A musician girl (Chapter 8)

Hi, this is my first attempt at writing a story, English is not my mother language, so I apologize in advance if it is poorly written and for any mistakes I might have overlooked. I wanted to write a story about musicians, so here goes my (hopefully not) poor attempt at doing it. Hope you enjoy it![U]

Chapter 1: Deliverance

The show was at its peak, the ambient was just perfect for both the crowd and the band playing on stage, both sides pumping pure energy into each other. The main guitarist, a black haired girl who swung her head back and forth with the rhythm, leaned close to the microphone to sing the next lines. Some verses she particularly liked.

“The piercing sounds you make”

Her voice was a bit hoarse already, but the gig was almost over anyway.

“Soaring higher, higher now”

Yet the sound of the heavily distorted guitars, the banging drums behind her and that tummy-punching bass were mesmerizing.

“And once left in my wake”

Her body was covered in sweat, and her neck tired from all the headbanging, her nether regions felt particularly clammy. She made a mental note to take care of that last detail as soon as she could after the gig was over.

“Your memory’s nothing but the scars on me”

Get away from the mic, keep banging your head, carefully now, last thing she needed in the middle of a tour was a sore neck with who knows how many shows left to be played. Then again, there’s not much aggressive headbanging to be done in a 7/8 measure, the perks of playing progressive stuff.

Suddenly, her vision got blurry, her body started feeling weird, she was blacking out. Fainting? Not quite, didn’t feel like it, not that she knew much about the feeling. She felt warmness, her whole body pressed against something soft, like… floating on it? No, lying on it.

The girl opened her blue eyes, the fog of her dream resembling last night still tenuously lingering in her mind. Taking in her surroundings, she reckoned herself lying on a bed. Before her blurry vision cleared, her nose registered a familiar smell, one she had got to know very well in the last three weeks.

Her vision cleared, a brunette she recognized as the bass player was sitting up in bed reading a book beside her. How that eighteen year old girl could wake up early after a long night gigging, and how that same girl could give a homely feel to a hotel room by the mere activity of reading a book in bed while drinking some black tea every morning, the blackhead could not understand, but she had been waking up to the same scenario for the past three weeks.

The brunette seemed to notice the girl beside her had woken up.

“Good morning, Ems”, said the reading girl greeting her bandmate with a smile.

“Morning, Skye” the guitarist yawned and shifted her body so she could sit up when she noticed something off between her legs. She knew very well what it was, except she wasn’t used to waking up with that feeling down there. Embarrassed, she gave Skye a confused look, as if the girl beside her knew why she had a diaper between her legs that morning.

Getting the hint, and judging by the look in her bandmate’s face, Skye put down her book and nonchalantly explained the other girl the order of events that led to her current situation.

“Sorry about that, you were so tired last night you simply collapsed in bed the moment you entered the hotel room, still on your clothes and your… wet… “She trailed off, uncomfortable with the mention of the undergarment. “So, I noticed you hadn’t changed like you always do, I tried waking you up softly but you were sound asleep, so to avoid waking you up violently I… decided to help you out on that so you didn’t get a rash. I put you in another one just… in case” Skye tried to choose her words carefully so the poor girl didn’t feel more embarrassed than she already was.

Emily mentally slapped herself, how could she have forgotten about something so important? Yes, she had to wear them while on stage due to the amounts of water she drank to keep herself well hydrated, and bathroom breaks in the middle of the show were out of the question, which left only one solution, diapers. But being tired was no excuse for being reckless. On top of that, if her friend had changed her it meant she had seen her…

“Wait, you mean you saw me…?” Emily’s cheeks were burning by the time she trailed off on her question, to which Skye couldn’t help feeling awkward.

Her cheeks also burning, the brunette answered with her gaze on the floor. “Um… yeah, rashes down there can be really nasty, so I figured you would prefer… a-and you wouldn’t wake up, and we’ve seen each other in underwear plenty of times… sorry if it was a transgression, I had some drinks on me and wasn’t thinking straight and…”

“It’s okay, I know you only meant well” Emily sighed, then managed a sheepy smile “Thanks”.

Skye seemed to calm down with her friend’s smile, and chose to replicate it.

“It’s no problem, anything for a friend”

“And I happen to have a very nice-to-cuddle friend” The guitarist said laying her head on the brunette’s shoulder, taking advantage of her own shorter height.

“Aw, you’re too cute” Skye cooed, making Emily’s cheeks go another shade redder.

On top of it, the shorter girl’s stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly.

“Aren’t we hungry this morning?” From cooing to teasing, fabulous.

“Sh-Shut up, last night we had to go onstage earlier than I was told and I had no time to eat something before the gig, and I was so tired afterwards I didn’t think much about how hungry I was” The poor girl’s face was a tomato by then.

“Okay, okay, let’s just go down for some breakfast. I’m starving, too”.

Emily motioned to get out of bed.

“Right, just let me grab a shower and get out of this…” Without the sheets covering her lower half, she noticed her diaper had a yellow color in it, and knew well what that color implied. A wet diaper. A diaper she had wet in her sleep. Without being aware of it.

Skye noticed her bandmate’s face had drained of all color at the sight of the object attached to her waist. Concerned, she touched the blackhead’s shoulder gently to get her attention.

“What’s wrong, Ems?”

Emily didn’t answer, just then it clicked on Skye “Wait, you didn’t know it was wet?” Her voice now had a worried tone in it.

“I- I-…” Emily turned to look at her friend with wearing teary eyes “Just what I needed, now I’m a bedwetter!”

Skye took her friend’s hands into hers “Calm down Ems, it’s probably an isolated incidence, a fluke. You were very tired last night and had some drinks on you, and since you collapsed into bed the moment we got in here, it…” She chose her words carefully “Makes sense something like this could happen”. The look she got from the other girl made it clear she had to take a different approach. So she hugged her tightly and spoke softly while caressing her back.

“It’s okay, we’ll make sure it doesn’t repeat. And if anything happens you can always count on me for anything you need, okay?” She felt Emily relax in her embrace, followed by another thunder from her tummy. “So how about you go take a shower, put on some clean clothes and we go find some breakfast?”

“Thanks Skye” The blackhead replied drying her tears “I’m glad I have you as my friend, it means a lot to me”. She stood up, feeling rather awkward in only a shirt and a wet diaper in front of her friend. “I’ll be quick; you must be starving too”.

“Say no more, go get your rump in the shower” Skye replied playfully before continuing with her book while she waited for Emily.

The girls were glad the hotel was still serving breakfast by the time they got to the hotel’s dining hall.

“You think the boys are anywhere here?” The blackhead asked while she picked some eggs from one of the trays and put them in her plate.

“Oh, knowing those animals they’ll probably wake up just to have breakfast and go back to sleep. I wouldn’t be surprised if they spent the night making out with some girl from last night’s gig”.

“You and I are saints compared to them. Look they’re over there” She gestured towards two boys in their twenties who looked to have had a very shaky night, sitting in a table at the end of the hall.

“Good morning, gentlemen” Emily greeted with sarcasm.

“Good morning, Andreu, Tony” Skye said in a more respectful tone.

Andreu, the other guitarist, the one with curly, long chestnut hair and matching eyes was the first to reply “Good morning, ladies. Mock us all you want, doesn’t make last night any less pleasurable” Both girls rolled their eyes while he smirked proudly.

“Morning, girls” Spoke the other one through his moustache, a tall man with blond hair.

“So, any plans for today?” Emily asked while nibbling at her breakfast. “It’s just one gig left before this ends, gotta make it special”

“Two, actually. I was told some minutes ago we’re playing tonight at a local pub and then we’re off to next city for our last show in the tour” Andreu answered.

“How so?” Emily inquired.

“Well, they want us there, will pay good money and spread word about us in the city, and we had today off anyway, so I accepted”.

“I miss playing at pubs, it’ll be fun”. Skye pointed out.

“Just keep in mind we’ll have to take it easy, save some energy for the last one” Toni interjected.

“Oh, with last night’s show I’m sure it’ll be pretty crowded in there, maybe even find another couple of cute girls to replace these two” Andreu gestured to Emily and Skye.

“Yeah, says mister my-throat-hurts-I-can’t-growl-tonight while smoking a cigarette, you’re the one getting swapped, you moron”. Emily teased back, earning laughs form everyone.

As expected, the show at the local pub had been a success. Emily looked at the crowd with a smile on her face. As tradition dictated, she threw her guitar pick towards them hoping some teenager who had gotten in illegally caught it and felt inspired to make their own music. It was a long shot, but seeing it was exactly how it had been for her, she kept doing so.

While she cleaned her guitar, Emily made a mental note to change out of her diaper as soon as she could find some privacy, not let the same from last night happen again. Just when she got back on the stage to pick up some of her other stuff, she noticed the venue was now empty, except for a teen girl dressed in black from head to toe who started walking towards the musician the moment she saw her.

“Hey there, I really loved the show, it was majestic!” The teen girl exclaimed, failing to disguise how excited she felt. “Look! I caught your pick”.

“Thanks, it means a lot to us when someone likes our music that much. That pick’s a treasure, make sure to keep it well”. The musician closed the other girl’s fingers over the plastic piece to emphasize her point.

“I will! And I… I also have a… gift for you” The younger girl said rummaging in her back until she pulled out a box wrapped in black paper and gave it to Emily “It’s a book, sorry to spoil the surprise so soon, but there are some things I need to tell you about it” The girl leaned closer and spoke in a hushed tone.

“I ask you to keep it very well, and don’t let anyone know you have it. Someone is looking for it to set it to flames, and will go after you if they know you have it”

“Wait, what? Who wants to set it on fire?” Emily mimicked the other girl’s whispered voice.

“The book itself will tell you, I have to go now, no one can know I was here after the show ended”

“Hold on, why are you giving this to me?”

“I had planned give to someone today at this show, seemed like the perfect chance to hide it without anyone noticing, but decided on you when I caught your pick. I have the impression you’ll take good care of it. And as far as I know, you’re a musician and a physics student, not someone you’d expect to be interested in literature, much less be hiding a book. Take care” The younger girl turned around to leave.

“Uh, how do you know I’m a physics student?” Emily asked, perplexed.

“You make too many questions, Emily” The girl offered a grin before walking out of the venue.

“How do you know my name?” Emily ran after the girl but found her gone when she got to the exit. Her mind was buzzing with questions about what had just happened, for starters, she actually liked a lot reading, it was one of her hobbies, so that girl’s analysis hadn’t been spot on, more so, why did that girl want to hide the book so carefully? The feeling of the clammy diaper between her legs brought her back to reality. Deciding to go for a change, she pondered that, if what the girl had said was true, unwrapping the book right there was not a good idea, and preferred to wait until she was in a more private environment. First in order was a change of underwear, though.

Once back in the hotel room, clad in her nightwear, and in proper grown up underwear, Emily was running her hand across the wrapping that covered the book when Skye suddenly appeared to her side.

“So what took you so long after we finished, I thought you’d be in a rush to change your underwear, as you’re always saying how cold and uncomfortable it gets”

“Um… something strange happened” Emily put the package in her bag hoping Skye paid it no mind “A teen girl waited until the show was over, she caught the pick I threw, came to talk to me when I was picking up my pedalboard and someway she knew my name and some things about me”

“Oh, the teen girl dressed in black who looked no older than fifteen?” Emily nodded “When we were in the backstage before the show, while you were in the bathroom getting your rump padded, she came to us and asked us about who we were, our names, hobbies, interests, and all that, we thought she was someone who had liked our show the night before and wanted to get to know us, so Andreu talked to her and told her everything she wanted to know. That’s how she knew stuff about you” Skye paused briefly “What’s with that package you just put in your bag in hopes I hadn’t noticed?” Crap, she had indeed seen it.

“That’s the weird thing, it’s a book, she told me she wants me to keep it, and that no one should know I have it, that’s why I haven’t opened it yet…” Emily trailed off, if the teenager had been told by Andreu about her interests and hobbies, then she surely knew Emily liked books and reading, thus making her reasons to give to it to her to hide it invalid, unless that girl wanted to give to someone who didn’t seem suspicions, but was still capable of understanding its value.

“…Emily?” She heard Skye calling out her name.

“Um… yes?”

“You were in deep thought or something likely, I asked you why does she want you to keep it, and why no one should know you have it?”

“I- I’d rather not talk about it now, let’s go to bed” Emily dryly replied.

“Why don’t we just unwrap it and see what this book is all about?” Skye chimed playfully, and before Emily could do anything, she had fished the package out of the blackhead’s bag and was tearing the paper.

“The Shadow of the Wind?” Skye read out loud “Now that’s a catchy title, does not tell you much about the story or what the book is about though, what do you thi- “ Skye fell silent when she saw the look on Emily’s face. “Ems?”

“What did you say was the name of that book?”

“Um… The Shadow of the Wind, why?” An expression of enlightenment dawned on Emily’s face.

“It’s a book about a book, named the same as the title, which is found by a ten year old in a special place his father takes him to some morning in 1945. Later he finds out that the author is dead and a man who carries the identity of one of the characters in the book the boy found is chasing down all the copies of the books written by the author of said book to set them fire, including the one the boy has, just like that girl told me someone has the intention to do with this book” Emily explained.

“Wow, that’s positively intriguing, however we don’t know how much of what she said is true”

“I have reasons to believe every word of what she said” Emily remarked more to herself than to Skye.

“Which reasons, if I might ask?” Silence was the only answer she got. Getting the hint Emily didn’t want to speak any further on the subject, Skye went with one last question.

“And which character of the book the boy finds does the person who wants to burn it incarnates?”

Emily shivered before answering.

“The devil himself”.

That night, as both girls slept peacefully in each other’s arms, Emily dreamed of the story the book she had been given told, only hoping that, if she were to be entangled in some huge labyrinth of forgotten secrets, diffused memories and forgotten loves, it wasn’t as dark and tragic as it was in The Shadow of the Wind. Little did she know, she was in for a very memorable ride.

And that’s it for chapter 1, let me know what you think, any corrections and suggestions are very welcome.
The song Emily is singing at the beginning is Deliverance, by Opeth, I highly recommend it for anyone who’s into metal.

Re: A musician girl

Yay. A yuri/lesbian themed story? I’m interested in how it continues. The interactions between Emily and Skye are so cute :3

Re: A musician girl

[I]Well, little, I have the impression you’ll find chapter very enjoyable :wink: Let me know what you think :smiley:

[/I]Chapter 2: From the Ritz to the Rubble

One of the downsides of being on tour is having one’s sleeping schedule fucked up. Free days to roam around are a rare occurrence, usually you have to wake up early to go to the next city, blame those awfully scheduled sound checks. Combine that with everyday aspects of life that can become quite difficult on long trips, such as laundry, and things can go south pretty quickly of not managed carefully.

On the bright side, the last city in which they were going to play wasn’t very far from the one they had just left, the trip took no more than 2 hours. On the not so bright side, arriving early meant sound check at 9 AM. Emily silently cursed to herself when, first thing after getting down of the bus, they were told they had to do it.

“These people seem to forget we are also humans, who need to, you know, eat and stuff” Emily complained, as none of them had had any breakfast, to which Andreu responded.

“They’ll let us stay tomorrow all day long in the city, we’ll have a short interview in the morning and we’ll have the rest of the day free, we go home on Monday, the day after tomorrow. I’m sure you can stand a little hunger for a while” He smiled, though his eyes told her he was also tired of all the things they had endured “It ends today, let’s just enjoy it and give it our best. Right?”

“Right!” Everyone replied before they were off to gather their stuff.

As much as Emily would not recognize it, she and everyone else saw Andreu as some kind of leader in the group, a role he assumed flawlessly. He was usually the one to speak the most in interviews and the one everyone would turn to when things were not working properly, he was probably the piece that made the group work.

As she played with the knobs of the amplifier to get it to sound right, Emily recalled in her head the list of things she needed for the day. Extra picks? She only had one left, the others had been thrown at previous gigs, so she would have to go to a mall and find a music store to buy some. Spare strings? Two of each, if she remembered correctly. Drinks? Water was not a problem, but the tradition all of them pursued of having a gulp of some stoutly thing before going onstage was hard to break, and the vodka had run out the night before, so a bottle was in order. Last, but not least, diapers. As luck would have it, she had used the last one the night before. She could go with just one pick, without alcohol, maybe even without spare strings, but going without diapers was a no-no. Being the last gig of the tour this one was probably going to last longer and would drain a lot more energy from her, which resulted in needing more water to keep well herself hydrated. That, combined with the extended length of the show meant she would sooner or later need to use the bathroom before the presentation was over, and holding it would only mess up her performance.

The amplifier finally roared with that middle frequency boosted tone she loved and worshiped, and so did Andreu’s guitar a couple minutes later. Toni’s drums had been of spot in less than ten minutes, as much as he was a useless junkie for almost anything else, he had an overwhelming talent when it came to drumming, going as far as always nailing it no matter how high or drunk he was, he wasn’t very talkative either, he could go for days without saying anything else than what was strictly necessary.

To the blackhead’s delight, the sound check took only half an hour, leaving them free to do as they pleased for most of the day.

After having breakfast back at the hotel, Emily went straight to the room she was sharing with Skye, she found her friend on a chair by the window, reading book, a sight the blackhead had grown accustomed
to lately.

“Um… Skye?” Distracting the brunette from her book seemed wrong, but she needed to talk with her.


“I was planning to go to a mall to buy some… things I need, wanna come with me?” Knowing her, she would figure out what exactly those things were.

“Sure, we can go after lunch if you like, we’ve got plenty of time before the show” Skye got the hint the blackhead did not want to go on her own.

“Thanks, I’ll see you in the lobby after lunch then” Emily thanked, then went to check on her equipment, being the control freak she was on those aspects, she always double checked every cable and every connection to make sure everything was working properly. While she did so, the guitarist let her thoughts wander to the book she had received the night before from that mysterious girl. She didn’t need to read the book to know the details of the implications of what that girl had said, if it were to be true, the book was in fact being sought by someone to set it into flames. In the book, the person was a tall man with his face completely covered in the scar of a serious burn, he identified by the name Lain Coubert, which was the name the devil went by in the book he was trying to obtain. What made her shiver though, was the fact that he was unstoppable, going as far as to burn an entire house with its occupants inside just to get rid of one copy of the book. That book had to be hiding something within its pages for it to be sought so tenuously. Then again, she still doubted the other girl’s words were true, only time would tell.

It was midafternoon by the time the duo of girls got to a nearby mall, and found it quite crowded.

“So, where do you plan to get the diapers?” Skye suddenly asked, earning a blush from Emily.

“Hey, not so loud!” She said above a whisper.

“Sorry, sorry, I guess we can figure that out later, which other things do you need?"

“Well for starters, we ran out of vodka last night, so we’ll need more booze for today”

“Ugh, We’ve been drinking vodka through all of the tour, I’m tired of it by now”

“So am I, but that’s the only thing Andreu will drink” Emily sighed.

“Why not get him a half bottle of vodka, and something else for the rest of us?”

“Fine by me, and Toni will drink anything. How about some brandy?”

“We’re not old enough to buy it though, we’ll have to figure something out” Emily said in deep thought.

“Oh, leave that detail to me, I have my ways to getting booze when I want it” Skye blinked an eye and turned around into a nearby store.

Minutes later she came out with two bottles of booze and a smirk in her face.

“How did you…?”

“It’s just a matter of seeking a male guy behind the register, the rest is some flirt play and that’s it” Her smirk widened.

“I guess I should count myself lucky I’m a girl then” Emily replicated Skye’s smirk.

“A very cute girl, I’d even date you” Skye whispered to herself, looking to the side.

“What did you say? I didn’t catch it”

“Oh, it was nothing, I just remembered I need some picks too, let’s go get them” Skye put on her best smile hoping her friend would drop the subject, which she did.

After a while roaming around and gazing stuff in various shops, Emily decided she could not delay things any longer.

“So… only one thing left… there’s a drugstore over there, I’ll got get them, wait for me here” Emily started walking when she felt a hand in her shoulder.

“Hey, you’re not leaving me here standing like a lamppost, I’m going with you” She playfully pouted to accentuate her words.

“But- But…” Emily’s face could light a cigarette a hand away from it by then “It’s embarrassing” She said above a whisper.

“Tell you what, if the salesclerk asks anything you can throw it on me, deal?” Of course they wouldn’t, the never did.

“Deal!” Emily exclaimed, still blushing.

Finding the incontinence isle was easy, looking through the various options hoping no one saw her, that was another story. And her blush only made things worse.

“These ones seem to fit me, and they’re thick enough to stand the whole show” She whispered to Skye, grabbing a 5 unit package in her hand.

“But you only need one, and I’m sure the sell singles” Skye remarked.

“Um… I’d rather have some spares, in case something happens. I might screw up the tapes, or we might have another unexpected show tomorrow, or…” She remembered what had happened two nights before. “I-It’s better safe than sorry” She looked at the floor in an attempt to hide her reddening Skye.

“Makes sense to me, let’s go get them checked out then, we’re kinda short on time now”


As Skye had thought, the girl in the register merely offered Emily a smile and made no questions about her purchase, though it did nothing to minimize her burning blush.

“You look so cute when you’re blushing” Skye commented once they were on their way back to the hotel to meet with the boys. Her comment only made the poor girl’s cheeks catch fire again.

“Thanks, I think you’re really cute in your own way” Emily replied with a tiny smile. Only to ask herself immediately where had that come from. She looked up at Skye and found her blushing with a surprised look on her face.

“Do you… really… think that way?” Now was Skye’s turn to feel flustered.

“Y-Yes! I mean it…” She looked down, feeling a bit of shame.

“Thanks” Emily looked up, Skye closed her eyes and sighed “It means a lot coming from you”

“Does it now?” The guitarist felt her face hotter, Skye however had already collected herself.

“It sure does, now let’s hurry, we have big night ahead” Her smile was instantly mirrored in Emily’s lips.

“Yes we do! Let’s go!”

Skye’s smile softened and another content sigh escaped her lips, it was amazing how the both of them could lift each other’s spirits in a such wonderful way. She decided to treasure the warmth that was now flooding her from the inside, aware that only Emily could make her feel that way.

“You guys having a good time so far?” Andreu asked the crowd in front of them. Everyone cheered.

“We have a few… a few more really really heavy numbers, if you don’t mind, you don’t wanna go home, do you?” He was taking the chance to tune his guitar as he kept talking.

“Are you gonna go insane to this one? I saw the mosh pit down there, and I liked it” More screams.

Emily felt the familiar pressure in her lower region moments before the song started, and chose to let go while Andreu spoke to the crowd so she could focus entirely on her performance. She started letting out a small trickle, careful to not let it go all at once to avoid the risk of leakage. Keeping her expression neutral while the warmth enveloped her nether regions was never easy, though she would not admit it to herself, Emily somehow enjoyed the warmth that spread down there every time she used her diapers, sadly it only lasted a half hour at most, and became very clammy and uncomfortable afterwards.

“This one is called De-li-ve-rance” The crowd was screaming before she was done announcing the song. Emily placed her hand in the fretboard and waited for Toni to give them the signal. Her mind always voided of anything else the moment a song started, and time always seemed to flow a lot faster. More often than not the gig was over before she knew it, as if a different person was swapped for her the moment she started playing. And the sensation of being up there in stage, knowing she was nailing it along with everyone else, was one she never got tired of.

In the blink of an eye the show was over, and Emily found herself in the backstage, cleaning her guitar and having some brandy with Skye and Toni while Andreu fixed some things with a businessman.

“Despite all of the mishaps, that was one hell of a show, we nailed it” Skye commented.

“Oh yeah, when I looked at the mosh pit I thought the devil was coming. And I think mishaps is a nice way to put it. One of the amps literally caught fire!” Emily exclaimed.

“Well, that’s because of the energy we have on stage” Skye blinked her eye.

“One of the valves was probably old and due to be replaced a long time ago, they had a backup amp, so no complaints here. We should count ourselves lucky no strings snapped this time”

Toni kept to himself, listening to the girls talk while gulping down his third drink for the night.

Just when Emily was about to excuse herself to the bathroom to go change out of her wet diaper, Andreu suddenly entered the room and gestured her to stay.

“Alright guys, this ends our first tour together as a band, it was a pleasure doing so with you all” He paused to take a sip of vodka, “I suggest to not get your asses drunk tonight though, there’s still the interview tomorrow morning, after that you’re free to do as you please”

“Any plans for tonight that don’t involve alcohol?” Skye asked.

“Well, there’s this girl who wants to spend the night with me” He turned to Toni “Her friend is also looking for someone to spend the night with” Both girls knew very well what they meant by ‘spending the night’, but both boys still preferred to keep things formal in front of the ladies.

“It looks its once again you and me for the night” Skye said to Emily once the boys were on their ways to their hotel rooms with a couple of girls. “We could go out looking for something to eat, I’m sure you’re hungry too”

“Sounds good, just let me go change out of this thing” She pointed to her hips.

“Sure, I’ll wait for you in the lobby” Skye replied as she saw Emily walk out the door, surprising herself with her gaze fixated on the other girl’s hips.

They found a nice restaurant not very far from the hotel, located in the fifth floor of a building full of various different shops. In regards of Skye’s wish for some fresh air, they chose a table by a window which only sight was a dark and empty backstreet.

“Feels nice to have something other than junk food for dinner” Skye commented as she picked up some spaghetti with a fork.

“It sure does, I had already grown sick of pizza and burgers”

“Luckily they pay us for each gig, it gives some extra cash to indulge in some things once or twice” Skye fell silent for a moment as she pondered her next words, building up the courage to say them without growing flustered. “You know, the boys are likely to spend tomorrow night with another pair of girls much like tonight, so I was wondering if…” She internally kicked herself to finish what she had already started “Since it’s just you and me, would you like to do something together?” We can go watch a movie, or simply go for a walk at night and find some place to talk, or…” A date, for fucks sake, she meant a date, why couldn’t she bring herself to just say it?

“I’d love to” Emily’s reply took Skye off guard “It’d be nice to spend some time together and relax now that the tour has ended”.

“Great!” Her voice betrayed for a moment, she collected herself in an instant and continued with a more controlled enthusiasm “I heard from one of the sound guys there’s a seventies prog rock gig at one of the local pubs”.

“Sweet! Will feel good to listen to something other than metal for a change. How do we get in though? We’re not old enough”.

“Oh, leave that detail to my talents” Skye blinked an eye before standing up “Now, if you’ll excuse I have to use the lavatory, be back in a moment” With that, she set off to the bathroom, leaving Emily alone with her thoughts.

All of a sudden, she started feeling uneasy, with the feeling she was being observed form somewhere. Emily looked around the restaurant and found no one who seemed suspicious, and Skye was nowhere to be seen. Then it occurred to her, looking out the window into the dark backstreet below, she saw it. A human, apparently male figure standing in the poorly lit passageway, looking directly at her, the yellowish ember of his cigarette reflecting in his eyes, a wide hat hiding any details of his face other than those amber eyes. Try as she might, Emily couldn’t make out any details other than the fact he was wearing a long gabardine. The figure nodded, waved a gloved hand at her and starting walking away through the backstreet.

A shiver went down Emily’s back, her mouth had gone dry and her face covered in cold sweat. She got away from the window and gulped down a glass of water in an attempt at quenching the nausea that had suddenly took over her. In the book she had received the night before, the experience she had just gone through was an exact replica of the first time the main character met with Lain Coubert.

Emily had no idea how much time had passed when Skye came back.

“Hey there, missed me?” The brunette was taken aback by the look on her friend’s face, she was all pale and sweaty.

“Ems, are you alright? You don’t look very well” She asked in a worried tone.

“No, I’m not alright, let’s go to the hotel room right now, please”

“Okay, wait until I pay for the dishes and we’ll be out” The bassist turned away when she felt a tug in her shirt.

“I’ll go with you, I don’t want to be alone” Emily said while looking at the floor.

“Okay, once we get to the hotel you can tell me what’s wrong” She took Emily by the hand as softly as she could and walked her to the cashier.

The guitarist was silent the whole way back to the hotel. She didn’t even try to hide her paranoia, constantly looking to her sides and behind her afraid the figure might be following them. Only once the entered their room and closed the door did she seem to relax enough to talk again. Skye made Emily sit in bed and used one hand to raise the shorter girl’s hair while touching her forehead with the other.

“Hmm, you don’t seem to have a fever, are you feeling sick?” Emily shook her head.

“What’s the matter, Ems?” Skye asked sitting down beside her.

“I…” Her voice was a thin thread “I’m afraid…” She looked away from Skye’s gaze.

“Afraid of what?” Skye was growing confused, what had happened to Emily while she was in the bathroom?

The blackhead simply shook her head, and her friend noticed a few tears starting to stain her eyes. Emily was taken by surprise when she felt herself pulled in a very tight and warm hug.

“It’ll be alright, we’ll make it alright. If I can be of any help just let me know, that’s what friends are for” Emily relaxed into Skye’s embrace, finally feeling a lot more calmed, she let herself be enveloped in Skye’s warmth and wrapped her own arms around her friend.

Several minutes passed until Emily broke the embrace and lay her head on Skye´s shoulder.
“Thanks, I needed that. I’m glad I have you here with me, if it weren’t for you I’d be having an anxiety attack”

“It’s okay, you know you can count on me” Skye let silence linger for just a moment before continuing “So, will you tell me what happened?”

Emily sighed and sat straight, looking at Skye in the eyes, she proceeded to tell her all she knew about The Shadow of the Wind, the story in it and the resemblance of the encounter she had experienced in the restaurant, about how the figure had replicated the exactly the scene the book narrated, she even got the book out to show her the paragraph where said scene was described.

“Hmm, this is too much to be a coincidence, is Lain Coubert a dangerous person in the book?” Skye asked, genuinely worried for her friend.

“He does anything to get the books and burn them, going as far as burning an entire building with copies inside of it, but he never harasses the main character, doesn’t try to do him wrong in any sense. But that’s the book, I have no idea if the person who was looking at me is going to behave the same” Emily started feeling scared again, to which Skye quickly reacting by taking her hand into hers.

“Well, at least for tonight you’re safe, nothing will happen to us while we’re here. I’m tired, and I have the impression you also are, how about we call it a night and go to sleep?”

“Sounds good to me, just give me a moment to get into my sleep wear” Emily stood up and grabbed, besides her pajamas, a diaper from the pack she had bought that afternoon, preferring not to look back at Skye and choosing to deal with her questioning look later.

Once both girls were dressed for the night and laying down in the double bed, Skye kept looking questioningly at her friend, though she didn’t dare to ask anything to avoid embarrassing her, she could not hide the ‘Why?’ written all over her face.

“I- I’m still quite scared, and if something were to happen I’d rather be… protected. Last thing I want is wetting the same bed you’re sleeping in, so I prefer to play safe and wear it. S- Sorry it annoys you…” For the umpteenth time that day, her face was on fire as she spoke.

“It’s alright, I actually think you look cute in them” Emily looked up at those words.

“Do you really think so? Isn’t it weird or anything? I thought it’d be childish…”

“Not at all, just don’t fret over it, okay? Now let’s go to sleep, I’m exhausted” Skye shut the lights off and left the room in penumbra, she lay down facing Emily and found looking at her in the darkness. Unwinding a soft smile, Skye patted the spot right next to her for Emily, who instantly got closer to cuddle with her.

“Feels nice to have a cute friend to cuddle with tonight of all nights, doesn’t it?” Skye whispered playfully.

“It feels amazing” Emily replied before she closed her eyes and sleep overtook her, leaving Skye all flustered and blushing profusely.

In the morning, Emily could only sigh in frustration as she found her diaper wet, Skye went to comfort her, but the blackhead perked up and offered her a smile, saying she more or less expected that to happen and was glad she had taken actions to prevent it from getting worse. Skye smiled to herself as she saw Emily get into the bathroom for a shower, relieved that her friend wasn’t as affected by it as she had been a couple days before.

The interview went as always, Andreu answered most of the questions, Emily limited herself to technical aspects, Toni barely talked, and Skye talked about their future goals. When it was over and they were waiting for their bus to pick them up, Skye got close to Andreu and tugged at his shirt.

“Andreu, I um… need to talk to you, in private” The tall boy’s face told her she had chosen the wrong words “No, it’s not what you’re thinking, I wanted to consult something with you”

He nodded, and they walked a dozen steps away from the others to keep their conversation between them. “What do you want to talk about?” Andreu asked once he was sure the others wouldn’t listen to them.

“Um… you see, I know a band is like a family, and being a family means any other kind of relationship should be avoided to prevent future disagreements, but…” She looked toward Emily to make sure she wasn’t paying attention to them “I’m starting to really feel something for Emily, I feel warm when I’m with her, we had never spent as much time together as we did on this tour, and… well, you already knew even before we started this band that I’m into girls…”

“Yeah, and what’s the problem?” He softly asked.

“I’m not sure what you would think of a relationship between the two of us, this band is my life, but I also don’t want to miss the chance if there is any, to have a special someone in my life, nor do I want her to get kicked out at some point…” She was surprised when Andreu put his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t overthink it, if that’s what your heart tells you then go for it and make sure to enjoy and live every moment of it, because there’s no time like the first time you fall in love for someone” He smiled reassuringly “Do you have any hint of how she feels about you?”

“Yes!” She immediately collected herself “She has said she finds me cute and likes to spend time with me but… Ugh, I still don’t know if she sees me as just a friend!”

“Come to think of it, you two would make a cute couple” That earned him a blush from Skye “It’s fine by me, as long as you don’t let interfere with the band’s dynamics, I think you should go for it”

“Thanks, Andreu”

“Anytime, now let’s go, or the others might start having wrong ideas” He barely dodged Skye’s hit in an attempt to erase the smirky expression from his face.

“Are you sure you still want to go out tonight?” Skye asked Emily when she saw getting ready to go out “With what happened last night I thought you’d want to stay indoors”

“Well, we’ll be in a crowded place, and we’re coming back in a taxi, so we should be fine. Besides I’m not missing a prog rock gig, nor do I want to miss going out with you” Both girls’ cheeks turned pink at that last remark.

‘Damn it’ Skye thought ‘If things like those are not the right signal, I don’t know which things are. This is it, this is my night’ She silently reassured herself while she got ready too.

“That was a great gig!” Emily exclaimed when they were exiting the venue.

“It sure was, I still don’t understand how a group can have such a ridiculous level of synergy” Skye acknowledged.

“So, what comes next?” Emily asked in a childishly curious tone, which brought a smile to Skye’s lips.

“I was thinking about having some wine while we look at the city in the night from the balcony in our hotel room, what do you say?”

“Sounds good to me, I don’t feel like staying out in this lonely night any longer” She replied recalling the events from the night before.

“I know, let’s just go buy the wine and then we take a taxi to the hotel”

“Buy the wine? Where?” The guitarist didn’t feel comfortable spending much longer out in the street, not wanting to risk another rendezvous with Lain Coubert.

“Don’t worry, I saw a 24 hour store just around the corner, it won’t take long”

“Okay then, let’s go get it”

Once they arrived at the store, Skye told Emily to wait for her while she got the drink.

“But… I don’t want to be alone out here, why can’t I go in with you?” Emily complained.

“Erm… I,d be ashamed saying what I say to the salesclerk in front of you in order to get the wine when I’m not old enough to buy it” She took Emily’s hands into hers “It won’t be long, okay? I promise” She gave a reassuring smile before rushing into the store.

Emily looked to both sides and was both relieved and worried to see the street devoid of any person except for herself. She hoped Skye wouldn´t take too much time, the longer she stood there alone, the longer she had the chance to have a reprise of last night’s encounter.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching from her right. Too scared to turn her head and see who it was, she tried to convince herself she was just being paranoid, no success. The steps grew closer, she realized whoever it was, they were actually approaching her. Overtook by panic, she turned to see the person approaching, and felt her heart nearly stop when she saw the very same figure from last night staring down at her.

With the store’s light now illuminating his features, no detail escaped her sight. His face was covered in a black, leather like skin that looked like the remnants of a severe burn. Just like in the book.

“Lain… Coubert…” Emily whispered, frozen by panic.

A gloved hand took his cigarette away from his mouth. His voice was deep and guttural, unnerving even.

“That’s the identity I’m currently assuming, though I don’t need to tell you it isn’t the real one” He fished a pack of cigarettes from a pocket and offered one to Emily, who silently shook her head, panic still printed in her eyes.

“Sadly it’s the only thing I can offer you at the moment” He returned the pack to his pocket. “You don’t need to panic, I swear I don’t mean any harm to you, think of me as the character from the book, if that makes you feel more comfortable” Emily relaxed a little at his words, knowing the character from the book was actually a gentle and caring person.

“You… you want the book, right?”

“Yes, and I also want to set into flames” He answered dryly “That book’s a danger to anyone who is in possession of it, and I can’t let it go into the wrong hands. Just give it to me and we’ll never have to meet again”

“What is in the book?” She was skeptical about his words, as far as she knew, he could be the ‘wrong hands’ he mentioned the book should not fall into.

“I can’t tell you without throwing you in a perilous situation” He paused “The book belongs to your hometown, actually. That’s the reason the girl who had it before gave it to you, she thought the last place the book will be sought in is the place it comes from, and saw in you someone who could protect it well”

“I’ll keep the book if that’s okay with you” Emily spoke the best she could while trying to keep her fear in check.

“Very well then, but be warned that by doing so, the person you’re putting in the highest risk is your friend” He looked to store, which was enough to make Emily understand he referred to Skye. “There’s no need to be afraid of me, my only goal is to protect you both, now that you’re in possession of the book”

Emily could only keep staring at him in silence, she didn’t entirely trust him, but had the impression he was saying the truth.

“I am the very person who saved the secret in the book, black light does miracles” He turned away “We’ll meet again, Emily, take good care of Skye” By the time Emily collected herself and his words sank in, he had disappeared from view.

The term perplexed didn’t even start describing how Emily felt, all she knew was that she was determined to discover the secret hidden in the book, and hopefully clear all the mystery around it. More importantly, she was a bit shaken by the way he referred to Skye, and decided then and there that she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her friend.

“See? I didn’t take long” Skye said coming out of the store with a bottle of sweet wine “Let’s go and take a taxi to the hotel” She offered her hand to Emily, who took it with a smile on her face.

“That won’t be necessary, I’m feeling quite calm”

“Are you sure? What if the man from last night appears again?”

“He already did while you were in the store”

“What!? Why didn’t you yell? Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, don’t freak out. He actually talked to me and I have the feeling he is not a bad person. He wanted to talk about the book, warned me there’s a secret inside of it I should very careful about”

“B-But you were shaking from fear last night!”

“I know I was, thinking back on it, that was quite an unecessary overraction, I guess I was already worked up by the events in the book. But I got to cuddle with you, so it wasn’t that bad” Emily offered a smile, to which Skye seemed to calm down.

“Why didn’t you simply give the book to him?”

“Because I want to know what the secret is, especially after he told me that secret comes from our hometown” Emily chose to omit the part about Skye being the one in the most dangerous circumstances “I already met him tonight, so there’s little else to worry, so why not give your friend the pleasure of walking back to the hotel? This night’s rather pretty”

Skye sighed “Alright, if you’re fine, I’m fine. The hotel isn’t very far, so…” She was stopped midsentence by the roar of thunder followed by an increasing number of drops falling from the sky, until it turned into a full on downpour that had both girls completely drenched in a matter of seconds.

“What were you saying about the night being pretty?”

“It still is in its own way, I haven’t played in the rain since I was a child, wanna play with me?” Skye couldn’t have denied the smile Emily had on her lips even if her life depended on it.

“Sure, but how do we – “She hadn’t finished her sentence when Emily jumped with all her strength into a puddle that had formed in front of them, splashing them both, and then set off running with a playful smirk on her face.

“Oh, come back here you little rascal!” Skye yelled as she set off running behind Emily careful to not drop the bottle in her hands.

Emily happily accepted the warm towel Skye offered her and used it to dry her hair “Thanks, I had a great time”

“Oh, me too, I had forgotten how that kind of fun felt like” She hesitated a bit before saying the next words “We should do it more often”

“We sure should, although it feels quite nostalgic, I’ll have to admit I enjoy the feeling” Skye looked up and saw Emily looking out of the window with her gaze lost in the nightlights of the city, and surprised herself thinking how beautiful her friend was in that moment, to which she quickly turned her gaze to the floor and felt her cheeks go red.

She decided to focus on getting her wet shoes off and drying her hair, just then Emily tore her stare from the window and turned to see Skye, and was immediately taken aback by the way her wet clothes clung to her skin, lining her curves perfectly. From her soft shoulders and her round breasts to her narrow but well-proportioned waist, and finally those hips she so gracefully swayed when she walked…

“Enjoying the sight?” Emily looked up to find Skye had surprised her staring at her, sending both her brain and her cheeks on overdrive.

“I- I was just distracted, I wasn’t- was not staring at you or anything!” Worried she had annoyed her friend, she stood up “I’m going for a warm shower, we can drink the bottle afterwards” The blackhead shut the bathroom door before Skye had time to reply.

The bass player smiled, and decided not to tease the girl any further with the subject.

If there are sensations that encompass little packs of happiness, one of them surely is putting on dry, very soft clothes after having been out in the rain or coming out of a shower. And both girls seemed to share the idea as both of them got into their pajamas after having dried from the rain and from the shower, respectively.

Skye heard a very notorious crinkle when Emily sat down beside her in the balcony of their room, the telltale crinkle of diapers, she decided not to ask anything, but the questioning look on her face lingered a bit longer than she would have wanted it to.

“They’re very soft and warm. A- and with the events of the previous nights I don’t wanna take any chances” A blushing Emily explained.

“It’s okay” She smiled to her friend knowing that would be enough to make her feel at ease and decided to not comment any further on the subject “It already stopped raining, looks like it rained only because we were out” She casually spoke while uncorking the bottle with finesse and expertise.

“It was a very strong downpour, those usually last a short time, but it is still a fun coincidence it only rained while we were out”

“Silly me forgot to get any cups or glasses, let me go get them” Skye motioned to stand up, but was stopped by Emily.

“Don’t bother, we can drink straight from the bottle, just like the early days” Emily said referring to her early teenage years. She received the bottle from Skye and smelled the wine inside of it before having a taste, the burning sensation went from her throat to her chest to finally spread in her tummy. “It’s strong!”

“That much? Let me taste it” Skye took a sip from the bottle “Oh! It is indeed” She let silence reign for a moment “Would you have liked to drink this out in the streets in a lonely park like in the early years?”

“As long as I’m with you, it’s fine by me” Emily replied, hoping the pink in her cheeks was hidden by the dimly lit balcony.

She snatched the bottle from her friend’s hand and drank some more “But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel special right here right now watching the world from above beside you” Emily stopped in her mind to think about what she had just said, certainly not something she would say normally, was alcohol getting to her that fast? Or was it something else making her say it?

“Yeah, it certainly feels nice and comforting, especially with you here” Skye didn’t care if it was alcohol or her feelings talking, all she cared was they were both having a good time.

They kept chatting until the bottle was empty, and after some minutes of pleasing silence, Emily decided to break it, alcohol having her say things she wouldn’t have said in a sober state.

“It feels nice, how close we’ve become in the last three weeks” She said with her gaze in the city lights.

“It sure does. I have this warm and fuzzy feeling that spreads inside of me when I’m around you” Skye was thankful they both were tipsy, and could have this conversation that would never had occurred if they were both sober.

“So do I! It’s so wonderful. I sometimes get to the point of asking myself if my feelings for you are just of friendship or…” She caught herself before it was too late, and diverted her gaze to the side, blushing “Something else…”

Skye was caught off guard “So- Something else? As in… more than friends?” She could feel tension building up between them.


‘This is it’ Skye thought ‘Now or never’

“You know, Ems” She started “From sometime now you’ve been a very special friend to me, and after all the things we’ve been together some feeling I hadn’t known I could feel started making me feel warm every time I thought about you…” She was risking their relationship in this, but there was no way back now. Come on, alcohol, do your job “And I want to be the person who is always there for you though gloom and merry times, the one who holds you when things aren’t right and the first one to enjoy your smile in moments of joy. The one you play with in the rain every time we can. Would you like to be… more than friends?” Skye looked up into Emily’s eyes “Would you like to… be my girlfriend?”

The pair of lips pressing against hers took her off guard, nothing of this fit in the ‘yes/no’ kind of answer she was expecting. As soon as they had come, Emily’s lips parted from hers as the shorter girl leaned back and looked at Skye with a wishful expression, the smile she gave her made Skye’s heart melt “I’d love to!"

“That girl’s a different girl today
that girl’s a different girl to who you kissed last night
you couldn’t have done that on a Sunday”

The verses of one of Skye’s favorite songs rang in her head as she looked out of the window at the passing landscape, they were finally going back home. Emily was leaning on her shoulder, sound asleep, and Skye suspected she would be for most of the trip, the blackhead had chosen to go diapered for the trip knowing she would fall asleep, and didn’t want to risk wetting herself in the bus, to Skye it already had started to sound like an excuse to wear them, but was more worried about the fact Emily had been waking up in a wet diaper the last two days, though she decided not to dwell further on it, as Emily didn’t seem to be concerned aboutit, then it was probably no big deal. She let her train of thought wander to last night’s events.

The cute girl sleeping beside her? Nope, not a different girl today as far as she knew, and not a different girl to who she had kissed last night, or so she hoped. She’d have plenty of time to figure it out later. What she was sure of was that, if Emily intended to unravel the mysteries that the book she had received involved, and they were as dangerous as that scary man had told her, she’d need someone she could trust and could count on to help her through it. And Skye was more than willing to be that someone.

And, just to spice things up, she had actually done it on a Sunday.

[I]Well, that’s it for chapter 2, this came out way longer than I expected, but was still very fun to write. Hope you enjoyed it ^^ As always I’m open for any suggestions. Thanks for reading!

Oh, and also: Opeth - Deliverance (Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London) - YouTube :stuck_out_tongue:

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Loved it! Your writing is sweet and gentle, perfect for this kind of tale. They do have the only hotel room in the world without some kind of glasses in it, though…

Re: A musician girl

Thanks! I really appreciate your opinion ^^
As for the glasses thing, all of the hotel rooms I’ve stayed in lacked them, so I must have been staying in the worst ones :stuck_out_tongue: However I’ll make sure to fix that scene later, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Whow :o Really really liked the second chapter. I’m glad it was that long and made the story progressing quite a bit. And wow… you made me watch/listen that live version of Opeth - Deliverance. Smiled when I heard him announcing the song and connected it instantly to your story.

Please keep up this story. I’m really excited to read more.

Re: A musician girl

I’m glad you liked it!
That version of Deliverance is a personal favorite of mine. One can only dream of having that level of musicianship sighs
I’m happy you’re enjoying the story, thanks for reading ^^

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Let’s hope the function that describes each chapter’s length is not exponential, or at this rate the last one might be longer than a monday u.u Anyway, here’s chapter 3, enjoy!

Chapter 3: Benighted

It was already dark by the time Emily arrived home, if she remembered correctly her mom was still on her job, and wouldn’t be home for another couple hours, and her dad… A sigh escaped her lips, not having seen him in years nor received any calls from him in months, she preferred to set the topic aside, the only conclusion that currently mattered was the she would find an empty house. A heavier, gloomier sigh escaped her lips, at least it meant she could deal with the cold soaked diaper between her legs without worries. Still, the craving for her mom’s warm embrace and her silky, soothing voice after not having seen her for three weeks lingered in her head. Deciding not to dwell further on it, she fished her keys from her jacket’s pocket and inserted them in the lock with a thunderous clank. Just as she was about to turn the keys, the door was suddenly opened from the inside and behind it stood a black haired woman with a wide smile on her lips.

“Mom!” Emily threw herself into her mother’s arms, not bothering to hide her joy.

“Hi, Ems, I also missed you a lot” The woman said returning the embrace with one hand and using the other to ruffle her daughter’s hair.

“I thought you’d be at work at this hour”

“Oh, I decided to drop off early today so I could be here when you got home” She broke the embrace and looked into her daughter’s eyes “I couldn’t wait to see you after three weeks”

“Yeah, me neither” Emily smiled then went for another hug.

“You’d not expect an eighteen year old to be this clingy with her mom” The older woman teased., hugging her back.

“Oh, cut it, you’re glad you still have your clingy girl all to yourself” As much as she tried to feign being pouty, her efforts did nothing to suppress the smile in her lips.

“I won’t deny it. You must be hungry though, come on in, I’ll help you get your stuff upstairs” As Emily moved to pick up her guitar and her ridiculously heavy pedalboard, the cold squish of the wet diaper between her legs reminded her of the urgency she had to get changed out of it, having forgotten about it in the hype of seeing her mom.

“Um… mom, do you happen to have some rash cream or something similar? I’m kind of having some irritation down there…” Emily said once they were in her room, preferring to omit the details of the source of said irritation.

“Hmm, I think I have some in my room. Did you keep yourself properly clean while you were away?” She asked raising an eyebrow, knowing how careless her daughter could be on those aspects.

“I- I did, as much as the circumstances made it possible” The young girl replied while blushing profusely, luckily her mother dropped the subject.

“I’ll go looking for it, it’ll just be a moment”

As she waited for her mother, Emily proceeded to remove her boots, as cool as they looked, those iron tips made them awfully heavy, and her feet were screaming at her to put on some slippers. Though the guitarist would hardly admit it to herself, she was, despite being legally an ‘adult’, still very dependent on her mom, even on an emotional level, something that hadn’t changed much since her father had suddenly left years ago. Although he sometimes called her, he never bothered to explains his reasons for leaving, only saying she was better off without knowing them. Emily did her best to believe him, to trust him, he was never the kind of man who had his family as his first priority as far as she could remember, but his absence still dug a hole in her life, with her mother having to take longer shifts to support them both and Emily spending most of her time alone at home or, lately, hanging out with her bandmates, which made her cherish and treasure the time she could spend with her mom. Her thoughts wandered to the day she had turned eighteen, she didn’t feel much had changed, apart from the legal implications that came with it, she still felt very much like a teenager, but had no rush to leave behind what was turning out to be the best years in her life.
Her mom’s voice brought her back to reality.

“What are you thinking about with such a serious face? Hmm?” Her mom said with her hands on her hips and a smile in her face.

“I love you, mom” Emily answered with a smile.

The older woman was a bit taken aback by her daughter’s sudden words, but regained her composure almost instantly and her smile broadened. “I love you too, sweetheart” She showed a tube in her hand to Emily “Here’s the cream you asked me for, I’ll be downstairs working on dinner, it should be ready in a few minutes” She handed her the tube “I couldn’t find a very good one I’m sure I had somewhere in my dresser, but this rash cream should do”

“Thanks mom” The girl said as her mother walked out of her room.

Not wasting any time, the blackhead proceeded to remove her skirt and lay in her bed with the once white undergarment on full display, she was about to rip one of the tapes when she realized it would make an unfathomably loud telltale noise the moment she did so. The musician was thinking about using a pillow to quench its intensity when she was abruptly interrupted.

“Hey, Ems, I found the other cream I was talking abou-“ She stopped dead in her tracks when the sight of her daughter lying in bed with a soaked diaper attached to her hips sank in.

All color drained from Emily’s face, in her rush to take off the diaper she had forgotten to close the door, so much for her mother not finding out about it.

“I- I…” Words seemed jammed in the blackhead’s throat.

“I’ll leave it here” Her mom said placing the tube in Emily’s nightstand “We can talk about this later if you want, I’m not compelling you though” She offered her daughter a relaxed look “If the affected area is too large, I suggest you put on another diaper if you have it, it’ll keep the cream in its place and help it do its job, and you’ll spare your panties from staining with it” Saying no more, the older blackhead exited the room leaving a very embarrassed Emily behind her.

Regaining her composure, the musician decided since her mother already knew what she was wearing, there was no point in trying to mask the sound of the tapes, so, after closing both the door and the curtains in her window, she simply ripped them apart, still blushing at how loud they sounded.

As luck would have, she still had one diaper left from the package she had bought two days ago, grimacing at how quickly she had gone through them. Reassuring herself it was all due to the compound of circumstances that enveloped those days, she stood up with her dignity on full display and grabbed a pack of wipes, the rash cream her mother had left her and fished from her bag the last diaper in the package. After cleaning herself thoroughly and applying the cream to the areas in which she felt discomfort, she proceeded to put on the diaper, not wanting any of her panties to get stained. She grabbed it and noticed something on the tapes, which upon closer inspection turned out to be tiny Velcro stripes alternated with stripes of the usual glue. She took the package to see if it said anything about them and noticed it said the tapes were reusable, something she hadn’t noticed when she had bought it, not that the feature would have represented any benefit so far. Shrugging it off, she simply taped it on without any further thought into the matter, put on some shorts to cover it and went downstairs to have dinner with her mom.

Both of them were very talkative during dinner, Emily told her mother about the tour and what a great time she had had with it, told her about the strong friendship that had flourished between her and Skye, but preferred to omit the details about the night before, still feeling a bit unsure about it, as all had happened in the haze of alcohol.

Her feelings for Skye hadn’t changed a bit, and she was sure neither had the other girl’s feelings towards her, and that kiss, it had been her first kiss, and she was surprised she was the one who had started it, though it had felt so warm, so inviting…

“And here’s the part where you remember the handsome boy you met on the road?” Her mom’s voice snapped back into reality, only to realize her cheeks had caught fire while she was thinking about Skye, and her mother had discovered her, if her mischievous smile was any hint. “So, are you going to tell your mom about this handsome boy you met? I might even teach you one or two tricks you can play to get him to-“

“I-It’s not a boy!” Damn it. Very wrong choice of words.

“Is it a girl then?” Emily could only blush deeper as her mother’s malicious smile broadened, she swallowed half a glass of water in a single gulp in an attempt to distract herself.

“I’d rather not talk about it” With how perceptive her mom was, it was just a matter of time before she put two and two together and figured the girl in question was Skye.

“It’s okay, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, I’ll drop it. I’m right here if you want to open up about it later” Emily gave out a subtle sigh of relief, though it was short lived, as her mother’s next sentence took her off guard.

“I’m still very concerned about your health, though” She paused, balancing her words “Sweetie, have you been having any trouble… holding it in?” She knew that last phrase risked an outburst from her daughter.

“No!” The reply came out a bit harsher than she had intended “Sorry, no, not at all. I just had to wear them during gigs because I tend to drink a lot of water, and can’t stop the show for a bathroom break”

“You weren’t coming from a show though” Her mother remarked in a serious tone.

“No, I wasn’t” Emily looked at the floor, ashamed of herself. A few tears started to blossom in her eyes. ‘Here comes the scolding’ she thought.

“It’s okay, Ems, I’m merely concerned about your health, that’s all” Her mother stood up and took her hand “Come on, let’s sit on the couch”

Emily let herself be directed by her mom and sat beside her on the couch, without saying anything, the woman softly guided her daughter’s head to her lap, and once she had rested on it, started stroking her hair with her hand.

“It’s been a while since we lay down like this, I thought you might have stopped liking it” She spoke quietly.

“I love it, I just thought that, since I’m now eighteen, you’d find it a bit weird I was still indulging in this kind of things…” Emily replied with her eyes closed.

“Oh no, if it were up to me I would never stop doing this, I love to give my kitten some love every once in a while”

“Heh, it’s been many years since you called me that” Her mom didn’t need to look to know she was smiling.

“I thought that, since you’re now eighteen, you’d find it a little weird” She mimicked Emily’s words with a grin.

“I actually like it, as long as it’s just the both of us, no complaints here” They remained in silence for a short while, enjoying each other’s company.

“Alright, feel calm enough to tell me what’s up with those diapers?”

Emily sighed, but since her mother was only worried about her wellbeing, thought it better to tell her.

“Apart from what I already told you about needing them during shows, I started to need them at night. It all started one night I was so tired after the gig I collapsed straight into bed without changing out of the wet diaper I was wearing, so Skye, um… helped me out on that, and since I had some drinks on me and hadn’t used the bathroom, she put another one on me just in case, and when I woke up it was wet”

“You didn’t get carried away with the drinks while on tour, did you?” Her mother said abruptly in a serious tone.

“No, I always stopped the moment I started feeling tipsy, and made sure to drink lots of water to prevent any hangovers”

“Although you should avoid drinking alcohol for a while now, it’s not a good habit”

“Yes, mom”

“So, you were telling you woke up in…”

“R-Right!” She hoped her hair would cover her burning cheeks “That night I felt uncomfortable while I slept, and though I used the bathroom before going to bed, I still had a couple close calls during the night where I woke up almost wetting myself, though I preferred not to tell anything to Skye.The next evening, something scary happened, and-"

“Something scary?”

“Yeah… something to do with a stalker. Don’t worry, nothing bad happened to Skye or me” She lied “But after that I was very paranoid, and that together with how I had slept the previous night convinced me to wear a diaper to bed, which was wet when I woke up… that happened two nights ago, and since then I started to wear them to bed to avoid getting the sheets wet. I wore one on the bus ride here because I knew I would fall asleep, and… That’s about it”

“Hmm” Emily’s mom pondered her daughter’s words “More than some sickness or infection, which is what I feared, it seems your subconscious associated diapers with being able to ‘let go’, though I’m no psychologist. I’ll still make an appointment with our doctor to discard something nasty going on” She felt Emily tense up “Don’t worry, if you haven’t felt any pain or discomfort when going to the bathroom you should be okay, there’s still a chance it was caused by all the stress of the tour”

“So, um… what should I do tonight? The one I’m wearing now is the last one I had”

“Sleep in your panties, we’ll put a plastic sheet on your bed to spare the mattress if something happens, and we’ll see from there”

“Alright, thanks mom” Emily was not amused by her mother’s idea, but acknowledged it was the best way around it.

“Don’t mention it” She paused for a moment “I was given tomorrow free due to the extra shifts I’ve been working, I’ve got to run a few errands in the afternoon, but since none of us have to wake up early I was wondering if you’d like to watch a movie together”

“Can it be an anime one?” Emily asked perking up.

“Well, I was the one who chose last time, so as long as you assure me it’s a good one I’m fine with it” She stood up “I’ll go get some snacks”

“And I’ll got get this thing off” Emily said referring to her diaper.

After taking it off in her room, Emily noticed the cream had been absorbed by her skin and the rash had disappeared. She looked at the unused diaper lying on her bed, and figured since it was clean and the tapes could be reused, it would be a waste to throw it in the trash, and chose to keep in case she needed it later. After slipping on a pair of panties and changing into her pajamas, she folded it the best she could and opened her bag to put it in, but paused when she noticed the book that mysterious girl had given that night at the bar. She put the diaper inside and grabbed the book, inspecting it curiously. It had a weird smell to it, she knew the smell, but failed to recall the name of the substance. She was just about to get it when her mother suddenly opened the door.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to knock” The woman excused herself “I found a plastic sheet that should more or less fit your bed”

That earned a blush from Emily, seeing how embarrassed her daughter was, she set into work to place the plastic sheet herself “So, any plans for tomorrow, Ems?” She asked while taking the silky sheets off the mattress.

“Um… I’m going to meet with Skye in her cousin’s studio, you know, where we recorded the album”

“Oh, I can take you there if you want, it’s on my way”

“That’d be great, thanks”

“Alright, it’s ready” The woman said laying the silky white sheets over the plastic one “Now, what was the movie you wanted to see?” Her daughter perked up at that.

“Oh! You see, there’s this recent one called Your Name, I’ve read great opinions about it”

Emily would have lied if she said she hadn’t enjoyed herself watching the movie with her mom. She was surprised by how much her mom had liked it, and felt happy they both had had a nice time together. As she lay in bed surrounded by darkness, Emily’s thoughts wandered back to the plans she had about meeting with Skye the next day. A smile formed in her lips at the thought, she was genuinely excited to see her frie- girlfriend! The young guitarist felt warm on the inside at the thought of her bandmate, she wondered if that was what falling in love felt like. She curled up in bed feeling giddy at the warmness inside of her, and let herself be carried into a pleasant slumber, now that she in her bed, in her room, in her home, she would sleep like in heaven.

Except she couldn’t sleep.

The plastic sheet was far from soft, and the sheets thrown over it did very little to mask it, and it didn’t accommodate gracefully to her body’s shape like the thin soft sheets did, instead it sank down in the heavier parts of her body, making pronounced ripples appear in the rest of it. How did she managed to sleep in that thing as a little child?

She felt tempted to remove it, but the fear of wetting herself in her sleep and ruining the mattress stopped her. She was tired, she had been having less sleep than she would have liked for the past three weeks, she wanted to sleep. In her bed.

The best solution she could come up with was getting some pillows from her closet and covering her bed in them. The fluffy thick comforter she used on particularly cold nights would have been a better choice, but she was not risking it to get drenched in her urine, so pillows it was. She was still careful to leave them all away from her nether regions, to keep them from getting wet in case something happened.

The pillows seemed to suffice, Emily was able to find a comfortable position to lay in and started drifting off to sleep, but still felt something was a bit off, not enough to keep her awake, though something that should be there was not. She realized she missed the feeling of something thick between her legs, pushing them apart, right after that, sleep overtook her.

Emily found herself looking down to an empty street from the balcony of what seemed a fourth or fifth floor, looking behind her she noticed she was in someone else’s bedroom, and felt shocked once she noticed the whole room was covered in crucifixes, they were hanging off the walls, off the ceiling, even drawn on the floor. She turned her gaze back to the street and saw him, those amber eyes reflecting the light of a cigarette which smoke ascended in a steady column, the wide hat that covered any of the features in his face, the long gabardine… Panic invaded her when the figure dissolved into a shadow in the floor and started creeping towards her. That was not the Lain Coubert she had met, nor the one in The Shadow of the Wind. It was the one from inside the book the main character of The Shadow of the Wind found, and that version of Lain Coubert wasn’t a gentle person, it was the devil himself. She wanted to run from the balcony as she saw the shadow approaching, but her feet would not respond, her voice had gone mute. Panic became terror when the figure materialized again in front of her, towering over her. A smell she hadn’t noticed before became unbearably strong, it was the same smell she had noticed in the book when she had examined it. Vaseline. That was the name of the substance she had smelled. The terrorized girl had no time to ponder over it as the figure extended its hand and started penetrating her abdomen with pointy fingers, although it didn’t hurt, the sensation was horrid. Emily realized it was actually going through her without causing any wounds.

Once the whole hand was in, it started going up her thorax, she turned her eyes up at the figure’s face and saw two orange sparks filled with hate and anger. The feeling of the hand moving up inside her turned to an agonizing torture when it started to wrap its fingers around her heart. She still felt no pain, but the sensation was gruesome, excruciating, and it only increased when the hand started to squeeze her heart. It felt as if her very soul was being tormented by something unfathomable. Just when she could not take it anymore, Emily woke up in her bed unable to breath nor move, she was starting to grow desperate when she noticed the black silhouette standing in the corner, the pair of amber eyes were enough for her to understand who it was. In an instant, it dissipated. The moment it did, Emily felt the air return to her lungs and she found she could move again, almost as if she had woken up a second time. Panting, and lying in what she assumed was cold sweat, she frantically looked around the room, but found nothing. It surprisingly felt extremely calm and quiet, though the sensation of the sharp, metallic fingers closing around her heart refused to leave her.

It started with a sob, then a tear running down her cheek, another sob, now louder, more tears, more sobs, until she could contain it no more. Any attempt to contain her loud sobs was futile, she didn’t want to be alone in her room. In a matter of seconds, her mom had walked into her room, alerted by her daughter’s crying.

“Emily?” She asked turning the light on and sitting on the bed.

Emily threw herself at her mother the moment she saw her, burying her face into her chest. Confused, but worried for her daughter, she hugged her tightly and ran a hand up and down the girl’s back. It was a while before the girl’s sobs subsided, but she still kept her face hidden in her mother’s chest. With her daughter still hugging her tightly, she noticed the large wet patch on the bed, too much to be sweat. Using her fingers to touch it, she found it cold, but the smell confirmed her suspicions.

“What happened, Ems?”

“A nightmare” Emily answered with a shaky and muffled voice.

Her mother sighed. “I’m afraid you also wet the bed, sweetheart”

“It’s sweat”

“I’m sorry, but it doesn’t smell like sweat…” She avoided any words that could upset her daughter further. The poor girl hugged her tighter and her sobbing returned. “Shh… it’s okay” It was not, she was worried about her, but that was not the time for it “Now you’re safe, nothing’s going to happen to you, okay?” Emily nodded. “Tell you what, strip down in the bathroom and have a short warm shower while I take care of the wet stuff” Emily nodded and walked out of her room, towards the bathroom.

When she came out of the shower wrapped in a fluffy towel she felt a lot more calm about the nightmare, but the fact that she had wet herself in her sleep still annoyed her.

She found her room with clean sheets on her bed and a clean nightgown laying on it, sitting on her bed was her mom, waiting for her.

“How are you feeling?” Her mom asked, standing up.

“Much better”

“It’s good to hear it, I changed the sheets and got out a clean nightgown for you. Anything else you need?”

“Um… yeah… I was wondering if I could sleep with you? Just tonight, I really don’t want to go back to sleep being alone”

“Alright, if it makes you feel better I’ll let you sleep with me” She offered her daughter a smile. “Just…” She turned her gaze at the bed.

“You don’t want me to wet your bed… do you?” Emily looked down.

“I’ll admit it’s not a prospect I’d look forward to…”

Emily remembered the diaper she had taken off before going to sleep.

“Um…mom… I still have the diaper I took off earlier, and the tapes are reusable, so…”

“Oh, that’s a good idea, you know how to put it on, right?” Emily nodded “I’ll wait for you in my room then” With that, she walked out to give her daughter some privacy.

Minutes later, Emily walked into her mother’s room, tugging along her blanket and her pillow. Her mother did little to suppress her smile at her daughter’s cuteness.

“Lift your nightgown for me, I want to see if it is snug”

Emily sighed and did it, not having the energy to argue and hoping her mother wouldn’t notice she had put it on in a hurry, not wanting to spend too long alone in her room.

“Hmm, it’s a bit loose, it might leak. Come lay on the bed, I’ll fix it in an instant. Don’t worry, I won’t see you naked” She added seeing the frightened look on the girl’s face.

Emily lay on the bed with her legs open, lifting her gown to her stomach. Without further word, her mom leaned down and readjusted the fit in no time. In the brief moment it took, Emily felt warm on the inside, a different warmth from the one she felt with Skye, more like the one she felt when her mom caressed her hair, just much more intense.

“That’s it, nice and snug” Her mom said standing up “Now let’s go back to sleep” She turned the lights off and lay down in bed, with her arms open for Emily, knowing her clingy girl wouldn’t think twice before going straight into them.

“Good night, mom” Said Emily once she was safe and warm in her mother’s embrace.

“Good night, sweetheart” The woman replied, feeling a warmth she hadn’t felt in a very long time.



“Do you think… you could… sing me to sleep? Like you did many years ago?”

“Oh my, I’m kinda rusty on that…”

“You still have a very beautiful voice, just tonight, please?”

The older girl sighed, resigned, not that she could have denied it. “Fine, which one do you want?”

“My favorite one, I can’t remember its name…”

“I know which one, I’ll sing it, but first I need you to close your eyes, no cheating”

The young girl closed her eyes and waited expectantly.

“I never understood why you liked it so much, its lyrics are quite dark”

“I find them calming, the whole song itself is very soothing” Emily replied, keeping her eyes closed.

“Alright, here it goes” She started singing quietly, barely above a whisper, and was delighted to find Emily following the melody with a hum.

“Come into this night
Here we’ll be gone
So far away
From our weak and crumbling lives
Come into this night
When days are done
Lost and astray
In what’s vanished from your eyes…”

Emily was sound asleep by the time she finished the song, and her mom took a moment to look at her calm face as she slept peacefully. Knowing one day moments like this would stop happening, and would never happen again, she counted herself lucky she could still share them with her daughter. Taking a bit longer to reassure the moment in her heart, she kissed Emily’s forehead and drifted off to sleep.

“I can pick you up later if you want” Emily’s mom offered as she stopped the car in front of the recording studio.

“Oh, I don’t think that will be necessary, for all I know she might invite me to stay over”

“Alright, feel free to call me if you need something anyway” She knew she didn’t need to tell that to her eighteen year old daughter, but was feeling particularly protective after the events from the previous night.

“Thanks mom, bye” She leaned in to give her mom a kiss in the cheek and got off the car, waving her hand at her. She returned the gesture, feeling a bit saddened Emily might stay over at her friend’s house that night, but aware that being possessive was not good for their relationship. She still wondered how that girl dressed in black from head to toe, walking on iron tipped leather boots, was the same girl who had asked to be sang to sleep the night before.

“Hi there, Ems” Skye greeted the shorter girl with a hug “Missed me?”

“How pouty would your face get if I said I didn’t?” The blackhead teased.

“Hmm, meanie” Skye feigned a pronounced pout for a second, but was unable to contain the grin that escaped her lips “Come on in, Mauro will be happy to see you, he’s currently recording a band of teenagers, they’re unexperienced, but have a lot of potential” The brunette said opening the door to let Emily in.

Inside the room were Maurice, the producer and owner of the studio, and a group of teenagers between fifteen and sixteen years old. All of them had their attention focused on a girl trying to record a guitar solo, though she seemed to be having a hard time with it.

“I was able to play it with ease at home, I promise! I’m just feeling really nervous…” The poor girl seemed to be ready to cry in frustration.

“Hi, Mauro” Emily greeted.

“Oh, hi Emily, didn’t hear you enter. Go on, have a sit, we’re almost done here” He spoke in an even, barely expressive tone “I can record the solo if you want, it’s okay if you’re having trouble, it tends to happen here in the studio” He offered the teen girl.

“No, I want to do it myself, I’m sorry it’s taking so long” She replied, looking down.

Emily had an idea of the cause of the girl’s nervousness, and knew very well the solution to it.

“Mauro, could you leave me alone with her? I have an idea”

“Sure, you know how to do it, right?” Emily nodded “Great, I’ll go grab something to eat, thanks Emily”

“Go for a break, guys, we’ll have this done in no time” She told everyone in the room, then turned to Skye “You too, Skye” The other girl looked down. Emily used her hand to bring her face up “Just five minutes, after that I’m yours the rest of the afternoon” She whispered and reached up to give Skye a quick peck on the cheek, which made the taller girl’s cheeks turn pink.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you outside, don’t take too long” Skye chimed happily as she walked out.

Once everyone was gone, Emily turned to the girl sitting down with holding one of Mauro’s guitars.

“Um… are you two…” The girl started to ask with a blush on her face, Emily realized she had witnessed her sudden show of affection towards Skye.

“Um… yes, we kind of started going out last night…” She answered with a blush “I’m Emily, by the way”

“Oh, forgive my manners, I’m Charlotte” She said smiling.

“You seem to be having trouble with that solo”

“Ugh… yeah, having everyone look at me while I do it makes me feel under a lot of pressure…”

“So I thought, that’s why I asked them to go out”

“And, and Maurice… His expression never changes! I can’t tell if he’s cool, or mad, or growing impatient, he keeps the same face on, and the same tone on his voice”

“Oh, yeah. Mauro’s inexpressiveness can be quite unnerving, but he’s a nice guy, if you ever have the chance to hang out with him you’ll see he laughs and makes some jokes, very little, but he does it”

“So, um… what’s your idea?”

“Well, I hope this cute face will make you feel more relaxed than Mauro’s” She joked “Plus, without your bandmates here you have that pressure off your shoulders” Emily accommodated herself in the chair in front of the console “Alright, just show me what you’re aiming for and we’ll see what we do from there” The blackhead started the metronome and subtly reached behind her back as she spoke and pressed the ‘Record’ button making sure Charlotte didn’t notice.

As Emily had expected, the girl played the solo flawlessly.

“See? When I’m not recording I can do it, but when I know it’s recording my fingers get all sticky!”

“And it’s recorded now”


“I did it without you being aware of it” She pressed the ‘Play’ button.

“It’s exactly how I had imagined it” Charlotte said while listening to the raw recording.

“I’ll go get Mauro, Skye’s waiting for me. Bye” Emily excused herself and exited the room before Charlotte could thank her.

“You see, my mom works as a nurse, and she has the night shift today, so…” Skye said once they were out of the studio “We can have the house all to ourselves, the whole night”

“Sounds good, I’ll just call my mom and tell her I’m staying at your place so she doesn’t worry”

“Great, though I was thinking about treating you to some ice cream first” Skye said offering her hand to Emily, which she happily took.

“Make sure it’s a place with lots of napkins, you’re quite the messy eater” The guitarist teased.

“Well, I have a cute girlfriend who will make sure to clean my face whenever I need it” Skye teased back.

“What will we do after that, though?”

“Oh, um… there’s this park almost no one goes to, it’s kind of a hidden place in the city, and sunset from there looks great, wanna go?”


Skye wasn’t exaggerating when she had said it was a hidden place in the city. It was in a hill in the outskirts, and the path to go there was hard to spot, plus the panoramic look of the city and the mountains behind it was breathtaking. What surprised Emily the most was the fact that she already knew the place, but was so young the last time she had been there, she had started to doubt its existence as years passed. As Skye had promised, the park was void of all people, except for them.

They sat down on a bench while licking their ice cream, and let their stares get lost in the distance, enjoying each other’s silence , until Emily spoke.

“Skye, how did you get to know about this place?”

“Oh, my father used to take me here often when I was little, he made sure I memorized the way to get here and told me if we ever got separated, I would always have this place to remember him” Her face took a sad expression “It’s been years since I’ve seen him, he died in a car crash when I was still a child, so I come here from time to time to feel a little close to him” She was surprised when she received a hug from Emily.

“And you’re here with the cute girl you love, away from the rest of the world, isn’t that a nice way to use his gift?” That brought a smile to Skye’s lips.

“It is indeed”

“See, you got yourself all covered in ice cream” Emily got a tissue from her pocket to clean her girlfriend’s face.

“It’s just a little around the mou-“ Skye was interrupted by Emily cleaning her face.

“There, much better”

“I could have done that on my own” The taller girl commented with a playful pout.

“I know, but that wouldn’t be any fun” She looked at the sunset “You know, my father also used to take me here when I was little, I just never learned the way to get here. I was starting to think this place was from a dream, as I never was able to find it on my own, and just like you I haven’t seen him in years. Sometimes he calls me, and I talk to him about me and mom, but he never tells me anything about him, nor about the reasons he had to leave us, but he was not the kind of man to leave his family behind for some petty reason, so I believe it was something beyond his control” She turned to Skye “Sorry, I must be boring you with all this”

“It’s okay, I like listening to you” Skye let silence linger for a while, building up the courage to touch the next subject “Um… Ems…”


“Two nights ago, at the hotel…” That was enough to get the shorter girl’s cheeks on fire.


“What we said and did… it was under the influence of alcohol… right?”

“Yes, it was”

Skye swallowed loudly before going on “I just… was wondering if what you said and did was due to the drinks you had or… you actually meant it…”

“I… um… had been wondering the same…”

“Well, we’ll have to recognize that would never have happened in a sober state” Skye joked “But I swear, every word I said, I genuinely felt it, I meant it, the wine was just a catalyzer for my feelings, it didn’t change them in the slightest”
“So… you still wanna be my playmate on rainy days?” The guitarist looked up, expectantly.

“No” Emily looked down, feeling hurt, but Skye put her hand on the blackhead’s cheek and softly brought her face up “I want to be your playmate every day, silly” She leaned in, searching Emily’s lips with her own. Their lips contacted, just a little longer than the first time before separating. Both girls looked knowingly into each other’s eyes, and without any further words, leaned in for a slower, more passionate and delicate kiss than the previous ones, bit it still lasted only a dozen of seconds.

The brunette looked at the sunset and noticed nightfall growing nearer “We should get going before it gets too dark” She stood up and offered her hand to Emily “Let’s go, we can pick up where we left back in my place” A wink accompanied her last sentence.

Emily took the hand Skye offered and both of them started to walk away, until Skye stopped and pointed her finger to one the benches “There’s something hidden in that bench, my father said this was a good place to hide secrets, but not the best”

“The best place to hide a secret is one where most people can see it, and all of them ignore it” Emily completed.
“How do you know that?”

“My father used to say the same thing”

“That’s funny, I guess it was a common saying back then” Skye said, shrugging it off “Anyways, wanna see the secret under that bench?”

“Weren’t we leaving before it gets dark?”

“It will just take a few minutes” She reached under the bench and slid a steel plate from its place, opening a compartment where small cylinder lay, she took it out and showed it to Emily “I was here with my dad when he put it in, he told me only the person who knows the code can open it” She said signaling the five little wheels, all of them containing the whole alphabet around them “You’re supposed to move these little circles to form the correct word between these two tiny arrows, though I can’t remember its name…“

“It’s a criptex” Emily interrupted.

“That’s right, a criptex! I remember reading about them in a book”

“It’s used to carry a message inside, with the intention that the correct receiver is the only person who can open it and read the message, inside comes a glass tube filled with a weak acid, if the criptex is opened by force, the tube breaks and the paper inside it dissolves before anyone can discern what it said”

“Well, this one has your name on it” Skye commented, handing the cylinder to Emily “It’s on the base”

“You’ve got to be kidding me” The shorter girl said, examining the criptex “That’s impo-“ She stopped when she read her own name on it.

‘To Emily Kolvenik’

“Yours is not a usual last name around here”

“But, it’s too many coincidences together, you and I both knew this place because our fathers showed it to us, and you were the only one who knew this was hidden there, but it was aimed to me, so your father must have known my name by then for this to make sense” She said pointing to her name on the criptex “So he expected I would be the one who knows how to open it”

“That’s… weird… Do you think our fathers knew each other?”

“Seems plausible, and the mysterious circumstances in which my dad left only add more to the mix” Emily finished her sentence and put the criptex into the haversack she carried.

“Anyway, let’s keep going, it’s getting dark and the path isn’t well illuminated, we can try to open it when we get to my house, we’ll have all the night to figure it out” Skye took Emily’s hand into hers as they walked back to the city.

“Oh, shoot, I forgot” The guitarist suddenly stopped in her tracks.


“Um…” She blushed, intensely “If I’m staying at your place, I’ll need diapers…”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’ll get them on the way home” Skye blinked playfully before they kept going. Emily merely hoped the salesclerk was kind enough not to say anything.

“How dare he ask if I was incontinent! That beyond embarrassing!” Emily exclaimed, fuming, once she and Skye were on their way to her home.

“I don’t know what you complain about, I saved your skin back there saying I was the one who needed them!”

“But still, he should be way more sensitive about that kind of stuff”

“You should start ordering them online from now on” Skye suggested.

“I’ll keep that in mind, I still don’t understand why the baby powder though”

“It’ll keep you from getting rashes. And here we are” Skye stopped in front of a two story house “Home sweet home”

“Now that I think of it I have never been to your place”

“Well, we always meet in Andreu’s house or in yours” She got her keys out and inserted them into the lock “But feel welcome to come anytime. Now, since we’ll have the house all to ourselves we can- “

Skye was stopped mid-sentence as a woman with long auburn hair opened the door for her “Oh, I’m excited to hear what you’ll do while I’m not around”

“Oh! H-Hi mom!” The brunette greeted her mother nervously.

“So you thought I would stay out when you’re bringing your friend home? You seem to forget I once was your age, too” She then turned to Emily “Oh! Where are my manners? Hi, I’m Sophie, I’m Skye’s mom”

Emily was sharing Skye’s nervousness, getting the impression she had done something wrong “Um… good evening, I’m Emily, I play the guitar and do the clean vocals in the band we have” She shook the hand Sophie offered her.

“I was wondering if she could stay over tonight” Skye politely asked her mother.

“I don’t see any problem with it, as long as she’s comfortable with it” She smiled at Emily “Please feel at home, if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask for it”

“Thank you very much, missus…” Emily realized, not without shame, that she didn’t know Skye’s last name.

“Gispert” Sophie added “Come on in, dinner’s almost ready” She made way for the girls to step in, closing the door once they were inside.

“What are you having your degree on, Emily?” Sophie asked when they were having dinner.

“Physics, though I’ve always loved science and music in equal amounts, so I do my best to balance both passions” She answered.

“That must be some pretty hard and complicated stuff, physics” The woman commented, recalling how much trouble she had with the subject in high school.

“Oh, I actually think what Skye is studying can be far more complicated. Equations and numbers aren’t nearly as ambiguous and confusing as words and languages can be”

“To each their own, I guess” She shrugged “How was the tour for both of you girls?” Both of them tensed up at the question, and blushed at the remembrance of that last night at the hotel. Skye spoke first.

“It was excruciating, but exciting at the same time, on the first day…” from there both girls started to weave the story of their first tour together with relative easy, making sure to omit the details they considered inadequate.

“So, um… what do we do?” Emily asked, once in Skye’s room.

“Well, there’s movies, games, or… oh! We can try to open the criptex!”

“Skye, I’m not sure it’s a good idea…”

“Aw, come on, I’m dying to know what’s the message inside of it”

Emily sighed “Alright, but it might take a while, they’re hard to decipher”

She fished the cylinder out of her sack and started to examine it, realizing it was made in black marble and had the metal parts done in what looked like a gold alloy.

“It’s very beautiful” Skye commented.

“It sure is” Emily shook it softly, feeling a liquid squish inside. The acid.

Upon further examination, she found the riddle that was supposed to give the solution in the base opposite to the one with her name on it

“He never liked his father’s last name, so he took her mother’s, and thanks to her could earn himself a living playing the piano in a decaying whorehouse in Paris” She read aloud.

“That’s quite vague…”

“That’s very precise for the right eye. The Shadow of the Wind was my father’s favorite book, and that description fits one of the main characters, a writer” Emily picked the criptex up and started moving the wheels to form the word ‘carax’ “Carax was his mother’s last name” She carefully placed the cylinder on the table “If I did things right now this lid here should…” The lid with the riddle on it was removed easily “Bingo!”

“No fair, how come I read a lot more literature than you and you’re the one solving these mysteries?” Skye complained, to which Emily playfully stuck out her tongue.

The blackhead carefully took out the glass tube with the thin paper wrapped around it, and unwrapped it with extreme care.

“So, what does it say?”

Emily finished reading it and handed it to Skye with a serious expression “See for yourself”

Skye took it and read it in whispers.

Dear Emily, if you’re reading this it means you’ve most probably met Skye, and became great friends with her. She’s the only one, besides her father, who knows the criptex is hidden in that bench in the park. I can’t tell you much, but Skye’s father and I grew up together as best friends, and at some point of our lives made mistakes that set prices to our heads. As you read this, you and Skye are being sought by people who wish to use you to get to us, you girls will have to learn to protect yourselves from them, and the only way to do so is unraveling the secrets that lie hidden in the city. A good starting point would be the place in which Skye’s father hid the secret, but he only tells me he did it in a book. The only warning I can give you for now, is to be careful with a man called Andreas Corelli, at some point or another he will try to get in contact with you. I’m sorry we had to leave you girls the way we did, but it was all in order to protect you until you could start doing so by yourselves. As I write this, everything is prepared for our disappearance, including the car crash that’s supposed to mask Skye’s father’s death.

Tell Skye her father’s still alive, waiting for her, and still loves her and Sophie as much as the first day. We’ll always be looking after you all from the shadows.

With love, Mikael Kolvenik

Skye looked up at Emily, shocked “N- No way, I saw the coffin descending in the grave…”

Emily leaned closer and took Skye’s hand into her own, using to the one to cup the brunette’s cheek “Did you… um… see his face?”

“No, the coffin was sealed…” Realization struck her face “So, it could easily be empty and no one would know it…” The full blow of the fact that her father was likely still alive hit her like a ton of bricks “My… my father… He’s still…” A single tear rolled down here cheek, to which Emily was quick to react wrapping her in hug “Why hasn’t he communicated in all these years? I have suffered so much from his absence”

“He did it to protect you and your mom” Emily broke the hug and looked at Skye in the eyes, using her thumb to clean her tears “We’ll clear this out together, I promise” A thought clicked in Emily’s head, she remembered Lain Coubert had told her he was the person who had kept the secret in the book. If what her father’s letter said was true, then the person she had met disguised as Coubert was actually Skye’s father. She was about to tell her girlfriend about it when Sophie called out for her.


“Coming” The brunette replied regaining her composure.

She found her mother by the door, ready to leave.

“I have to do my shift at the hospital, can I trust you won’t burn the house down while I’m out?” Her smirk fell down when she saw the expression on her daughter’s face “Skye, what’s wrong?” She asked caressing the girl’s cheek with her hand.

“I just miss my dad a lot, that’s all” She half lied “I thought you’d be here all night”

“No, sorry. My shift was delayed a couple hours, but that’s about it” She paused “Will you be okay?”

“Don’t worry, Emily will take care of me for the night” Skye offered a smile. Her mother felt suspicious about the way her daughter had said it, and felt tempted to ask her, but decided it was not the time nor the moment.

“Alright, I have to go now. See you in the morning” She pulled Skye into a hug “It seems I’m leaving you in good hands”
“Yes you are. Bye mom, I love you”

“I love you too, Skye” With that, Sophie turned around and walked out, closing the door behind her.

Skye walked back into her room to find Emily returning the sheet of paper to the criptex.

“No one other than us must read it, I’ll keep it here until I have the time to burn it”

“But, what if we need to read it again?” Emily perked up with a smirk on her face.

“You already memorized it, didn’t you?”

Skye grinned proudly “I did, but it’s still a shame we have to get rid of it”

“It is, I hadn’t seen my father’s handwriting in years” She closed the cylinder and disorganized the wheels to lock it “But it’s a preventive measure that needs to be done”

“So, what would you like to do to spend the night, Ems?”

“I see someone’s feeling better” Emily smiled, standing up.

“That’s because I have you” Skye said shyly, her cheeks turning pink.

“How about we cuddle on the couch while watching a movie?” Emily suggested turning away to hide her own blush.

“I think I have an even better idea, we could read a book together while we cuddle on the couch” Skye took Emily’s hand and helped her stand up “I already have one in mind”

“Um… how do we read together?”

Skye was already on her desk, looking for the book “Oh, it’s simple, we read aloud, you read one page and I read the next one” She picked a book among many others “Here it is, The Angel’s Game” She gave it to Emily.

“It’s by the same author who wrote The Shadow of the Wind…”

“And it was my father’s favorite book, I had never bothered to read it, but became interested in it once I saw it was written by the same person as the one you received”

“Sound good, just let me, um… get into my sleep wear first” Said Emily, referring to her diapers.

“I’ll go get some blankets meanwhile, the night’s a bit chilly” Skye could not contain a grin from reaching her lips, feeling giddy at the thought of cuddling with her girlfriend.

“So, um… who starts?” Emily sat down on the couch with the book in her hands, expecting Skye to sit beside her. To her surprise, the taller girl sat down behind her, leaving Emily positioned between her girlfriend’s legs. Once she had found a comfortable position, Skye hugged the girl from behind and softly pulled her backwards until she was resting on her chest. Emily put her free hand over her girlfriend’s hands, wishing the embrace to last longer. She felt a mesmerizing warmth flooding her insides, enhanced by the faint flutter in her tummy. The hugged girl closed her eyes, desiring the hug to last forever.

“Feeling comfy?” Skye’s voice brought her down from her high, though she wasn’t delighted any less to have her girlfriend speaking softly in her ear.

“Yes, you’re deliciously warm” She let go of Skye’s arms.

“I think you should go first; I love your voice” Skye stated throwing a blanket over both of them.

Emily decided to leave the fact about Coubert for another moment, she didn’t want Skye to feel sad again now that she was feeling better.

“Okay, here it goes” Emily breathed in deeply and let the air out slowly to get herself in the right mood, and began reading the first page.

“First Act: The City of the Damned

A writer never forgets the first time he accepted a few coins or a word of praise in exchange for a story. He will never forget the sweet poison of vanity in his blood, and the belief that, if he succeeds in not letting anyone discover his lack of talent, the dream of literature will provide him with a roof over his head, a hot meal at the end of the day, and what he covets the most: his name printed on a miserable piece of paper that surely will outlive him. A writer is condemned to remember that moment, because from then on he is doomed and his soul has a price…”

Both girls took turns to read aloud each of the book’s pages, until, around the fiftieth page, Skye noticed Emily had fallen asleep in her chest. She smiled at the cuteness of the sleeping raven haired girl, and was surprised when she took a look at the clock to her right and noticed it was almost 2 AM. She knew the guitarist could stay awake until dawn if the situation required it, but could not blame her for falling sleep surrounded by warmness in such a comfortable position, and Skye herself was starting to feel drowsy. Deciding to call it a night, but not wanting Emily to sleep on the couch, she opted to wake her up so they could sleep together on her bed.

She was about to do so when her eye caught something at the end of the page, a name, one she never thought she’d find in a book. Andreas Corelli. It was on a presentation card which had a note directed to the main character written on the back. She found it weird such name would appear on her father’s favorite book, but sensed a strong enough connection between the name in the book and the letter from Mikael Kolvenik to know it was not a good idea to ignore it. But that was not the moment nor the time to discuss it with Emily, she’d make sure to mention it to her in the morning. She closed the book, and went on to wake the sleeping girl.

“Hey, Ems” She shook her softly “C’mon sleepyhead, wake up”

“Um… huh?” Emily opened her eyes and took in her surroundings “Oh! I’m so sorry Skye, I was just so comfortable, and you were so warm I-“

“Hey, stop there, I’m not upset about it, I’m feeling sleepy myself. It’s two in the morning, I think we made it far enough into the book, now it’s bedtime” Emily sat there, looking at her “So, are you getting up or do you want me to carry you?”

“Oh! Sorry, I was distracted” The shorter girl stood up, blushing.

“It’s alright” Skye stood up and gently grabbed Emily’s hand, guiding the shorter who waddled with a loud telltale rustle to her dimly lit room.

“You took the thickest ones you could find when I wasn’t looking, didn’t you? I can’t even close my legs!” Emily protested.

“I did, but you look unbelievably cute with that waddle in your walk” The shorter girl’s cheeks caught fire.

“Hmm, I’m not letting you choose them for me again” She pouted.

“They’re a lot more absorbent though, so you won’t have to be worried about any leaks, plus I bet those are ineffably soft and comfy” She blinked her eye at her last statement.

“They are, actually” Emily admitted with her blush deepening.

Skye lifted the comforter for Emily “After you” She offered. The guitarist slid under it and positioned herself facing Skye, who quickly got under the covers and wrapped her arms around her.

“Good night, Skye” The shorter girl closed her eyes.

“Good night, Ems” She gave Emily a quick kiss on the forehead, which made the girl’s heart flutter.

Skye exhaled a content sigh, feeling her insides tingle with Emily’s warmth. She closed her eyes and let herself drift off to sleep, immensely enjoying that little moment of pure happiness. They would have time, later, to unravel the mysteries that lingered around their fathers and their past, but right at that point in time, laying down in bed with Emily in her arms was all she cared about in the world.

Re: A musician girl

Really enjoyed reading that continuation. How do you write so much so fast? :o
I dig that mystery setting you are creating here and wonder how much of it you have planned out already.

That reminds me I should look up all the references you are making. The Shadow of the Wind is an actual book, so is The Angel’s Game. So much to explore for me…

“So, are you getting up or do you want me to carry you?”


Re: A musician girl

I write and proofread the whole chapter in one go, the perks of being on vacation :wink:

The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game are two of my favorite books (mind you, nearly everything that guy has written falls into my favorites), so I try not to make much spoilers in case someone wants to read them. You have two great books waiting for you, I assure you :slight_smile: If you have a deep understanding of Spanish, I’d suggest you try them in the original language.

And as always, thanks for reading! ^^

Re: A musician girl

I could’ve sworn I’d commented on this already. It’s already looking like one of those rare gems that pop up around here every so often.

Re: A musician girl

Sorry for the delay in this chapter, a couple gigs came up on the weekend (ow, my neck), but I got to share the stage with an amazing progressive death metal band from Brazil. They were really humble and down to earth, awesome guys. I even bought their two albums and had them both signed by all four members! :smiley: And I couldn’t suppress my blush when their leader came up to me and told me he had really liked our performance >///<
But you’re not here to have me rambling about my weekend, are you? Here’s chapter four, slightly inspired by some of the things that happened on the weekend, enjoy! ^^

Chapter 4: Ember City

Emily woke up to Skye’s soft voice, and a hand gently shaking her shoulder. The blackhead opened her eyes, only to see her girlfriend was no longer lying in bed beside her. How had she gotten out of her embrace without waking her up, the guitarist ignored. Her ears registered the voice coming from behind her, so she turned around. Her heart fluttered a little as she saw Skye leaning in with a warm smile on her face. ‘Such a pleasant way to wake up’ she thought, feeling her cheeks tingle.

“-istening to me?” Emily snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Skye, her smile hadn’t shortened one bit.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“Hmm. You’re quite the slow riser, aren’t you?” She teased, then took Emily’s hand and gently helped her out of the bed “I made you breakfast, let’s go before it gets cold” Skye blushed a little at her announcement, which luckily Emily could not see. Without further words, the guitarist waddled to the table guided by Skye.

As Emily sat down at the table, she felt her diaper squish against her rear, though it still felt comfortable and fluffy, and was nowhere as cold and clammy as the previous ones she’d woke up in had been. Maybe those thicker diapers weren’t such a bad idea after all… Emily caught herself before her thoughts got too far. Diapers were a necessity, not a luxury, she shouldn’t be enjoying them, not thinking of them as ‘soft and comfy’… right? Skye’s words from last night didn’t do much to quench her liking for them, if anything, it seemed her girlfriend was actually enhancing it, getting her thicker ones and such. At least, she knew Skye would be accepting if she wanted to go further… right? Not wanting to dwell any more in the subject, Emily pushed the thought aside and focused on the girl serving whatever she had cooked for breakfast.

Emily felt warm inside at the sight of Skye still in her sleepwear, with her hair tied in a ponytail and donning an apron that subtly accentuated her curves, pouring two glasses of orange juice with a smile on her face. It was apparent she was giving lots of love into everything she was doing in the kitchen, the way you do when you want everything to be as neat and perfect as possible, ‘The way you do it when you’re doing it for someone else, and want them to feel special…’ Emily thought, unable to contain her own smile as Skye finished serving them both with a content, yet fragile expression on her face. Emily realized, with a tad of sadness, that, with her mom doing nightshifts at the hospital, Skye’s mornings were probably very lonely, and making breakfast for her with so much love and dedication was the girl’s own way of showing how much Emily’s company meant to her.

“You know, you didn’t have to do this for me…”

“You’re my guest, of course I had to. And I imagined you’d miss having pancakes with chocolate syrup for breakfast” She said as she placed a plate with the mentioned treat in front of the shorter girl, who almost started drooling the moment she saw it.

“Mm! It’s delicious!” She exclaimed once the first piece had found its way to her mouth.

“I’m glad you like them” Skye said getting started on her own “Any plans for today?”

“Well, my mom must be feeling quite lonely after three weeks without me, so I’ll try to spend some time with her. And I’ll try to discover the secret hidden in The Shadow of the Wind, how about you?”

“I… um… don’t have anything special in mind” She looked down “I’ve got quite a lot of books to read on my list, and my mom will probably want to spend some time with me…” She did her best to put on a smile, last thing she needed was the small talk they were having to go south “I’ll be by myself through the night and in the morning though…” She looked at her plate, her appetite suddenly gone “I wish you were beside me every morning when I woke up” She whispered to herself, surprised when she felt Emily’s hand grab hers.

“Let’s see if you can stay at my place one of these nights, I’d love to have you over” Emily’s smile almost made Skye’s heart melt, the fuzzy feeling inside her dissipated any sadness left from the thought of her lonely mornings. That cute little blackhead always did magic with her, raising her spirits effortlessly. The taller girl offered a true, relieving smile and placed another forkful of chocolate drenched pancakes in her mouth.

“Oh, I received a message from Andreu, we’re playing at a local festival this weekend” She casually pointed out, quickly leaving the previous subject behind.

“Wow, that’s soon, I knew about that festival, but didn’t expect we would be playing there. Did he say anything about rehearsal?”

“Well, probably a band coming from abroad cancelled and they decided to fill the gap with us. And he said we won’t need it seeing we just came back from a tour” She stood up and picked up their now empty plates “It’s going to be a big festival, with a larger audience than the one we had on our last gig in the tour.

“Wow, that’s one hell of a multitude” Emily felt her skin go goosebumps “Funny how you still feel nervous at the idea of playing in front of so many people”

“Oh yes, it never goes away, it’s a feeling you learn to expect, and even enjoy” She turned around to wash the dishes as she kept talking to her girlfriend “I wonder who we’re sharing the stage with?”

Before she could answer, Emily felt her bladder asking for release. Her first impulse was to get up and go to the bathroom, but the bulk between her legs stopped her. If she took it off, it was going straight to the trash, but it wasn’t due to be changed yet, and she felt it would be a waste to throw it without using it completely. Besides, she had relieved herself in her diapers plenty of times at gigs, there was nothing wrong to it.

Thinking no further on it, Emily silently started wetting her diaper, thankful that the hissing sound was masked by the running water as Skye washed the dishes. Just as she was secretly starting to enjoy the warmth spreading in her privates, she realized Skye was waiting for an answer to her question.

“Um…” luckily Skye had her back facing her, she was blushing madly “I think I saw the flyer yesterday somewhere, but you know I’m no good at deciphering those spiky spooky logos” Skye finished the plates and turned around, and she still wasn’t done emptying her bladder, damn it.

“I heard there’s this band coming from…” She trailed off as she noticed the faint hissing sound coming from Emily, imperceptible to most people, but noticeable by the keen and trained ear of a musician. Adding that to the heavy blush on Emily’s face, it took Skye no time to put two and two together “Ems… did you…?” The sound was quick to die down, but the blush on the guitarist’s face remained.

“I… It was already wet, but not enough to merit a change, a- and I had to go, but felt it would be a waste to throw it without using it completely…” She looked down at her hands balled into fists on her knees, squeezing the hem of the nightgown she had borrowed from Skye, feeling tears of embarrassment blossom in her eyes, only now realizing she should have at least gotten out of the room.

Emily felt a hand softly touch her cheek and gently bring her face up. She looked at Skye in the eyes, and found no signs of aversion, shock or scorn in them, only a calm expression of kindness and, maybe, support.

“It’s okay, you know I’d never judge you on something like this” She used her thumb to clean the few tears that had made it down the girl’s cheeks, next thing she leaned in and gave Emily a brief kiss on her forehead, calming her down in an instant “Feel better?”

“Mmhmm, all thanks to you” A smile found its way into the blackhead’s lips. Skye took one of her hands and helped her up.

“Come on, let’s get you changed” The brunette chimed playfully.

“G-get me changed!? What do you mean by get me changed!?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I got carried away” She stopped and decided to try something “Unless you want to be put in a fresh diaper instead of panties” Skye said with a wink, eager to see Emily’s reaction.

“I…um…” Emily looked at the floor, squirming, unsure of what Skye would think “I’d… kinda… like it…”

“So, wanna try it?”

“Um… yeah, just let me grab a shower first, I’m feeling icky” Emily replied diverting her gaze to the side, with her cheeks burning.

Skye could only raise an eyebrow at Emily’s answer, she had her suspicions about the girl’s liking of diapers, but didn’t expect her to be so quickly accepting of the fact if she was given the chance to indulge in it. Then again, it had been Skye herself who had said she wouldn’t judge her and even showed her support in the matter, so Emily probably had felt that, if Skye herself suggested it, it wasn’t wrong to indulge. A content sigh escaped her mouth, she wouldn’t love Emily any less if her cute girl liked to wear and use diapers as much as she liked. If anything, it was one of the things that made Emily more unique, and cuter, a hell of a lot cuter.

Her train of thought was interrupted as Emily came out of the bathroom clad in only a towel, and without sating anything, dashed into Skye’s room to get dressed. The bassist thought for a moment which clothes was her girlfriend going to wear, but figured she would probably use the ones from the day before until she got home and could change out of them. It was nothing compared to being on tour, where in some occasions they hadn’t had any choice other than wearing the same clothes for two or three days.

“Skye?” She was brought out of her contemplations by Emily’s voice coming from her room.

“Yes?” Hearing no answer, the brunette entered her room, to find Emily lying in bed, naked from the waist down and covering her dignity with the hem of her shirt.

“I’m… ready”


The girl lying on the bed pointed her finger towards the open package of diapers resting in the corner.

“Oh! Um… you mean you want me to put one on you?” Asked a blushing Skye.

“From the way you said ‘Let’s get you changed’ I thought you were going to do it…”

“Oh, and… do you want me to do it?” Emily nodded.

“I just don’t want you to see me down there… I can keep myself covered with my shirt and pull it out of the diaper once it’s on…” The poor girl felt ridiculous asking such a thing from Skye, and more so explaining what she would do so the other girl didn’t see her naked.

“Right, but… don’t you want to put on some… powder?” She carefully omitted the word ‘baby’.

“I… already took care of that, I don’t mind my shirt getting dirty, it’s going straight to the laundry once I get home anyways”

Both girls looked at each other, both of them with their cheeks burning, Skye was the first one to snap out of it, she offered Emily a smile and got a diaper from the package lying on the floor. She unfolded it and stood in front of the blackhead.

“Um… could you please lift your…”

“Oh, right” Emily did so while doing her best to keep her nether regions covered. Skye wasted no time and placed the white undergarment under her girlfriend, hoping she had positioned it well.

“That’s it” The guitarist lay back down, a sigh escaped her lips as her backside landed on the soft material “Is it in the right position?”

“Yeah, you got it perfect” Emily reassured her.

“Alright, I’ll need you to take off your hands the moment I bring it up, okay?” The blackhead nodded.

Skye brought up the diaper slowly to give Emily time to remove her hands. The shorter girl felt at bliss as she felt it close over her privates, the warm and fuzzy sensation she had felt when her mom had readjusted the tapes came back tenfold as Skye readjusted the fit a bit to make sure it was snug and taped it shut to secure it around her waist. The brunette finished by pulling out the part of the shirt that had got caught inside and helped Emily up with a loud crinkle “How was it?”

“Very nice! Thanks, Skye” Emily wrapped the other girl in a tight hug, which was returned almost immediately.

“You’re way too cute” The taller girl cooed, breaking the embrace “But, don’t you think we’re going a little too fast?”

“I was actually pondering the same… hence why I was so embarrassed. But we already had a very strong and intimate relationship before, so this seems more or less the natural consequence. Besides, we have to start somewhere, don’t we?”

“Well, I guess you’re right” She saw Emily buttoning her skirt over her thick diaper “Um… Ems, isn’t that skirt a bit too short to cover that diaper? It’s thicker than the ones you wore before…”

“No need to worry about that” The guitarist lifted her skirt and showed Skye she was wearing black shorts underneath “After a year wearing diapers at gigs you’d thing I know how to walk without waddling or showing the bulk between my legs, it’ll just take a while to get used to these ones” She gave some experimental steps to show Skye how she walked “See? No signs of a diaper underneath. And I think I’m liking these thick ones better, they don’t grow cold and uncomfortable as quick as the thinner ones, and as you said, they’re a lot comfier” She spun around, smiling.

“I see I’m fretting over nothing” Skye mirrored her smile, then her expression got quite serious “Emily… there’s something I need to tell you…” She sat down in bed and patted the spot next to her for Emily, who followed suit “Last night, while you were asleep in my arms, I saw a name around the fiftieth page of The Angel’s Game, Andreas Corelli. It was on a presentation card from an editor with a note written on the back, directed to the main character, telling him he wanted them both to work together”

“I take it he is not one of the good guys in the book, if someone related to this puzzle is assuming that name as his identity”

“It’s still too soon to jump to conclusions, we’ll first have to see who the character is in the book” Skye motioned to stand up, but Emily took her hand to stop her. She sat back down looking at the blackhead expectantly.

“Skye, I also have something I need to tell you, and believe me, you want to be sitting down when you hear it” Emily sighed, looked at her girlfriend in the eyes, and started talking “I might have met your father a couple times before. I remember Lain telling me he was the person who had engraved the secret inside the book, and the letter mentions it was your father who did it… The fact that it was done in my father’s favorite book, and that he only ever showed himself to me when you were not around consist very strong reasons to believe he is your father…”

Skye looked as if she was being walked to the gallows “I wonder why he refuses to approach me, I miss him so, so much” Her voice cracked a little at the end.

“Remember how the letter said they would always take care of us from the shadows?” Skye could only nod, the knot in her throat made it impossible to talk, Emily pulled her into a hug, and let her words sink in before speaking again “He asked me to take care of you, and I will do my very best to meet that request, I also wish to keep you away from getting hurt in any way as much as I can” She felt the brunette slowly return the hug, and fail to suppress a sob. Emily knew she was pulling very sensitive strings on Skye, and was there for her to help her through it.

“Shh… It’s okay, you don’t need to suppress it and pretend it doesn’t hurt, I know it hurts, a lot” The short girl whispered running her hand up and down her girlfriend’s back “I’m right here for you, just let it out” That did it, Emily felt Skye shiver as warm tears started to soak her shirt and the girl in her arms let her sobs out with no inhibitions. Seeing her girlfriend like that almost shattered the blackhead’s heart, but she remained strong knowing Skye needed her for support in that moment. Several minutes passed before she calmed down.

“Thank you so much, Ems. I needed that, you don’t know how much it means to me” Was the first thing she said once she felt calm enough to speak.

“How are you feeling?” Neither of them wanted to break the embrace.

“A lot better now”

“Will you be okay tonight on your own?” Emily asked, deeply worried “I can stay with you tonight if you want me to”

“My mom works twelve hour shifts, so she has a couple days off every week. I’ll ask her to stay with me, I know she will if she sees I’m not feeling well” Skye looked at the clock on her nightstand “She should be here any moment now”

“Alright, I’ll call you at night to see how you’re doing” Emily finally broke the hug “But I’m staying here until your mom arrives” She clumsily, without the confidence she initially thought she’d have, gave Skye a kiss on her forehead, a quick one, with as much love as she could muster. The brunette blushed and squirmed lightly at her girlfriend’s show of affection, flooded by a warm and cozy feeling she was starting to know very well.

Emily left the Gispert household shortly after Sophie had arrived, promising to call Skye later.

“Please be careful, we don’t know which dangers we might be facing now” Skye had told her before she left.

“Don’t worry, things haven’t started to go tense just yet, and we’ll be prepared for it when they do” She had replied before giving Skye a hug and walking out the door waving her hand at her. She had brought the remaining diapers, along with the criptex and the baby powder in her haversack, it was beyond stuffed, but she wasn’t going to carry around an open package of diapers for the rest of the world to see, and the criptex was better protected by something soft and cushioned, so it was a win win. Kind of.

She wasn’t surprised to find no one in her house when she arrived, aware that her mom was at work. Upon entering her room, Emily found a little note from her mom in her nightstand.

“Hi, Ems. You’ll probably come home before I come back from work, so I left you a sandwich for lunch. There’s more food in the fridge if you feel hungry, I’ll be back shortly after twilight. Lots of love, mom” She had even drawn a cartoony version of herself throwing kisses out of the page, which pulled a grin from Emily’s lips. Her mom had always had some talent at drawing, and the girl loved those little details such as the chibi version of her mom she was seeing.

After having lunch, Emily spent a couple hours practicing with her guitar, feeling like a slacker after not having touched it in more than three days. Once she had that sorted out, the musician decided to try and discover how to get to the secret hidden in the book. Sitting down at her desk, she opened the book in a random page, just to get started somewhere, and her nose instantly recognized the smell she had perceived the last time. Vaseline. Emily shivered at the remembrance of her nightmare, but thanks to that she now knew the name of the substance the book seemed to be impregnated with, although she couldn’t think of a way such compound could be used to hide a secret inside a book.

The girl sat back, wrecking her brain to come up with something when she recalled the last thing Lain had told her, ‘Black light does miracles’. Could it be that Vaseline reacted to ultraviolet light? She still hadn’t gone through the Optics course, but remembered a professor in the laboratory of electromagnetic analysis of materials saying something about every day substances reflecting waves in the visible spectrum when exposed to ultraviolet light. A short google search later, she had her suspicions confirmed.

Without thinking twice, Emily went down to their basement looking for a black light lamp they had bought when she needed to make an experiment with it back in elementary school. As she rummaged through several boxes searching for it, she felt the need to empty her bladder, which in turn made her aware of the diaper she was still wearing and had already grown accustomed to. Not wanting to lose any time, nor let the diaper go to waste, she proceeded to wet herself right there without thinking too much on it, feeling the warm gush spread between her legs right before being absorbed by the thirsty padding. Once done, she pressed her legs together and felt the warmth surround her most sensitive parts, a sigh of pleasure was emitted from her as she experienced a strong pleasant sensation down there. Collecting herself, the musician decided she could try it again some other time and refocused her mind on finding the lamp.

Back upstairs, in her room, Emily connected the lamp and placed her finger in the switch, hoping with all of her might that it wasn’t broken. A faint purplish, bluish light was emitted from the cylindrical bulb the moment she turned it on. Excited, she put the book under the light and started flicking through its pages. As she had expected, the first glowing blue letters started to appear around the hundredth page, and disappeared about four hundred pages later, they always appeared at the head and the bottom of each page, in the blank gaps. Emily started reading the letters that glowed under the ultraviolet light, eager to see the hidden message that the book so jealously kept… Except it was absolute gibberish, a complete nonsense of apparently random letter. Of course, it was encrypted.

Not giving up so easily, the musician took out a notebook and a pencil, and started writing down each and every letter, being careful to distinguish one page from another and the ones at the top from the ones at the bottom. Just as she finished jotting down the message, she heard the front door open.

“Ems?” She heard her mom calling, putting down her pencil, she went downstairs to meet her.

“Hi, mom” The girl greeted, giving her mother a hug.

“Hi, sweetheart, how was your day?” She asked, hanging her coat in the rack.

“Oh, it was very interesting” Emily went in her mind through the things she’d have to omit.

“How so?”

“Um… I’ll tell you later, how was yours?”

“The usual, even a job as a librarian can be quite monotone from time to time” She started walking towards the kitchen “Did you eat what I left you for lunch?”

“Yup, it was delicious, thanks” Emily replied grinning.

“Well, let’s see what we can fix for dinner” She said as she rummaged through the contents of the refrigerator “How about some spaghetti?”

“Sounds good” Emily entered the kitchen to help her mom with dinner, but was surprised to see her sniffing the air the moment she stood beside her.

“Smells like a wet diaper” How in hell did she remember the smell after so many years!? “And it’s coming from you, Ems” She looked at her daughter questioningly.

“I- um…” There was no use in lying, she would know “I just…”

“Are you wearing it because you have to or because you want to?”

“Um… I want to…” Her mother’s expression softened.

“Oh, okay then, as long as it’s because you want to and not because you’re having trouble holding it in, I see no problem. Just remember not to keep it on too long or you’ll develop a rash, and be careful with turning yourself incontinent” Her tone let Emily understand the last sentence was meant to be a joke, one with some true content lying on it.

“You’re not… freaked out or… grossed?” The girl asked looking at her feet.

“Of course not, sweetie. I still find a bit weird, but if you compare it with alcohol, drugs, parties, or spending the night in a brothel, wearing and using diapers barely has any consequences to your wellbeing. To be honest, I’d rather have you in a wet diaper than drugged out of your mind getting laid with no protection by some random guy you don’t know and will probably never see again” Emily shivered, she could never understand how some people could enjoy being in such a deplorable state.

After a second wetting, Emily decided to take off her diaper and put on a pair of panties, feeling she would soon have to take care of a bodily function she was in no way using her diapers for. Still her time in panties would be short lived, meeting its end when she had to get ready for bed.

“Hi, Ems” Emily heard Skye’s as she picked up her phone.

“Hi. How are you doing?”

“Oh, as I told you my mom stayed home with me, we’re having a series marathon together” The blackhead relaxed once she felt the calm tone on the other girl’s voice.

“I’m glad she did” She paused, gathering the courage she needed for the next words “Um, I was wondering if you’d like to come and stay over tomorrow”

“Oh! I’d love that, I’ll be there before lunch” Emily heard the smile on Skye’s lips as she spoke.

“Alright, I can’t make any promises though, as far as I know we might end up having sandwiches for lunch”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, we’ll make something together if needed”

Emily thought about mentioning what she had found so far, but preferred to tell Skye when she went to her home the next day.

“Ems, my mom’s waiting for me, I’ll see you tomorrow, good night”

“Oh, okay, enjoy yourselves, good night” She hung up, feeling quite excited Skye was coming over.

The girl was about to continue attempting to unravel the mystery in the encoded message from the book when her mom knocked the door to her room and let herself in before Emily answered.

“Hey, Ems, would you like to watch a movie or play a game together?” Her mom asked with a hopeful expression on her face. Emily was about to decline the offer, but she noticed the yearn in her mother’s eyes. Realizing how much her mom wanted to share some time together, she didn’t have the heart to tell her no.

“Sure, today’s your turn to choose the movie” She gave her mom a warm smile, then turned around to switch of the black light lamp.

“I’ll make some snacks while you get into your night wear” She added a playful swat to Emily’s behind, clearly referring to her diapers.

“Mom!” The girl turned back with a heavy blush.

“I’m just making sure you took after me” She winked “I’ll wait for you downstairs”

As much as Emily was embarrassed, it felt nice to see her mom so cheerful and with her spirits so high. The young girl sighed contently as she got the supplies ready to diaper herself, eager to share a night with her mother.

The movie her mom chose was one she had never seen before, ‘Life is beautiful’ was its name. Judging from the title, Emily hadn’t expected much from the movie, but was pleasantly surprised when she found out it told a very tragic, sad, but still beautiful story about a Jewish family suffering the consequences of the Nazi holocaust, and their perseverance and tenaciousness against all the disgrace that surrounded them.

Skye knocked on the door to Emily’s house at eight in the morning, hoping she wasn’t annoying them by showing up so early. A woman in her late thirties opened the door, and offered a welcoming smile the moment she recognized her.

“Oh, good morning, Skye. Didn’t expect you so early”

“Good morning, Mrs Kolvenik” She stepped in “I’m sorry, I just woke up early and had nothing to do, so I figured I’d just come a bit sooner”

“Please, call me Lyza, having you call me by my husband’s last name makes me feel old” She motioned to the kitchen “Want some breakfast?”

“Please don’t worry, I already had breakfast at home”

“Oh, okay then. Emily is upstairs, she is up early surprisingly this morning” Skye thought the raven haired rascal was a lot more likely to stay awake all the night than to get up early, but she kept the observation to herself “I’m leaving in about half an hour, feel free to make yourself comfortable”

“I will, thank you” Skye climbed the stairs and walked into Emily’s room, to find her looking at a sheet of paper with absolute concentration. “Hi, Ems, good morning”

The blackhead snapped out of her deep thoughts and turned to look at Skye with a tired expression on her face, the dark stains under her eyes told the tale for her “Oh, good morning, Skye. Didn’t expect you here so early”

“Well, I had nothing to so I just decided to come. Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, come here, I’ll show you” She closed the curtains and turned on the black light lamp “Yesterday I found out the book smelled like Vaseline, the thing you sometimes use to moisturize your skin” Skye nodded “And I thought it might react with black light, guided by the words your… father told me” She feared the other girl might feel sad at the mention of him, but the taller girl simply nodded again, so Emily went on, placing the open book under the ultraviolet light “Look, for around four hundred pages, these letters appear at the top and bottom of each page, but it’s complete nonsense, it’s encrypted, so I wrote them down in this notebook to try and find some relation between them”

“And you were awake all the night doing so” Skye commented crossing her arms.

“Um… yeah, I kind of lost track of time and next thing I knew, sun rays were coming in from my window”

The brunette sighed “Did you find something at least?”

Emily shook her head “Nope, no success so far, after a while I grew tired of trying to stablish a linear model to decode it, and tried to structure a nonlinear periodic one to relate the letters at the top with-“

“I think you’ve done enough, Ems” She cut her off “Why don’t you catch some sleep while I have a go at it?”

“Are you sure? I certainly could be of some help with-“

“Nope, just sleep some hours, alright? It’s not healthy to stay awake all the night like that”

The shorter girl looked reticent at the idea “Hmm, okay, but promise you’ll wake me up if you find anything”

“I will, I promise. Now come have some sleep, I’ll tuck you in” She gently pushed Emily towards her bed, and raised the comforter for her, but the rustle coming from her girlfriend’s hips stopped her.

“Um… Ems, do you… have a dry one on?” She felt a bit awkward asking her about, but if her diaper was already wet, she might leak on her bed.

“Y-Yes! I changed right after breakfast” Emily replied, blushing.

“Oh, alright then, come on in” She lifted the comforter and waited for Emily to get into bed, then covered her cozily and leaned down to whisper softly “Sleep well, I’ll be right here when you wake up” Skye kissed the girl’s forehead and sat in bed beside her, caressing her hair with her hand. She had learned during the tour that softly running her hand through Emily’s hair did magic to get her to sleep.

Once the guitarist was immersed in a peaceful slumber. The brunette went downstairs to meet with Lyza, who was getting ready to leave for work.

“I left some soufflé done for lunch for both of you, I hope you like it” Lyza explained gesturing to the kitchen “How’s Emily?”

“Thank you, I know I will. She’s sound asleep, so I doubt she’ll come to say bye”

“Oh, I expected that, she was awake all night long after all”

“You knew she was? Why didn’t you tell her anything?”

“She’s already eighteen, she can take that sort of decision by herself. I know she wouldn’t stay awake if it wasn’t a very important matter” She grabbed her coat from the rack “I have to go now, I’ll see you girls in the evening. Make sure she behaves” Lyza winked and opened the door “Bye, Skye”

“Bye… Lyza” Skye felt a little uncomfortable calling the woman by her name, feeling she was being disrespectful, but that notion faded away as she saw the smile on Lyza’s lips before she closed the door behind her.

Emily woke up to the Skye’s voice calling for her and, as usual, her hand gently shaking her shoulder. She still felt tired, and wanted to sleep more, so she simply rolled to the side in an attempt to keep Skye from shaking her more. No success. Her brain started to process what Skye was saying.

“-me on, Ems, it’s one and a half in the afternoon, if you sleep more, you won’t be able to sleep at night”

Finally, with a groan, the blackhead opened her eyes, to find Skye smiling down to her.

“Good to see you awake, let’s go have some lunch” She offered Emily her hand, who took it slowly, still waiting for her strength to return.

“I had a weird dream…”

“Mm? What did you dream about?”

“I was looking at the city from the park where we found the criptex, the moon was full and there were no stars. Some parts of the city were in flames, the same ones that today are mere rubbles and ashes, but that was not the weird part” She looked at Skye “There was someone beside me, a very tall man, with very long, straight white hair. Not the kind of white hair old people have, just… white, and that’s it. He was wearing a white suit along with a white topper hat. His skin was so clear it almost glistened under the moonlight, the wing of his hat covered his eyes, but I remember him looking down at me and nodding his head with a sly, but gentle smile…”

“Wow, that’s a strange dream” Emily’s tummy rumbled loudly, making her blush “Come on, I’m hungry, too”

“Did you find anything in the encoded message?” The short girl asked getting out of bed with a wet squish from her diaper.

Skye shook her head “No, but I think I might have an idea” The other girl perked up.

“Oh! What is it?”

“It’s still half baked, I’ll take a copy of your notes home to work on it”

“Oh, I thought we were going to work on it together…”

“Sorry, trust me on this one, I’ll do a better job on my own” Skye wouldn’t say it, but each of them had a very different approach in regards of deciphering the message, and working together would probably just get them confused.

“Fine, but call me if you find anything” Emily pouted.

“I will, I will” Skye smiled at her girlfriend’s cuteness, outting on a outy face with a wet diaper between her legs.

Speaking no more of the subject, both girls got started on heating up their lunch and preparing some other stuff to complement it. They had cooked together before, so making something swift to accompany the soufflé wasn’t hard for them.

Against Emily’s desires, Skye convinced her to let the message in the book aside for a while and laze the afternoon away reading together The Angel’s Game, which she had brought. The shorter girl could only blush, and smile, as Skye positioned herself in the same way she had done two nights ago to read together.

Both of them were in for a huge surprise when they realized the description of Andreas Corelli in the book matched almost exactly with the man Emily had seen in her dream. Both girls looked at each other and said nothing, doing their best to shrug it off as a coincidence, even though both of them knew deep down that it was not. Andreas Corelli turned out to be a gentle, kind person, both girls even found themselves blushing, as in regards to his gift if the gab and his manners, they both found him quite attractive, but there was still something in him that put them off, something about his speech, and his behavior, that suggested he wasn’t the benevolent person he appeared to be.

In the evening, when Lyza arrived, both girls chose to leave the book and their thoughts about it aside and enjoy a movie night with Emily’s mom. But yet, as they watched the movie and enjoyed it together, and as they cuddled on Emily’s bed, embraced in each other’s arms as they slept peacefully, the slight, faint sensation of unease that plagued them at the thought of Andreas Corelli and his way too perfectly weaved discourse refused to leave them.

Emily looked at the empty venue with excitement. It was huge, and could make room for a lot of people. She had played there before, but the sensation of mild nervousness and excitement kept coming back, nothing beat playing at home, where almost everyone already knew the songs and sang to them as they performed.

“Still feels huge after a tour through three countries, doesn’t it?” Andreu spoke from behind her. She turned around to find him with a green Heineken bottle in his hand.

“It sure does, I’d lie if I said I’m not feeling quite nervous”

“I actually think it would be the end of it if you were going to perform and didn’t feel excited and passionate about it, that would mean music has become a part of your routine” He raised his beer towards her “Let’s hope that sensation never leaves us” He took a mouthful from the green bottle and offered it to Emily to follow suit. She accepted the bottle from her bandmate and went for a big gulp of beer. Just when her mouth was nearly full of the beverage did she start to feel the burning telltale sensation of a very strong drink. She instantly retired the bottle from her mouth, and struggled to swallow the stoutly beverage, feeling her throat and chest burn as it went down.

“Agh! That was vodka! I thought it was beer” She exclaimed, panting. Andreu laughed loudly, the way a big brother laughs at his younger siblings when they make a rookie mistake.

“Sorry, I should have warned you, I thought you’d notice the smell. You okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine as long as I don’t drink anything else before the show. You shouldn’t go too far, either”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, too. I’ll go check on my pedalboard” He said as he walked away.

Emily walked out of the stage and sat down in their assigned backstage room, feeling her mind a bit fuzzy. She drank down a whole bottle of water in the hopes of stopping the vodka from affecting any further. Just as she was nibbling on some crackers, Skye walked into the room.

“Feeling excited?”

Emily swallowed before she replied “You know I am”

“Right, kind of a silly question” She sat down beside Emily “I finally deciphered the message last night”
The guitarist perked up, any fuzziness in her mind instantly dissipated “What? How did you do it? What does it say?”

“Hey, calm down there, one question at a time” Skye fished the notebook from her bag, and opened it to show Emily her conclusions “It turns out the letters at the top are the first half of the message, and the ones at the bottom are the second one, both are encrypted in a different way. I figured since it was my dad who did it, he would have done it in a simple way, but one only you and I would know: Our birthday dates” She smiled proudly at Emily, who had a look of wonder printed in her face “The top letters could be counted using the numbers on your birthday date to count the letters that conformed the message, once you run out of numbers you just start again with the first one. The bottom letters followed the same rule, with my birthday’s date. Here’s what I transcribed, I added the punctuation myself” Skye handed her a folded piece of paper.

Emily unfolded it and read in whispers

“Dear Skye, I hope you can read this message together with Emily, as it is somewhat of a starting point to unravel the secrets around you. Mikael and I grew up together, him being the one who faced the hardest conditions, which, to my amazement, never stopped him from trying to accomplish his dreams. At some point of our lives, both of us stablished a strong friendship with other three guys from the school we went to. As I write this, for reasons that would be too long to explain here, two of them want us dead, the one you can trust without a doubt is the third one, his name is Isaac Martin, find him, he will tell you more than I can tell you here. Be careful, Skye, I’ll always be looking after you from the shadows.

Loves you dearly, Jonas Gispert”

“Isaac Martin…” Emily repeated the name “My mom knows him; she says he’s a close friend of my father who often visits her at the library looking for something to read. She’s told me he is a very gentle person, always asks how she and her daughter are doing” She looked up at Skye “I’ll ask her about him, maybe she can help us get to him”

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to involve your mom into this?” The brunette asked, worried.

“I’ll be careful, we’ll find some other way if asking her about it puts her in danger”

“I wonder why or mothers never said anything about all this”

“They were probably unaware of it, or simply wanted to keep us safe”

“Oh! And that’s not everything I found” She showed Emily the last page of her notebook “If you take the first letter of all the odd numbered pages, you’re left with this”

Emily read the verses silently, appreciating Skye’s tidy and neat handwriting

“This moment I take for you
Think of all we didn’t do
All seeking answers from this
Hope to come out alive
Standing still my hands are tied
Our eyes open up to the sky”

“Hmm. Do think it has any hidden meaning?” The guitarist pondered.

“I think there’s no need to overthink it, those verses simply gather the situation he was involved in at the moment” Skye smiled at Emily “Aren’t you excited to discover what’s behind all this?”

“I am, but I’m also scared of the things we might find, and the things chasing us from the past” She softly grabbed Skye’s hand “But as long as we’re together in this, I feel we can work our way through it” She leaned in and gave Skye a quick kiss on her lips.

“Well, I guess that’s all for the moment” Skye said once she had regained her composure after that kiss, she returned the piece of paper and her notebook to her bag “We play after them” She referred to the band getting their stuff on stage “In about an hour, in case you want to start getting ready”

“Oh, right” Emily stood up and grabbed her bag “I’ll be back in ten minutes” She walked out of the room, directing her steps to the private staff bathroom.

The song was left lingering, both guitarists let their instruments ring on an open note until it melted into sweet feedback. The whole crowd looked at them, aware that the song wasn’t intended to end there.

“Having a great time down there?” Andreu spoke to the crowd below, grinning at their screams.
“I was wondering of you people would like to give this festival a special moment” More screams, of approval “Alright people, let’s do a fucking wall of death!”

The audience closer to the stage started to divide in two sides, resembling two armies face to face right before a battle “Go on, go on, I want no one in the middle” Andreu directed them flawlessly from the stage, he spoke again once they were organized “Okay, I want all of you to locate the person right in front of you in the other side, when I give you the signal, you’ll run to them and show them all of your love through your fist, is that understood?” The multitude emitted a scream of approval “Very well then, wait for my signal” The song restarted with a build-up, which lasted about half a minute and suddenly culminated in a blasting, fast and aggressive musical movement “Go!”

With his signal, both sides took off running to each other and collided in a frenzy of fists and pushes, to the rhythm of the sludgy riff on the guitars and the pumping double bass in the drums. Emily couldn’t suppress a sly smile at the sight below her, as both sides pumped into each other with mesmerizing havoc.

“We’ve been Moon City, and you’ve been awesome, thank you very much” Andreu told the crowd once their show was finished.

“Um… mom, do you remember when you mentioned Isaac Martin?” Emily casually asked her mom several days later, while they were having dinner.

“Oh, yes I do, he came to the library a couple days ago looking for a book by Chars Dickens. Why do you ask?”

“Um… well, I kind of wanted to talk to him, see if he can tell me about my dad in his young years”

“I’ll tell you where he lives if you want, why the sudden interest?” Lyza asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I want to know more about my roots, there’s very little I know about him” Her mom’s expression softened.

“I knew you’d sooner or later come up to me with these questions. He is currently living in an apartment in the outskirts of the city, on the way to the hidden park where he asked me to marry him”

“Oh! The one with a great sight of the sunset?” Emily asked, excited.

“Yes, that one, though I’ve always felt sunrise feels even more marvelous than the sunset from there” She paused “How do you know about that park so clearly? If I recall correctly, you haven’t been there in years”

“Oh, um…” The young girl blushed “I went there with Skye the other day…” Her blush deepened as she remembered what they had done that afternoon in that park, but managed to find a way out of her mother’s questions before she could ask them “What do you mean sunrise? You went there when it was still dark?”

“Oh, my father never liked Mikael, he thought someone who worked as writer could never earn enough money to give me a proper living. I couldn’t have cared less about money, as you see I’m perfectly able to earn my own. My mom, on the other side, always showed me support, she didn’t think of him as a drifter with no expectations in life like my father did, so she helped us meet. With her help I’d sneak away from home at night and meet with Mikael at that park” She looked at the floor, with a melancholic smile “My father never forgave me for marrying him, but here I am, still happy with my decision” She stood up and ruffled Emily’s hair “I’ll write down Isaac’s direction for you in a moment, just let me grab some wine first” She took out two cups and a bottle, knowing Emily would gladly drink it with her “This talk is making me thirsty” She sat back at the table and offered her daughter a cup, which she accepted “Now, I think I’ve never told you how I met him, would you like to hear that story?”

“Yes!” The girl replied, eager to know more about her parents.

“I was sixteen at the time, young and naïve. I was at the library looking for a book named The Shadow of the Wind, and when I finally found it and tried to grab it, another person tried to do the same and our hands touched. I turn around and see this very handsome guy looking at me with a smile on his face…”

“Are you sure it’s here?” Skye asked, unsure of the course of actions they were just about to take.
“It’s apartment 505” Emily checked the slip of paper where her mom had jotted down the direction “And here it says it’s this one” Both girls looked at each other, standing in front of the door, none of them dared to knock.

“But…” The brunette whispered “This place looks quite…” She trialed off, hoping the dirty and decaying conditions of the building they were in finished the sentence for her.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” With that, the guitarist knocked loudly on the door.

A man in his early forties, wearing glasses, a sweater and a cup of tea opened the door. A look of mild surprise appeared in his face at the sight of two young girls knocking on his door “Good afternoon, ladies. What can I do for you?”

“Isaac Martin?” The short girl asked.

“Yes, that’s me”

“I’m the daughter of Mikael Kolvenik” Emily put her hand on Skye’s shoulder “And she’s the daughter of Jonas Gispert, we would like to… talk about our fathers”

"How can I be sure you two are indeed their daughters?” He asked, with skepticism.

“My father’s favorite book was The Angel’s Game” Skye spoke.

“And mine’s favorite one was The Shadow of the Wind” Emily completed, hoping that would be enough to get him to believe them.

He sighed, stepping to the side to let both girls in “Please come in, we can talk inside” Once the girls were in he looked no one was around looking at them and closed the door “Please, make yourselves comfortable”

Both girls looked around and wondered how. The humble man owned little more than a table with two chairs, one of them currently occupied by a black cat, a small stove with two places, a fridge, a single tableware drying in the sink, a computer sitting in a table in the corner and a simple rack near the door with a single coat hanging on it. Other than that, almost all of his apartment was filled with books, piled up on columns on the floor.

“Oh, sorry, I’m not used to having visits” He apologized, unfolding a pair of folding chairs and cleaning the with a cloth for them to sit in “Sorry I don’t have anything more comfortable”

“It’s okay, don’t fret over it” Emily said as she and Skye sat down.

“Would you like some tea?” Isaac asked walking to the stove, where a pot silently stirred.

“Yes, please” Skye accepted, though Emily declined his offer.

“Well, girls, tell me what you want to know” He said as he poured two cups of tea.

“We would like to know how you met Mikael and Jonas, and what happened in the circle of friends you had to turn two of them against our fathers” The shorter girl spoke.

“That’s more or less the whole story” He sat down in the free chair beside the table and looked at his tea, letting a long sigh escape his lips, both girls grimaced internally as he regrettably seemed several years older, with his youth escaping from his eyes at the remembrance of his friends.

I first met Mikael and Jonas about twenty-eight years ago, we all went to the same school, back when schools were divided into schools for girls and schools for boys, and sex and genre were still related concepts. By the time I got to know them they were already inseparable, we all went to a school for rich kids, but some of us couldn’t be further from being wealthy brats, Jonas was the only one coming from a rich family. I have no idea on how those two met, I suspect it has to do with Mikael’s mom being the housekeeper for the Gispert family, all I know is that Jonas’s family had a deep esteem for Mikael, and saw some spark in him their own child didn’t have, he had an amazing talent at weaving stories, words flowed effortlessly from his mind as he created the most interesting, beautiful and frightening stories all of us had ever read or heard, his extensive vocabulary was due to his love for reading, it was not unusual to find him at the town library on his free time. In an attempt to impulse such talent, and at the same time help them both keep their strong bond, the Gispert family decided to enroll Mikael in the same school Jonas was attending, and pay for his education. Mikael’s father left him and his mom when he was still a child, I never got to know his father’s last name, the one he used, Kolvenik, was his mother’s last name, and although he wouldn’t admit it, I’ve always thought that’s one of the reasons he likes so much The Shadow of the Wind. There were other two boys in our group, James Fetchner, the son of the gardener, and Jean-Michel Jann, the son of one of the cooks. Like Mikael and Jonas, James and Michel had grown up together, and shared an unbreakable loyalty for each other. As for me, my parents were never wealthy people, I had earned a scholarship in that school thanks to my grades, and one of my father’s friend moving some toggles inside the academy.

Needless to say, all of us were bullied to no end by the rest of the rich kids in school, only because we weren’t coming from renowned families. Jonas could have kept himself away from the teasing, but he was loyal to Mikael and stood always by his side. As everyone rejected us, it was always just the five of us, listening to Mikael’s stories or playing some games Jonas and I pursued, like chess or Chinese checkers. Saying Mikael had a spark that Jonas lacked didn’t mean Jonas was short minded. The religious teachers hated him, as he made jokes that brought out the lack of logic in most of their reasoning. They, as religious holier-than-thou morons often do, considered he was possessed by some kind of demon that made him refuse to embrace the holy writings.

The one who had been given the worst hand of all us was probably James. His mother had died of tuberculosis when his father refused to take her to the hospital, he was still a child when it happened. From then on, his father would often come home drunk and beat him senseless, as teenager he started to fight back, which only enraged his father further, and that’s the story about how James learned to fight. He was very quiet and introverted, rarely ever spoke. Mikael always tried him to get to speak more in their conversations, he thought a very nice guy lay under that shell of silence and expressionlessness. Jonas, on the other hand, always thought of James as a very troubled boy, someone who could suddenly explode any minute, and warned Mikael several times it was dangerous getting so close to him. Of course, Mikael paid him no mind. I shared Jonas’s opinion on the subject, but preferred to keep it to myself.

Years went on, and times changed, we graduated from the school with no clue of what to do with our lives. To Mikael and Jonas, it was more or less easy, with the Gispert family paying for their university. I, with the help of my father, got another scholarship. James and Michel didn’t have it so simple, the best Michel could get was a job as a watchman, with some help from his friend, at one of the branches of the company ran by Jonas’s father, and James, even though he did not like books, ended up working as an assistant in the town’s library.

Mikael, being the bookworm he was, often went to the library and usually stumbled upon James on his visits. What none of them knew was that both of them had their eyes on the same girl who also frequented the place, that would end up being the reason of their enmity. James always watched the girl silently from a corner, or from the end of an aisle, never being able to gather the courage to talk to her. Mikael, on the other hand, wasted no time getting to know the girl, and in the blink of an eye they were dating. James saw it all from the silence, he took Mikael’s acts, one of the few friends he had ever had, as a treason. That was the crack that completed the rupture in the boy’s already shattered mind. It would be no surprise then that, one morning, he would stab his own father to death when, after coming home drunk, he had told James to give him whatever money he had to buy more alcohol, and attempted to beat him when James had refused. What came as a surprise was that he ended up being infamously known as the most effective and dangerous hitman in the city. He did the dirty jobs the police couldn’t get their hands into, so he didn’t have to worry about the law doing justice on him.

The relationship between Jonas and Michel would also turn into one of unidirectional hate. Michel was thought responsible of a robbery he didn’t commit, but for which he was thought responsible as he was the one supposed to be on watch the moment it had happened. He later confessed to Jonas, with shame, that a very beautiful girl had distracted him while the burglars had their way in. He was fired, and although Jonas did his best to convince his father to give his friend a second chance, the elder man simply replied that his decision was final, little did he knew it would cost him his life. Michel turned then to his best friend since childhood, James, who was already gathering fame as a hired assassin. James offered Michel a chance to join him in his status as the hidden hand of the police force, which he gladly accepted. Months later, they both, with James’s lead, would set fire to all the existing branches of the Gispert company in the city, as impossible as it seemed, all in one night. Their spectacle culminated with both of them breaking into the Gispert house and shooting everyone to death, Mikael’s mother included. Jonas was lucky enough to have been out of the city, fixing some business in his father’s name with some of his associates. To this day, I still think a huge part of Mikael died when he got to know his mother had been shot to death by no less than two of his closest friends.

James and Michel started chasing down Mikael and Jonas, with no intention other than filling their bodies with lead. It was around those days that Mikael started to get in contact with a man known as Andreas Corelli, I have no idea what happened there, or if Corelli had anything to do with the matter, but for some reason the two assassins seemed to leave them alone until some years after their daughters, Emily Kolvenik and Skye Gispert, were born. From what I know, it was the comeback of James and Michel to the scene what forced them both to disappear the way they did.

Isaac finished his narration as he put down the now empty cup of tea on the table. Both girls looked at each other, astonished by what they had just heard, a lot if things were starting to make sense.

“And what happened to you at the end of the story?” Emily was the first to speak.

“Oh, I work as a translator for a publishing house. The minimalist house you see me living in is just a choice of mine, an eccentricity. James and Michel stopped talking to me, but never went further than that. Mikael and Jonas, on the other side, have remained in touch though the years” He stood up and grabbed an apparently random book from the thousands of them scattered around his house “Come here, I have something for you”

Both girls stood up and leaned in to see the book he was holding. He opened it and they could see a hole had been dug in the center and it held a key. Isaac closed the book and gave it to Skye.

“Your father came to me some years ago and gave me this key, he told me to give it to you. It’s supposed to open a box in the city’s old post office. He didn’t tell me the number though, he only said you’ll be able to deduct it with the same code you used to decipher the message in the book” He looked out the window “Girls, it’s getting dark, you should be on your way back home before it’s too late”

Isaac accompanied both girls to the door and opened it for them “I’ll be right here if want to come by again. Be careful, girls, the city is turning dangerous these days”

“Thank you very much, mister Martin” Skye said.

“Please, call me Isaac, now go on your way” He closed the door and secured it before any of the girls had the chance to say their farewell.

“Which box do you think the key opens?” Skye asked once they were back at Emily’s house, with a downpour roaring outside in the now dark and empty streets.

“Well, it has some relation with our birthday dates, so it shouldn’t be very complicated. The solution could be as simple as adding up all of their digits”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually was that easy” She hugged Emily from behind, wrapping her hands over the girl’s tummy “Want to keep reading The Angel’s Game together?”

The shorter girl had a pink hue on her cheeks from the hug “Sure, just let me go get padded and into my pajamas” She said standing up.

“Get padded?”

“Um… yeah, get in my… diapers…” Emily explained, embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s a very cute and subtle way to say it, I like it”

“I like its subtlety…” Emily smiled and looked at Skye “I’ll be back in a few minutes” And ran off to her room.

As she waited for Emily to get her cute behind padded, Skye looked out of the window at the pouring rain, going on her mind through the verses she had found in the message her father had written with the first letter of each odd numbered page. Now aware of how dangerous the situation they were in was, she thought about running away from it, moving to another city, or another country if possible. But the prospect of seeing her father again kept her going, fighting back to unravel the mystery that surrounded his disappearance. She and Emily had each other to rely on, and smile formed in her lips at the certainty that they would work their way through it together.

And that’s it for chapter 4, hope you liked it ^^

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I really did! And there is already a new chapter :o

Conversations like this:

[QUOTE=Szeretlek;71623]The shorter girl had a pink hue on her cheeks from the hug “Sure, just let me go get padded and into my pajamas” She said standing up.

“Get padded?”

“Um… yeah, get in my… diapers…” Emily explained, embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s a very cute and subtle way to say it, I like it”[/QUOTE]

make the story feel so real. I don’t remember many stories that explained “being little” so well.

edit: whow. I just finished chapter 5 and have finally some critique for you.

The last chapter was turning the story quite a bit away from feeling somewhat real. I expected a much stronger reaction from Skye when she finally met her Dad again. Why was she letting go of him so easily. After all those years… Why did Ems and Skye just split up so easily? They knew it would be extremely risky walking around in the city with those documents. They could have splitted them, photographed them, or one of them could have argued about splitting up could maybe be a bad idea?

I don’t know…

Other than that, I still would like to know how this continues. That was also the first chapter with somewhat of a cliffhanger and I’m just a bit mad at that XD.

Re: A musician girl

Yeah, I had some serious trouble keeping the story verisimilar as I wrote that part. And trust me, the immense ammount of plot holes there has been nagging me all day long. I’ll rewrite it as soon as I can, I’m not capable of leave like that knowing it makes the story feel fake. Sorry to disappoint you :c

Feel free to read it again once it’s fixed, thanks for your opinion ^^

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[I]Here’s chapter 5 reposted, some things changed around the end. To those who have already read it and don’t want to do it again, I’d suggest you start on Emily’s dream, that’s where the changes begin. Again I’m sorry I had to do this, this is my first attempt at writing a story, and the language barrier doesn’t help (it’s not an excuse for poor plot development and lack of realism though, that one falls on me ¬¬), but I’m getting better at it, I promise >////<

[/I]Thank you for you patience ^^ Now on with the show!

Chapter 5: Same Old Song

Emily woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. One of the very few nights she had opted for an early bedtime, and this happened.

“Hello?” She picked up, sleepiness and annoyance evident in her voice, which faded away the moment she heard the voice on the other end.

“Good evening, Emmy” Many years had passed, ten to be exact, but even through the slightly distorted sound of a phone call, she distinguished the overtones of that voice instantly. Besides, no one ever used that nickname with her, no one but one person.

“Dad?” She whispered. A sigh was heard on the other end.

“You have the key, don’t you?”

Emily felt skeptical, not entirely sure she should reply to that question over a phone call, She kept quiet

“Listen, don’t try to open the box in the old post office just yet. You were probably unaware of the man following you and Skye yesterday when you visited Isaac. James is patient, like a spider on its cobweb, give it some days to cool down before you try and find out what’s in there”

Before she could say anything, whoever was calling her hung up. When she tried to call back, it was, unsurprisingly, already deactivated. The girl looked at her desk, where the book that contained the key rested, its shape faintly traced by the moonlight that filtered through the curtain she had forgot to close. There were so many things she still could not understand about her father’s past. For starters, that tale about James seeing him as a traitor for dating a girl he was interested in seemed implausible at best, there had to be something else lying under it, something Isaac either ignored or had preferred to omit. Then there was the sudden disappearance of James and Jean-Michel from the frame, for no apparent reason, just to come back years later, supposedly seeking her and Skye, though she still hadn’t noticed anything off. Last but not least, that matter with Andreas Corelli, the mysterious individual who used a stolen identity from Jonas’s favorite book.

Emily hoped they could sort this out before vacations were over. She still had about three weeks before her studies restarted, once they did her time would be very limited. Then again, if the situation she was in was as perilous as those letters warned, studying would be the least of her concerns.

Back to more immediate subjects, she gave her diaper a light squish with her hand to confirm it was a bit wet. A sighed escaped her lips, she had quickly grown dependent on them at night, and sometimes couldn’t resist the temptation that drove her to wear them during the day. What her mom had told her eased her mind a little, wearing and, to an extent, using diapers was harmless compared to what most people did to ‘have fun’, but the mild, tiny sensation of doing something that was somehow wrong never vanished.

Looking at the clock, the musician decided it was not time to let her thoughts wander on such subjects, and tried to go back to sleep. After various failed attempts, Emily grabbed her pillow and blanket and went for the only possible solution.

Lyza Kolvenik awoke to the sensation of someone slipping into her bed. Millions of years of evolution did the job for her as her nose subconsciously recognized her daughter’s smell. Too sleepy for words, she simply turned around to face Emily, knowing she would want to snuggle up to her. As Morpheus carried her again to dreamlands, she felt Emily huddling with her and enveloped the girl with her arms.

In the morning, the musician woke up to find only herself on her mother’s bed, the silence around the house suggesting her mom had already left to work. A note on the nightstand next to the bed confirmed her suspicions.

Crawling out of bed with a wet squish from her soaked diaper, the blackhead proceeded to go about her morning routine. With breakfast being already sorted out thanks to her mom, a change of underwear was in order. Emily walked into her room balancing the ideas of slipping on some panties or wearing another diaper, when she noticed her window was open. She always closed it before going to sleep, and her mom walking in to open it was unlikely with how busy she was in the mornings. Turning to her nightstand, the musician noticed a white envelope had found its way there. The paper was very thick and high quality, and it was sealed the old way, with a seal made of resin keeping it closed. Blood ran from her face when she recognized where the seal came from, an angel with its wings open, that seal belonged to Andreas Corelli. Emily grabbed the envelope and turned it around, written in dark red ink, with an elegant hand writing, was her name.

Breathing deeply, Emily broke the seal and extracted the thick folded sheet of paper inside. Sure enough, it was one of Andreas Corelli’s mysterious letters

“Your soul is burning bright, high hopes of future in sight
Beyond the horizon lays a world that’s so black
They’ll try to shape your mind and make you walk the line
Don’t let them steal your dreams, it’s all that you have

Your friend and ally, A.C.”

The young girl was left confused, the letter didn’t say anything else, and what little it contained seemed ridiculously cryptic. She would have to ask Skye about it, the brunette was better at deciphering that kind of things.

Thinking no more of the matter, she happily brought out her changing supplies, realizing, as she did so, that there were only a few diapers left. A sigh escaped her lips at the thought of buying another package and the subsequent embarrassment that would follow. Maybe she could get Skye to come with her and make the experience a little less mortifying. Leaving the still folded diaper on her bed, Emily opted to go for a warm shower, planning to visit Skye later and ask her about the mysterious letter she had received.

“Hmm, I really can’t get much from it, it’s weird” Skye concluded still looking at the neatly written verses “But I find it even weirder that this appeared out of nothing in your nightstand”

“Turns out whoever is imitating Andreas Corelli does it extremely well”Emily joked, though the look on Skye’s face told she was taking the joke seriously “You don’t really believe it could actually be him… do you?”

“As far as I know, the windows in your bedroom can only be opened from inside…” She let her comment trail off, obtaining a sigh from Emily as the only response. Skye decided to change the subject “Well, since you’re already here, and we have nothing else to do, would like to spend the day with me?” She offered her hand at the shorter girl, who smiled and took it.

“Sure, where do we go?”

“How about we go to the old post office and see what’s inside the box?” Emily remembered the call she had received from her father the night before, still unsure if it had actually happened or had been a dream.

“Um… no, we should give it some days to cool down” As she had expected, Skye received her words with a questioning look “I got a call from my dad last night, he told me James is watching us closely”

“Your dad called you?” A hint of surprise was evident in the brunette’s voice.

“Mmhmm, it’d been months since he did, I guess this was urgent enough to deserve a call from him” A small twinge of sadness stung Emily on her insides at the thought of how little they had talked.

“Well, if that’s how things are, going out looks like a bad idea, we’d be walking right into the wolf’s mouth”

“Um… actually, I was wondering if you could come with me to… um…” Emily blushed and looked to the side.

“Mm? What is it, Ems?”

“I’m kind of running low on… you know…” Skye sighed happily, she didn’t get why Emily was still so shy around her diapers.

“No wonder why you’re going through them so quickly, you’re even wearing them during the day” Skye commented looking at Emily’s waist, who blushed profusely.

“H-How did you know?”

“Come on, Ems, I’ve seen you in them enough times to recognize the way you walk when you’re wearing them” She smiled and took Emily’s hand “So you need to buy more?” The blushing girl nodded “Alright, I’ll go with you” To Emily’s relief, the brunette made no comments about her diapered state.

“But, what else do we do with the rest of the day?” Skye continued “Roaming around town doesn’t sound like a good idea if those two are following our steps”

Emily gave a sly smile “Well, there’s one place we can go to”

Hand in hand, both girls walked happily into the park in the outskirts of the city. As always, it was devoid of all people except for them, which, along with the cloudy day, gave the place a sense of nostalgia, of antiqueness, as if it had not been notified of the decades passing by.

They sat down in a bench under a willow tree, feeling the winds, no longer interfered by the buildings in the city, waving in their hair.

“We hadn’t been here in while” Emily pointed out after some minutes of pleasant silence.

“Oh, that’s right, we hadn’t come since out first date” The mention of the word made Emily’s cheeks redden.

“Do you think of it as a date?”

“Well, yes… the first official one, at least” Skye looked to the side, blushing. ‘Here it comes’

“Official one? What do you mean official one? Do you mean there were some unofficial ones before it?” Skye kept quiet, knowing Emily was just about to, without being aware of it, answer her own question “But, that was the first date we had after we kissed that night at the ho-… Oh…” The brunette felt herself melt at the smile that blossomed on her girlfriend’s lips “So, you saw all the times we went out together as dates?”

The taller girl simply nodded, feeling like a cigarette could be lighted an inch away from her face.

“See who’s the cute one here!” Emily exclaimed giving Skye a hug.

‘That’s it, time for some backfire’ She thought, still embraced in the other girl’s arms “Cute one? Do you have any idea how cute you look with your behind padded?” She reached out and gave Emily’s backside a couple of playful swats for emphasis.

“Hey!” The shorter girl drew away, a hand on the place her girlfriend had swatted “No disallowed touching there”

“Oh but I’m your girlfriend, I am allowed to touch there whenever I want to” Skye winked her eyes and smiled slyly, to which Emily’s only response was a pouty face “Aw, come on, I was liking your smile” She quickly reached for the other girl’s flank, knowing she was awfully ticklish.

The blackhead laughed loudly for some seconds under Skye’s unforgiving hands, and even felt her diaper get a little wet, unable to contain herself at the girl’s unstopping tickles, before she could break free from her grip “Come chase me!” Emily exclaimed as she stood up and ran around the tree, only to stop dead in her tracks at what she saw on the other side. “Skye, what’s this?” She yelled.

The brunette, curious to see what her girlfriend had found, stood up and rounded the tree, to find Emily sitting on an old swing that hung from one of the branches of the willow, completely hidden from the other side by the tree’s long leaves. Feeling memories she thought lost quickly flood her mind, she answered happily “Oh, that’s a swing my father and I used to play in. I had pretty much forgotten about it, but it’s been here for as long as I can remember” She paused and read the look of longing and illusion on Emily’s eyes “You want me to push you, don’t you?” The blackhead’s only answer was a happy and energetic nod. Skye emitted a joyful sigh at the girl’s cute and childish behavior. She placed herself behind the swing and gently lay her hands on Emily’s back “Here it goes, hold on tight”

As laws of physics dictate it, with Skye’s pushes being on the same frequency as Emily’s movement on the swing, the system started resonating, and before the raven haired girl finished going through the scientific explanation of the phenomenon in her head, she found herself happily swinging back and forth.

Looking at the sky, Emily felt some kind of nostalgic and peaceful joy inside of her. It had been so long since she had the chance to have fun on a swing, she had forgotten how it felt.

After a while, Skye grew tired and sat down on the swing next to Emily, confident of its resistance.

“Thanks, I had forgotten how good it felt” The shorter said leaning on the brunette’s shoulder.

“Don’t mention it. I get to be the one on the swing next time, though”

“Fair enough” She closed her eyes and shut down her mind, intending to enjoy the moment, which was short lived.

“Ems, we should get going, it’s getting dark. Besides” She looked at Emily in her eyes “someone’s running low on diapers”

“L-let’s go” The blackhead stuttered, standing up with a heavy blush on her face.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Skye asked once they were in her house’s porch, as she looked at Emily carrying a big plastic bag with something of a parallelepiped shaped inside it.

“Um… yes, this bag is opaque enough to hide what’s inside, so as long as I don’t drop it I should be fine”

The brunette sighed “Ems, I’m not talking about your diapers, I’m referring to the fact that you have to go home on your own, and it’s, you know, dangerous…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, there’s a bus stop one street down, I won’t have to walk a lot”

“Feel free to call me or come here if anything happens” She said, cupping Emily’s cheek in her hand.

“I’ll send you a message once I get home” She leaned in and gave Skye a brief kiss before turning around to walk away, waving her hand.

Once in the bus stop, Emily sat down to wait, looking at her sides and finding the street empty except for her. Empty streets at night were never the best of places for a barely adult girl, but she had no other choice. The musician hoped the bus didn’t take long, she was cold, alone, and her diaper would soon need to be changed. The girl was thinking about checking the time to make sure she hadn’t missed the last bus when she heard footsteps approaching her. She looked up to her side to see a man in a gabardine walking towards her. Any thought of him being Lain Coubert vanished as she took a look at his face, black fishy eyes staring at her and an oily, canine smile on his mouth. She shivered as he licked his upper lip in anticipation.

“What do we have here, a Kolvenik cub alone in the night” He stood in front of her, taking a half smoked cigarette to his mouth. She wanted to scream, to run, but her body wouldn’t answer her, she was frozen in place with terror “Where are my manners? I’m James, though you have probably already heard of me from that Martin cunt, I am a close friend of your father. And it just turns out I have some pending issues with him” He blew out smoke right in her face, making Emily cough “Now be a good girl and tell me where that coward is hiding”

“I- I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in years” Emily replied barely above a whisper.

“Now, don’t be a fucking liar, I hate liars” His voice became hugely aggressive “Now tell me, little whore, where is that piece of shit hiding his scummy self?” Emily’s eyes widened as she saw he had drawn a knife out if pocket, and was pointing it at her.

“I- I- “ She felt tears running down her cheeks, and her diaper growing suddenly warm “I really don’t…”

“Leave her alone, James” She heard from behind her, turning around to find Lain, or Jonas, pointing a revolver at James.

“Ho, so a Gispert chose to join the party” James raised his hands “Go on, shoot, from what I see that gun has no bullets inside”

“It has one, more than enough” Lain tensed the firing pin with his thumb.

“Well what are you waiting for? Go on, finish me!”

Lain’s face, or whatever the burnt had left of it, remained expressionless, he merely kept the pistol pointing at James’s chest.

Not eager to find out if the gun had any bullets inside, James scoffed and began walking away. Lain stood there, with the gun ready until James was out of view.

“Are you okay?”

Emily, still scared and shaking, with tears running down her face, nodded.

“Run to Skye’s house, you’ll be alright there, go” Emily nodded again and darted off in the direction of her girlfriend’s house without looking behind, carrying along the plastic bag that contained her diapers, barely aware that she had her hand squeezed around it.

Once she arrived at Skye’s front door, she knocked loudly and repeatedly, hoping Skye didn’t take long to open.

“I said I was coming, jeez” Skye opened the door, annoyed, though any hints of angriness dispersed when she took in the look on Emily’s face “Ems? What happened? Are you alright?”

Unable to speak, Emily simply threw herself at Skye, sobbing. Confused, the taller girl hugged her with an arm and used to other to closed the door. She softly guided her girlfriend to the couch and sat her down, positioning herself beside her. Knowing Emily was in no state to speak, Skye wrapped her arms around her and stroked her hair gently, to calm her down.

Several minutes passed until the shorter girl’s sobs subsided. Though she refused to let go of Skye.

“Want a drink?” She asked breaking the embrace, receiving a soft nod as the only answer “Wait here, I’ll go get it” Emily nodded again, looking at the floor with dull eyes.

Skye came back shortly with a cup and a bottle of wine, she filled the cup for Emily and handed it to her, who downed it in an instant and returned it to be refilled. She started speaking after the third one.

“I saw James, he wanted to know where my dad is…” She sipped on her fourth serving “He took out a knife and threatened me with it, I don’t want to think of what might have happened if Lain- your dad hadn’t come to save me. He menaced James with a revolver and shoved him away, I ran here afterwards”

Skye listened to Emily feeling terror take hold of her, they were now actively harassing them, things were starting to become more dangerous than she had initially, foolishly thought. Without thinking twice, Skye poured herself a cup of the liqueur, feeling the wine do its magic and dispersing her fright for the moment. She wrapped her arms around Emily, who was currently going through her fifth helping.

“Well, don’t worry, we’ll be safe here, and I get to spend the night with a very cute girl” She kissed the girl’s cheek, who blushed immediately.

“I’m glad I have you here, I’d have had an anxiety attack on my own” Emily leaned against Skye, feeling her eyelids heavy.

“Feeling better?” The taller girl asked, softly caressing the other girl’s head.

“Yeah, thanks” The guitarist was drifting off to sleep when she took notice of the cold, clammy and soaked diaper between her legs, she straightened up “I… um… I have to go get changed” She quickly stood up, immediately regretting it as she felt the world spinning around her “Oh…” Emily felt very dizzy and noticed she was falling to one side before Skye caught her in her arms.

“Whoa, you okay, Ems?” The brunette asked, worried “You shouldn’t have stood so quickly”

“I need a change…” Emily felt extremely tipsy, almost drunk.

“Well, I’m afraid you’re in no state to do it on your own” Skye realized, grimacing, that Emily had gone through three quarters of the bottle in less than fifteen minutes. The poor girl was in for a nasty hangover the next morning “Come on, I’ll change you”

Even in her state, Emily knew what those words implied “Oh, no, no no no, I’m doing it myself”

“Ems, you can’t even stand up on your own, let me help out in this one” Skye explained patiently.

“But…isn’t it… gross?” The blackhead asked, looking down.

“Of course not, I already did it once, don’t fret over it” She helped Emily stand up “Come on, let’s get some water in your system so the hangover doesn’t kick as hard” The brunette helped her into the kitchen and poured a glass of water for her “Drink it whole” Emily did as she was told, only to have it refilled seconds later, she looked up at Skye, who nodded, so she drank down the second glass. The taller girl filled it one last time and handed it to her.

“I’m already full, I don’t think I can drink another one” The blackhead protested, placing a hand over her tummy to make emphasis.

“Okay, you can drink it later” She put down the glass and took Emily’s hand “Let’s get you changed” She started walking towards her bedroom, with the raven haired girl waddling right behind her. Once in her room, Skye softly lay her down in bed and got out some wipes and baby powder from her closet.

“How come you have baby powder in your closet?” Emily asked, curious.

“Oh, um… I figured you’d once want to stay over and forget your changing supplies, so I bought some to have you covered in case it happened”

“Oh, I see, thanks” She offered a tiny smile while blushing at the thought of her girlfriend taking her diapers so seriously. She felt Skye taking off her shoes and socks, then her shorts and lifting her dress up to her tummy, revealing the soggy and yellowed diaper taped around her waist. Next came the tapes, the laying girl closed her eyes, trying to ignore the fact that her girlfriend was about to see her naked. She heard the tapes being ripped and the diaper being peeled off. She lifted her bum for Skye to remove it, shivered when the cold wipes touched her skin with no warning and had to work hard to suppress a moan when the powder was being rubbed on her skin. Finally, when she felt the last tape of the fresh diaper be secured, Emily dared to open her eyes. It had still felt great, but with the fogginess that came with alcohol she wasn’t sure what to make out of it.

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?” Skye said picking up the wet diaper to throw it in the bathroom.

“Um… no, I actually kind of enjoyed it…”

“I knew you would” Emily looked up only to have the brunette wink her eye before walking out of the room. She tried to stand up to straighten her dress, only to land in bed on her padded behind. She groaned, frustrated, it was starting to feel like she was a baby, not even able to stand by herself. On the other hand though, all the extra care and attention from Skye made her feel warm and cozy inside…

Her train of thought was interrupted as the girl she was thinking about entered the room, took her hand and helped her up to straighten her dress.

“Um… Skye…”


“I’m hungry…” Skye sighed, it was about 9 PM and none of them had eaten anything since lunch, she was hungry, too.

“Bear with me some minutes, I’ll make us both some sandwiches”

She helped Emily down the stairs and sit down at the table “I’ll also have to call your mom and tell her you’re staying here, she’s probably worried by now”

“Um… Skye?” Emily called as Skye washed the dishes after they had finished dinner.


“I… um… have to use to bathroom…”

“Oh, don’t worry, just go in your diaper” She turned her head and offered Emily a smile before going on with the dishes.

“But… you just changed me…” Emily blushed, feeling ashamed she had to touch the subject.

“It’s okay, Ems, I expected it with all the water I made you drink. Don’t worry about it, I’ll change you”

Sure enough, Emily found herself lying in bed in a very wet diaper, waiting for Skye to change her. She was surprised when Skye took out not only one, but two diapers from the package.

“With the wine and the water you had, only one might leak, and I’d rather not take any chances… sorry” She gave the laying girl an apologetic smile before setting to work.

Later into the night, Emily lay in Skye’s bed, cuddling with her girlfriend, feeling the ridiculously huge bulk of the double diapers pushing her legs apart a lot. Skye’s hand softly caressing her hair, together with all the wine she had drunk, lulled gently into a pleasant slumber.

The raven haired musician found herself in a room made of stone, like the hall of an ancient castle, but much smaller, barely larger than the living room in her house. Light was coming in from all the windows, and a small table with two chairs and a tea set was placed in the middle. She heard music coming from somewhere, though she couldn’t pinpoint the source. She was trying to look through a window when a voice spoke from behind her.

“Good morning, my dear friend Emily. Or is it good evening? Doesn’t matter much in this place” Said an elegant, precise and pompous voice. Emily knew who it was before she turned around.

“Good morning, mister Corelli” She turned around to find the white haired man in his white suit sitting down at the table, pouring two cups of tea for both of them. When he looked up, she was taken aback at the look of his eyes. Their sclera, which as far as she knew was white in all eyes, was obsidian black, which complimented with his white irises gave his stare an unnerving, maybe even scary effect.

He seemed to notice her observation of his eyes, but said nothing of it “Please, have a seat” He offered.

As she drew closer, Emily noticed how tall he actually was, being almost as tall as her while sitting down. She took a sit opposite to him, realizing just then that there was no bulk between her legs.

“I didn’t think it would be necessary to replicate your choice of underwear when I brought here” He casually explained, stirring his tea “And yes, you’re dreaming” He said, answering her question before she asked it. He sipped his tea “I hope you received my little message, dear Emily”

“I did” Emily grabbed her tea “Though I couldn’t make any sense from it”

“Oh, it’s not that complicated, I just want you to see me as an ally in this predicament you’re in”

“Why would you want to help us on this?” She asked calmly.

“Well, without diving into the details, I’ll say it is my fault you and the girl sleeping beside you are stuck in this situation” It took Emily a moment to understand he was referring to Skye “And I also assume some responsibility for your father leaving you and your mother, for which I am deeply regretful. So as a way to redeem myself from those actions, here you have me, as your friend and ally”

“I’m not sure if I should accept such offer, mister Corelli” Emily replied, skeptical. Surprised when his face took a somber expression, and his eyes a penetrating look.

“The time will come when you’ll have no other choice but to accept my offer, miss Kolvenik. Keep in mind I’m giving you my help asking nothing in exchange, something I very rarely do, when circumstances require it, or I have been given the pleasure to be wrong about some course of actions”

“The pleasure to be wrong?”

“Yes, my dear friend. I am usually right in everything, and I’m afraid it reports me no satisfaction”

“What happened between you and my father?”

“All answers shall come in the right moment, Emily. It is not my place to answer that for you” He turned to look at her “The only advice I can give you for the moment is that doppelgängers are usually betrayed by their eyes. With no soul inside, there’s nothing to look at through them. And watch your partner closely, she’s in more danger than it seems with this situation” He stood up, towering over Emily “Well, miss Kolvenik, it seems our little reunion has come to an end, I’m looking forward to meet you in more meaningful circumstances, take care. Now, wake up”

“No, wai-“ Before Emily could finish her sentence, she felt the dream start fading to black, and her mind coming back to consciousness. She opened her eyes to find Skye beside her, looking at her with a smug expression.

“Wait for what, mm?”

“I- I had a strange dream…” Emily shifted under the covers, suddenly aware of the huge, soaked diapers pushing her legs apart “Andreas Corelli appeared in my dreams, as if he was the one controlling them, and told he wants to be our ally in this”

“It’s the second time you dream of him… do you think…” Skye sat up, confused.

“I don’t want to think about it, it’s too many coincidences to be causality, but still, a character from a book…” The guitarist frowned, finding little sense in all the rigmarole that revolved around the mysterious white haired man.

“Well, let’s put that aside for a while, breakfast is ready” Skye chimed, standing up and offering a hand to Emily “How are you feeling?”

“Ugh, my head hurts a little, and I’m a bit dizzy” The blackhead complained as she stood up.

“Well, having some food in your tummy will make feel better, but first…” She trailed off and looked at Emily’s hips “Ems, do you… um… need a…”

“Oh, erm… yeah…” She looked to the side, blushing.

“Let’s do it quick then” Skye announced laying Emily down on the bed.

“Wait, what!? I- I’m sober now, I can do it myself”

“Yes you can, but with your headache and dizziness, it’ll take longer, and I’m hungry” She looked at Emily and smiled warmly “Just relax and let me take care of it, alright?” The shorter girl’s only answer was a shy nod as she closed her eyes tightly, trying to push the embarrassment away.

The key entered the lock on box number 2131 with a high pitched clank, both girls looked at each other, and nodded. Skye looked around and found no one, the old post office was a decaying building no one ever went to, even the furniture such as desks and several chairs had been left behind when the service had migrated to better lands.

“It’s clear” She announced.

“Okay, here it goes” Emily started turning the key “The best place to hide a secret is where most people can see it…”

“…and all of them ignore it” Skye completed as the old and rusty mechanism clicked, signaling the box was now open.

Inside lay a several sheets of paper, folded in half. If the beige color and the few stains here and there meant anything, that document had been there for at least ten years. Unfolding it, both girls found it was a manuscript that contained both their fathers’ handwriting. Emily took it out and lay it on an empty desk.

“It’s not safe to read it here, let’s take it home and examine it there” The blackhead pointed out.

“How do we get home? Walking doesn’t seem a good idea with this in our hands…”

“We could take a taxi…” Skye looked at Emily as if she had said just the Earth was flat.

“Do you have any idea how much a taxi costs from here? How much cash do you have right now?”

“I kind of had already thought of that” Emily smiled smugly as she brought out her wallet. The brunette sighed, being the methodical person she was, she should have expected her girlfriend to think of those easily overlooked details.

“Shouldn’t we try to take some photos of it in case something happens along the way?” The taller girl suggested.

“That would be nice, but it might take a while, from the looks of it, there are at least a hundred pages”

“Well, it’s not like anyone’s coming in here, I can watch out while you take the pictures” Skye offered, turning around.

“I’m not sure…” Emily shivered at the remembrance of her encounter with James the night before. Two girls alone in an empty building no one ever visited consisted an easy target for him, the less time they spent there, the better. She took the document in her hands, realizing once she had lifted it that she had missed the last page, which lay there, exposed. Upon closer inspection, the girl felt her mouth gone dry as she silently read its contents, suddenly understanding why Skye was in so much risk with the circumstances that surrounded them.

With her blood running cold, and her thoughts buzzing loudly in her mind, she quickly grabbed the ominous piece of paper and folded it to fit inside her pocket. Making sure Skye still had her back turned at her and hadn’t seen anything, the guitarist hid the now folded page in her pocket and handed the brunette the rest of the manuscript “Here, put this in your bag, we need to leave now” She couldn’t let Skye know about the contents of that single page. Not yet, at least.

“You okay, Ems? You’re as pale as a napkin” The taller girl asked, carefully placing the document inside her bag.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I’m just worried James might come after us, we’re an easy prey in here, let’s go” She hadn’t finished her sentence as she rapidly walked towards the exit, with Skye struggling to follow her.

“What were you saying about catching a taxi?” Skye asked rhetorically, clearly not amused. They had been standing outside for fifteen minutes, the few taxis that had passed by already occupied.

“It’s a lonely part of the city, not many cabs roam around here” Emily apologized “Let’s take the bus, it’s not the best choice, but I really don’t feel like standing here giving James and Michel the perfect chance to get us”

“There’s a bus stop a couple blocks away” The brunette informed as they began walking.

To their luck, the route that took them both to Skye’s place didn’t take long to roll around the bus stop. Skye was the first one to climb on it with Emily following behind. Just as she was about to get on the bus, the blackhead felt her phone ring in her pocket. She stopped and answered the call, finding only silence on the other end for a split second before whoever had called hung up. By the time she had returned her phone to her pocket, the door on the bus was already closed and it had started moving.

“Wait!” Emily yelled, running behind the vehicle in an attempt to have the driver notice her and wait for her, with no success. The vehicle only kept gaining speed and in a matter of seconds she was left behind, alone, in the middle of an empty street, with nightfall drawing closer.

A man with his face scarred from what looked like a severe burn, returned the phone he had just hung up to his pocket, fixing his gaze on the girl complaining to the driver.

“Hey, that girl is yelling at you to stop!” Skye protested at the driver, who seemed unfazed by her outburst “Hello? Are you listening to me?” The man behind the steering wheel kept his gaze fixed on the road, the brunette noticed something was off when she realized he hadn’t blinked a single time, and remained without doing so. His eyes looked dull and void.

Feeling uneasy, Skye turned around to look at the rest of the bus, finding it empty except for one person sitting at the back. Her heart skipped a beat as she noticed the stranger’s appearance matched the description Emily had given her of Lain Coubert, who was presumably her father.

Feeling her heart speeding up, she silently approached the stranger, who was now looking at her. To her surprise, he took off the burned skin mask he was wearing, revealing himself to her.

Skye felt her mind go blank at the sight before her, her heartbeats pounding loudly on her temples, she felt her breathing heavy as astonishment creeped up inside her. A man with brown eyes, thick eyebrows and a three day old beard stared back at her.

“Hello, Skye” He offered. A shaky sigh escaped the girl’s lips as a pair of tears stained her eyes. Memories flooded her head uncontrollably at the sound of his voice. Skye realized, with sadness, that she had started to forget how his voice sounded like.

“Dad?” Came her cracked voice, barely above a whisper as a drop of transparency ran down her left cheek.

“Here I am” He offered a sad and fragile smile.

Skye threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around him as if he was going to disappear right there if she didn’t. When she felt his strong and gentle arms envelope her, the girl dropped all inhibitions and let all the pain she had been bottling up in the last ten years flow it out into his shoulder.

Almost half an hour had passed and Skye still had her face hidden in her father’s shoulder, her crying had died down to occasional sobs. Only then did she notice the bus had stopped at some place in the outskirts of the city, the sun had been reduced to a scarlet, faint light in the horizon.

“What’s going on? Where are we?” She asked, once aware of their surroundings, breaking the embrace.

“At some place where we can talk with tranquility” He anticipated her next question “Don’t worry about Emily, I promise she’ll be okay”

“How are you so sure?”

“She has Mikael taking care of her” Skye relaxed at his words, only to have her mind flooded once again with questions.

“Where have you been all these years?” The brunette asked what she had been waiting ages to inquire.

“Taking care of you and your mom from the shadows” He answered in an apologetic tone.

“Why did you leave us in such a cruel way in the first place?” Skye felt her eyes watering once again, he took her hand into his own.

“I’m sorry, Skye. I really had no other choice at the moment, if only you knew…” He trailed off.

“Tell me, then! I think I deserve to know the truth after all these years!”

He shook his head.

“No, I’m afraid you’re not ready for it, not yet”

“Why not?”

“The truth hurts, Skye, it hurts deeply”

“I don’t care if it hurts, I just want to know why you two left us like that, specially you!” She was growing frustrated. He disappeared for some many years and came back only to avoid her questions, it wasn’t fair.

“Trust me, you wouldn’t be saying that if you knew the things Mikael and I have been through” The look in his eyes was enough to make Skye understand he profoundly meant every word he said. He drew a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Skye, who used it to clean the remnants of tears from her face. The girl noticed the piece of cotton had a weird smell to it, but shrugged it off as some cheap lotion her father was probably using.

“Why did you take so long to show yourself to me?” She asked, returning the tissue and laying her head in his shoulder, feeling tired after all the crying.

“I had wanted to do it since long ago, but couldn’t find the right occasion”

“And what makes this the right occasion?” Skye inquired, skeptical.

“Only now I could shake James off my back long enough to make him lose track of me for a while” Jonas replied, internally wincing as he lied to his daughter. She sighed, looking through the window at the crimson clouds in the skyline.

“I missed you…”

“I did too, you have no idea how much” He wrapped an arm around her.

“What happens now?” Skye felt her eyelids getting heavy.

“I really don’t know…” He knew very well what had to be done, but didn’t want to tell her, due to its implications “Best we can do is keep working together and hope for the best”

“I…see…” Skye trialed off as a sense of fatigue overtook her. In less than a minute, she was immersed into a deep slumber, leaning onto her father.

Jonas sighed, glad that the chemical impregnated in the tissue had taken effect quickly, and mentally kicking himself for doing such a thing to his own daughter.

Aware of the transgression he was about to do, he took her bag and opened it, finding the manuscript inside. He was relieved Skye was the one who carried it, if it had been Emily, a much more intrusive and aggressive course of actions would have been needed. Though deceiving his own daughter the way he had just done was no better, but probably even worse. Jonas extracted the document, cursing under his breath when he noticed the last page was missing. The contents of that single sheet were the main reason he had gone through so much trouble to snatch the whole document from the girl’s hands. He’d still have to thank mister Corelli for the favor.

Jonas hid the manuscript in the inner pocket of his jacket and softly lay Skye down on the bus seat, closed her bag and positioned it beside her. Slipping on the burned skin mask and adopting the identity of his alter ego, Lain Coubert, he looked at Skye one last time before giving the driver a signal to start the engine.

The brunette woke up feeling nausea and a painful headache. She found herself in the same bus she had been in earlier, but it wasn’t moving. Her father was nowhere to be seen. An immense feeling of melancholy stabbed her from the inside at the thought of him, she felt somewhat happy after having seen him, but could not suppress her sadness at how ephemeral that moment had been. Looking out through the window, she realized the bus had stopped a couple blocks away from her house, the creepy driver also seemed to have vanished into thin air. A look at her phone revealed forty-five missed calls from Emily, and a similar amount from her mom.

Holding her head with one hand while using the other to stabilize herself, she got off the bus and walked as quickly as she could to her house.

The worried faces of her girlfriend and her mom greeted her when the door was opened. Both Sophie and Emily opted to leave questions for later when they took in her state. She felt the blackhead wrap her arms around her and say something she didn’t catch. They helped her in gently, relieved that she had made it home in one piece.

“How are you feeling?” Sophie asked as she saw her daughter walk into the living room.

“The headache and the dizziness are gone, but…” She doubted “The shock of seeing him after so many years is still there…” She had told her mother half the story, only mentioning that she had met with her father, and saying she had started feeling ill on the way back. Sophie didn’t know about the whole predicament they were in and the story behind, and Skye intended to keep it that way, not wanting to add such weight to the one her mom already carried in her shoulders, and knowing Sophie would probably freak out and would want to run away from the city. Which would only make things a lot more complicated, and she would be away from Emily.

“I phoned my superiors at the hospital and they gave me a couple hours, but I’m afraid I have to leave now…” She touched Skye’s cheek with her thumb “Are you sure you will be alright? You looked far from good when you arrived”

“Don’t worry, Emily will stay with me here tonight” The young musician offered a smile.

“Alright, make sure to call me if you start feeling ill again, okay?”

“I will, I promise”

Sophie gave her daughter a warm hug “Make sure to behave while I’m not around. I love you, sweetheart”

“I love you, mom” Skye bid her mother farewell as she walked out of the door.

“So” The brunette heard Emily speaking behind her once Sophie was gone “will you tell me actually what happened?”

Breathing in deeply, Skye turned around and offered Emily the most sincere smile she could bring herself to give, “I will, but I’d like to eat something first, I’m starving”

“Oh, I’m hungry too, your mom left some food in the fridge, we’ll just have to reheat it…” The blackhead drew closer, wrapping her arms around Skye “You gave quite the fright, there”

“Well, here you have me, safe and sound” She returned the hug, feeling her sadness and fears dissipate in her girlfriend’s embrace.

“Don’t ever do that again, meanie” The shorter girl looked up, pouting, earning a giggle from the brunette.

“I’ll do my best to keep it from happening again” Her tummy rumbled loudly.

“I see someone’s pretty hungry” the guitarist teased, and grabbed Skye’s hand “Come on, I’ll take care of it while you tell me what happened, and we can read the manuscript together afterwards”

“Alright, but first” She softly patted Emily’s behind “Need a change?”

“H-Hey! Don’t say it so casually! I’m perfectly able to tell if I need one!” She exclaimed, with her cheeks burning.

“So? That still doesn’t answer my question” Skye gave a sly smile.

Emily looked down and her blush deepened “I was going to change myself when you arrived”

Skye grabbed her hand and guided her softly to the guitarist’s bedroom, offering a now fully sincere warm and cozy smile.

“Come on then, let’s get you changed”

Re: A musician girl

That’s probably because it’s maybe one of the key moments in the story and therefore very difficult to pass. Like I don’t know, but if Skyes father “returns from the dead” so to speak, just to steal some documents from Skye, it seems like these documents really carry some life or death secrets with them. I can’t look up chapter 5 anymore, because you have deleted it, but I don’t think Skye mentioned to Ems that she met her dad in like the first sentence or at all when she arrived at Ems house. Also I would expect for Skye to not leave her bag out of sight at all with those documents in there. That’s just some of the things I’ve noticed that kinda bother me. Maybe you can get some inspiration out of them. Take your time :3 You are doing great! Like, this is one of my favourite stories at the moment. :smiley:

Maybe go all out on it and make it as dramatic as possible? ^^ Preferable without hurting Ems or Skye, or at least not too much. :3

edit: oh it’s there again… reading in a bit

Re: A musician girl

This is the part where I kindly ask you to bury the previous version of the chapter well in the bottom of your memories, and set fire to it if you can :3

And I thank you immensely for your support, it means a lot to me :slight_smile:

Re: A musician girl

Okay, this new version reads much better. :3 You even included my idea about photographing the documents :o I’m doing my best to set memories about the old one on fire.

Skye thinking about changing Ems diapers instead of wanting to read the manuscript immediately. I think she really enjoys this whole diaper thing (maybe even just caring for Em) a lot. I’m excited to read how this will progress further.

Re: A musician girl

You’re right, she’s just taking care of Emily (and teasing her, something she clearly loves doing)

You’d think they would want to take care of any little mishaps that might impede a straight reading of the manuscript. That’s what a methodical person, who sees the world in the shape of algorithms (such as Emily), would do :wink: It’s not like the sheets are going anywhere, as they are now safely hidden in Skye’s bag, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: A musician girl

This is entertaining to read and I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with this!