A Time To Forget-Gwen/Charmcaster Ben10 fanfic

[center]A Time To Forget


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And so, without further ado, I give you A Time To Forget.
(PS. I made Charmcaster’s name Kira, after the actor that voices her.)

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Yelled Gwen “Give it back!”
“No!” He yelled back, sticking out his tongue, while holding the laptop
higher “Not until you give me back my sumo slammer cards!”
“I didn’t take them, dofus! Now GIVE IT BACK!!!” She continued to jump
for it, but all Ben had to do was step back to keep it out of her
reach. This went on for about 2 minutes, until Max got back from the
gas pump.
“Ben, knock it off and give your cousin back her computer.”
Ben was about to retort with an excuse, but Grandpa cut him off.
“And Gwen, apologize for whatever you did.”
“Fine.” She reached into a cabinet and pulled out a box of cards, throwing
them to Ben. “Here, dipstick.”
The conflict settled, Max started up the Rust Bucket, and started off
down the road. Once again, they were headed for Mount Rushmore. For
some reason, Max loved the woods in that area. Ben settled on the
couch, looking through his cards while Gwen continued with her
computer. The group had just gotten settled in when Grandpa reached
the camping site.
“All right, kids. Lets get ready. It’ll be a long hike if we dawdle.”
“Sure gramps… in a min… what?” Gwen recoiled. She heard hike, which
meant roughing it. She hated it when they roughed it. “Please tell
me we’re not roughing it?”
“Nothing but us, three tents, and basic survival gear. If you want to use it,
you’re carrying it.”
“I call the red one!” shouted Ben as he bolted up from his seat.
Gwen got hint. She stopped pouting just long enough to yell “I GET
BLUE!!!” Even though it was heavier, It was bigger, newer, and
nicer then the green one. It could even hold up to four people.
“That leaves me with the green…” Max sighed. The green one was really,
really ugly. Even by his standards.
They packed up, Gwen with her spell book, Ben his cards, and grandpa his
Maggots and Squid.
About 15 miles into the hike, they stopped for to set up camp. Ben and
Grandpa went off fishing, while Gwen stayed behind to get the fire
started and set up her tent. The fire wasn’t very difficult, all she
had to do was do a quick ignition spell and boom, there it was. Just
as she was about to remove her backpack and start the tent process,
she heard a large crash from the direction of the creek. Startled,
she started to walk over in the direction, only to have a chill go
down the back of her neck…
“Hello, princess. Where do you think you’re going?”
The voice was eerily familiar, she had heard it countless times. She knew
who it was, instantly.
“What do you want, Charmcaster?” asked Gwen, ice in her words.
“Last time I checked, sending someone to jail was reason enough to merit
revenge.” Gwen turned around, flinching only when she heard a crackle from the creek.
“You got yourself into trouble. I just beat you, that’s all.”
“You little…” Charmcaster started, only breaking off the sentence to
start a spell. She pulled out her spell book, pointed her finger at
A full two seconds later, a red fireball lazily shot from her
fingertip, zipping through the shot space between her and Gwen,
barely missing her. Gwen dodged, skidding on one knee, and pulled her
own spell book out of her back pocket. Skimming through the pages for
an appropriate spell, she found one that fit the criteria.
“Too slow! I should try something faster then hers, might throw her off…” thought Gwen, holding out both hands in front of her, book still in hand. Instantly, thin white
lines extended from each finger, stalling only for a nanosecond
before zipping off to their target. Charmcaster dodged six of them,
but the others managed to impact her in her gut, ripping through her
midsection. She winced, then jumped back to gain space between the
two. She new that spell; after all, it was from her old spell book.
It had a pretty limited range, and the user’s movements were slowed.
Slamming her hands on the ground, a ripple shook through the crust,
and when it reached Gwen, it buried her legs up to her knees. With
Gwen immobilized, Charmcaster had a clear shot. Pointing her finger,
she released another shot. Gwen, seeing this coming, new it was to
late to do anything defensive. Her only option was fire with fire, so
to speak. Duplicating Charmcaster’s exact spell, Gwen fired it off
just in time. The two blazing orbs met in midair, condensing into a
glowing dot the size of a pinhead before exploding, and somehow
knocked the two flying in the same direction; due south.
While this was happening, Ben and Max were fishing. Chatting casually,
talking about this or that. Then, out of nowhere, a blast shattered
the rock beneath them. (This was the first noise Gwen had heard) Ben
quickly turned to the omnitrix, but before he could reach it, a dark
hole swallowed him and Max up, sending them spiraling away.
Satisfied, Hex, who had started the mayhem, stepped through the hole
in his pursuit of revenge. Charmcaster had insisted that she take on
Gwen by herself, so he was forced to take the fight elsewhere. It
mattered not. He would still have his revenge.
The light was groggy at first, then increased gradually until it became
relatively unbearable. Reluctantly, Gwen opened her eyes, trying to
get a grasp on the situation. She sat up and looked around. In doing
this, she was even further confused. Then she saw Charmcaster, not 15
feet away, slumped against a tree. She had wet herself. Gwen giggled
for a bit. After she got over it, she sighed, then decided to do a closer inspection of her wellbeing. The next thing she realized was that she, too, had wet herself. Blushing deeply, she started to stand up. Gwen pulled off the backpack, which was still attached to her. She’d set up camp later.
For now, she would clean herself up. She reached into her bag and
pulled out a change of clothes, and retreated behind some bushes.
After changing, she had to think of something to do with Charmcaster.
She wasn’t about to attack her, she was helpless. After all, that
would only put her on her level. On the other hand, she couldn’t
abandon her. That would be even MORE cowardly. Gwen walked over to
Charmcaster, and started to tend to her injuries.
“Ahgg! So frustrating…. Why do I even care? Why don’t I just leave you
here?” Gwen asked Charmcaster, not expecting an answer.
“That’s exactly what I’m thinking…” came the weak, but unmistakable
response from Charmcaster. “Why don’t you leave me here and find
your own way back? Why heal you enemy?”
Gwen hesitated for a second, then replied. “Because I’m not the kind of
scumbag who’d just leave someone helpless to die.” Then, barely
audible and under her breath, Gwen added “Unlike you…”
Charmcaster just smirked, then passed out. Gwen had expected as much. Her injuries weren’t life threatening, but looked painful. Gwen fixed that, though, and after a good 15 minutes of healing, Charmcaster was in good enough shape to move, when she gained consciousness. When she had finished the first aid, she went about setting up camp. It wasn’t difficult, just time-consuming. By the time she was done putting up the tent and
building the fire, Charmcaster was awake once again. This time, she
was more aware of what was going on, and blushed a bit. She was fully
aware of the mess in her pants, both front and back. Next, she
realized that Gwen was busying herself with cooking a can of ravioli.
Charmcaster noted that Gwen had retrieved two bowls from her bag.
Charmcaster started to think about all that had happened, trying to remember. Why had Gwen helped her? Where were they? After a while, she gave up. Why question a good thing? Maybe they could get out of here alive. Maybe. She doubted that her aura had enough charge in it after the fight to do much more that start a campfire. She knew she had no other choice other than to confront Gwen. Neither of them could get out of this wood without the other’s help. She started to get up, trying not to make the mess in the back of her pants any worse.
“Hey Gwen.”
“Hello, Charmcaster.” Gwen replied, ice still evident in her voice. She
would help Charmcaster, but she wouldn’t be happy doing it.
“Dinner’s almost ready. I realized that you might need to change
your clothes…”
Charmcaster blushed massively, then realized something. Gwen had different clothes on then when they were fighting. She was happy to point it out, if only to ease her own embarrassment.
“Before you start pointing out the obvious Gwen, you might want to note that you wet yourself, too.”
Gwen was furious. She was trying to be nice to this witch (pun intended)
but she was still pushing her luck. Still, Charmcaster was right. She
had made a mess of things, and quite literally too. But that didn’t
mean that she needed to know.
“I changed my clothes because YOU tore them to shreds. NOT because I wet myself.” She wasn’t to good at lying, but she could if she needed
to. And this time, it worked. Charmcaster bought it.
“Oh… sorry.” Charmcaster apologized. " I’m just a little bit
suspicious as of why you’re helping me."
“I’ll tell you later.” Gwen said, then went into her backpack and pulled
out some clothes. “I’m sure these are too small for you, but
they’ll have to do.”
“Thanks” Charmcaster said, waddling over to Gwen and grabbing the clothes. “I’ll be right back.”
As Charmcaster stepped out of the campsite, she started to question Gwen’s motives. Was she waiting to build up her own strength before she attacked? But that was stupid. If Gwen wanted her dead, she would have just left her there, injured and bleeding. She still didn’t know why Gwen was
helping out. And that was something she needed to know. She continued
to stand there, and was about to start changing when she felt
something odd. Confused, she looked down. Immediately, she regretted
it. She watched helplessly as pee soaked through her pants, down her
legs, and created a puddle beneath her. In shock, she waited for
herself to finish, then she peeled off her pants. The mess in the
back was substantial, so she had a hard time cleaning herself up. She
eventually did manage to get herself clean, and then got dressed.
Charmcaster, finally out of shock, she came to the conclusion that
this was in fact, not a coincidence. There was no way that she would wet herself, twice, without even realizing it without something being wrong. She knew that she would have to clue in Gwen on this, it was her only chance at getting out of the forest.
“I’m back.” said Charmcaster, stepping out from behind the bushes.
“I didn’t think you’d be back.” replied Gwen, a little surprised. “I
half-expected you to run away and come back later to pick a
“To be honest, the thought crossed my mind more than
“Well then, why didn’t you?”
“I knew you’d need an answer.” Charmcaster sighed. “It seems as
though neither of us can get out of here by ourselves. You need me as
much as I need you.”
I need you? Last time I checked, you were the one unconscious and I
was the one providing the first aid.”
“I know you think you can get back to your RV, and you’re right, you
probably can. But Hex has ported Ben and Max out of state, and the
three are most likely still fighting.”
“Are you telling me that you set Ben and grandpa up to be attacked?!”
“Relax, relax. We both know Ben can take care of uncle. I just needed a
distraction so I could fight you alone. But, the past is past,
right?” Charmcaster looked at Gwen with confidence, despite being
totally unsure of how things were going to turn out.
Gwen just stared at Charmcaster. Nervously, Charmcaster continued.
“What will you do when you get there? You can’t drive, and you can’t call
for help.”
“And why would that be?”
“Sorry, Hex knocked down a cell tower on the way over here.”
“So how do you come into this?”
“I know how to drive.”
Gwen said nothing, just raised her eyebrow. She studied Charmcaster
earnestly, but she could not find a reason for Charmcaster to be
lying. And as lowly and horrible as she was, Charmcaster didn’t seem
like the person to kill someone in their sleep.
“Fine. But I swear, one screw-up and you’re out of here. Got it?” Gwen
said sternly.
“Fine by me.” She replied. “When do we head out of here?”
“I’m thinking we just rest for tonight, considering that it’s a 15-mile
“Ouch. Weren’t you tired?”
“Duh.” Gwen extended her arm, handing her a bowl of ravioli. “Here,
Charmcaster. You look hungry.”
“Thanks” said Charmcaster “And by the way, my name’s not Charmcaster. It’s Kira.” She stated, sitting down by the fire.
“Kira, huh? That’s a nice name.” Gwen said, sitting down next to her.
The two girls talked for a few hours, ate, gathered firewood, and set up camp. They were getting fairly comfortable with the fact that their enemy and rival was right next to them. Right after dusk, the two climbed into the tent. Gwen had only one sleeping bag, but there was plenty of spare clothes to act as blankets. Exhausted from the days’ trials, they both collapsed, and were asleep before their head hit the ground.

"Gwen….Gwwwwweeeeeennnn!" Gwen was waking up slowly, oh so painfully slowly. She had never been a morning person, and the day before didn't help.
"GWEN!!!" Kira yelled, irritated. Gwen jumped a little, not expecting the rise in volume. Then she sat up, still groggy.
"What?" she said crankily.
"So much for torn clothes, right?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Yesterday, you said that you changed your clothes because I tore them. So much for that theory, right?"
Gwen was more awake now, but still not fully grasping the situation. "What are you talking about?"
Charmcaster said nothing, only pointed to Gwen's crotch. It was soaked, beyond belief. The sleeping bag had been, (luckily) kicked off in the middle of the night, so it was in no immediate danger. Unfortunately, her pride was.
"You lied to me." Kira said.
"Yeah, I did. So what?" Gwen retorted, blushing massively.
"Jez, you don't need to get defensive. I was about to say that I have the same problem right now.But never mind."
"Thank yo-" Gwen started, then doubled back. "Wait, what?"
"Yeah, get it over with. Apparently, the force of the attack knocked a few things lose, and what do you know, now neither of us can hold it."
"Um, well, I can, but not long enough. Maybe 2 minutes." Gwen paused, then as an afterthought, said "Maximum."
"Same here, maybe a little less." Kira stood, about ready to leave the tent. Luckily, (There is a lot of luck going around) Ben had destroyed the bottom lining to the tent, so where Gwen was sleeping was a hole, strait to the ground. Well, it was ground. Now it's mud.
"Seems as though you're not to clean, either."
"Yeah, don't remind me. Can I borrow some more clothes?" Kira asked, still flushed from their earlier conversation. Talking about wetting yourself takes a toll on your ego.
"Sure. But we need to be careful, okay? I only have so many clothes."
"Gotcha. We should probability leave as soon as we can." Kira said, as the two piled out of the tent.
"I hear you, and I know. I am not looking forward to the hike, though."
The two packed up, and split the load between themselves, Gwen with the tent and Kira with the food and clothes. After about half an hour of packing, the two set off.
"So, where are we going?" Asked Gwen.
"To your RV." Kira responded, holding up something.
"How? We have no idea which way it is, and no way of knowing how to get there."
"Yes, we do." Kira held up the object again, looked at it, and adjusted her course.
"What is that… Is that my compass?!"
"Yes, it is. Why do you care? We are getting where we are trying to go."
"Yeah, but… How? How did you know I had one?"
"It's simple." Kira replied. "Anal people are always prepared. I figured that I should check and see if the theory was right."
Gwen was about to start arguing, but wasn't able to. She suddenly had to go to the bathroom. Yet there was a slight problem- there wasn't one anywhere near here.
"Kira, I gotta go. Turn around."
"Where are you going? It's just a stupid compass, but fine. If you want to be a snotty bit-" Kira cut herself off. For good reason, too. Gwen had started to do the "potty dance."
"OH! That kinda go. I got you." She turned around. Never in her life had she heard someone get behind a tree that fast.
It took them the rest of the day, but they made it to the Rust Bucket. Better yet, Max had left his wallet behind. Turns out plumbers were paid a lot. They had a few close calls with the bathroom incident, and Kira managed to go through another set of clothes, but they made it. Keys in the ignition, fired up and ready to go, they set out. On the freeway.
"Where do we go know?" Asked Gwen.
"First things first, we need to solve this bathroom thing." started Kira. "And we can't go to hospital."
"Why not?" Asked Gwen
"Let's just say I didn't make parole."
By now they had made it to an interstate.
"I have an idea." Gwen said quickly.
"Let's hear it." Kira replied.
"You're not going to like it."
"Try me."
Gwen sighed. She was going to get reamed for this. Might as well try, though. "Well, we have money, just not the ability to use it. And we need to stop this-"
Kira cut in. "Just spit it out."
"Diapers." Gwen said quietly. She couldn't stand the idea herself, but the seemed to fit the situation. As long as it worked for their temporary means, she was fine with it. Her problem was Kira's reaction.
"HELL." Kira yelled, "NO! You are not getting one of those on me. No way!"
"With all due respect, Kira, it's not like we have a choice. Exspecially for you, the driver. What if you have to go? You got, and I'm being VERY optimistic here, about a minute and a half to pull over, unbuckle, get to the back of the rust bucket and do your business. That's not going to happen. And this isn't the forest. If you leak here, we'll have to pull over and clean it up."
Kira just pouted. Gwen was stunned. She had just convinced Kira to wear a diaper, and also, herself.
"I'll be wearing one to, if it makes you feel better." Gwen said.
"It doesn't." Kira responded, pulling the RV onto an offramp. They were headed to Walmart.

“Ahg, I don’t want to do this. Did I mention that this is disgusting?”
Kira had been complaining the entire way to Wal-Mart. She was going to continue, but Gwen whacked her upside the head and got her to shut up. For the moment, anyway.
“Yes, Kira. I know. And tell you the truth, I’m not looking forward to it. Besides, you have a better idea?”
“None at all. Let’s just get this over with.”
The two walked down the department to the baby/incontinence isle, grabbing a 36 pack for the road. They both decided that it would look awkward to check out a single package of 125+ lbs. diapers, so they went to grab a few other items. They quickly filled the cart with junk that made the diapers less conspicuous. Then they made a bee-line strait for the self-check out, and walked out, both blushing madly.
“Once again, I would like to point out that this is crazy.” Kira said.
“Yeah, I know you love it.”
Kira just rolled her eyes. The two had unpacked the food and other supplies, Then faced what they both had been avoiding like the plague.
“You go first?” said Gwen, more of a question then a statement.
“NO!! It was your idea, your gonna do it first.”
Gwen just scrunched her face. Kira was right, it was her idea. What else could they do? Sighing, she opened the package and grabbed a diaper out. Seemed like it would fit her. Gwen began to remove her pants, ready to do the inevitable.
“A-hem!” Kira announced that she was still in the room. “Go into the restroom to do that, Okay?”
“Can’t. Not enough room.”
“Um, okay.” Kira said, then after a momentary pause added, “Awkward…”
It was Gwen’s turn to roll her eyes. She slid off her pants, glared at Kira (who then turned around) and followed with her panties. She unfolded the diaper, which was, oddly enough, not in pull-up form. She laid down, trying to attach it to herself. After failing miserably multiple times, Kira turned around.
“KIRA! TURN AROUND!!!” Gwen yelled, trying (though with no success) to cover herself up.
“You need some help, there?”
Gwen was still unsure of an ex-rival helping her, even if they were on better terms.
“I don’t know, Charmcaster, can I trust you?” Gwen Sneered. She was not going to get burned. She had tried to help her in the past, but learned hard and fast. And Gwen had the scars to prove it.
Kira took a step back, a little hurt. True, she had foreseen this. It was only a matter of time before they started to have their old trust issues come back. She had even started to question Gwen’s motives. But they were dependent on one another.
“Listen, Princess. I know you don’t trust me. Truth be told, I didn’t trust you to begin with either. But right now, we need each other. You need me to get Ben and Max back, I need you for… things.”
“What things?” Gwen demanded.
“I…” Kira stuttered. She had fought a long, hard battle last night before. “I want out of the criminal ring. Out of the back-stabbing, out of the double crosses. I want to be trusted, and I crave stability. But in order for me to achieve this, I need someone to vouch for me. That someone is you, Gwen. I need you a lot more than you need me. It’s time for us to put aside our differences for a greater cause. It’s a time to forget.”
Gwen was baffled. She sat there for a few minutes, not saying anything. Just as Kira was losing hope, Gwen said “Against my better judgment, and all laws of sanity, I will give you a second chance, Kira. But you’d better not screw it up. Up until now, me and Ben only fought you when you showed up. But if you betray me, I will hunt you down until one of us is either in jail or dead.”
Gwen stared at Kira, trying to read her expression. She couldn’t see any sign of deceit. No signs of hatered or anger. Only pure, unadulterated hope. Sighing, Gwen dropped her scowl. It wasn’t doing any good for her to be a crab. Silence in-sued for the remainder of 2 minutes.
“Um, Gwen? Do you want help or not?” Kira said, breaking the silence.
“Uh, yeah, that’d be great.” Gwen blushed, noticing that she had been laying on the floor, partially exposed with a backward diaper around her waist for 10 minutes. Kira smiled a nervous smile, then reached down and untapped the sides of the diaper. Sliding it off, she rotated it and then lifted Gwen’s feet. Kira pushed it under Gwen’s butt, then tapped the sides back, making sure it was snug. Gwen stood up, trying to get a feel for it. And despite never admitting it, it was kinda comforting. Soft and warm and securing, the list went on and on. Snapping out of it, she motioned for Kira to get on the floor. It was her turn.

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Gwen looked up at Kira.

“Thanks.” Gwen said.

“Not a problem.”
Kira got up and started to walk away. Gwen didn’t miss a beat.

“Not so fast, Kira. Fine, diaper my ass first. but your not getting away.
Get back here, it’s your turn.”

Kira stopped dead in her tracks, one big sweat drop on the back of her head.

“Um, no thanks. I’m good!” Kira cracked the cheesiest smile the world has ever seen.

Gwen just glared. She had plenty of practice with Ben, so she was good at
it. Kira’s head dropped, then she sulked back over to Gwen, and started
to slowly pull down her pants, reluctant to give in.

“I don’t see why you have to do this, I can do it myself.”

“No, you can’t. You’ll end up leaking all over the place. It’s better if I do it.”

“Why? Cause I might put it on backwards?”

Gwen said nothing, just ripped down Kira’s panties, causing Kira to let out a small ‘epp!’ and give Gwen a dirty look.
“Do that again, and I’ll happily do worse to you on your next change.” Kira threatened.
“That’s if I need a change. I have a lot more control then you do, Kira.”

“Yes, yes. A full ten seconds.” Kira said sarcastically, noted in the back of her mind that Gwen had yet come to terms with everything. Kira already knew that a one point or another, she was going to end up using the thing currently being applied to her. It was just a matter of when.

Gwen pointed to the floor, signaling Kira to lay down. Kira unhappily responded by sticking out her tongue, then laying down. Pulling out a diaper from the pack, Gwen pushed it under Kira’s butt. She was doing her best to remember what Kira had done.

‘Let’s see…she put the diaper under my butt, then she… ah-ha!’

Gwen thought, going through the process in her mind. She grabbed the baby powder, spreading a reasonable amount around Kira’s privates. Then, she spread Kira’s legs just enough so she could pull the second half of the
diaper up and tape it snugly shut, checking for leak holes with her
Index and Ring finger. Kira grabbed her fingers, stopping her.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing?!”

“Duh, checking for leaks.” Gwen retorted sarcastically, earning a cold stare from Kira. “All done.” Gwen stated.

Kira stood up, wobbling a bit. Gwen giggled. Kira glared. (A/N: the two
like to glare, what can I say?) Kira took a few steps. Stretched a bit.
Didn’t find anything unusual. Just a really thick pair of panties,
that’s all. That, and the fact that she was planing on… uhgg. She was
not thinking about that until she had too. She looked over to Gwen.

“You ready to go know?” She asked.

“Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be.”

“All right…” Kira said as she sat down in the driver’s seat.

(A/N: Due to a major plot hole pointed out by mattstig, I’ve added this new section. I’ve also made minor changes down the road.)

Squirming, fidgeting, nothing was helping. Kira was glad to know that she was recovering some control, but not enough. She was only up to 4 minutes of holding it, and she wasn’t going to last much longer. Pain welled up in her gut, further extending her problems. She was frantically looking for a pit-stop, but to no anvil. Not one to be found, and traffic was preventing her from pulling over directly. Kira could feel it coming, and she couldn’t stop it. Nothing she did could stop that horrible, awful feeling in her stomach. Then, it suddenly vanished without warning. Kira sat up straiter, trying to figure out why. She began flooding her diaper, gushing out without ceasing, continuous for over a minute. The entire time, she just sat there, staring out to the road, trying to focus and not cry. Trying not to crash. After a full minute thirty of endless hell, Kira had finished. Sniffling, she rubbed the tears out of her eyes and continued onward.
Gwen had heard crying coming from the driver’s seat, and assumed the worst. She knew what had happened, and figured that Kira needed to be left alone for the moment. She had no idea that she was so far from the truth. All Kira wanted at that moment was a hug from someone, a friend to say she was there for her. But Gwen stayed clueless and content in the back cabin. Flipping through the channels, she found herself happy with a program on Discovery. Satisfied, she leaned back, got comfortable, and watched some tube. Not for long though. Not an hour into the show, she found herself needing to go pee. She put it off for a few minutes, hoping to last to a commercial. She didn’t, and ended up getting up to go at the best part. Just as she stood up, Kira slammed on the brakes, causing Gwen to compensate for the forward movement by leaning backward, but way to far. She ended on falling on her butt, temporarily distracted from holding it. It was long enough. In the front, Gwen could hear Kira cursing up a storm about stupid rednecks and other things, but Gwen was far to distracted by what was going on below her waist. She was currently emptying her bladder of all its content, and dispite her best try, she was completely unable to stop it. Tears threatened to make conquest over her face, but she held them back on the sole reasoning that she was surprised, and that was what had caused it. Yeah, that’s it. Surprise. She stood up, waddling back to her spot on the couch. Every step, her pee-sodden diaper pressed up against her, causing her to partially relive her experience. She layed back down on the couch, trying to think how to get out of this thing without Kira giving her a hard time.
‘Perfect, a gas station.’ Thought Kira, not a hour past her previous experience. ‘I can pull over and change out of this thing.’

Kira followed up with her plans, pulling into the parking lot, eager to get into a clean diaper. Now how to get Gwen off her tail… She was about to pull some BS before Gwen came up and spoke.

“I need a change. NOW.” Gwen demanded, eyes streaked red from crying, diaper sagging.

Kira was about to insult her, but voted against it. She herself had already done what Gwen had, and Gwen was taking it a lot better than she had. Kira looked back mentally and remembered almost rear-ending a truck, distracted by another wetting. She ended up having a total of 3 that day, and she needed a change, too. Then she smelled it. She instantly knew why Gwen was crying so hard. Kira’s face went blank.

“You didn’t…” She started, but Gwen looked her square in the eyes and nodded yes. She had pooped into her diaper like she had worn one her whole life.

Kira shuddered. She knew what was coming. She knew that in under 3 hours, probably less than that, Her diaper would be in the exact same state as Gwen’s.

“How?” Asked Kira, curious to how Gwen let it happen. Gwen had a lot more control left than Kira, and had less reasons to be held up to go to the bathroom.

“I…I…W-was w-w-watching ma-my show, an-and I drifted into a n-nap. When I-I woke up, I was li-like this.” Gwen stuttered, pointing to the back of her diaper. Kira could only feel pity. She stood up, hugged Gwen, then motioned for her to follow. Gwen did without argument. Things change with context, and Gwen saw no threat in Kira’s actions this time around. Kira pointed to the ground, which Gwen laid down on, regretting it immediately.
Kira could hear an audiable squish from Gwen’s diaper, and Gwen looked like she was about to start crying again. Kira moved fast for Gwen’s sake. She grabbed another diaper, wipes, and baby powder. Unfastening the tapes around Gwen’s waist, she pulled down the front flap. The smell intensified, and Gwen seemed to notice it as well, but didn’t say anything. Her usual sharp tongue had been dulled by shock, and her eyes darted from left to right, never resting on anything for more than two seconds. Kira lifted Gwen’s legs, wiped her off with baby wipes until she was clean. She pulled the soiled diaper away, with the used wipes contained within. She then slid a new diaper under her butt and applied baby powder. Taping the diaper shut, she smiled a Gwen, and helped her up. Gwen pulled Kira into a hug, and looked up to her.

“Okay, I think we can trust each other now.”

“And why do you say that?” Kira asked, pleasantly surprised.

“Charmcaster, the Charmcaster I knew, anyways, would have just pointed and laughed. Thanks a lot, Kira.”

Kira smiled again, hugging Gwen back. She was getting to like this trust thing. Then she felt her bladder empty again. She cringed, but kept herself composed.

“We’re not out of the woods, yet.” Kira said as Gwen rubbed her eyes again.

“Why do you say that?”

“I still need to be changed. I’m about to leak.”

Gwen’s eyes lit up, eager to help Kira. As far as she was concerned, Kira could ask for the Charms of Bezel right now and Gwen would hand them over. Gwen pulled another diaper out while Kira got situated.

The two decided to stay at the gas station for the night, when something dawned on Gwen. She had no idea where Kira was driving too.

“Umm, Kira?” Gwen started, a little sleepy. “Where are we exactly headed

Crap, she had asked. Kira knew Gwen wasn’t going to like where Kira was
leading. Hopefully, they’re truce would stay intact.

“I have a friend who may be able to help us with our problem. After
that, we can go get the brat and Max.”

Gwen growled a bit, but not enough for Kira to notice. Only she was
allowed to make fun of Ben. She let it slide though. For the good of
the truce. Instead, she tried something else.

“I thought you said that you wanted to get out of the villain business.
What happened to that idea?”

“Gwen, I know you don’t want to be anywhere near my friends, but this
one is different. She’s… what do you call it… neutral. Besides, do
you really want to pick up Ben in a diaper?”

Kira saw Gwen churn this over in her brain. She couldn’t blame her. It’s
hard to make split-second decisions that can effect everything else.
Finally, Gwen caved.

“Alright, we’ll go. But I don’t want anything funny, okay? We go in,
then get out. Quick as we can. No screwing around.”

“No problem, Chief.” Kira said, as she turned on the Tv. They were
planning on Kira sleeping in Ben’s bed while Gwen slept in her own. It
wasn’t a bad set-up. Not a single problem. Well, there was one, but it
was so far back in Gwen’s mind she didn’t even think about it. After a
while, they both turned in for the night, ready for a good night’s


When Kira woke up, it was like every other morning after a hard day and a
good sleep: A total zombie and completely unaware of what was going on.
Eyes drooping, butt sagging, she staggered out of bed and started
looking for her uncle.

“Hex?” Kira asked confused. She was really not a morning
person. “Uncle? Where are you now?”

Walking down the aisle of the rust bucket, she checked the bathroom and
the kitchen-dining area. He was nowhere to be found. Kira
frowned, trying to figure out what she was missing. But alas, (A/N: I’ve
always wanted to use that word. Never had the chance to do it. Now I
do.) she was still effectively brain dead. Maybe he was outside. She
reached the door, grabbed the handle, and started to turn it.

“Kira!!! STOP!!!” Gwen yelled, trying to wake her up.

Kira snapped out of her sleep-trance. She looked around, saw where she
was. Saw Gwen. Putting two and two together, she remembered. Then, she remembered.
She looked down. Completely soaked. She had wet her diaper so badly
that it threatened to leak. Kira looked at her bed. Correction. HAD
leaked. Kira started to cry, questioning everything. Why? Why was this happening to her? What was she responsible for to make her
have to endure this torment? Yesterday’s events had finally caught up
with her, and she was starting to see the ludicrousness of the
situation. And on top of it all? She was in a drenched diaper, ready to
burst. She was traveling to who knows where with an ex-rival and former
enemy. What was she doing? As she stooped deeper and deeper into depression, she felt her bowels give way and a hot mess pushed it’s way into the back of her diaper, causing her to cry even harder.

Gwen knew that look. She had been there last night, powerless to stop it. She had cried herself to sleep. She wasn’t about to let Kira deal with that alone, too. Gwen slowly walked up behind Kira, sat down with a squish, grimacing a bit. That was not a feeling she enjoyed.

“Kira?” Gwen coaxed, drawing her closer, speaking softly. “Hey, Kira. Don’t worry. It’s okay.”

Kira slowed her sobs, until she was just shaking, like people always do
after a hard cry. They both looked at each other, in there sodden wet
diapers, and smiled weakly. It was going to be a LOOOONG trip, and they
both knew it.

“Let’s get you out of that thing, okay?” Gwen suggested.

(A/N- This part has music playing in the background. The song's called On
The Road Again, by Willie Nelson. The only reason I know this song? Shrek,
of course. The lyrics will be Italicized.)

Kira was bored. After her episode that morning, she had made it clear that
she was going to start driving, and not stopping. For anything.
She wanted this over with, right here, and right now. Nothing was going
to stop her. And if she couldn’t stop it immeadiatly, she was going to
do everything in her power to get there as fast as she could. They were
already two-thirds of the way there, and could be there in another 4 1/2
hours. If they followed the speed limit. IF THEY WENT 65. Bull. That
was way to slow. She switched on the music, Disc 6, Track 4.

On the road again

Gwen perked up her ears. She new this song.
Whenever this song started playing, Grandpa was going to do something
stupid. Something fun, but incredibly stupid.

Just can’t wait
to get on the road again.

Kira shifted into the left lane, and stepped on it. Good thing she was in the middle of nowhere.

The life I love is making music with my friends.

“KIRA!” Gwen started, a little worried, and she dare not admit it, but giddy, too. Her past encounters with this song were always good ones. Even if they were incredibly stupid. “What are you doing!!”

And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

“Oh, just cutting down the time it takes to get there.” Kira replied nonchalantly, like she’d done it before. Actually, it wasn’t infeasible that she’d done it before. “Why? What are you doing?”

On the road again

“Oh, nothing. Just having a heart attack.” Gwen looked at the speedometer.
The rustbucket was going 90. She knew they could go fast. After much
deliberation, (a full 3 seconds) Gwen’s mischievous side took over. She
looked around, like there was someone to see her. Then she looked at
Kira with a grin.

“What is that look for?!” Kira yelled. “You’re not going to yell at me for this, are you?”

Goin’ places that I’ve never been.

“Just the opposite. I know how to go faster.”

The two exchanged evil, maniacal looks.

“Do it.” Kira stated.

“Already done.” Gwen said, finishing pushing a few buttons.

“Let’s do this thing.” Gwen pushed the last button.

Seein’ things that I may never see again.

The acceleration was instantaneous, causing Kira to be pushed back into her seat, while Gwen practically flew through the cabin, landing safely on Ben’s bed, Laughing hysterically the whole way. Kira was no better, she was laughing so hard that tears where rolling down her face. It was so
insane that it was hysterical.

And I can’t wait to get on the road again.
On the road again-

Gwen managed (with great difficulty, she slipped twice and ended up back in the bed.) to get into the cabin and put her seat-belt on. Kira was still laughing. So was Gwen. Then came the cop, right behind them. They must have been going at least 120, and yet the cop was still in pursuit. It was funny, because they both knew they could get away. Gwen had personally been up to 150 with Grandpa in the driver’s seat, and Kira knew because she didn’t even have her foot on the floor yet.

Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We’re the best of friends.
Insisting that the world keep turning our way-

Kira suddenly got an idea. She looked over to Gwen, and asked “Wanna do something even funnier?”

Gwen was smiling ear to ear, something that didn’t happen often enough.

“Sure, what?”

“You’ll find out in a bit. Just get your magic ready to kill his engine.”

Gwen had a pretty good grasp on what she was going to do when Kira started to slow down and pull over. The officer walked up.

THE CAKE.” The officer was practically screaming at Kira. Gwen didn’t
like it.

And our way is on the road again.

“So, you’ll let us off with a warning then?” Kira asked, batting her eyelashes

The officer sighed, shook his head. Then gave a slight laugh.

"Alright, miss. Tell you what. I’m in a good mood. And tell you the truth, that was kind of fun. Gets kinda boring out here in the middle of nowhere. So if you can give me a good excuse that I have neither heard, nor am expecting, as to why you felt the need to go 135 in a 65 mph zone, I’ll forget this ever happened.

Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is makin’ music with my friends

They both were a little shocked. Both expected to burn rubber, disabling the engine of the cop car with a little magic. But the shock only lasted so long. Kira leaned over to Gwen and whispered in her ear. Gwen turned so red she matched her own hair, but nodded in agreement.

“You said you wanted an excuse? One you’ve never heard before, nor are expecting?” Kira asked.

“I wasn’t stuttering.”

“All right.” Kira said. She was going to tell him the truth. Well, Most of it, at least. “I am a fugitive of the Canadian government, and I have teamed up with a long term enemy to solve a problem that we both face.”

“That you caused!” Gwen piped in.

“Whatever. The trip is long and perilous, but we will make it. We need to get to the middle of nowhere, and fast.” Kira stated, placing her hand on the hem of her skirt.
“Two questions” The officer asked, “Where is the middle of nowhere?”

“Crowpoint, New Mexico of course.”

“And why do you need to get there so quickly?”

Kira flashed a grin. She had been waiting for this. Sure, it was
tremendously embarrassing. but oh, was it so worth it. So, so worth it.

‘This is going to be priceless.’ she thought.

And I can’t wait to get on the road again.
And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

Kira got an evil grin on her face, and said nothing. She lifted her
skirt and pointed down, which at the time lay a very wet, very yellow
diaper. At the same time, Gwen did the same and exposed hers. They held
up their skirts for about two full seconds, then Kira pulled it out of
park and burned rubber. The cop backed away quickly, running to his
squad car. He got into the driver’s seat, beat on, door slammed. He
stepped on the gas… Only to find the engine dead. Gwen had taken care
of that little problem while Kira was talking.

The two had laughed the rest of the way, reliving each second and sharing it with one another.

"The best part…" Gwen managed to say in between the laughs. "Is that most of what you said was true!"

Kira giggled again. It felt strange, but good. She hadn't had a good laugh in quite a while. "Actually, it was all true."

"Even the part about Canada?" Gwen giggled again.

"Yeah, even Canada."

Gwen got more serious for an instant. She was starting to think about what had transpired little over 3 hours ago. "You know, I've been thinking. During that whole ordeal, I must have wet myself at least 3 times. And each time…Never mind."

"Oh, come on. You're not going to leave me with that cliffhanger and get away with it. You can trust me now, Gwen. Spit it out."

"Well, the entire time we were doing that… nonsense, I had a blast. Sure, I was embarrassed enough to murder, but I still had fun. I was fully aware of when I was wetting, but… It didn't bother me. I feel… So childish…"

Kira understood what Gwen was trying to say. She wanted her to give an excuse for her. That was the underlying message.

"Gwen, I was wetting all day today and didn't even notice it. In fact, I thought I was dry until I flashed that cop. And tell you the truth, I don't care whether I know or not. I don't even care if I have control right now. In less then 48 hours, we'll be back to normal and can go on with our lives."

Gwen stared. Did Kira just say she didn't care that she was wetting herself? And without even noticing? And Gwen thought SHE had problems to deal with. She supposed Kira was right, though. No use fighting it. It was going to happen, whether Gwen complained or not. Mind as well make the best of it. Besides, it was only for another two days.

After the little adventure with the cop, the two settled down a bit. Kira went back to driving SAFELY, while Gwen went on with a House, M.D. marathon. (A/N: I am entitled to put my own propaganda in where ever I want to. House is awesome.) Kira wasn’t one to complain, really. She usually brooded and then lashed out at whoever cause her to be uncomfortable. This time, though, it was different. Her own choice to get to where she wanted to go had come back and bit her in the butt. Almost literally. Kira had been holding it for the past 2 minutes, but she saw no place to pull over. No where to run, no where to hide. She was going to mess herself, and she knew it was without control. She couldn’t go on like this, Kira knew the end result. She relaxed, and felt the warm, gooey mass push out into the back of her diaper. She shifted her weight, trying to get more comfortable. She only had another 30 minutes of this, then she was in control again. She shifted again. This time the shift was not welcomed. As she sat back down, the mess spread out. She shuddered, then got into the right lane. Another 5 minutes down the road, they pulled over at a gas station. She made the lame excuse that she needed a snack. Gwen went along with it.
“Need a change, Kira?” asked Gwen, noticing Kira waddling towards the door. Kira should have known better by now. It was hard to hide something from someone who was looking.
“Yeah, I do.” Kira said, putting up no resistance. She grabbed a diaper from the pack on the table and laid down.
“Whoa, Kira. You okay?” Gwen said, taking the diaper from Kira.
“Yeah, why?” Kira said, registering a 8/10 on the emo-scale.
“Oh, come on, Kira. We’ve been through a lot together now. You can’t just tell me nothing’s wrong. Now spit it out.”
“You’ll find out in a second.”
“What do you mean… oh.”
“Yeah, ‘oh’. I did that, Gwen. This problem is supposed to be getting better, not worse.” Kira was watching Gwen work. She had steadily gotten better over time. “Watch where you stick that wipe, gwe- WHOA THAT’S COLD!”
Gwen ignored her, continuing to clean up Kira’s mess. “Yeah, well. Not much we can do about it, right?”
“Whatever. The point is, things are getting worse. A lot worse. I figure if we don’t get to help in the next 6 hours, we might have permanent damage.”
Gwen reached for the baby powder on the table above her. Her eyebrow raised. “Are you saying we might be stuck like this?” That thought didn’t even begin to settle well.
“Yeah, well. That’s why I’ve been driving like a maniac all day. We need to get to her soon. Good thing we are only about 30 minutes away.”
“Yeah, well, we’d better step on it. Hurry up and grab your snack.” Gwen got off the floor and waddled away. Kira noticed that Gwen didn’t even bother trying to put on pants anymore. Gwen diaper was sagging, not to mention stained yellow.
“Hey, Gwen; are you sure you don’t need a change?”
“What do you mean, I’m fine.” Gwen stated, rather rudely. Kira still didn’t like the ‘know-it-all’ attitude. Guess it came with the territory.
“Ah, no your not.” Kira replied, pointing to Gwen’s diaper. Gwen looked down, and tried (Failing, too) to suppress a gasp. She hadn’t even known that she was so in need of a change. A look of pure dissatifaction took over her face, but she managed to put it behind her.
“Kira, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get changed before I leek.”
“Sure thing, Gwen.”
“Maybe we should skip the snacks and hit high-warp to your contact’s house. I had no idea that I was even wetting myself.”
“Yeah, good idea.” Kira said, starting to change Gwen.

That's it for now, I'll post more in the next few days. Let me know what you think.


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I like the story alot it’s a storyline I haven’t seen on this forum. I hope that the story continues

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more more more!!! Permently in diapers. sisters maybe!!!

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I love this stort very much, it is one of the better Ben 10 stories I have read, and thanks for sharing this fantastic story with us.

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Eventually, though I do have a terrible case of writer’s block. I Started re-writing it to work out some of the bugs, internal continuity issues, and other such things.