A Nappy in Time

I’ve hesitated slightly posting diaper fanfic here, but this is divorced enough from the original work that I feel okay about it.

It’s A Hat in Time fic, second person POV. It’s based on the “it was all a child’s fantasy” post credits scene. It’s also up on AO3

A thing that bothers me in fics is it not being realistic in the setting. My other diaper fanfics involve either an outrageous setting or magic. So I hope this is a realistic progression to diaper wearing.

I won’t gush like I did on AO3, but Bow Kid is so heart-meltingly cute.

A Nappy in Time

Chapter 1

You survey your handiwork with a satisfied smile.

“Does it look okay?” she asked slightly timidly.

She was adorable.

“Yep!” you reply with a firm nod. “It’s perfect . I dub thee Bow Kid!” You raise your hands over your head enthusiastically.

The title got a small smile out of the newly christened Bow Kid . Turning towards your other sleepover buddy, seeing her doing up her red cloak (made from an old bedsheet) with her gold star pin reminded you of the other descriptive name. You slide off the bed towards your shelf and look through your art box for a marker.

“Your moustache, Moustache Girl,” you pronounce, holding the marker out for her.

Moustache Girl shook her head.

“Nope, I’ve got a moustache with real hair and everything now.”

You blink back in confusion as she slips off the bed as well and goes to her backpack. It’s the same backpack she carries at school. She come back with a little thing of blond hair.

“Mummy didn’t like it that I used a marker last time, but she let me save some hair when I got a hair cut and helped me stick it to a sticky bit.” She held it out for you and Bow Kid to see more closely. It looked just as flamboyant as the moustache you had drawn on Moustache Girl’s face last sleepover.

“Cool,” you reply. It was well made and looked really cool.

“Ah!” you exclaim, remembering your own attire.

Going to your wardrobe where your several hats were stored, you reach for your special hat, a big purple top hat with a yellow stripe. Then you grab your yellow cape and put that on as well (because heroes wear capes). Done, you sit cross legged on your bed facing Bow Kid and Moustache Girl. You share a look with Bow Kid; Moustache Girl’s moustache is ridiculous — which is cool, but also funny.

“So — um — Hat Kid , how do we play?” Bow Kid asks.


“My ship has a huge pile of pillows in it,” you explain as Bow Kid helps you gather up every pillow you can in the house.

Your mum gives you a slightly exacerbated roll of her eyes and a fond smile as you pilfer every pillow from the lounge room.

“Don’t take the pillows from my bed,” she reminds you.

“Okay, Hat Kid’s mummy,” Bow Kid says.

Mum’s smile widens at Bow Kid’s words.

There are so many pillows it takes you and Bow Kid two trips to gather up all the ones in the lounge room. When you get back to your room you find Moustache Girl isn’t there, so you drop to your knees and reach under your bed as Bow Kid watches curiously. You pull out a cardboard box, your safe.

“Take a look at this,” you say. Bow Kid leans in slower to inspect your show box. “See, it’s got a lock on it.” You point at the spinny safe dial thing and the handle drawn on it.

“Wow,” she replies, a look of anticipation on her face. “What’s in it?”

You’re glad to have found another friend that likes playing dress up and having adventures.

“This is where we keep our time pieces,” you explain. “It makes the ship move.”

Bow Kid nods along enthusiastically.

“So those are important then?”

“Yep!” you reply. “We’ve got to keep them safe.”

You don’t hint at the story you and Moustache Girl have mostly worked out from last time because it will be fun for Bow Kid to get to act it out as well. You open the box to let Bow Kid see all the sand timers you drew on cardboard and cut out.

“I’ve got pillows!” announces Moustache Girl from the doorway.

You fumble with the box as you try to hide it from her, but with a glance you can see she isn’t paying attention, carrying the stack of pillows over and dropping them on the huge pile. So, you quickly hide it back under the bed as Bow Kid gives you a curious look. It will make sense soon.


It makes sense now.

You and Moustache Girl are fighting on top of the bed. Moustache Girl is punching your umbrella away (that mum taped a sponge to the end of for safety) as you try to strike her down and reclaim your time pieces. It takes a little bit for Bow Kid to get into the swing of it, but soon she is throwing pillows at Moustache Girl.

“I got you!” you declare as your umbrella makes contact with her arm.

“Nuh ah!” she says back. “I’ve got more health than that.”

You weren’t really keeping track of that, but you’re having too much fun to care right now as you bounce on your bed.

“Hat!” Bow Kid cries just as you turn to see the pillow sailing your way.

You react instinctively, swatting the pillow before it its you, and then it sails through the air towards the now open door, hitting mum in the face.

Bow Kid looks horrified.

“I’m sorry!” she quickly cries.

You start giggling as mum smiles, the pillow having done the invincible mum no harm.

“It’s fine, sweetie,” says mum.

Bow Kid still looks worried, so you jump off the bed and walk over to her.

“No harm,” you tell her, your shoulder touching hers.

The comfort you offer gets a small, slightly nervous smile in return.

“It’s fine, really,” mum ads. “As long as you’re throwing pillows in here where nothing can get broken.”

You give mum a small, embarrassed smile as you decide you’ll tell Bow Kid that story later.

“So, I know you’ve been having fun, but I think you three should get into your pyjamas for bed.”

“Aww,” you say.

Mum giggles.

“You can stay up,” she replies, “but I would like you to get into your PJs.”

“We’re going stay up all night,” Moustache Girl declares.

You nod in agreement.

“Suure,” mum says like she doesn’t believe you will.

You look to Bow Kid for further agreement but she’s staring at your mum nervously. Mum looks back.

“Sweetie, you want to call mum now?”

Bow Kid nods stiffly and heads out of the room, mum following her. You stare curiously, your head titled as she does. As mum gives you a smile and closes the door, you snap out of it and get changed into your PJs, Moustache Girl doing the same. Both of you get your cloaks and capes back on once you’re done.

It’s not long before Bow Kid comes back into your room, closing the door behind her. She has a faint blush on her cheeks and is standing there awkwardly. You give her a wide smile, patting the spot next to you on the bed. Glancing at Moustache Girl, she’s not paying attention as with a slight stiffness to her movements, Bow Kid sits next to you.

Her jammies are super cute, being a one-piece, lime green jumpsuit with a hood. The hood has cat ears and is super adorable. All you’ve got are black trackies and an oversized purple t-shirt the same colour as your hat. You like the t-shirt, but the animal eared jumpsuit is really cool.

“I like your jammies,” you gush. “It’s really cute.”

Blushing more firmly, Bow Kid looks at you in surprise.

“Thanks,” she says quietly.

You take her hand as you bump shoulders with her.


You mind seemed to be playing tricks on you. You swore for a moment that Bow Kid’s PJs had a tail, but now the both of you lay on your bed on your stomachs, your legs swinging in the air, it was really obvious she didn’t have a tail. Still, ten minutes later you looked again and yep, still no tail. Just the bottom of her PJ’s zipper.

Your eyes moved onto other things for just a second before coming back to Bow Kid’s bottom. You weren’t supposed to stare at bottoms, but something caught your eye: her bum was sorta flat-like and now you were looking closely you could make out a faint outline of a…

You looked away, your cheeks beginning to feel warm. You glance at Bow Kid’s face next and find she’s still animating your chef plush doll (who is also a mafia strongman) through the most recent scene concocted, none the wiser. Your eyes turn back to her bottom.

As her legs swing in the air, the movement of her jammies causes the outline of a nappy to get more and less distinct. Bow Kid is in a nappy? Maybe?

You’re not sure what to think about this as your eyes break off from the sight again. Moustache Girl is still awake… barely, having exhausted herself enacting her fifth fight (after the first, she had fought both you and Bow Kid two times each), she looked ready to fall asleep, so your adventure had turned less from paly fighting to pantomiming some of the characters as the three of you did the voices.

Still, the thought of the nappy reminds you of your own need.

“Going to the loo,” you say as you slip off the bed.

Bow Kid strangely averts her eyes as Moustache Girl gives you a tired glance.

“’Kay,” Moustache Girl says.

As you sit on the loo doing your business, your mind wanders until you start thinking what it would be like to wear nappies again. How different would it be from sitting on the toilet like you were now? Would it be wet and warm? Would that be nasty? … or could it be nice?

Then your mind turns back to Bow Kid and wonder why she’s in nappies. You’re pretty sure she wasn’t wearing them until she was in her jammies, so maybe she had trouble at night? You don’t remember bedwetting; it wasn’t long ago, but you still didn’t remember it.

It occurs to you then that your mum probably knows and you begin to doubt there was a phone call given Bow Kid came back in her jammies. It suddenly makes sense why she was stiff and so worried; she’s scared.

Having finish your business and washed your hands, you go past the kitchen and get a cup of water. Done, you go through the lounge room, coming to a halt when you see Bow Kid’s backpack on the couch. She hadn’t brought it into your room like Moustache Girl had with hers and a curiosity begins to build. Walking over, you find the top hasn’t been done up properly and peer in.

In between some clothes stuffed into the backpack, you spot the clear white and pastel coloured, plastic folded nappy in her bag. You suddenly feel guilty for nosing about in your friend’s bag. As you head back to your room you vow to yourself to be supportive of your friend, to make her feel happy and safe.


When you get back to your room you immediately spot Bow Kid on her back, her head backwards over the side of your bed, a small smile on her face as you return. Your smile widely back. Slowly, Bow Kid raises a hand, pointing at the sleeping form of Moustache Girl. When your eye meet Bow Kid’s again, both of you silently break out in giggles.

As you take a seat on the bed again, Bow Kid shuffles back onto the bed and sits up, moving back into a cross legged position. Now aware of it, you can make out the faint crinkling sound of her nappy. Your heart aches slightly as the fear Bow Kid no doubt felt hits you.

“You alright?” you ask.

There’s a moment before she nods back with a small smile.

“Yeah. I was worried because this is my first sleepover,” she admits.

Wordlessly you put your arms around Bow Kid and pull her into a hug. You can hear the crinkle again as she reciprocates and you try not to laugh as you realise it’s actually super cute. Part of you wants to tell her you know and it’s okay, because nappy or not, she’s your friend. Another part is embarrassed about how you pried and how you stared, and the only reason you know is because you were nosey.

You’re not sure what to do when you slip out of the hug.

Moustache Girl is stirring however, having been woken by the motion of the bed. She yawns as she sits upright.

“Is it morning yet?” she mumbles.

You and Bow Kid share a look before breaking out in giggles.

“Maybe we should get to sleep?” Bow Kid suggests.

You hum in agreement as Moustache Girl looks on conflicted.

“I guess I’ll go to the toilet then,” Moustache Girl says, getting up.

She stretches a moment before heading out the door.

You turn back to your pondering, wondering if you should tell Bow Kid. How will she react to you knowing, even if you promise you’re still friends? After a moment of silence, she looks at you curiously and you begin to feel further guilt for prying. You decide to confess.

Shuffling backwards, you sit against the headboard before patting the spot next to you. Bow Kid takes the seat, sitting close enough that your sides and legs make contact. As you try to come up with the words, you take her hand in yours.

“You’re my friend, no matter what — right?”

She looks slightly alarmed at the question.

“Yeah,” she replies, an edge to her voice.

“It doesn’t… change anything,” you start. “It doesn’t make you any less my friend.” Bow Kid’s eyebrows almost reach her hair line in alarm. “But I know about… you know?” you say, losing your train of thought.

Bow Kid’s face goes through several emotions before settling on panic. You try to give her a reassuring smile, but it feels tainted by guilt and seems to give Bow Kid the wrong impression.

“It’s okay,” you say, leaning your head on her shoulder. “I’m — I’m not going to make fun of your or treat you differently.”

Bow Kid is stiff besides you, but as the seconds pass, she relaxes somewhat, her breathing ragged.

“Really?” she asks, her voice strained on the verge of a sob.

You finally muster the courage to look her in her wet eyes, and the guilt returns. You feel like you might burst into tears yourself so all your can do is nod with a small smile. Bow Kid’s lip trembles as you pull her into another hug.


Bow Kid is under your blankets and firmly avoiding Moustache Girl’s eyes as she comes back into the room. You try to act cool, slipping into bed next to Bow Kid.

“We didn’t even make it past midnight,” Moustache Girl grouches.

As she gets into your bed too, she plants her face onto the pillow and groans.

“Night,” you say mirthfully.

When she turns her head, her stick-on moustache is hanging on by a slither. You can’t help but giggle. Moustache Girl pouts back.

“Night,” she grumbles back.

Then there is a soft giggle behind you. Bow Kid has dared to look up from her borrowed pillow and has seen the same moustache problem. Her eyes are tinged red but Moustache Girl is distracted enough that she doesn’t notice, instead opting to remove the moustache and leave it at the food of your lamp next to your bed.

Turning back to Bow Kid, you share a small smile with her before sliding deeper into your covers. Your bed is a tight squeeze with three girls, but that’s okay. Glancing the other way, Moustache Girl is already asleep.

“Good night,” you tell Bow Kid, turning back to her.

She gives you a thankful smile in return and you doze off to sleep deciding she’s even more adorable in a nappy.


Something wakes you a few hours later. It’s warm and soft and it takes you a moment to realise it’s Bow Kid, her pretty blue bow slightly askew. She’s on her side leaning slightly on you, one of her arms between you. It’s what woke you. It’s no uncomfortable, but the contact on your belly is a new experience.

After a few moments you lift her hand and Bow Kid lets you drape it over your waist. She makes a pleasant sigh as she snuggles in closer. I seemed right, so you put your own arm over her and snuggled even closer. You notice how the fabric of Bow Kid’s pyjamas seems to glide under you hand though and you realise it’s the plastic of her nappy.

It’s a strange feeling under you fingers before you remember you should be prying, let alone with your fingers. But you can’t back out of this, you’re cuddling Bow Kid and she would like you to keep cuddling her, so you move you hand slightly higher and settle in to go back to sleep.

As you do so you notice the second thing: Bow Kid is bulging slightly. You can feel the soft mass at hip level pressing against you; Bow Kid’s nappy is bulging .

She seems relaxed and comfortable enough to hug you in her sleep, but despite that her nappy is soaked. Instead of disgust though, you mind turns to… jealousy? You realise then that it sounds nice; Bow Kid doesn’t have to worry about the loo at night, she doesn’t have to be woken by her bladder telling her to get out of her warm bed and head to the toilet, and…

You remember earlier and wonder if your mum put the nappy on Bow Kid. Was it like a baby nappy that needed to be taped up, or was it a pullup that she could do herself? Would it… be nice for mummy to look after you like that?

There’s a small hesitancy as you ask yourself your next question: would you… like to be in a nappy too?

There’s a mixture of fear and happiness inside you. It sounded nice to not have to worry about the loo anymore, to be able to keep playing adventures as long as you liked without potty breaks, to be looked after by mummy. At the other end, what would mummy think of you if you still wore nappies? Would she treat you like a baby? Tell you you can’t have adventures? What would Moustache Girl think of you?

Then another thing occurred to you: did Bow Kid like it? Maybe Bow Kid liked being in nappies at night and looked after, or maybe she hated it? Did she wish she didn’t need them?

It was getting hard to think, so you closed your eyes for just a moment, and the next think your realised was it was light outside.


“Your dad will be here soon,” your heard you mum say quietly.

Blearily looking over, you see your mum prodding Moustache Girl awake. You remember yesterday mum saying Moustache girl had to be leaving really early for some holiday thing with her family. Bow Kid is firmly attached to you now and once again you rest your eyes for just a moment to see a dressed Moustache Girl wave a goodbye at you as she leaves with her backpack.

Maybe you fall asleep again, or maybe you don’t, but you soon find yourself just watching Bow Kid. She seems peaceful and happy, and heartachingly cute with a small smile on her lips. It’s also really nice to have her cuddling you.

Your thoughts drifting, seeing Bow Kid’s eyes staring back at you is pleasant surprise.

“Morning,” you greet.

“M—” Bow Kid yawns. Once she finishes, she’s blushing. “Morning,” she said smally.

You giggle, cuddling into her more.

“Sleep well?” you ask.

She nods back nervously and you begin to wrestle with what to say. Telling her to know she’s wet and don’t care might put her at ease, but that might also be too weird a thing to say. Instead, you reiterate what you said last night.

“I’m — I’m really okay with you wearing a… a nappy,” you tell her again.

Her embarrassed blush intensifies as she gives you a nod with a thankful smile on her face.

“Thank you,” she replies quietly.

You smile brightly back.

“You’re super cute,” you blurt out, saying the first thing that comes to mind.

She smiles back for a moment before suddenly looking dejected.

“Not in a nappy, though.”

“Nu uh,” you disagree back. “You’re so cute I just want to hug you all the time.”

There’s a look of doubt for a moment before you snake an arm under her and over her, hugging Bow Kid again. You can’t help but giggle as you hug her tightly and after a moment she reciprocates. You really do want to cuddle her all the time and the thought makes your heart pleasantly soar. So, you’re somewhat surprised when her breathing hitches, prompting you to separate slightly. You’re sure you look concerned, but despite her now wet eyes, Bow Kid is smiling.

“Thanks,” she says again. “I—I was worried. Worried about a sleepover, and someone finding out. I’ve never had a sleepover before, I was always so worried about it.”

You nod sympathetically.

“At your old school?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Well, I’m glad you moved schools ‘cus it means I met you.” Hat Kid moved to yours and Moustache Girl’s school near the end of the year. “I’ve got two friends now.”

Bow Kid looked slightly alarmed before relaxing her expression.

Most of the other kids at school thought you and Moustache Girl were weird, but that didn’t bother you; they were just boring . None of them appreciated the adventures you and Moustache Girl had together, until Bow Kid came to your school. The teacher put her next to you because there was a space there and then you had the opportunity to see her drawing. They were really cool and she happily talked about them. You weren’t much of a drawer yourself, preferring to write stories, but that didn’t stop your from becoming friends with Bow Kid.

“So am I.”

“Yep,” you happily reply. “Wet nappies or not, you’re still my super cute, super awesome friend.”

She turns a mixture of embarrassed and thankful at the words before snuggling up to you again. Noticing her bow, you take a moment to readjust it, putting it on more securely. It’s comfortable for several minutes before there’s a knock at the door. Mum pokes her head in.

“You two awake?” she asks.

There’s a round of yeps .

“All good for now?” she asks next.

“Yep,” Bow Kid replies as you realise mum was directing her question at your friend.

“Uh huh,” you add.

“Good to hear. I’ll have breakfast ready in about fifteen, so you’ll have to get up soon.”

She disappears again.

“Um — what should I tell mum?” you ask. “Does she know?”

Bow Kid nods as you lie there silently, wondering. Eventually you ask cautiously, “It is okay if I ask some questions?”

There’s a slight hesitancy before she replies, “Yeah, it’s okay.”

You smile reassuringly as you pick your first.

“Do you need them all the time?”

There’s a flash of panic.

No ,” she quickly replies. “Just at night.”

You blink back at her for a moment before it clicks.

“Oh — I didn’t mean like that,” you tell her apologetically. “I meant if it was every night.”

While you didn’t exactly check, you’re pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a nappy under her skirt yesterday.

“Oh — yeah,” she replied quietly.

You nodded, thinking of your next question.

“Are they comfy?”

“Yeah — well, when they’re not cold.”

“Oh, are they now?”

She shook her head.

“N-no, under the covers and my PJs they’re okay. They stay warm.”

That was nice to hear. You certainly didn’t want your friend to be uncomfortable. The next question was more personal so you hesitate a moment. Eventually you decide to prefix the question with, “You can tell me to stop asking if you want.”

Bow Kid chewed her lip nervously before shaking her head.

“No, it’s okay. It’s — um — actually nice to talk about it with someone.”

“Oh,” you reply, giving her a small smile. It’s nice to know she trusts you like that. “Have you… ever gone on purpose?” you ask, not being able to keep the caution out of your voice.

She blushes back, averting her eyes.

“Sometimes,” she says, clearly embarrassed. “Not very often.”

You snuggle close to show her it’s okay.


You can feel her freeze for just a moment, before her slow breathing resumes.

“It’s… nice to not have to get up and — um,” she pauses, “— it’s h-hard to get the nappy back on myself. It’s easier to just go, and not have to wake mum, or — or,” she falters.

You catch on to what she means.

“So, my mum helped you? Nappied you, I mean?” She gives you an embarrassed nod. “It sounds nice,” you comment idly before realising what you said, a blush crossing your cheeks.

“It is,” Bow Kid breaths back.

A ridiculous smile on your face, your heart swells for some reason. It’s so incredibly cute to imagine your friend like that, and you can imagine yourself at her side, just the same.

“Like last night?” you ask.

She freezes again, blushing furiously, before nodding.

“I — I didn’t want to wake your mum.”

You can’t help but giggle and pull her into a hug.

“It’s cute,” you saw into her ear. “It’s super cute.”

“Really?” she asks as you break apart.

“Yep,” you say, nodding enthusiastically.

As Bow kid fidgets beside you, a pleasurable but embarrassed smile on her face, you almost admit that you wish you could wear them too, but change tract instead.

“So, they’re like, tape up nappies?”

She shrugs slightly, as best she can, laying on her side.

“Yeah,” she admits before looking uncertain. “The — the pullup ones leak really easily.”

You didn’t know that but the fact they tape up makes them seems even cuter, and they are secure.

“Do you want to see them?” Bow Kid asks you with a small amount of hesitancy. “I mean, I have a spare in my bag.”

You panic a fraction of a second, and you decide you can’t lie to her.

“I — um — I know, I saw them last night,” you admit dejectedly. “I shouldn’t have peeked.”

She presses her lips together, looking uncertain.

“Is that how you know?” she asked.

You shake your head.

“No, I — um — I thought your jammies had a tail,” you try to explain, fidgeting nervously. “So I was looking and then I could sort of see something and I guessed.”

She suddenly looks worried.

“I don’t think Moustache Girl noticed… I-I only noticed because I was…” you pause nervously. “I was looking at your bottom for a tail. I thought your jammies had a tail.”

It’s a strange, sad giggle that escapes Bow Kid’s mouth. It was a bit ridiculous you think as you join her in laughing.

“I would like to see though,” you add. “I didn’t go through your bag or anything, I just peeked in as I walked past and saw a bit.”

She nods understandably.


She begins to shuffle out of bed and you join her, the pair of you standing up. Now free of the covers, you can’t help but look up and down your friend. Maybe it’s because you are aware of it, but the nappy seems a bit obvious now, or maybe that’s because it’s wet.

“Can you notice it?” she timidly asks.

You shrug back.

“Well, yeah,” you admit. “But everyone knows, and it is cute.”

She brightens slightly at your answer as you take her hand and lead her out of your room. Looking back Bow Kid seems to waddle slightly as she follows you. You smile brightly, trying not to giggle. You can hear mum in the kitchen and smell breakfast as you and Bow Kid go to her bag on the couch. With a nervous glance she pulls the spare nappy out of bag and holds it up.

Like you guessed last night, it’s white and pastel colours. But unlike last night, you can see the cute pattern on it of cartoon figures.

“Can — can I touch it?”

She looks surprised before nodding and handing it to you.

It’s neatly folded, the outside plastic is smooth under your fingers. Carefully, you open it up a bit, seeing the tapes and the soft lining. Its smell is nice, familiar . You suddenly try to imagine the feeling of it around you securely as you play and have adventures without a care in the world. The fantasy is brought back to reality by a shout.

“Kids, breakfast!” mum calls.

Bow Kid panics, snatching it back and stuffing it in her bag.


“Is it like, a bit poofy?” you quietly ask.

Bow Kid gives you a small nod as you mum comes into the room and lays out the breakfast.

It’s delicious and you easily make small talk with Bow Kid, with mum occasionally querying about what the three of you got up to last night.

Your mum gives Bow Kid another look before asking, “Everything holding up?”

Your friend nods back emphatically.


When you finish your mind turns to what to do next. You could make things, or draw things, or try and have an adventure that does require Moustache Girl. You offer your suggestions to Bow Kid.

“We could try drawing,” she suggests.

“Okay then,” you reply, getting up from the table.

Bow Kid mimics you. As she turns to push her chair in though, you notice her bum again and start giggling. Bow Kid looks at you curiously.

“You bum,” you start with as you muffle the giggles. “it’s all flat .”

Bow Kid blushes faintly as she tries to look over her shoulder. Not able to see it though, she reaches behind and traces the outline of her wet nappy where it was flattened against you seat. Look pensive for just a moment, she wiggles her bum a bit and removing the flatness.

“All better!” she pronounces mirthfully, to your renewed giggling.

You notice mum’s expression. It’s faintly surprised but otherwise school.

“So — uh — you know, sweetie?”

Bow Kid blinks before her blush intensifies.

“Hat Kid figured it out.”

You shrug in acceptance from her side.

“Oh — well I hope everything went okay?” mum continued with some concern.

“Uh huh,” Bow kid replied.

“Yep,” you add, stepping closer to your friend’s side. “She’s my friend,” you say as if it’s obvious.

Like, why wouldn’t it be okay?

Your mum smiles widely.

“I was looking for a moment to get you out of your protection ,” said mum, “but if you’re both in the know I think you could both do with a bath. Don’t you think?”

A thought occurred to you.

“With bubbles?”

Mum chuckles.

“I’m sure we can use some bubble bath.” You glance at Bow Kid encouragingly who smiles back. “How about you two carry the plates into the kitchen while I get the hot water going?”


You take a quick trip to the loo once you and Bow Kid have put the dishes in the kitchen and then head to the bathroom and wash your hands. Mum is turning off the taps as you enter and from the bubbles you can see she’s already added the bubble bath. Meanwhile Bow Kid is standing there, waiting.

“Do you two need any help?” mum asks.

You glance at Bow Kid who gives a small shake of her head.

“Alrighty then, I’ll leave you two to it” Mum steps out and closes the door but before you can start pulling your PJs off, she opens it again and sticks her head in. “And sweetheart, you can just leave your protection on the floor and I’ll bin it later. Okay?”

“Thank you,” your friend quietly replies to your mum’s reassuring smile.

You pull your top off and are about to get rid of your trackies when Bow Kid speaks up.

“Um — can you help me?” she asks, turning around and pointing over her shoulder.

“Yep,” you say, stepping over to grab the back zipper for her.

After pulling it down you spot a little bit of white nappy before helping Bow Kid shrug the shoulders off. Once she gets her arms out of the sleeves, she does another wiggle and soon her PJs slip over her nappy and pool on the floor. Her nappy is obviously wet as she bends down to pull the elastic leg cuffs over her feet. Getting up, she cautiously turns to you, red faced. You smile widely back.

“All good?”

She gives you a small smile and nods.

“Yeah, just a bit embarrassing.”

You roll yours eyes affectionately and hug your friend.

“You’re cute when you blush too, you know?” you comment.

Bow Kid giggles over your shoulder.

“Thank you,” she says earnestly. “For being my friend, and for being okay — okay with everything.”

Stepping back, you help your friend get her bow off.


You wave goodbye to your friend as she drives away. When she vanishes into the distance you follow mum back into the house.

“I’m proud to have you as a daughter,” your mum tells you. “Despite her little problem you didn’t let that get in the way of being friends.”

It seems strange to think it would be a problem.

“It was nothing,” you say, brushing it off with a shrug.

Your mother’s smile widens.

“Well, regardless, I am proud of you, sweetie.” You’re blushing faintly at the praise. “ow about I get you a bowl of ice cream as a treat?”

“Really?” you ask excitedly.


Mum has her own bowl as you sit next to her on the couch, watching some Saturday morning cartoons and eating your ice cream.

“I just wanted her to be happy,” you say as the credits roll at the end of the show about a family of talking dogs. “She was really worried about her nappy and what I thought about her when she knew I knew.”

Isn’t that the point of friends? To make them happy? Making Bow Kid happy made your heart soar.

Strangely, your mind turns to nappies again, to the idea of also wearing them. You wouldn’t have to get out of bed if you had too much to drink before bed, and you and Bow Kid would look so cute together. It seemed safe and secure… it seemed comforting.

You and Bow Kid, together in nappies.

“What was that, sweetie?” you mum asks with a small amount of bewilderment.

You freeze, your mind reeling as you realise you said it out loud . You mentally panic, looking for an excuse.

“I — uh — I mean, so she’s not embarrassed,” you add, grasping for the first thing that comes to mind.

Mum looks pensively at you as what you said actually processes. It… is actually not a bad idea, you did want to make Bow Kid happy, and both being in nappies would make her less embarrassed, you’re sure.

“You want to wear a nappy as well?” mum asks cautiously.

You blush furiously as what that actually means hits you.

I-I just thoughts if we’re… both in nappies, she w-wouldn’t worry.”

Mum sighs neutrally before pulling you into a hug.

“You don’t have too, sweetie,” she says. “I know it could be embarrassing. I’m sure your friend will understand.”

You’re not sure what to say. Mum seems to think you don’t want to because you’re embarrassed, but you do, even if you are embarrassed a bit by it. But it occurs to you that this might not be something you should voice.

“I’ll do it,” is your muffled reply from mum’s top.

Your mum brushes your hair with her hands for a few moments.

“You really are a good friend,” she comments. “I’m glad she’s got a friend as good as you.” You wait in anticipation, hope for the next words. “So yes, we can do that.”


I absolutely love this!!! I’ll admit I had never heard of A Hat in Time before reading the first part of your story, but after adoring what you did with the characters, I HAD to look it up. And suffice it to say, I was not disappointed.

Overall a wonderful first part of what’ sure to be a great story to come. Keep up the great work!

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This is my very first ever comment on here
I just felt that giving a heart was not enough to show how much this wonderful story has touched my heart and memory
How I wish I could have been “Bow Kid” and not me at the sleepover when my “little secret” was discovered. Lets just say I didn’t find a Hat kid, in my 3rd grade class and that first/last sleepover outside family was not so much fun

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This is pretty wholesome and cute.

Gotta admit, I know nothing of the fiction it’s based on, but it’s an interesting setup.
Second person stories are few and far between, and difficult to manage, so it’s nice that this has worked so well.

Do carry on.

A Nappy in Time

Chapter 2

It’s now the holidays, but despite that fact, another sleepover seems elusive. It seems that in between family holidays, family get togethers and bad timings, another sleep over does not happen in the first week, or even the second week. You catch up with both Bow Kid and Moustache Girl during the day several times, but no sleepovers.

It’s late in the day and you were a bit tired from following mum around as she did groceries and then some other shopping, when you perk up from the loungeroom floor to listen in.

“On no,” you heard your mum say into her phone. “Sure, that won’t be a problem — uh huh — yeah. Okay, I will see you soon.” Mum hangs up.

You keep working on the hat you’re making. It’s a witch’s hat; tall with a buckle on it (why do they have a buckle though?). You were glad you had learnt, because sewing was a great skill for putting together costumes for all of your adventures.

Perhaps ten minutes later, you hear a knock at the door and mum walks by to answer it. You don’t pay that fact too much mind when you distantly recognise a voice. Jumping to your feet, you carefully listen for a moment before breaking into a run to the front door, an enthusiastic smile on your face.

At the door, holding hands with her mum, is Bow Kid. Your mum and hers are talking, Bow Kid looking up between them. You come to a stop at the doorway as she notices you and immediately brightens. You pull her into a hug.

“How come you’re here?” you ask her.

Separating, she frowns slightly.

“Auntie is in the hospital,” she replies sadly. “Mummy’s got to go and help out. She’s got to fly there.”

“Oh,” you reply, not sure what to say. It wasn’t something you have ever thought about, or wanted too, really.

“Don’t worry, it’s not really bad,” Bow Kid’s mum says, spotting your worry. “I’ve just got to pick my sister up from the hospital and help her for a few days until her partner is able to get back from overseas.”

Well, that doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe it was like a broken bone?

Bow Kid’s mum pulls out her phone and checks the time. She makes an unhappy sound.

“Sorry, I’ve got to get going or I’ll miss my flight.” She crouches down to your level and hugs her daughter. “Now, be good, okay?”

“I will!” Bow Kid replies.

Her mum smiles before planting a big kiss on her cheek.

“Bye,” you say as she quickly walks to her car.

“Bye, mummy,” Bow Kid adds.

Bow Kid’s mum opens her door and is about to hop in her car when she freezes and then quickly goes around to the other side, opening the back passenger door.

“You’ll need this too,” she says, doing something.

You’re not sure what until her mum pulls out Bow Kid’s car seat.

“You know what they say,” she says, jogging over with it, “the seat goes with the child.”

Your mum meets Bow Kid’s mum halfway, taking the car seat from her.

“Yes, we don’t want to forget that,” your mum says mirthfully.

“Thanks a lot again for doing this,” Bow Kid’s mum says over her shoulder as she gets into the driver’s seat for real this time.

You and Bow Kid wave as she drives away.

“You had anything to eat, sweetie?” your mum asks Bow Kid.

“Some,” she replies unsurely.

Mum gives Bow Kid kind but questioning look.

“So what have you had?”

“Um,” she replies. “Some toast… at breakfast. Mum was… busy today.”

Mum gives her a sad smile.

“You’re a growing girl, I certainly don’t mind feeding you. Why don’t you put your things away and I’ll make you a snack before dinner?”

You lead Bow Kid to your room where she sets her bag down. You wonder if she’s got enough for a few days; the bag isn’t huge. If not, she can always borrow your stuff. Still, you’re curious.

“You fit everything in there?”

“Well, yeah,” she replies before suddenly looking unsure. Bow Kid cautiously unzips her bag and her face falls. “I — uh — I forgot my you know .” She looks up at you, an uncomfortable expression on her face.

“Nappies?” you supply.

Bow Kid embarrassedly nods.

“What do I do?” she asks aloud.

You’re not sure, and start thinking, before remembering what mum had said; wouldn’t she need to get nappies for you too? You’re pretty sure your friend wouldn’t have enough for both of you, anyway. So mum would have to buy some, right?

“Lets go ask my mum.”

Bow Kid looks slightly uncertain, so you take her hand reassuringly, letting you guide her out of the room. You do most of the talking as Bow Kid is strangely embarrassed by forgetting them.

“It’s not a problem, sweetheart,” says mum as she crouches to your levels. “Have you got plenty back at home?”

“Yeah,” Bow Kid replies.

“Have you got a key or is there a spare key about? We can go and pick them up.”

Bow Kid shakes her head.

“No, mummy doesn’t have a spare key at the house. She keeps it in the car.”

“Hmm — well, I guess we’ll have to make a quick run to the shops, okay?”


Mum tells both of you to go to the loo before you go. As you wait for Bow Kid to finish, mum pulls you aside.

“Sweetie?” she asks quietly. You look back questioningly. “Now, I know I said you can be in nappies too —” your heart drops; it sounds like mum has changed her mind “— but I think you need to ask your friend for permission, first. It might make her more and not less uncomfortable.”


That sort of makes sense, and is way better than mum saying no. You nod.


Heading out to the car, mum starts fitting Bow Kid’s car seat. Both of you watch as mum threads the seatbelt through the seat and then clicks in a thing a bit like a seatbelt plug to a special slot in the roof. Then she tightens the belts.

“All ready to go,” mum announces.

The car seat is pretty similar to your own. It’s got loops that your arms go through which connect together across your chest and then connects to another set of belts that go up between your legs. Your chair in comfy and you’re sure Bow Kid’s is comfy too.

“Now, lets check everything fits you properly,” says mum as Bow kid climbs up and sits in the chair.

After looping her arms through, Bow Kid lets your mum buckle her up and check the straps.

“All good?”

“Yep!” Bow Kid replies.

Maybe it’s mum’s attention, but Bow Kid seems less embarrassed about forgetting her nappies now.

You do your own buckle up which mum quickly checks before closing the door for you. Soon, mum starts the engine and pulls out of the driveway.

Looking across at your friend, you realise she’s in reach, even though she’s on the other side of the car. Your reach out as Bow Kid, spotting your movement, reaches out too. You hold her hand for a few seconds, but the long distance you have to reach is a bit awkward. Bow Kid seems to share the thought as you both giggle when you let go.

Knowing you have to ask Bow Kid about the nappies, you wonder how to ask. It soon occurs to you that if you ask in front of mum, Bow Kid might accidentally reveal how interested you are in trying them. A worry that mum might change her mind if you’re too keen comes to the forefront of your mind. So, you decide to ask her at the shops, or maybe when you get back home.

“How do your feel about coming in with me when I buy them?” mum asks Bow Kid.

Bow Kid blushes and shrugs.

“I guess I’m okay,” she says quietly.

You can see mum give her a concerned look.

“You can wait in the car if you want, sweetheart,” says mum kindly. “I’ll only be a few moments.”

Bow Kid seems slightly surprised.

“Oh — okay.”

That works perfectly for you, too.

It only takes a few minutes to reach the shops. As mum gets out of the car, she says, “I’ll only be a moment.”

“What do you do when your mum goes shopping?” you ask after mum locks the doors.

“Well — um — I can’t stay in the car for that long,” Bow Kid explains. “Mummy doesn’t make it obvious and she buys big boxes, so it’s only every few months.”

You nod, the explanation making sense.

“So, if it’s one a night —” Bow Kid nods “— that’s like thirty per month,” you think aloud. “They must be really big boxes.”

Bow Kid hums in agreement.

Now you need to ask the other questions.

“Can I ask you something? Something else?”

Bow Kid blinks in surprise before smiling widely.

“You already asked me something, silly,” she says, giggling.

You smile faintly back.

“Yeah, but it’s… something else,” you say, procrastinating. She’s looking at you curiously again. “After the sleepover, mum was asking me some stuff, about how I figured it out.”

You’re not sure how to continue it though. Saying you willingly will wear nappies is… something. Maybe your expression betrays your worry, because Bow kid looks worried back.

“It can’t be bad,” Bow Kid offers. “After everything you did for me…”

You give her an embarrassed but thankful smile.

“Well, I said that — to make you feel better — that I c-could wear them too,” you explain, substituting the actual word with them at the last moment.

Bow Kid’s eyes go wide at the statement.

“Mum said that I should ask you first, though.”

She looks shocked, but after a moment her smile grows. You think your can see her eyes glisten slightly.

“Really?” Bow Kid asks.

She looks deeply thankful at your nod.


Bow Kid joins you in making costumes when you get home. She hasn’t done sewing before, but jumps into it headfirst, keen to be able to make her own costumes for their adventures. It takes a bit of explaining and you have to show her the various tricks, but in no time Bow Kid is trying to make a cat face out of different coloured bits of fabric. She’s going a bit slower than you, but she also wants to get it right. You’re sure she’ll be as speedy as you in no time.

It’s about an hour into making stuff that you realise Bow Kid is missing her most important accessory: her bow .

It takes you no time at all find it in your costume box. Bow Kid sits there patiently as you carefully tug up her hair so the bow acts like a headband. Once you are done, you sit back to admire your handiwork.

“How is it?” she asks.

“You look super cute,” you gush.

Bow Kid blushes slightly at your compliment before your envelope her in a hug. It’s nice and comfortable to cuddle, but soon you’re back to work.

“How does this look?” Bow Kid asks, holding her cat up.

You know there’s a word for a flat sewn image thing, but can’t immediately recall it. It’s not like a teddy bear (or teddy-cat?) as they’re not flat. Oh well.

“That’s really good,” you say honestly.

You know your first attempts at sewing were… bad. It took time for you to get it right, but Bow Kid seems to have done loads better. Mum did tell you not to rush it.

“Really? You think?” she asks uncertainly. Perhaps she is wondering if you are just saying that because she’s your friend?

“It really is.”

Bow Kid still looks really uncertain. You try to think of something to convince her.

“I know!” you say aloud, jumping to your feet. Boy Kid looks at you in confusion, but it will be easier to show.

You go to your wardrobe and start digging through the stuff in the bottom, below the dresses and jackets and things you made hung on coat hangers. Throwing some things out of the wardrobe, you find a dress you had forgotten about from another adventure. You set that aside and then keep digging. Soon you find it .

“Take a look at this,” you say, holding the jumpsuit up for Bow Kid to see.

It was probably too small for you now, but it showed off the flowers you had sewed onto it. The sewing was really bad, but it was also one of the first big things you had made.

“Did you make this?” Bow Kid asked as she inspected it.

“Yep. It was the first thing I did.”

“It’s — um — good.”

You laugh.

“It’s not,” you say good naturedly. “It’s really bad.”

Bow Kid looked conflicted.

“Maybe…” she admits.

“You cat is way better even though it’s the first thing you’ve made with sewing.”

Bow Kid looks down at the cat in her hands a small smile on her lips. You put away the clown costume you’d made for the clown wars adventure you and Moustache Girl had played ages ago.

The pair of you end up in a comfortable rhythm, with Bow Kid making another, different coloured cat.

“Can we make clothes?” Bow Kid asks.

“Yeah,” your reply with a nod. “But we need a sewing pattern.”

“Oh — what’s that?”

You pause as you think about how to explain it.

“It’s like paper with all the bits of fabric you need printed on it. You then cut it out and pin it to the fabric so you know where to cut.”

“Ohhh.” Bow Kid paused. “Do you have any?”

“No,” you reply, shaking your head. “But mum found some online and printed them off for me. Lets go ask.”

You and Bow Kid go looking for your mum. You find her enjoying a book on the couch.

“Having fun?” she asks Bow Kid.

“Uh huh,” Bow Kid replies. “I’ve been making kitties.”

Mum inspects the cat Bow Kid holds up. She smiles widely.

“Wow, that’s very good.”

You look at Bow Kid, quietly saying, “ See?”

“Mum, can we pretty please use the computer to find some patterns. I want to teach Bow Kid how to make things with them.”

Mum silently laughs when you say Bow Kid .

“That bow looks very cute on you.” Bow Kid looks pleasantly embarrassed at the praise. “Alright then, you can use it. Let me go get it.”

Mum closes her book with a bookmark between the pages and goes to her office to get her laptop. She’s soon back, setting it up on the dining table in sight of her.

“Call if you have any trouble, and don’t waste the paper.”

You nod in understanding. Mum taught you all about how you shouldn’t waste things, so if you weren’t sure you were printing it right, get some help.

“What do we do now?” Bow Kid asked.

“Easy, we just search.”

You type in clothes patterns , bringing up loads of sites that had them. Then you remembered that some cost money, so you added free to the search. In no time at all, Bow Kid was scrolling through the pictures of different things.

“I don’t know what ones to pick,” she eventually says.

“Want some help?”

Bow Kid nods.

“Maybe…” you ponder out loud. “Maybe we can do something you can sew the cats to?”

Bow Kid brightened at the idea.

“Like a t-shirt?”

You shrug.

“You could do other things too, like jumpers or jackets… or hats?” you suggest.

Bow Kid keeps scrolling.

“Stop!” you say. You reach out, pointing at a cardigan. “How about that?”

Bow Kid clicks on it, bringing up a bigger picture. She shares a happy glance with you.


You had a roll of lime green felt that you had thought about making a cape or a cloak with, but now seemed perfect for Bow Kid’s cardigan. It the same shade as Bow Kid’s super cute PJs.

Printing the pattern out, you then had to tape it together because mum didn’t have a big enough printer, then you and Bow Kid went to work cutting out the various parts.

“So, you pin it like this,” you say, showing Bow Kid how to pin the paper to the fabric. She watches carefully and then mimics the process. “Yeah, like that.”

You end up moving into the lounge where there’s more space. Mum makes some suggestions rearranging each of the pieces.

“There, now you won’t waste any fabric,” she declares.

You could see how they fic together better, sort of like —

“Like a jigsaw puzzle!” Bow Kid says, thinking along the same lines.

Mum laughs.


It’s getting dark outside as mum puts some dinner together. You’re explaining how you make clothes inside-out when mum says dinner is ready.

“Thank you, Hat Kid’s mummy!” says Bow Kid as she eats the spaghetti bolognese.

“No problem, sweetie. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

You’re about done when Bow Kid loudly yawns.

“It’s been a really long day, hasn’t it?” mum asks her. Bow Kid nods. “I think you two should have an early bed tonight.”

You grumble a bit, but tone it down when you realise Bow Kid is looking apologetically at you. You don’t want her to think you were angry at her.

“Do we have to?” you say instead.

Mum pretends to think on it. You know she’s way faster than that though.

“Hmm, how about you two get ready for bed, and then you can stay up a little bit longer, working on your amazing crafts things?”

You look brightly at Bow Kid who seems happy at the idea. You nod at mum and get up from the table. You hold Bow Kid’s hand as you go to your room with her. As you do, it suddenly hits you that you’ll probably be in a nappy soon. It suddenly seems real, and embarrassing. But at the same time, it sounds nice and will also make Bow Kid happy.

Maybe your unease is really obvious, because Bow Kid looks at you comfortingly.

“You okay?” she asks.

You shrug.

“Just wondering,” you say. But Bow Kid is clearly waiting for more. “It’s just about… nappies.”

“Oh —” Bow Kid frowns slightly. “You don’t want to… anymore?” she asks timidly.

You shake your head.

“No, I… do, it’s just… I dunno what happens.”

“Oh — well you just lie there and mummy — your mummy — does it.”

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Mum soon pokes in you head.

“Did my darling daughter ask you?” mum asks lightly.

It takes a moment for Bow Kid to realise what she means.


“Well, just bring your PJs through to the lounge, you two, and I’ll get you ready.”

She disappears while you go red in the face, remembering again what was about to happen. You grab your PJs as Bow Kid pulls out her cat-eared PJs. You stare for a moment, wondering if you could make some PJs like that. Bow Kid notices you staring, however. She looks ponderous for a moment.

“Do you want to trade PJs?” she asks.

“Your PJs for mine?”


It sounds like a really cool idea, but your PJs are really plain in comparison.

“Mine aren’t very interesting though.”

Bow Kid smiles and shrugs.

I think you’ll look cute in them,” she declares. “So, I want to see you in them.”

You blush at the praise. There’s no way you’d say no to your friend.


When the pair of you march into the living room, mum is reading her book again, waiting.

“So, who will be first?”

You glance at Bow Kid and you see her make a decision.

“I’ll go,” she offers.

As she stands up, mum grabs the big packets of nappies that was sitting on the floor next to the couch, ripping open the packaging as she did.

“Lie down on the carpet, honey.”

Mum unfolds the nappy as Bow Kid puts her PJs on the coffee table and lies down. She catches your eyes as she waits, a slightly embarrassed smile on her face as she does. Meanwhile, the nappy now unfolded, mum sets it aside before pulling up Bow Kid’s blue dress. You can see Bow Kid lift her bum slightly as your mum pulls off her undies and then slips the nappy under her.

You probably shouldn’t, but you were immensely curious, watching us mum folded the nappy up over your friend, and then with one hand on the front of the nappy, pulled each side up over, sticking it them into place.

“How’s that feel?” mum asked.

“All good,” Bow Kid replied.

“Want help with your PJs?”

“Um — okay,” Bow Kid replied with slight uncertainty.

Mum smiles at her, reaching for the bundle of clothes. Picking up the trackies, mum shares a knowing look with you before threading Bow Kid’s feet through the holes. Bow Kid lifts her nappied bottom as mum pulls the trackies up over her, before doing the cord up for her in a bow. She then helped Bow Kid upright and helped pull the dress up over Bow Kid’s head before helping her with the t-shirt.

You could remember back to a time when mum still helped you dress like that, and while maybe you wouldn’t want to do it all the time, it did seem nice to do at least occasionally.

“So, you’re the cute kitty cat tonight?” mum asked you.

You blush faintly.


Mum smiled at you.

“Well, come on then, lets get you ready.”

You suddenly realise your heart is pounding. It’s a mixture of crazy embarrassing and at the same time it seems really nice to be looked after. Having to think about it, you put a foot forward and walk over. Lying down in front of mum, you wonder if there’s anything you need to do. You’re in shorts and not a dress, so does that complicate things.

Looking up, mum unfolds the nappy and lays it next to you. You try not to think too much about it as mum unbuttons your shorts, so you look to your side at the nappy. Reaching out, you lift it up slightly, letting you see the pastel pink and blue design of Minnie Mouse. Realising how cute it is, your heart seems to swell slightly, enough that you barely think about mum tugging off your undies.

When you look up, you notice that Bow Kid is sitting next to you, looking at you with a reassuring smile. At the sound of tape, you look down to see mum finishing up. The nappy around your is tight but secure.

“Can you pass me the PJs?” Mum asks Bow Kid before looking down at you with a soft smile. “It’s been a few years, but I still remember how I used to do up your nappy.”

You blush at the mention, averting your eyes to follow the PJs being passed over you. Mum holds them up for a second to get them around the right way and then pulls the zipper down. Flipping them around again, you remember the zipper goes at the back on Bow Kid’s jammies. Then, mum threads your feet through the holes.

Pulling them up to your thighs, mum pulls you upright and then gets to her feet, pulling you so you’re standing. She tugs the PJs up over your nappy before lifting your t-shirt up over your head. Your try to get your arms through the arm holes, but the back-opening clothes are a bit unusual to you and you struggle slightly to Bow Kid’s giggle. Soon, mum helps you with them, and then turning around, mum pulls the zipper up over your nappy and up to your collar.

“All done. How does that feel?” mum asks.

You squirm slightly in your nappy and onesie. You can feel the slightly bulk of the nappy between your lets and you’re sure the PJs are holding the nappy securely against you. It feels nice though — nice and secure.

Not sure how to voice it however, you nod. Glancing at Bow Kid, she gives you a thankful smile, stepping closer to you. She pulls you into a hug which you easily return affectionately.


Mum’s doing something on her computer while you sit cross-legged on your padded bottom. The nappy securely around you is nice. Looking over at Bow Kid (her bow needed readjusting after changing into her PJs), you can see the top of her nappy peeking out of her waistband. She yawns and catches your eyes, smiling at you before turning back to her careful fabric cutting.

“Does your mum do it the same?” you ask.

Bow Kid thinks for a moment.

“Sometimes,” she replies. “But sometimes I get my own undies off first.”

Knowing mum will send you both to bed soon, you decide to find out if there’s a movie on TV, because then you might get to stay up later. Bow Kid perks up as you fiddle with the remote and start browsing through the channels. It doesn’t take long to find Finding Nemo.

“Have you seen this?” you ask Bow Kid.

“I think so,” she replies uncertainly.

Her eyes on the TV, she puts down her scissors. It doesn’t take long for Bow Kid to find herself enjoying the movie. It’s cut short by an ad break. Bow Kid frowns.

“I hate ads,” she grumbles.

It’s the strongest denouncement you’ve ever heard her made. You think for a moment.

“I think we’ve got the DVD of this,” you say, getting to your feet.

Going over to the shelf, you scan the titles until you find.

“Here!” you say, pulling it out. You quickly load up the DVD and have the movie going before the annoying adverts are even over. “Wanna sit on the couch?” you ask.

Looking up from where she was laying on the floor, Bow Kid nods and gets up to join you. You cuddle next to her to enjoy the film.

By the time Marlin and Dory are trying to carry the mask with the address on it, mum comes into the lounge room to tell you it’s time for bed.

“But mum, we’re watching a movie,” you say.

Mum sighs.

“Okay, but you have to go straight to bed afterwards,” she says. As you nod, she picks up the remote, pausing the film. “But I want you two to brush your teeth now.”

You and Bow Kid agree, and get up to brush your teeth. As you do so, you watch Bow Kid yawn again. She looks a bit tired, but is still smiling. Soon you’re back on the couch cuddling.


As you watch Nemo tell the school of fish to swim down to escape the net, you glance at Bow Kid only to realise she’s fast asleep on your shoulder. She’s always cute, but again you’re reminded how cute she is sleeping. You barely notice the credits rolling as you watch her, cuddle against her side. It’s comfy.

“Now, it’s time for bed,” mum says, making you jump slightly.

She’s smiling, but you can tell she won’t be up for any more arguments about staying up — and to be fair, Bow Kid is asleep, or was as she blinks the tiredness out of her eyes.

“Time for bed?” she asks tiredly.


As you stand up, she follows slightly more unsteadily. Mum is waiting, obviously intent on making sure you do go to bed.

“Do you need a change, sweetie?” Mum asks as you get to your room.

Looking over your shoulder in confusion, you’re pretty certain you hadn’t used your nappy.

“I’m okay,” say Bow Kid quietly.

Mum gives her a kind smile.

“If you’re wet, you will need a change.”

Bow Kid shuffles slightly at your side.


“Let me get you a fresh nappy.”

Mum urns back towards the lounge room and after a moment wondering where you should go, decide to guide Bow Kid to your room. Turning your light on, you think you can see Bow Kid’s nappy bugling slightly. She’s blushing embarrassedly, so you pull her into a hug.

“Lay down on the bed and I’ll get you into a dry nappy.”

Looking at mum, you can see two nappies, however.

“Do you need a change too, sweetie?”

“Oh, um — I’m dry,” you say, blushing.

At those words, it occurs to you that you do need to go to the loo, but isn’t that’s what your nappy is for?

Mum accepts your words as Bow Kid lays down. Rather than pull the trackies off, mum only pulls them down to her knees, exposing the visibly wet nappy. There’s enough room then for mum to untape it and put a fresh nappy underneath her. Soon, Bow Kid is securely taped up in a dry nappy.

There’s a round of goodnights as mum turns off the light.


“You okay?” Bow Kid asks, you’re not sure how long later.

You hadn’t gotten to sleep yet, the discomfort in your bladder having risen to the point where you just couldn’t. You knew you just had to go in your nappy, but for some reason you just couldn’t. You had initially thought it was the fact you were on your side, cuddling with Bow Kid, your legs mostly together, so you fidgeted and squirmed, lifting your legs so there was space to go. But you still couldn’t.

You feel guilty knowing your movement kept Bow Kid up.

“I need to pee,” you admit after a moment.

“Oh,” Bow Kid replies. You can see you eyes shine even in the low light. “Like, you want to get up and go to the loo?”

You were supposed to say yes, but you know Bow Kid sometimes goes because it’s easier. She admitted that last sleepover, and for the same reasons don’t want to.

“No.” You try to think. “I just can’t go,” you admit quietly.

You can see Bow Kid chew her lip, clearly thinking.

“The — the first time I tried to go, it was hard,” she admitted. “It was like I knew I wasn’t supposed to go there.”

“Oh,” you say in understanding. That made sense.

“It’s… easier on your back,” suggest Bow Kid.

Untangling yourself from her, you roll on to your back, your bladder ending warning signals as you do even though you can’t go. You try to relax and go again, but it’s still hard. You are aware of Bow Kid next to you, awake, and wonder if that makes it harder. After a few moments however, she shuffles closer to you.

“Try to imagine you’re on the toilet,” she says sleepily.

You close your eyes and try to tell yourself that, slowly relaxing. After a few seconds, you suddenly feel a spurt escape you. You freeze and the flow halts in its tracks. You can feel the little bit of encouraging wetness and try again. You can imagine your toes brushing to cool tiled floor and the slight chill of the room, and slowly the flow begins.

It’s a relief on your aching bladder, and you add some encouraging pressure. You can feel the liquid hit your nappy, some of it splashing back. It runs down between your legs and down your bum, pooling on top of the padding slightly. It’s warm and your can feel the nappy swell between your legs, the flow seeming to go on forever.

You sigh, your bladder happy, as the flow drops to a trickle. You lay there happily for several minutes before reaching for your nappy and giving it an experimental squish with your fingers. It’s warm hugs you nicely. Rolling and cuddling back up to Bow Kid, the warm nappy squishing between your thighs, before drifting off to sleep.


The next morning you wake to Bow Kid watching you, a smile on her face. It’s a nice sight to wake to.

“Sleep well?” she asks.

“Yeah,” you happily reply, your arms tightening around her.

“You’re wet?”

Though you doubt Bow Kid can see it wish your face in her t-shirt, you blush at her words.

“Yeah,” you say again.

Bow Kid lightly giggles.

“Thanks,” she says honestly. “Thanks for… being my friend.”

You hum positively at her words, your face still in her shirt, when something warm and wet touches your forehead. You blink up at a slightly blushing Bow Kid and realise she kissed you on the forehead. You smile back reassuringly.

“It was —” You want to say it’s nice being in a nappy, but instead settle on, “— nice to not have to get out of bed to… you know.”

Bow Kid nods, chewing her lips.

“I’m — I’m actually dry.”

“Is that common?” you ask.

Bow Kid shakes her head.

“Not really. I need to go, though.”

You wonder for a moment if she’ll just go there, but a thought occurs to you.

“I’ve got a weird question,” you start with.

“I trust you; you can ask me anything, Hat Kid.”

It makes you feel warm to know she trusts you that much. You try to muster up your courage. It is weird though.

“Can I… watch?” you ask timidly, your face going red. “I — I’m curious… what it looks like.”

Bow Kid goes red in the face too, chewing her lip nervously. As you begin to cringe, wondering why you even asked that , Bow Kid nods.

“If it’s too embarrassing…” you suggest.

Bok Kid shakes her head.

“No, it’s… okay,” she replies, looking deep in thought. “Do you need to go, again?”

You squirm. You probably could.


“Can I… watch?” she asks.

It seems fair. You nod.

“Do we get up?” you ask.

You’re not sure what to do, but you guess Bow Kid needs to take her trackies off, and you… need to get the onesie off. As you watch Bow Kid get out of bed, you can see her nappy peeking out of her waist band again. You do the same, standing upright with a wet nappy bulging between your legs.

Clenching your thighs together, you can squeeze the wet mass between your legs. It’s still comfortably warm.

“Um — can you help me?” you ask to Bow Kid’s confusion. “With the zipper?”

You meet Bow Kid halfway, at the foot of your bed. Turning around, you let her unzip you. You can feel the tightness of the fabric over your nappy go away as the zipper moves, suddenly making the nappy feel heavier on your hips.

Turning around with the onesie mostly still on, you find Bow Kid kicking off her trackies. She’s blushing and fidgeting nervously. Deciding to get it over with, you shrug off the sleeves and push the onesie down, steeping out of it. You feel as nervous as Bow Kid looks, standing there in just a wet nappy.

“What do we do?” you ask.

Bow Kid is still chewing her lip.

“Maybe… squat down?”

You slowly do so, the Nappy beginning to feel like it’s hanging below you as Bow Kid does the same. Her nappy is obviously dry.

Suddenly, you feel like you might loose you balance and fall onto your padded bum, but Bow Kid’s hand reaches out to grab you. You hold her hand and meet her eyes.

“Can we —” Bow Kid draws in a deep breath. “I don’t think I can hold it for much longer,” she admits, a touch to of desperation in her voice.

You nod.

This position is way easier than last night, and with the already wet nappy, it feels much easier to just let it out.

Watching Bow Kid’s nappy, she pulls up her t-shirt, giving you a better view. It’s almost weird to see, but the wrinkled nappy starts to expand, the outer plastic going taught. From your own nappy is the audible tinkle of the liquid splashing inside.

Bow kid is red in the face, her breathing deep, and so is your own you realise.

She suddenly lets out a relieved sigh, closing her eyes, her nappy looking heaving and hanging on her waist. She does this little wiggle, causing the bulk to swing slightly. She has an embarrassed but pleased smile on her face when she meets your eyes.

“All done?” she asks.

You nod and you both carefully get to your feet, the nappy feeling even heavier.

Suddenly, you’re both laughing.


Bow Kid puts her dress back on, still wearing her wet nappy underneath. You think about putting your shorts from last night on, wondering if they’d even fit over your nappy when Bow Kid holds up her PJs.

“It’s cute,” she insists.

You take her word for it as she zips you up, the onesie making your nappy feel more secure as you both head out into the lounge room.


A Nappy in Time

Chapter 3

Mum isn’t up yet, so you and Bow Kid settle in to watch some TV. You turn the volume down to not wake mum and take a spot on the carpet in front on the TV, lying on your stomachs, your feet swinging in the air. You watch half of the cartoon that was going when you turned the TV on, then watched the whole next one.

Mum still wasn’t up, but it was her day off, so she was probably sleeping in.

“Hungry?” you ask Bow Kid.

“A bit.”

Before the next show can come on, you wonder if there’s any breakfast stuff that you can make. There’s probably cereal and bread in the cupboard or some yogurt in the fridge.

“Lets get some food,” you say, climbing to your feet.

Standing up, you can see Bow Kid’s dress has ridden up while her legs swung in the air, exposing her nappy. Giggling, you take her hand as she wonders what’s funny.

“I can see your nappy!” you sing song.

Bow Kid gives you an embarrassed smile, then something bolder crosses her face.

“Boop, boop!” she goes, suddenly swatting you lightly on your nappied bum, each hand in time to the sound.

The surprise makes you jump slightly before you both break out into giggles.

In the kitchen, you ask Bow Kid what she wants to eat.

“Ooh! Mango jam!” she says, spotting it among the jars you pulled out of the cupboard. “Lets try that.”

You have to stand on your tippy toes to reach the toaster, but soon you’ve got toast going and plates out. While you’re waiting, you poke around in the fridge to find some apple juice there and pour you and Bow Kid a glass each. Once it’s done, you spread butter and jam on your toast before taking both back to the lounge room for more cartoons. You’ve only missed the first few minutes of the next cartoon as you reclaim your position on the carpet.

“Mmm — I’ve never had mango jam before,” says Bow Kid as she bites into her next slice.

“Yeah, it’s good.”

Once you’ve finished you push your plate away. It knocks over your glass.

Your freeze for just a moment, realising how close you just got to making a huge mess on the carpet. Thankfully, you already finished the apple juice and nothing spills.

Looking at Bow Kid, she’s looking between your toppled glass and her half-full one with worry.

“Are we… allowed to eat here?” she carefully asks.

You have an uncomfortable look on your face. The dry food was probably okay if you didn’t make a mess, but mum would normally insist that glasses go on the coffee table and not the carpet where they can get knocked over. She would make an exception for just water, but not sticky things and definitely not milk.

“Sort of,” you tell her. “Toast is okay… but I’m not supposed to have sticky drinks on the carpet.”

Bow Kid gives you a guilty look, but that’s not fair to her because you didn’t tell her, which makes you feel guilty.

“Should we take this back to the kitchen?” she asks.

You probably should. You nod.

You both get up and Bow Kid takes the opportunity to drain her apple juice. As you walk to the kitchen however, you realise you really need to go potty, and not the wet kind of potty. You’re not sure what to do though; you need someone to unzipper you and then you need to get the nappy off. But laying down seemed to have hidden the need, and even this very short walk back to the kitchen is enough movement to get your bowels moving. B the time you’re putting your plates in the sink, you really need to go.

You can barely think as you quickly say, “I’ve got to go to the loo,” before power walking to the bathroom.

Closing the door behind you, you remember you need help to get your onesie off and turn to open the door, but suddenly you feel it. You can feel that you are really close to pooping yourself. You panic, clenching your muscles to stop what your body is trying to do as you fumble with the door handle. When you get it open, you’re about to cry out for help when you remember mum is still asleep.

There are several agonising seconds as you consider walking back to the kitchen to ask for help, but another contraction and another attempt to clench tells you that’s a really bad idea. You’re certain that walking will make this worse.

“Can — can I get some help?” you desperately cry out, your hands grasping the edge of the door in a white-knuckled grip.

There’s a second or two before you hear a response of, “Yeah?”

“I need some help — help with the zipper.”

You want Bow Kid to come running, but when she doesn’t appear a few seconds later you realise she hasn’t noticed your urgency.

“Please, come quickly!” you cry.

You can feel your eyes tearing up in humiliation, in knowledge that you’re on the verge of messing yourself. Hoping that Bow Kid is coming quickly, you try to walk back towards the toilet. It’s difficult; you can feel the mess trying to escape as you do.

You vaguely register the sound of the door opening and glance over your shoulder. Feeling utterly terrified that you were about to humiliate yourself in front of your friend, you can see her own face is laced with worry. A few agonising seconds and Bow Kid unzips the PJs. With the zipper undone, your tug at the sleeves to get the garment off and shuffle some more, closer to the toilet.

Your arms now free, you push the onesie down over your nappy, squatting slightly as you do so. This was a mistake, you suddenly realise, feeling the mess begin to peek out of your behind. You pull in a shocked, ragged breath, your eyes swimming with tears as you stand straight up.

Bow Kid is looking at you in worry, clearly unsure what to do.

Your insides clench again, more painfully this time as you halt the progression of the mass. You take one, then two, deep breaths, before carefully pushing your PJs down, trying to not bend over as you do so. Now you need to get your nappy off.

It’s obviously wet, the decorative designs on it faded, but you can barely think about that as you are reminded that you need to go, so you tug at the tapes and the nappy drops fee, lading on your PJs around your ankles.

As your bum finds the toilet seat, you can feel the mess already escaping you. You give a pained sigh of relief as you lookup to see Bow Kid leaving you alone to your business. In a mixture of relief and shame, you start to cry.


You sit on the loo far long that you really need to, unable to face Bow Kid after your almost accident.

Crazy replays of the situation run through your mind. Some see you be a big girl that doesn’t need help, the visit to the toilet being like any other. Others see you mess your nappy as Bow Kid struggles to get your zipper down, before she turns her nose up at you in disgust. For a fleeting moment, another sees you go in your nappy in the lounge, neither of you having any care in the world.

As you wonder what Bow Kid would think of you for having a messy accident, there’s a knock at the door and it opens slightly. Nobody peeks in.

“Um — do you need some help?” Bow Kid asks unsurely.

You realise she’s talking about the zipper.

“J-just a second,” you reply.

You’ve got to wipe your bottom, you realise, standing up. As you do so, you realise you also need to put the wet nappy somewhere other than on top of your PJs. Gingerly, your grab the font and back of the nappy by the plastic and place it next to the loo, unsure what to do with it, and then wipe your bottom.

After pulling the PJs up and threading your arms through the holes, you realise that maybe you should have wiped your other bits down before putting the PJs back on, but it’s too late now. With fear of a thousand different ways Bow Kid could hate you for being like this going through your mind, you walk to the bathroom door with trepidation.

What greets you is a worried face; Bow Kid’s eyes clearly wet. She nervously takes your upper arms and direct you to turn for her, before she pulls the zipper up for you. Then there’s a nervous moment before she turns you back around and pulls you into a hug. A hiccupy-sob escapes you as you hug her back.

“Are you — are you okay?” she asks worriedly, her face streaked with tears.

You nod your own tear-streaked face, the hug having evaporated your worries about Bow Kid hating you for this, but still feeling embarrassed by it.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed,” she tells you quietly. “After everything you’ve done for me, I couldn’t…” she trails off.

But you get her meaning, giving her a wet, thankful smile, sniffling slightly as you do so. Bow Kid hugs you again.


Sensing your need, you’d returned to the lounge and cuddled on the couch together, using the cartoons to distract yourself from what had happened.

“Have you ever… done that in your nappy?” you ask, your voice strained.

Bow Kid nods, nervously swallowing as she did, clearly embarrassed by the admission.

“Before I outgrew my old jammies,” she said. “It was like my cat-ear jammies —” the ones you wore now “— and after I got some normal jammies.” You were curious how she ended up with this type again, though. Sensing your question, Bow Kid continued. “I got the cat-ears for the sleepover.” Bow Kid seems to fidget against you. “I was more worried about it being seen than having a messy accident.”

That made sense.

“Was it bad?” you cautiously ask. “The accident, I mean.”

Bow Kid chews her lip as she thinks.

“It was embarrassing.”

That you understood. You wished it weren’t embarrassing, that your friend never worried, but you knew that she had probably been as terrified as you had been. You cuddled into your friend some more, hoping to convey the reassurance you wanted to give her.

You found yourself wondering if the rest was bad though. It was no-doubt embarrassing, but was being messy otherwise bad? Smelly, probably, but… You’re not sure where you are going with that. Maybe if it weren’t embarrassing, you’d try it and see what it was like. But it seems a bit silly, something no one should want to try, right?

But still, you’re curious. Slowly, you muster up the courage to ask.

“Was the rest of it bad?” you ask, unable to look her in the eyes as you did.

When you finally look up, Bow Kid seems nervous. She fidgets slightly.

“N-not really. It was smelly and I didn’t want to wake mummy, so I went back to bed.” Bow Kid seemed to be in deep thought. She looked sad, renewed worry on her face. You gave her a worried smile back.

“Promise me, if I-I have a messy accident… that it will be okay?” she asks, her voice tinged with quiet desperation.

Of course. How could that ever be in doubt?

But you worried the same thing, didn’t you? That Bow Kid would think of you as a little baby who pooped a nappy like a baby, that she wouldn’t want to be friends with a baby. You can feel your eyes wet again as you give her a small smile.

“I promise,” you tell her.

A silly thought occurs to you, causing you to give something that sounds like a sob and a giggle mixed together.

“I promise, you could mess your nappy on purpose and I’d still be your friend.”

Bow Kid blinks at your response for a moment before blushing. Suddenly, she yawns. The giggles return.

“I promise as well.”


“Were we too loud?” Bow Kid asks with a hint of worry.

“Hmm?” asks mum. “No, I had earplugs in. I figured you two might be a bit noisy this morning,” she continues with a knowing look.

That explains why you didn’t wake mum this morning.

She stares at you for a moment.

“Is that your nappy in that bathroom?” mum asks, directing the question at you.

You blush and nod.

“I think I’ll have to get a nappy bin, then.” Now she directs herself at Bow Kid. “Are you still in your nappy, sweetie?”

Bow Kid nods as well.

“I wasn’t sure where to put it.”

Mum hums in agreement.

“I’ll get a bin to put in the bathroom this afternoon. I think the bin by the loo is a bit small for it.”


After a shower each and some food for mum, she decides that today you’d be going to the beach. It was supposed to be hot today, so the idea was to play at the beach until lunch, and then spend the hottest part of the day at the shops before going home.

Bow Kid only brought normal clothes and PJs, so she borrows some bathers from you. Like the bathers you are wearing, Bow Kid’s are in purple (the coolest colour), but hers are a bit ruffly around the waist. You didn’t like wearing them so much, but —

“It’s cute,” you tell Bow Kid.

She brightens at your compliment. It always feels good putting a smile on your friend’s face.

You’re wearing you bathers in the car because you’re going straight to the beach, but mum has packed a dress and some undies for both of you to wear afterwards (neither of you thought of that). You had thought Bow Kid should always wear a bow, but mum pointed out that it might fade in the salt-water, so that’s with the dresses.

Remembering yesterday, you don’t do up your buckle, happily talking with Bow Kid about how you were going to build the biggest sandcastle ever, before mum does it for you. She gives you a smile and pats you on the cheek before doing Bow Kid’s up as well. It felt nice for mum to look after you.


“Look at this!” exclaimed Bow Kid.

It was a huge shell, the biggest you’d ever just seen on a beach before. There were bigger in shops and stuff, but despite hoping too, you’d never found one, and now Bow Kid has found one.

“Cool!” you exclaim back, looking at the big spiral shell in her hands.

It’s got dark stripes on the outside, but on the inside it’s purple, which is really cool. Bow Kid lets you hold it and you try to see if there’s anything inside it. You can’t see anything though.

“Do you want it?” she asks.

Well, it would be cool to have, but…

“It should be yours, you found it.”

Bow Kid takes the shell up to where you had started building a sandcastle. It’s near water, so you’d put rocks at the front so the waves don’t get it. There’s a pool with some seaweed in it, along with a moat and some towers. Bow Kid puts the seashell in the middle of the castle you are building up and starts helping.

Shortly after, mum appears with a bottle of sunscreen in hand.

“Better safe than sorry,” she says lightly, squirting some onto her hands.

She starts with Bow Kid who patiently sits there as mum applies sunscreen onto her neck and shoulders.

Spotting a bit where mum hasn’t rubbed it in properly, you reach out and wipe it up with a finger. Bow Kid stares at you finger with confusion for just a moment, before you place the dollop of her nose.


She giggles as mum moves onto her arms. You’re sure she’s looking for an opportunity to enact her revenge, which she does when mum moves to the next arm, scooping some up just as she squirts it out of the bottle. She smears it on your forehead.


As Bow Kid beams widely at you, it takes a second to realise what she meant, her façade cracking as realisation crosses your face.

“Rub it in properly, sweetie,” says mum as she squirts some more in Bow Kid’s hands so she can do her face.


Bow Kid jumped.

“Ahhhh!” she screamed.

You jump to your feet to find her standing away from the sandcastle. As you wisely move away as well, Bow Kid steps cautiously forward, eyes wide, peering down at something. That something being a pair of claws extending from the opening of the shell.

“Wow, a hermit crab!” Bow Kid exclaims.

You lean in closer. It certainly looks like it with the claws and all.

“Should we put it back in the water?” you wonder.

“I think so. I think they need water.”

Bow Kid reaches down, picking the hermit crab up from the clawless end of the shell.

“What about the pool?” you suggest.

Stepping over the castle wall, she carefully lowers the hermit crab into the water, resting it on the sandy bottom. But she watches a moment, frowning.

“No, I think it’s too warm for it.”

“Oh,” you say, stepping your feet into the pool.

It does feel warmer than the ocean, but you have no idea if that’s too warm. Still, you don’t want to hurt it, so as Bow Kid picks it up, you follow her back into the ocean.

“There you go!” she says, putting the hermit crab near a large underwater rock.

It’s hard to make out, but you think you see the hermit crab scurry under the rock.

Bow Kid’s smile is wonderfully radiant.


You and Bow Kid are ready for lunch by the time mum tells you to finish up. It’s getting really hot and you can see people either leaving or going into the water to cool off. Packing up your things, you follow mum up to the carpark where there’s a public shower.

The water is cold as you rinse the salt out, but the cold water is okay on a day like today and mum will probably tell you to have a proper bath tonight because there’s probably still sand in your hair. When everyone is rinsed off, you trek back to the car, letting you dry off. Getting changed is easy as all you have to do is push your bathers off your shoulders, throw on your dress, get your bathers off your lower half and slip on some undies. Mum then puts the wet bathers in a bag. Lastly, you help Bow Kid adjust her ever important bow.

“How does fish and chips sound for lunch?” mum asks as she checks your seatbelt.

“That sounds nice,” says Bow Kid.

“Yeah,” you agree.

Mum skips the first two fish and chip places because there are like a thousand people at each one, all trying to get lunch after the beach. Instead, mum drives in the direction of the shops, stopping at a busy but not packed place.

“I wonder if they have a hermit crab?” Bow Kid asks as you both gaze into the fish tank in the fish and chip shop.

There are several colourful fish swimming about and even some snails. One of the snails is cutting a path through the light film of algae on the glass.

“Hmm,” you hum in concern. “I hope they don’t eat these fish,” you say.

Bow Kid joins you in a disapproving hum.

“That would be weird,” she comments.

“What have they got in there?” Mum asks, leaning down to your level.

“Just some fish,” Bow Kid replies.

“And some snails,” you add, pointing at the one on the glass.

“No hermit crabs.”

“Hermit crabs?” mum asks questioningly.

“Yeah, we found one at the beach!” says Bow Kid enthusiastically.

There’s a small flash of surprise on mum’s face.

“Really? I’ve never seen one at the beach — well, not around here anyway. I have seen one in the tropics.”

“Yeah, it had claws and everything,” you explain.

“We put it back,” says Bow Kid happily.

As your order is called, mum goes to pick it up. You catch Bow Kid yawning.


She shakes her head.

“Nope, all good.”

Mum leads you to a nearby park where the three of you can eat at a picnic table.


Mum lets you buys some buttons that you think will look really cool on Bow Kid’s cardigan as she shops for a nappy bin.

Once you move onto the supermarket, she lets the pair of you stand on the front of the trolley, mum wheeling you about as she grabs things off the shelves. Mum doesn’t stop as she goes past the nappies on the shelf and you figure mum knows there’s enough to last for now. You do wonder what other types are like though.

As mum browses the fresh fruit, picking which ones she thinks is best, you and Bow Kid get off and go looking around. There are some vegetables you don’t think you’ve ever tried before and you wonder if Bow Kid has tried them.

“Weird,” you say, looking at the bell-shaped vegetable. It even had a flat bottom.

“They’re squash,” Bow Kid explained.

“Weird,” you say again. “You had them?”

Bow Kid nods.

“Yeah, mum sometimes cooks them.” When you ask what they are like, Bow Kid replies, “sort of like pumpkin —” she shrugs “— but not really.”

Bow Kid yawns again, more loudly than last time. You give her a quizzical look, but she shakes her head, smiling all the way.

“There you are,” says mum, spotting the two of you. “Try not to wander off so far, okay?”

The rest of the shopping is uneventful and soon you and Bow Kid are being buckled up into your seats again. You’re only a few minutes out of the car park when you look over at Bow Kid to find she’s fast asleep in her seat. She’d yawned all day and clearly tired after last night, so you leave her be.

That may have been a mistake, when only a few minutes from home, you hear a sharp intake of breath.

“Oh no,” she says in a fearful whisper.

Bow Kid looks horrified as her hands go to her crotch to try stymie the flow. Mum doesn’t miss the spectacle and quickly pulls over. You can see tears in Bow Kid’s eyes so you undo your restraints and get out of your seat, slipping into the centre seat to be nearer to her. Bow Kid has closed her eyes, her face blotchy in embarrassment. You probably can’t take her hand right now, so you instead loop your arm through hers. Sniffling, she blinks back at you.

“Do you still need to go, sweetheart?” mum asks.

Bow Kid sobs, shaking her head as mum nods sadly in understanding.

“Lets get you home, then.”

Mum stares at you for a moment.

“Come on, you have to get back in your seat. We’ll be home in a minute or two.”

With visible reluctance you slip your arm out and take your seat. When mum pulls the car into the driveway, she helps Bow Kid out of the car. She’s shaking as you try to hug her.

“N-no, I’m — I’m all wet,” she protests, stepping away.

You shrug before hugging her anyway. Bow Kid initially freezes, but after a few moments’ melts into your hug, sniffling over your shoulder. You can feel her wet clothes wetting your dress, but it doesn’t matter right now. It hurts to see Bow Kid hurt, you realise, your own eyes watering. She has fast become one of your best friends.

Over her shoulder, you can see mum removing her car seat. Mum sets it next to the car before giving you a small sad smile.

“I guess you two can have a bath now.”

Mum gets the hot water going before leaving you to help Bow Kid out of her wet clothes. You put her still dry bow safely on the edge of the bathroom sink, before helping her keep her wet dress off her face as she pulls it off over her head.

“Remember,” you whisper, “I promised I’d never care about this. You’re still my friend.”

Sniffling, Bow Kid nods her tear-streaked face as she gives you a sad, thankful smile.


Bow Kid’s eyes were still red, but you finally got her giggling as your tried to replicate her head of curls with some bubbles. She follows it by trying to make a bubble moustache.

“Aww,” she says as the bubbles seem to run down to her chin. “Plegh!” she then cries, sticking out her tongue. “They don’t taste very good.”

You giggle back before an idea comes to mind. You scoop up some bubbles and then try to attach then to Bow Kid’s chin.

“A beard?” she asks.

“Yep,” you reply. But it seems the movement is a problem, because about half the beard falls off.

“Kids?” comes mum’s voice as she knocks on the door.

She looks in, a soft smile on her face.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” mum ask.

She gives mum a small smile as a nod.

“All because Hat Kid was there to save me!” she insists.

You beam and Mum laughs, catching your eyes. Stepping closer, she crouches down to your level next to the bath.

“Now, I hope you don’t think badly about this, but I was thinking — just for today — that we get you in a nappy,” mum suggests.

Something crosses Bow Kid’s face at the suggestion, before she sideways looks at you. You try to look back reassuringly. She looks slightly nervous.

“Just for today?” she asks uncertainly.

Mum nods.

“Yep. Just in case you fall asleep again. I know you were terribly embarrassed about your accident in the car and I know that you’re probably still very tired, so I thought it would be a good idea just in case you fall asleep again before bed.”

Bow Kid glances at you again. You try to smile, giving her the smallest nod.

“O-okay,” she mumbles, blushing slightly.

You slip up next to her, your shoulder touching hers.

“You don’t need to worry,” you tell her, nodding with certainty.

It sounds nice to not have to worry about that sort of stuff. Bow Kid gives you a thankful smile.

“Yep,” mum adds. “No one is going to think badly about it.”

“Thank you,” she says quietly.

“Now, before that, do you have to go to the toilet?”

Bow Kid fidgets slightly in embarrassment.


“Alright, so once you’re out of the bath and gone to the loo, we’ll get you in a nappy.” Mum looks at you. “What about you?”

You shake your head.

“I’m okay.”


Once you dry off and have a huge towel around each of you, Bow Kid goes off to the loo. Wondering if mum will put you in a nappy while she waits for Bow Kid, you go in search of her. You bump into mum just outside the bathroom door. She’s got the plastic bag of nappies in one hand and leads you to your room with the other, the hand on your back.

“Are you okay with this, sweetie?” she kindly asks.

You’re first instinct is to say yes . It’s been nice so far being looked after, other than the near miss this morning. But Bow Kid had been there for you, just like you had been there for her. But you weren’t sure mum would like it if you wanted that; you were supposed to be a big girl, and want to be a big girl.

“It’s… important,” you say, thinking it over. “I want Bow Kid to be happy.”

Mum gives you a small smile.

“You’re my very brave little girl, aren’t you?” she says with a touch of pride. “I know this can be a bit embarrassing — for both of you — but I’m very proud of you for caring about your friend so much.”

You blush, fidgeting in embarrassment at mum’s praise.

“Thanks,” you say quietly.

“I really mean it. Not many girls your age would do this, or not mind that their friend has a little problem.”

You nod slightly, wondering why that was the case. It seemed so cruel, so horrible, that someone might like them anymore because they wore a nappy to bed. Friends were important. Just the thought of someone doing that to a friend was painful.

“Anyway, hop up on your bed and I’ll get you ready.”

Your towel still around you, you shuffle up your bed and lay down. You watch as mum pulls a nappy out of the packet and unfolds it before setting the packet on the bed. Your curiosity overcoming your embarrassment and partly to hide your face, you reach out for the bag and take a look at it.

There’s a cute girl a bit younger than you on the front. In the corner, it says Size 6 (16+ kg) 24 Nappies . They smell kind of nice, but you’re not really sure what they smell of, besides that these might just be what nappies smell like.

“I would get you two pullups for during the day so you can go to the loo in them, but a packet would be a bit of a waste just for one day.”

Blushing, you keep the packet between your face and mum.

“So… what should I do then?” you carefully ask.

Mum chuckles.

“I’m not sure how well these will retape,” she replies. “If you want, I can try get them back on or get you a new nappy, but you might as well just go in them.” She laughs. “I’m going to be changing nappies anyway; being wet doesn’t change that.”

That makes sense… and lets you use the nappy, like you wanted. You can feel mum is now taping you up, her nappying slowing as she talked.

“So, what will it be, kiddo?”

You’re nervous to say the words, and instead try not to sound too keen.

“I’ll use it? — if that’s okay?”

Mum quietly laughs

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” she reassures you. “I did say it’s okay.”

Suddenly, mum tugs the packet of nappies out of your hand, smiling down at you reassuringly. You’re pretty sure mum knows why you were hiding your face behind it.

“I think you’ll use less nappies that way, too,” she continued, raising an eyebrow at you.

Mum did teach you not to waste things, and using your nappy a few times instead of getting a new one each time you went to the loo was less wasteful. You didn’t doubt that mum meant it that she hoped you wouldn’t be wasteful.

“O-okay,” you timidly agree.

There was a knock at the door before Bow Kid peeked in. You give her a wave as you sit up. The towel is still over your shoulders, but it’s plainly visible you’re nappied.

“Ready?” mum asks her as you get to your feet.

Bow Kid nods and steps into the room as you wonder what to wear.

You didn’t have loads of dresses and normally saved them for hot days like today. Looking through your drawers, you find a pair of shorts. Your nappy is a bit poofy so you’re not completely sure it will fit you right now, but you try anyway.

Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult to get your shorts up over your nappy. These shorts have a cord waist instead of a button, so you do that up in a bow. Fidgeting slightly, you realise it feels a bit different from just wearing a nappy and nothing like normally wearing shorts. It feels secure though and you don’t think it’s too obvious… except for the top of the nappy peeking out the top of your shorts. But that’s okay as you quickly find a t-shirt that covers it up.

Looking over, mum is getting the clothes Bow Kid has packed in her bag out. One is a skirt and a t-shirt and the other is another dress. Bow Kid would look cute in both, you think.

“The dress might be easier — for changes, I mean,” she offers, her voice strangely timid.

As you encouragingly sit on your bed next to her, you wonder why that’s the case. Bow Kid probably knows better than you, though.

“I don’t mind changing you in either, sweetie,” mum says kindly.

Bow Kid chews her lip before picking the skirt and mum leaves you two alone.


It’s sad.

Bow Kid is still strangely timid as you both sit in the airconditioned lounge, sewing together her cardigan. The weather makes you realise that the cardigan is probably not summer clothing, but maybe she can wear it at night soon. You thought she was feeling happier during the bath, but her sullenness returns shortly afterwards. Still, you want to Bow Kid out of her funk, so you try asking her things.

“Why the skirt?” you ask.

She looks back uncertainly.

“What about it?”

You shrug.

“Like… for nappies.”

“Well — um,” she says, clearly trying to think.

After a moment she tugs her t-shirt up, exposing her nappy peeking over the waist of her skirt.

“So, I have to loosen it and pull it up because its tall .”

“Oh — okay,” you say, her words making a lot of sense.

You’d obviously have to take your shorts off for a change. Still, it didn’t spark any conversation. Instead, your worry grew. Eventually you, just had to ask.

“Are you okay?” you ask quietly, an obvious edge of worry in your voice.

Bow Kid frowns at the question, her eyes down at the sleeve she was sewing together.

“Yeah,” she replies.

The words hurt, because you know she isn’t. You can feel your eyes wetting, unable to respond when Bow Kid looks up at you. You can see her lips quiver as you try to swallow the lump forming in your throat. She sags, looking dejectedly at you.

“I’m sorry you got — got caught up in… all this,” she whispers, her voice sad.

You blink numbly back. That… wasn’t at all what was bothering you. You were sad because Bow Kid was sad. You liked the nappies and were happy to be caught up in it. You just didn’t want Bow Kid hurting; it was too painful to watch. You wanted her happy, with that infectious bright smile on her face, that smile that made you want to engulf her in a huge hug. You loved her, and watching someone you loved hurt so much, hurt you too.

“T-that’s fine,” you stammer out, suddenly feeling the tears coming. “I just want you to be happy. I’m sad because I —”

You come to a halt having decided what you’ll tell Bow Kid. Chewing your lip nervously, you look around, spotting mum on her computer. But not here — you won’t say it here where mum might hear it.

Getting to your feet, you hold your hand out for Bow Kid, a sad, slightly teary smile on your face. Taking your hand, you pull her to her feet and lead her to your room. Your arms are wrapped around her in your best impression of a bone-crushing hug the moment the door snaps shut. You try to strangle the sob forming.

“I don’t mind any of this — I like this,” you tell her adamantly. “You’re so important to me, and I want to see your happy — happy and smiling,” you add, a wet smile on your face.

Bow Kid sniffles, brushing away a tear with the back of her hand.

“Really?” she asks, her voice strangled.

“Really.” You nod.

“Even having to wear nappies?”

“I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.”

Bow Kid slowly nods, clearly thinking about your words.

You want to confess all, and tell yourself you will, but in the meantime, you procrastinate, leading Bow Kid to your bed where you both sit. Backs against the headboard, you cuddle up to her, suddenly feeling clarity. Clarity in that Bow Kid won’t think badly of you, and that she might even understand.

“I like this,” you tell her. “I — I like being in a nappy,” you quietly confess. “It’s nice. It’s really nice, and I get to be in one with you.” You place your head on her shoulder, your cheeks heating in embarrassment.

Bow Kid is silent for several seconds.

“You… want to be in a nappy?” she quietly asks, surprise tinging her voice.

“Yeah,” you breath. “It’s nice being looked after.”

“You’re not supposed to.” There’s no heat in Bow Kid’s words.

You shrug, lifting up your heat and giving her a small smile.


She gives you a small, almost shameful smile.

“It has always sounded nice,” she confesses, her face flushing.

The words make your heart race, knowing Bow Kid thinks so too.

“I was glad when mum suggested it,” you add before frowning. “I wish you didn’t get hurt before it, but I do like it.” Your smile returning, you try to give her a reassuring look. “Besides, then you don’t have to worry about accidents anymore. I wish we’d been in nappies earlier, so that didn’t happen to you.”

Her smile got wider, more thankful.

“Yeah.” You pull Bow Kid back into a hug. “I just wish it could be forever.”

Her words ring true to your ears.


You and Bow Kid have her cardigan all sewed up by dinner time. You still need to add buttons and the kitty cats, but otherwise it’s ready for wearing.

Bow Kid’s eyes go wide as she puts on her home-made cardigan for the first time.

“Wow,” she whispers in awe. “This is so cool!”

You’re bouncing enthusiastically on your feet, enjoying the sight of Bow Kid trying it on for the first time. You make an affirmative hum as Bow Kid spins slightly, letting the cardigan and her skirt fly. The sight makes you giggle.

“Wow, that’s very good,” mum compliments as she comes into the lounge.

“You really think so?” Bow Kid asks, suddenly self-conscious about her work.

Mum glances at you, giving you a knowing look.

“Have you seen my daughter’s first attempts?” she asks humorously.

Bow Kid giggles.

“Yep!” she replies. “It’s bad.”

You try not to laugh as mum smiles knowingly.

“Now, do you two need a change?” she asks.

You squirm slightly, feeling the wet mass between your legs. You could feel how your wet nappy had swelled against your shorts, but it wasn’t tight or uncomfortable.

“Maybe?” you reply, not sure about it. Maybe your nappy was close to leaking, or maybe not. You didn’t really know yet.

“I’m okay for a bit,” says Bow Kid.

“Good until after dinner?” mum asks. “I think you two could do with an early bed tonight, so I can change you then.”

Bow Kid nods. “I’m okay,” she says more surely.

“What about you?” mum asks of you.

“I… don’t know.”

Having not gone to the loo beforehand, you’d only kept for nappy dry for a bit. So, maybe you’d gone more than Bow Kid.

“I’ll check then,” says mum.

You’re not sure what to do, so you just stand there blushing as mum pats your bum.

“It’s been a while, but I think you’ll be okay until after dinner.”


Even with the air conditioning going, it feels warm in your room. Bow Kid is readjusting her skirt over her fresh nappy, and you’re debating putting your shorts back on. Mum says that you’re off to bed as soon as you have both brushed your teeth.

“I’ll be back in five minutes, okay?” she tells you as she puts the wet nappies in some plastic bags.

Deciding it’s too warm, you forego the shorts and go brush your teeth dressed in just a nappy and t-shirt.

“I can see your nappy!” Bow Kid singsongs as she follows you into the bathroom.

You wiggle your bum, trying not to giggle behind a mouth of toothpaste.

You go back to brushing and after spitting it out, you look back to find Bow Kid undoing her skirt. She lets it drop to the floor before stepping up onto the bathroom step stool next to you.

“Now we’re the same,” she declares.

“Yep,” you reply, before wiping away the toothpaste.

You’re both just in a nappy and t-shirt as you cuddle up to each other in your bed. It feels right and comforting, and you’re certain you drift into a comfortable sleep before mum can come by and turn off the lights.


Another wonderful loving story about the beauty of understanding, caring and loving friends. Thank you for sharing this part of YOUR soul with us you have made my night better I truly needed this uplifting story today. You have done a great job as the story teller and also as the editor too.
The love you have for this story is shining bright as the sun at high noon on the beach you wrote about.


A Nappy in Time

Chapter 4

When you wake with a full bladder, it takes just a moment to remember your nappied state. It was easier to go this time, but still harder than when you had been up and about. You’re not really sure why, perhaps it was because you were lying down in a place you knew you weren’t supposed to go?

Cuddling up to Bow Kid, it takes a few stops and starts to relax and fill your nappy. Soon, with a swollen nappy between your legs, you drift back off to sleep again. The next time you wake, you are aware of light peeking from behind your curtains, before Bow Kid’s bright eyes stare back at you. You smile back.

“Good sleep?” she asks.

“Ah-huh,” you reply. “Wanna watch TV?”

Soon the pair of you are one your stomachs in front of the TV, clad in only a t-shirt and a nappy each. You sigh softly as you wet again. It’s strange to do it lying on your belly, the warm liquid feeling almost like it might run up your front onto the carpet, but your nappy greedily sucks the liquid up.

Looking over, your can see your friend’s nappied bottom. She looks cute like that. But, remembering you weren’t going to be changed into another nappy you frown. You don’t really want to be out of a nappy; this was nice — it was nice to be looked after.

Distracted by the TV, you push the thought out of your mind and soon mum gets up. She smiles at the both of you as she steps into the lounge room

“How would you two like pancakes for breakfast?”

Both you and Bow Kid brighten.

“Yay!” you call out enthusiastically.

Bow kid giggles, smiling the whole way.

“Yep! Pancakes sound amazing!” she agrees.

“With that sort of enthusiasm, I am sure you will enjoy them,” says mum with a laugh.

Mum looks pensive for a moment.

“Why don’t you two come through and I’ll show you how to make the batter?””


Bow Kid audibly yawns mid batter mixing. She covers he mouth as she does, transferring some batter from her hand onto her cheek. You almost miss mum’s slightly concerned look as Bow Kid does so.

“Now, the stove is hot, so I’m going to do most of the cooking,” mum explains. “But we might be able to let you two do some flipping if you want.”

“You’ve got pancake mix on your,” you say as the pair of you sit at the kitchen table.

“Huh? Where?”

Giggling, you reach out and wipe it from Bow Kid’s cheek.

“See?” you say, holding your hand out.

Bow Kid giggles.

“You’ve got some in your hair,” she replies.

“Where?” you ask, your hands beginning to pat your hair.

As the frying pan begins to sizzle, mum looks at both of you before grabbing a paper towel and wetting it slightly under the tap and walking over.

“Lets get it off you,” says mum kindly.

You haven’t found the pancake batter yet, but mum spots it in no time on your hair around shoulder level. You sit there, letting mum wipe it out.

“We don’t want it on the couch later, do we?”

“Nope!” you quickly reply, knowing how boring cleaning was.

“There’s still a bit on your cheek, sweetie,” says mum, turning to Bow Kid.

Bow kid wipes her face with her hand, but misses the batter. So as your mum approaches her with the wet paper towel, she lets her wipe it off.

It takes only a few minutes for the pancakes to start stacking up on a plate next to the stove. Mum asks you to get some plates and cutlery, and Bow Kid jumps up to help out.

“Want to try flip some?” mum asks as you set the plates on the table.

“Okay,” you reply. You look at Bow Kid encouragingly. “Wanna go first?”

Mum pushes your footstool with her foot up to the stove. Normally you weren’t allowed to use the stove, but mum was here so that was okay. Hopping up (there was only space for one), bow kid watches as mum pours out some more batter. Even though you can see it very well without the footstool, it smells amazing. Bow kid watches the pancake cook.

“Alright, so first you’ve got to slip the spatula under it, making sure the pancake doesn’t stick to it, and then give it a little wiggle to make sure it’s not stuck to the pan,” mum explains, handing spatula over. “Give it a shot.”

Bow Kid slips the spatula under as instructed before glancing at mum for instructions. Then Bow Kid yawns again, covering her mouth with her free hand. Mum barely reacts before she keeps talking, Bow Kid blinking up happily at her.

“Next, you’ve got to lift and twist. But you can’t go too slowly or the batter on top will run, and if you go too fast, you’ll fling batter everywhere. You’ve also got to make the pancake land in the same place. Got it?”

“Ah-huh,” Bow Kid replies agreeably.

“Alrighty then. On three — three, two, one!”

Bow Kid flips the pancake before peering into the pan expectantly.

“It’s a bit… weird,” she replies neutrally.

“It’s certainly pretty good for a first attempt,” mum comments.

Bow Kid smiles in response.


With lots of maple syrup and butter, the pancakes are incredible. Like, really good, you think. To your side, Bow Kid seems to also be enjoying the sweet and buttery goodness. Bow Kid is on her second or third pancake when she yawns for the third time. Mum doesn’t hide her concern.

“Sleep well?” she asks.

“Ah huh,” Bow Kid replies agreeably before putting another bit of pancake in her mouth.

“I hope you two didn’t stay up all night playing,” says mum slightly scoldingly. “I did say you both needed plenty of sleep.”

“We didn’t,” Bow Kid quickly replies, followed by your nods a few moments later.

Mum is slightly sceptical as she goes back to eating. She looks to be in thought and when she finishes her meal looks slightly hesitant.

“Sweetie,” she starts with, directed at Bow Kid. “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but if you’re still sleepy, it might be best to keep you in a nappy, just for another day.”

Looking slightly wide eyes, you share a glance with Bow Kid who is already blushing. You can’t deny that you really want Bow Kid to say okay , but at the same time, you don’t want her to feel bad about it like yesterday. Though she did say she liked the idea… sort of. Either way, you don’t want her saying yes just because you want it. You want Bow Kid to be happy too.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” mum tries to console her, “but it would be awful to see you have another accident because you fell asleep.” Mum glances at you. “And no one here is going to think badly of you for saying yes.”

Bow Kid squirms slightly in her seat, looking a bit uncertain. But as she glances at you, she appears to make up her mind.

“O-okay,” she agrees.

Mum gives her a slightly sad smile.

“It will be okay, and it’s just for one more day.”


“Now, I’ve got to go into work for a few hours, and then we’ve got to do some shopping,” mum explained as she finished nappying both you and Bow Kid after your showers. “Afterwards, we might be able to do something like go to the park.”

You had wanted to do some more things on Bow Kid’s cardigan.

“Can we bring some things?” you ask. “Like the sewing stuff and the fabric?”

Bow Kid catches on to what you intend and perks up slightly.

“Sure can,” mum replies. “You’ll have to keep it down though; other people will be working and they might not like a lot of noise.”

You and Bow Kid quickly agree as mum leaves you to get some clothes on. Bow Kid quickly grabs a blue dress and a white t-shirt from her bag of clothes, wearing the t-shirt under the thin shoulder straps of her dress. It looks cute, you think as you dig through your wardrobe.

It’s not as warm as yesterday, but it is still warm, so you think about a sundress or even some shorts, but worrying about people seeing your nappy rules out the shorts, and after some though, you worry about your nappy slipping down in your dress. But soon you spot something else: you knee-length dungarees. They’ll keep your nappy up and are high enough to hide it from sight. So, grabbing your black and white stripy tee, you throw it and your dungarees on.

“Does it look good?” Bow Kid asks.

You don’t even have to think about it.

“Yep,” you immediately reply. “It looks really good.”

Bow Kid brightens at your words.

“What about me?”

Smiling, Bow Kid looks you up and down.

“That’s cute,” she comments with a smile.

There’s a knock on the door a few minutes later.

“All ready?” mum asks, poking her head in.

You’ve just finished your shoes and Bow Kid is gathering up the things she needs for her cardigan.

“Maybe we need a bag for all the stuff?” you say.

“Let me grab some shopping bags then,” mum replies.

Once in the car, mum checks that both of you are all buckled up properly before starting the car and backing out. Mum normally works from home during the holidays, but somethings she had to go in. During school term she mostly goes in while you’re at school.

In your nappy, the strap that goes up between your legs feels a bit stranger, but it’s not uncomfortable. Really, your car seat is pretty much the same, except for the dry padding. You share a smile with Bow Kid as mum makes the twenty minutes or so drive. Once there she parks in the mostly empty car park and leads you inside. Then it’s up an elevator and down a corridor.

“Now, I’ll be here most of the time, but I might leave for a bit. I won’t be long and if there’s trouble ask anyone around for help. Okay?”

You nod in understanding as mum starts her computer and you and Bow Kid unbag the sewing stuff on the carpet of her office. When you first feel the need to go about twenty minutes later, you barely think about it before filling your nappy. You can feel it swell under your slightly tight dungarees.

Mum disappears a few times, usually only for a few minutes, as the cardigan comes together. By the time it’s done, mum looks about ready to go.

“Oh — wow, that’s very good, you two,” mum compliments as Bow Kid poses in her new cardigan.

Bow Kid looks wonderful pleased with the cardigan and the compliment.

It’s a bit warm to wear properly now, but in a few months, it will be autumn and Bow Kid can wear it loads. She does and will look super cute in it.

“Now, do you two need a change?” mum asks, looking between the two of you.

You’re pretty sure your nappy could last a bit more; you’d only gone in it twice.

“Maybe?” you reply.

“Yeah,” Bow Kid says.

Mum grabs your arms and turns you around, paying your bottom.

“You can probably do with a change, too,” declares mum.

Still, as you glance about, you spot the slightly open door of mum’s office, looking at it with worry. Mum smile faintly, closing the door with a snap.

“Don’t worry, it will be fine to change here,” she reassures you.

Mum gets two fresh nappies from her bag as Bow Kid lays down on the carpet. Pulling her dress up, you can see Bow Kid’s nappy is obviously wet, making you wonder if your nappy is the same. In no time at all, she’s in a dry nappy, leaving you to get changed.

In your dungarees, it’s a slightly more difficult process. Mum undoes the shoulder straps for you and pulls your dungarees down around your ankles so as not to have get your shoes off too. Then, as you hold your legs up above you, mum gets your wet nappy off and a dry nappy under you, slipping the front of the nappy between your thighs. You put your legs down so she can tape you up, before pulling you up and pulling your dungarees up over your clean nappy.

After doing the shoulder straps up, mum gives you a small smile, brushing your hair off your shoulders before planting a kiss on your cheek.

“There, all dry,” she proclaims, her hands on your upper arms.

Suddenly, mum looks off to the side at Bow Kid. You follow suit.

“Something the matter, sweetie?” she asks with concern.

“N-no,” Bow Kid stammers out, looking away.

“Do you want a hug and a kiss too?”

Bow Kid’s eyes widen slightly as she looks at your mum, before looking away, squirming awkwardly.

“It’s okay to want a kiss and a hug — especially if you’re missing your mum, sweetheart.”

Bow Kid looks slightly embarrassed by what mum figured out, but sinks into your mum’s chest when she pulls her into a hug. It’s really sad to hear, so you stand by, ready to hug your friend too. When mum releases Bow Kid, she gives the girl a comforting smile before planting a kiss on her forehead.

“Feel free to ask for a hug at any time, sweetheart,” mum tells her.

Bow Kid nods in acceptance before you pull her into a tight hug too. You try to tell Bow Kid how much you love and care for her though the contact. Once you’re done, you kiss her on her cheek — and hug her again. When you finally separate, Bow Kid is wet eyed and smiling at you.


Both of you can just squeeze onto the front of the trolley as mum pushes it around the supermarket. There are loads of different things to get, but early on, mum stops by the drinks section.

“Now, I noticed that both of you probably need to drink some more,” mum explains, prompting you to look about for anyone listening in as mum reaches for some bottles of water from the shelf. “So, if you drink half a bottle each, I’ll let you have some fizzy drink afterwards. Okay?”

Holding the bottles out, you can see they’re not huge, but they are not small either. Mum might be right though, because it is a bit warm and you hadn’t drunk anything since breakfast.

“Right now?” Bow Kid asks.

“Yep, you can start now. I can still pay for the bottle once we get to the checkout.”

After quickly agreeing, mum lets you pick some fizzy drinks.

“Can I try some of yours later?” Bow Kid asks, looking up from her colourful bottle of a different colour.

You smile, and hum affirmatively.

“As long as I can try some of yours.”

“Of course!”

Eventually, you both get off the trolley and poke around the shelves as mum nearby compares some prices. Squatting down, you grab a glass jar of something. Bow Kid squats next to you to check it out.

“Capers,” Bow Kid says, reading the label.

“I wonder what they are?” You peer through the glass as the olive-green little balls. “Are they fruits or berries or something?”

Suddenly, Bow Kid sighs quietly. Faintly, you can hear the tinkle of liquid. Catching your inquisitive look, she blushes. You giggle and put the jar back on the shelf.

“Someone’s got a wet nappy!” you say quietly but gleefully.

Bow Kid squirms happily.

“Ah-huh,” she agrees.

You stand up and help her up before hugging her.

“Mum, what are capers?” you ask as the three of you move on.

“Capers?” You nod. “They’re a flower bud — from a bush, I believe.”

“Really?” you ask in surprise. “Like, they could have turned into a flower?”

“That’s right. They use them in a lot of Mediterranean cooking.”

“Weird,” you say. Not that weird is bad. “Being weird is okay though.”

Mum quietly laughs.

“Yes, it’s okay to be a bit weird,” she agrees.

You smile reassuringly at Bow Kid.


“How about we head to the park?” mum asks. “The big one with the tunnels and wooden fort.”

Your face lights up when you realise what park mum is talking about. You glance at Bow Kid, but she does not share the same recognition.

“You don’t know about it?” you ask before ploughing on. “There’s a giant wooden fort with walls and towers, and then there’s a maze but it’s made from big pipes all joined together!”

“Wait, really?” Bow Kid replies with surprise.

“Yeah, it’s amazing!

Mum is smiling back at you from the front seat.

“It’s all true,” mum says, laughter tinging her voice. “But first, we’ve got to get the shopping home and into the fridge.”

You keep telling Bow Kid about the amazing park all the way home. Once there, you and Bow Kid help mum carry the bags into the house and then mum makes a quick lunch for the three of you.

You’re bouncing the get out the door and into the car when mum asks, “Do you want to use the toilet before we go? I’m sure you both could do with a change, too.”

You think for a moment as mum leads the two of you to the lounge room. Maybe you could if you tried? But you didn’t feel like you needed to go, and besides, that just delays going to the park. You’re sure you could wait, and there is a loo at the park if you really need to go.

You shake your head.

“I’m good.”

Bow Kid nods too as you lay down on the rug for a clean nappy.


Perhaps you weren’t good.

Almost the moment you were out of the car, Bow Kid looked torn between the wooden castle and the mount of dirt that houses the pipe maze. Eventually, the sight of the wooden fort temped her too much, so you had followed her over to it. Climbing to the top, you could see mum was sitting at a park bench, reading her book. When she looked up and spotted you, you waved at her and she waved back.

“Can we be knights and princesses at the same time?” Bow Kid asks.

You didn’t see why not.

“Sure we can!”

You did think Bow Kid looked more the princess in her dress, but that didn’t stop her from waving around a sword and fighting baddies. Well, it was actually a stick, but it worked as a sword.

There was no one else at the park at the moment, so after a daring escape from the castle dungeons, you and Bow Kid climbed to the highest tower of the castle to fight the evil king. But when you finally defeated all his minions, you discovered that he had already escaped with the crown!

“We’ve got to go to the labyrinth!” you declare.

Hand in hand, you and Bow Kid charge out of the castle and into the maze. The swords were a bit long for the tunnels, so you left them by the entrance as you climbed in. The concrete pipes were worn smooth from so many people climbing through them over the years. The air too was slightly cooler than outside.

“Left or right?” you ask over your shoulder.

“Lets go right,” Bow Kid says.

So, you do, scrambling through the tunnels. You make several more turns and then it’s up a slope to the light. Standing up you find yourself on top of the mound that house the maze — the labyrinth. So, you and Bow Kid fought the evil king, and after a long battle, defeated him, ending his reign of terror.

“So, are we queens now?” Bow Kid asked as the two of you sat in the cool tunnels together.

“I guess,” you say, pondering the question.

You look at Bow Kid and find her smiling widely. Her smile is infectious as your own smile grows.

“We can be queens together!” says Bow Kid, laughing giddily.

You laugh along with her as Bow Kid cuddles up to you.

Bow Kid makes a happy hum, her head leaning against yours. Tired from all the running about, you happily cuddle for a while, but eventually, you feel your bowels begin to stir. Your nappy isn’t exactly dry, so you don’t need to do any other business at the toilets, but you do need to take care of other stuff.

Bow Kid looks slightly disappointed when you get up, to which you return an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, gotta go to the toilet.”

Bow Kid looks confused for a moment, before going, “Oh!” and following you.

Getting out of the dark tunnel, you blink in the sunlight, looking for the block of toilets in the park, before quickly spotting the brick building where the play park bordered the sports field. Looking the other way, you can see mum is still reading her book.

You weren’t really sure you needed mum’s help with this, and besides, she did ask you if you needed to use the loo earlier, and you had said no. Asking her might betray the fact you knew you probably should have gone earlier.

Bow Kid gives you a curious look at your hesitance before taking your hand. As you walk over to the loos, you can feel your body working, your insides moving in anticipation. But as you approach the toilet block, you realise it smells pretty awful and inside it’s even worse. Bow Kid waits outside.

The first cubical is… disgusting and clearly someone has tried to flush something down it that wasn’t supposed to be flushed. In the next cubical there was… something on the seat. In the last cubical, there were spiders’ webs, lots of spiders’ webs — so many you knew it just wasn’t a good idea, even if you could somehow get rid of them because of all the hiding places.

So, squirming uncomfortably, you left. Bow Kid knew you couldn’t be finished already and clearly was wondering why.

“It’s… really grotty,” you admit uncomfortably.

“Oh,” Bow Kid replied with a frown. She looked about for a moment. “Maybe the boys are okay?” She shrugs. “There’s no one else about.”

You agree and go around the block to the other side, but it’s actually worse than the girls’ toilets.

“Eew,” says Bow Kid loudly, having followed you in this time. “That’s gross.”

It was gross, and you really needed to go now.

To your surprise, Bow Kid hugs you. When she pulls back, she looks a bit sad.

“I d-don’t mind if you go in your nappy,” she says, slightly embarrassedly. “You promised you’d be okay if I messed my nappy, so I promise it will be okay, too.”

Remembering what you said yesterday, you knew you had promised Bow Kid that. Still, while it was nice that she was okay with that, it was still embarrassing — not to mention you worried what mum would say.

“Lets go to the playground,” suggested Bow Kid before you could make up your mind. She smiles hopefully. “Do you want to race?”

You didn’t want to think about your impending messy accident, so you agree. Bow Kid is off before you even finish saying the word and you’re quickly after her. Bow Kid is laughing as she looks behind at you and as she reaches the playground between the fort and the tunnels, quickly climbs the rope ladder up to the second level.

“I’m queen of the castle!” she declares at the top.

“I thought we were both queens?” you ask as you catch up.

Bow Kid giggles.

“Nope, you’re a princess now, ‘cus I’m queen!”

You laugh with her, trying not to think about it as you uncomfortably squirm. Bow Kid doesn’t miss the motion. A comforting smile on her face, she steps up and hugs you.

“If you go, then it won’t be super uncomfortable anymore,” she reassures you. “Then you won’t have to worry about it, and then we can go back to playing.”

It does sounds nice, you think, as your bowels move uncomfortably again. Still, you give Bow Kid a worried look. She smiles back and takes you hand. It helps you make up your mind.

Not sure what to do, you decide to do what feels right, which means you slowly squat. Almost immediately, you can feel the mess trying to escape you. Slightly uncomfortably, you clench to stop it, your brain telling you should be pooping here , but you doubt you could hold for long anyway.

Red faced, you look at Bow Kid who is squatting next to you, her hand still in yours. She’s politely looking away, unbothered by what you were about to do. So, you closed your eyes and started to push.

Straining only slightly, the mess easily began to leave you. It was way different to going on a toilet, as the mess quickly hit the padding of your nappy, and contained by your dungarees, the nappy didn’t give, so quickly the mess began to go up and down and slowly spread across your bottom.

Pausing a moment, you look at Bow Kid. She was now watching you, and having been caught she blushes and looks away again. It’s slightly embarrassing, but you trust Bow Kid with everything and know she’s just curious. You can’t think about it much though as you feel the rest moving, ready to come out. You push again.

As you finish, you wiggle slightly still crouched down. You can feel the mess move a bit, but it feels like it’s making your nappy stick to your bottom. Tentatively, you reach behind yourself and can feel that your nappy feels different, almost sticky. Shaking slightly, you stand up.

Bow Kid quickly hugs you as you squirm, feeling the mess packed on your bottom.

“That okay?” she asks over your shoulder.

There’s a moment as you think. It doesn’t feel bad, but it does smell a bit. It’s also embarrassing. Still, you knew Bow Kid didn’t mind. It was nice to have all those worries evaporate.

“It doesn’t feel bad,” you say.

Bow Kid hugs you more tightly for a moment and then slips out from you hug. She giggles.

“It’s a bit smelly,” she says with a laugh, smiling at you.

It’s slightly embarrassing, you realise as you blush more firmly. Suddenly Bow Kid is hugging you again.

“But that’s okay!”


Laughing along with Bow Kid, you race after her.

It felt a little different to run with a messy nappy, but once you got past that you barely think about it.

“Nope, I’m gonna get there first!” you declare as you slowly gain ground. Bow Kid’s laughter suggests that she does not agree with you.

As the wooden castle grows closer, you’re not sure you’ll make it there first, but Bow Kid seems to slow during the last stretch and you beat her by just a little bit.

Red faced, you declare, “It’s mine now!”

“But I’m inside the castle!” Bow Kid replies, just as red faced. “You’ll have to defeat me!”

After a short battle which no one won because of the inopportune arrival of an evil dragon, you and Bow Kid head back to the playground. Feeling slightly tired now, you both get on the swings. Your messy nappy shifts as you take a seat. It feels strange, but you don’t think about it much as you and Bow Kid start to swing together, playing a game of getting high and higher than the other.

Soon you spot your mum get up from her seat — her closed book in her hand — and start to walk toward you. You suddenly start to worry, wondering what she will say about the fact you messed your nappy. Part of you thought it was silly, because that’s what your nappy is for, but the other part felt you were supposed to be bigger than that, even though the toilet had been really grotty.

“It’s okay,” says Bow Kid, surprising you at your side, her abandoned swing still moving a bit.

You give her a worried look.

“Your mummy will understand,” she says resolutely.

You give Bow Kid a trace of a smile at her certainty. It feels reassuring.

“Is something the matter?” mum asks as she approaches, her voice laced with concern.

You squirm slightly uncomfortably, despite Bow Kid’s reassuring hand.

“The toilets were really grotty,” you start with.

“Ah huh,” Bow kid adds in agreement.

You don’t want to say the words as mum looks at you curiously. You look away, very conscious of the mess in your nappy. Mum sniffs, now close enough to probably tell. She hums neutrally.

“So, you went in your nappy?” she asks.

Blushing furiously, you nod.

Mum sighs, squatting down to you level. Smilingly slightly sadly, she asks, “How bad were they?”

Before you can answer, Bow Kid chimes in.

“There was poop on some of the seats,” she explained and you nodded. “One was filled with spider’s webs.”

Mum’s eyebrows go up at the explanation.

“We even looked in the boys toilets; it was the same,” you say quietly.

Mum suddenly hugs you.

“Well, that makes sense,” she says. “I was a bit surprised you went in your nappy, but that explains it.”

Things suddenly feel a lot better now you know mum isn’t mad about it.

Separating, mum hums, clearly thinking.

“I don’t think I’ve got enough wet wipes to clean you up here,” she continues. “I’ve only got a little travel pack with me. We’ll have to get you home to get cleaned up.” Mum looks at apologetically at Bow Kid. “It might smell a bit.”

“That’s okay,” Bow Kid replies.

Walking back to the car, mum helps you climb up into your seat and does your buckles up for you. You can feel your mess move under you as you do. On the other side, Bow Kid climbs up herself and does her buckles, but mum checks them anyway to be sure. Starting the engine, she puts the windows down and starts the drive home.

Sitting there, you come to decide that a messy nappy isn’t really bad. It’s smelly, but otherwise you barely have to think about it. You find yourself thinking that next time, it would be nice to not worry about finding a toilet or bothering with that stuff, and that you might be able to just go in your nappy and keep playing.

You hope you could be so worry free. It seems nice to not have to worry about that sort of stuff.


Your nappy feels heavy as mum helps you get your dungarees off. She lays down a towel for you to lie on and then starts to clean you up. It takes a lot longer than usual before she can slip a dry, clean nappy under you and tapes you up securely. As you get up, mum carefully bags your used nappy. You take a seat on the couch and wait for Bow Kid to get changed. Only being wet, it doesn’t take long.

“Want to play some games?” you ask.

Bow Kid seems to light up as she adjusts her dress over her nappy.

“Yep!” Bow Kid quickly replies.

Soon you have the console out and set up. Mum warns you that you can only spend a few hours playing video games, but you barely think about that.

In the hot weather, you don’t bother putting your dungarees back on, instead just playing games in your nappy and t-shirt. Mum even lets you drink the soft drink she had bought you earlier as long as you made sure to do the cap up between drinks so you don’t get any on the carpet.

“Wanna swap?” Bow kid asks, holding her bottle up.

You remembered wanting to try some of her orange-coloured drink.

“Yeah, sure!”

Giving it a sip, it was fizzy and really fruity, sort of like oranges and mangoes and pineapples, all mixed together. It’s pretty good. Soon you need to use your nappy, going before you even really think about it. Sitting on your knees, the now warm plastic cover of your nappy against your calves is strange.

As you finish a round, you glance at Bow Kid. She seems like she’s thinking and at the same time looks slightly nervous.

“Are you okay?” you ask.

Bow Kid jump slightly, almost surprised you had noticed her thinking.

“Oh — um —” She squirms slightly from her cross-legged position on the floor. “I didn’t want you to feel bad about your messy nappy.” Bow Kid blushed, her voice dropping as she leaned closer to you. “So, I was thinking about going in my nappy too.”

You blink in surprise as you feel pleasurably warm inside. It’s really nice that Bow Kid doesn’t want you to feel left out. That said, Bow Kid doesn’t need to do this for you. It had been really embarrassing and you didn’t want Bow Kid to hurt like that too.

Bow Kid suddenly looked more worried.

“Is that bad?” she asked in a worried voice.

You’re confused by her sudden change in demeanour for just a moment before you realise Bow Kid misunderstood your expression.

“No!” you quickly say. “It’s okay, I — I just didn’t want you to…” You pause, wondering how to say it. Delaying, you take Bow Kid’s hand. “You don’t have to. It’s really nice you want to make me feel okay, but you don’t have to do that for me.”

Bow Kid blinks in surprise before smiling shyly. Squirms again.

“Maybe I just want to?” she asks.

You smile, trying not to giggle. You kind of just wanted to be able to mess your nappy too and not worry about all that stuff. It’s really nice to be looked after.

“It’s nice to have your mummy look after us,” Bow Kid added, smiling but clearly blushing furiously.

You can’t help but giggle, dropping your control before leaning over to hug Bow Kid.

“Yeah,” you agree. “And it would be super cool to not have to worry about this stuff.”

Bow Kid hums agreeably over your shoulder.

Slipping out of the hug, you turn back to your game. As you play another round, Bow Kid uncrosses her legs and sits on her knees, her bum off the ground. She squirms slightly and you wonder if she’s about to go, but before the round is over, she seems to refocus on the game.

You stop thinking about it and turn back to the game. Bow Kid has got the upper hand and is pummelling you when suddenly she draws a sharp breath. In the several seconds it takes to register to you, you’ve managed to pull you character up from the ledge and jump over Bow Kid’s character. Bow Kid should have easily won that, you thought as you tried to share a smile with her, but instead Bow Kid is still, her face blushed.

“Are… you okay?” you worriedly ask.

She gasps, and with wet eyes gives you a shrug. Setting your controller down, you suddenly realise that she needs to go really bad. You try to give her a reassuring smile and try to take her hand. She lets go of her controller with her hand closest to yours and lets you.

“You were…” you start, trying to remember the words. “You were right about it being way better to just go,” you tell her, desperately trying to reassure you friend.

Wetly, Bow Kid nods, a small smile on her face. You hug her for several seconds before there’s another gasp.

“Okay,” she agrees with a small sniffle.

Leaning against you, her hand in yours, she spreads her knees slightly and sits up a bit more so her bum is off her calves. She talks several deep breaths before doing her business. You can hear her nappy crinkle and soon your can smell it a bit. It’s not a nice smell, but you can definitely put up with it for her.

After a minute or two she relaxes, sagging against you slightly. You look up and give her a small smile.

“All done?”

She gives you a small smile and nods, and then you pull her into a hug. Bow Kid moves slightly gingerly for a moment before stilling. Then she twists slightly, her legs slipping out from under her and sitting on her nappy. You’re still hugging her, Bow Kid’s face against your t-shit, as you realise you barely think about the smell anymore. It’s there if you think about it, but it barely matters.

“I feel silly now,” Bow Kid says, her voice muffled by your t-shirt. You’re not sure what she means. “I shouldn’t worry about my nappy.”

You almost agree with her, but you don’t want to call her silly when she’s sad like this.

“Then I was silly,” you say, before adding, “When we were at the park.”

Bow Kid looks up at you, her lips pursed. You can see she agrees, but doesn’t want to agree.

“We were both silly,” she eventually says.

You laugh, and after a few moments, Bow Kid giggles along with you.


You both lie on your stomachs next to each other as you keep playing the game. Mum hasn’t noticed Bow Kid’s messy nappy and you’re sure she doesn’t want to tell your mum just yet. It’s many games later when you hear mum’s phone ring. You wonder if you should get it when it stops and then you can hear mum talking.

You go back to the game and completely forget about it when mum squats down next to the two of you.

“Sweetheart, your mum’s on the phone,” your mum says to Bow Kid, holding the phone out for her.

Bow Kid lights up, abandoning the game to speak to her.


You stop paying attention when you feel mum tug the back of your t-shift up and pull back your nappy. Slightly red faced, mum gives you a small smile, clearly finding your nappy check humorous. It’s not something you remember experiencing, but it’s nice mum is watching out for you.

Now she knows your bum is clean, mum reaches over you and pulls Bow Kid’s dress up to expose her nappy. Bow Kid barely pays your mum any mind until she pulls the back of her nappy back and finds her mess. A lull in speaking, she meets your mum’s eyes and blushes. Looking slightly nervous and chewing her lip, you mum smiles kindly at her, a humorous glint in her eyes.

As Bow Kid keeps talking, mum rolls her eyes fondly at you.

“I’ll be back soon,” she tells you quietly.

Without the game to distract you, you lie next to Bow Kid, suddenly feeling a bit exhausted after a long day, and soon you drift off to sleep.


You don’t think you slept for long when you feel Bow Kid move besides you. Opening your eyes, mum lays a towel down and Bow Kid scoots over it.

“Awake, sleepy head?” you mum asks as she notices you stirring. You nod and mum gives you a smile. “I’ll get you changed as well in just a second.”

Bow Kid looks back at you, squirming happily as she sees you awake.

“How long was I asleep?” you ask.

Bow Kid smiles.

“I only finished speaking to mummy a little bit ago.”

“It wasn’t more than thirty minutes,” mum confirms as she folds Bow Kid’s dress up over her.

As mum starts untaping Bow Kid, you shuffle down to her and take her hand.

“You two are very sweet together,” mum says with a smile.

Meeting both of your eyes, there’s something knowing about mum’s smile.

“Let me guess, you didn’t want the other to feel like they were singled out after a messy accident?”

Mum’s explanation is a lot wordier than how you would have described it.

“Yeah,” Bow Kid breaths.

Mum gives her a fond smile as you squirm slightly at how caring your friend is.

“I’m very glad the two of you are such devoted friends,” mum says ash she keeps wiping Bow Kid down. “Bum up, sweetie.”

Mum then pulls the mess nappy out from under her and wipes her down some more, before slipping a clean and dry nappy under her.

“I think I’m going to have to get some powder for your two if you keep this up,” mum says lightly as she tapes Bow Kid up.

She then helps Bow Kid up and smooths out her dress for her. She looks thoughtful before turning to you.

“I hope that messy nappy wasn’t to bad.”

“Nope,” Bow Kid says with a pop, before sitting cross legged next to you head. “It was just a bit embarrassing.” Bow Kid shares a smile with you. “But that’s a bit silly. Hat Kid definitely didn’t mind.”

You nod along with Bow Kid, barely thinking about.

“Oh really?” mum asks.

“Yep!” replies Bow Kid.

“So, a messy nappy isn’t so bad?”

“Nope!” Bow Kid looks thoughtful for a moment. “And then you clean us all up afterwards. That’s really nice!”

Mum laughs lightly as you blush. This skirted quite close to admitting you like being nappied.

“Well, you are a very sweet girl to look after.” Mum looks at you, a smile on her face. “You both are.”

As mum finishes taping you up, she looks down at you curiously.

“So…” Mum pauses, thinking. “How do you two feel about not being in nappies tomorrow morning?”

Mum’s tone is kind but you squirm slightly uncomfortably, a blush creeping up you face. You’re not sure what to say.

“Can we… stay in them?” Bow Kid shyly asks.

Mum gives her a small smile.

“Did you forget that your other friend is coming over tomorrow?”

You blink, processing that, before remembering that you had completely forgotten that Moustache Girl is coming around tomorrow. You had arranged it before Bow Kid stayed over. Both Moustache Girl and Bow Kid were coming to your place — well, Bow Kid was already here, but it didn’t change that. It wasn’t a sleepover, but it was still most of the day.

“Are you worried about being in nappies around her?”

You both squirm, unsure about it. You really wanted to be in a nappy tomorrow, but at the same time you worried about what Moustache Girl will say if she finds out… Then again, isn’t that the same worry Bow Kid had at her first sleepover? She might not even notice… and then, would she care?

You like to think she wouldn’t, because she’s your first best friend, but that small worry is there.

Looking up, you can see Bow Kid chewing her lip. You can tell she really wants to say yes, and so do you. You try to steel your courage, and decide to say it — to say it for her.

“Can we?” you quietly ask.

Mum smiles softly before taking you hand and pulling you upright. She then surprises you by picking you up and placing you in her lap. You cuddle against your mum as she brushes your hair with her fingers.

“You two really like being looked after like this, don’t you?” Mum asks, but not really asking a question.

You squirm in anticipation.

“I certainly haven’t minded looking after the two of you. You’ve both been really sweet and very good for me,” she continues.

Glancing up, you can see that mum looks thoughtful again.

“Okay — I’ll tell you what, you two can stay in nappies until…” She thinks again, before looking at Bow Kid. “Until your mum comes and picks you up, sweetheart.”

The pair of you break out in smiles.


You don’t really need help, but admitting that you like you mum looking after you has prompted her to be more affectionate. So, in the bath before bed, mum shampoos yours and Bow Kid’s heads, despite your attempts to give Bow Kid a bubble beard.

With her hand shielding your eyes, mum then carefully washes the shampoo out of your hair. You don’t play around as mum rinses Bow Kid’s hair as well because you know soap in your eyes hurt a lot.

“Now, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes and then we can get you all ready for bed,” said mum, getting up.

“Okay, mum,” you say.

You catch Bow Kid looking at you curiously before she asks, “Why don’t you call her mummy?”

Mum pauses at the door. Smiling at you, you can tell mum is secretly laughing.

“Well —” You stop.

You remember telling yourself you could be bigger or something… but it seemed a bit silly right now, given you had spent the last few nights in a nappy, and today you had messed your nappy. It didn’t feel big.

Your mum comes back to the tub, crouching down to your level.

Oh — I do miss that,” she says with a smile.

You squirm. It does seem like a nice thing to do for her. Glancing at Bow Kid, you can tell from her expectant expression that she thinks it’s a really good idea too. Chewing your lip for a moment, you decide.

“Okay, mummy.”

Mummy smiles at you, before planting a kiss on your forehead.

“I’ll be back soon.”


After drying off and still draped in your towels, mum leads you to your room. Mum sets out two nappies before inspecting the packet.

“We’ll have to get you two some more tomorrow,” she explains. “I’ve got enough here for two-and-a-bit changes.”

Soon, you’re in a clean nappy, and after some PJs and your brush your teeth, you are ready for bed.

“And a goodnight kiss for you too,” mum says, planting a kiss on Bow Kid’s head after tucking you both in.

“Goodnight, Hat Kid’s mummy,” says Bow Kid with a giggle.

“’Night mummy,” you add.

“Goodnight, you two,” mum replies, before switching off the lights and closing the door.

Even in the low light you can see Bow Kid’s radiant smile. She’s so pleased about getting you to call mum mummy . A giggle escapes you and you both laugh, before cuddling up closer and going to sleep.


I actually counted up how many nappies have been used and how big the packet was lol.


A Nappy in Time

Chapter 5

“Wakey, wakey.”

You dimly register the words before snuggling more deeply into your bedcovers. You can feel some hair tickling your nose, so without any thought brush it behind your ear and try to go back to sleep. But, even after rushing it away, it’s still tickling your nose. You can hear a light laugh as you groggily open your eyes to find your vision obscured by Bow Kid’s hair, and the source of whose hair was ticking your nose.

“Sorry, but you’re going to have to get up.”

You register the voice as mum’s.

“Mum — mummy ,” you say tiredly, shuffling up your pillow to look over Bow Kid.

As Bow Kid Stirs, you spot mum sitting at the edge of your bed in her PJs.

“Sorry, sweetie, but we’ve got to get up early today,” she says apologetically. “We’ve got to get to the shops to get some supplies before your friend gets here.”

Bow Kid pushes herself up, rubbing the tiredness out of her eyes.

“Oooh,” says Bow Kid in comprehension. “We’ve seeing Moustache Girl today!”

Mum laughs at the name.

“Come on, lets get you two some brekkie.”

Following mum to the kitchen, you both waddle behind her in your wet nappies. Mum gets some cereal from the cupboard and milk from the fridge, before setting out some bowls, letting you and Bow Kid pick your favourites.

“What do you think we could do today?” Bow Kid asks over breakfast as mum has a quick shower.

“There’s lots of stuff,” you reply. You don’t know exactly what you will do, but there are lots of things to do. “We could keep playing the spaceship game with the chef gangsters. We could also go an adventure. We could make costumes for an adventure too. There’s loads of stuff.”

Bow Kid seems to light up with each suggestion. She seems excited but also clearly thinking of other things you can do.

Soon, mum is back and changed into her clothes for the day. She’s still drying her hair with a towel when she smiles at the two of you.

“Lets get you two changed and dressed,” she says.

Going to your room, your mum gets Bow Kid in a clean nappy before moving onto you. She helps you get your PJ bottoms off and then makes quick work of your wet nappy.

“Have you got enough clean clothes, sweetie?” mum asks of Bow Kid.

“Umm —” she replies, before looking in her bag and pulling out a dress. “I’ve only got this,” she says, holding it up.

“Alright — when we get back, I’ll wash all your clothes.”

Mum then goes to your wardrobe and pulls some things out. After selecting a white t-shirt and a dark-purple romper, she helps you get into it.

“Got enough socks?” she asks Bow Kid again.

Bow Kid looks thoughtful before looking through her bag again. She eventually turns it upside down and shakes her head, looking slightly worried.

“It’s okay, there are plenty of clean socks around here,” your mum reassures her, patting the spot on the bed next to you.

As Bow Kid sits, mum goes to your drawers and grabs two pairs of socks. She helps Bow Kid get her shoes on, then helps you as well.


“So, I was thinking that you two might like to pick a nappy design.”

You’re waiting at the traffic lights, not far from the shops when mum asks you.

The question makes you give mum a surprised look before glancing at Bow Kid. She squirms slightly in a happy but slightly embarrassed way.

“What kind of designs?” you ask.

“All sorts,” Bow Kid explains. “But it’s been ages since I looked.”

Mum smiles at you from the rear-view mirror.

“I’m sure that you two will want to pick something cute out, right?”

It sounded nice, but at the same time, it was slightly embarrassing to think someone might see you with a big box of nappies. It seems to show on your face.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. No one is going to care about the nappies.”

The words reassure you slightly, and you are further assured when you find Bow Kid smiling at you. You suddenly remember that Bow Kid’s mummy had bought her nappies loads of times.

“Okay, mummy,” you quietly agree, to Bow Kid’s wider smile.

Parking and then grabbing a trolley, you and Bow Kid ride on the front again as mum pushes you into the store. As she goes past, she grabs some things like bread and milk, before detouring past the snacks aisle. There she grabs some sweet things and some chips.

“For later,” she tells you.

Soon, she wheels you past the toothbrushes and shampoo, and into the nappy section. Getting off the trolley, you nervously look around, before Bow Kid surprises you and takes your hand.

You mum immediately grabs baby powder before looking over the other items. You’re not sure what the other packet of things she grabs is before she puts both in the trolley. After several seconds of scanning the shelves, mum crouches down to your level.

“I know you guys said you didn’t want pullups, but how about I get a small packet just for today? Then you won’t have to worry so much about getting changed while your friend is here.”

You glance at Bow Kid who is chewing her lip.

“They leak,” she says.

You mum gives her a kind smile.

“When you sleep on them?” mum asks her. “I think they’ll be okay if you’re standing up. This way you can slip into the bedroom and put on a dry nappy when you need to.”

It does sound like a good idea to you. This way you won’t need to go find mum to change you and then have to explain it to Moustache Girl.

“I’ll still get you tape-ups, so if it doesn’t work out, I’ll get you changed into them. Okay?”

“Okay,” Bow Kid agrees and you nod too.

Standing up, mum grabs a small packet of pull up nappies and puts them in the trolley.

“So, what nappies do you want?” Mum grabs some packs from the shelves and lets you get a look. “We’ve got Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess, and Sesame Street.”

Mum sets the packets down in front of you to take a look before turning back to the shelves.

“Ooh, I want this one,” says Bow Kid, holding up the princesses.

You smile alongside Bow Kid as she looks at the artwork.

“Now that’s cute,” says you mum, reaching for another packet.

She crouches down in front of you again and holds it up. The designs are of animals.

“These ones have got animal faces on your bum,” she explains humorously.

You giggle at that, quickly followed by Bow Kid. Bow Kid reaches out for the packet and mum hands it to her. Looking over Bow Kid’s shoulder, you can see what mum means.

“Can we get these?” Bow Kid asks.

You nod as well. They seem really cool.

“Sure can.”

Mum then picks up the other packets and sets them back on the shelve, as Bow Kid puts the packet in the trolley. Mum laughs lightly.

“I think we’ll need a bigger packet.”

You and Bow Kid look up at mum curiously.

“Twenty four is a lot, isn’t it?” you ask.

Mum smiles knowingly.

“You two easily need four nappies each per day,” she explains, holing up a hand. “That’s eight total per day. Eight plus eight is sixteen, and sixteen plus eight is twenty-four.” As she counts each lot of eight, she raises a finger for each day. She pauses a moment as you think about the maths. “So, that’s only three days.” She wiggles three fingers for emphasis.

Mum then pulls the packet out of the trolley and places it on the shelve, before grabbing a bigger box and putting it in the trolley.

“This box has got one-hundred and eight nappies in it.” That sounds like a really big number to you. “That’s enough nappies to keep you two dry for two weeks.”


At the checkout, you discover mum was right. The nice lady there gave you and Bow Kid a kind smile as she scans everything, and then mum wheels everything out to the car. Mum soon buckles you into your car seat, the straps squishing against your wet nappy and soon you are back off home.

Getting inside, mum sets the nappies down on the couch, then you and Bow Kid help her clean up the kitchens from breakfast.

“How long until Moustache Girl is here?” Bow Kid asks.

Mum hums, pulling out her phone.

“About twenty minutes,” mum tells you. “How about the two of you watch TV until she gets here?”

You both agree and head to the lounge. Not long afterwards, mum comes by with the nappies. Spotting your worry, she says, “I’ll put these in my room for the day, okay?” on the way past.

Not long afterwards, mum comes back with several nappies in hand.

“Lets get you two changed before you friend gets here.”

Following mum to your room, you realise she has the pullup nappies with her.

“Now, I’ll put two in your undies drawer, so you two can discreetly grab a change later.”

Nodding, you otherwise don’t know what you are supposed to do next.

“First, you’ve got to get your tape up nappies off, then you just have to step into the pullup. They’re just like putting on unties,” mum explains.

Glancing at Bow Kid, you realise that will be easy for her in a dress, but you have to get your rompers off all the way. It’s strangely frustrating to think how hard it is. Sensing your feelings, Bow Kid takes your hand as you sit on your bed and shimmy your romper off. Thankfully, it’s loose enough to slip over your shoes without taking them off.

Next, mum untapes your nappy before pulling you up.

“Grab onto my shoulders and step into it,” mum tells you.

It’s not hard to do, and soon mum pulls your nappy up between your legs. Fidgeting slightly, it’s not as secure around the waist, but it doesn’t feel like it will slip down, either. As you inspect your nappy, your mum turns your rompers right-side-out again and repeated the process.

Next, mum changes Bow Kid. After getting her wet nappy off, she far more easily steps into the dry pullup. It makes you wonder if you should change into a dress, but at the same time your romper feels more secure knowing your nappy won’t slip down your legs.

“Are you worried about it slipping off?” you ask Bow Kid when mum leaves you alone.

Bow Kid shrugs unsurely.

“I dunno,” she replies with an uncertain shrug. “It’s been ages since I wore one.”

You head back to the lounge to watch TV, waiting for Moustache Girl to get here. Eventually, you can hear mum’s phone ring. It feels like it has been way more than twenty minutes by this point.

“Their car won’t start,” says mum, coming into the lounge. For a moment, you worry Moustache Girl won’t visit today. “So, we’re going to pick your friend up,” mum continues to your relief.

You and Bow Kid follow your mum to the car and hop in. She quickly buckles the two of you up and your drive the short distance to Moustache Girl’s house. As mum brings the car to a stop, you can see a car with it’s bonnet up and a pair of legs sticking out from under the car. Nearby, Moustache Girl is sitting at the doorstep.

As soon as the car stops, you undo your buckles and open the door. Moustache Girl seems to brighten when she realises you are here. Glancing back, Bow Kid gets out of the car more slowly and your mum gives Moustache Girl a wave before heating over to the broken-down car.

“Take a look at this!” Moustache Girl says loudly, jumping to her feet.

Before you can close the distance and give your friend a hug, she picks up… a sword and shield. You do a double take, before realising they seem to be made from tape and cardboard.

“Oh — wow!” you exclaim.

Bow Kid is wide-eyed, staring at Moustache Girl as she slips her arm through the loops on her shield, before posing like a knight, sword drawn. Well, sort off. The polka-dot white-on-red dress she is wearing makes it slightly funny.

You feel giddy. It’s so cool.

“Where did you get that?” Bow Kid asks.

I made it,” Moustache states proudly.

“Wow,” Bow Kid says in awe.

Looking back, you can see Moustache Girl’s dad had gotten out from under his car and was chatting to mum.

“How’d you make it?” you ask.

“Ah — well, I took lots of cardboard and cut it all up, then I layered it in different directions.” She tucked her sword under her shoulder and held her hands out on top of each other, her fingers on each hand at right angles. “The I used lots of tape.” Moustache Girl paused in thought. “Oh — and for the sword dad got me a bit of wood to go in the middle so it didn’t bend, then I put cardboard on the outside and taped that too.”

For emphasis she tried bending her sword a bit before shrugging awkwardly.

“I used a lot of tape.”

You giggle at that. It did seem to have loads of tape on it.

It got you thinking too.

“Could you make — like — a helmet and stuff?”

Moustache Girl blinked, before looking at you, wide eyed.

Yeah! That’s a really good idea.”

Mum seemed to be finished talking to Moustache Girl’s dad when she called out to you.

“Kids? Are you ready to go?” she asked.

“Coming!” you reply.

As you head over to mum she turns back to Moustache Girl’s dad.

“Car seat,” she remembers.

Moustache Girl’s dad seemed like he wanted to move the seat from his car to your mums, so as he did, you took the opportunity to show Moustache Girl’s sword and shield to her.

“Wow, that’s really good,” she said to Moustache Girl turning the word over.

Mummy , do you know where we can get lots of cardboard?” you ask her.

Mum chuckles.

“Let me guess, you want to make one too?”

You smile expectantly, bouncing on your toes.

“Yep!” Bow Kid says off to your side.

Well ,” mum says, clearly thinking. “The fruit store has lots of boxes that people can take. It’s certainly better than throwing them in the bin.” Mum glances at Moustache Girl’s shield. “Don’t you need tape as well?”

“Ah huh,” Moustache Girl confirms.

“Packing tape seems to work well for wrapping everything,” Moustache Girl’s dad says, walking up to them. “I’ve got a roll of gaffer tape that seems to have worked for the arm loops.” He considers it a moment. “Let me go get that.”

When he comes back a minute later, his daughter gives him a hug and after a round of goodbyes, everyone gets in mum’s car.

“If we go to the discount store, we can get you girls lots of rolls of packing tape,” explains mum as she drives.

You like the discount store; there’s lots of arts and crafts stuff there, and it’s really cheap. They didn’t have everything , but it was still cool. You sometimes found really weird stuff there too. But the trip to the discount store is really short. You’d liked to have looked around, but you also really wanted to get home and make sword and shield, and a helmet, or maybe even armour .

It’s only another really short drive to the fruit store.

“Seems we’re in luck,” says mum as she brings the car to a stop by the side of the fruit store.

From your seat, you can see the big metal tubs filled with cardboard boxes. They were more like trays for holding fruit than boxes for send stuff in the mail in. There are probably hundreds of boxes there. Apparently, the tubs with the boxes in them are called bins , but it seems odd to you, as they didn’t have rubbish in them.

“How much do we need, sweetie?” mum asks of Moustache Girl as the four of you get out of the car. Being in the middle, Moustache Girl has to climb over your car seat to get out.

“Oh — um —” Moustache Girl stops and thinks. “I used five or six bits for my shield?”

Mum laughs.

“So, lots then.”

The description seemed to satisfy Moustache Girl who gave a big nod.

Mum opened the boot as you started piling boxes in. They weren’t heavy, but they were a bit bulky. Eventually they were stacked up so high in the back that you needed mum’s help to put more in.

Waiting for mum to finish, you barely think about it before going in your nappy. It’s not until you’re almost done when you remember that the nappy might leak, but clenching your thighs together slightly, you don’t feel anything like that. It doesn’t even feel all that different from your tape up nappy.


Moustache Girl lets you look at the shield again as the three of you sit in the loungeroom surrounded by boxes. There were still more in the car, but mum has said it was best to leave them there until you needed them, just in case you didn’t need them so they could be returned more easily.

Looking at the edge, you can make out all the layers through the clear packing tape. It’s easily as thick as your thumb, but that’s clearly a good idea as the shield doesn’t flap about at all — and you would know, because this wasn’t your first-time making things from cardboard for an adventure.

“Don’t some shields sort of —” Bow Kid motioned with her hands, her arms wide going down before curving and meeting in the middle. “Like pointy at the bottom?”

You nod.

“Yeah,” you agree, thinking about it.

Maybe you could look it up on mum’s computer?

“They’ve got round ones too,” Moustache Girl adds.

Bow Kid nodded at that.

“What about a sword?” you ask.

“Ah huh,” Moustache Girl replied, picking up her sword from the carpet. “This is my second one. My first sort’a worked, but then it got bent and it started to flop after that. So, dad gave me a stick to use — like one of those round sticks like you get at the hardware store.”

“Dowel,” interjected Bow Kid. “It’s called a dowel.”

Both you and Moustache Girl turn to Bow Kid in surprise. You didn’t know that.

“I think dad called it that?” Moustache Girl said uncertainly. “Or maybe he said towel?

You giggle. It sounded a bit silly.

“So, it goes in the middle?” Bow Kid asked.

“Yep, then you put two bits of cardboard on each side, and then I taped the edges together.”

“Then used loads of tape.” Bow Kid adds.

“Yep, so it doesn’t unstick.”


After asking mum, the three of you were allowed to go on her computer and look up shields.

“So, it’s not a kite shield?” asked Bow Kid, after finding the image.

“Maybe?” you reply uncertainly. There were loads of images and some said different things. “I think the really tall one is a kite shield?”

“That one there says a kite shield,” said Moustache Girl, pointing at the image on the screen.

It was of a really short shield that was sort of like Moustache Girl’s, but pointed at the bottom.

Still, you printed a couple of images out and the three of you went back to the lounge room. The boxes mostly had short sides and holes in the sides for carrying handles, but the bottoms were whole bits of cardboard. You could tell they used to have fruit in them because the one you had in front of you had a little sticky patch on it that smelt like oranges.

Cutting the sides off, you tried to draw the shape of your shield. It took a few goes to get the lines right and it looked a bit messy, but Moustache Girl pointed out that it won’t matter because you can put the pencil marks on the inside.

Looking up, you can see Bow Kid looking quite proud of only needing one try to get it right, but she was also a way better artist than you.

Unfortunately, the three of you learnt pretty quickly that bottom bit of cardboard was really thick and your scissors didn’t really work.

“This is way thicker than the boxes from home,” said Moustache Girl, examining the really rough cut. “It’s two layers.”

The sides were one layer and easy to cut, but the bottom is two layers.

“Maybe your mummy has bigger scissors?” Bow Kid suggested to you.

It seemed like a good idea, so the three of you got up to go look for her. Soon you found her in her study.

“Mummy — um —” you can see she looks a bit busy. “Can you help us with something? Please?”

Mum turns from her work computer and gives the three of you a smile.

“I can for a bit. What do you need?”

“We’re trying to cut some cardboard, but it’s way too thick,” Moustache Girl explained to yours and Bow Kid’s nods.

“Yeah, my scissors aren’t really working.”

“Sure thing,” mum replies, before opening her desk drawer and looking for something.

Soon, she pulls out a fluorescent green object that can fit in her hand and gets up. Not sure what it’s for, you none-the-less lead mum to the lounge room.

“Huh, that is pretty thick,” mum comments, looking at the sheet you tried to cut. “I think the box the refrigerator came in was like this.” Mum catches your curious expression and laughs lightly. You didn’t remember that ever happening. “That was probably before the three of you were born, and I threw that box out ages ago.”

“You could have made a really tall shield with that,” commented Moustache Girl.

You rise that she is correct, and that you could have made one of those really tall shields with it, like the three of you had seen on the internet. Mum smiles at her before turning back to the thing you need cut out.

“On the lines?” she asks you.

“The thicker ones.” You had gone over the right line a few times so mum wouldn’t mistake it. “Not the other lines.”

Grabbing a nearby box and turning it upside down, mum put your sheet on top. Then she held up the device she had grabbed from her drawer. With a ratchetting sound, you realised it was a knife, a blade extending from the end. Mum then began to easily cut the shape out for you.

“Anything else?”

“We need a couple of layers,” Moustache Girl says.

So, mum used the shape she cut out as a guide and cute several more shapes like it, before Bow Kid handed her shield over to be cut too.

“Come and knock on my door if you need some more cute,” mum said as she finished, standing up.

“Oh — um — so we can’t do it?” you ask.

Mum lightly laughs.

“Nope, sorry,” she replies. “Utility knives are really sharp and it’s really easy to cut yourself with one. And , if that happens, we’ll all have to go to the hospital, because you’ll need loads of stiches because of how easy it is to cut yourself deeply with one.”


Sitting on your slightly wet nappy, you start taping all the layers together. Moustache Girl has coated every bit of hers in packing tape and it seems really strong, so you do that too. Bow Kid meanwhile seems to be taking a lot more care than you to make it all crease free.

“For the arm loops, you gotta use the special tape,” explains Moustache Girl, holding the roll of grey coloured tape up.

It has little bits of thread hanging off and looks like it’s got fabric inside it, but the outside is plastic.

“You take a strip of cardboard and bend it a bit so it’s soft, then cover it in the tape, and then tape it down.”

After asking mum, she finds you an old ruler. It’s really long, way longer than the one you use at school, but as mum explains, the pain and the numbers all flaked off.

“So, you can cut this in half. One for each of you,” she explains to you and Bow Kid. “But there’s got to be lots of cardboard around it, and I want to make sure it’s safe before you guys use them. Okay? These swords could hurt you if you’re not careful.”

So, as you and Bow Kid made yours, Moustache Girl started making something else.

It started off as a sort of cylinder shape. Soon, Moustache Girl added a flat bit to the top and taped that down, before drawing something on one side. You weren’t sure what.

“Ooh — is that a helmet?” Bow Kid asked, figuring it out.

“Yep!” Moustache Girl said, holding it up. “Just gotta cut the hole.”

As you finished your sword, you start wondering if you could make armour. You could use a sheet of cardboard for the front and another for the back, then put straps that go over your shoulders on it. While Bow Kid is finishing her sword (which is taking longer but looks better than yours), you quickly sketch out the panels. Again, you need mum’s help to cut them out, and at the same time she cleans up Moustache Girl’s helmet.

Soon, the three of you are looking ready for your adventure, so after a brief break for lunch, you began!


“We fight for the princess’ hand!” Moustache Knight Girl declared with a flourish of her sword.

“I will defeat you!” you call back, with what is surely just as impressive a flourish.

“What does that even mean?” asked Princess Bow Knight.

You falter, lowering your sword. That is a good question.

“It’s a thing… they do in the movies,” Moustache Knight explains. She seems to move her helmet a bit, like she is trying to scratch her head. “It’s like what knights do when they meet a princess.”

“But what if there’s only one knight?”

You can see Moustache Knight’s thoughtful look behind her helmet.

“Maybe they fight the princess?” Princess Bow Knight replied. “There’s supposed to be a fight, isn’t there?”

Though that was probably fair here, because Princess Bow Knight was a knight, you knew in a lot of stories that princesses didn’t fight for some reason.

“Ah! You are trying to trick me with your riddles, dastardly foe!” Moustache Knight suddenly cried out, before charging at you with her sword.

What ensued was an incredible battle. Of clashing cardboard and virtuous, knightly fighting. For one moment, it seemed like Moustache Knight had the upper hand as she backed you up against the castle walls, you almost walking backwards into a plant pot. But at the last moment you went sideways, and with a jump, climbed up the retaining wall into the royal garden!

Rather than make the knightly jump like you had, the dastardly fiend Moustache Knight ran along the paved path that ran along the castle wall and past your bedroom window, and then up the stairs to the level of the garden. Soon, with the sounds of a war cry, you resumed your fight!

Blades clashed and armour rattled. And after much further battle, it seemed that you had the upper hand. But, for a moment, Moustache Knight got the upper hand. You step back, a strategic retreat, when you walk into something again: a small, grassy shrub.

You suddenly lose your footing and fall backwards, landing on your wet nappy. You can feel your eyes wet as you blink up at Moustache Girl, clearly victorious. Only, after a few moments you realise it doesn’t hurt, it just surprised you. There’s lots of leaf litter and your nappy to cushion the fall.

Looking to your side, you can see Bow Kid standing there. She’s chewing her lip and looking thoughtful.

“I win!” says Moustache Knight, pointing at Bow Kid.

Bow Kid shakes her head.

“Nuh ah,” she replies, sounding slightly satisfied with herself. A wide smile crosses her face, letting you see her teeth. “If you want my hand, you have to beat me as well!”

Moustache Knight jumps to the ready, and then Princess Bow Knight paused.

“But… I need to go to the loo first,” she said slightly sheepishly.

You wonder for a moment why she needed to do that, slowly getting to your feet. Brushing your bum off, you share a glance with Moustache Girl.

“This is soo cool!” she suddenly exclaims, seeming to bounce on her feet in excitement.

Feeling giddy, you nod.

“It sure is!”

It gets you wondering if you could do a really big adventure like this at your next sleepover.

Taking a moment, you inspect your sword, spotting several dings along its length from where you had hit Moustache Girl’s own sword. You wonder if it needs more tape.

“Has yours got dents in it?” you ask her.

She looks up and down her sword.

“A bit.”

Stepping closer, you compare yours and hers. It seems yours is more dinged. Maybe you did need more tape?

Your thoughts are cut short, however.

“You face the Witch Knight!” came Bow Kid’s exclamation. “Princess Bow Witch-Knight!”

Turning, you spot her standing in the back doorway of the royal castle. Atop her head is your mostly finished witches’ hat, and instead of her sword, she holds a wizard staff in her hand, her blue bow tied around the end. It’s very cool.

Suddenly, Princess Bow Witch-Knight waves her staff to cast a deadly spell of magic.

“I call upon the power of lightning!” she cries, and the battle resumes.


Moustache Girl is very reluctant to end it as her mum comes to pick her up. The three of your delay as long as possible, and your mum and hers even spend fifteen minutes having coffee and tea, but eventually it’s time for Moustache Girl to go.

“Come on, we’ve got to get your ready for dinner at your grandparents,” say Moustache Girl’s mum sympathetically.

Still in her helmet, you and Bow Kid give her a hug at the door.

“It’s no fair,” Moustache Girl complains. “You two get to spend all the time together.”

It didn’t seem fair to you. It would be cool if the three of you could play together all the time.

“Bye, girls,” says Moustache Girl’s mum as the door closes.

You and Bow Kid take a moment to relax on the couch before mum comes by.

“Now, we’ve got to tidy everything up,” she tells you, looking around the lounge.

There’s cardboard everywhere, along with bits of tape, and a few pencils, so that makes sense.

“If you two get the big bits, I can vacuum up all the little bits when you are done.”

It takes you about fifteen minutes to get everything, with mum providing a bag for all of the scraps. Soon mum is uncoiling the power cord for the vacuum cleaner.

“Now, you don’t want to leave anything outside. It looks like it might rain tomorrow and I’m sure you would hate for anything to get wrecked.”

“Oh — yeah,” you say, remembering that there were lots of things outside.

You and Bow Kid proceed out the back door. Your witches’ hat was atop a small shrub, like the shrub was wearing it, and your shield was up against a tree after you replaced it with Bow Kid’s sword, seeing as she did not need it, now she had reclaimed her magical powers.

Giggling, Bow Kid puts the witches’ hat on your head.

“That’s really good,” she tells you, an amazed smile on her face.

Blushing slightly at the compliment, you smile back. Bow Kid was a really important friend to you. So important to you, she was your best friend alongside Moustache Girl. Your squirm happily in your nappy as you watch her look around for any items. You’re wondering if both you and her being in nappies together make your best friendship with her different, when she squats down.

She is slightly red faced, and you’re sure she is messing her nappy. You’re not sure if you should go over to her and give her a hug, or if you should keep looking for things. As she stands up, she spots you looking at her. She gives you a shy smile and you smile back at her.

Slowly, she wanders over.

“Thank you for being my friend,” she says, hugging you.

All you can do is hug her back.


Feeling exhausted, you and Bow Kid cuddle on the couch watching TV. You are about to fall asleep when mum calls out.

“Oh — someone needs a change.”

Looking over your shoulder, mum frowns at you.

“Oh, honey. Why didn’t you get a fresh pullup on?”

You blink at her, not sure when she means. Coming over, she pats you on the bottom.

“Your nappy is soaked, sweetie. It’s gone all over your rompers.”

She pulls you to your feel and turns you around. Bow Kid yawns, before sitting upright on her messy nappy.

“It seems you’re not in the messy nappy, however.”

Mum’s knowing smile turns to Bow Kid who blushes faintly.

“Yep,” Bw Kid confirms quietly.

“How come you didn’t get into a new pullup?” mum asks you.

“I — um — forgot,” you say. “Sorry, mummy.”

You meant to, but just never got around to it. You were way too busy.

“What about you?” mum asked Bow Kid.

“Yep, I changed!”

Quietly, mum laughs.

“Well, at least I can trust one of you to know when you need a change.”


With Bow Kid in a messy nappy and you having soaked your clothes, mum decides that the two of you might as well have a bath now. When Bow Kid pulls off her dress, you can see a little bit of mess has squeezed out where her nappy goes around her legs. Your own nappy isn’t any better, having swelled up so much that the edges were lifting up.

“It seems you got some on your dress,” Mum comments, holding it up.

Bow Kid blushes, squirming in her messy nappy. The sight is a bit funny and you can’t help but giggle. But slightly worried it might seem mean, you give her a wide smile and Bow Kid smiles shyly back at you.

After letting your nappy slip down your legs, you got in the bath, while mum helped Bow Kid with her nappy.

“Hmm,” mum hummed, after helping Bow Kid clean up. “I think we should get you in the shower first. It’s a bit hard to clean you up while you’re standing.”

“O-okay,” Bow Kid agreed.

As she rinsed off, mum left the two of you alone and soon Bow Kid joined you in the bath.

“How did you forget about your wet nappy?” Bow Kid asked, giggling.

You squirm slightly.

“I just forgot,” you say. “We were doing lots of stuff.”

Bow Kid chewed her lip.

“I only remembered because I was getting the hat.” You giggle at the admission. “Then I remembered I needed a new nappy.”

In the warm water, you could feel tiredness trying to overtake you. Leaning against you, Bow Kid seems to be in the same boat.

“It’s nicer when your mummy looks out for us.”

You could only agree.

Soon your mum came by and got you out of the bath tub and dried off…

“I bet you two had lots of fun today,” she comments as she gets you and Bow Kid in your nappies. “It was really amazing what you three made.”

“It was super cool,” says Bow Kid.

You mum glances up from taping up for nappy to smile at Bow Kid.

“I’m glad you three had lots of fun.” Finishing, mum looks thoughtful for a second before looking at Bow Kid. “All your clothes are in the was, sweetheart, so you will have to borrow some.” Bow Kid seemed to perk up, clearly curious. “Lets see what fits you.”

Bow Kid was slightly smaller than you, but you had heaps of clothes, some of which you hadn’t worn in ages.

“Wow, you look very cute in that,” mum compliments Bow Kid, helping her with the buttons. She turns to you. “Don’t you think?”

It was a white sundress you hadn’t worn in ages, but Bow Kid did look really pretty in it, you thought. Well… she was always really cute, but the dress was really cute too.

“Yeah,” you tell Bow Kid with a smile.

She seems to light up at the word.

“Is it really okay to have this?” she asks.

Mum quietly laughs.

“My daughter hasn’t worn it in quite a while,” mum explained, before dropping into a false whisper. “Unfortunately, she couldn’t seem to go more than an hour without getting some mud or dirt on it.”

Mum gave Bow Kid a knowing look, causing Bow Kid to start laughing. She wasn’t exactly wrong, but there was always so many things to do. Mum eventually started buying you clothes in dark colours, unless there were clothes it was okay to get dirty in. But you liked purple, so that was okay.

With Bow Kid doing twirls that gave you the occasional glimpse of her nappy, mum found something for you to wear. Bow Kid stopped to watch your mum pull the dress over your head, lighting up as your mum stepped behind you to pull your hair out of the collar.

“Wow — that’s really pretty!” she exclaimed.

“Really?” you asked.

All the adventure and playing was fun, but fact you kept ripping dresses or getting them dirty seemed to ruin any feelings of being pretty.

But, at the clear doubt in your voice, Bow Kid frowned in concern. You felt ashamed for making her sad like that and tried to come up with something to say when she hugged you.

“Really pretty.”


Mum had prepared dinner while you and Bow Kid had been in the bath, and after all that activity you were really hungry. But after eating, the tiredness intensified. So not long after cuddling together on the couch, you fell asleep.

At some point in the night, you vaguely remember mummy carrying you to your room, changing you into a dry nappy, and putting you to bed. Not long after, she repeated the same with Bow Kid, and the two of you drifted off to sleep.


A Nappy in Time

Chapter 6

It’s not difficult to figure out what woke you: your bowels are moving.

You can’t make out any light from behind the blinds as you fidget uncomfortably. You know the best way to relieve this uncomfortableness was to mess your nappy, but you’re in bed, laying down. Further, would you be able to go back to sleep afterwards?

Next to you, you can see Bow Kid’s chest rising and falling. That was another thing: would sleeping next to you with your messy bottom bother her? Would you wake her? Then again, if you get up you might wake her too.

Suddenly, you suck in a surprised breath, your muscles clenching. A little bit had almost just escaped you. Making up your mind, you slowly turn unto your side and then pull your legs up to your chest. It doesn’t take much for the poop to start filling your nappy. You can feel it reach the slightly wet padding and begin to spread out, then you surprise yourself again as you start wetting your nappy.

Despite consciously having to exert slightly, you almost nod off the sleep while half-way through the process. Your can feel the warm mass on your bum, but it doesn’t hurt and it’s not uncomfortable. It’s also way more comfortable out than in you.

As you get the last bit out, you find your thumb in your mouth. It’s a strange motion, and you vaguely recall it from years ago. But as your finish your business and comfortingly slowly suck your thumb, you easily drift off to sleep.


When you wake again, it’s to cute giggles. Opening your eyes, you find Bow Kid is smiling at you, clearly trying to not giggle at the sight of your thumb in your mouth. It’s embarrassing, but you trust Bow Kid to not be mean about it.

“Oops — did I wake you, poopy bum?”

Smiling, you shrug and pull your thumb out of your mouth. She did wake you, but you don’t feel tired and you think you would have giggled at Bow Kid if she was sucking her thumb. You would probably have woken up soon, anyway.

“It was nice,” you say in lieu of an answer.

Bow Kid looks curious.

“Even messy?”

You nod, your head on your pillow.

“Didn’t you say you had a messy accident one night?”

“Yeah,” Bow Kid said with a hint of sadness. “I didn’t sleep very well that night… but I was really worried about what mummy would say.”

Knowing Bow Kid’s discomfort, you shuffle closer and pull her into a hug, and she happily hugs you back.

“Wanna get up?” you eventually ask.

Bow Kid happily agrees.

Getting out of bed you can feel that it’s a bit cold. Mum had pulled yours and Bow Kid’s dresses off last night, putting you both to bed in just your nappies, but it was too early to get proper clothes on, so you find some trackies and a t-shirt for you and Bow Kid each.

You watch Bow Kid pull her trackies up over her wet nappy before you do the same, wondering if your messy nappy stuck out at all. It felt like it had a lot in it, but you weren’t sure. It did feel like you waddled more as you walked, though.

“I’m thirsty,” says Bow Kid as you’re about to sit down on the couch and watch some cartoons.

“I think there’s orange juice in the fridge?” you say.

As both of you drink, you realise that you fell asleep last night without having anything to drink after dinner. You still feel thirsty by the time you finish, so you take the water bottle you found in the fridge back with you to the lounge.

“We should do some painting,” says Bow Kid as you cuddle on the couch, watching the hosts of Play School talk about mixing paints to make different colours.

“Oh — that sounds cool,” you say.

You know Bow Kid is really good at drawing, so maybe she’s good at painting too? You’re sure you have some paint somewhere, but it was ages ago you got them and they might have all dried up.

Glancing at Bow Kid, she seems thoughtful.

“I want to paint my shield,” she says.

“That would be really cool. Don’t they normally have painted stuff on shields? Like — um —” you try to think of the world.

“Em —” Bow Kid fumbles with the word, but at least she seems to know it. “Emblems,” she repeats.

“Yeah, that.”

Aft a moment, Bow Kid frowns.

“How would we paint on the tape though? It’s all… plasticky.”

You weren’t sure.

Neither of you really knew how, so you went back to watching TV. To your surprise, you soon feel your bowels moving again. You had already gone, but maybe you needed to get more out. You were even still in that poopy nappy.

You wonder what to do, whether you should get up and squat to do your business… but it’s comfortable leaning again Bow Kid on the couch. Slightly on your side, you wonder if you could just go where you are. You think you probably couldn’t easily go if you were sitting up on your bum, but leaning against Bow Kid, it might be okay.

You decide to try, and soon you can feel the rest of the mess start to escape you. You don’t make any noise as you do, but your bottom does, causing Bow Kid to giggle. She takes you hand and snuggles closer, neither of you paying it any mind as you watch TV together.


Slightly bleary eyed, mum eventually appears at the door to the lounge.

“You two want some breakfast?” she asks.

“Yep!” you both announce, quickly getting up.

Both hungry, you run ahead of mum to the kitchen.

“I think we should have omelettes,” mum says, “because we have plenty of eggs in the fridge that need to be eaten.”

“Oh — what’s that?” Bow Kid asks.

Mum smiles at her.

“It’s made of eggs with lots of things mixed in, like cheese, onions, tomatoes, ham, bacon, capsicum and loads of other things.”

“Wow, that sounds interesting!” says Bow Kid.

You turn and smile at your friend, and then mum surprises you with a nappy check. Mum holds you still as you look over your shoulder at her. Pulling your t-shirt up slightly, she pulls back your nappy.

“But first, you need a change, sweetie,” she says.

After she lets go of you, you frown at mum.

“Does it have to be right now, mummy?” you ask her.

She gives you a concerned smile.

“It sure does,” she says. “It’s okay to be in a messy nappy for a little while, but too long and you might get a rash.”

“It’s not that long,” you reply slightly petulantly.

Mum quietly laughs.

“I’m sorry, sweetie, but if you couldn’t even remember to change your pullup yesterday, I definitely can’t trust that you know when you need to be changed out of your poopie nappy.”

Mum’s words make you feel embarrassingly small. But though it’s embarrassing, you can’t help but squirm happily knowing mum is looking out for you.


“Lets get you change, too,” she says to Bow Kid.

Your messy nappy squishes more as you sit on your bed, waiting for mum to come back with the things she needs to change you. When she does, she’s carrying your big box of nappies and some other things.

She gets Bow Kid in a dry nappy first and then gets to work cleaning you up. Soon she has a fresh nappy under you

“There we go; all clean,” she pronounces helping you to your feet and pulling your trackies up for you.


You have a mouthful of omelette when mum tells you what the three of you are doing today.

“Now, I’ve got to go into work this morning, but after lunch we can do something,” she explains. “I was thinking that we could go op-shopping. We might be able to find some clothes for you two. We can go for a drive through the hills and make a trip out of it.”

“An op-shop?” Bow Kid asks.

“It’s a second-hand shop that mostly sells clothes for charity. People donate their clothes and people then buy them. The money then goes to people that need help.”

“Oh,” say Bow Kid in understanding.

“Don’t worry about it not being nice clothes; you can find lots of nice stuff in op-shops. Some people even donate things that have never been worn.”

“But why would they do that?” you ask.

Mum shrugs slightly.

“It could be lots of reasons: They might have outgrown the clothes or maybe they have too many and decided to get rid of some things.”

After helping mum put the plates in the dishwasher, she helps the two of you get dressed. Having only worn your dresses for a little bit last night, mum gets you into those.

“It’s going to rain today, so lets get you two something warm,” says mum as she looks through your drawers.

Soon she pulls out some leggings; a gold-yellow colour for you, and sky blue for Bow Kid. As she helps you into them and pulls the stretchy fabric up over your nappy, it makes your nappy feel more secure under your dress.


Besides adding the finishing touches to the witches’ hat, which you were sure would soon be Bow Kid’s witches’ hat, there wasn’t lots of things to do. Sure, mum had taken a small amount of time to help you find a template of something to make and print it off on the big printer mum’s work had, but after cutting some bits out you both realised that you didn’t have everything you needed.

“Lets play hide and seek,” you eventually suggest instead.

Bow Kid’s eyes light up with excitement at the suggestion.

Mum has had to go to a meeting, but you’re pretty sure she won’t mind if you leave her office, as long as it’s not far, right? So, you play several rounds with Bow Kid, and after finding Bow Kid behind the blinds near a tall window, it’s your turn to hide. You really want to show off how good you can hide and had already spotted a good place while you were looking for Bow Kid.

Under one of the desks had been loads of cables hooked up to all sorts of things. Better yet, there was no one at the table, so it was easy to slip under there. With so many cables, you didn’t think it was easy for anyone to see you, laying on your stomach.

“Ready or not, here I come!” you hear Bow kid call.

It was a Saturday, so there weren’t many people around. You knew from experience that some people didn’t like you playing near them when they were working, but with almost no one around, it was probably okay today.

The spot turned out to be really good. So good, that a few minutes in, Bow Kid walked right past you. She even looked your way, but didn’t seem to spot you. You were feeling really good about your hiding spot.

But as you went tinkle in your nappy again, a pair of legs approached and took a seat at the table before tapping away at the keyboard. You begin to wonder if you will get in trouble if they spot you here under their desk and wonder if you can slip away, but other then backing up a bit more, you don’t see anything obvious.

Suddenly, the person at the desk stills and after several seconds, pushes their wheelie chair back. You didn’t think they had spotted you, so you are surprised when a girl’s face looks under the desk at your curiously.

“Hmm — I’m not sure you’re supposed to be here,” she says kindly.

You blush in embarrassment at getting caught.

“I’m sorry,” you say quickly.

“That’s okay, little one, but it’s really not safe to be under there and if you’re not really careful you might damage some of my equipment.”

You squirm before realising that maybe you should probably get out — extra carefully now that you know it’s important. So watching where you put your hands and feet, you crawl through the curtain of cables hanging down. Once clear of the desk, the girl stands you up.

Still blushing at getting caught, you blush intensified when she pulls the back of your dress down for you, the hem of your dress having gotten caught on the top of your tights. The girl notices your discomfort and leans in closer.

“It’s okay; I promise you I’m not going to make fun of your nappy,” she whispers.

Though embarrassed, you squirm happily at her promise.

“So, what were you doing under there?”

Slightly nervous, you take a moment to find your voice.

“Playing hide and seek,” you admit.

“Oh — well, I understand then why you picked here,” she says, “but, it’s really not a good place for it; lots of this stuff is really expensive.”

As you turn, the girl points at the racks of different things, many with glowing bits and cables attached to them.

“I’m sorry,” you say again, suddenly really worried.

The girl picks up on your worry and gives you a brief hug.

“That’s okay,” she says. “No harm done.”

Chewing your lip, you look at all the things she has hooked up to her computer. You wonder what it’s all for.

“What’s your name?” she asks you, and after giving it, she replies. “Nice to meet you. I’m Jasmine.”

“What are you doing?” you can’t help but ask.

Jasmine laughs lightly.

“I’m a doctoral candidate,” she explains before answering your bewilderment, “It means I’m studying to become a doctor of engineering.”

It seemed strange to you that someone who was an engineer was also a doctor. Did you need to engineer to heal people? You ask as much.

“Nope,” Jasmine replies with a laugh. “Medical doctors a teensy bit different. I’m working with computer circuits.”

Jasmine really likes to talk about it, so you sit on her lap as she shows you what she is doing. You don’t understand any of it, but it’s still really cool and she’s clearly super smart.

“So, is your mummy or daddy about?” she eventually asks.

“Somewhere,” you say unsurely.

Slipping off Jasmine’s lap, you look about, spotting mum’s office door.

“Mummy’s office is that one,” you say, pointing.

“Oh — I know your mummy then; I had her as a lecturer years ago.”

As you slip off her lap, Jasmine takes you by the hand and walks you over. Halfway there, Bow Kid seems to jump from behind a cubical wall.

“Found you!” she calls.

Jasmine giggles, looking between the two of you.

“Come on, lets the two of back to your mummy.”

Bow Kid blinks.

“Hat Kid’s mummy isn’t my mummy,” Bow Kid says, correcting her.

“Oh — Hat Kid?”

You weren’t wearing a hat right now, so the confusion made sense.

“Yep, and I’m Bow Kid!” Bow Kid tugged on her bow for emphasis, causing Jasmine to laugh.

Leading you both back, Jasmine politely knocks on mum’s door. Mum doesn’t look mad, just concerned when she looks down at you two.

“I hope they didn’t cause any trouble?” she asks.

“Well, I did catch one where she shouldn’t have been, but no harm done, Doc.”

Now you remember, mummy was a doctor too, but you never really thought about it like that. She was obviously the other kind of doctor too as she never had patients or stuff like that. Mum’s concerned smile has you squirming slightly though. Maybe you should have thought more carefully about where you tried to hide.

“Well, at least there is that,” mum agreed. “How is your thesis coming along? I’ve not spoken with Professor Kusanagi in a few weeks.”

“It’s going well,” Jasmine started with, before pausing. “Though, I think this one might need a change.”

You blink before realising that Jasmine was talking about you. You blush faintly, not really used to others talking about your nappy. Bow Kid looks at you funny and then at Jasmine. You’re not sure what she’s thinking.

“Want me to change her?” Jasmine asks before you mum says anything. “It’s been a while since I’ve babysat, but I think I can still do it.”

Mum chuckles quietly.

“Are you okay with Jasmine changing you, sweetie?”

You squirm, not really sure what to think. It’s slightly embarrassing, but… Jasmine already knew about your nappy, and she was very kind about it earlier, so it should be okay, right?

“O-okay,” you agree.

Mum leans over to grab the nappy bag from where it was between her chair and the wall, before handing it to Jasmine.

“Everything should be in there.”

Mum gives Bow Kid a questioning look for a moment, and then — slightly red faced — Bow Kid nods.

“Mind changing two bums?”

Jasmine only looks slightly surprised at the revelation, but quickly notices Bow Kid’s discomfort.

“No need to be embarrassed, sweetheart. Like I told your friend: it’s okay that you need a bit of protection.”

As Jasmine closes the door to mum’s office, you give Bow Kid a brief hug before the two of you lay down. Perhaps to make Bow Kid feel better and know that it’s all okay, Jasmine changes you first. Folding your dress over you, she pulls your leggings up over your knees and untapes your nappy, before quickly wiping you down with a wet wipe and then switching your wet nappy for a dry one.

As she does, your mum tells Jasmine about how you ended up in nappies.

“You are both very brave,” says Jasmine as she pulls your leggings up for you. “And you’re such a good friend wanting to help friend like that.” You squirm happily at the compliment as Jasmine turns to Bow Kid. “Are you okay with me changing you, sweetie?”

Bow kid is a little bit embarrassed, but quickly nods. Soon Jasmine has her in a fresh nappy. Helping Bow Kid up, she tugs Bow Kid’s leggings up over her nappy securely and then gives your friend a warm hug.

“See, I told you that you are very brave!”

Bow Kid smiles shyly at the compliment.


After some lunch, your mum buckles you and Bow Kid up into your car seats and you go op-shopping. You have done this before, but for Bow Kid it is a new experience. As mum drives, the weather seems to get wetter and wetter. Soon mum has to drive more slowly, but by then you’re close to the first op-shop.

“Wow!” Bow Kid exclaims as she follows you into the op-shop.

“There’s lots of things here,” says mum before pointing. “The kids’ clothes are over there.”

You follow mum through the racks and rocks of different clothes.

“It’s all different clothes,” says Bow Kid.

You had never thought of it like that before, but Bow Kid is right. Normal clothes shops had racks of all the same things, but here everything is different. There were probably not two things alike.

“It’s good sometimes because you can find some very nice things,” explains mum. “But sometimes you find something that you really like but does not fit you.”

There were upsides and downsides to it.

Mum started by looking for things for you and Bow Kid. It mostly consisted of pulling things out of the rack and holding them up to you, and then judging if they might be worth trying on. Between finding things that you liked, and finding things that might fit you, mum only kept one item for you and two for Bow Kid. Then it was to the change rooms to make sure that they fit you.

“Just put it on and then step out so we can check it fits,” explains mum. “If you have any problems, just call.”

“Okay,” replies Bow Kid as mum hands her a pastel blue, slightly ruffled skirt to try on.

“And this is for you,” says mum, turning to you.

It’s a pair of blue jeans. You did already have a pair, but they were getting a bit small. Once in the changing room, you go to pull your dress off before realising that you don’t have any top to wear, so instead you just pull your shoes off and slip the jeans up over your leggings and under your dress. Your nappy only a little bit wet, it’s not too hard to pull the jeans over it.

There’s a mirror on the wall of the change room. Jeans under your dress is a bit odd, but you kind of think it’s cute.

“Not too tight anywhere?” mum asks as you step out.

At her side is Bow Kid, who had the same idea as you and wore her skirt under her dress.

“Nope,” you say, holding you dress up so mum can inspect its fit.

She gives the waist a slight tug and you can hear your nappy crinkle at the motion.

“Do you like them?” mum asks you.

“Ah huh,” you reply in agreement.

Mum now satisfied, you head back into the change room to get back into what you wore on your way into the shop.


It’s properly raining by the time mum pulls into the carpark adjacent to the next op-shop.

“We might have to run,” says mum lightly. “Remember to watch your fingers when you close the doors, okay?”

“Okay!” “Yep!” you and Bow Kid reply.

Slipping out of your child seats, you share a glance at Bow Kid, then as one you both scramble to open the door and get out. You can feel the rain wet your face as you race Bow Kid to the veranda out the front of the op-shop that would protect you from the rain, but Bow Kid beats you by a mile.

“I win!” she declares.

“But your door was closer!” you reply.

Bow Kid giggles.

“Doesn’t matter. I still win!”

You’re not really put out by losing, because it’s just what you have to say when you do.

Mum — having not really run — soon catches up.

“Sweetie, you have to make sure you close the door properly,” she says to Bow Kid. “If you don’t, the car battery might run flat.”

“Ah ha!” you declare. “That means I win!”

You and Bow Kid happily argue over who wins for most of the time you are in the op-shop. Unfortunately, there’s not much in yours and Bow Kid’s sizes, so mum goes off to look for stuff for herself, letting the two of you wander. You soon find yourself in the book section.

“Wow!” Bow Kid exclaims. “Look at this!”

The book is a bit old looking, but the paining on the front is of a medieval knight on a horse. Bow Kid opens the book about half way, showing another, similar scene.

“This is really cool,” you say.

“Yep!” Bow Kid happily agrees.

You both end up laying down on the carpet, side by side as Bow Kid slowly turns each page. Each page features one or more pictures of medieval life, or diagrams of objects.

“Look at this!”

Bow Kid probably doesn’t need to say it, the page being in front of you too, but you understand her excitement: the page is full of different shield paintings, which the book calls heraldry. Some are just simple shapes and colours, while some are more complicated. Some are just silly.

“Look, that one is three legs,” you say, spotting it.

You and Bow Kid share a giggle at how three legs attach together and nothing else.

Relaxing again, you wet your nappy some more, feeling it warm up again. It’s wet enough that you can hear a tinkle sound as you pee. Bow Kid can hear it too, you realise as she glances at you with a giggle and a smile. Sharing a small, affectionate, shoulder bump, she shuffles slightly closer to you as you keep going page by page.

“Find something that you like?” your mum asks.

You suddenly remember that this is the op-shop’s book.

“Yep,” you reply, looking up at mum hopefully. “Can we get it?”

Mum squats down next to you and Bow Kid.

“What’s it about?”

“Knights and princesses,” Bow Kid supplies.

“Castles too! And Queens!” you add.

Mum picks it up, looking it over.

“We can get you that,” she says.

As you and Bow Kid stand up, mum places a steadying hand on your shoulder and pulls up the back of your dress. You squirm in both embarrassment and happiness as mum checks your nappy. Happy, knowing that you mummy is looking out for you.

“You need a change,” mum comments. Turning, she smiles softly at Bow Kid. “I bet you need one too, honey.”

Bow Kid wiggles slightly to feel how soaked her nappy is, and then hums in agreement.

After paying for the book, you follow mum out to the car. It’s bright outside, the sun shining through a big hole in the clouds. There’s a slight glare over everything from all of the recently deposited rain.

“No leaks?” mum asks just after you sit in your car seat.

You blink for a moment before remembering that mum said you needed a change. Frowning, you squirm slightly.

“I think you’re okay,” says mum reassuringly. “This is why we get you changed before your nappy leaks.

“Yep!” chirps Bow Kid from the other side of the car with a giggle.

Mum’s words and Bow Kid’s giggle make your worries evaporate.

“There’s some shops with a family bathroom near the next op-shop,” mum explains a few minutes later as you get back on the road.

“What’s that?” you ask, unfamiliar with the term.

“A bathroom with a changing table,” mum clarifies.

It’s lightly raining again as mum reaches the shops about ten minutes later.

“Don’t wander off; car parks can be dangerous,” mum warns you both as she turns off the car.

Getting out, it’s not raining enough to bother you. You are about to wander around the other side of the car to where mum and Bow Kid is when they come around, Bow Kid’s hand in mum’s.

“Your hand, sweetie,” she tells you.

Mum takes your hand too and — nappy bag over her shoulder — leads the two of you into the shops.

It’s smaller than the shops near your home, but it’s still big. There are two supermarkets, a place where you get medicine, some places selling fast food and even a glasses store. Leading you past the girl’s bathroom, mum takes you into a little bathroom between it and the boys. There’s a wheelchair symbol and also several stick figures that you think means family on the door. Inside is a toilet, a sink and something strange attached to the wall. As mum lets go of your hands and locks the door with a click, it brings back distant memories to you. They were hard to describe.

What the strange thing attached to the wall is becomes apparent when mum pulls on a handle, pulling a folding thing flat and level at table height. You realise that this is a changing table.

“Who’s first?” mum asks.

As you glance at Bow Kid questioningly, mum makes the decision for you, picking Bow Kid up under the arms. She shrieks and then giggles in surprise, then mum sets her on the changing table.

“Lay back sweetie.”

Flipping her dress up over her, mum pulls Bow Kid’s tights down to reveal a stained nappy. Because she still has her shoes on, mum leaves Bow Kid’s tights around her ankles and quickly gets to work. You wander up the other end of the table and lean on it. She smiles brightly at you.

“Not embarrassed?” you ask her.

Bow Kid hums, looking thoughtful. “Nope. Not anymore.”

“I’m glad you’re comfortable, sweetie,” says mum as she swaps Bow Kid’s wet nappy for a dry one.

“Eeeeven…” you try to think what still made you a bit embarrassed. “Messes?”

“Ooh — a bit,” Bow Kid chewed her lip, clearly thinking about it. “Buuut,” she continues, drawing the word out. “I’ve got you. It’s okay with you.”

You smile shyly back, happy that Bow Kid thinks so much of you.

“Yeah,” you quietly agree.

The smell of baby powder in the air, mum tapes Bow Kid up securely. But Bow Kid is surprised again when mum lifts her off the changing table, her leggings still around her ankles. She looks questioningly at mum.

“It’s easier to get your tights up when you’re standing up,” mum explains as she pulls them up for bow kid. Pulling them securely over her nappy, mum checks that her dress hasn’t gotten caught at the back for her, and then turns to you for your change.


“They’re like yours!” Bow Kid exclaims at the next op-shop. Excited, she asks, “Can I have them?”

Mum had just pulled them from the rack: a pair of short dungarees just like the pair you have at home. But as she holds them up against Bow Kid, mum hums neutrally.

“Sorry, Sweetie, but I think they’re a bit big for you.”

Bow Kid’s face falls. Sliding up next to her, you stand comfortingly close as mum hands them to her. As she holds them against her front, it’s hard to deny that they are too big for her — or you for that matter. For either of you.

“I wanted to be matching,” says Bow Kid quietly as mum takes them back.

“Do you want a pair?” mum asks, perhaps having not heard her clearly.

Bow Kid gives a sad nod. You take her hand as mum hums thoughtfully.

“Well, we might find some in the next op-shop. But, if we don’t, I’ll keep an eye out for some for you. How does that sound?”

Bow Kid perks up at mum’s offer.

“Thank you!” she replies excitedly, bouncing on her feet.

“It’s no problem, honey.”

Another op-shop done, mum soon declares that it’s time to head home.

“… but first, why don’t we stop by the lookout?” mum suggests. You and Bow Kid both make curious sounds, unsure what that is. “It’s the spot on the top of a really tall mountain where you can see the whole city. As long as it doesn’t rain on us, I bet it will be really pretty.”

It sounds nice, and both of you make agreeable noises.

On the drive up the hill, around tight corners and as trees and bushes raced by, you could feel that you would have to soon poop. You briefly wonder if you should try holding it, but it would be uncomfortable — and besides, mum didn’t seem to mind last time you had a messy nappy in the car. Glancing at one of your best friends, she gives you a broad smile. You knew that she wouldn’t mind.

So that settled it; if you had to go, you had to go. It wasn’t like you were having an accident, because this is what your nappy was for.

“Get you jackets on, girls,” says mum as the car comes to a stop. “I know it has been reasonably warm so far today, but up here it might be a bit windy.”

So, leading you around the back of the car, mum opens the car boot and got your jackets out. After easily slipping your arms through the sleeves, you can feel the wind mum promised, so you try to zip it up. But it’s a bit hard to get the two sides of the zipper to join — you just can’t quite manage it. Soon mum notices your difficulties and squats in front of you, taking both halves from your hands and connecting them together.

“You’ve got to make sure the zipper is all the way down,” she explains kindly as she zips you up.

“Oh — okay.”

Looking across at Bow Kid, her (borrowed) jacket is a bit big for her, but it’s very cute, even as the wind makes her hair wobble. Mum takes your hand and Bow Kid takes you other hand as mum leads you out of the car park, up a short gravel path and then some stairs to the lookout.

“Wow!” Bow Kid exclaims as the three of you go around the gift shop and the big concrete monument that marks the peak comes into view.

Besides you, mum and Bow Kid, there’s hardly anyone here. Just someone with a really big camera that is protected from any rain with a thing that looks a bit like a plastic bag, and two adults — a man and a woman — who take a selfie together and then leave the lookout.

Now at the lookout, mum lets go of your hand and — still holding Bow Kid’s — you follow mum up to the railing.

“Wow!” you say at the sight, echoing Bow Kid’s earlier words.

You can see the city in the distance, and a very large, black cloud beyond it. There’s a slight mist from the rain, which will surely get stronger. At the same time, you can spot two or three holes in the clouds where the sun shines through. From the big black cloud there’s a flash of light as huge tendrils of lightning reach down and touch the ground.

“Now that’s some impressive lightning,” mum comments.

Mum pulls out her phone and snaps a few pictures as you and Bow Kid watch the sight from between the vertical bars of the railing. Soon mum suggests that she gets a photo of you and Bow Kid together with the city and the clouds behind you. Soon the lightning only seems to get better and it’s exciting to see, and you can hear the distant booms of the thunder. However, the booms are soon replaced by the shrill tone of mum’s phone. Answering, she puts it up to her ear.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you!” she says. “Let me get out of the wind.”

Mum doesn’t go far, only walking a short distance and taking shelter from the wind behind the monument. You turn back to the view.

“Woah! That was a big one,” comments Bow Kid.

“Yeah!” you agree. “That was huge.”

At your side, Bow Kid squats, her arms looped around the railings to steady herself. Your bowels reminding you again, now seems as good a time as any to relieve yourself, so you squat down next to her. You’re warm under your jacket, but your leggings are a bit inadequate under your dress. Except for your bottom, where your soft nappy is.

Bow Kid fidgets at your side, prompting you to glance at her. Despite watching the light show, you can see her strain slightly, and realise that she’s messing her nappy. The timing is funny, and you muffle a giggle. Faintly blushing, Bow Kid glances at you as you give her a small, knowing smile.

“Poopy bottom!” you sing.

“Yep!” she replies back. “Wasn’t I supposed to?” she replies curiously.

You blink at Bow Kid, surprised at the response. It was like she thought nothing of it. But then there’s a little quirk of Bow Kid’s lip, before some giggles escape her, and you realise she was just joking with you. You giggle along side her.

But you are reminded again of your own soon-to-be messy nappy. You decide to get it over with and are about to push when —


Thunder, a lot closer than the other thunder, make a sudden roar. It makes both you and Bow Kid jump in fright, and as you do, your mess is quickly expelled, filling your nappy.

It’s a sudden shock, and standing there, gripping the railings in a white knuckled grip, you freeze. But, only half finished your business, it’s uncomfortable, and you force yourself to squat. Pushing the rest out, your nappy soon fills and you can feel the mess spreading on your bottom.

“Are… you okay?” Bow Kid asks with concern at your side.

You shake your head, your lip quivering, and then Bow Kid hugs you side. After a few moments to gather yourself, you admit to her, “I pooped…”


“T-the lightning,” is all you need to say to explain what you mean. “It shocked me?”

When Bow Kid releases you from her hug, she smiles widely at you, on the verge of giggling. You give her confused look. She starts giggling.

Shocking, like lightning!” she says between giggles.

There’s a beat, and you break out into giggles as well.

Not long after it starts to rain. You and bow kid stand up — your hand in hers — and look towards mum. She’s putting her phone away and motions for you to come over. Waddling slightly in your packed nappy, you do.

“Lets get back to the car before we get rained on,” suggests mum.

As you get to the stairs, the rain starts to pick up.

“Take my hands, girls,” she tells you as she starts walking fast. You and Bow Kid have to jog to keep up and mum stops your both from slipping, but it’s a good idea as almost as soon as you get to the car, it actually gets even heavier.

Climbing up into the car, mum closes the door behind you before helping Bow Kid do the same, and then jumping into the front seat.

“Pooh-wee — that was close,” says mum.

It’s bucketing down outside.

“Yep!” you and Bow Kid reply.

Looking over your shoulder, you can see the big rain cloud out the back window. You can make out another flash of lightning, before you slip into the centre seat — turning around — where you can better see. Bow Kid apparently thinks you have the right idea, as she immediately joins you.

“There’s another one!” she exclaims.

The thunder is muffled by the car.

As you watch the show, you can hear mum shuffle behind you, then she lifts up the back of your jacket and dress, and tugs on the back of your nappy. You give mum a glance and a small smile before turning back to the lightning, unconcerned by your nappy check.

“I thought someone needed a change,” mum comments lightly.

“Do you need a change too, sweetie?” mum asks of Bow Kid as she lifts up the back of your friend’s jacked and skirt.

“Ah huh,” Bow Kid hums in agreement.

Mum quietly laughs as she lets the back of Bow Kid’s nappy snap back.

“I guess that’s just the hazard of having two little girls in nappy then.”


It’s still raining, making it a bit harder for mum to check that you are both buckled up properly, but after taking slightly longer than usual, mum is satisfied and starts the car. You feel a bit sleepy. It has been a long day and you had seen and done lots of different things. But before you can drift to sleep, mum tells you about her phone call.

“That was your mum on the phone, sweetheart,” she explains to Bow Kid. “She says that she will be back late tomorrow night, after dinner.”

Your heart falls at the news; you wanted this to go on forever to always be able to have a sleepover with Bow Kid. You feel uncomfortable at feeling this way, but when you look towards Bow Kid you can see that looks super excited to see her mum, and… actually, seeing Bow Kid super happy makes the sadness of not being with Bow Kid at every hour of the day hurt less. Be apart from your own mummy would make you sad too, so you can understand the feeling.

So, as you nod off to sleep, you keep the thought of how happy Bow Kid is in mind.

AN: Sorry this took me a while!

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