A Tortured Soul Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Laura threw the covers off and sat up even as she opened her eyes. A glance at the clock showed it was six fifteen in the morning. She knew that sound. That was the sound of her little boy when he was hurt!

Six seconds hadn’t passed and she had pushed her feet into her slippers, and was reaching for her robe. Three seconds later, she was through her bedroom door, moving fast down the hall. She saw Katie open her door just as she reached for the knob to Eddy’s room.

Laura almost hesitated when she opened the door and the smell of a dirty diaper assaulted her nose, but when she saw Eddy laying on the carpet, crying his eyes out, the mommy in her moved to him and picked him up. She instinctively grabbed his pacifier as she reached for him, and offered it to him as she pulled him close. It was clear that he was hurt when he didn’t take the pacifier, so she started rocking him back and forth, saying, “I’ve got you…Mommy’s got you Baby.”

When she realized she was patting his bottom, she felt the mound of poop in his diaper. The painful cries, and the fact that he had regressed even more since last night, made her hurt for her little boy.

“It’s alright…it’s okay…Mommy’s here,” Laura comforted. It took a minute before he stopped the really hard crying, and she had discretely been running her hands over his body with gentle pressure to find the source of the pain. Finding nothing, she offered him his pacifier again. When he took it, she felt relieved. She knew that if Eddy was still in a lot of pain, the paci wouldn’t help.

Jim asked from the doorway, “Is he all right?” in a concerned tone.

“Yes, I think so,” Laura answered.

“Poor little guy,” Katie said from just inside the door.

When Eddy settled down to whimpering, Laura asked, “What happened, Sweety?”

“I feww doooown,” he told her in a hoarse little voice, starting another round of crying.

“Did you fall out of your bed?” she asked, trying to distract him.

Eddy nodded his head, and when his chin came up, Laura saw that he had a bruise forming underneath. “Did you fall on something, Sweety?”

With another nod, Eddy pointed to the wipe container, and answered, “Dat,” still sobbing. A second later, he touched his lower jaw and cried, “Boo boo,” in the most pitiful tone she had heard in years.

Laura tried to keep her emotions under control. She was watching, bit by bit, as her son slowly became a little boy. First his wetting, and nursing his thumb, then his bear and wanting a bottle. Now, he had messed his diaper, and was talking just like a toddler. The expectant expression on his face didn’t help either. Laura cleared her throat before asking him in a comforting tone, “You want Mommy to kiss it and make it better, Baby?” hoping he would blush and refuse her offer.

“Mmmm Hmmm,” he replied as he nursed his paci.

She gently raised his chin, planted a soft kiss to the bruised area, and accepted that he wasn’t going to shy away when he snuggled up to her just afterward. “Is that better, Baby?” she prompted.

“Mmmm Hmmm,” he repeated, nuzzling his face into her neck.

It worried Laura that she had steadily been patting his bottom, and he hadn’t shown any discomfort at all about having a messy diaper on. Wanting to see what his reaction would be, she asked “Did you have an accident, Honey?”

Nodding his head, Eddy replied, “Poopies.”

Trying to figure out why, she prompted, “Was that because you got hurt?” and was thankful when he nodded his head.

“Couldn’ bweave,” Eddy told her, crying again.

Hugging him tighter, she rocked him gently and said, “It’s all right now…it’s all over. Mommy’s got you.” When Eddy settled down again, she looked at Jim and asked, “Can you get him a bottle of milk for me? And put two ice cubes in it? His throat’s sore and it’ll help.”

“Sure Hon, I’ll be right back,” he answered, and left the room.

“All right Sweety, we need to get your diaper changed,” and laid him gently on his back on the bed. When she had gotten a fresh diaper from the dresser, and retrieved the wipes from the floor, Jim came in with the bottle. She was glad when he offered the bottle to Eddy instead of handing it to her. That told her he wasn’t going to get angry about it. They had talked about it when they went to bed, but she knew it was one thing to talk about it, and another to get your ten year old a baby bottle of milk to nurse on. Especially when his mommy was about to change his messy diaper. “Thank you, Honey,” she told her husband with a smile.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to go get a shower.”

“All right,” she responded, and turned back to Eddy. “Okay, time to get your bottom clean,” she said with a tickle to his tummy. The laugh he gave her made her feel a lot better. Thinking about it for a second, she asked Katie, “Can you go get a towel from the bathroom for me? I don’t want to get any of the mess on the sheet.”


Laura smiled at her little boy as he lay there snuggled up with his bear, and nursed his bottle. “He looks so sweet,” she thought, and then when he shifted, she chuckled and mused, “But he doesn’t smell sweet that’s for sure.”

Katie handed her the towel as she stepped close to Eddy’s bed. Lifting Eddy’s ankles, Laura slid the towel under his bottom, spreading it out as she did. The sound of diaper tapes ripping open could be heard a second later, and when she pulled the very wet diaper open, she told him, “Pee yew! You sure made a stinky mess little boy,” trying to see his reaction.

Eddy just laid still, nursing his bottle, and clinging to his bear. “His bottle,” she thought, not believing that she had automatically looked at it that way. She couldn’t see any indication that he was bothered by her changing his messy diaper.

Laura opened the wipes, pulled two from the container and pushed Eddy’s feet toward his stomach. His knees automatically moved to either side of his waist, giving her plenty of access to his diaper area. Using the front of the diaper, she wiped most of the mess toward the back, and then lifted his bottom up by his ankles so she could begin wiping him clean. The mess hadn’t dried on his skin at the edges, so she knew it had been less than half an hour since he filled his diaper. It only took Laura a minute to get him clean and laid down on a fresh diaper.

“Are you going to keep him in diapers now?” Katie asked her.

“No. I’m only diapering him now because he’ll probably go back to sleep once he’s had part of that bottle,” Laura answered as she pulled the diaper up between Eddy’s legs and taped it closed. With a smile, she told him, “There. All clean.”

“Aww cwean,” Eddy imitated her, making her chuckle. She couldn’t help it, he was just too cute. She sat down on the bed and pulled him into her arms.

“You are such a good boy,” she said, kissing his cheek. When Katie took the dirty diaper and wrapped it in it’s backsheet, taping it closed, she told her, “You don’t have to do that, Honey, but thank you.”

“I like taking care of him,” Katie told her, with a sad expression.

Laura felt bad for her. She knew that Katie had loved caring for her brother. “It’s okay Sweety, I can use the help.”

That produced a big smile from Katie, and she looked at Eddy and asked, “Do you want to come snuggle with me in my bed for a while?”

Laura just smiled when Eddy put his arms out toward Katie and answered, “Thnuggwe.” She was surprised when Katie was able to pick him up and hold him close. At four foot five, and fifty three pounds, Eddy wasn’t a small child. The more she looked at the two, the more it fit though. Katie was tall at five nine, and not a stick.

“All right, you two go snuggle while I get breakfast ready,” she told them.

When Katie started walking toward the door, the mommy in Laura forced her to say, “Be careful of his chin and neck, it’s already bruising.”

“I will I promise,” Katie answered, a sincere look on her face.

They traveled down the hall, and Eddy felt Katie move her hand from his bottom, further between his legs, giving him two gentle taps on the crotch of his dipey. He knew what she wanted, and didn’t hesitate. The warm sensation that began spreading across the front of his dipey felt good to him, although he wouldn’t admit it. It was just as they got to her bedroom door that Eddy realized something was different. He didn’t feel scared of her. When he thought about that, he figured out that she wasn’t giving him that predatory feeling.

As soon as they entered the room, Katie closed the door most of the way and moved to the bed. Without a word, she laid him down and slid in next to him, covering them both with the blankets before pulling him close to her with his head laying in the crook of her shoulder. She kissed his cheek and then placed her mouth right next to his ear and whispered, “You were such a good baby boy,” with a big smile.

Eddy felt her begin patting his dipey, apprehensive, because he didn’t know if she would change into the person he feared.

“It’s okay Baby, you made me very, very happy. You even went pee pee’s in your dipey like a good baby.”

Eddy hugged Mister Bear, nursed his paci, and relaxed then. He liked this part of her, she wasn’t being mean or frightening.

“I want you to listen carefully Sweety. I don’t want you to go potty again until we get in the car. When we’re five minutes from here, I will wink at you. When I do, you go pee pee’s in your pants, okay?”

That didn’t sound like a demand like before, but Eddy nodded his head right away. He didn’t want to give Katie any reason to be mad at him.

“Good boy,” she said with a smile. “I’ll tell Mommy that you wet your pants then. It’s very important that you remember Sweety, from now on, you don’t tell anyone when you need to go potty. Babies don’t tell when they need to go, they just go, understand?”

“Uh huh,” he whispered.

“You are being such a good boy,” she cooed, and hugged him tight for a second.

Eddy preferred this treatment over how she had behaved yesterday, or even last night. He didn’t even want to think about earlier today. He resolved to behave just like a baby to keep her happy from now on. Mommy wasn’t getting mad, and Daddy didn’t seem to mind either.

“All right Sweetheart, one more thing. When I wink at you a second time, I want you to go poopies. You need to fill your pants Sweety, or I’ll be unhappy, understand?”

That was the first test of Eddy’s resolve. He really didn’t want to go poopy in his pants. He didn’t hesitate to nod though. He felt a little better when she said, “It’s okay, you can cry when you’re done going, but you need to make a big mess.”

He nodded so she didn’t think he was being difficult.

“Okay Sweety,” she told him as she picked up the half finished bottle from the bed. “It’s time to drink your ba-ba and go night night for a little while.” With another gentle kiss, she told him, “Night night Baby,” and brought the bottle to his mouth.

Eddy spit his paci out, took the nipple of his ba-ba and replied, “Nigh’ nigh’,” and closed his eyes. He didn’t object when she gently pulled his hand back down as he tried to take the bottle from her. With a hug to Mister Bear, Eddy nursed his ba-ba, and soon was sound asleep.

When she took the empty ba-ba from his mouth, he didn’t stir, except to latch onto the paci she offered and begin nursing.

A Tortured Soul Chapter 9

Don’t know what to say but it was a good chapter. :? :? :? :?

A Tortured Soul Chapter 9

I concur with the above statement.

A Tortured Soul Chapter 9

I concur with the above statement.[/quote]Me too.

A Tortured Soul Chapter 9

Four foot five and 53 three pounds is not big for a ten year old. I was tallar than that at age 8.

A Tortured Soul Chapter 9

No, it’s actually just a bit smaller than normal. It’s the 25th percentile for that age. But I didn’t say he was big for a ten year old, but “not a small child”. By that I meant he wasn’t the size of a toddler and easy to carry around.