A victim of moral panic?

From a journalistic standpoint, I dislike this article. It’s horribly one-sided and there’s no timelyness to it. Nevertheless, it seems worth discussing here:


I don’t know for a fact that this guy is innocent. But from the information given here, it’s clear that he was railroaded. Manipulating testimony out of children (and subsequently concealing the manipulation by editing the tapes) is reprehensible. If I were Baran, I’d sue.

What say y’all?

Re: A victim of moral panic?

I’d completely empathize with suing, hell he’d easily win at this point but I also understand his point that it likely wouldn’t help enough.

Still….if we were to ever describe the difference between a crime and a hate crime, this article gives a pretty memorable idea. Kind of insane to go through 21 years of prison when all along you were innocent, I can’t imagine what he’s going through.

Re: A victim of moral panic?

I would sue, not because it would make me feel better, but because he’s going to be fucked for any income now. Particularly being 20 years behind on the career ladder,