A Nascar thread.

Does anybody her like Nascar or any other kind of racing?

Drivers I like,
Mark Martin,Tony Stewart,Kyle Petty, Jamie McMurry, Clint Boyer and JR. of course.

My pick of the Daytona 500 is going to be Dale Jr. I think he has the most to prove.

My woshful pick would be either of the Petty cars, its time for a comeback from the King’s teams.

A Nascar thread.

Don’t say “of course” when it comes to Jr. It isn’t a given that people are his fans. He needs to prove he is a serious driver, which may now happen with Hendrick, or it will show that equipment didn’t make a difference.

My pick will be for a repeat win for Kevin Harvick, this time without controversy. From what I have heard, during testing, he and the Toyota teams were fast, and Harvick is great on plate tracks despite only 1 win there.

Clint is also a good pick, as RCR will be trying to step up from just having 3 Chase contenders to having 3 championship caliber teams.

A Nascar thread.

Tony Stewart used to be my favorite until this year now that he has started driving for Toyota. Now I like Dale Jr.

A Nascar thread.

I used to have a special loathing for Jeff Gordon, and in the old NASCAR game for Windows 3.1, I used to hunt down his car–going backwards, of course–and smash into it. Then something changed, and I’m a huge fan. I don’t really have any special affection for Dale Jr., which is surprising considering how much praise gets lavished on the man, partly due to his lineage, mostly due to his consecutive dominance in the Busch Series, and his obvious skill on the (now) Spring Cup track.

So yeah.

Go 24, man.

A Nascar thread.

The reason for saying "of course " when concerning Jr is becasue gets picked by a lot of people.

It is turue he needs to prove himself now. There is no time for him to waste either. I dont see him winning a championship this year though.

Harvick is a good driver, he just dont seam to be able to put it all togeather.

I like a lot of the missouri based driver and the openwheel drivers, basicly I have seen most of them race at local tracks around my home state.

Gordan is a great driver, his personality is getting even better. He dosnt act like he is better the the world any more and He is not the perfect choir boy image type any more. Thats a great thing.

Most of the drivers I like have a small chance at winning a championship, but cant jump off the band wagon because of that.

A Nascar thread.

I’m just hoping that the Toyota gets a chance this year. By the end of last year they were starting to be competitive. With Gibb’s going Toyota we will get to see a Toyota team on even ground with Chevy and Ford Teams. They will get a chance to race every week.

I know a lot of people didn’t like Toyota joining the show, but the other manufacturers were getting stale. When Toyota joined the trucks they were not the fastest, but now they seem to win more than they lose.

I can’t say I have a favorite team. I like aspects of a lot of teams. Its nice to have a sport where you can get to know so many of the people involved.

A Nascar thread.

I don’t find any joy in watching cars go around a oval track. Don’t the F1 racers have left and right turns and they go faster then nascar too? I guess what I am saying I might watch nascar if the drivers can turn there wheels right once in a while. Watching cars go around a oval track for 200 or so laps gets boring to me after say 5 laps.

two things turn me off about Nascar

It is or was supposed to be stock car racing thats a dead issue

I have always thought if they flipped a coin before each race and decided to go right or left today I think it would be more fun.

The second thing is the whole cheat to win thing. These guys invent a new way to cheat every week.

Oh well for those that enjoy it have a great season

A Nascar thread.

Yeah, and I get tired of watching cars go around in the same order no matter which way they turn.

A Nascar thread.

I think it takes more skill to make hair pin turns then to pull the wheel slightly to the left. I know I would still get bored of it once they master the hair pin turns or any other type of turns. I also know racing just making left turns isn’t as easy as it looks but it is as boring as it looks.

A Nascar thread.

There’s been a lot of debate in NASCAR about road courses; so far, the series only has two: Infineon Raceway (formerly Sears Point) in Sonoma, California, and Watkins Glen, in Watkins Glen, New York. Some people want more road courses (they’d certainly spice things up), other people can live without them. I think they’re fine, but my favorite track to see races at is Talladega. That’s probably the only track where braking is optional. Anywhere.

A Nascar thread.

The problem with Harvick not having 2 titles to his record is not him as a driver, it is equipment. Last year he had a great chance in Fontana during the second race, just to have some missed debris cut a tire on the restart. The term used in his camp is Berriered, as in his crew chief just can’t make adjustments during a race to get the car right.

Hawk, it’s Sprint (cell phone company) not Spring, LOL.

And Jr. has fans because of his lineage. He hasn’t proven himself as a great driver, and the younger generation of drivers are doing more on the track than he is. Kahne and Kyle Busch are both better on the track, despite being within their first 5 years in the series.

Jimmy, saying you don’t like a driver who drives for Toyota is bad logic, especially since Stewart didn’t make the call to switch to Toyota, JD Gibbs did. And to Jr.? Hmmm.

I think 1 California race (preferably the February one) should be run on the road course they have there, and insert 1 more in some boring tracks place, for a total of 4 out of 36 races being on road courses. 1 should also occur during the chase, and that one should be the most difficult road course during the season.

A Nascar thread.

Jr has fans because of his lineage, but he has also proven himself as a driver. Just look at tonight. He is a great driver. Its just that the last few years he has had poor equipment. Thats over now and I think he is going to be in the winners circle a lot more.

I think the new car is really proving itself. It makes for some good racing. Although I would prefer if they still use actual cars. Then it would truely be manufacturer vs manufacturer, instead of sponsor vs sponsor.

I’m a huge fan of road courses. I would love to see more of them on the schedule. (Ok I just want more races at Infinion. Then I might be able to get to a race or two.)

A Nascar thread.

JR took the first step last night in proving he could be a great driver. He has always been good at Daytona though. Lets see how he does at the other tracks. My question is if Indy and F1 is such great racing series why are there drivers coming to NASCAR?

Toyota has been looking good so far this preseason.

Will post more of qualifying since I am in Daytona for the next week. One of my mini vactions I take at times.
Tickets were crazy prices but it is a once in a lifetime experence, I just had too go to the races this year.

A Nascar thread.

Great job by Jimmy Johnon winning the pole and Michael Waltrip the out side pole of the 500. I think ome of the fater car that are go or go homers will not make the race still. Which is pretty sad.

Will pass more info along on Thurday after the twins. I will be at all the race this next week so all have fun.

A Nascar thread.

I too am a Smoke fan, but your comment is kind of bogus, Jimmy2. I dislike the move to Toyota as well, but I wouldn’t care if Smoke moved to a FORD team, I’d still be a fan of his, and I hate Fords. For me, it’s not about manufacturer type, it’s about the driver.

Anyway, I dislike Kevin Harvick, but my level of dislike for him cannot begin to approach the level of disgust and loathing I have for JPM. When they got into that little headbump fight at the Glen last year, I was rooting for both of them to kill each other lol. Don’t get me wrong, both are good drivers, and both have considerable skills, I just don’t like them.