A Period Of Adjustment Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

When the sandwiches were made, Peter called up to Zoë, who was still in her room. Within a couple of minutes she was downstairs. Everyone else was already sat round the table. Zoë was surprised to see Jack sitting there. She had thought that he wasn’t going to be back until later in the evening. He was sat in between Charlotte and Mitchell. He looked up as Zoë sat down, and they smiled at each other. The two of them were quite close, and hadn’t spent as much time together in the last few days as they normally did. As Zoë sat down she knew that the fact that she hadn’t spend as much time with Jack as normal was because of Charlotte. Charlotte, Harry and Peter really. There were three plates of sandwiches in the middle of the table. And each plate had a different filling in it, as well as a couple of bowls of crisps. She reached for a sandwich and vowed to spend some time with Jack before the day was finished. She just hoped that he wasn’t intending to go out again.

“Are you going out again today Jack?” Gwen asked.

“I don’t know,” he answered. He didn’t want to give a definite answer, as it would depend on what happened in the afternoon. Zoë looked up at him. She knew that he was finding the change in the living situation difficult. They had both talked about how things were going to change before Peter had even moved in. He was finding the change almost as difficult as Zoë was, and he still had his own room.

Everyone was obviously hungry, because all the sandwiches all disappeared quite quickly. Gwen asked Mitchell and Harry to help her wash up clean up. Jack, Zoë and Charlotte were pleased, but they all knew that one or two of them would be cleaning up after tea. They quickly left. Jack and Zoë both went upstairs, and headed into Jack’s room. Zoë was happy. She realised that Jack must have missed hanging out with her too.

Jack’s room was a mess as usual, but Zoë didn’t mind it. She sat down on his bed. And he switched his TV on, and then sat on the bed too. He began to flick through the channels on the TV. “So what is it like with Charlotte in your room?” he asked, without looking at her.

Zoë paused for a minute before answering. “Different,” was the word she finally settled on.


“It’s going to be difficult to get used to have hardly any privacy,” Zoë said. “Plus her stuff seems to be everywhere. I am hoping that it is just whilst she is still unpacking, and eventually stuff will be put away. It is really annoying”

Zoë told him about other things that she had to change or couldn’t do anymore, now that Charlotte was sharing her room. But she left out everything to do with her ABDL side. Despite the fact that the two of them were close, Zoë hadn’t told him about her other side, and had no intention of doing so. She knew that she would be mortified if Jack, or anyone else knew about it. “How long do you reckon it will take mum to realise why you are going out loads?” she finished with. She knew that he was going out a lot because he didn’t want to be in the house with Peter, Charlotte and Harry.

“I don’t know. I reckon she already knows, but doesn’t want to bring it up. She probably doesn’t want to cause an argument, or make them feel unwelcome,” Jack replied.

When everyone had finished the sandwiches, Charlotte was surprised to see Jack and Zoë heading into Jack’s room. It wasn’t as if she wanted to do something with Zoë, but it was more to do with Charlotte not realising that the two of them were close. The idea of them being close hadn’t even occurred to Charlotte. Charlotte couldn’t imagine going off and sitting in her brother’s room. She wondered if Zoë knew about her crush on Jack.

Charlotte decided to ask if she could borrow the car. She didn’t want to spend the afternoon in the house again, so thought that she could drive and see one of her friends. Peter and Gwen had no problem with it, so Charlotte quickly phoned her friend Mel, to check that she would be in, and then set off.

As she was driving, her mind wondered back to Jack, and whether Zoë knew about it. Charlotte remembered having a dream the night after she had started sharing a room with Zoë. The dream had started with Jack walking around the house in a towel, and had ended with the two of them getting married. Zoë had been the Maid of Honour and the Best Man. Charlotte wondered whether she might have talked in her sleep, revealing her secret to Zoë.

When Charlotte was almost at Melanie’s house, she had decided not to worry about whether Zoë knew about her crush on Jack. The reason for this was because Charlotte knew an even bigger secret about Zoë. “Her secret about all the ABDL stuff is way bigger than my little crush on Jack. It’s not like I’m actually Jack’s sister. I’m not even his stepsister yet,” she rationalised to herself.

By the time she had done that, she was outside Mel’s house. Charlotte parked at the side of the road, got out of the car, and pressed the button to lock it. As she walked down the path to Mel’s front door, she realised that Mel must have seen her coming because the front door opened when she was only half way there. A big smile spread across her face as she saw Mel standing in the doorway.

“Heya Char,” Mel said as Charlotte walked through the front door.

“Mel,” Charlotte replied as they hugged. Charlotte and Mel had only known each other for a couple of years, but Charlotte still counted her among her best friends, alongside people she’d known for a lot longer.

Mel’s younger brother, Shawn, who was 13 years old happened to walk past as Mel and Charlotte were hugged.

“My god, get a room you two,” he commented before heading through the door into the kitchen.

“Get lost Shawn,” Mel practically shouted. “Char, do you fancy going out somewhere?” she said in a normal tone of voice.

“Yeah sure. Sounds good.”

“Thanks. I’m getting kinda sick of Shawn. Just let me grab my stuff,” Mel said. She started to head upstairs. Charlotte followed her. Mel went into her room, and Charlotte said down on Mel’s bed whilst Mel moved around the room. “So how is the new place going so far?”

“It’s ok, I guess. It’s kinda strange getting used to sharing a room,” Charlotte replied. When she had finished talking, she looked across the room to Mel’s sister’s bed. Mel had shared a room with her older sister her entire life, but her sister had gone to university, meaning that Mel had her own room most of the time.

“It’s kinda strange getting used to not sharing a room too,” Mel added with a smile.

“So do you think we could end up being friends with Charlotte?” Jack asked Zoë. The TV had been switched off, and he had let Zoë choose one of his CD’s to put on. Zoë was still looking at his CD’s, so was facing away from him.

“I don’t know. She seems alright so far. And we did kinda bond I guess, when mum made the two of us go to the supermarket. For me, I think sharing a room with her is going to force us to become friends,” Zoë said, as she picked up a couple of CD’s to look at. “Well, either force us to become friends, or worst enemies. Friends would be easier,” she added.

“So what do you reckon about me and her?”

“Why? Do you fancy her?” Zoë said, thinking that Jack was talking about a relationship with Charlotte, rather than just a friendship.

“She’s cute, I guess. But no. I was talking about a friendship between the two of us”

“It could work. The two of you don’t really have a lot in common though. And I think that if you are friends with someone, then you do actually have to spend some time with them,” Zoë said, referring to the fact that Jack and Charlotte hadn’t really spend any time together apart from when everyone was around.

“I don’t really need to be friends with her though do I. So long as you are friends with her, and Mitch is friends with Harry,”

Charlotte and Mel couldn’t decide on what they wanted to go, so they were both contend to drive around until they could think of something to do. As they were driving around, Charlotte’s mind drifted to the Zoë and the ABDL secret. Now that Charlotte knew everything, she wasn’t sure what to do with the information. She knew it would be good if Charlotte ever needed to blackmail Zoë, but she knew that using Zoë’s secret like that would be really cruel. The more she thought about it, the more Charlotte was coming round to the idea of keeping quiet and never mentioning it.

“Hey Mel, I have a bit of a dilemma. If I tell you, can you tell me what you would do?”

“Yeah sure,” Mel replied, shifting in her seat, so that she was looking at Charlotte.

“I know this secret about someone. And it is something that I don’t think they would want anyone to know about them. I kinda found it out by accident,” Charlotte started, trying to suppress memories of deliberately looking at Zoë’s computer. “And this person doesn’t know that I know. So should I tell them that I know, or just keep quiet?”

“Hmm, that’s a difficult one,” Mel said. After a couple of minutes of silence, Mel spoke again. “To be honest, I think it would depend entirely on what the secret was, and who the person was,”

“Thanks, you were a great help,” Charlotte said sarcastically.

“Well, you have to give me more details. Or give me examples,” Mel defended.

Charlotte thought about it for a bit, then managed to come up with something. “Ok, say the person I know the secret about is you, and the secret is to do with something really personal.”

“What do you know about me?” Mel asked.

“Nothing. I’m using you as an example,” Charlotte explained. Mel still looked a bit peeved. “Ok, fine. The actual person that the secret is about is Zoë.”

“Zoë, your stepsister type person?”


“That makes it entirely different, because you don’t really know her, so you don’t know how she would react to anything. I mean, for all you know, this secret is something that everyone knows, but she has just kept it hidden from you. So she might not even care that you know.”

“Yeah, that would make sense, because she did say that she had to stop it because of me. So Gwen and her brothers must already know. That makes perfect sense. Thanks Mel,”

“Happy to help,” Mel said. She looked at the clock on the dashboard. “Oh man, is that the actual time?” Charlotte looked at the clock, and then confirmed that it was.

“Can you drive back to mine? Mum will be home in a bit, and she left me and Shawn a list of jobs to get done. I don’t think Shawn will have done anything,” Mel said, trying to remember what was on the list, and whether everything could be done in half an hour.

“Sure,” Charlotte said, as she began driving back to Mel’s house.

As Mel was getting out of the car, she turned to Charlotte and said, “Maybe you could tell her a secret about you, and then she will probably confess the secret that you already know.”

“Thanks, I might try that,” Charlotte replied. They said their goodbyes and Charlotte started to drive home.

Zoë and Jack spent quite a while together in Jack’s room. When Zoë left, and realised that Charlotte was out, she went straight to her room, figuring that she might get some time to go on the ABDL Story Forum. Having deleted the link in her favourites, and not knowing the web address by heart, she had to google it first to find the site.

When she got there, she wasn’t logged in. She didn’t really intend to post, so wasn’t planning on logging in. The first thread she looked at was the one she had started to explain her disappearance. It had had a few replies. Some were from friends, and there were a couple that were from people that Zoë had never even spoken to.

After only five or ten minutes, Zoë heard Charlotte’s voice, so she quickly found another website to go on. Thirty seconds later, when Charlotte breezed into the room, Zoë was casually looking at imdb.com.

“Hey Charlotte. Did you go out somewhere?”

“Yeah. I went and saw one of my friends, Mel. You will have probably seen her around school with me.”

“Yeah probably,” Zoë replied.

“I was thinking, when I was with Mel, that us two aren’t really friends yet. And I think we need to be friends for this room sharing thing to work,” Charlotte said out of the blue.

“Um, yeah ok. Actually I did say something similar to Jack. So what do you suggest we do? To become closer?”

Charlotte shut the bedroom door and went and sat on her bed. “How about I tell you a secret about me. Something that no one, or hardly anyone knows. And then you can do the same,” Charlotte replied.

“Yeah ok.”

Charlotte lent back against the wall. She had decided to go with Mel’s last suggestion, and was just hoping that it would work how she was intending it to work.

A Period Of Adjustment Chapter 16

……. a thought provoking chapter indeed, i would have prefered to see a little more “mental tackling” of the desicion but i guess its very hard to get that sort of thing accross without sounding like our filling white space…

cant wait for the next one!

A Period Of Adjustment Chapter 16

Wow execellent. Keep up the amazing work.

A Period Of Adjustment Chapter 16

Thanks for the comments. And aeonic, I did want to put some of that in, but the chapter was already longer than any other chapter I’d done, and I wanted to get to this point with this chapter because this story is already progressing quite slowly, so I didn’t want to slow it down even more.

I hope that made sense.