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Nestled in a small room illuminated by the gentle glow of a computer screen and not much else, Burdette Gordon clicked through web page after web page, clearly in search of something. Looking through a string of profiles, her attention was eventually drawn away by a small but brightly colored notification in the corner of her browser, the message serving to cheerfully tell her of a new message in her inbox. Navigating the mouse over and clicking, Burdette waited anxiously for the page to refresh, pausing only briefly to glance over at the mirror situated on her closet door to regard herself.

The female was a tad on the small side for her age of nineteen years; nonetheless, in her blue eyes she managed to impart a measure of confidence and control that was more usual to people a few decades older.

The page refreshed. Turning her attention back to the monitor, Burdette felt a small burble of excitement well up as she saw the name of a person, WetKitty3, as it happened to be, that she had been teasingly sending messages back and forth, on and off, for some time now. To her further excitement, she read the message stating that sender had sent an attachment, a possible response to the repeated pleas that she had been making for a photograph. Without waiting a second more, she clicked again, opening up the message. The words were, for the moment, ignored – hurriedly, Burdette scrolled down, anxious to see the picture.

A quiet ‘hmm’ of satisfaction passed through the female’s throat as she looked over the woman in the picture. She was, admittedly, a bit older than Burdette herself, but that only made her that much more appealing. Not only had WetKitty3 taken a picture of herself, but she had apparently mustered the courage to do so while engaging in the fetish that both she and Burdette shared. Crouched shyly in front of the camera was a full-grown woman in nothing but a white t-shirt and a disposable diaper – wet, if the gentle sagging were any indicator --, one arm outstreched to hold the camera while the other teasingly covered up most of her face.

Burdette felt a small shiver of anticipation run up her back as she took in the picture. Already crafting the reply in her head, she reached for her mouse to click the response button when something made her stop. She puzzled curiously over WetKitty3’s shape, struck by a sudden and inexplicable sense of familiarity. Realization came hard a few moments later and Burdette was struck dumb by the implications as she realized why the woman felt so familiar. Just as unexpected as the feeling of familiarity were the thoughts that followed it, a warm and pleasurable tingle as various possibilities flitted through her mind.

Basking in these feelings, Burdette clicked the response button and began crafting her response.

“you really are something cute, aren’t you? we’re going to have to have some fun together…”

Kerrigan Kischuyo was a teacher. That was simply it. She had known since she was young that what she wanted to do was teach and, pleasantly, had found once she started doing it that she was right. A member of the English department in her school’s university, she had no less than ten years of experience in the classroom and had settled into the comfortable groove of a well-to-do young single woman with a respectable job.

One reason Kerrigan was such a good teacher was that she was so adept at keeping her personal life and her career separate. It may surprise some people to find out, but even respectable people like teachers often enjoy sex as much as anybody else. This was especially true for Kerrigan, who not only very greatly enjoyed having sex, but enjoyed having sex in interesting and unusual ways. Any student who happened to stumble upon Kerrigan’s computer would find an online presence in many places centered around having sex in completely unusual ways. Of course, this wouldn’t ever happen because, as established, Kerrigan was very careful about keeping her unusual sex out of her respectable career.

As it was, unusual sex was hovering in the back of Kerrigan’s mind as she finished up her morning literature class, popping up like a teasing succubus as she verbally lectured a fine point in one of the short stories that she had instructed the class to read. The reason it was so prominent in her thoughts was because the night before she had taken a risk that she had never taken before, sending a picture of herself to the woman she had been flirting with online for some months. She eventually forcibly pushed the thought out of her mind – there would be time for that later, after all, after school ended – and focused on her lesson. Sure enough, soon the class would over.

Kerrigan moved to gather up her materials as the class filed out, pausing only when she became aware of a presence hovering around in front of the desk. Glancing up, she settled her eyes on her student. Kerrigan had a brief moment of confusion – the girl very rarely spoke up unless called on, and it took her a moment to properly remember her name.

“Is there anything that I can help you with, Burdette?”

“I think that there is, mmhmm, Ms. Kischuyo,” said Burdette, smiling sweetly as she slid something across the table. “Or would you rather that I call you WetKitten3?”

Kerrigan blinked rapidly, her heart skipping a beat as she glanced down to look at the picture, instantly recognizing the picture of herself posing shyly for the camera in nothing but a very soggy disposable diaper.

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This is good. Keep it up and please finish this story. How embarrassing for WetKitten3. :slight_smile:

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I’m going to give you the benefit of a doubt that your disclaimer is tongue-in-cheek. We don’t allow porn here. There was nothing objectionable in this chapter, however.

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I guess it kind of depends on what you define as ‘pornography’, as there’s never going to really be much more than a wet diaper and maybe a bit of spanking. I just wanted to get out of the way that I hadn’t really much planned to go too in-depth in regards to character development or complex and intriguing plots – it’s just a short Long Rifle-esque story about some stuff that happens to two women. .;

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What you just described does not sound like pornography to me. We’re looking to avoid explicitly graphic sexual content. Your story should be OK.

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I still think it’s cheesy porn, but there you go. :wink: Comments and critique welcome and loved.

For a few long seconds, Kerrigan was completely stunned; she stared at the humiliating picture of herself on the top of the desk before quickly glancing up to look at Burdette’s grinning triumphant face for a split-second before looking back down again, the beginnings of a deep blush beginning to blossom in her cheeks. She stuttered twice as she tried to find something, anything, to say.

“W-what’s this?”

Burdette’s smile was almost an anticipatious leer.

“I think we both know what this is, Ms. Kischuyo. I think the more important question is what we’re going to do about this. More specifically, what it is that you’re going to be doing for me.”

Outrage and indignation startled Kerrigan out of her shock. Eyes widening, she angrily looked up, meeting Burdette’s eyes.

“I don’t know what you think you’re going to get out of me, grades or otherwise, but if y–”

Kerrigan found herself cut off suddenly, one of Burdette’s fingers gently but firmly pressed against her lips while the younger female made a quiet shushing sound with her throat.

“Now, listen to me, Ms. Kischuyo,” said Burdette, and Kerrigan was so struck by the confident authority in the student’s voice that she found her protests dying in her throat as she looked up and listened to the younger woman.

“I’m not asking for anything as silly as grades here. I’m here to give you precisely what you asked for, which was, if I remember, ‘a pair of strong hands to take you and treat you like the little kitten you are’,” said Burdette, smiling viciously as she mimicked the words that Kerrigan had written about herself on her profile. Kerrigan felt the blush spreading to her ears, and it was all she could do not to look away meekly as the dominant female continued speaking.

“From now on, you will do what I say, when I say it. In return for your simple obedience, I won’t plaster this adorable image of you wearing your diaper for the camera all over the school. These are your choices. Do you understand me, kitten?”

Before she could catch herself, Kerrigan meekly nodded in agreement. At this point, she was too overwhelmed with all that was happening to her to manage much else.

“Good,” said Burdette approvingly, the curve of her smile showing the amusement she found in Kerrigan’s sudden meekness. There was a movement of her arms and on the table suddenly there was a brown paper bag.

“In there are some clothes for you, as well as my address. I expect to see you at my place tonight at ten o’ clock. You know what’s going to happen if you’re not there,” said the younger female. “Do you understand?”

Again, Kerrigan managed another weak nod. Burdette’s smile widened and she reached out, gently tracing a finger down her teacher’s cheek, almost purring when she saw the gentle shiver that the contact elicited.

“Good. I’ll see you tonight, my kitten,” said Burdette. She gave Kerrigan’s cheek one more stroke before dismounting herself from the desk, leaving confidently through the door of the classroom without a glance back.

Kerrigan sat in her seat, breathing heavily as the shock of realization in what just happened washed over her. Several times she glanced towards the door that Burdette had just exited out off, expecting her to come back in and announce that everything that had just transpired was in fact a joke, but Burdette never came back in. Eventually, the woman mustered the courage to tentatively reach out and take the brown paper bag that had been left for her. She drew it close to her chest, but couldn’t quite work up the courage to open it up and look inside, as if it might confirm the truth of what had just happened.

The rest of the day passed in a gentle sort of haze for Kerrigan – she taught her other classes with her mind on auto-pilot, thoughts flitting back every few moments to touch on what had just happened with her student. Obvious in her emotions was the crumbling terror – being found out by her co-workers or, even worse, one of her students had been a constant terror from the start. At the same time, however, Kerrigan found a deep fascination and, if pressed hard, she might admit a thrill of excitement and anticipation at the student, over a decade her junior, and the authority that she had asserted over her.

It was through this fog of emotion that she eventually got through her day and headed back home. The brown paper bag was left by the kitchen counter near the door, and as she went through the usual business of her evening – grading papers, straightening up her apartment and the like – she found herself glancing back at it, knowing deep down that to open it up would likely be the first step in a long long series of steps that she had fantasized about but never actually lived out. It was after a long period of such – standing in the doorway of her kitchen, arms crossed as she stared at it, contemplating the implications – that she eventually snapped, suddenly exclaiming, “Who does she think she is? Of course I’m not going to show up in her apartment in something ridiculous!”

Hours later, a few minutes before the clock was to strike ten o’clock, Kerrigan was at the front door to an apartment she had never been to before, her hand held tentatively over the buzzer.

The outfit wasn’t /that/ ridiculous. Kerrigan was dressed in what was obviously one of Burdette’s old school uniforms, consisting of a button-up blouse with small puffed sleeves and lace around the collar, along with a pleated skirt that, if it had been properly sized for Kerrigan, would have gone down to her knees, but on the somewhat larger adult rode periously high. Pulled up her calves were white socks with lace around the ankles, and hugging her feet was a pair of slightly worn shiny black mary janes.

The whole ensemble looked somewhat ridiculous on the poor teacher – while she wasn’t too terribly old, the outfit looked very cutesy on her, making her look that much younger. Worse of all was what was wrapped around her hips, a surprisingly thick disposable diaper that gave her a slight waddle, along with a faint crinkling noise any time she took a step. The high skirt along with the thick diaper in particular was a dangerous combination, and Kerrigan had to concentrate intensely, less she make a movement that was large enough to make the skirt ride up in the back, with the disasterous side effects of giving anyone around her a flash of the seat of her diaper. Luckily, the area the student apartments were housed in weren’t very well lit, or otherwise Kerrigan might never have mustered up the courage to leave the car and walk to the address Burdette had given her.

Here she was, dressed ridiculously for a woman her age, about to go meet one of her students that was a full decade younger than her! Concerns and angry protests welled up in her mind, but nonetheless she found an intense craving inside of her to ring the doorbell, to go along just to see what would happen next. After a few more heavy breathes, she finally reached up and rung the doorbell.

A few moments passed, and then a few more. Kerrigan finally heard footsteps from behind the door and then, a moment later, it opened up and Kerrigan found herself looking into the smiling face of Burdette.

Kerrigan hiccuped, eyes wide as she surveyed her student. Burdette was dressed much more maturely than her, wearing a casually business-like shirt and blouse – a moment later Kerrigan recognized it as similar to the outfits that she herself wore to work every day, and the beginnings of another hot blush begain to work out the implications of what Burdette had chose to wore, very much stating who was in charge of whom here.

“I see that my kitten decided to dress up for me,” Burdette commented approvingly, looking over Kerrigan. “So cute, too! I might have to make you wear it to work tomorrow,” she continued, teasingly.

Protestations suddenly welled up in Kerrigan. “You can’t do this to me, Burdette! I’m the adult, the one in charge here, and you’re supposed to b–!”

Kerrigan suddenly found a firm hand grabbing her by the wrist. She was tugged inside and the door slammed behind her. She had the briefest glimpse of Burdette’s apartment, tugged through to the living area with surprising speed by her student, before she found herself being pushed over, made to lay across Burdette’s lap, on her belly, as Burdette herself settled onto a couch.

“You need to understand now,” said Burdette, authority like steel woven into her voice, “that I am in charge here, that you will do as I say, and that under no circumstances whatsoever will you talk back to me.”

Kerrigan felt one hand on her back while the other began pulling up her skirt, Burdette exposing her diapered rear before giving a violent tug, tugging the disposable garment down to reveal the teacher’s ass. Burdette left the diaper bunched up at Kerrigan’s knees and, without warning, suddenly started viciously spanking her captive submissive.

The pain was a complete shock to Kerrigan – while she had fantasized about being spanked in the darkest recess of her mind, the sensation was a pleasurable one as she imagined it, and not the sudden explosions of pain that she was feeling now. Each slap to her rear only intensified the starburst of raw sensation, and it wasn’t very long before she was wailing loudly, her wails eventually turning into choking sobs, and from sobbing into out and out crying.

None of this phased Burdette, who continued her rough spanking well into Kerrigan’s crying. She bit down on her lower muzzle, supressing the wide smile and the estatic pleasure that she got from disciplining the older female and it was well past the point of Kerrigan crying that she stopped.

By this point Kerrigan was a blubbering mess – tears ran down her face and she twisted and squirmed slightly, even the slightest movement sending fresh aches and pains into her. She twisted and squirmed underneath Burdette’s unrelenting hand, no longer even trying to wiggle away but in simple reaction to the trill of pain that each fresh spank both. It would of continued this way for quite some time if not for the happening that surprised Burdette and Kerrigan both.

Kerrigan noticed it first, a hot sharp feeling between her legs, insistent and differing from the dull ache emanating from her cheeks. Burdette realized what was happening a moment latter as warm splashes fell into her lap and with one quick moment reached down and grabbed hold of the diaper that was still bunched around Kerrigan’s knees. With one quick moment, the younger female jerked the babyish garment back up Kerrigan’s legs and over her hips, quickly containing the wet mess that was still being made by the teacher’s sudden lack of control.

For a few moments that seemed to stretch on forever, Kerrigan hung there across Burdette’s laps, painfully aware of both the lingering ache of the spankings and, much more embarrassing, the warm slippery feel of her emptying her bladder into her diaper, the hungry padding pressed tightly against her skin well up to the task of drinking it all up. Both girls were panting heavily, momentarily spent from their actions and past the point of moving. Eventually, Kerrigan finally finished and, for one of the longest moments in her life, just lay there panting heavily, one of the most painful sensations of her life thoroughly ensconced inside a soft and moist padded prison.

Sensation finally arrived in the form of Burdette’s hand gripping the seat of the prone teacher’s diaper, hand squeezing forcefully and pushing the wet seat up against Kerrigan’s aching rear, producing a symphony of aching and eliciting a quiet wail from Kerrigan herself.

“You are going to obey me from now on without question. Is that understood?” asked Burdette, emphasizing the question with another squeeze.

“Y-yes,” panted Kerrigan with a quiet whimper, the idea of disobeying or giving any other answer unthinkable.

“Good,” simply agreed Burdette.

The two hung in their positions for just a moment longer before Burdette finally initiated moving again – the young student straightened up, then shifted Kerrigan, turning the teacher over into her lap until the crinkling seat of her diaper was finally resting in Burdette’s lap. The sensation of weight upon her rear brought forth another whimpering wail, and Burdette held still for just a moment, savoring the whine of her submissive teacher.

“You should of listened to me from the start, kitten,” Burdette said, the amusement in her voice tangible. Kerrigan merely brushed and kept her eyes forward, still in a mild amount of pain and having no idea how to react.

Burdette began to move again, sending a flinch running through the older female, but this time her touch was gentle as she gently wrapped her arms around Kerrigan, drawing her close and giving the childishly dressed woman a kiss on the nape of her neck.

The intimate position was held for a long moment before Burdette gave a quiet sigh of satisfaction and began to move herself, and therefore Kerrigan, to her feet. “We should probably get you cleaned up and ready for bed. Come with me, my kitten.”

Kerrigan was lead through Burdette’s apartment again, this time much more gently. The older woman was in a state of shock – only in her wildest fantasies had she ever dreamt that she would be treated in such a way before, and now, as it was happening, she was entirely overwhelmed by the feelings and the sensations. A dark blush grew around her cheeks as she realized how much she was enjoying it, deep down, and it was in that haze that she was gently lead into Burdette’s cramped bathroom, too out of herself to realize that her student was undressing her until her blouse and her skirt already lay at her feeet.

The blush intensified as Burdette took a step back to take in Kerrigan, dressed now in nothing but her socks, her shoes, and the obviously sagging diposable diaper still hugging her hips, the gentle padding still rubbing painfully up against her aching behind. She moves to cover herself up reflexively, which only served to make Burdette’s grin wider.

“My kitten is shy, isn’t she?” quietly supposed the younger girl as she left Kerrigan as she was, bending down to start running the faucet in the tub. As it was filling, she moved over to help Kerrigan out of her socks and shoes, then finally came to the diaper, which, with slow and laborious precision, she carefully undid.

Then Kerrigan was naked, totally exposed under the eyes of her student who took the opportunity for all it was worth, looking up and down the teacher that she watched move about in front of the classroom on a daily basis. Her eyes rested momentarily on her nude form before she moved back into action, gently ushering Kerrigan into the tub.

The contact with the water hurt – it was quite hot, and as Kerrigan slowly bent her knees and settled her rear into the filling tub, she felt her aches in her rear renewed as the hot water tickled her pains. It was only with gentle shushing and encouragement from Burdette that she finally made contact with the seat of the tub, leaving the adult settled in like a child while the dominant Burdette hovering over her.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” wondered Burdette.

Kerrigan, still blushing, shyly met Burdette’s eyes before wordlessly shaking her head back and forth.

“My kitten will find,” crooned Burdette as she pulled the bottle of shampoo to herself and began to lather up her hands, “that she will enjoy herself very much if she’s obedient.”

The washing proceeded slowly and gently, a marked departure from the quick and violent roughness of the spankings. Burdette’s hands moved gently over Kerrigan’s body, gently kneading and rubbing as she carefully cleaned up the teacher in the same way that a mother would with her child. Soon Burdette had Kerrigan’s hair in a full lather, which she gently brushed at with her fingers before starting to move downwards.

Kerrigan, still worked up from the tenseness of her spankings, held herself stiff at first until slowly but surely she began to relax under the careful ministrations of her dominant student. Eyes shut tightly, she gave a quiet sigh as she submitted to Burdette’s hands, allowing herself to be washed and pampered. She was treated thusly for the entire bath, Burdette’s careful hands moving over every inch of Kerrigan’s body, giving not an inch of privacy as she cleaned Kerrigan from top to bottom.

After what felt like ages later, Kerrigan finally felt herself being pulled up to her feet and lead out of the tub. The smaller female descended upon her with a towel, carefully drying off a quiet and blushing Kerrigan from head to toe. Eventually Burdette dropped the towel and took a step back, smiling as she admired her handiwork in the form of a still slightly damp Kerrigan, who began to gently twist her hands across her body to cover herself as she noticed that she was being surveyed again.

“Not a chance, kitten,” Burdette gently remonstrated, knocking Kerrigan’s hands down.

“You can’t just leave me naked!,” pleaded Kerrigan, more of a whine that a statement.

“You’re not going to be naked,” gently assured Burdette. Once more Kerrigan was taken by the wrist, this time lead further into Burdette’s apartment, right into the young student’s bedroom. Kerrigan knew what was coming when Burdette lay a pink plastic mat over her bead and, knowing what was coming, moved over to lay upon it.

“Good girl,” praised Burdette, rummaging through a nearby drawer to retrieve the supplies for what came next.

Kerrigan was subjected to the gentle humiliation of having her legs lifted and her rump raised only to be brought back down on the crinkly garment that would soon be imprisoning her. She squirmed, watching the ceiling as Burdette’s fingers moved deftly over her, distributing both powder and oil in turn, and then gave a quiet sigh of relief as the diaper was pulled up between her legs, gently but firmly pushing them apart as Burdette did the tapes up on either side. She was soon pulled back up into a sitting position, with Burdette once more looking happily over her work.

“You look adorable,” said the student flatly in appreciation of her teacher’s body. “I had all kinds of outfits planned out for fun, later, but I may not be able to bring myself to put you in them, since it would cover up your cute little rump.”

Kerrigan’s ears burned at this statement and another feeling of hestitancy and fear ran through her. She wasn’t too out of it either to understandd the implications of the word ‘later’, either – Burdette wasn’t planning on letting go of her any time soon.

“Burdette, we c-can’t do this,” Kerrigan began, her voice meek and timid in order to avoid producing another violent reaction from her captor. “You’re not supposed t-”

Burdette’s fingers were at Kerrigan’s lips again, the younger female quietly shushing the older. “You do as I say. That’s all you’ll ever need to worry about. I promise,” said Burdette, the words tender.

Kerrigan gaped for a moment and then, after a moment of hesitation, nodded her head shyly.

“Good,” smiled Burdette. “It’s almost time for you to go to bed. But first…” she began, quickly moving out of the room. She was back a moment later, clutched in her hands what was obviously two baby’s bottles, both of them full to the brim with milk. Kerrigan’s heart fluttered as she saw the fulfillment to another one of her fantasies.

“Into my lap,” commanded Burdette, settling onto the edge of the bed next to Kerrigan. The older female quickly moved in obedience, crawling into Burdette’s lap who, with only a quiet ‘oof’, handled her well. She was gently manipulated into a holding position, one hand supporting Kerrigan’s back and the other holding one of the bottles. Without even giving Kerrigan a chance to react, Burdette gently shifted the nipple into the older female’s mouth.

A heartbeat of hesitation passed before Kerrigan finally began to, tentatively at first, suckle. She was rewarded with the surprisingly forceful taste of milk, not quite cold enough to be shockingly so, as it left the bottle’s nipple and into her mouth. For a few moments she suckled dumbly, still caught in the dull haze of shock of all that had been happening to her in such a short span of time. Eventually, however, her suckling starting to become slow and regulated, held tight against Burdette’s chest and enjoying the infantile treat.

A sudden exhaustion overtook Kerrigan. She was vaguely aware that Burdette was beginning to hum, but everything was growing indistinct as she slipped closer and closer into unconsciousness. The final sensation that she was aware of was Burdette’s fingers gently rubbing her back before she finally succumbed to sleep.

Holding the now dozing woman, Burdette shifted her into a slightly more comfortable position, grinning as she moved the second bottle, just as full of milk and the subtle sleeping agents as the first one was, to Kerrigan’s lips.

Kerrigan awoke to the harsh sound of a clock alarm. Gasping in shock, she sat straight up with a jerking motion as the alarm blared at her. Moving reflexively, she waved an arm in the general direction of the sound and, after a little flailing, hit the button that turned the alarm off.

The unfamiliar surroundings confused her until the memories of last night began flooding back into her memory. Her cheeks coloured – was she really spanked? Did she really allow a student to bathe her? Her hands automatically moved down to press between her legs where it was greeted with the unyielding sensation of something thick that crinkled when she touched it.

Kerrigan pulled the sheets off of her and looked down. Tightly hugging her hips was the same disposable diaper that she had been put in last night, though this time they were accompanied by a translucent covering that, after a bit of inspection, proved to be a pair of plastic pants, covering and protecting the diaper underneath. Kerrigan was vaguely aware of a quiet but insistent pressure building down there, one that demanded that she soon put that diaper to use.

A thrill of terror and excitement grabbed at the woman as she noticed the small but very real lock, attached to the thin chain that lead around the top of the plastic panties.

Hurriedly the teacher glanced around, looking for some presence of Burdette when her eyes fell upon a note taped to the back of the bedroom door. Standing and moving over – waddling slightly due to the diaper tightly hugging her --, Kerrigan read:

‘Kitten! I hope your sleep was as good as mine. I’m going to keep the key for your panties with me, just for safekeeping. If you want it back, you can ask for it, nicely, when I see you in class today. Love you, kitten. – Burdette’.

Kerrigan gulped and glanced over in the direction of the alarm that she silenced earlier and read the time on the clock. Class would be starting in less than a half hour.

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please go on this is great

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Very good, a great read.

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I am enjoying this story. As the others have said, More please soon

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Criticism wanted, etc. etc.


The next few moments were a whirlwind of frantic activity for the poor school teacher. Almost immediately after searching around for something appropriate to put on, she found the same outfit that Burdette had been wearing the day before, folded neatly up next to the note for apparently just such a purpose. Kerrigan soon wiggled into them and was somewhat pleased to find except for a mild tightness in certain places the borrowed clothing fit.

More frightening was the disposable diaper she had been locked into. It pushed her legs apart with it’s thick padding, forcing her to walk with a slight waddle and, to her nervous ears, the sound of the plastic crinkling through the pants was monstrously loud – she’d be instantly detected!

Propelled by a nervous energy, Kerrigan quickly went through the motions of preparing herself for class, using Burdette’s own brushes to quickly get her hair back into place. Preparations completed, she took a step back and worriedly studied herself in the mirror – to her relief, in the span of a few short minutes she had managed to make herself look more or less presentable, though the knowledge of the thick disposable diaper underneath her skirt still hung in her mind, making her frantic with worry.

In relatively short order, Kerrigan was soon walking – waddling – back to her car and then, not too long after, on her way to the school building. The entire drive was an exercise in nervousness and confused feelings as she replayed the events of the night before in the back of her head. Had she really done that with her student? That couldn’t of really happened, could it?

The embarrassing reality of the situation was pushed into her every time she shifted in her seat, the thick padding pushing her legs slightly apart serving to remind her just how real things really were. Even worse, Kerrigan could feel a pressure starting to build below her stomach, no doubt from the bottle-feeding that had occurred the previous night. The idea of having to use the diapers at school was mortifying, and Kerrigan hoped that she would manage to find Burdette before the problem became too much to handle.

With not a moment to lose, Kerrigan soon pulled into the teacher parking lot at her school and, after a few quick seconds of breathing quickly and steeling herself for what was to come, she pushed herself out of her seat, shouldered her bag, and walked into the school.

Burning with nervousness – and, even if she wouldn’t admit it, a frantic excitement buried deeply into her chest --, Kerrigan navigated the halls towards her classroom, nodding her head and returning polite greetings from students and colleagues alike. She was painfully aware of the way that the thick padding forced her legs slightly apart, forcing her to walk with a waddle, and she was certain that at least one she noticed a student’s eyes glancing down as if to see what the source of the quiet crinkling that accompanied Kerrigan’s movements could be.

Forcing herself to adopt the same calm and confident demeanor that she managed every other day that she walked into her classroom, Kerrigan pushed open the door and walked inside.

“Good morning, class,” she remarked, even as she struggled to keep the waddle out of her steps as she maneuvered to her desk.

“Good morning, Ms. Kischuyo,” came the response with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Kerrigan settled down into her chair, arranged her papers and, meeting the moment that she had been alternatingly dreading while, at the same time, looking forward to in a perversely exciting way, glanced up to look at the students.

While things were more or less happening as they normally did – a few students conversing quietly among themselves or readying their materials – was taking place, the only thing that Kerrigan could focus on was the face of Burdette, her mouth turned back into a knowing grin. She knew full well of Kerrigan’s predicament and, even as the pressure building in her bladder gave a twinge of warning, Kerrigan realized that Burdette had planned for things to happen exactly as they were.

The teacher’s ears suddenly reddened in blush as she became aware of how overlong she had been staring. Forcing her eyes away, Kerrigan cleared her throat and launched into her lesson. While it was normally her style of instruction to walk around the classroom and use the board extensively for examples, Kerrigan unsurprisingly had decided that the entirety of the day’s lesson would be delivered with her safely behind her desk, where the large wooden front served as a protective buffer between the class and the infantile garment that was hugged intimately around her hips and locked into place.

The only real concern that Kerrigan still to deal with was the now painful warnings from her bladder, and had anyone been privy to what was happening underneath the desk, they would have seen the teacher forcing her legs together as much as the thick disposable diaper would allow. Eventually, Kerrigan began to tense up, allowing that she might have to wet herself behind the protective shield of her desk when, to her dread, she noticed something that had happened.

Burdette had raised her hand.

Cautiously, not sure what to expect, Kerrigan swallowed her apprehension even as she suffered another particularly painful twinge from her bladder. “Yes, Ms. Gordon?”

Burdette, meeting Kerrigan’s eyes with a pleased smirk that she wasn’t entirely able to hide, innocently wondered. “I’m still a little unclear about some of the metaphors in the story. Would you mind please diagramming them like you did with the other short stories?”

Kerrigan tensed up. She came perilously close to outright saying, “No,” but she was painfully aware that it was still her duty as a teacher to do her job and, judging by the few nods of agreement that she saw scattered across the classroom, Kerrigan knew that she was going to have to do it. Begging her bladder to hang on for just a moment longer, she bit down on her lower lip before nodding her head. “Of course.”

The renewal of movement was a shock and, as Kerrigan pushed her chair back and stood up, the shifting of her body pushed further straining on her bladder, threatening to have her wetting her diaper right then and there. Each step bringing another painful twinge, Kerrigan carefully walked – waddled – over to the white board, forcing herself to speak calmly to the class.

It really was a very good attempt. Kerrigan managed to get through an entire sentence before, while moving to stand on the tips of her toes to dot an ‘i’, she finally lost the little control of her bladder that she had left.

Kerrigan’s speaking faltered as she felt the pressure relieve itself, shivering slightly as she felt the diaper start to warm. After a blank period of three seconds or so she finally managed to pick back up the thread of her lesson, barely managing to continue speaking even as her hot urine flooded into her diaper to be drunk by the hungry and absorbent padding. She had to resist the temptation to squirm or sigh in relief as she continued wetting herself, and it was only be force of will that she was able to continue her teaching.

The diagram soon finished, Kerrigan turned around to face the class, painfully aware of the soaked diaper between her legs that was, even now, starting to sag slightly with it’s heaviness, the added thickness of the urine-soaked padding forcing her legs apart that much further. Although her face was burning with humiliation, not a person in the class – save for Burdette in the back, grinning widely – seemed to recognize anything was out of the ordinary; almost everyone was watching her with lazy attention, with a few dreamers staring at the walls and slowly working their way closer towards unconsciousness.

After a single deep breath, Kerrigan returned to her lesson, although internally she was consumed by her embarrassment and, again, that same perverse excitement that she had felt before. She didn’t dare meet Burdette’s eyes, although she was painfully aware that she was watching her the whole time. Summoning every last vestige of courage and self-control, she explained the figure that she had just drawn and then sat back down at her desk, continuing the lesson.

The rest of the class passed relatively normally – seated behind her desk, Kerrigan was thankfully saved from having to conceal the thick disposable, made even thicker by the uncontrolled wetting that had just occurred. It was a huge relief when the class finally abated, the students packing their things and filing out.

Even as she gathered her own things, Kerrigan watched Burdette out of the corner of her eye, who, for whatever reason, made no effort to return the eye contact, and instead acted if nothing out of the ordinary was happening at all. This mildly vexed Kerrigan, who, at the very least, had expected some sort of acknowledgment and, hopefully, maybe, the key to her locked plastic panties, although she had the vague feeling in the back of her head that things wouldn’t be that easy. Annoyed, as the final stragglers were filing out, Burdette among them, Kerrigan pushed herself out of her chair and made to follow – waddling – after her.

Kerrigan was lucky – after walking some length down the hallway, she stopped and turned, entering into a bathroom. Kerrigan, just now becoming aware of how much more pronounced her waddling was with the diaper soaked, glanced around and then followed her inside.

Thankfully for Kerrigan, the bathroom was empty except for herself and Burdette, the latter already standing at a sink and washing her hands casually with with her book bag slung over one shoulder. She glanced up as Kerrigan entered, grinning cheerily.

“Hello, kitten. Is it time for your change already?”

Kerrigan’s cheeks reddened and, deep down, the kindling of rebellion ignited. She, a respectable teacher, had just been made to soak her diaper in front of her class! She wasn’t going to play this game anymore!

“Burdette, I’m not doing this anymore! You are going to give me the key right now and we’re going to pretend this never happened!”, she hissed.

The student calmly turned off the faucet and, not even looking at Kerrigan, took a towel to begin drying her hands. “You seem pretty confident, what with those pictures of you that I’ve got.”

Kerrigan’s spirit sunk as she remembered the blackmail that was hanging over her, but she managed to rally. It was only a single picture, and not a very good one at that and, she considered, probably less damaging to her reputation than getting caught in front of her class in a soggy disposable.

“I don’t care about the picture, you are go–”

Burdette cut her off suddenly, tsking. “Pictures, pictures,” she said, stressing the plural ‘s’. She rummaged around in her backpack and, a few moments later, produced a small stack of something and handed them to Kerrigan.

Her heart sank – the whole stack was picture after picture of her from the night before; being lead around by Burdette, being pulled over her lap, her diaper pulled down as she was spanked, sitting in her lap, nursing from the bottles and, further along, pictures of her sleeping in Burdette’s bed, thumb in her mouth. This wasn’t just a little embarrassment – this was complete and total humiliation.

“I’ve got copies of all of those, of course,” chirruped Burdette happily, leaning against the counter with a smug smirk, bringing Kerrigan out of her daze.
Weakly, Kerrigan looked up. “What do you want?”

“For you to obey,” simply responded Burdette. She took the pictures out of Kerrigan’s unresisting hands and stashed them back in her backpack, then brought her hand around underneath Kerrigan’s skirt and squeezed the seat of her disposable. The teacher winced, squirming as the still-warm padding pressed intimately against her rear. “Now, what is Kerri-kitten going to do for Ms. Burdette, unless she wants all those lovely pictures spread across the whole school?”

There simply was no other response. Kerrigan hesitated and then, in a quiet whisper, responded, “O-obey.”

“Good girl,” praised Burdette, rubbing the seat of Kerrigan’s diaper through the plastic pants. She stood on her tiptoes and deposited a kiss on Kerrigan’s cheek, then took her unrelenting hand and started leading her towards the largest bathroom stall. “What say that we get you changed and fed, kitten?”

There was no resistance in Kerrigan’s limbs as she allowed herself to be lead inside the bathroom stall. Burdette gently ushered her into a corner and then settled her backpack down and begin to rummage through it. She pulled out a fresh bottle and settled down onto the toilet seat after pulling down the cover. She patted her lap with an pleased smile and motioned Kerrigan over.

Still slightly in shock with what had just happened, Kerrigan moved over and, with a slight grimace, settled down. Settling down brought the teacher into intimate contact with the soggy disposable clinging to her crotch, and only served to remind her of the embarrassing incident that had just occurred in her classroom. Past the point of protesting, she opened her mouth as the bottle’s nipple was brought up to her mouth and, a few moments later, began to suckle.

The milk tasted cool against her tongue and flowed easily, ,each suckle bringing more and more and inducing Kerrigan into a steady rhythm. She was just beginning to relax when she felt Burdette’s free hand creeping gently up between her legs. Kerrigan at first thought Burdette was trying to soothe her, though, a moment later, she knew better – the younger student suddenly started pressing inwards with a heavy force, pushing soggy padding against the teacher’s most intimate spots.

Kerrigan’s eyes widened and her suckling broke for a moment as she gasped, sending a few droplets of milk down her chin before she recovered. Eyes fluttering, she made an attempt to moan a protest, but Burdette would hear none of it --moving her fingers in time with Kerrigan’s suckling, Burdette continued to gently masturbate her teacher through the plastic panties and the diapers.

Not taking her lips off the bottle, Kerrigan began to twist and squirm, already in a heightened state of arousal from the line of humiliation and excitement that she had been walking all morning. Despite her very best efforts to suppress it, a last-ditch effort to prove that she would not be manipulated by her student, Kerrigan soon felt the familiar indicators of a coming climax and, a few moments later, she pressed her eyes shut and bit down into the bottle’s nipple so that she wouldn’t disturb the bathroom with her moaning. She gripped Burdette tightly, managing a stifled whimper as she twisted and bucked in the throes of climax.

Burdette, face locked in a look of pleased concentration whose excitement almost matched that of Kerrigan’s, continued pressing her fingers across the front of Kerrigan’s diaper, the thrusting coming in slower and slower frequencies until her hand finally went still. By this time, Kerrigan was a panting mess, milk dribbling down her chin. As she came back into her senses, a hot blush began to spread across her face and up her ears, thick with the knowledge that she had just let a student bottle feed her and masturbate her through her wet diapers – and that she had loved every second of it. She let her full weight lean against Burdette and, for a few long and intimate moments, they hung there like that, Kerrigan in Burdette’s arms, the two young women locked in an intimate embrace.

Moments passed. Finally Burdette deigned to speak, only after bending down to press a kiss to Kerrigan’s forehead. “I’ve got class in a few minutes and you need to get back to your classroom, Kitten. Lets get you changed into something fresh.”

Burdette gently levered Kerrigan off of her lap, ushering her into the corner before dipping back into her backpack. In relatively short order, a large plastic changing mat was procured, along with a fresh wipe and, Kerrigan noticed with a sense of inevitable foreboding, a fresh disposable diaper. Burdette arranged all the supplies on top of the plastic mat after spread it over the floor and, this done, moved back over to Kerrigan to gently lower her on top of it as well.

There was no resistance from the teacher – even when Burdette surprised her with pressing a pacifier into her muzzle which she, after a hesitant moment, began to suckle. Soon on her back, she felt her skirt being gently pushed up out of the way, then followed by the gentle clicking of Burdette undoing the lock on her plastic panties.

“Legs up, kitten,” commanded Burdette, with Kerrigan obeying a moment later. Sucking her pacifier, locked into a post-orgasm lethargic daze, Kerrigan felt her plastic panties wiggled down off her legs before Burdette reached down, gently manipulating the tapes and tugging them down.

Kerrigan suppressed the reflexive gasp as the cold air hit her moist groin. Her ears gently reddened again as she heard Burdette’s tsking, saying, "My, my – you really soaked these, didn’t you? Kerrigan took solace in the comforting motions of suckling her pacifier, even as Burdette used the wipe and began to clean her up, cleaning the dampness up before sliding the sodden disposable diaper out from underneath Kerrigan. Leaving the used diaper to the side. she insisted, “And up again, cutie.”

Kerrigan’s legs obligingly rose before she felt herself being settled back down onto the fresh disposable, just as thick as the one that she had been just wearing. A few moments later she felt the diaper being pulled up between her legs, forcing them back apart before being taped back up into place.

“Just the panties now, kitten,” soothed Burdette.

Kerrigan didn’t immediately move to obey, making a pleading noise through her pacifier. To her, the locking plastic panties served as a means of permanence, a way that stopped her from backing out should she change her mind.

“You will wear them until I trust you,” said Burdette with an air of finality, giving Kerrigan’s rump a swat through her padding. “Or is it that you want me to show my lovely pictures of you, kitten?”

Kerrigan responded in a groan, lifting her legs obediently, which merited another, “Such a good girl.” She felt the plastic pants being wriggled back up her legs and, a few moments later, she heard the lock close back into place with a foreboding click.

Burdette stood to survey her work – lying on her back with a pacifier in her mouth, skirt pulled high to reveal those thick disposable diapers, Kerrigan looked completely and totally submissive and infantile, and the image brought forth a quiet stirring of excitement from the dominant Burdette.

“You are adorable,” she remarked quietly, which brought forth another blush from Kerrigan that, of course, only made Burdette that much more please.

“You’ll be coming by my apartment tonight again. The diapers are there to say for the foreseeable future – you will come to me when you need changing, whether it be between classes or later, at my apartment. These are the rules, and you will obey me. Do you understand, kitten?”

Kerrigan responded with a meek nod.

Burdette almost purred with satisfaction. Leaving Kerrigan in the position that she was in, she bent back down and began to pack the supplies back in her bag, leaving the sodden disposable where it was. “I’ll leave you to carry that to the trash yourself, kitten,” she said with a wink.

She was soon packed in relatively short order. Bending over, she planted a gentle kiss on the prone teacher’s cheek, saying, “Keep the changing mat in your purse. I think you’re going to be needing it often.” With that, she stood up and, blowing Kerrigan one last kiss, walked out of the stall and then, a moment later, out of the bathroom.

The teacher, still suckling her pacifier, stared blankly at the ceiling for a few moments, still overwhelmed with all that had occurred. Eventually, she worked the sense to stand back up and, moving somewhat mechanically, she obediently folded the changing mat up to be placed in her purse later and, picking up the soaked diaper – she was surprised at how heavy it was! – and deposited it in the trash.

Kerrigan lingered by the sink for a moment, pausing to simply recover her senses.

The attention was humiliating, but something that Kerrigan so totally craved. While the indignant part of her personality demanded that she end her relationship with Burdette, another side of her reveled in the indulgence of fetishes she had held for so long. Just the thought of sitting in her student’s lap, muzzle wrapped around a bottle, sent a pleasurable shiver through her body. Still! Burdette was one of her students! This had to stop!

Clearly, something had to be done.

These thoughts and more were going through Kerrigan’s mind as she stood in front of the mirror when she became distracted by the sound of the door opening. Kerrigan nodded distractedly as a student she didn’t recognize entered, nodded politely at Kerrigan, and then moved into the very stall that Kerrigan herself had just exited. The teacher was confused by the sound of quiet giggling she heard a few moments later until she realized that the pacifier was still in her mouth and still being suckled.

An exquisite shade of pink returning to her cheeks, Kerrigan quickly plucked it from her mouth and, after a moment of hesitation, left the bathroom to waddle back to her classroom.

Re: A Reversal of Roles [Third Chapter Posted!]

Once again brilliant. Keep it up.

Re: A Reversal of Roles [Third Chapter Posted!]

I do it for you, BJ. I do it for you.

Re: A Reversal of Roles [Third Chapter Posted!]

[b]I apologise; I haven’t gotten a chance to proofread whatsoever, and my schedule’s so busy that I’ll doubt I’ll be able to do it any time soon. Regardless, here’s the last (?) chapter to A Reversal of Roles. Any sort of criticism welcome.


One waddle through the hallways later, the young teacher was back in her classroom, the hidden pacifier curled tightly in the fingers of her right hand, the sensation of the rubber nipple encircled by the hard plastic embarrassing by it’s simple infantilistic presence. No less forgiving was the presence of her diaper, unrelentingly thick within the locked confines of the plastic pants and tinging each action that required the use of her legs with a babyish waddle and a shy crinkling.

Kerrigan forced herself to focus as she settled back down into her chair behind her desk, pushing out of her mind the way that the diaper forced her legs apart. Thankfully, the bulk of her desk protected her lower quarters from the eyes of the class.

At this point, she was starting to get a little panicky. The day had only just begun, and the poor teacher had two more classes, one right after the other, before she would have fulfilled her obligations on the campus. The thought of spending the rest her day teaching her classes in the clothes that Burdette had put her in mortified her, but there simply wasn’t any time for her to do anything else – already the beginnings of her current class was beginning to trickle into the room. Realizing that she was still clutching the pacifier that she had been suckling on only a few moments ago in her hand, she tugged open a desk drawer and quickly dropped it in.

In the end, Kerrigan was simply left without an option – the rest of the class entered the room shortly after and very soon the door was closed and the students looking to her, still seated behind the desk, with expectant expressions on their faces. Biting her lip and swallowing her nervousness as best she could, Kerrigan stood and began to teach the class.

Things started out very well. Those students observant to such things noted that Ms. Kischuyo seemed particularly loath to stray away from the board or move around the class and gesture with as much vigor as she normally did, but not a one had their suspicions raised that anything truly was out of the ordinary.

For herself, Kerrigan found her trepidation gradually lessening as the class proceeded. She was still able to teach her lesson without any apparent difficulty while still escaping the embarrassing prospect of being discovered and, as the class was starting to wind down, she found herself quite calm compared to the nervous and fretting woman that she had been at the start of the class.

This is why when the incident happened when it did, the teacher found herself that much more mortified.

As Kerrigan was summing up the lesson in review, she started to flip around the white board’s marker in her fingers. This was nothing out of the ordinary – she did this often. Neither was it unusual when it slipped out of her fingers. These things happen sometimes.

What happened next was pure reflex… Kerrigan turned around where she stood, her back facing the class and then bent at her middle, reaching down to pick up the marker that she had dropped.

Immediately, Kerrigan was aware of an oppressive silence, the kind of complete lack of noise that takes place in a classroom when not only have the students stopped carrying on the hushed conversations in the back of the room, but have stopped moving entirely. It dawned on her then what she had just done, and that by bending over she had caused her already ill-fitting skirt to ride up over the seat of her crinkly undergarments, exposing the thick disposable diaper seat to the classroom.

Immediately, Kerrigan straightened back up, marker clutched tightly in her fingers. For the moment, all was silent as the teacher dared to meet the eyes of her students, who were either staring right back at her or, even worse, glancing among themselves with knowing looks, the glimmer of smirks already starting to appear upon their faces. They had all, down to a one, had been given a look at the babyish diaper that was even now slightly forcing her legs apart, reminding her of it’s presence.

The teacher opened her mouth and stammered, not even having words to say but out done out of reflex to dispel that horrible silence that had been created. Summoning every last vestige of self-control, Kerrigan stammered, “You h-have your homework. Class dismissed.”

The poor teacher didn’t dare meet the eyes of her students as they began to move out of the classroom; instead, she waddled back over to her desk and settled down into into the chair, staring with wide eyes at papers spread out across her desk.

They had seen her diaper! Kerrigan felt as if a line had been crossed – she had never imagined that her relationship with Burdette would ever spill over into real and actual embarrassment, and even now, she could feel creeping humiliating starting to transition into bubbling anger against the young woman that had done this to her. To be an adult and be humiliated so!

Breathing heavily, Kerrigan decided right then and there that she would call the whole thing off. She only had one more class that she needed to suffer through before she would be able to leave and head back to Burdette’s apartment to confront her, and she received a thrill of pleasure in imagining how she would tell off the younger would-be dominant.

The ringing of the school bell brought Kerrigan back to reality. She did still have one more class, after all, and already students were beginning to file into the classroom. As the students began to seat themselves, the young teacher noticed, with slight alarm, another twinging from her bladder. ‘Already?’ she squealed with mild indignation in her head.

Kerrigan took no chances this time – the entirety of the lesson was delivered from her seat at the desk this time, with no room for accidental showing offs of any sort. Even then, Kerrigan still thought that she noticed a few whispered glances passing between students, along with a number of curious and incredulous looks and, in a single instance, a giggle not entirely smothered by a hand quickly placed over the mouth.

Even recalling the incident was enough to send a fresh blush to the woman’s cheeks, but nevertheless she managed to make her way through the lesson. Annoyingly enough, the pressure from her bladder began to grow from a quiet concern to a more immediate and insistent one, even verging on outright uncomfortable, but the momentum from her prior determination pushed her through and, soon enough, class had ended. Fixing a smile on her face, she wrapped up the lesson and dismissed the students.

Kerrigan was pleased that she wasn’t going to have to wait a moment longer – at this point, she was starting to feel like she was going to burst, and she was looking forward to getting back into her car so that she could relieve some of her pressure, so to speak, and then drive back over to Burdette’s apartment and give her a piece of her mind. With a flourish, she gathered her things together and stood back up, waddling to her door and steeling herself for what would, hopefully, be a quick jaunt out to the parking lot.

It was not.

Kerrigan hadn’t even completed a full ten steps before a sudden and insistent twinging from her bladder told her that another accident was coming soon, the teacher’s wishes be damned. She panicked, suddenly – the idea of wetting her diaper where she stood, out in the hallway in front of everyone was too humiliating to contemplate and, if noticed, would only add to the mounting embarrassment that was to be hers when the rumour from her second class started to spread. She desperately looked around, at this point simply trying to find a place to duck into where she wouldn’t be noticed when the inevitable accident happened.

Salvation arose in the form of the teacher’s lounge, only a quick waddle away. Kerrigan managed to make it inside and shut the door before finally losing what last vestige of control that she had left. With a quiet whimper at the sheer feeling of relief, she pressed herself against the wall and shut her eyes, squirming slightly as she felt the hot urine puddle inside her babyish undgarments, the hungry padding soaking up the remnants of the bottle that the young teacher had been fed earlier that morning.

It felt so good! The simple relieval of pressure came as such a welcome relief that Kerrigan couldn’t help a pleased sigh from escaping her lips as she emptied every last bit into diaper before finishing, panting slightly, and then straightening back up and opening her eyes.

It was then that the young woman realized that she was not alone in the teacher’s longue.

Sitting at the small table set up on the floor across from her was, Kerrigan recognized, one of the school’s nurses; she was a good decade older than Kerrigan, a head bigger and one of those women who seem to radiate matriarchal authority as they age.

The amused expression on the woman’s face told Kerrigan everything that she needed to know. The nurse – Kerrigan’s memory filled in ‘Verity’ a half-second later – knew exactly what had happened, and Kerrigan knew that she knew and, what’s more, Verity knew that Kerrigan knew that she knew.

Still squeezing her supplies tightly to her chest, Kerrigan relaxed untensed slightly and, nevertheless, made an effort to pretend that this older woman did not just see her flood her diapers. “V-verity,” she acknowledged, inclining her head. “It’s pleasant to see you again.”

Nurse Verity was grinning. “Kerrigan, it’s good to see you. I’m glad that I ran into you, actually.”

“Oh?” wondered Kerrigan, doing her very best to sound nonchalant and not doing very well.

“Oh, yes,” agreed Verity cheerfully. “There was a rumor going around school that you weren’t feeling very well. Is everything alright?” she went on to query, knowing full well that everything was not.

Kerrigan’s heart sank, even as she felt a fresh blush blossom across her cheeks. Had the rumour really spread so far? She resisted the urge to groan, mustering up all her self-composure before biting her lip and shaking her head.

“R-really? I can’t imagine why you would of heard that. Everything is perfectly alright,” said the young teacher.

It was Verity’s turn to wonder, “Oh?” She considered Kerrigan’s answer before giving her shoulders a slight shrug. “I guess that I heard wrong.,” she innocently concluded, pushing her chair back from the table and standing up. She gave Kerrigan a polite smile, then began moving towards the exit that Kerrigan was still leaning against.

That’s it? Kerrigan felt a momentary surge of relief that that was to be it, fancying possibly that maybe her dignity wasn’t completely irrepairable.

These thoughts flew out of her mind when she felt Nurse Verity cup the seat of her diaper, her other hand on the door handle. She could feel the older woman squeeze the padding in assessment, the movement pushing the soaked padding against her intimate parts, making the younger teacher shiver with surprise.

“Not quite in need of a change, yet,” concluded the nurse aloud, sending a mortified blush of red to Kerrigan’s cheeks. “You come and find me if the need arises though, alright love?”

At the dumbstruck look on Kerrigan’s face, Verity concluded, explaining with a thin smile that, “You’re not the first person on this campus that I’ve had to change, and I doubt that you’ll be the last. You know where my office is.”

With that, and one more affectionate squeeze to Kerrigan’s diaper seat, Nurse Verity opened the door and exited the teacher’s lounge.

Kerrigan was simply agape, overwhelmed by all that had happened to her in the last two days! It was as if her life was turning into some badly written fetishtic pornography story!

Again, that same bubbling anger that she had felt towards Burdette began to rise up inside of her! She had never agreed to go this far and it was time to march right back to her apartment and tell her how things were going to be! The embers of rebellion burning in her breast, Kerrigan gathered her materials back to her chest and, steeling herself, opened the exit to the teacher’s lounge and began making her way – waddling that much more pronounced by the gentle sag the diaper had just recently adopted-- back to her car.

Thankfully, the journey was more or less uneventful and Kerrigan was soon in her car. A quick turn of the ignition and she was soon on the road, following the path back that would lead her back to Burdette and, hopefully, her liberation from the babyish garment hungrily hugging to her hips.

The trip passed quickly – it wasn’t long at all before the young teacher pulled up to the apartment’s parking lot and, parking her car, toddled her way to Burdette’s door. Steeling herself, she smoothed down her skirt and began to knock ferociously on the door.

The young woman was not very long in waiting – soon enough, the door was answered by, sure enough, Burdette, who gave her teacher a sleepy smile.

“Good day at work?”

Kerrigan was not going to have any of this. Arms crossed and body in sloped in a defiant posture to let Burdette know who really was boss here, the teacher remarked, “Ms. Gordon, you will let me in, please. We need to have a talk.”

Burdette just responded with a sleepy giggle, though, sure enough, she took Kerrigan by the arm and lead her into the apartment. The two women followed the same path that they had taken the night prior and, very soon, Kerrigan was settling her amply padded rump into couch.

Arms still crossed, the teacher haughtily recited the speech that she had been building in her mind since that first embarrassing moment in class earlier, when she had inadvertantly given the entire classroom a peek at the disposable snugly anchored around her waist. She told her about the horrible embarrassment. She told her about desperately trying to hold it in and then her subsequent wetting of herself, right in front of Nurse Verity. Cheeks reddening slightly, she told her of the straightforward nurse’s rewards, and the embarrassment that quickly followed.

By the time that she had finished her little speech, Kerrigan was panting slightly from the effort. Slightly satisfied by this outpouring, she looked at Burdette expectantly. “Well?”

Burdette paused, thoughtfully tapping her chin in consideration.

“I think giving Nurse Verity a key would help,” decided the woman eventually, going on to explain, “I can’t be around to look after you all the time at school, after all.”

Kerrigan’s mouth hung open! Hadn’t Burdette listened to her? Surely she couldn’t be expected to continue with this humiliating charade! The teacher opened her mouth quickly to protest, but found it suddenly filled by the rubber nipple of the pacifier that Burdette had only just pushed in.

“You’re my kitten,” simply said Burdette, stroking a hand across Kerrigan’s arm soothingly. “We both know it. You shouldn’t try to fight it.”

And Kerrigan knew, deep down, underneath all the layers of resistance, that this was true, and this was what she really wanted. Her whole body wavered slightly in indecision before, in a small but declarative movement, she nodded her head and, with a brief suckle of her pacifier, leaned against Burdette.

And that, more or less, was that.

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You are doing fine Kerrigan, please continue.

Re: A Reversal of Roles [Fourth Chapter Posted! – Critique? .;]

I think this has suddenly become one of my favorite stories on this site. Both characters have realistic motivations, act in logical accordance with those goals, they’re people I can relate to (somewhat), and there were few spelling/grammar errors.
I can only conclude, therefore, that you are an excellent writer. I hope you bless us with many more stories of such quality. :smiley: