A Potty Training Teenager


Hey there, my name is Kyle Linwood, I’m currently 16 years old and recently, I’ve been starting to wear big boy underwear. Now, you may have one question? Why would I mention that I’m starting to wear big boy underwear? Well it’s kind of a long story, let me tell you about my entire life from a baby, to now.

My parents are some of the richest business-people and they don’t really have alot of time for me, they always go on business trips and haven’t been home for the past 2 years due to be being so busy, they told me that I could live out the rest of my life in this house and they would be back from their business trip in a year or two for a couple of months. Until a couple of months ago, I was wearing diap

Chapter 1

The story of Kyle’s potty training starts he was about 6. It was recess and he had recently just used his diaper, he went to the bathroom and he found his best friend, Sam.

Sam had recently just entered the bathroom and Kyle startled him, he jumped a bit. He could see the mid-rim of a Pampers Diaper, he alerted Kyle “Oh hi Kyle! Hey uhm… your diaper is sticking out”

Kyle was quick to act with this comment, he pulled his shorts up a bit. He stuttered, “I-” and was by Sam replied with “Why are you wearing a diaper? Are you a baby?”, Kyle replied quickly “Well uhm, my parents just didn’t have the time to train me to go to the toilet. Sorry if this changes our friendship…”

Sam was understanding of that some people get potty trained at different rates, and maybe Kyle would never be potty trained, but he was fine with that, it would never change their friendship. “Don’t worry, we’ll always be friends and uhm, I think you’ve pooped yourself.” Kyle could already tell that and he nodded. Kyle was unsure though as he didn’t know how to change himself that well without making a mess.

“Uhm, do you think you could… uhm change me? I’m not really good at changing myself.” Kyle asked hesitantly. “Oh sure! I always change my younger brother’s diaper.” Sam reassured, Sam lead Kyle into the larger stall as the school was aware that some people needed more room in toilets, it also contained a changing table as special needs kids also used it.

Kyle laid down on the changing table and just relaxed and let Sam do the work, Sam slid down Kyle’s trousers with a bit of difficulty but Sam got them off. Sam then untaped the diaper and what made both of the boys laugh was when Sam said “Yuck.”

Sam then took the wipes and wiped down Kyle, put it in the old diaper and taped it up, Sam then took another Pampers diaper and slid it under Kyle, instructing him to lift up and then he taped it under him, and put some baby powder on him.

Sam assured Kyle, “Hey, you can get up now. I’m finished.” Kyle was completely out of mind, “Oh, thanks!”. Sam said “You know, you don’t need to worry about being toilet trained. Can I show you something?” Kyle nodded.

Sam pulled down his shorts a bit to reveal a pullup, Kyle was amazed “Wow! It looks so cool!” Sam replied with “Thanks! I think I’m a bit wet though…” Kyle chuckled. “Can I change you? In favor for changing me?”

“Sure!” Sam said. Sam lied down on the changing table, pulling down his trousers and Kyle got to work, tearing it from the side and putting a new one on him “All done!” Kyle said and Sam was amazed by the work!

“Wow, thanks!” Sam replied. “I think it’s time for the end of break-time though now” as the bell rang. “Yep, let’s go.” Kyle replied and they continued their day from normal.

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