A Nice, Diapered Life

Jake woke up at 6:30 am just like every other school day. He hated mornings. He got up, went downstairs and made his way over to the kitchen table to eat breakfast. His mother and his twin brother Mike were already starting to eat. At the table Jake noticed something different about his brother. He was taller, had no pimples on his face and was clean shaven. He also noticed his mother look a bit younger and appeared to have no freckles. Jake stared at Mike for a while. He eventually decided to come out and say it.

“What happened to your pimples?” Jake asked.

“What the hell are you taking about I never had any pimples!” Mike shouted, seeming offended.

Jake just stared at him in confusion, but continued to eat his cereal. When he was done he went upstairs to get dressed. After getting dressed he walked to the bathroom to brush his teeth. As he looked in the mirror he was shocked. He too had no pimples on his face at all. He also noticed he had no body hair. Jake was very confused.

“I never shaved my legs or arms what’s going on?” He thought.

Snapping out of his trance, he finished his morning routine and hopped in the car to go to school. Through first period in math Jake wondered about why he and his family looked so different. That’s when Jake noticed the students in the class. Every single kid looked different. Even his teacher Mrs H. Looked younger and better. That’s when it hit him. Everyone looks like what they want to look like. That explains why his brother’s face was clear and his teacher was younger. Jake sat through math class just like any other day. He played with his pencils and looked at his phone most of class. Eventually he felt the need to pee so raised his hand.

“Mrs H, can I go to the bathroom?” He asked.

Mrs. H stared at him for a while and then exclaimed

“Jake that’s got to be the dumbest excuse to leave class yet!”

Jake gazed at her in confusion but then decided to shut up. He noticed the other kids in the class were laughing at him.

“What’s so weird about asking to go to the bathroom?” Jake thought “Is school policy different in this world, or what ever it is too?”

The bell rang for second period and he went to his friend David.

“What’s up with Mrs. H?” Jake asked.

David then snickered “Dude you should’ve just asked for a drink of water or something. You knew she wouldn’t have believed you if you asked something as stupid as to go to the bathroom.”

“And why’s that?” Jake responded confused.

“Bro just stop. It was funny the first time, you can stop now.” David chuckled.

Jake just stared at him in confusion. Through out the day Jake noticed that the whole school was different. People’s ethnicity, gender and voices were all different.

" I guess this is how everyone wants to really look like." Jake thought to himself

It was in the middle of last period when a kid in his English class asked to go to the bathroom. Expecting the whole class to burst out laughing Jake started to smile. However his teacher let the kid go.

“Why couldn’t I go to the bathroom, it’s not like I don’t have a bladder.” Jake thought to himself.

After school he had track practice, or as he liked to call it “tracktice” (sorry I couldn’t resist). He met up with all the other sophomores and proceeded to do his warm up laps. Practice was completely normal, apart from everyone looking different. At the end one of his friends, Alex, approached him.

“So I heard you asked to go to the bathroom in Mrs H’s class!” He laughed.

“Yeah and she wouldn’t let me go. She thought I was lying!” Jake shouted.

This made Alex crack up even more. Before he could respond, Jake’s mother drove up to the front of the school and told him to leave. As Jake was walking in the door he told his mom he was going to take a shower.

“A shower?!” his mom answered surprised. “Ok just make sure to wash your hair.”

“What was up with everyone? What was so wrong about taking a shower or going to the bathroom?” Jake thought to himself.

After his shower Jake made his way into his bedroom to get a new change of clothes. He noticed there wasn’t any underwear left so he decided to wear his old ones. He was in the middle of putting on his pajamas, when his mom told him to come to the kitchen. In the kitchen was his mother, his father, and Mike sitting at the table

“Jake, you’ve been acting really… off this whole day. Are you feeling alright?” His mom asked concerned.

“Yeah, Why?” Jake asked skeptically.

“Well,” his mom explained " you took a shower, you’re wearing THOSE pajamas and Mike told me that you asked to go to the bathroom in math class."

“What is wrong with you people with letting me use water? Are we like conserving it or something?” Jake shouted.

“Well obviously you wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom in class because you don’t need to.” His dad answered.

“Do you think I don’t have a bladder or something? I need to pee just like everyone else!” Jake yelled.

“Jake,” Mike said chuckling “Don’t you remember that you wear diapers?”

Jake’s face immediately became red. Ever since Jake was six he knew he was an abdl. He even ran out of his last pack of diapers a few months ago. He was mainly a dl, but he didn’t mind being treated like he was young.

“What?” Jake stuttered, mortified by Mike’s words.

“Aren’t you wearing one now?” Mike asked.

“No.” Jake said softly.

“Well then what are you wearing?!” Mike asked.

“Underwear.” Jake responded.

“Where would you even get a pair? Did you steal mine?” Mike asked confused.

“Jake,” his mom started. “I think you need to rest. Maybe we should see a doctor if you’re having amnesia. Just let me diaper you first.”

Jake’s heart jolted at the sound of the word a second time. His mom motioned him into the family room and began changing him.

“You could do it yourself if you want.” Jake’s mom said, noticing his uncomfortableness.

“Ok.” Jake said trembling.

He went into the bathroom with an adult diaper and began to change himself. His mind was racing and he didn’t know whether to feel happy, upset, confused, or embarrassed.

“Wait does the whole school know about this?!” Jake thought.

He realized that, not only was it an adult diaper, but it had prints of baby animals too. As soon as he calmed down, he stepped out of the bathroom and went to go watch tv. His face was red through out the whole episode he was watching. Eventually he gained some courage.

“So… Does anyone else in our school wear… You know.”

“Yes, Jake,” Mike explained “Almost a third of the school.”

Jake wondered which of his friends and other classmates wore diapers instead of underwear. He than thought of another issue.

“So what do I do if I… go. Do I ask if I can go change?”

“You can’t leave in the middle of class. You can only change yourself between classes, unless it’s an emergency.” Mike explained.

“So what about taking a shower, and my pajamas? What’s wrong with them?”

“Well you usually like to take baths,” his mom answered. “And you usually like to wear your lighter weight pajamas not sweats. But hey just do what you like.”

After Jake got past his crazy night, he brushed his teeth and went to bed. It took him forever to get to sleep. His mind was racing and he was too excited about wearing an adult diaper.

After the night which seemed like it took forever, he was awoken by his alarm clock beeping. At first he thought he had a crazy dream, but later realized that was not the case when he felt his diaper still on him. He was happy that he hadn’t lost his ability to hold in his pee or poop when he noticed the feeling in his stomach. The problem was he still had to go.

“Well I guess it would be weird if I went to the toilet.” Jake thought

He tried to relax himself. Eventually after a few minutes he felt his bladder let loose into his diaper and felt it warming up his crotch. He went downstairs, still in his wet diaper to eat breakfast and get ready for school.

“Are you feeling better today baby boy?” His mom asked.

“A little.” Jake said as his face began to get red.

“Baby boy?” Jake thought. “She never calls me that.”

“Well that’s good to here. Do you need your diaper changed sweetie?”

Remembering about his wet diaper, Jake’s heart began to race and his face reddened even more.

“Um…yeah I guess.” He let out quietly.

“Well you can go change yourself then if you want, the diapers are in the drawer near the toilet.” Jake’s mom replied.

After changing himself Jake got his things together and got in the car to go to school.

“Do you have to go to the bathroom first?” Mike teased.

“Just… please shut up.” Jake responded.

Jake’s day went surprisingly normal, well up until fifth period. It was in the middle of chemistry when Jake noticed he needed to poop. He was not used to doing it in his diaper, since he only did it around four times with the diapers he collected before the whole crazy event. He knew he couldn’t leave class, or ask to go to the bathroom. About a half hour later he couldn’t take it anymore. He was just about to let it out when another boy in his class raised his hand vigorously.

“Yes, Billy what is it?” The teacher asked.

“Um… can I go change?” Billy asked pretty nonchalantly.

“Sure if it’s an emergency.” His teacher replied.

“Well that seemed pretty normal.” Jake thought.

Just then he felt the pains in his stomach again and let go. He felt the mess spreading across the seat of his diaper and began to shiver. A few seconds later he noticed the obvious smell coming from his pants and wondered if anyone else noticed. After concluding that they did not, or chose to ignore it he began taking notes again.

“Oh my fucking god I just pooped in a diaper in the middle of class and no one noticed!” Jake thought.

Although he felt very awkward and embarrassed, he did like the idea of not having to miss class. He noticed he was getting better at using his diapers over the day. He could now pee whenever, instead of getting too “excited” just before he let loose. Before track he went to the changing room, which was right next to the bathroom to get out of his dirty diaper. Running with the diaper on was very hard. It got all sweaty when he ran and he kept getting all “excited” whenever he thought about what he was wearing. After track his friend Nick approached him.

“Hey so we’re still on for the sleepover at my place tonight, right?” He asked.

Jake has almost forgotten that before the whole new crazy world situation he made plans to have a sleepover at Nick’s house along with Mike and his other friend Harry. While he was packing up his things for the sleepover that evening Jake’s mom came upstairs to talk to him.

“So are you feeling a little bit better? I know it seems strange to you now, but before you lost your memory you truly enjoyed living the way you do.”

“No, I do enjoy it. To be honest I always liked wearing diapers as far as I can remember.” Jake responded.

“Well that’s good to hear. Just remember to pack your pajamas and bring your paci and stuffie.”

“What the fuck?!” Jake thought.

He knew he slept with a stuffed animal, but he never imagined bringing it to a friends house. He also was never into pacifiers that much. He was mainly a dl before the whole incident.

“Uh… ok I won’t forget.” Jake answered.

“Am I really going to my friends house with all this embarrassing stuff? Will they think it’s strange?” Jake thought. “Well I guess not because I was apparently like this before I ‘lost my memory.’”

He went over to his bed and packed his stuffed animal dog. His mom handed him a pacifier. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” Jake thought.

“Oh yeah, should I pack some um… diapers?”

Jake still wasn’t used to using that word.

“Sure you can pack one or two.” His mom replied.

When they arrived at Nick’s house Jake and Mike’s mom knocked on the door. Nick’s mom answered the door with a cellphone to her ear.

“Just hold on one sec,” She said. “You can bring your stuff upstairs, Nick and Harry are already up there.”

Jake and Mike walked up the stairs into Nick’s bedroom. In his bedroom was Harry sitting on the floor, looking at his phone, and Nick sitting in his bed on his phone in just a t-shirt and a diaper. This took Jake by surprise, seeing someone else in a diaper, but Mike walked right in and sat next to Harry.

“Hey guys, how’s it going?” Nick said as he began to sit up.

“Good.” Mike replied.

Jake could not stop staring at his friend wearing a diaper. He was happy to know one of his friends was like him, but he felt very awkward.

“Come put your stuff down, we were about to start a movie.” Harry said.

Jake put his bag on the floor and sat next to Nick. He didn’t really want to, but it was the only way for him to see the tv. Noticing Jake’s strange look and uncomfortableness Nick leaned over to him.

“What’s up bro? Don’t worry I didn’t mess my diaper or anything.”

“No, I know.” Jake replied. “I’m just kind of surprised to see you in just a t-shirt that’s all.”

“He’s always like that Jake you should be used to that by now.” Harry responded. “You take off your pants sometimes too if you don’t remember.” He teased.

Although Jake felt extremely uncomfortable about taking his pants off, he did let his diaper peak out the sides of his waistband. He always thought it looked cute. After an hour of trying to pick a movie, they decided to just stay up and chat. One thing didn’t change about Nick or Harry. Their obsession over girls. The whole time all they talked about was who had the largest boobs in their grade and who was the hottest. Jake wondered which girls in his grade wore diapers. He was never really interested in stuff like porn, but he did like girls in diapers. After an hour or so of talking, they all started getting ready for bed. They got out their sleeping bags and brushed their teeth. Harry and Mike changed into their pajamas. Jake was about to, but he became really uncomfortable at the though of the sight of his friends seeing him in a diaper. Even though they were probably used to it, Jake didn’t want to take his chances so he went into the bathroom to change. Since his diaper was clean, he didn’t change out of it. When he walked back into the room Nick was wearing footie pajamas and had a pacifier in his mouth.

“Hey Jake why aren’t you wearing your usual pajamas?” Nick asked.

“They were in the wash.” Jake lied.

Jake wasn’t really into wearing baby clothes or anything before the whole worldly event. He didn’t mind kirugumi pajamas, but he didn’t think he owned any.

“Did you forget your paci too?” Nick continued.

“No, I have it.” Jake answered.

Jake never really thought about wanting a pacifier, but since he knew Nick wouldn’t get off his case, he pulled it out of his bag and stuck it in his mouth. He didn’t love it, but he didn’t mind it either. The boys all got into their sleeping bags and slowly drifted off.

Jake woke up first at about 7:00. It was still dark out and he went to go check his phone when he realized an awful smell. He got scared at first because he thought he had an accident and was losing control of his bowels, but when he checked himself he was clean.

“If it wasn’t me then who was… oh.”

Jake leaned towards Nick’s direction. Sure enough, the smell was coming from his sleeping bag. Noticing the smell too, Mike and Harry woke up. Mike immediately held his nose.

“Which one of you two diaper butts was it?” Harry asked, covering his nose.

“It wasn’t me!” Jake shouted as his face began to redden.

Mike walked over to Nick.

“Wake up Nick, you’re starting to stink up the whole room.” Mike said, raising his voice.

“No no it’s ok let me just…” Nick fell back asleep mid-sentence.

Harry, getting impatient walked over to Nick.

“Wake your stupid ass up, you little shit!!” Harry yelled in his ear.

Noticing Nick didn’t even flinch, Harry took his hand and slapped Nick’s butt as hard as he could.

“Ow what the fuck man?!” Nick yelled as he sat up.

“Go get yourself changed, the smell of your dirty diaper is stinking up the whole fucking room!” Harry demanded.

Nick’s mom suddenly appeared in the doorway.

“What’s all the noise about? It’s seven in the morning!” She shouted.

“Sorry we were just trying to wake Nick up.” Jake explained.

“Why on earth would you do that?” Nick’s mom continued.

Suddenly the smell from Nick hit her.

“Oh ok, I see. Come on Nick let me change you.”

“Ok ok I’m coming.” Nick replied.

“Jake, do you need to be changed too?” Nick’s mom asked.

“No that’s ok.” Jake answered.

Before he could do anything, Nick’s mother walked over to him and checked his diaper.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Jake asked surprised.

“Well you’re right, you don’t need to be changed. Sorry, I only checked you because I know my little boy always lies about not needing to be changed.” Nick’s mom answered.

“Shut up mom!” Nick said embarrassed.

“Come on stinky butt lets get you out of that diaper.” Nick’s mom teased.

“Mom please stop. Seriously you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends.” Nick said as his face began to get red.

“Oh please.” Harry teased. “You be good, stinky butt.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Nick yelled.

“Watch your language young man!” Nick’s mom scolded.

“Sorry.” Nick said, shut down.

“And you three do too. I won’t accept any cursing or yelling in this house.”

“Ok we understand.” All three of the boys said.

After about ten minutes Nick walked back into the room.

“What took so long?” Jake asked.

“Well, when this fucker slapped my ass, the mess inside my diaper got all over me!” Nick said, making sure his mom didn’t hear.

“Ew that’s gross man.” Harry said. “Sorry stinky butt.”

“Alright that’s it!” Nick yelled.

Nick picked up Harry’s backpack and threw it out the window.

“What the fuck was that for?!” Harry yelled.

Jake and Mike were laughing uncontrollably on the floor. Harry lunged at Nick, and they started wrestling all over the floor.

“Bro, it’s just a backpack. Let’s just go outside and get it.” Mike said, regaining from all the laughter.

“No, Nick has to go and get my shit back. I swear if you broke anything I’ll kill you.” Harry snapped.

“Please, you can’t do shit to me.” Nick retorted.

“Fine then I’ll just tell your mom.” Harry said, smirking.

“Fine, you win.” Nick said giving up.

“And that’s not all. You have to go outside in just your diaper and get it.” Harry smiled.

“But someone might see me! Would you go outside in just your underwear?” Nick yelled.

“Ok let me just get your mom then.” Harry said as he walked out of the bedroom.

Nick then furiously took off his shirt and pants, revealing his teddy bear printed diaper and ran quickly outside.

“Now that wasn’t so hard was it?” Harry teased.

“Just don’t call me stinky butt again.” Nick said, burying his face in his pillow.

Jake had laughed so hard at the whole event that he didn’t even realize he peed in his diaper. He decided to brush it off because he didn’t feel like getting changed in the mean time.

The rest of the morning the boys played video games and chatted in the basement. At one point they started to play the game “never have I ever”. Mike started

“Never have I ever… gotten my phone taken away in class.”

Harry and Nick both put a finger down. It was Nick’s turn next.

“Never have I ever tried weed.”

None of the boys put a finger down. It was Harry’s turn next.

“Ok, never have I ever shit myself in school.”

“Hey that was specified for me and Jake!” Nick complained, putting a finger down.

It was Jake’s turn now.

“Hmm… never have I ever drank a can of beer before.”

Harry put a finger down. Harry’s turn.

“Never have I ever had my diaper changed by Nick’s mom.”

Nick groaned and put his finger down. Jake assumed that he had in the past too, so he put his down. Mike surprisingly put his finger down.

“You have?!” Harry asked.

“Yeah a few years ago I tried seeing what it was like wearing a diaper like Jake and Nick.” Mike answered.

“And you shat in it?!” Harry said surprised.

“No, but I peed and Nick’s mom offered to change me.” Mike responded.

“I guess you never stuck to them.” Harry replied.

“Yeah, then you’d be the only one who wore underwear!” Nick teased.

“Quiet, stinky tush.”

Just when Nick was about to yell out, Mike said

“well you never said anything about saying stinky tushie or shit like that.”

Nick sighed. “Let’s just get back to the game.”

“Did you ever try diapers?” Jake asked Harry.

“No, after I was potty trained and noticed some kids still wore them, I never really thought about going back. I hate the smell and I can’t imagine it feels very good.”

“Nah, you get used to it.” Nick responded. “And it’s nice when it gets all warm and puffy.”

“What does that turn you on?” Harry teased."

Jake turned away because it actually did turn him on when he wore and went in diaper before he woke up in this world.

“Nah, not as much as girls do. It just feels nice.” Nick responded.

“Never would have thought that.” Harry said.

Just then Jake felt the feeling in his stomach that he had to poop. He really didn’t want to, especially after the whole incident with Nick. Mike noticed Jake’s uncomfortableness and pulled him into another room.

“What’s wrong Jake?” Mike asked concerned.

“No, it’s nothing really, I’m just not used to going… number two.” Jake whispered.

“Look I’m trying real hard not to tell our friends about your memory issues, and I see you are too. Just poop. They won’t think any less of you.” Mike responded.

“Ok. I think the feeling’s beginning to go away.” Jake lied.

“Well when you have to go, just go and get changed.” Mike answered.

They both went back to Harry and Nick.

“Hey where’d you guys go?” Nick asked.

“Oh our mom just texted me, wondering how everything was.” Mike lied.

Jake sat down next to Nick. Nick whispered to Jake.

“Hey, Harry’s gonna try wearing diapers.”

“No I’m not!” Harry yelled, hearing Nick. “Besides I don’t want to trouble your mom or anything.”

“So you do then?” Jake teased.

“Shut up, I didn’t stay diapered all my life, unlike you two.” Harry retorted.

“Chill man.” Nick said. “A lot to kids wear diapers, it’s not anything out of the ordinary or something.”

Jake smiled at his comment.

“Yeah well do they sleep with stuffed animals and use pacifiers?” Harry asked, drawing at straws to insult Jake and Nick.

“Well I’d assume so.” Nick responded. “They do what ever they like, just like I use sippy cups, but Jake doesn’t and just like Jake has a stuffed animal, but I do not.”

“And by the way I don’t really like pacifiers all that much.” Jake added. “It’s just nice to have it in my mouth when I sleep.”

“Come on no one’s gonna hate you if you try it.” Nick continued. “Besides doesn’t your little brother still wear diapers?”

“Yeah but he’s six, I’m sixteen.” Harry said.

“Dude, like one third of the entire population wear diapers.”

This information was new to Jake. He wondered if a lot of adults in this world wore diapers like the kids did before, but never bothered asking it. Jake felt his bowels give out and the mess spread into his diaper, making it bulge. His face began to redder as he felt more on the way.

“Just try it.” Nick harassed.

“Ok fine, you win.” Harry said defeated. “But Mike has to too.”

“Why are you dragging me into this?” Mike snapped back.

“Because I’m gonna feel very weird and if you put on a diaper too, it would make me feel more normal.” Harry explained.

“Jake and Nick are wearing diapers right now! You don’t need me to.” Mike complained.

“Just please man.” Harry begged.

“Fine. Where are they?” Mike said defeated. “Wait, Nick did you just shit again?”

“No,” Nick said confused. “Wasn’t me.”

All three boys turned to Jake whose face was as red as a tomato.

“Jake?” Harry asked.

“Yeah… sorry. I’ll go get changed.”

“Hold on a second Jake,” Nick suddenly said. “I wanna see if these two can deal with the stink of a dirty diaper, if they’re really committed to trying them.”

“Absolutely not.” Mike snapped.

“I never said I would shit in one!” Harry shouted.

“Well, sucks for you. You want to try diapers, you gotta deal with the whole package.” Nick said. “You know what?” Nick started. He then squatted for twenty seconds. “Make that two.”

“Ok that’s too far.” Harry said. “I’m not gonna try them now, please both of you get changed.”

“You two first.” Nick added.

Mike and Harry both went upstairs to get the diapers. “Let’s see if they can handle this.” Nick said to Jake.

“They’ll either love it so much, or hate it.”

“Yeah.” Jake said, focusing on trying not to sit in his dirty diaper.

“Let’s see how long they last.”

Mike and Harry came back down the stairs.

“Alright now you two go change.” Mike said.

“First prove that you’re wearing one.” Nick responded.

Mike and Harry both dropped their pants revealing their animal printed diapers.

“Happy?” Harry said. “You you two go change. That smell is just unbearable.”

“Nah that’s cool.” Nick teased. “You two first have to poop in your diapers.” Harry whipped his head back at Nick.

“No, fuck you, you said you’d get changed if we did.” He said, annoyed.

“Yeah, well I ‘changed’ my mind.” Nick teased.

“It’s ok I’ll go and change.” Jake said as he began to go up the stairs.

“Jake you get your stinky diapered ass back here!” Nick shouted.

“Shut the fuck up, you don’t control him!” Harry yelled.

“Actually, yeah I wanna see if you guys can last too. Besides I don’t mind the smell.” Jake teased along with Nick.

“Not you too.” Mike complained.

“Come on it’s not that bad” Nick said.

“Yeah well not to you who practically sleeps in his shit!” Harry yelled.

Nick’s mom rushed down the stairs in a heat of rage.

“What did I tell you about yelling and cursing?!” She screamed.

She focused her eyes on Mike and Harry who were standing with their pants down and diapers exposed.

“Um… what’s going on here?”

“We bet that those two couldn’t last in diapers for a day.” Nick explained.

“No, we agreed that if me and Harry put on diapers you both would get changed.” Mike yelled back.

“I honestly don’t care about what you do, but for the love of god please stop yelling and cursing!” Nick’s mom scolded.

She then pointed her finger at Jake and Nick.

“And you two let me change you both immediately!”

“Mom I–” Nick started.

“No excuses stinky butt. You and the other stinky boy, get your butts upstairs right now!” Nick’s mom yelled.

“Hey, I thought you wouldn’t call me that?” Nick complained.

“Silence! Or I will tie your paci to your mouth!” Nick’s mom snapped back.

Knowing not to mess with his mom anymore, Nick went up the stairs followed by Jake.

“Oh, and before you ask Jake yes I’m going to change you.” Nick’s mom added.

“Hey I was gonna get changed, but Nick thought it would be funny if we tortured Harry and Mike a little more.” Jake responded.

“Hey, way to put the blame on me.” Nick said upset.

“Well we all know Nick isn’t the smartest.” Nick’s mom chuckled.

“Hey!” Nick snapped back.

“Well what’s your gpa like?” Nick’s mom added.

“Higher than Jake’s.” Nick said quietly.

“Hah, nope I have a 4.3 out of 4.5!” Jake exclaimed.

“Alright let me get this little boy all sorted out and then I’m coming back for you.” Nick’s mom said.

Jake sat in the kitchen while Nick’s mom went into the bathroom with Nick. A few minutes later Nick walked out and she called Jake in. At first, Jake was very embarrassed at Nick’s mom seeing him like this, but she seemed not to care. When she was done, Jake got up and went back to the basement.

When he got down the stairs he went over to the couch that all the boys were sitting on.

“Are you guys still wearing diapers?” Jake asked.

“Well yeah you said we have to last a whole day.” Harry responded. “Oh, and we added another thing to the bet. If we both go a whole day, you two have to go a day without them.”

“Seems fair.” Jake said.

“A school day.” Mike added.

“Woah, no I can’t do that!” Jake yelled softly.

“Yeah what if we can’t control ourselves and it gets all over our pants?” Nick added.

“Well that’s your problem.” Harry said.

“Well we’ve got nothing to worry about.” Jake said relieved. “I don’t think they will last even two hours.”

“Hah, yeah they’ll probably beg us to end the bet!” Nick added.

Just then Nick’s mom came back downstairs.

“Listen, I talked it over with your father, Nick. You boys will leave this house for the whole day and only come back at dinner. You must leave all your things here.”

“But–” Nick started.

“No buts. Get on your shoes and all of you leave. I won’t tell your parents about all this if you leave right now.” Nick’s mom said.

“Ok fine we’re going.” Nick said.

“Wait what about our… you know?” Harry whispered to Nick.

“Well I guess you’ll have to go outside with them on.” Nick said.

“But I have to take a shi-- I mean go number two.” Harry complained.

“Well I guess you’ll find out how it feels.” Jake teased.

The four boys stepped out of the house.

“Where are we gonna go now?” Jake asked.

“We can always play soccer at the field.” Nick said. “And we have some money too, so we can buy lunch.”

The boys played soccer for what felt like hours. In the middle of a game Harry stopped and ran over to Nick and Jake.

“Guys, I really got to take a shit.” He whined.

“Well then go.” Nick said.

“Maybe I can just run into a store or something.” Harry said, trying to get out of the bet.

“Nope, the bet was you would wear and use them.” Jake said.

“Alright fine, just don’t look.” Harry said defeated.

“Oh please stop being a pussy.” Nick teased.

“Quiet or I’ll tie your paci to your mouth.” Harry said, imitating Nick’s mom.

Nick groaned and turned away. A minute later Harry turned around.

“All done?” Nick asked.

“Yeah…” Harry said as he began to blush.

They went to a fast food restaurant to get lunch. They were about to sit down when Harry turned to Jake and Nick.

“Um… Do I have to sit down?” Harry whispered.

“Fine, just go get changed in the bathroom.” Nick said.

A few minutes later Harry came back to the table and sat down.

“Did you actually change, or are you just going commando?” Jake asked.

Harry groaned and pulled down his waistband revealing the new diaper.

“Hey, why aren’t you complaining Mike?” Harry asked.

“Well I haven’t had to go yet.” Mike explained. “And it’s kind of like a pillow for my butt when I sit down.”

“Had enough yet?” Nick teased.

“Nope, just fine,” Harry said.

“Well we still have about two more hours till dinner time. What do you guys wanna do?” Mike asked.

“Well we don’t have enough money to see a movie.” Nick said.

“Let’s just hang out at the field or something.” Jake suggested.

They all went back to the field. They didn’t feel like playing soccer, so they just sat and talked.

“So how are you two doing?” Nick asked.

“Any of you need to be changed yet?” Jake teased.

“No I’m fine.” Harry responded.

“No I don’t think so.” Mike said.

“Is it as bad as you thought it would be?” Jake asked.

“No, to be honest it’s kind of nice not having to go to the bathroom all the time.” Harry said.

“Are you gonna start warring diapers full time?” Nick asked.

“No, I don’t think so.” Harry said. “I can’t stand sitting in shit.”

“Well you don’t have to sit in it.” Nick said. "How bout you Mike?

“Nah, not really my thing.” Mike said. “But I’ll last up until the bet’s over.”

They boys headed back to Nick’s house. Nick knocked on the door and his little sister answered.

“Annie can you let us in?” Nick asked.

“Hmm… Nope.” Annie said slamming the door.

Nick started knocking furiously.

“Let us in, come on. Where’s mom?”

“She’s out shopping with dad.” Annie answered through the crack in the door.

“Alright then.” Nick said relieved. “Open the fucking door you little shit!”

“Hey, I’m telling mom you cursed at me!” Annie teased.

“Stop trying to be annoying, please let us in.” Nick begged.

“Fine, only if you apologize and say that you’re a big poopy baby.” Annie said.

“Come on you’re eleven, can you think of anything better?” Nick said.

“Nope! Now say it.” Annie said snickering.

“Fine, I’m sorry and a big poopy baby.” Nick said rolling his eyes.

“Right this way stinky butt!” Annie chucked as she opened the door.

“You wear diapers too Annie so shut the fuck up!” Nick yelled.

“Aw you cursed again let me just close the door…” Annie began.

“Wait, I’m sorry, I apologize, I’m a big fat poopy baby. There happy?” Nick said.

“Yup.” Annie laughed as she let the boys in.

“Jeez I hate my sister.” Nick said to the boys.

“Yeah well try having a twin!” Mike laughed.

“Hey!” Jake yelled.

“Well you are basically the baby of the house.” Mike continued.

“Let’s not forget that you are currently in a diaper too.” Jake chuckled.

“Alright enough of your twin fight.” Harry said. “At least you don’t have a little brother and a little sister like I do.”

“But seriously Jake you are the youngest one here.” Mike continued.

“Yeah, by one minute!” Jake said, starting to get annoyed.

“And the shortest.” Nick added.

“Nick, I’m one inch smaller than you. You’re 5’6” and I’m 5’5"."

“Still makes a difference.” Mike said.

“Alright why don’t we stop bashing me and talk about something else.” Jake exclaimed.

“Um…” Harry started to say.

“What is it?” Jake asked.

“Nope, I’m not going through this again!” Harry yelled as he ran upstairs.

All three remaining boys were very confused. About a minute later Harry came back.

“What happened?” Nick asked.

“You won your bet. Happy?” Harry said, looking down.

“Ah, so you didn’t last?” Jake said smiling.

“Shut the fuck up Jake I’m seven inches taller than you!” Harry snapped.

“Damn, sorry. Wasn’t trying to offend you.” Jake said softly.

“Nah it’s ok he’s just a sore loser.” Nick chuckled.

“Well I guess you can get changed too, Mike.” Harry said.

“Fine, give me a minute.” Mike said, upset that he lost the bet.

“So what do we have to do for you two now?” Harry said, expecting the worst.

“I think you’ve been through enough today. Why don’t you just let me copy your homework the next time I need to.” Nick said.

“Yeah, and buy something from the cafeteria at school for me.” Jake added.

“Alright seems fair.” Harry agreed. “Actually I got a better idea.” Harry said smiling. “How about Mike and I bake you both homemade chocolate chip cookies.”

“And just why would we do that?” Mike asked.

“Just go along with it.” Harry whispered to Mike.

“Uh, ok sure we’ll make cookies for you guys.” Mike said.

“Alright that’s cool.” Nick said, not paying attention.

“Yeah, that seems fair.” Jake added.

Mike and Harry both stepped upstairs.

“You’ve got that look on your face, what do you have planned?” Mike asked.

“Well I might just slip a little something into the cookie batter.” Harry smiled.

“Oh god, what are you gonna do?” Mike asked.

“I’ll make two batches of cookie batter, one normally, and one with laxatives.” Harry said smiling.

“Um, you realize we will have to deal with the smell too?” Mike asked skeptically.

“Yeah I know, but it won’t be compared to the uncomfortableness they will feel.”

“Ok, I guess I’m down.” Mike said giving up.

" Ok. The first batch will be normal, and there’ll only be two chips in each cookie." Harry started. “The next one will have a shitload of laxatives and three chips in each cookie.”

“So we just have to make sure we eat the ones without three cookies then?” Mike asked.

“Yup, simple as that.” Harry said, admiring his plan.

“Alright, let’s get started.” Mike said.

Back downstairs in the basement Nick and Jake were playing video games.

“You think Harry had fun today?” Jake asked, smiling.

“Oh hell no, he must of felt terrible.” Nick said.

“So I guess diapers didn’t work out for him.” Jake added.

“Yeah, oh well. It doesn’t really matter.” Nick said, focusing on the game.

“So which of the hottest girls in our grade wear diapers?” Jake asked.

“Well to be honest I don’t know.” Nick said. “I’m guessing the ones who don’t wear yoga pants, because the diaper would stick out like a sore thumb.”

“Yeah that’s true.” Jake said.

“But probably a lot.” Nick said. “Because it’s easier to wear a diaper when they are on their period.” Nick smiled.

“That’s gross man.” Jake laughed.

“Alright, the cookies are done.” Harry yelled down the stairs.

“Aw yes, can you bring them down here?” Jake asked.

“Sure thing.” Harry responded.

Harry and Mike walked down the stairs carrying the plate full of cookies.

“Bon appetite.” Mike chuckled.
“And what’s so funny?” Jake asked.

“Oh nothing, it’s just how Nick’s sister kind of controlled him before.” Mike lied.

“Well would you rather have waited outside till my mom came home?” Nick yelled.

“No I guess not.” Mike said.

Harry picked up one of the cookies with two chocolate chips and ate it.

“Hey, these are actually pretty good!” He exclaimed.

“Oh, let me try one.” Nick said, picking up one with three chips.

Mike and Harry both smiled at each other.

“Yeah, me too.” Jake said, picking up a cookie with three chips as well.

“Huh, they’re ok.” Jake said “not amazing, but ok.”

“Well there’s a lot more where that came from.” Mike said.

They continued playing video games. All of a sudden Jake’s stomach began to growl. Mike and Harry just stared at each other.

“What was that?” Nick asked.

“My stomach, I think it’s upset.” Jake said.

Suddenly Nick started to hold his stomach as well. Nick started to groan.

“Me too. I hope I’m not sick or something.”

“Oh god I feel like I’m gonna throw up.” Jake groaned. “Do you think it was the cookies?”

“Maybe. What did you two put in them?” Nick asked.

“Nothing just flour, sugar, milk, and other cooking ingredients.” Mike replied.

“And laxatives.” Harry whispered to Mike.

“What’s with the whispering?” Jake asked.

“Oh nothing, it’s just that your shirt’s tucked into your pants.” Harry lied.

“Oh shit, I didn’t even notice.” Jake said.

All of a sudden Nick let out a huge fart.

“Nick, what was that?” Mike chuckled.

“Sorry, my stomach’s upset.” Nick said, holding his stomach.

Nick let out another big fart.

“Ok, do you need to be changed or something?” Harry asked.

“No I’m fine, sorry. I think that was the last of it.” Nick said relieved.

Jake then felt even more pain in his stomach.

“Are you sure there was nothing in those cookies?” Jake asked, worried.

“Yeah I don’t think so, why? Fuck, are you gonna start farting too?” Harry asked.

“No I don’t think so.” Jake answered.

A terrible smell filled the air.

“Um… Nick?” Jake asked.

“Yeah?” Nick answered still holding his stomach.

“Are you ok?” Jake continued.

“Yeah, just need to get all of this out of me.” Nick answered.

Nick then waddled up to Jake.

“Um… do you need to be changed too?” He asked. “No not ye–”

Jake felt the warm mess fill the seat of his diaper. The smell grew worse.

“Alright, both of you go get changed now!” Mike yelled.

“I will, I just can’t stop!” Jake exclaimed.

“Me neither! Fuck, this sucks!” Nick yelled.

Nick’s mom rushed down the stairs.

“What did I tell you boys about-- awe jeez that stinks!” She yelled as she held her nose. “Which one of you is it?” She said as she looked at Nick and Jake.

Both the boys were too uncomfortable to respond. Nick’s mom ran over to Nick and Jake and pulled down their pants, revealing their soiled diapers. They both sagged so much that it seemed as if there was weights in their diapers.

“Both of you? What did you eat?!” She exclaimed.

“I don’t know!” Nick yelled.

She took both Jake and Nick upstairs. A few minutes later, Jake and Nick came back down.

“Everything ok?” Mike asked, ashamed of what he did to his friends.

“Yeah, I guess…” Jake said.

“Hey well maybe you two should try being potty trained for a day!” Harry said trying to lighten the mood.

“My mom said she’s gonna call everyone’s house and tell them about all the yelling and cursing.” Nick said, looking down. “Well, unless we all go to bed straight after dinner.”

“Damn, I really fell sorry for you guys.” Harry said.

“Well it’s not your fault.” Jake said.

“Yeah, I guess” Harry said, looking down.

“Well I guess we can still stay up late, but we have to whisper.” Nick said.

“Nick, Jake. You boys should go take showers to clean yourselves up.” Nick’s mom shouted from upstairs.

“Ok mom!” Nick shouted back.

Nick and Jake both went upstairs to take showers. As soon as they went up, Nick’s mom came down.

“So what’s this doing out of the medicine cabinet?” She asked, holding up the laxatives.

Harry and Mike were flabbergasted.

“Well it’s obvious what you both did.” Nick’s mom continued.

“Please don’t tell our parents! Please we’ll do anything!” They both begged.

“Well you got three options.” Nick’s mom answered. “One, you could tell the two diaper boys what you did, two, you could let me tell your parents which would surely get you in trouble, or three, you both could keep pacifiers in your mouths the rest of the night, so you won’t shout or curse. I already have Jake and Nick doing that.”

Mike and Harry looked at each other.

“Well I guess we have to go with three.” Mike said, looking down.

“Good boys, now let me get you some new pacifiers, so you won’t be sharing germs with Nick. Oh, and by the way I’ll be checking on you guys tonight, so you better keep them in while you’re sleeping.”

Harry and Mike just stared at the floor. Nick’s mom went to the garage and came back with the pacifiers.

“Now, keep those in your mouths, unless you are eating. You can talk with them in too, but it may be hard to yell.”

Mike and Harry just took the pacifiers out of net hand and put them in their mouths.

“Good boys, now we’re gonna eat soon, so go do what ever you have to do to get ready.” Nick’s mom said.

Ten minutes later the four boys, Nick’s mother and father, and Annie all met at the dinner table. Nick and Jake, assuming that Mike and Harry had pacifiers for the same reason as they did, didn’t ask them about it.

“So they’re are four baby boys now?” Nick’s dad teased.

“Well that’s what they get for not listening to me.” Nick’s mom answered.

“We just have pacifiers, it doesn’t make us like them.” Harry said softly pointing to Jake and Nick.

“Hey, do you need to be reminded that your ex girlfriend was like us too?” Nick snapped.

“Pay attention to the word ‘ex’.” Harry snapped back.

“That’s enough, now continue eating.” Nick’s mother scolded.

“Sorry.” They both responded.

As soon as they were done eating all four boys went upstairs to get ready for bed.

“Well that was a fun day.” Jake said sarcastically.

“Yeah, just perfect.” Harry replied.

“Well at least it couldn’t get any worse.” Nick said as he rolled out his sleeping bag.

Nick’s mom walked into the room.

“Remember what I said. You can whisper but don’t go to bed late. If any of yell or curse one more time, I’ll tell your parents. Oh and Nick and Jake I’ll be checking up on you in an hour. Hopefully your stomachs aren’t upset by then. Goodnight.”

“Well at least we can whisper.” Mike said.

“I really wonder what made our stomachs upset.” Jake whispered.

“Well it’s gotta be something we both ate.” Nick replied.

“The cookies?” Jake asked.

Mike and Harry just stared at each other.

“Nah, Mike and Harry are those too and they’re fine.” Nick said. “I just hope that was the last of it.”

“Can we watch tv?” Harry asked, changing the subject.

“I don’t think my mom would let us.” Nick answered.

“How about truth or dare?” Mike said.

“Sure, I guess I’ll go first.” Harry said.

“Alright truth or dare, Harry?” Jake asked.

“Um… dare.” Harry answered. “Hmm… I dare you to, I don’t know I guess hold your breath for twenty seconds.” Jake said.

“Wow that’s got to be the lamest dare I’ve heard.” Nick chuckled.

“Well if I have to.” Harry said, smiling.

After twenty seconds Harry exhaled.

“Alright, Nick truth or dare?” Harry said.

“Dare.” Nick replied. “Ok, I dare you to shove ten ice cubes down your pants.” Harry said.

“Ok, sure.” Nick replied.

Nick got up and got ten ice cubes from the freezer downstairs.

“Remember you said pants, not diaper.” Nick smiled.

“Shit, oh well fine.” Harry said.

“Ok, Jake truth or dare?” Nick asked.

“Um… well I guess since everybody’s doing dare I will too.” Jake answered.

“Ok, I dare you to uh… Take a shower on the coldest setting.” Nick said.

“Well you never said how long so I’ll only step in for a second.” Jake smiled.

“Fully clothed.” Nick added.

“Ugh, fine.” Jake rolled his eyes and went to the shower.

He stepped in the shower for one second.

“Ah, shit that was really cold!” Jake said shivering. “Ok Mike, truth or dare?”

“I’ll mix it up with a truth.” Mike replied.

“Uh… did you enjoy wearing a diaper today?” Jake asked.

“Yeah, sure I didn’t mind it. It wasn’t too weird, it just felt like a built in cushion.” Mike replied.

Suddenly Nick’s mom walked into the room.

“Hey guys, sorry I’m just checking up on you. Um… Jake, why are you all wet?”

“Well we were–” Jake began.

“You know what? I don’t really want to know. Anyway you should probably get ready for bed. Oh, and by the way I’m locking the door from the outside.” Nick’s mom said.

“Why?” Nick said, confused.

“Cause one of you snuck downstairs to get something.” Nick’s mom answered. “Listen guys, I really don’t want to tell your parents. Please just be good boys and behave for the rest of the night. Oh, and Mike and Harry you forgot these.” She held up both the pacifiers. “Remember the deal?” She said winking.

Harry and Mike just got up and took them silently.

“Ok since you won’t be leaving this room, Jake and Nick, which diapers do you prefer?”

“Um… I don’t really care.” Nick said.

“Oh, I like the baby animal ones and safari ones.” Jake said.

Nick’s mom went go get the diapers.

“Here you go. I got six just in case you need extras.”

“Thanks…” Nick said.

“Well you boys have a nice night.” Nick’s mom said as she closed the door.

“Wait what if me or Harry have to go to the bathroom?” Mike shouted.

“Well I guess you’ll just have to hold it in till 8 in the morning when I unlock the door.” Nick’s mom said smiling.

“But–” Harry started.

“Remember the deal.” Nick’s mom said.

When she finally closed the door and left Nick stood up.

“What’s this whole thing about a deal?”

“Oh, it’s just that we have to keep these pacifiers in our mouths because we were too loud before.” Harry half lied.

“Well I guess she won’t be checking on us so we don’t need to keep them in.” Mike said.

“Well I’m gonna get changed into my pajamas.” Harry said.

“Good idea.” Jake replied. “Wait, Nick we don’t have wipes or anything. What are we going to do if we need to get changed?”

“Shit, I don’t know, plus there’s no private place we could go to get changed or a garbage to throw out the dirty diapers.” Nick answered.

“Can’t you just keep them in your bag and get changed under the sheets of Nick’s bed?” Mike said.

“I guess…” Jake replied.

“No, I don’t want shit all over my sheets!” Nick exclaimed.

“Then go in the closet or something.” Mike said. “And it’s not as bad as me and Harry’s situation. If we have to go we have to hold it in till morning!”

“Well technically we do have extra diapers.” Jake said.

“Hey and if you really want you can piss out the window.” Nick joked.

“Come on guys get into your pajamas. I want to go to bed.” Harry said.

Jake was starting to go to the closet to get his pajamas on, but Nick just took off his pants and shirt and threw them in the corner of the room, revealing his safari printed diaper. Mike and Harry didn’t think anything of it. Nick then just put on an oversized shirt and sat on his bed. Jake decided to take off his clothes outside the closet too. He was wearing one of the baby animal printed diaper. He quickly threw on his pajama shirt and pants.

“Hey it sucks you don’t have your korigami, or whatever those sleepers are called.” Nick said.

“Oh, you mean my kigurumi? Yeah, I know.” Jake replied.

“What is it, a puppy?” Nick asked. "

Yeah, I think so." Jake replied.“You should get one.”

“Yeah they look pretty cute.” Nick said.

Jake took his pajama pants waistband and put them a little lower than his diaper waistband.

“You sure like that look.” Harry said.

“Huh? Oh. Yeah, I think it’s cute when I let my diaper peak out the top of my pants like that.” Jake replied.

“What’s up with you two and wanting to look cute all the time? Don’t you want to look cool?” Mike asked.

“Well yeah, but at night I really don’t care.” Jake answered.

“Yeah me neither.” Nick said. “I like looking cute. I don’t know why.”

“You both really are like little boys.” Harry said.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Jake said, smiling.

“Alright I’m tired.” Mike said. “Let’s go to sleep.”

Harry turned off the lights and all the boys went to their sleeping bags.

“Goodnight guys.” Jake said.

“Goodnight.” They all said bad.

Jake sat in bed for a while. He wondered where his new life in his new world would take him next. He was truly happy and hoped that he would have as great of a day as the past four everyday.

Jake opened his eyes. He was very drowsy and checked his phone to see the time. His phone said 7:04. He was about to go back to sleep when he noticed Harry pacing around.

“Uh… Harry, what’s going on?” Jake said sleepily.

“I got to take a piss so fucking bad! I can’t stand it! The door is locked and there’s no way out!”

He continued pacing around.

“He’s been pacing for 20 minutes straight.” Mike said.

“Well sorry, I’m freaking the fuck out!” Harry snapped.

“Just wait another hour until Nick’s mom opens the door.” Mike suggested.

“I can’t wait that long! Are you crazy?” Harry whined.

Jake checked his diaper to see if he had any accidents over night. Luckily he was still in control mainly of his bodily functions. Harry continued pacing. At one point he accidents stepped on Nick’s foot.

“Huh, what’s going on?” Nick said drowsily.

“Harry just has to pee.” Mike answered.

“Oh my god I can’t hold this in! I’m dying over here!” Harry whined.

“Can you get your mom to open the door?”

“Do you really think she would do that?” Nick responded.

Harry continued pacing and whining.

“What time is it?” Nick asked.

“Around 7:05.” Jake responded.

“Well we got about an hour till my mom comes to open the door.” Nick said.

“Yeah, well I don’t think Harry will last that long.” Mike said, pointing at Harry pacing.

“Well what are you gonna do, Harry piss out the window?” Nick asked.

Harry stopped pacing and stared at Nick.

“No, Harry don’t.” Jake said.

“Well I’m gonna.” Harry responded.

“It was a joke please don’t get my mom even more annoyed then she is now.” Nick said.

“Well then what the fuck am I gonna do?!”

There was a knock at Nick’s door.

“Mom?” Nick asked.

Harry perked up. They heard chuckling from the other side.

“Oh it’s Annie.” Nick said, rolling his eyes.

“Can you guys keep it down I’m trying to sleep. Don’t make me tell mommy.” Annie said.

“Yeah, sorry Harry just really has to go to the bathroom.” Nick responded.

“Can you please unlock the door?” Harry pleaded. “Hm… Nope!” Annie teased.

“Fucking bitch.” Harry said under his breath.

“Well I’m pretty sure she’s not ever going to unlock the door.” Nick said.

“Well we do have extra diapers.” Jake said.

“Nope, nuh uh, never doing that, anything but that.” Harry replied.

“Alright, but if you need them they’re in the closet.” Jake said.

“Remember Harry, drip drop waterfalls!” Annie laughed from outside the door.

“Shut up!” Harry yelled.

“This is one of the many advantages of wearing diapers.” Nick teased. “You can pee, when ever, where ever.”

“Shut up Nick!” Harry yelled.

“In fact I can pee right now!” Nick continued.

“Stop making my life miserable!” Harry whined.

“Sorry, I was only messing with you.” Nick said. “Besides I don’t have to pee right now.” Nick said smiling.

Suddenly a terrible smell filled the air.

“Oh come on man!” Harry whined.

“Sorry, can’t help It.” Nick answered. “But it does feel so nice letting it all out when ever I feel like it.” He teased.

“Nick, go get changed.” Mike said.

“Why would I do that if it feels so good?” Nick teased.

“Why are you torturing me!” Harry yelled.

“Oh please, Jake and I know what you did yesterday.” Nick said.

“Yeah, it was a little obvious that you put something in the cookies.” Jake added.

Mike and Harry just stared at each other.

“But these little diaper boys are gonna get you back hard.” Jake said smiling.

“We’re sorry, please don’t do anything crazy!” Harry yelled.

Jake pulled down his pants revealing his baby animal printed diaper.

“See the paw prints on the front? They disappear when you pee.”

“Ok, so?” Harry said.

Jake just stood there. He felt his diaper start to get warm. The paw prints on his diaper started to disappear.

“Come on I’m gonna explode!” Harry whined.

“Well how do you think we felt yesterday when you make us mess our diapers so bad, that they sagged in the back?” Nick said.

“Look, I’m sorry, please don’t torture me anymore.” Harry pleaded. "

We had to deal with the stink of you both so we already got our payback." Mike said, trying to get out of it.

“I can’t take this anymore!” Harry yelled. He ran into the closet, picked up a diaper and threw it on. He stood there for about a minute and then turned around. The paw prints were gone.

“Never tell anyone about this!” Harry yelled.

“Ok, sure. Stinky butt.” Nick chuckled.

“Yeah, diaper boy.” Jake smiled.

“I hate both of you.” Harry said, calming down.

He took off the diaper and put his pants back on.

“Well, hey you don’t have to pee anymore.” Mike said.

The boys heard the door unlock.

“Ok it’s 8:00.” Nick’s mom said. “You can come out now.”

Harry just stared at her. He sat down on Nick’s bed and put his face in his hands.

“What’s up with him?” Nick’s mom asked confused.

She then sniffed the air. She walked over to Nick and checked his diaper.

“Hey, what the hell mom!” He exclaimed.

“Sorry sweetie I was just checking.” She said. “And it looks like you do need a change.”

She then walked over to Jake.

“No it’s ok I didn’t go.” Jake said.

She still went behind him and checked his diaper.

“Well you didn’t poop, but it’s obvious to tell that you’re wet.” She said. “Come on you two, let’s go get changed.” She said holding Nick’s hand.

“No that’s ok I can do it myself.” Jake said.

He didn’t really like Nick’s mom changing him. It made him feel uncomfortable.

“Well, aright, but I’m gonna change you, little man.” Nick’s mom said to Nick.

“Yeah, sure whatever.” Nick said, blushing.

Mike and Harry sat there silently.

“So, I guess you could’ve waited one more minute…” Mike said.

Harry just groaned and laid on his back.

“Well at least I feel better.”

Jake walked back into the room.

“So…” He said, trying to break the awkward silence. “When is mom picking us up?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t text her. Can you?” Mike asked.

Jake went over to his phone and texted his mom.

“She says she’ll be here at around 11.” Jake said. “When are you leaving, Harry?”

“Um… probably around 11 too.” He responded.

Nick walked back into the room.

“My dad’s making pancakes for breakfast. They’ll probably be ready in about ten minutes.” He said.

“Ok, cool.” Mike responded.

“So…” Nick said grinning.

“Stop!” Harry said sternly.

“Sure thing. Stinky butt.” Nick said grinning even more.

“Shut the fuck up it’s not like I shat in it!” Harry yelled.

“Sorry. Is diaper butt ok?” Nick chuckled.

“I’m this close to fucking snapping, Nick don’t test me.” Harry said, shaking.

“Ok, I apologize.” Nick responded, still smiling.

“Pancakes are ready!” Nick’s dad shouted up the stairs.

“Ok, be there soon!” Nick shouted back.

The boys all went downstairs and ate breakfast. After breakfast they went in the basement to hang out.

“Shit, our mom just texted us.” Jake said, looking at his phone.

“Aw, do you have to leave?” Nick sighed. “We had a lot of fun.”

“Yeah, sorry.” Mike said.

“Bye guys.” Jake shouted as he went up the stairs.

“Bye Jake, bye Mike.” Nick shouted back.

“Yeah, see you guys later.” Harry shouted.

“Thanks for having us.” Jake said to Nick’s mom as he and Mike were going out the door.

“See you later!” She said back.

Jake and Mike went to their car and got in.

“So how was it?” Their mom asked.

“Good.” Jake said.

“Got all your things?” Their mom asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Mike replied.

They arrived at their house and went inside. Jake placed his things on the couch.

“You better not leave that there.” His mom warned.

“I’ll move it tonight.” Jake responded.

“Oh, so how’s your memory doing?” His mom asked.

Jake had almost forgotten about how he was in a different world just five days ago.

“It’s gotten a lot better.” He lied.

“Well that’s good to hear.” His mom responded.

Jake went on the couch and looked at his phone.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been five days.” He thought. “This is a really nice world. A nice, diapered world.”


Re: A nice, diapered life

I know this is the “Completed” section; I can’t remember if it is appropriate to criticize or not…

Holy wall of text batman!
I think the general consensus is you should start a new line for each new speaker.
For example:

Should be

Which makes reading a hell-of-a-lot easier.

I can’t much comment on the actual content of the story because that’s too much of a wall of text.
Anyhow, carry on.

Re: A nice, diapered life

Yeah, sorry. After I posted it I noticed all other stories had those spaces. I wrote it in an app called note lock and I was unsure where to put them. This is the first story I wrote. I’m not sure if I can edit posts but I’ll try and do that tonight. Thanks for telling me about it

Re: A Nice, Diapered Life

Thanks for the edit. Definitely readable now.
I swear there was a very similar story about a girl playing a god-sim or 4X game, and somehow ending up in another world.
It’s somewhere on this site, but I’m not gonna look.

Anyway, I think you did a good job of explaining the world, without really giving any introduction. A couple hints here, and some info there, but you kept it out of the way of all the diapered scenes, and character interaction. And honestly, I think the interactions are spot on, for kids that age. If you take out the diaper elements that the alternate world lends, then all you are left with is swearing teens; which is pretty much what most swearing teens act like.

A couple spelling errors are really all I can think of for criticism.
Perhaps maybe the mom-changing-teen elements seem out of place, even for a world where people wear diapers.

It’s not an epic tale, by any means, but it’s a nice story.

Re: A Nice, Diapered Life

Yeah I read that story too, with the girl and everyone not being potty trained till they were 18. I know there was a lot of cursing, but i based all the characters personalities on people I knew who just happened to curse a lot. I thought it would make it more realistic. And I really wanted to incorporate how only some people are abdl and others aren’t to again make it a little bit more realistic. I know the whole mom changing thing is wierd and personally I wouldn’t want to get changed by anyone else besides my SO. Jake never liked being changed by Nick’s mom he just knew he couldn’t argue. I think she only changed him once anyway. Jake represents me basically, but I would never pee in my diaper in front of my friend. I just added that to appeal to other people who might like it. I wasn’t sure about trademark issues but the baby animal diapers were crinklz, the safari were rearz Safari and the teddy bear ones were bambinos

Re: A Nice, Diapered Life

That was alot of fun. Thank you. I do wish we knew the real story of his memory lapse/change in worlds. Also would be kewl if they DID find girl “friends” who had the same sort of arrangement (half in diapers).
Anyhoo appreciate the story.