A Strange Affliction

What’s Happening Between Lauren and I?

So, something strange began happening to me after I started going out with this woman. Her name’s Lauren. I don’t know if it’s magic, or just a failing bladder, but ever since we started seeing each other I began having accidents. I think even if it was her presence doing it to me, I would feel like it was worth it for me having her. I’ll share a few of these odd accidents and ask you readers to help me figure out if it really is some kind of feminine magic.

Chapter I - Cosplay [HR][/HR]
So where this all began was when we went on our fifth date. I was pretty confident that we were compatible and it was easy to talk to her overall. We’d decided that we would go to a comic convention together–with short shorts and a tank top that showed a lot of belly, she was going as Lara Croft. She really insisted that I go with, so why not? I had never been to a convention before and when we entered the vast open indoor space that was the convention centre, I was surprised how packed it was.

Anyway, to get right to it, we were holding hands and walking through a crowded alley between booths when the first accident happened.

“Wow–this is the busiest I’ve ever seen it.”

“Yeah, packed.” I replied.

I felt a energy coming from her hand grasped around mine, it was like a warmth–I know, it’s strange. The warmth seemed to travel up my arm and fill my chest with a tender, welcome feeling. It felt like a close connection between us, but with a little something more. Suddenly, I felt wet… Was I–

“Oh shi–” I stopped walking abruptly and looked down to see a large wet patch on my crotch. What the hell?

“What’s up?” Lauren asked. I covered my crotch with my hands instinctively, realizing how many people were around–not to mention my date.

“Uh–where’s the bathroom? We need to go–like now.” I managed anxiously.

She pulled my hand away from my pants, I didn’t resist. “You’re wet–you had an accident?”

“This has never happened before–I didn’t even notice–uh…” I stammered.

She cast me a look that was more worried and motherly than I wanted to see. I doubted she was into me now. Not after this…

“This way–” She grabbed hold of my hand and led me on, I figured she knew the place better than me. I was a little lost, as we passed through the crowds and made a few turns along the way. I got the sense no one was paying enough attention to notice what I’d done at least.

“I had an accident once a few years ago, happens to everyone at least once in adulthood.” Lauren whispered as we entered one of the stalls. She didn’t seem to care that much and was handling it coolly. It was pretty quiet in the bathroom, and I felt secure in her presence. Standing in front of me, she held my hand tightly.

“So what are we going to do? We need to get you in something clean…”

“Yeah, I dunno. Maybe we should head home early? What do you think?”

“I really want to stay for the whole day–besides, I have an idea!” She smiled up at me and I admired how beautiful she was.

“Alright, what should we do?”

“Well, I could run over across the street quick and buy you a spare pair of pants, there’s a thrift store there–won’t cost much.” I felt that warmth beginning to envelop my abdomen again as she spoke. I was taken by her and the soft way she said things.

“That sounds good, okay. But–” I was interrupted by another spurt of warm wetness. What? I was peeing again! I let go of her hand and looked down in shock.

“Huh?” Lauren stared up at me.

“It just happened again… I’m sorry–this date isn’t going so well, is it?” I began to feel tears welling.

“Aww…” She cooed, sitting me down on the toilet seat with my pants on. Now I really felt bad. This had to be the worst date–and having two accidents? What was going on with me today?

“We’ll be alright! Don’t worry okay? We’ll figure it out.” She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You aren’t done with me?” I asked meekly.

“Not at all! I like you–just, wait here in the bathroom, kay? I’ll be back in like ten minutes.”

I closed the stall door and sat back down, listening to her footsteps as they got quieter and quieter. Soon it was silent. I waited. I thought I heard her coming back–but it was just someone coming in to wash their hands. Ten minutes never passed so slowly, it seemed.

I saw her feet and heard her knock on the door. I let her back in–she had her purse with her and I saw a pair of jeans stuffed inside it.

“You’re the best–I don’t know what to say–” I started.

“It’s nothing, we can get back to the fun now.” She smiled and pulled the jeans out for me.

“Thanks,” I said, grabbing them from her. “I’ll just get dressed up…”

She looked like she still had something to say.

“That sound good?” I asked.

She sighed a little sigh. “Well…” She began, scratching her neck awkwardly. “This is going to sound crazy, but–” She pulled a white plastic thing out of her purse.

“What’s that?” I asked.

She shook it, making it crinkle a little. “You don’t know?” She looked amused.


“It’s a diaper, silly.” She smiled. “And you’re gonna wear it.”

“Oh no–”

“Why not? You don’t have any other underwear to wear anyway, and what if you need to pee again?”


“You had two accidents.” She added gently, shaking the diaper a little.

“Well–you’re right.” I sighed. “Okay, I’ll put it on–for you.” I took the diaper from her hand let it rest on my lap with the clean jeans.

I began to unfold it curiously, it had two little tab things on either side and a lot of soft spongy stuff in the middle. I guess wearing it made sense at the moment–and with Lauren being so cool about it I couldn’t let her down. Still, I didn’t know what to make of it.

“How does it go on?” I asked sheepishly.

I felt Lauren grab my hand and I met her gaze. “You know–I can help you put it on quick.”

She walked over to the far side of the stall and opened up the changing station on the wall.

“What!? No!” I said a little too loudly. Luckily, no one else was in the bathroom.

“Oh, come on! I’m here for you. It’s not that big of a deal–let’s get this over with,” She patted the table. “Up, up.”

Reluctantly, I lifted myself up onto the changing table, surprised that It could hold me at all. I laid back on it comfortably and looked up at Lauren as she got my diaper and change of pants ready to go.

She undid the button on my chilly soaked jeans and unzipped them.

She grabbed hold of my ankles. “Can I have your legs?”

Wordlessly I let her lift my butt off the changing table. After sliding the jeans down a little, she slid down my underwear too. Soon they were both off and in a pile on the floor.

Lifting my bare legs once more, I felt her position the diaper under me. Soon it was fastened around me snugly. She ran her fingers along the edges of it–checking it fit right, I figured.

“There! That’s not so bad, is it?”

I got off the table and looked down at the funny bulge of padding. I could hardly bear to look at the infantile garment she had me in.

“It will do I guess–we’ll talk about it more later. Let’s get back out there.”

“Pants first,” she chimed in.

“I know.” I laughed a little and slid up the clean pair of jeans. They covered the strange underpants easily. No one would guess.

She put my wet stuff in a plastic bag in her purse, and soon we were out again holding hands and wandering the floor. She pulled me along as we weaved through the crowds, and I began to feel that familiar warm sensation all through my chest again. I knew now it meant I was going to pee soon, but I was protected. Since I had a diaper on underneath, I decided there was no harm in enjoying the warm feeling that was enveloping me when we walked together. When we sat down at a table in the food court, I noticed there was a little more fluff and poof around my crotch. I wasn’t sure if that meant my diaper was wet, or if that’s just what happened when you wore it for a while. I later found out when we went back to the bathroom stall (she insisted), that it was wet. She had a clean diaper in her purse for me, and not long after it was time to go home.

I figured I’d stay overnight at her place.

Chapter II - The Sleepover [HR][/HR]
After a few grilled cheeses, we shared a bowl of macaroni and got ready to cozy up for a movie. I noticed all through dinner, I didn’t feel the odd warm sensation. It returned to fill my abdomen once we sat together under a light blanket on her couch. We watched a movie together, and I could hardly focus on what was going on because of the strange warmth enveloping me. This strange fuzzy feeling inside was stronger and less easy to ignore when you were sitting quietly. Eventually, we decided to get ready for bed. It was so warm under that blanket, I didn’t want to get up.

“Am I on the couch tonight?” I asked, stretching.

She yawned. “My bed is open, you’re coming with me!”

“Okay.” I smiled warmly at her. If she was offering, I wasn’t complaining.

“Going to brush my teeth quick, but–before that…” She undid the front of my jeans and slid them down. I’d almost forgotten I had a diaper on, and felt too tired to concern myself with a harmless diaper check; I knew I could trust her. She felt around and mooshed the crinkling plastic in her hands.

“You’re wet.” I’ll change it, and get you a pair of my pj pants to wear–can’t have you sleeping in jeans.

“Really?” I couldn’t feel the difference! When did I have an accident?

“Aww…” She hugged me as I stood there with my jeans at my ankles. “You didn’t know it happened at all? Not even a little? Diapers get poofy and squishy when you use them lots, you know. Take off the jeans and lay down on my bed–I’ll clean you up. Just need a moment. It’ll be painless–” With that she was off to the bathroom. With the door closed behind her, light peeked out from underneath.

So I did what she said, and laid down patiently. The faint light of the setting sun bounced around the room and gave it a hazy feeling. It wouldn’t be long before it was totally dark. Laying in bed, I looked around the room, appreciating her striped blue curtains and matching sheets. Her closet was open and lots of laundry was strewn about. A plastic pack with a diaper on the front sat on a shelf nearby.

“Look away–or don’t.” She smiled, taking down her shorts, revealing a pair of cute polka dot undies. “I’ll give you my good pj pants tonight.” She added, opening a drawer. “Hmm–” She rummaged through the laundry on the other side of the room. I couldn’t help staring a little as she bent over. The fabric of her panties sat tightly against her.

“Can’t find anything? Maybe you can go bottomless.” I suggested.

“Only if you do.” She grabbed a diaper from the bag on that shelf, and sat down beside me slowly.

“Sounds fine.”

“Okay, let’s handle that diaper.” She sat on the bed and placed my clean brief on my belly. I laid there wordlessly as she lifted my legs again like in the washroom earlier. “Smells like pee.” She made a face.

“Yeah–sorry. This is all new to me,” I said meekly.

She laughed a little. “It’s fine!”

Soon we were cozily laid in bed together under her freshly laundered blankets. I laid snuggled into her, feeling that familiar warmth return with intensity. What was causing it? I knew I must have been having another accident. Was it time to tell her about the odd feeling? Going on how the day went, I figured there was no need to hold it in.

“Lauren? This is going to sound odd,” I began.


“So–all day today on and off, I felt this warm fuzzy feeling.” I whispered, blushing.

“Aww, cute.” She cooed.

“But, it’s more than that. It’s a weird feeling like nothing I’ve felt before.”

“What’s it like?”

“Well, it fills up my whole abdomen, and then–” I paused.


“Well–I think that’s when I have–uh… A-accidents.” I added shyly.

“Aww!” She hugged me tightly. The pleasant warmth grew intense as we held each other, and for a moment I thought I’d pass out. I figured I must have been peeing a lot, but the diapers didn’t make it easy to tell. I swore I felt a trickle in there as I closed my eyes and gave in to her embrace.

“You’re so cute.” She whispered. “So let me get this straight–You’re saying I’m making you wet your diapers? If you can’t hold your bladder that well, I’m here for you–you don’t need to make excuses. There are lots of guys your age who can’t control it that well and I have lots of changes left for you; we can always get more underwear too–if you’re still struggling to make it.”

“It’s really strange though–It only happens when we’re close together or holding hands. I don’t know why it’s–”

“Maybe you’re getting over excited and the arousal is leaking over into your bladder? Like, instead of an erection, you have an accident?” She joked.

“I dunno.” I said quietly.

“Ohh, my boyfriend can’t make it to the potty because I’m exciting him too much–”


“Yes,” she whispered, looked at me innocently.

I kissed her in response. So it was official.

She began to feel my diaper again as we held each other. “I must be getting you stirred up…” She whispered. “It’s wet again. Only a little. I’ll get you changed in the morning, just try not to pee-pee too much in the night. My panties need to stay dry, okay?”

“I’ll try.”

“You can do it–” She breathed.

We got under the blankets and I snuggled up close to her and kissed her neck. Half conscious fragments of the day’s events flew around in my mind, and soon I was asleep.

I hope that you continue. I’m curious if she is casting a spell on him. ? And if other babyish things start, too.
Enjoying it so far.

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