A Tale of Sisters (Chapter 13. May 27)

So, it is about that time. I’ve been sitting in the peanut gallery hurling elephants at some of the authors here and on Daily Diapers because I love this fetish and I love people combining their ability to tell stories with this fetish. Now, after a very long time, I will throw my dusted, worn out and patched up hat into the circle.

Don’t be kind if you don’t think it deserves it. Call it shit raining from the sky in anvils to smite our women and befoul our children if it is bad or whatever. Criticism is important. After I cry off the pain and knock down a few walls, I will genuinely consider it and thank you for it. The first ten chapters are about as done as Will.I.Am’s career so not much to be altered there but if something is better than the direction I hope to take the story in, I might consider it. I’m hoping to end this in about 20-25 ish chapters so let’s see!

Without further ado!


Chapter 1

“Well, that was a waste of two months”, Jasmine sighed as she dived onto her bed, kicking off her bed slippers.

Twenty-one years old and single again. It wasn’t the first relationship to fall through and probably would not be the last. The young woman, Jasmine Barad, looks around her room, catching sight of her laptop. Pulling it onto the bed with her, she opens up her Facebook to see what her friends and family are up to. As a second generation Canadian from India, she very much loved the Bollywood scene and had cousins constantly posting information about the latest flicks and behind-the-scenes photos and the occasional script leak. It was just what she needed to get her ex-boyfriend, Johnny, off her mind. She was going to hear it from her sister and mother about dating outside their culture again but Jasmine no longer cared. The world was much bigger than India and she’d meet someone somewhere. On her terms.

After getting ready for bed, Jasmine was about to close down her laptop for the night when a message popped up from someone she hadn’t expected to see in years.

‘Hey. What’s up Jasmine? It’s me Brendan.’

Brendan Jones. An old high school friend. He was expelled around grade eleven for reasons unknown and then fell off the face of the earth as far as Jasmine knew. Why was he reaching out to her now? What should she say to him? Should she say anything?

‘Hey Brandon. What’s up? Long-time no see. Everything good?’ She replied.

‘Yeah, I’ve been going around reconnecting with people I don’t hate from high school and ding-ding-ding! A winner is you!’ He joked in response.

Jasmine chuckled and stifled a yawn.

‘Hey lol, sorry but I’m dying to sleep. Today was not a good day. Broke up with my boyfriend and I’ve been super drained. Wanna talk more tomorrow?’ She offered with no real interest in carrying on the conversation.

‘Oh man… that sucks. Sorry to hear. Get some sleep and take as much time as you need. I know it might sound weird seeing as we’ve only been in contact for 10 seconds but if you need a shoulder to cry on, let me know, ya?’

Well, shoulder to cry on was a bit much seeing as how Johnny was a lazy ass and amateur thief but the sincerity made her feel a bit guilty for writing him off so quickly.

‘Thanks Brendan. It’s not weird, it’s nice. Anyway, bye.’

She closed Facebook having said her good-byes and went downstairs for some ice cream; comfort food from the heavens.

“Jasmine?” came a whisper from the room adjacent to the kitchen, where a tv could be seen blaring with some Indian drama going on. “Do you want the gloating now or tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow Amala. I’m not in the mood. Or just, how about never? You and mama were right, I was wrong.” Jasmine sighed, walking toward the stairs, ice-cream in tow, when her mother appeared at the end of the first flight, pointing toward the living room with a frown on her face.

“Look who comes crawling back. Little miss ‘I’ll marry whoever I want’! Welcome.”

Jasmine marched back to the living room sitting on the couch opposite her sister. Their mother took a seat beside Amala, signifying to both girls whose side had the advantage. With a pout, Jasmine ate her ice-cream, looking every bit the child she felt under her mother’s withering gaze.

“Mama… please don’t do this now,” Jasmine began in Urdu, “You were right. He was a lazy man. I don’t know how I didn’t see it. I wasted two months with him, I know. Can I please go to bed now?” Jasmine said between mouthfuls of ice-cream hoping against hope that the bitterness of the words could be countered by the sweetness of rocky-road ice cream.

“Only if you promise me that you will let your father and I choose a husband for you. Someone we know that will be good for you. A good job, a good family name and a good standing at the temple.” Pallavi, their mother said, as she had many times before.
Amala was hoping Jasmine would say no as that would turn their mother’s eye blind to rib her older yet shorter sister. She watched with baited breath as her sister struggled. She personally didn’t care much for being married off but having seen her sister’s problems in maintaining a decent relationship, she’d gladly be married off instead of dealing with this nonsense.

“No mama. I cannot do it. I don’t know why. I just can’t!” Jasmine said, on the edge of tears. This conversation that they’d had so many times still hurt. More than any relationship she’d ended. She had left her parents’ two months ago, hoping this guy was the right one after dating him for three months prior. Now she had hoped to slip back in, tail between her legs and skip all of this.

“You move too fast child. So young and wasting your life. You could be a mother now yourself, but you refuse to grow up! You sit here watching tv and going to school and there are perfectly good men out there who would gladly marry someone as beautiful as you!” Pallavi rambled on, giving her usual speech.

Amala watched her sister, making little fists and twisting them around her eyes, mocking her crying sister. She listened to the speech and at the end of it, “Oh mama… I will marry when my time comes. Will I have a handsome doctor or lawyer prince?” She asks as innocently as humanly possible, breaking her sister just a little more.

“Of course baby. At least one of you has the sense to stick to our ways.” Pallavi said, smiling. “Now, you will stay here. If you decide to move out again, don’t come back. If you do come back, you will be engaged and that is final. I have given you chance after chance to find this miracle boy. I am putting my foot down. I will not have my daughters living like common western harlots. Moving in with a boy after knowing him for three months? How absurd and backward. I don’t even want to know if you had sex with him!”

“MAMA! Really? I did not! Why are you so cruel?!” Jasmine left her ice-cream downstairs and ran into her room and cried herself to sleep.

Re: The Tale of Jasmine

After editing out some kinks to improve narrative flow, I present chapter two.


Chapter 2

Amala was disappointed. Having not had her chance to really dig into her sister, she instead grabbed the ice cream and settled on digging into that. Having her own personal hang ups on whether or not she should marry for love, the younger girl took Jasmine’s reaction to heart, pretending to be on their mother’s side. The more it happened over the years however, the more comfortable and even logical it seemed to have an arranged marriage. The one thing that gave her pause however was the ultimatum. Would her sister really be stupid enough to test their mother again? As mean as Amala was, she obviously wouldn’t want her sister kicked out.

“Mama… you don’t mean it do you? Would you really kick her out?” She asked with genuine fear in her voice.

“I don’t know.” Was all the response her mother gave as she walked dejectedly upstairs, clearly torn herself about the ultimatum given.

Amala sat stock still, her Indian drama now coming to an end. Finishing the ice cream, she decided to head to bed too. It was the weekend and even though Jasmine’s university was over for the year, Amala knew she’d have school in two days until the end of June and didn’t want to ruin her sleep cycle. As she climbed the stairs, she saw Jasmine’s door open. Peeking inside, she saw their mother sitting on Jasmine’s bed and Jasmine curled up in her lap. Sighing with relief to see her mother and sister making up, she went to the bathroom, then to bed herself.

The next morning, Jasmine woke up, eyes still swollen and slightly warm. Her pillow was damp from her tears and she had a slight headache. She threw back her covers and reached for her laptop, realizing she had her comforter on in May.

Remembering her mother tucking her in the night before, she mentally chided her mother and opened Face Book.

‘Hey you. Hope I’m not disturbing you right now.’

Brendan. Damn, she forgot. Looking at the time in the corner of her laptop, she saw it was 11:24 am. Not too bad, she thought. She checked the time stamp for the message and saw 11:11.

‘Hey lol :stuck_out_tongue: Disturbing what? I just woke up!’ She responded, hoping this would be what she needed to take the edge off.

‘Haha! Nice. I did too. None of the other assholes responded -_- So much for “old friends” right?’

She was a bit saddened by that but then remembered that he was in fact expelled and could reasonably see why people wanted to keep their distance.

‘What? A bad boy like you caring about people like that?’ She said, fishing. Hoping he’d divulge some detail either way.

‘Bad boy? xD No lol I’d prefer mysterious gentleman.’

If that was a joke, it was certainly a poor one as Jasmine could not see the humour. She went straight to the point instead,

‘Lol. So what brings you back after all this time? I remember grade nine and ten being really fun and grade eleven… you just kinda… zoned.’ She recalled a few good memories and even a slight crush on Brendan way back when.

‘Well… it’s a long story… but the short version is that I fell into a bad situation. Not drugs or anything like that! Just… my family owed some money… now we don’t. I don’t want to talk about it right now. Let’s just leave it at that.’

For the second time in two days, Jasmine could feel tears welling up in her eyes. She had judged him without knowing his full circumstances and now she felt horrid. She had to backpedal and fast.

‘Well, none of that matters anymore! Hey, just like how you said I can cry on your shoulder, you can talk to me anytime!’ She replied quickly, hoping it would be enough.

‘Awww thanks! Any plans for today?’ He said in quick succession.

‘Not really. Just lazing around. Do some chores. Maybe get fat, the usual.’ She joked, glad the conversation was back to a happy level.

‘Ha! I beat you there hunny! I’ve been fat for a while :P’

That joke was a lot stronger. She didn’t mind his forwardness of calling her hunny, though she always thought it was ‘honey’, implying the sweetness of actual honey. Deciding not to dwell on it, she delved into an hour long conversation with Brendan, only coming up for air for a quick potty break, which he teased for calling it a potty. Half an hour after that, her stomach reminded her to go eat, so she bid Brendan another farewell.

Descending the stairs, she saw her sister putting away her breakfast things. After grunting out a good morning, both girls went about their day. Jasmine made waffles and Amala sat watching tv and scratching her boobs. Both were still in pyjamas, which meant a tank top and hello kitty pyjama bottoms for Jasmine and marina and shorts for Amala. Sitting in front of the tv, both girls watched Indian cartoons, dramas and comedies. After three hours lazing about, Jasmine asked,

“Hey. Don’t you have homework or something? Or is school over for you too? I forget.” She asked genuinely forgetting, having graduated High School three years ago.

“Really? Well no grandma. School isn’t over for me, thanks for rubbing it in and no, I don’t have homework.” Amala said, rolling her eyes.

“Sheesh, relax. I forgot.” Jasmine crossed her arms and turned back toward the tv.

“Whatever… But sis… Are you gonna do it though? Marry someone that Mama and Papa pick for you? I mean… I know you said no last night but you have to. She could actually kick you out.”

Not wanting to have the conversation, Jasmine just replied with, “I don’t know.” And stared at the tv.

Amala, took the hint and got up, going to her sister’s couch, moving the older girl’s shoulders and sitting there, resting her head in her lap. She played with Jasmine’s hair, watching her sigh with content as she always did when Amala did her hair. Jasmine always preferred this gentler Amala. Being the smaller yet older one had really stripped Jasmine of her birthright and Amala loved to rub it in.

After an afternoon of doing each other’s hair, both sisters retreated to their rooms as their parents came through the door.
Jasmine went to Facebook and initiated another conversation with Brendan. They continued talking for a few days, Jasmine even growing fond of him. They had exchanged numbers, texted, snap chatted and had even met together once for coffee in the middle of the week. It wasn’t until Friday that Brendan had asked her the big question:

‘Hey, I was going to go see this new movie that everyone’s been raving about. You seem like a cool gal, wanna come see it with me?’

This was it. The question. Could she really commit to another potential boyfriend? Over the course of the week, she had met with him, forgotten Johnny and won back her mother’s favour. What if she lost it again? Shew she should say no. What if he asks her to move in? No. What if he’s just being nice? No. What if he’s the one? No. What if this is her screwing everything up again?

‘Ya, sure. Sounds cool.’

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Chapter 3

She did it. She agreed. He told her he’d come pick her up on Saturday around five in the afternoon. Since they were still friends at this point, she told her parents she’d be seeing a movie with a few friends. Just a little white lie… For her mother. She was cautious however. She had to be. It was her last chance. If she fell for him, she’d have to restrain herself. No moving in until after a year! Maybe two! Marriage even…?!

Regardless, she picked out a cute top, white with a pink heart on the chest and a blue skirt that went down to her mid thighs. She continued talking to him, both parties expressing nerves but a willingness to try. She went to bed a bit earlier than normal with the usual butterflies a first date brings.

After waking up at around ten the next morning, she ran through the usual negative things that could happen on a first date. They could argue, she could throw up on him or vice versa, she could realize he was an axe murderer one chop too late… She shook her head of that last thought and went into the shower. After re-emerging, she saw Amala dash in to the bathroom holding her crotch and cursing her sister’s slowness.

Shrugging, Jasmine went to her laptop to wish Brendan good morning. She did her chores, ensuring that at least she was in her mother’s good books just a little more before leaving again.

Five rolled around and Jasmine was dressed and ready to go. Bidding her parents and sister good bye, she left and hopped into Brendan’s car.

“Hey! Ready to go see a fun movie?” She giggled, getting into what her sister called her “girly mode”.

Brendan took in stride, however, “Sure. You look great by the way.”

She thanked him for the compliment and returned it in kind. They drove to the local Cineplex Odeon and Brendan parked a bit towards the farther end of the lot. Jasmine saw a few empty spots closer to the front but didn’t challenge Brendan on it.

They both got out and walking up together showed the massive size difference between the two. Brendan was 6’2 and Jasmine was 5’1. Her sister was taller sure but only by four inches. Jasmine had blamed herself for taking after her mother’s genes while her sister inherited their father’s. Seeing this giant of a man however made her truly feel like a small child. Half jogging to keep up with his stride was the straw that broke the camel of her embarrassment.

They made small talk, Brendan, not slowing down one bit until they were both inside. He went and bought the tickets while giving her money to buy the snacks. After reconvening near the butter dispenser, they went into the theater and sat at the very back, giving her the corner seat. They waited for the film to start, Jasmine squirming and shifting with her nerves.

An hour and a bit into the picture, Jasmine excused herself to go potty, winking at Brendan who smiled and shook his head.

After seeing her leave, Brendan took this as his opportunity. He reached into his pocket and produced a few diuretic pills and dropped them into her soda, knowing that the drink was a diuretic in itself. He had a few pangs of guilt but desperately tried to shake them loose. They weren’t easily assuaged but he managed to go through with his plot.

He topped her drink up with some of his and stirred her cup a little to help them dissolve faster. She returned five minutes later, taking a seat beside him once again.

“Miss anything?” She asked.

“Not a thing.” He responded.

He watched her sip on her soda, completely unaware of the fate he had in store for her. They talked throughout the movie right up until the finale, doing a near Mystery Science Theater like commentary. They walked out and cheered the awesomeness recounting various scenes right back until the car. They both got in and buckled up.

“Man that was awesome! I’m so glad I said yes.” Jasmine admitted, relieved.

“I know right? Me too. You’re an awesome girl. Want to go hit up a bar and call it a night?” Brendan asked nonchalantly.

“Drinking on the first date? I think not!” She teased, thinking she caught him.

He laughed and raised his arms, “Fair enough. Homeward bound for the little lady. Unless you need to go ‘potty’ again.” He looked at her intently, smiling as he did.

“No! I’m a big girl. I can hold it.” She said, grasping the end of her skirt, suddenly feeling her bladder filling up.

Assuring herself it was his fault, she joked, “Great! Now I kind of do have to pee because you brought it up.”

“The power of suggestion, huh? Well, just make sure you don’t wet yourself. The chair is leather so it’s easy to clean but still.”
“I won’t. Pinky swear.” She said, now squirming. They both laughed.

Because Brendan had parked on the very end of the theatre’s lot, there was a bit of traffic on the way out. Once they hit the main road, driving was a bit smoother but not enough for Jasmine’s liking. She shifted uncomfortably in the seat, going quiet and then a bit of whimpering.

Brendan, for his part was quiet, watching her. Any guilt he had prior was gone now. He watched her squirm and fidget, her feet barely on the floor. He watched her knees cross and uncross, cross and uncross. Suddenly, she went ram-rod stiff. Quiet.

“Jasmine? Hey look,” he said pointing, you can see where I live just over there, he said pointing to the apartment buildings as he turned in the opposite direction toward her neighborhood. “You okay? Please tell me you’re okay. You just went in the middle of the movie. Please tell me you’re okay.”

“Bren…dan…” she whispered as a few tears came out her eyes. She looked at him and a sudden hissing noise began pounding against leather as the tiny girl lost control. She wet her panties and skirt right then and there. She also lost control of her tear ducts and cried hysterically.

Brendan pulled the car over immediately and gave her a hug. He held her as she lost control and wet herself in his passenger seat. The ecstasy was too much for him. He held her tighter, savouring every second of her humiliation and loss. His mind was working overtime. He had to take the next few steps carefully.

“Oh man… Jazz… I’m so sorry. It’s okay. Don’t cry.” He said sympathetically.

“No… no no no! This is all wrong. Why am I such an idiot…?” she rebuked herself.

“Jazz… It’s okay. It can happen to anyone.”

“Then why me? Why tonight?” She countered.

“I don’t know. I don’t care though. We still had fun right? I’m okay with this. This night was perfect right? As far as I’m concerned, you didn’t pee yourself.” He responded firmly.

His conviction moved her enough to ignore her now soaked panties, skirt and the little puddle she was sitting in. “Yea…” She managed between sniffles, “It was.”

“That’s the spirit! Tell you what. We’ll swing by my place, I’ll let you use the washing machine, you go home in clean, dry clothes, we get together for next Friday and we go see one of those Bollywood movies you always rave over. Huh? This won’t come up again. It’s a one-time thing anyway. We’ll laugh about it a few years from now.”

“You’d do that for me?” She asked timidly.

That was all he needed to hear.

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3 Apr 30)

Don’t take lack of comments as lack of interest.
I’m following this story, it looks interesting. In just waiting to see where you go with it.

Also, you referred to Brendan as Brandon once, maybe twice. It’s Brendan, right?

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3 Apr 30)

I like were this is going.this is a good start so far keep up the good work

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3 Apr 30)

Thanks! I thought I had caught them all. It is Brendan. As for the lack of comments, thank you! That does help a lot that you did. I personally don’t comment on early stories myself so I wasn’t disheartened yet thankfully.

P.S Thanks Oni! Your message showed up after I was already typing my response but I see your praise!

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3 Apr 30)

Glad to see people liking the story. As a thank you to both of you, here’s chapter 4!


Chapter 4

With her still sniffling, Brendan pulled up to the apartment complex and let Jasmine go with his room key while he cleaned up the seat and the floor of the car. He had a special mat prepared that was washable. Luckily, it caught most of the pee so he just had needed to get the cleaning supplies from the trunk and deal with that and the seat. After about twenty minutes, he went upstairs to check on Jasmine.

Upon entering his apartment, he heard the shower running. The car was air drying with windows slightly cracked. Just enough to let air pass through but enough to be opened. In either case, he set the alarm and parked where he could see from his balcony. He knocked on the bathroom door.

“Jasmine? You okay?” He asked, playing up the sweetness as much as he could.

“Yea. Thanks for doing all this. I’m so sorry for being such a baby.” She trailed off at the baby part.

“Don’t worry about it. Hey, I’ll fetch you one of my shorts to wear while your clothes are in the washing machine. Okay?” He said, predicting that she’d forgotten.

“Oh crap… I didn’t even realize… Thanks again.” She said feeling even more embarrassed.

He has to think I’m disgusting or incontinent or both! No way he’s serious about next week’s date. I mean, how could he? I promised him I wouldn’t piss my pants and then immediately piss my pants. God, I know he just hates me, Jasmine reasoned with herself. Should I sit and wait to have nothing happen next week or just deny him upfront? There’s no way he can like a girl like me! How did I even wet myself? I went during the movie, what happened? I was THAT nervous? I had to be. Jasmine reasoned with herself, mulling over reasons for him to hate her and reason for her to have had this accident.

A knock at the door. “Hey Jazz, don’t come out of the shower just yet, I’m going to rest the shorts on the counter top. Okay?”

“Yea, sure.”

Brendan opens the door, glancing at the translucent silhouette of her body, further mired by the steam from her hot shower. He couldn’t make out details but rough contours were all he needed. He dropped the shorts and a towel on the counter and closed the door.

After he closes the door, Jasmine steps out of the shower, grabs the towel he also left under the shorts and dried herself off. She replays her farewell message in her head, lip quivering from fear and embarrassment. After getting dressed in shirt, bra and shorts, she steps out of the bathroom into the living room.

“Brendan, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for-” She began.

“Nope. Need to stop you right there. You little lady, have nothing to feel sorry about. We already went through this. Now, I have some Jell-O. We’re going to eat it together. You are gonna park your little butt on this couch next to me and wait for your laundry with some tv. Okay? I’ll pick you up next Friday, we’ll have fun. Deal?” He ordered, more than asked, having gone through this script in his head countless times.



Fine." She relented.

“Great! I’ll get the Jell-O, you get to parking!” He, patted the cushion next to him and got up making a beeline for the fridge. When he got back, she was sitting there, looking defeated and relieved.

“You’re really not mad? Or disgusted? Or anything?” She asked still doubtful.

“Why would I be? You have to pee, you have to pee. Nothing more, nothing less. I mean, I’ve never had an accident on a date but a few close calls. What, you never had any close calls or accidents on a date?” He asked, trying to level the playing field.

“A few times…” She blushed. “They never came around for a second date. I was known as piss girl throughout junior year because of it. It was horrible. I know you weren’t there but it was so lonely. Only a few of my friends stuck by my side. Let’s you know who your real friends are.” She said as sh looked forlornly into the past.

“Hmm… I know what it’s like. When I got expelled I learned the same lesson, all be it, I made it out with less friends than you.” He snarled at his past.

They ate their Jell-O in relative silence, only making occasional small talk. The washer stopped in the middle of their chit-chat and Jasmine got up and moved her things to the drier. She came back and the two picked up where they left off. They chatted once more until the drier went off. The clock revealed it to be 9:48. If she made it home with the next hour, she’d be comfortably within curfew.

She grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom, being doubly sure she used the toilet this time. As they made their way downstairs, Brendan told her about his job at Canadian Tire and some of the funnier customer run-ins he’d had so far over the summer. They both laughed up a storm into the parking lot. Brendan disengaged the car lock and opened up the car. Jasmine patted the seat. A bit cold and damp but it smelled okay and there was no stain. Not thinking she had any right to complain, she got in and shivered and squirmed from the cold. It was also a little wetter than first impressions so her underwear and skirt took on yet another wetting. He drove her home and upon letting her out of the car, Brendan could see a slight darkness where her butt was. He reached over and patted the seat, to feel it warm and still slightly damp.

He chuckled to himself, “Must not have entirely dried. That or I have a real baby on hand.”

He watched her enter the house, waving his goodbyes and slowly drove off.

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

I’m intrigued, for sure, though I do have some criticism to offer: The diuretic trope, as well-used as it is in ABDL fiction, is a complete farce. No diuretic works instantly. None of them. Even the strongest prescription “water pills” generally take an hour or more to get into the bloodstream, then at least another hour to fill the bladder.

This is the primary reason why you’ve never seen me utilize this trope - because I know better.

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

Ahh. That makes sense. I was looking into it before using it and I didn’t find anything but “our product works faster, our product this, ours that.” There is a problem that will come up with it again because I make a distinct difference between it and its counterpart (you know what I mean but just for those who don’t somehow)

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

By all means, on that end, because of the nature of the product (it actually irritates that area directly as soon as it’s digested, which is rather quickly depending on delivery form, and that area pretty much ALWAYS has something brewing) that can happen in a hell of a hurry. Lotta folks just assume diuretics work the same way - difference is, you still have to go through the kidneys first - there’s no direct line to the bladder.

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

Hopefully, people will suspend their disbelief for the purposes of the story. I could contrive something. Think it’s worth it? Is the real world function of diuretics that distracting? I realize the way I phrase it sounds conceited and arrogant but I am 100% serious. I don’t know.

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It’s your world, build it the way you want.

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

nah it’s not clear how long the movie goes if she peed an hour in and its the movie “everyone” raves about it’s probably a longer epic or drama you could be looking at two more hours and change before the parking lot since post credit scenes are a common thing now

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

Oh Dear GOD… Okay okay… I laughed way too hard at that. That is good. You do bring up an interesting point though. Fiction time is a bit tricky to work with and it’s something I tend to lose sight of when I write. Especially because I write 5 chapters in a sitting and edit them all after the fact and lose the mind frame I was in when writing. Little things like time passage slip through the cracks

@Prudiika. You’re right lol! It’s my plot convenient Maguffin/Mcguffin/Macguffin (pick your poison) and I say it takes an hour! Who knows, maybe I can get a faster acting one, one that grows a third kidney…. Okay… let’s not get TOO carried away… yes mom…

God I’m crazy…

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

Yeah, actually, considering the timeline of the movie, it’s not completely unrealistic that the diuretic starts working on her by the time they get out to the parking lot, if she has a weak bladder to begin with…

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 3-4. Apr 30)

I want to say more on that but I can’t…

Re: The Tale of Jasmine (Chapter 5. Apr 30)

Chapter 5

Jasmine entered the house, feeling the dampness on her butt knowing how bad it must look. She took off her shoes and ran upstairs, bidding her sister in the living room goodnight. Once safe in her room, she stripped off both skirt and panty, reaching for two different pieces of bottom ware in her chest of drawers. A fresh panty and her dependable hello kitty pyjama bottoms made their way up her legs as quickly as she could get them. She buried her wet clothes at the bottom of her clothes hamper and went back downstairs.

“How was the movie?” Amala asked in greeting.

“It was good.” She replied.

They both sat and watched an Indian drama together then went to bed at around midnight. Jasmine, again made sure to use the bathroom before bed, because a bedwetting accident would be a license for suicide on her already frazzled nerves. Hopping into bed, the poor girl prayed to wake up dry.

As the sun rose in the sky, Jasmine awoke with a gasp. Throwing off the covers, she raced to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, she let everything loose. Going back to her room, she realized that she was fine. Not that much came out. Pants and underwear were fine. Her accidents did this to her every now and again. Hey mind would kick into overdrive. Create scenarios where she was always desperate. It would drive her mad. Every pinprick in her bladder would mean a flood, every nap would destroy the couch and every night, her mattress.

“Damn it Jasmine!” Amala yelled, angrily appearing in the doorframe while her sister sat on the bed shivering. “What is wrong with you? Why were you slamming the door like that?!”

“Oh sorry… I had to go…” Jasmine said, not feeling up to a yelling contest with her mind and her sister.

Quickly assuming the outcome in her own mind, Amala visibly relaxed and sauntered over to her sister, lovingly, “Oh, I’m so sorry”, she cooed, “I didn’t know. Why are you sitting there in your wet clothes? You’ll get the sheets wet too silly.”

“What?!” No, I didn’t wet myself! I’m dry. I promise." She said covering her crotch.

“Really? I don’t believe you. Stand up then and show me.”

Embarrassed but in the right, Jasmine stood up and walked over to her sister, turning around and doing a little spin. Amala, unimpressed to see her sister dry, patted her butt for one last test.

“Fine. Just remember who the baby sister is though.”

With that last stab, Amala walked out of her sister’s room with a triumphant smile on her face. Jasmine had accepted her role as baby despite being the elder of the two. She was quieter and far softer spoken. Since Amala had outgrown her, she had always been regarded as the oldest by their more distant family members and sometimes the ones who knew better would slip up. Jasmine would sometimes be shut out of the adult tables at family get-togethers and be forced to sit with the more doting aunts and younger children. Of course she’d try to be mature and take the side of the aunts but since the kids were now catching up to her in height, she’d often time find herself being doted on or being taken to the potty. Eventually she accepted it. She went with the kids to go potty, helped her aunts change the babies and even caught herself playing with the boys.

Jasmine didn’t even feel hurt by the insult. She was above- or beneath it rather.

As the day wore on, Jasmine messaged Brendan, thanking him again for the wonderful evening, having decided to accept his offer in forgetting the accident seeing as he was indeed the first guy to not hold it against her. They talked until he had to leave for work and then she went down for breakfast.

Being at home alone with Amala was a special kind of torture for Jasmine. Amala often assumed the babysitter role. The near accident that morning did not help her standing any. Amala would send her to the bathroom and check her when she came back. How could she resist? The girl played rugby and could overpower her in a heartbeat. The worst incident that utterly broke any birthright Jasmine felt was when she was nineteen and Amala was fifteen. Jasmine had finished her first year at university and managed straight A’s. Her parents praised her and berated Amala for not trying as hard as her studious older sister who had managed only thee A’s between both semesters.

That night, Amala went to her sister’s bed in the middle of the night with two bowls of warm water. First, she rested her sister’s hand in one, then placed it on her chair which was just below bed height. Next, she lowered the sheets and steadily poured the second bowl around Jasmine’s middle. Only a few drops here and there. She waited until she saw Jasmine producing her own steady stream of urine before pouring more and the first bowl for good measure. She took both bowls down and put them away, discarding of any evidence then went to bed herself. Setting an alarm for 7, she slept lightly, being ready to spring in the morning.

Seven came earlier than expected and Amala nearly forgot why she set the alarm in the first place. It all came back to her however and she raced to her sister’s room. Opening the door to see her sister still asleep baffled her.

“How could she sleep when she’s soaked like that?” It didn’t make sense to her but it didn’t matter now. “Hey sis! Wake up! I’m gonna make you a super breakfast for all you’re A’s!”

Jasmine woke up, saw her sister and felt the wetness, the fatigue with the shock colliding head-on in her mind from there. “Okay. Umm… you go and I’ll catch up. I’ll be right there, okay?”

“Come on party pooper! Why- wait a second.” She paused, smelling the air in an overly dramatic fashion. “Someone isn’t a party pooper… more like… a party pisser! Did big girl, straight A’s student wet her bed like a baby?” Pulling off the sheets revealed the full extent of the damage. Her sister’s nightgown was soaked and the bed was wet in places, she was sure couldn’t have been wet from two small bowls and a single wetting.

“Oh my God Jasmine, how much did you pee? Or how many times? Did you notice? Or were you too lazy to get up? I should call mom and get you some diapers. This is ridiculous!” She was partially genuine in that as well. The floor had clear wet marks where the mattress could not contain her flood. This was more than one accident.

“Please”, Jasmine said already crying, “Don’t tell. It was an accident. I swear. Don’t tell.”

That broke Amala a little. Seeing her sister cry like a baby, begging for her wet bed to be kept secret. She pulled Jasmine out of bed and carried her to the bathroom, sopping wet. She peeled the nightgown off her big sister whom she was about as tall as now and pulled off her Minnie Mouse panties and matching bra. After helping her still crying sister into the tub, she sat her down and bathed her. Washing away her power, her agency and her birthright. After being scrubbed as clean as a newborn babe, Amala took her back to her room, fished around for new panties, a skirt and t-shirt and dressed her sister. Once she hugged her and rocked her to calm, she promised she wouldn’t tell.

They both stripped her bed and washed the sheets and mattress as well as set their blow dryers on it to help it on its way.

They spent the day together, big sister and baby sister, though the line had clearly and decisively blurred as to who was which.


Seeing as it is May 1st, have fun at the avengers guys! For those of us not seeing it, enjoy chapter 5!

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The evil little sister. Always a fun little romp, with the AB-Daddy boyfriend an interesting spin…

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Chapter 6

Both sisters were watching tv in their respective couches when Amala sent Jasmine to the bathroom as she had been doing every hour on the hour in a bid to control how her sister used the bathroom. When Jasmine came back and stood in front of Amala for her usual check, the younger girl pulled her down into the couch on her lap. Jasmine groaned but allowed herself to be pulled down. They maintained the cycle throughout the day. They watched tv until 6 when they heard the car pull up meaning it was time to go upstairs so their parents could have the tv. Jasmine played Animal Crossing on her 3ds while Amala stayed in her room reading manga online. Both girls came down at dinner, cleaned up after their parents and went back up without so much as a glance at each other. Jasmine preferred this relationship. She may not have felt like the oldest anymore but at least Amala couldn’t actively make her a baby when their parents were there.

Having been on her potty schedule the whole day, the poor girl was dehydrated. She went to get some water to quench her thirst while Amala read manga into the night and fell asleep.

Around nine, Jasmine heard the telltale signs of her sleeping sister and went into her own room. She had been wearing her pajamas all day so she stayed in them and checked Facebook again.

‘Hey you.’ That one message was all she needed to make the day melt away.

‘Hi! How was work? Today was horrible. My sister is so mean! She’s such a bully! I try to be nice but that’s never enough for her. I don’t know what to do sometimes.’ She let her heart bleed all the colours of the rainbow out onto this potential boyfriend as genuine grievance and slight test.




‘Umm… wow. Sorry, I just got home from work so I’m a bit out of it but damn. How’s your sister bullying you? I’m an older sibling, maybe I could talk to her, big brother to big sister. Get her to lay off.’ He replied trying to be sympathetic.

‘Well… I’m the big sister :S Never mind.’ How could she be so stupid?! She just admitted to being bullied by her little sister. On top of wetting herself in his car. If she could sink any lower, she would be one with her carpet.

Without missing a beat, Brendan came back with, ‘Ahh, one of those uppity younger siblings. Well, you just got to put her in her place. Remind her who the large and in charge one is!’

‘As good as that sounds, she is a star on the rugby team and I am the girl who peed in your car yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be much of a challenge.’ She responded dejectedly.

‘Hmm… okay, here’s what we do. You rest on it for now and we’ll think a plan later. Deal?’

‘Fine, I guess.’

‘Perfect! So anyway…’

The two budding romantics drift into another conversation taking them through the week until Friday appears on Jasmine’s cell phone calendar. Having made it through the week dry and with no further close calls, she confidently goes about her day. Even more exciting at what was unofficially her second first date. They were even seeing a Bollywood movie! No accidents, no mishaps, no slip ups. She did her chores and waited until two in the afternoon to get her shower and be dressed. She waited that late to ensure her bladder would be completely empty this time. Her sister was just coming in from practice and saw the dark skinny jeans with little bead designs and the black sleeveless top designed to make her boobs look a touch bigger in combination with her padded bra.

Taking that first glance, Amala was jealous and proud of her sister all at once. Jealous of how well she could wear anything and proud of her sister for finding a date. Trying to find a response to match her mixed emotions the best she could spit out was,
“Good luck sis and please remember not to move in with this guy this time. At least until he pops the question, like, a year from now.” She said, genuinely concerned.

“Thanks.” Jasmine giggled, “I won’t.”


“That must be him. Bye Amala! Just tell Mama and Papa I went out with some friends.” She yelled back.

“You owe me!” She agreed, with her condition obviously attached.

“It’s a deal!” She said, closing and locking the door.

“Hey beautiful! Damn you look hot Jasmine.” Brendan greeted.

Looking over his modest jeans and hoodie, she returned the compliment more as an automatic social response than genuinely intended flattery.

They drove off to the theatre where Brendan’s phase two was about to begin.

They arrived at the theatre and noticed that it was bit emptier. Brendan had once again parked on the farther side of the lot, though again Jasmine didn’t really mind. This time, she bought the tickets as this was a Bollywood movie and he went to buy the snacks. As they went through to their seat, Brendan directed them to the very top of the room and into a corner, giving her the corner seat again and setting his arm around her lower back and gently rubbing her middle, occasionally massaging her bladder but always moving his hand in a way to suggest this was for her back.

The touch she liked. Jasmine’s weakness had always been intimate physical contact. She loved to be held, cradled, massaged and hugged. It just made her the most happy.

Partway through the movie, she became stiff and was shifting again.

“Hey. You okay?” Brendan inquired, letting her know that her holding was not subtle.

“Yea, I can make it. I’ll go at the end of the movie.” She said, trying to muster all her confidence to believe that.

“Look. Jasmine, we agreed that we’d forget last week. You can’t destroy your bladder in a bid to control it. Just go to the potty.” He said, enjoying the domineering power coursing through him.

Jasmine, for her part, fell right into the submissive role, “What if I won’t know I need to go after and have another accident?” , she hissed out more than whispered.

“You’re a big girl, right?”

“Yes.” She didn’t believe it.

“Then don’t pee yourself here. We’ll worry about later if we have to. Plus the washing machine is there. Not that you’ll need it.” He winked with that last part.

With that re-assurance, she got up and sprinted toward the bathroom.

Alone once again, he pulled out the diuretic and this time two laxatives as well. This was going to be good. A new baby girl. All for him.

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Oh boy… If only you could see what I have planned…