A poem by me...

You can make me laugh
and make me smile.

if you say im wrong your in denial.

If we sit up all night just to talk
even when we go for a walk.

Sitting on the computers is always fun
or having a picknick in the sun.

I dont care what ever we do
I just want to be with you.

I guess you will never know
just how deep my feeling go.

I want to tell you every day
that me feeling are here to stay.

I just want to tell you so
just how deep my feelings go.

you know i like you
and you dont feel the same.

I guess ive got my self to blame
I took me ages to tell you so.

The feeling inside me that did grow
there getting stronger every day.

So I supose today id better explain
I want you to be my valantine.

My feelins are as pure as a dove
I have to admit its deffinatly love.