changed my poopy one. I could see him eyeing my snaps, wondering if I was wearing a diaper. I bet, I thought, that he wished he could still wear diapers too.

I was so lucky; I knew that. Alyssa was above me, protecting me, so that I could sit in a stroller in the zoo peeing my diapers and sucking my pacifier. I’d have to help her out somehow later to even it up. This afternoon was, without a doubt, exquisite.

After a short time we left the lions and went to the monkey cages. Then we saw the giraffes and the snake house. We even stopped and had a ride on the elephant which, although it stunk pretty bad, was incredibly fun. Alyssa rode behind me and I felt safe in her arms and the elephant swayed back and forth.

The ride complete, Alyssa took us to a family bathroom she’d planned to hit on the route and, safely inside with the door locked, we changed each other’s diapers. It was a bit smelly and hot in the restroom so it was more of a quick clinical change than something we could really enjoy. It didn’t matter to me though, this day was amazing. We stopped at a ice cream stand and Alyssa bought treats for me and herself. We spent the next hour strolling past cages without directing particular attention to any one of them.

By four-thirty we decided we were pretty much done. We’d seen half the zoo and the sun was tiring me out. I had to assume Alyssa was even worse off- she’d been walking and pushing a stroller to boot.

We returned the stroller, I got up to walk, stretching my legs and we headed back out the way we came in. As we closed in on the car, and went away from the other guest, the courage to talk about our experiences came back to us.

“So, how was it?” Alyssa asked excitedly.

“That was amazing!” I replied, brimming with excitement. “I peed myself right when you were talking to that mom and she didn’t even know.”

“Lol, she might’ve, she gave me a look when you got all quiet.”

“She didn’t…” I said, horribly embarrassed if it was true.

“Maybe she did, it was hard to tell.” Alyssa added unconcerned. I nudged her in the side, realizing that she was teasing me as she just giggled in response.

“I wish we both could’ve been babies…” I said wistfully.

“Hey, it’s okay. I can’t do everything the same; I’d have never fit in that stroller, you barely did.” Alyssa acknowledged. “At least I got to live it through you a little…”

Alyssa unlocked the doors to her car and we got inside without letting it air out. It was hot, but somewhat in the shade still. The odor of my poopy diaper from this morning was still present, if quite subdued in comparison. Alyssa hit the engine and the AC.

“Alyssa, that was super cool.” I replied, relaxing in the air conditioned car. “Is there something you want to do tonight? Like, so you could be a baby?”

Alyssa looked at me appreciatively, thinking quietly for a moment as the engine idled and the ac hummed.

“Here, let me see your phone.” Alyssa asked, within a couple of minutes she gave the phone back and started down the road towards home.

I looked at the open browser page, it was on an ABDL story, from one of the sites she’d shown me the other night. I read the story, about an older girl who got caught having an accident and spanking and put back in diapers. It was pretty intense.

I found my throat a little bit dry as I read, a warm, fuzzy feeling began happening in my diaper area as I read about how the teenage girl was spanked on her bottom tell it was red and her daddy told her how naughty of a girl she was. My heart thumped as he put the diaper on and she cried, writhing around. Without realizing it, I noticed my hand was stroking the front of my diaper under the short-alls. Funny thing, I didn’t even remember moving, but it felt really good when I touched there…

I peed my diaper a little more, it’d been a couple of hours since we’d changed at the zoo, and continued reading that story. That one finished, and noticing we still had half the drive home, I began to read the next one as Alyssa drove, obviously thinking about something else. My mind, however, was on the stories. The second one I’d scrolled to even had sex at the end…

We stopped by a burger joint on the way home and ordered some dinner. It wasn’t as delicious as eating out at a real restaurant but both of us wanted to be home again. Oddly, Alyssa didn’t say a word about the story once we were home. Inside, Alyssa went off to change as I started setting out the food onto plates in the kitchen. I wanted to talk to her about it because I wasn’t quite sure why she’d wanted me to read that one. I decided I’d bring it up once we were having dinner.

A few minutes later, when I was about finished, Alyssa returned. She was still wearing her jeans and t-shirt from this morning but she had shoved her hand in her crotch and was doing the potty dance. I’d assumed she’d wet her diaper on the way home like I had, but this activity spoke otherwise.

“I gotta go potty!” Alyssa shouted, before her face fell downcast and I saw urine soaking through her jeans, running down the inside and backs of her thighs to the tile floor below. Her hand was holding herself uselessly the whole time as she thoroughly soaked her pants and panties. Panties it had to be because a diaper would’ve absorbed most of it. The smell of her urine rose subtly around the room as I watched a puddle spread on the kitchen floor.

What was I to do? Alyssa was my babysitter, but here she was having an accident. I had said I wanted to pay her back for this afternoon though… Was that why she had me read the story? I summoned up all the force I could muster, trying to get into the babysitter role for once. I wanted to be equals with Alyssa, not her diaper side-kick. The tenor, the force and the roles of the story I wanted to discuss desperately were immediately coming to mind.

“Alyssa Stevens!” I said harshly. “Are you peeing on my floor?”

“No, mommy,” Alyssa stammered, and I knew I’d gotten the hint about what she wanted because her eyes belied her delight. “I…I…”

“What have I told you about using the potty!” I scolded, trying to sound like my mom when she was really cross.

“I couldn’t hold it,” Alyssa replied pathetically, her thighs scrunching in and out around her sodden pants.

“Get over here!” I demanded, and as Alyssa came close I grabbed her ear. Considering how much larger she was, she certainly could’ve stopped me but, instead, she allowed me to lead her to the bathroom. Inside, I stripped off her pants and yellowed panties, tossing them in the tub for later cleaning.

“Lay across my lap.” I ordered, sitting on the toilet after I’d put the seat down.

“No mommy,” Alyssa begged. “Please, I won’t do it again.”

“Lap. Now.” I ordered again, and Alyssa sniffled as she laid, naked from the waist down, across my lap. I raised my hand and brought it down as hard as I could, slapping the palm firmly across her buttocks.

“Noooo!” Alyssa screamed, bursting into tears as my hand came down again. She writhed and wailed as I smacked her butt. The flesh turning a healthy red as my hand came down. After the fifth one, it was starting to hurt my hand. Still, I owed her, so I didn’t stop. “Please mommy!” Alyssa wailed.

“You’re seventeen years old!” I declared, “So seventeen spankings!”

I worried about whether I could do seventeen, I was hitting Alyssa as hard as I could but, after ten, I switched hands and realized I could manage it. Alyssa was practically choking on her tears, I almost stopped but then remembered that she could stop me herself at any time, if she wanted to.

“Fifteen,” I declared, the sickening smack hitting her bottom for the fifteenth time. Something warm was on my leg now, and on my hand. Instinctively, my hand ran down to Alyssa’s naughty parts and, as I touched it, I realized she was peeing again. “You dirty girl!” I shouted. “You peed while getting your spankings!”

“I’m sorry!” Alyssa wailed. She frantically moved and writhed on me, as if she was trying to get away, but she never actually made a move to get off my lap.

“Sixteen,” I declared, smacking her bottom again, “And seventeen.”

Alyssa gasped, straining against me at the last strike and I felt one of her hands grip my calf hard. She released it just a few second later, however, laying as a disheveled heap on my lap. She breathed deeply and rapidly as I collected my thoughts. According to the story, next step was forced diapered.

“If you can’t hold you pee-pees, missy,” I declared, pushing her off me and standing up. “Then you have to where diapers.”

“No, no diapers!” Alyssa declared, but all the same she obeyed and let me take her out to the living room where I wiped down her legs and privates before putting a fresh baby-blocks printed diaper on her from her diaper bag. Once it was finished, Alyssa simply sighed in relief and lay quietly on the changing pad.

I looked down at Alyssa’s short-alls, which I was wearing. There was a big wet spot where she’d peed on me. I left her for the moment, surveying the damage to the bathroom. Most of the pee had been on me but I easily cleaned up the little puddle she had left next to the toilet. After that, I went out to the kitchen where I found Alyssa just finishing cleaning up the puddle she had made there.

“I didn’t mind handling it,” I said truthfully. “I wasn’t sure I was doing it right though…”

“We’re totally even for today,” Alyssa said gratefully as she finished cleaning the bathroom floor. “It wouldn’t have been as exciting if I knew exactly what you were going to do. That was awesome.”

I blushed at the compliment. After that, we quietly ate dinner and mused on how absolutely excellent the day had been. We both also expressed our disappointment that my mom was coming home tomorrow. By Sunday night, the diapers would be put away and we’d be back to normal lives.

“How soon until your mom goes off on a trip again?” Alyssa asked hopefully.

“She only goes maybe once or twice a year.” I replied disdainfully.

“Damn.” Alyssa acknowledged. “My parents are planning a vacation in July for just the two of them but that’s four months away.”

“Four months…” I repeated slowly.

We finished dinner and sat on the couch. I turned on the T.V. and Alyssa took out her laptop. I didn’t know what Alyssa could plan next. How could it be any better than what she’d shown me so far. All of this was amazing, it was like she knew about a whole world I’d never even seen. Everything was exciting, adult, and cool.

From two weeks ago when I’d so lonely I was willing to have a babysitter to now when I felt like I was almost a grown-up. What a transition in 24 hours? Plus, the diapers made it so I could be a baby and a grown-up all at once. It was confusing, scary, exciting and magical all at once. I wondered if it was a dream…


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Again a lovely chapter

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 4 (ADDED 2014-11-17)

“Holy shit,” Alyssa said suddenly, after we’d been sitting on the couch for awhile. She looked up from her laptop, “check this out.”

She turned the screen of her laptop and I read the post she was referring to under “sightings”

[i]DDOM4EVER writes:

So, my boyfriend works at McDonalds. The other day he tells me that, during the graveyard shift, two girls come in wearing baby outfits. They want to play in the Playplace, right? So he figures, why the fuck not. He lets them in and they gallivant around for an hour or two; the older one’s cute he thinks maybe he can get her number (he’s bi and we have an open relationship, not jealous). But by the end he wondered if they were on drugs or something. So, I’m like ‘that’s crazy’ and he’s like ‘you think that’s crazy. I went to clean up the bathroom after they left and there was a diaper filled with shit in the trashcan.’ He doesn’t know about my diaper preferences yet, so it was a bit of a shock to him. So, yeah, somewhere out there there’s two AB girls playing in public and all you poor straight guys missed it."[/i]

The follow-up posts largely consisted of “bullshit” and “never happened” with a couple others arguing it was just plausible and weird enough to have actually happened. Alyssa looked at me with a wicked grin, and I looked at her wondering.

“Maybe we should contact them?” Alyssa suggested.

“No way.” I replied worriedly.

“Come on, this one guy’s gay,” Alyssa noted, “I’ve seen him post before. Maybe he’d still want to hang with us though?”

“He’s a grown-up.” I hissed, glaring at Alyssa. I was sensing Alyssa might be going too far with this stuff.

“We’re grown-up enough. Look, I’ll just message him, and if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.” I shook my head in disagreement but Alyssa calmed me and assured me it would be okay. Mom was always adamant about not talking to grown-ups online but, then, she’d always talked as if they’d be the ones to contact me. I watched over Alyssa’s shoulder as she composed the message.


I’m one of the girls your friend saw the other night. I didn’t know there were more people like us in the neighborhood. What’s up? - TBannounced[/i]

We didn’t wait three minutes before a response came.


Interesting. I only half-believed his story myself. You guys have some balls. Any proof? My boy is here, send a face pic, he’ll tell me if it’s you." - DDOM4EVER[/i]

I stared in horror as Alyssa uploaded a demur, standard headshot of herself onto an empty Photo Bucket album and sent DDOM4EVER the link. Once again, we waited.


Wow, it really is you. Actually, the local Little community has a little get-together every other week, it’s going on tonight at Flanigan’s. Want the address? - DDOM4EVER
Alyssa bit her lip as she considered her reply. I watched with half fascination and half horror.

Do they card? We’re not over 21 yet. If they let in over 18s we’re fine. - TBannounced
“We’re not over eighteen!” I hissed at Alyssa. She shushed me with a wave of her hand waiting for DDOM4EVER’s next response.


Naw, sorry, 21 and over only and they do card. I have a little after-party at my place sometimes though. Want to swing by that? - DDOM4EVER
“We shouldn’t.” I hissed again Alyssa. She was ignoring me, as she frantically typed back to this DDOM whatever.


Really? That’d be awesome. Where at? - TBannounced[/i]

We waited a few more moments until an address and time appeared in Alyssa’s message box. I was full of foreboding but Alyssa thought it was totally okay.

“It’s a party, right?” Alyssa suggested. “The worst they can do is figure out we’re underage and kick us out.”

“They’ll never let me in,” I replied, raising my eyebrows at her.

“Not true,” Alyssa said, using an appraising eye on me. “With makeup, and a couple of cute touches, I can make you look like a super-petite 18. I already look 18, right?”

I nodded, although I didn’t feel good about it. The after party didn’t start until eleven so I figured I would have plenty of time to talk Alyssa out of this craziness before then.

At least, I thought I’d have plenty of time. Alyssa suggested we take a nap and, two hours later, got me up to start primping, right away. It all happened in such a whirl while I was half-asleep from my nap that I forgot to argue.

“There’s still two hours left,” I whined as Alyssa took me into the bathroom and pulled out a small waxing kit and makeup.

“This is going to take a bit.” Alyssa said, turning on the hot water and picking up the jar of wax. “You want to get in, right?”

“No. This is scary. We’re going too far.” I replied, upset. Alyssa set the wax back down.

“Really?” Alyssa said, considering. “Look, Savannah, they’re adults sure, but I’m almost an adult and I can get them to believe you’re an adult by association. You’re really mature, you’re the first person I’ve gotten to play diaper games with. I’m sure they’ll be girls there too. If there isn’t, we just book out really quick. I snuck into a get-together held in another town before; it was pretty cool.”

“You’ve done this before?” I said, a little less worried if Alyssa really knew what she was doing.

“Well, I went to the meet-up but I didn’t wear a diaper and I took off pretty quick. I got nervous being on my own…” She replied, embarrassed. “Being with you makes me feel more courageous. I won’t go if it’s just me.”

At that, I beamed and couldn’t bring myself to try and talk her out of it anymore. I didn’t want to diminish her courage if one of my strong points was that I helped her have courage.

Alyssa waxed my eyebrows, which hurt like the dickens, and then undid my diaper. I wasn’t sure why until she started applying wax to my only tuft of hair down there.

“Hey, having hair down there makes me look grown-up.” I said, incensed at my little, outward proof of womanhood being removed.

“Only kinda;” Alyssa added, “it makes you look twelve. Nothing there makes you look like you wax and that you could have a full bush if you didn’t.” She replied and I took a deep breath. When she ripped the wax off it was far worse than the eyebrows, I gasped as it pulled away all my hairs. It hurt so bad tears came to my eyes. I sighed as I looked down; I looked like a baby again. I worried for a split-second that the girls at school would be able to tell; at least we didn’t have to take our panties off for gym class…

For the next hour Alyssa carefully did my makeup and, by the end of it, she was right. I looked years older, although I still wasn’t sure I looked like a grown-up. Lastly, she bound my non-existent chest with medical tape.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“If it looks like you bound your chest, they’ll assume you’ve got something there. Why else, right?” Alyssa suggested.

I nodded at the wisdom of it. Alyssa was a pretty sneaky person sometimes. It was a bit uncomfortable but, once everything was done, I could see how I -might- be an eighteen-year-old desperately trying to look like a kid, rather than a twelve-year-old desperately trying to look eighteen. Alyssa was subtle.

Alyssa made herself up and we were on the way to the after party. It was being held in a very nice part of town, much nicer than my own area, and when we arrived it was clear that Alyssa’s hatchback was by far the shabbiest one there. There were luxury cars and all the houses had three-car garages.

We’d had time to do some laundry, so Alyssa was back in her short-alls and I was wearing the slightly longer baby dress. It still didn’t hide my diapers very well. The butterflies attacking me again furiously, as we walked up to the door and Alyssa hit the doorbell. Looking over at her, for the first time this weekend, she finally seemed as nervous as me.

The door cracked open and the sounds of conversation and laughter emanated from the inside. The man opening the door appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He looked us over as he quickly ushered us inside.

“Shit,” He said, closing the door behind us. “I should’ve said come in plain clothes but I thought you girls would have some common sense.”

“Those girls?” The employee from McDonald’s said, sauntering into the foyer with us for just a moment. “No way, those two have no sense of shame.”

“I’m DDOM,” The man who opened the door proclaimed, offering his hand. Alyssa and I shook it. DDOM had a full head of sandy brown hair, the earliest beginnings of wrinkles etched around his eyes and a general attitude of warmth. He flashed me a smile and I instantly felt more comfortable in the place. I stood in the foyer, looking around as Alyssa began our introductions.

“I’m Alyssa, nice to meet you.” Alyssa replied, shakily. “And this is Savannah.”

“Nice to meet you two.” DDOM replied kindly, closing the door behind us. DDOM continued the conversation casually. “So where do you guys go to school?”

“Franklin Mid…” I stopped mid-sentence, my eyes growing as wide as saucers. It seemed as if time had stood still and blood pumped in my head, my heart pounding heavily. There was only one Franklin in town and it was my middle school. Alyssa turned and glared at me, it seemed in slow-motion, and she had the most horrified expression. DDOM, however, turned to me with an expression that seemed to suggest he was unsurprised.

“Where’s your parents?” DDOM asked me. I immediately felt twelve again. All the primping was for nothing. I couldn’t breathe. All that scary anticipation, wondering if I’d get caught. The humiliation, the fun, it was all ruined by the distant maybe-fear becoming a crushing reality. All the fun Alyssa and I were going to have was evaporating as DDOM looked at me with concern. I stammered, not managing to say anything coherent . He turned to Alyssa. “And how old are you really?”

“We’re going,” Alyssa said and took my hand. DDOM moved between her and the door.

“You kids could really get yourselves hurt. This isn’t a world for kids to play in. We’re nice people; you got lucky.” DDOM said, as the McDonald’s employee looked at us sheepishly, like he’d turned us in. DDOM regarded him, “Steve’s barely nineteen, but that’s almost a year over legal. He mentioned he didn’t think your friend was legal and we thought a lesson might be in order. Are you even over eighteen?” He asked Alyssa.

Alyssa gulped, and looked down. “No.”

“I thought not.” DDOM said. “If you were, I’d be obliged to call the cops for bringing her here.” He added, pointing at me. “As it stands, I’m still calling your parents. Fess up, what’re their numbers?”

“Please, please, please.” Alyssa begged, trying to open the front door but finding it wouldn’t budge with DDOM’s hand on it. As I watched Alyssa, my guts were churning at a million miles per hour as she started to panic. Alyssa looked horrified, pleading, “We’ll just leave. We’ll never come back.”

DDOM looked up at the ceiling for a moment, in thought, then down at me.

“How old are you, really?” DDOM asked. Everything in Alyssa’s eyes said to lie, but DDOM’s will was bearing down on me. I didn’t know what to do. I was so, so scared. It was the first time it felt like Alyssa wasn’t in control anymore. And I was wearing and diaper and a baby dress in some person’s house I didn’t even know. It was all too much. I started sniffling as the tears started streaming down my face. It was all I could do to keep from wailing.

“Twelve,” I admitted, wiping at my eyes, ashamed, as Alyssa bit her lip in horror.

“Damn,” DDOM replied, shaking his head in worry, looking back at Alyssa. “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“We were just having fun,” Alyssa pleaded. “She likes this stuff too. I just wanted us to be able to do all the fun stuff… it’s hard to meet up when you’re under 18…”

“It’s not as if I don’t understand…” DDOM replied, sighing worriedly. “I was a teenager too, I was into weird stuff at that age too. But I never pulled this shit. Especially not with a twelve-year-old. I’m sorry, I can’t let this go. Give me your parents’ phone numbers.”

“Let us go!” Alyssa screamed, pulling hard on the door to no avail.

“Fine,” DDOM replied, looking at Alyssa harshly. “You can go. I’ll call the cops to pick up the kid.”

Alyssa turned back and tears were now coming from her eyes as well. That was it, I couldn’t take anymore. I broke down, wailing into my hands as Alyssa rattled off her mother’s phone number through her own silent tears.

We sat in that foyer for half an hour. I stopped wailing after another five minutes and Alyssa started trying to whisper to me to get a story straight. It didn’t matter though, we were fucked and we both knew it. I was regretting having wet my diaper on the way over; it was going to be even more humiliating to be found this way. I wiped my eyes with my hands, my eyes were red and itchy now. Alyssa looked deeply upset too, although she bore hers stoically.

“Mr. Thortin?” A woman asked as DDOM returned to open the door. Alyssa cringed as she recognized the voice of her mother.

A woman, who looked a lot like an older Alyssa walked in, looked at the two of us, and in a not unpleasant voice said: “you two, my car- now. Alyssa, your keys.”

Alyssa handed her mother her keys and guided me out to her mom’s car which we found open. We sat in there silently for another ten minutes until, finally, Alyssa’s mom got in the car, turned on the engine and pulled away from the house.

“Is this what you do when you’re ‘babysitting’?” Alyssa’s mom asked sternly as we began heading down the road.

“It wasn’t like that.” Alyssa said, looking back and forth between her mom and me. “Savannah, tell her…”

I could see the look in Alyssa’s eyes. She was begging me to downplay it. I didn’t want to get Alyssa in trouble, either.

“I…ummm… Ms. Stevens…” I started, utterly embarrassed. I didn’t know how to describe what Alyssa and I had been through since yesterday. I was very conscious that I was talking to Alyssa’s mother while wearing a baby dress. “We were just playing?” That description had worked before. I let it trail off.

“Playing?” Ms. Stevens asked incredulously. “Is that what you call it?” She turned to her daughter. “Alyssa, are you crazy? You took a twelve-year-old to a McDonald’s at midnight in that getup. Are you some kind of pervert?”

“You seem to know mom,” Alyssa replied angrily. “Yeah, your daughter’s a horrible pervert. I like peeing and pooping in diapers, okay.” She folded her arms across her chest.

“That’s not the issue.” Ms. Stevens interjected. “The issue is that you involved this little girl.”

“She wanted too!” Alyssa argued. “Right? Savannah?”

I nodded shyly so that her mom could see me in the rear-view mirror.

“So what? She’s twelve; you’re seventeen.” Her mom replied. “You’re supposed to be the one showing some restraint and, knowing how you lead your friends, I get the feeling you were the one orchestrating this. She…” Ms. Stevens added, motioning broadly at me, “certainly didn’t drive to McDonald’s or that man’s house. You’re both lucky he was a decent person.”

“I never knew anyone in person that liked this stuff…” Alyssa replied pathetically. “I just, I was so alone… It was exciting having someone else into it…” She looked apologetically at her mom. “I got carried away with it…” She admitted finally.

“I’m glad you understand.” Her mom replied, calmly.

“What do we do now?” Alyssa asked.

Ms. Stevens sighed as she drove. There was silence in the car as Ms. Stevens thought. Alyssa and I could feel the tension suffocating us as we drove. How I wished, wished for a dry diaper or, even better, some clean panties right now.

“Savannah.” Ms. Stevens started. “I assume you don’t want your parents to know about this.”

“Please, please don’t tell my mom.” I begged, amazed that not-telling was even on the table.

“My daughter’s the one to blame here.” Ms Stevens replied. “She could’ve gotten you and her in a lot of trouble or even killed. I apologize for that. That being said, she’s not usually like this. I’m used to her being very responsible. This diaper thing or whatever just sent her off the deep end. You give me your word you won’t have anything to do with ‘ADBL community’ or whatever Mr. Thortin called it, and don’t leave the house wearing this sort of stuff until you’re 18 and I’ll won’t tell your mom.”

“I promise. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I swore honestly, with every inch of my being. I could see Alyssa was looking more relieved as well.

“As for you,” Ms. Stevens added, addressing her daughter, “we’ll discuss that privately.”

Alyssa gulped and lowered her head.

At the Steven’s household I cleaned myself up and changed into an old outfit of Alyssa’s. Alyssa apologized to me again privately but didn’t say much else. I spent the night on the couch of the Steven’s household and was taken home in the late morning. Alyssa didn’t come with her mom to see me home. I cleaned the house thoroughly for my mom though; I wanted to surprise her by having the house in better condition than she left it.

I didn’t know what to make of everything. Alyssa had been my babysitter for just over twenty-nine hours. It happened so quickly, ended so horribly and now I felt oddly alone again. I wondered if I’d ever hear from Alyssa again. I still looked up to her, she was the most brave, cool kid I knew even if she’d fallen short as a grown-up in the end. As I finished cleaning I started steeling my heart for middle-school the next morning. I wasn’t ready to return so quickly. The weekend felt like it had passed in mere moments.



Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 4 (ADDED 2014-11-17)

Again love it, nice twist

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 4 (ADDED 2014-11-17)

I’m glad you didn’t cast Alyssa in a positive light after everything. I found your choice of ending interesting, I didn’t expect anything less than something happy. It works out well. I admit that I wish there were more stories with these two.

Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Chap 4 (ADDED 2014-11-17)

This ending was morose. I loved it. It was mature and kept a real world context yoh never see in ABDL stories. It makes you question the bubble we wrap ourselves in. Yes it can protect us but boy does it hide us from the dangers. I love that this story puts participants of abdl in a bad light while highlighting some as still functional members of society. Very mature and very real. Kudos.



Returning to school was hard. All I could think about all week was diapers and Alyssa. I wanted to talk to her so bad, to call her, anything. I’d hidden my diapers well before mom had come home and I secretly wore one every night of the week, being as quiet as I could, after I’d gone to bed for the night. Life was surreal now. It was like the weekend had changed me but everything about life was exactly the same as it had been before my mom left, with the exception of my diapering materials hidden in my closet. My mother didn’t know, my school mates didn’t know; I was alone with my secret.

By the weekend, all I wanted to do was wear one and, when my mom told me she was going to get her hair and nails done, I took the opportunity. I only had an hour or two, but that diaper was snugly on and peed-in within five minutes after she left the house.

Being in a wet diaper alone was, well, lonely. The feelings were all I had and they were even more intense now that I was alone with my thoughts. I brought one of those diaper stories up on my phone, and began touching myself as I read it. More pressure, more tingly, more feeling as I touched myself until it was all too much and I had my first orgasm. When I read how the protagonist “came” on the girl in the story, a light in my head clicked and I understood what Alyssa had been saying that first day.

As the orgasm washed over me, and I remembered the last weekend, I felt guilty. The excitement turned to disgust as I realized I was a twelve-year-old masturbating in a peed-in diaper. Why hadn’t I realized it before? I’d learned about masturbation in health class last semester, I’d just never put it together. My first orgasm was a combination of excitement coupled with self-disgust. I was so lonely. I wanted Alyssa to be here but I also wished she’d never shown me this stuff.

I went by Alyssa’s house the next week. It took me an hour to find it; I had to ride my bike and I hadn’t paid very close attention when her mother had driven me home two weeks ago. Still, she lived within three miles of my house, I knew the direction, and there were only so many streets. When I rang the doorbell her mother answered, apologized to me, and noted that Alyssa was going to be grounded for quite awhile. I went home crestfallen and confused.

Was I a lesbian? I began to wonder as the weeks passed and I couldn’t get Alyssa out of my head; I certainly liked what we had done together. Every time I wore a diaper I thought about her changing me. Every time I wore a diaper I thought about the thrills we’d shared, the ABDL dream fulfilled. Now, I just wore alone in my room, masturbating in the dark. A month later I was 13; now just another lonely TB.

Despite my promise to Alyssa’s mom, the loneliness drove me to ABDL sites, reading diaper stories, and lying about my age. I’d never try to go to a function; I realized how stupid that was now. At the same time, no one knew who I was online and I could pretend there. I felt bad about breaking my word but there was just no one to talk too. I went by Alyssa’s house once a month but her mom kept telling me she was grounded. Finally, she told me Alyssa had gone off to college. I stopped trying to see her after that.

Middle school gave way to high school, and my life was less shitty on a daily basis. Rumors, cruelty and the like still existed but it was never as bad as those three middle-school years which still felt like they had been an eternity.

In junior year I got a boyfriend, and at the senior prom I ‘put out’ for him, as the stupid boys called it. I told him about my diapers after, and he said it was disgusting. I broke it off with him, he was pissed I wouldn’t put out anymore, so he told his friends. There was no proof, of course, and the rumor died in a month. Still, it shook me up. I knew now that I couldn’t tell anyone my secret… and that I’d given my first time to a shithead. I felt alone, rejected, and disgusting. At least my first time had felt good.

I thought about Drake, my ex, and how now I was as old as Alyssa had been when we met, perhaps older. I wanted to see her. She was the only person I could tell everything too. With Drake gone, she was, once again, the foremost person in her mind. The memories of that all-too short weekend were so real and vivid I could taste them. Twenty-nine hours that had occurred five years ago were taking up far more space in my mind than they deserved. After three years of not going by the Steven’s household, one Sunday I showed up in the used car mom had bought me and rang on the doorbell.

“Hello?” A man I didn’t recognize answered the door.

“Is Alyssa Stevens here?” I asked, quietly.

“Oh, no.” He replied surprised. “I bought the house from the Stevens two years ago. Do you want their new address?”

I nodded and put the new address into my phone. Things had changed so much. The new address was in a different city, about ten miles away. Without thinking, I jumped in the car and drove. I had been a mess since Drake and I had broken up and the rumor started. Anything to change the pace of my life would help right now. Maybe Alyssa could say something.

The new house was a little bigger and a little nicer than the Steven’s previous one. I rang the door and another man I hadn’t met answered.

“Hello?” His nose reminded me of Alyssa’s though. I was hoping I had gotten closer.

“Is Alyssa here?” I asked, shyly.

“No, no,” He replied with a friendly tone. “She’s got her own apartment now. Wouldn’t move back in with us after she graduated. And you are?”

“She used to babysit me…” I said, embarrassed. This must be her father, her mother had always answered the door when I came calling before but I’d always ridden my bike over after school on weekdays. “I just wanted to see how she was doing,”

“Oh, I’m sure she’d love to see you. Here’s her number.” Her dad replied, handing me a cell phone number.

“Who’s at the…” Ms. Stevens came up behind her husband, looked at me for a moment, nodded and headed back into the house.

“Just one of Alyssa’s old babysitting kids.” Her dad replied but Ms. Stevens was already gone.

I thanked him and headed back to my car. I immediately dialed the number."

“Hello,” The voice sounded. It was her, Alyssa, my heart soared. I hadn’t heard her voice in five years.

“Hi,” I choked into the receiver. “It’s Savannah. Can we meet up?”

The line was silent. It felt like forever as I just sat there waiting for a response. My breath stuck heavily in my chest.

“Sure,” Alyssa replied, rattling off her apartment address as I wrote it down on the back of a Sear’s receipt that had been lying on the floorboard. She was also in this town, and I was on the way to her apartment as soon as my phone’s GPS got to working.

The apartment complex was cheap but clean. It seemed full of small families and young semi-professionals. I walked done the cement path, past the manicured lawns, towards Apt 7E, Alyssa’s new home. I felt those all-too familiar butterflies as I rang the doorbell. When it opened, Alyssa was standing on the other side, and she looked as nervous as I was.

“Wow, you’re driving now, huh?” She said, embarrassed. I nodded and she invited me in to sit on her couch. The years had made her even hotter. She had to be… twenty-two… now, her pert breasts had gone up another size, her waist had added a slight hint of chub as well but she’d been rail thin before. She offered me some coffee and we each drank a cup in silence on her couch.

“Ummm…” We both started simultaneously, then stopped. Alyssa put her cup down.

“If… I mean, if you want an apology, I’m really sorry Savannah.” Alyssa said guiltily. “I don’t know what the hell I was thinking. When I think about it, I feel really bad.”

“I don’t feel bad… most of the time. What is there to be sorry about?” I replied, honestly. “Do you still like diapers?”

Alyssa nodded silently.

“Me too.” I replied. “I told my boyfriend about it a month ago. He called me disgusting.”

“I’m so sorry,” Alyssa said sorrowfully, as if it was her fault that asshat Drake didn’t like diapers.

“He was a jerk,” I replied, waving my hand. “I feel so alone sometimes.”

“I feel that way, too.” Alyssa replied. “I got a daddy in college.” She added, quietly. “It started off okay; then he got possessive. It got more BDSM and less ABDL as we went on… I broke it off with him, and then had to get a restraining order when he went ballistic.”

“Oh my god, that sounds awful…” I said, putting my hand on her arm from across the coffee table.

“Mom said it was my own fault. If I kept doing this perverted shit, what was I going to expect?” Alyssa said bitterly, sniffling suddenly, taking a deep breath, and recomposing herself.

We were silent for awhile after that. I thought about how much fun it had been. Then, I thought about all the complications it made. Could we ever have normal relationships? Would we want too? Was I a lesbian? I’d asked myself that last question a thousand times since my weekend with Alyssa. All I could ever answer was “maybe.”

“I…do you know why I’m so sorry?” Alyssa asked me. I shook my head. Why? Sure, I guess she could be sorry for getting us caught, but why about the rest? I wanted to wear diapers too, I’d be up for everything except that meet-up. Why did she think it was her fault.

“Imagine how you feel right now.” She replied, and I nodded. “Now, imagine you met a twelve-year-old who acted pretty mature, and was new to all this… What would you want to do with her? What would you want to do -to- her?”

Immediately the “am I a lesbian?” question came to my mind again and I realized what I’d always wondered, really, was: “was Alyssa a lesbian?” I looked at her. “Did you want to have sex with me?” I asked, scared.

“I thought, maybe after the party, I dunno…” Alyssa admitted, breaking into tears, hanging her head in shame. “I was so alone… and I knew you were enjoying it. Weren’t you?”

“I started masturbating a week later.” I said, my thoughts a bit disconnected. I wasn’t quite sure why I admitted that.

“You were safe for me.” Alyssa added, continuing her confession. “It was like, all my worries, doubts and shame weren’t obvious to you. You looked up to me, and you already liked diapers. I thought it was fate or something… I was so excited when I guessed at your interest, and I was delirious when you admitted it. I, at least…” Alyssa trailed off.

“I did like a lot of it.” I admitted, as I considered the implications, and the guilt of the last five years. “But, you also might’ve screwed me up, too.” I added. “I didn’t think of diapers as sexual until after our weekend.”

“You would’ve, though, soon enough.” Alyssa suggested cautiously.

“Maybe I would’ve. We’ll never know now, right?” I added. It wasn’t an accusatory statement; I was just stating the facts. I’d never know whether Alyssa had made me a pervert or if I was destined to go down that road, Alyssa or not.

“I’m sorry.” Alyssa repeated.

“I accept your apology.” I replied, shrugging, now that I actually understood what the apology was about. I took a deep breath, changing my tone to a happier one. “Now that we said that stuff, can we be friends again?”

“Sure!” Alyssa said astonished and happy. “I, really?”

“Whatever. I don’t want new diaper friends. I want you. I haven’t stopped thinking about you for five years.” I replied. “Maybe you screwed me up, maybe you didn’t. I certainly didn’t think that way at the time, and I am who I am. I can’t help how I feel now regardless of why.”

“You seem more mature than me now…” Alyssa said somberly. “I’ve just been fucking up the last five years of my life wishing, even though I knew it would’ve been wrong, that we hadn’t been caught.”

With that said, with her soft acceptance, I casually released my bladder, allowing it to soak through my panties and pants, into the deep blue sofa cushion beneath me. I needed this now and, if Alyssa didn’t want her couch peed on, well she owed me. It felt delicious. Five years since I had done this in front of anyone. I may have explained it to Drake but I never showed him, that asshole.

The wet warmth was luxurious and I knew Alyssa would accept it. I wriggled a little in my pee pants, drinking my coffee as if nothing had happened, until Alyssa looked down and her eyes showed her slight surprise.

“Did someone have an accident?” She asked with a sultry tone. I bit my lower lip, looking back at her with the same, secretive expression.

“Sorry Alyssa,” I said, trying to impersonate myself of five years ago. “I forgot I wasn’t wearing a diaper.”

“It’s okay, Savannah.” She replied. “Does your babysitter need to clean you up?”

I nodded. Gently, Alyssa took my hand and led me to her spare bedroom. Inside was a crib, a changing station and, on the night stand, a picture of twelve-year-old me in the pink romper. I didn’t even remember her taking it. I gulped, as Alyssa checked the state of my pissy jeans with her hand and pressed her mouth to mine. I felt the kiss, and returned it, my heart thumping. The secret fantasies that I masturbated to for the last five years were coming true.

Frantically, wet and desperate, we made love on the plastic-covered mattress inside Alyssa’s adult-sized crib. Alyssa released her own bladder as she went, and sucked on a pacifier as we touched each other, making up for lost time. As quickly as it began, we finished.

Naked, my peed-in clothes strewn on the floor, my body laid across Alyssa’s in her crib, I came down from the height of passion once again. The guilt was lessened, but still flowed through me, sickening me. Would it always be like this? A hidden part of me hated Alyssa for bringing me to this, even if it was the natural result of my predilections. I wondered if that little, venomous thought that blamed her in the corner of my mind would poison our new relationship. As I worried about it, as Alyssa purred in my ear and her hand continued lightly caressing my sex. I looked up at the ceiling and wondered if I’d ever outgrow needing a babysitter…

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Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Complete on 11-19-2014

Lovely ending, never ignoring the implications, but giving us what they promise us as well. This is the best story I’ve read in a while. I’m glad I didn’t drop out when it first made me uncomfortable (it’s very rare for me to give chances like that).

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Re: A Weekend for Babysitting - Complete on 11-19-2014

Thanks. That means a lot to me. I’m especially happy with how this one turned out. It had everything I wanted in it and didn’t feel like it dragged at all. Also, I kept it short (comparatively) and, to me, it felt like it still worked. I’m trying to get better at writing shorter pieces.