A new world order

So I was thinking about doing something a little bit different from the norm. A short story were everyone builds off of the short stories written here.

The idea im going for is thar ill provide the wolrd and then we all write short stories set withon this world. Obvoisly I will be writing a good amount of said short stories becusde it would be kinda boring if I didnt.

So heres the stage.

In the year 2055 the creation of the first crops and animals that could be produced in a single day lead to the end of world hunger. Just two years later the creation and marketing of nanites that could regukate human emotions, bodily functions, among other things revolutionized life for humans everywere.

The creations that should have been a stepping stone for equality instead ruined any chance of equality between sexess. A fear and nagging doubt began to slowly infect the minds of young men. What would happen when the only jobs avaible were logistic jobs?

These fears of job security allowed a group that should have simply been seen as a wierd sex cult to become one of the most dominate reliogions of the era with even figures such as the pope and countries such as japan and the u.s to adopt their ideals.

This cult was the church of hebi and there belief was simply. All women are children and should be treated as such.

Now that we have the peices lets get to writing. Ill write when I wake up.

I like the idea, the background is a bit clunky, but I have an idea that would work, I’ll try to get it up.

I got something set up, but I am curious on any restrictions you want in these short stories?

I like this idea, but I would suggest setting the stage. This could be done by a reflective opening in which you could describe the evolution of society to give a good background. This could be mixed with some character development to help the audience understand why the world is the way it is in your story.
I hope that my pointers are helpful to you and I would be interested in seeing you develop this

Alice sat uncomfortably in the childish seating reserved for women of the church. Her diaper crinkled as she shifted trying and failing to get comfortable as the preacher spoke of a sermon. She desepartly tried to spit out the pacifyer in her mouth but unfortunately for her the nanites had lojg since made that impossible. If somthing was in her mouth she would suck on it be it a baby bottle or a pacifier.

The churches had been one of the first groups to preach the ideals of women as nothing more then children especially when the pope declared it as such. Which may or may not have been influenced by the fear of a female pope taking over after him. Nuns had been forced into diapers while catholic schools stopped teaching their girls how to read or write.

That had been the start. Alice could remeber when she had entered her first year of high school only for every girl to be called to the auditorium for innoculations. It hadnt been surprising as all schools had required it as part of an equality project. It had been a nice year full of learning and hope. World hunger had been slain and now womens inequality had surely been on the chopping block.

At least until that damn church of hebi had started gaining popularity. They used the fear of job security to sway thousnads to thier cuase. They should have been seen as nothing more then a crazy cult. Only they actually believed what they preached. The money they gained they used to buy out the movies, the news stations, even polticians.

Soon every tv show had women dressed like over grown children. News stations had removed their female talk hosts in one case the former hosstess had even been fed and burped on live television.

The next year of school had been less hopeful. Shed been forced into a elementary school girls uniform and instead of learning alegebra she was tuaght how to play with her toys, talk with a lisp, and cry whenever she didnt like something.

Instead of graduating the strong independent women she had always wanted to be. She ended the year by pooping her first diaper at the age of 21. She was lucky that her family was religous. Some of the other girls had glazed looks in their eyes that day as they had been made to do “stickies” in there diapers over and over again.

Back in the present she struggled as sweat borrowed her brow as her and the other girls sitting on the pew desperately tried to not mess themselfs in the vain hopes of eventually earning their way to being the ones who would change diapers instead of mess them.

Still for alice her parremts simply slapped her on the thigh and told her to be a good girl before forcing a bottle of chocalte milk into the hoke in her pacifyer as tears streamed down her skin. Soon the laxitives in the milk did their work as a huge mess piled into her diaper.

(Hope that gives some insight. Ill write one set in japan tomorrow )

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The words taken from my mouth and smoothed out a bit better. Which is typical for me, I have a hard time explaining,

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(I hope this works for this universe, if not it makes me want to continue in a separate story)

When you were a child, did you ever want to be a superhero? I did, I wanted to fly around like superman, sneak about and fight crime like Batman, or have the super advanced suit like Iron-Man.

Thing is when you are not allowed to grow up, it becomes very difficult. See in this world women are considered children, I think the oldest I have ever seen them is maybe 5…maybe 8. You will rarely see a woman between the ages of 8 and 18. Thanks to the Church.

I was lucky I was born and raised in the resistance group; State United, a group dedicated to fighting the Church and returning things back to the way they were before all of this.

Sorry, my name is Jenna, A.K.A Black Hawk, I am not Superman, or Ironman, or even Batman…no I am more Black Widow, so still badass. I work as a spy for the State. Thankfully the one that doesn’t wind up in pretty dresses or worse just to glean information from eavesdropping, nope I get the black suit with bullet resistance enhanced with nano-technology for better resistance, durability and optical enhancement, wonderful what a set of Neuro and robotic experts can do when you steal nano-technology and reprogram them.

My mission was simple: enter the Cathedral, Gather any and all information on how the Church became so powerful so quickly, and any weaknesses to use against them. It should have been simple…

I was smuggled into the storage facility of the Cathedral, using the suits ability to cloak my heat signature gettig past their checks was easy. My crate was unloaded and I used my nanites to find and disable any security cameras. Little buggers are so useful. Once I was sure I wouldn’t be spotted I climbed out and used my little helpers to create my own security cameras and began to move through the building.

The process is simple: send my little helpers ahead of me, disable any cameras, watch my cameras and move when needed. The room I wanted was three floors up and down a hall, and my first big hurdle was the guards by the warehouse door that led into the main hall of the Cathedral. I slipped through the warehouse using the boxes to keep me out of sight. Climbed up the shelves to get high above in the rafters. My little helpers also helped reduce vibrations as I climbed so long as I am careful I can be absolutely silent. Once I was above the guards I dropped down onto one, I cartwheeled back to regain my balance and quickly lashed out a roundhouse kick to the second guard’s head knocking him out. Before the first could even get up I delivered a killing blow to the back of his neck. Warehouses are nice as they have a lot of hiding places for myself and the bodies.

Hallway, clear, stairs located, perfect! I love stairs, best way to get somewhere, easy to navigate, simple. Thanks to my little helpers I can have them look ahead for me and check to see if someone is going to use them before, after or with me. Second floor is clear and the third…hmm. Several people are walking with purpose away from the room I want. None use the stairs though and some linger in the hall. I move to the second floor hall and quickly but carefully travel to the room just below my destination. I open the window and get ready to climb. Nothing and no one in the room above me, perfect. I begin my climb and use glass cutting tools to reach the latch. Window slides smoothly open and I am in.

“Techno this is Black Hawk, I am at the terminal” I say quietly. I hold my finger to a USB port, my little helpers work their magic and the computer opens. I begin searching the terminal for the juicy classified stuff and what I found…

…what I found was the Church using nanites to brainwash key figures of power. I mean the things can alter your brain development, emotions and shut down body function, why not also brainwash. That wasn’t all however, I opened another file and…the computer went dead, the whole room went dead, the power was out.

“No, no no no ,nononono” I got up just as the door burst open and I was hit with a taser, not one but two, the first disabled the little helpers to prevent tasers from working the second knocked me out…

“…our nanites are already busy resetting hers, it shouldn’t be long before they reach the brain, but do expect resistance for a bit.”

“Do we have a parent for her?”

“Father Braxton said he would take care of her”

I opened my eyes to see a pastel wall, and fluffy carpet. My wrists cuffed to the arms of a chair and my legs to the legs. I had been captured…I then felt like a hammer whack my brain and left me with a pounding headache. A man before me wore a navy pinstriped suit, he was balding on top and had a thick mustache.

“Hello, Sweetie, you have been a naughty girl” he said, I felt my cheeks flush with shame, I didn’t know I was being…like a switch I no longer felt shame but anger, damn bastards had already begun changing me.

“Screw off” I spat.

“Now now, young lady we don’t use that sort of language” he told me very firmly.

“I’m sorry” I meekly replied, the switch went off again. “No I’m not! Go Flap off” I wanted to say a much naughtier word, but I was already in trouble and…damn It!

“Little girl, can you tell me what you were doing at my computer?” I burned with guilt and shifted nervously in my seat.

“I’m not supposed to tell” I said I winced as I fought against the nanites that were regressing me.

“Sweetie it isn’t nice to keep secrets, you need to tell me, I think we know what you were doing at my computer, can you tell me about the resistance group?” He asked.

As I thought of it I found…nothing…like the memory was there and I knew but I couldn’t remember. I whimpered and shook my head.

“Think hard and tell me, if you do, I’ll get you some candy” Candy? Oh how I wanted that candy, I hoped it was a blue raspberry sucker, I love blue raspberry it is like the best flavor ever, don’t lie to yourself and tell me butterscotch is the best, that is also a good flavor and I wouldn’t mind that too, but dang I hoped it was blue raspberry. I thought hard, maybe I could give him a little bit and not get in trouble with the State and still get that candy. As I thought one memory did come up.

I was sitting in a room. It had been exciting learning about what all my little helpers could do but they had a failsafe.

"To ensure the safety of the State, in case you are captured the nanites will perform Neuro-Lobotomization, they will first block certain Neurons that directly relate to the State and all affiliations, In the case you can be free they will restore these memories and should you try to remember anything of the State while they are in this mode, then this will be the last memory you will think of and you will remember me saying “Execute NL-16”

Another great pain pounded into my head and just like that I forgot. I whined cause now I wouldn’t get that blue raspberry sucker. I felt snot run down my nose and licked it, tasting iron.

“Sir the monitors are recording severe trauma to the hippocampus, many nanites are there and just shut down”

“What does that mean?” He asked.

“I, I don’t know about the State” I whined, my head hurting. Then I began to feel my lap growing very warm and wet.

“I think we are done here,” a third man said. He walked up and began to undo the cuffs. He wore a pale blue button shirt and black slacks, with a red striped tie. The first man talking to me began cursing and growling as him and the doctor left. while the other man undid all the buckles. He tooky hand and helped me up.

“Who are you?” I asked scared, wet and sad that I wouldn’t get that candy now.

“I’m your daddy sweetie, youry little Jenna” he rubbed my cheek and used a Kleenex to wipe the snot away, turns out it was blood.

“Can…can I have a blue raspberry sucker daddy?” I asked with a sniffle.

“Course you can” he said and I began to smile. “Right after we get you changed.” He added and led me to the side of the room I hadn’t seen. The whole room was that of a giant nursery. I was led by hand over to the changing table. He took off my Black-Widow costume and helped me onto the changing table. He was gentle as he cleaned me up and pulled up a diaper with animals riding a train across it.

“Daddy I’m a big girl, I don’t need those” I whined and squirmed.

“Big girls don’t wet themselves baby, we can see if you are a big girl later but right now you need a diaper” my legs were lifted as he slid the diaper under me and thoroughly powdered the diaper area. I felt the comfort of the diaper come up and between my legs and be securely taped. This was probably the best thing in the world. I felt safe and it was comfy like a pillow or a cloud. This felt better than that time I did big girl naighty with my boyfriend, I couldn’t remember him clearly now, only that we did things together.

“Um Daddy maybe I do need diapees” I said rubbing the front of my diaper. Daddy took my hand away.

“Of course you do, but we don’t touch there ok?” He told me, I burned with shame I remember doing that for so long, I was like Black-Widow though I could be sneaky, maybe play a game of horsey with one of the many stuffed animals. I bit my bottom lip at the thought. “Don’t be planning anything naughty young lady” daddy teased “you have a big day tomorrow” daddy pulled me into his arms and got me ready for bed. At first it was a pink footie sleeper but I saw one thing that made me super giddy, it was a footed sleeper that had Marvel superheroes all over it.

“Daddy I want that one” I whined pointing to the marvel themed sleeper.

“Ok, honey” he smiled and dressed me before he let me have that blue raspberry sucker I have been dying for.

I am not Superman or Iron-man or even Black-Widow, but I am Daddy’s girl and that’s just perfect for me.


“Black-Hawk is down, I repeat Black-Hawk is down. Mission Failure, awaiting new orders.”

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It mostly works. Just ask that you dont make it the whole united states that way other people can do there own takes on how different states work.

But this is how I imagine places like southern states would work.

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More so was having fun with the “separation of Church and State” wasn’t thinking of using the whole United States.

That came out pretty good, better than I would do with my ADHD, that’s for sure.