A touch of reality

a bit short but i believe a nice story

A touch of reality

It was all going so well until the diaper blew up.

Maybe I should back step a bit.

See my name is Howy well no its not but I’m not really telling you what it is so that’s good enough a name. I’m 12 and I think rather smart unfortunately I’m also a bit of a runt. What’s also true is my parents try to make up for it by giving me access to stuff an overly smart yet not quite mature 12 year old shouldn’t have ,yeah I’m blaming my parents, any ways on this particular day I was :
A bored
B alone in my aunts house while they and her son when out
C had access to a chemical set
D and my little cousins diapers

What that added to was me messing about with the chemical set and said diaper

I’m not sure what I did but I apparently blew up the diaper just as my aunt, her son, my dad, and mom came in threw the door.

I still say there was nothing funny about it at all.
There was me lacking all hair on my face, scared out of my wits, and with wet pants (what can I say lets see you blow up and a diaper just as you family walks in and see what you do)

Instead of a big fight with yelling and grounding and so on they all start laughing. Laughing! Even my cousin 2 ½ get in on it even if he don’t know what’s going on. Maybe it was fear or just frustration I’m not sure even now but I started crying right then.

What do they do then? Dad picks me up , I said I was a runt, and takes me back to my cousins room to calm me down while my aunt and mother apparently clean up the mess I made and decide my fate. Me I’m so distraught I end up getting undressed by my dad and dressed in diapers! To my shame I didn’t even put up a fight about it I guess I was still scared and stuff he really didn’t have choice as I didn’t have anything to wear.

What happen after? Well I got grounded yeah big surprise! I was also watched a bit more until I started growing and showing maturity but the worst! The really worst thing is my family always brings it up every chance they get!

To this day I never look at diapers with out shuddering!

Authors note while this really didn’t happen to me there is some truth to this I did really have access to a chemicals set I was really left alone only it was at a friends house what we really did was end up missing stuff in a clogged toilet. End result well lets say that it wasn’t pretty and mad a huge mess an I really really got in trouble