A New Type of Punishment.

Chapter 1: The Setting

The pencil in my hand finished it’s stroke, leaving behind a grey line to answer the question above it.

x =5

meaning that the equation (3x + 9) / 6 actually came down to a measly answer of 4.

Algebra I wasn’t so hard- I’ve definitely faced tougher questions in the past. But- it’s only been the first few months, to be fair. I took a glance at the alarm clock to the right of me to see that it was 8:00 pm. As I placed my books back into my bag and unplugged my earbuds from my ears- I could faintly hear the yelling of my mother and my younger sister.

“I’m 12 now, Mom! I don’t need you telling me what to do!” My younger sister, Hannah, yelled.

“Clearly you do, or else you’d be mellowed out on the couch with a pigsty for a room and a nasty rug-burn on your knees to pay for your damn fix!” I heard my mother retort.


I opened the door to my room and headed past the living room and into the kitchen to get a view of my mother and sister’s fight, complete with a small ziplock baggie of marijuana on the wooden table to their side. They were both faced toward each other, and I was behind Hannah.

Hannah was a twelve year old girl in 6th grade, barely old enough to understand the severity of her actions, yet not stopping her in buying the drugs, or even to hide it correctly.

“How many times have I caught you with weed in your clothes or your backpack?” My mother asked.

“So what? Weed is going to be legal within the next decade!” Hannah answered.

“And when it’s legal, if you’re still not living in my house, you will not be doing any drugs, especially underage! Do you understand me?”

My sister frustratedly rolled her eyes, “Whatever, bitch.”

I felt my jaw drop as my mother’s eyes widened. Hannah stood there, unamused.

My mother slapped Hannah across the cheek so hard that Hannah had lost her balance and fell back into me. Only to be dropped by me in my attempt to stay neutral in the fight.

Hannah rose silently, rubbing her cheek. My mother stared at her angrily.

“I really don’t understand you, but if you want to act like this, if you want to betray my trust and hurt yourself, then I guess we’ll just have to correct that.”

“Good luck.” Hannah scoffed, only to be slapped again, with less force, this time, but enough to force to throw Hannah to the side a bit.

“You’d do well to learn to hold your tongue.” Mom said, surprisingly calm, “Now, get up to your room, it’s late and I need to speak to your sister.”

“And what do you expect me to do, huh?” Hannah asked, snarkly.

“Go to bed!”

As Hannah turned around towards me and started to walk back to the room mirroring mine. My mother had frustratedly sighed and sat down, she grabbed her hair and started to cry.

Her whimpers and tears had been the first time I’d faced my mother in, what seemed to her, to be a difficult task. Hannah had been smoking and dealing weed for the past year, and despite my Mom’s best attempts to punish her and keep her from the substances, she was just short of sending Hannah to a rehabilitation center.

I sat down beside her, with my arm around her and my left grabbing napkins near us for her.

“It’s going to be ok, Mom.” I said, attempting to comfort her.

“It won’t be, Chris. There’s nothing else I can do.” Her sobs interrupting each few words, “I just, I just wish she was small again, everything was so much easier.”

“But- Dad’s not here anymore, Mom.” I replied, recalling my father’s passing a few years ago.

“I know, I know. But, what if she was a baby again?” She asked.

“What do you mean?”

“What if she was just a baby again? No more drugs, no more crime, just sucking on a pacifier and wearing a diaper.” She explained, “We could humiliate her into obeying us.”

“‘We’?” I asked, confused.

“Well a baby needs two parents, you wouldn’t mind, I assume, I mean what older sister wouldn’t want to humiliate her sister?”

“Well- only if I get to take pictures.” I replied, hesitantly as a smirk creeped up on my face.

“Of course, I think that may be the best way to keep her passive as we punish her.” She said, her tears stopped dripping from her face as the thought of her final resort before rehab finally settled into her mind.

“You stay here, watch your sister, I’ll be back with the appropriate items.” She said, sniffling softly.

Chapter 2: The Changes

I stared at my younger sister, who was fast asleep in her bed, the red blanket covering her body, and her head silently snoozing on the pink pillow under it. Her room was a chaotic mess with clothes, bags and papers all littered on the green rug that was the floor. The walls itself was purple, but you’d never guess it with the amount of various posters of bands and dark subjects plastered onto it.

Suddenly, a finger tapped my right shoulder. I looked back to be greeted by my mother, who then tugged on my earbuds, her right arm held a few bags worth of supplies.

“What did you get?” I asked, surprised by the amount of items.

“Everything a growing Baby Girl needs, save for a crib.” My mother answered, smiling, “Now help me out, there’s some more bags on the table.”

I nodded and stuffed my earbuds back into my pocket with my phone as I walked back towards the kitchen. I counted 5 bags worth of items on the table before I grabbed them all.

“Jesus- this is a shit ton, maybe even literally.” I grunted as an picked up all the bags

I walked back to my sister’s room to catch my Mom collecting my sister’s clothes from the dresser at the foot of her bed. Every shirt, jeans, shorts and panty that was collected was thrown into a trash bag at my Mother’s side. As she picked up a white bra, a small baggie with a paper-rolled joint fell out. My Mom picked up the bag and stuffed in into her pocket.

“No matter! Baby has no need for such Adult items.” She muttered, weirdly, only to have a small part of myself to question my mother’s sanity.

I picked up the bags that I’d brought wth me from the kitchen, when I pulled each item out I realized they were actually 5 packs of 15 NorthShore Supreme Briefs. 75 diapers, more than enough for an entire week.

“How can I help, Mom?” I asked.

“Those bags there,” she pointed to the bags behind the door, “they’re your Baby Sister’s new clothes, if you can go ahead and fill the dresser with diapers and clothes while I clean up the rest of the floor, I’d appreciate it.”

I nodded and took the packs of diapers and the clothes by the door and placed them on the dresser, as I unbagged the contents, I found numerous onesies, pacifiers, little girl’s clothes and plastic pants.

I started by unpacking the diapers and filling a drawer with them- I stuffed the drawer with it and placed the excess diapers into the drawer above. The plastic pants were folded and put into a drawer below both diaper drawers. I put the clothes and onesie into the drawer with the plastic pants, and placed four pacifier onto the wooden dresser one of them was a plain yellow pacifier, the next was a purple one with a butterfly, the third was a plain pink one and the last was a baby blue pacifier with blocks.

I unbagged the baby powder and baby wipes and placed it near the pacifiers.

I looked back towards my mother to see her pull my sister’s white panties from under her

“I’m going to need a diaper and the talc to get your sister in her new underwear.” She smiled.

As she asked, I grabbed the talc and a diaper from the drawer and rushed to her. She grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled the white substance- looking quite close to powdered sugar- onto my sister.

“Now, I’m going to raise her legs up, you’ll place the back-side of the diaper below her bottom and I’ll do the rest, okay?” My mother said.

“Alright, I’m ready.” I answered, opening the diaper.

Mom raised my sister’s legs by her ankles up slowly and I placed the diaper as quietly and as perfectly as I could so Hannah wouldn’t wake up.

“Okay. Now- go ahead and take some pictures of our new baby girl!” My mother squealed quietly.

I nodded, smirking slightly, and raised my phone to my face to get the perfect shot of my mother diapering up my new baby sister.

As the final tape of the diaper was attached to the front of the garment, I captured my shot, and the padded princess was forever imbedded into my phone’s memory.

The flash from the shot lit the room for just a second- but that second was enough time and the baby girl crinkled her nose and squeezed her eyes shut from the light of the room.

“Wha- what are you guys doing?” She muttered.

Chapter 3: The Awakening

Hannah opened her eyes and lazily looked at both Mom and I, her confused face turned to anger as she heard the crinkling from her own bottom and quickly glanced down.

“What the fuck-” she started, only to be stopped by Mom quickly picking her up and cradling her in her arms.

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word-” Mother started singing.

“Christine- what’s going on?” Hannah asked, struggling with Mom.

“We’re only doing as Mom said she would- we’re fixing your attitude.” I answered.

“You all are fucking crazy if you think I’m just gonna let you do this to me.” She cussed, finally breaking free of my Mother’s grip and falling to the ground, she started to sprint for the exit- but was caught by my Mother’s voice.

“You left us no choice, and truth be told we knew you’d fight. Maybe we’re crazy, Hannah, maybe we are, but you made us pull this stunt!” Mom yelled.

“What’s keeping me from leaving right now?!” Hannah turned around.

I pulled my phone out and selected the picture I’d just taken, “This photo! If you leave I plaster it anywhere I can, I wonder what would happen to your street-cred when they see a padded little princess rather than the hardass you’ve attempted to be. And if we say it’s because we found your weed, then you’ll be out of business, no one wants to deal with a snobby little girl that can’t hide her drugs.”

A tear started to fall from my sister’s eye.

“So you’ll do as you’re told- which, won’t be too much, just be passive.” My mother answered.

“So what? I can feed into your sick fantasy?” Hannah sobbed.

“Or perhaps you could learn something. Maybe see that we love you so much that we’re doing all that we can to keep you from a prison. Maybe we do this because we can’t bear to lose another person. Why can’t you see that? We love you, Hannah, more than anything, and we’d do anything to keep with us.” Mother sobbed, opening her arms up to her child

“So please, before we have to do something we’ll all regret- just do as we ask.” I sighed.

Hesitantly, Hannah began to walk to Mom’s arms, only to be scooped up in her arms, both mother and child crying.

A beautiful event to observe, and one that would make for an equally beautiful story, if it weren’t for the diaper.

Mother laid Hannah onto the bed, tears still flowing from the face of the child.

“Baby needs her sleep.” Mother hushed as she backed away towards the exit.

“She needs her teddy and a paci first.” I added, grabbing a new brown stuffed bear with a pink shirt and a red bow over her head and the pink pacifier.

I walked over to the side of the bed and placed the bear next to her, and held the paci out for her to take. Hesitantly she opened her mouth and I shoved the suckler into the mouth. She bit down on it and began to suck on the plastic piece.

As I walked back from the bed, I caught a glimpse of the diaper poking out from the drawer, I’d probably accidentally shut the drawer down onto one of them. I walked over to the drawer and opened it, only to stare at the padding in a way I’d never done before to any object, especially not diapers.

But as I stared at them, trying to make sense of why I was staring at them, of what compelled me to look at them, I noticed a faint feeling down in the bottom of my chest.

I longed for them- but I don’t know why.

The light above me turned off and my eyes quickly darted back to my Mother, who had her hand over the light switch.

I shut the drawer and walked back to the exit.

“Mommy and Sis will be back in the morning. Goodnight, little Hannah!” Mother said, walking out of the doorway and heading back to the kitchen.

“I’m sorry, Hannah, but, just remember why we do this.” I tried, following my mother to the kitchen.

My mother was back in her seat at the table, playing with her fingers, “What do you think?”

“I’m not sure what to think, she’ll remember this for next time she tries this- but is it right? And how long are we going to do this for?” I asked.

“Well, I plan on calling her school in the morning and informing them of a nasty stomach bug that Hannah’s developed over the past few days, and how I think that she may need the rest of the week to recover from it.” She smirked.

“I have school tomorrow too.” I stated.

“You have a family emergency to attend to.” She replied.

“Where did you even get those things?” I asked.

“There’s a shop down Glenn street that is targeted towards individuals who like being babied.” She answered.

Surprised, I shrugged and sat down beside her.

“What we’re doing could get us in a lot of trouble, Mom, you know that, right?” I said.

“For what? Discipline?”

“For emotional abuse.”

“How is this abuse?” She asked, a bit annoyed.

“Mom- we made her cry in there. Her feelings, thoughts are being belittled as if she was a baby. Sure, we’re doing this out of love, but even the worst things ever done was done out of good intentions.” I answered.

“In which case, it’s not going to be very good for us afterwards.” She answered.

“Not really, unless-” I paused, “unless we can get her to like this kind of treatment. In which case, what we’re doing isn’t criminal, it’s weird, but not unlawful. And to continue this act would keep her off the drugs as well.”

“But how do we do that?” She asked.

“Coddle her, spoil her, love her and hope for the best.” I sighed, “We’ve gone too far for us to stop now.”

My mind drifted back to the diapers I’d seen- it seemed like a bad cold.

The feeling couldn’t and wouldn’t go away.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

I like it so far, could use some more proofreading.

Some standout issues:

to the room parallel to mine

I’m not 100% sure what this means. Are the walls parallel (rooms across from each other)? Or the doors (rooms next to each other)?

“But- Dad’s not here anymore, Mom.” I replied, recalling my father’s passing a few years ago.

This entire line feels forced. It has little to do with what came before or after it. It feels like you wanted to include this info somewhere but couldn’t find a good fit so you just put it here.

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Re: A New Type of Punishment.

So- firstly, the bedroom is an the opposite side of the hallway from Christine’s room, admittedly, I could have, and should have worded that better.
Secondly, I did want to put that information into the story- simply because of the fact that most High School students have two parents (not all, but most). So it’d be a bit weird to me to have a story like this that didn’t feature a father figure. So in order to preemptively jump ship, so to speak, and explain why Dad isn’t in the picture I placed that quote in the story. In fact a reason for Hannah’s lashing out and drug abuse could be a result of the loss of her father. And the reason why Christine is helping her Mother punish Hannah is because the last time Christine’s mother had to care for a baby she had her husband’s aid.

But I understand and respect your criticism, if you don’t mind what did you think of the overall story?

Thank you!

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

My apologies- I saw the quote from the story and started reading there, please disregard the last sentence of my other post. Thank you!

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Re: A New Type of Punishment.

It’s too early to say much about the story and characters, but I like that Christine is both eager to humiliate her sister and suspects that her mother may be unwell for doing this. It leaves future events hard to predict; Chris could draw the line at some point or use her mother’s condition to control the situation.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

First of all, I almost didn’t realize you’d posted a third chapter.
If I have any suggestion, I’d say you should post each chapter as a new reply. Then maybe update the original post title with the latest chapter number and/or the date of the update.

As for the story itself, I still have to say that it’s still too early to really tell.
I like that the latest chapter did more to explain the sudden decision to baby the sister. As of the second chapter, it was rather abrupt, and it felt like there was a bit too little info to accept that the mother and older sister would just go “okay, let’s baby her; seems like the right thing to do.”
As it is now, you’re working your way toward explaining that, or at least helping us accept that they know this treatment is kinda off the wall.

And now, with the info that the older sister has some interest in diapers, I must say that I’m interested in seeing how you take this where you’re going, more than where you’re taking it.

As above, I think you could slow it down a bit, and take the time to give us more detail on the thoughts and feelings of those involved. You don’t need to say and less about what they did, but you could do more to say why. Since this is in first person, remember that the observations will be from Chris’s point of view. Ask yourself; how do she feel about this? What does she see? What is she assuming about the other two, and what does she know about them, based on living with them?

Carry on.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

Change paralleled to mirrored and you have it fixed.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

Enjoyed this looking forward to more :slight_smile:

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

Thank you for the responses, I’d needed some time as I’m still in school and the projects my professors assigned are time consuming and then I forgot my own password. I will get started on the fourth chapter soon enough, I just need to review where I left off and consult my storyboard journal. To reiterate the fourth chapter will be released soon. Thank you all!

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

Nice trick for passwords, use Lastpass, you won’t ever forget a password anymore, just be sure that if you use it on a android or iphone, you never ever leave the master password on it, keep it safe in your head. One master password to rule them all out of the way.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

Considering the number of security incidents they’ve had LastPass is the last password manager I would recommend, not that I would recommend any in general. Then again I prefer using secure but easy to remember (or calculate) passwords, and heaven forbid if you forget it you can always reset it. That’s kind of why we require you to have a valid email address after all :wink:

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

I’m thankful for that, by the way, otherwise I’d have to create a new user

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

KeePass on an encrypted drive/folder/file would probably be the best choice. Local-only storage by default.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

I know, off-topic here, I tried to figure out how keepass would work on multiple devices that aren’t always connected together, its a nightmare, that’s why I use Lastpass, now even the free edition allow us to share stuff from android to PC and such.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

Chapter 4: The New Day

I vigorously rubbed my eyes as I yawned. I noticed movement above my head and focused my eyes to the ceiling fan’s cycle.

Always moving, but never going anywhere.

My eyes drifted to the alarm to my right, but it’s numerals only displayed “5:34”, too early to get up and start the day, but I wasn’t tired enough to fall asleep.

I began to ponder about the previous day.

The day before, my mother completely broke down about my sister, Hannah, and finding more of her weed, while struggling to find a way to keep her out of rehab or prison, mother went to extremes in attempt to keep her child with her.

And I-?

I’m along for the ride. I see it from a logical point of view.

This is child abuse, and we won’t be able to excuse ourselves from this. But the way Hannah seemed, she seemed angry, of course, but she also seemed almost a little relaxed once she was back in the bed, which gives me hope that we may pull this off.

But how do I feel about it?

I sighed.

It’s too complicated for a black-and-white answer. This is too far, yet, just enough. She won’t attempt to get her hands on any drugs anymore, but this treatment is an extreme.

But I’m not sure my thoughts are shared by Mother.

And then there’s me. Possibly the most rational one in the group, but the only one who spent a few seconds looking at incontinence supplies as if they were my school crush- Johnny King.

I sighed again, dreamily.

Maybe I want to be babied too?

No- I can’t imagine myself in a onesie and being dependent on anyone else but myself.
I don’t think I’d mind- however, a diaper…

Something about it seems inviting- Comforting, even.

What if?

What if I stole one?

Surely no one’s awake- I could get away with it if I really wanted to.

Intrigued with the thought, I pulled the covers off of me and rose to my feet. I shuffled to the doorway, my balance increasing with each step.

I stopped at my door and peaked into Hannah’s room, not a sound emitted from the room. I looked to the right and trained my ears, but couldn’t hear anything except for a faint ticking of the clock in the living room.

Quietly, I walked past the hallway and into Hannah’s room, careful to not to wake her up. I eyed the drawer that was so entrancing last night and proceeded closer to it.
Once there, I opened the drawer and, with same nervousness that a bomb specialist has once disarming a bomb, I took a diaper from the opened bag.

With the garment in hand, I turned to see Hannah still very much asleep, and I alone.
I quickly closed the drawer and went back to my room. I hopped under the covers and stared at the nappy inquisitively.

Why did I just do what I did?

Why did this, this underwear possess me to take it from my sister?

I unfolded the nappy and continued to look at it, hesitantly, I placed the diaper to my side and took off my undergarments.

Nervously, I lifted my waist and placed the taped side of the protective garment underneath my backside and folded the diaper over myself. I taped the diaper and quickly covered myself with the clothes I’d taken off earlier.

I glanced back at the clock, which read 5:40.

The bulkiness of the product caught my off-guard, but I suppose it’s normal for something meant for catching and holding fluids and messes.

As my mind wandered to the use of the garment, I felt a slight ache coming from my bladder.

I ignored it- I’m exploring too much too quickly.

At the thought of that, I heard creaking and a faint crinkle, my eyes peaked out from under the covers and I noticed my sister in a black T-shirt and diaper.

She yawned and the pacifier she slept with was gone.

Should I continue to Baby her? Or talk to her normally?

No- God forbid I don’t hear Mother walk up and I’m not following what she wants.
“What are you doing? Why is Baby up so early?” I asked.

“Christine- please, stop. We’ve got school today.” She replied.

“School? What a silly Baby, doesn’t Baby know that school is for big kids?” I answered.

“Don’t call me a Baby, I get that Mom is going fucking nuts, but I don’t expect that from you.”

I heard a gasp from behind me, and instantly I thanked myself for treating her as Mom would.

“Who taught her those words? Baby doesn’t swear!” She exclaimed as she grabbed Hannah and spanked her back.

Hannah grunted in pain and looked almost as if she were about to argue and yell.
I quickly sprinted to Hannah’s dresser and plugged the non-padded whole with the suckler, “Baby is a little fussy from waking early, Mother.”

Satisfied with my answer, Mom nodded, “You’re probably right, Chris, but, after her spanking I don’t think she’s going back to sleep.”

“Well- let’s see what Baby needs.” I responded, I put my hand on the front of her diaper and squeezed slightly. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t feel any moisture.

I looked up at Hannah, who met my eyes with annoyance as I proceeded to the backside.

I pulled the garment back to see that their wasn’t any trace of poop. I heard a low rumble- and Hannah began to rub her stomach.

“It sounds like Baby is hungry though. Is Baby hungry?” Mother asked.

Embarrassingly, Hannah nodded, and Mother squealed as she turned around to fix her some kind of meal.

While I was left alone with her, Hannah and I began to play in her room with the blocks Mom had purchased the previous night.

“I can’t believe this.” She muttered.

I looked back to make sure Mother wasn’t back yet and whispered, “Maybe you should just enjoy it. I mean, find something about it you like and just, focus on that, and just let the rest take its course. It’s going to be awful if you fight it all, but at least this way you won’t be totally miserable.”

“So? Then I’ll just be feeding her fantasy!” She replied.

“Or you could be beating her at her own game. Think about it, this is supposed to be a punishment, but if aren’t suffering, is it really a punishment?” I answered, “And if you play along she’ll be less likely to carry this on.”

Her face lit up with realization, and she quickly nodded. Her eyes went from my face to above my head, I looked back to see my mother with a small plastic plate with eggs and potatoes. She sat down next to us and placed the plate for her use.

“Here, Baby can eat Eggies and potatoes.” Mom smiled, “Be careful though, it’s a little hot.”

Hannah nodded, but looked for a utensil of some sort, only to look back at Mom.

“Mom, I need a fork.” She said.

“Baby’s use their hands to eat food!” She replied.

Another look of annoyance hit Hannah’s face, but she quickly replaced it with a small smile.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, grabbing the food and stuffing it in her mouth.

“Good Baby!” Mom said, patting Hannah’s head.

The ache from my bladder came back, and this time it was stronger than before.

I smiled softly and excused myself. Once I got to the bathroom, I sighed and squeezed the doorknob, only to realize that the door was locked.

I should have guessed- the best humiliation to force Hannah through, the best way to show her that this is how it’s to be is to make her use the diaper.

“Mom! I need you right now, please come over here!” I yelled.

Though going in my garment isn’t extremely bad- I don’t want to get caught discarding it.

My hand began to squeeze my crotch- hoping to possibly stop the aches- but to no avail.

I felt a little spurt fall and dampen the surrounding spot of the diaper.

I can’t hold this much longer!

Mother turned the corner, concerned and looked at me in front of the bathroom door.
“What is it?” She asked.

“Can you unlock the door?” I asked, urgently.

“Sure, um…” she searched her pockets until she finally took out a small key and handed it to me.

Shakingly, I forced the key into the door and turned it, once I heard the click I turned the knob and took my first step into the room.

My victory over the door, however, was not enough, and the slight movement of my leg was enough for me to feel the massive amount of urine leak and spread through the front side of the product.

“Crap.” I whispered.

Re: A New Type of Punishment.

Thanks for the update it was fun :slight_smile:

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may i suggest that near the end of the punishment the older sister tells mom that she wants to try a diaper on. mom says of course. then she says that if she likes it she can wear it from when you get home Friday to when you get up Monday and be treated like a baby if you wish. that will make mom happy too.

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You may. But you should check the date of the last chapter. I wouldn’t hold my breath.