A new challenger approaches!

Hey, glad to be here. I’m a lifelong DL who has been lurking the forum for the past 5 years or so, and am finally coming out of hiding… I am an avid author, but have little to no experience with ABDL literature. Expect to see my work in the non ABDL related section before I post it anywhere else. As for other general info about me, my parents had actively persecuted me for my DL side for years, but it never put me off. They tried to pull the religion card on me, which we all know is bulls***. I am huge military buff, an avid gamer, and a veteran swimmer. I am 18 as of early 2014, hence why I can finally and legally delurk. I hope to be able to at least contribute a small part back to this amazing community that has unknowingly helped me through so much with amazing literature. Glad to be here.

Re: A new challenger approaches!

Always looking forward to the next great author to grace us with his/her presence.