A Mess of Giant Proportions (Short Story; Commission for GiantessMura)

This was an interesting story to write. It was a commission by Murabun/GiantessMura with a lot of fetishy elements I wasn’t used to writing. Overall, it was a really fun experience to work on and something very different from the norm for me.

Contains messy diapers; macro/giantess stuff including sitting on people, putting people in a diaper, etc; and a bit of farting.

“It’s a beautiful day here in Westport. The sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom: the perfect day to go outside. What do you think, Tony?”

“Oh, definitely! Can’t remember the last time the weather cooperated this well. And just in time for the Mongooses’ big game…”

The announcers’ voices echoed from the tinny speakers of the ancient scuffed plastic radio, its normally occupied surroundings within the small farmhouse devoid of the usual noises of everyday life. The entirety of the home was in fact empty of all inhabitants, their only remnant a still-swinging screen door in the front of the building. Only yards away, a family of five stood, staring in awe at the hundred-foot-long girl lying asleep in their cornfield.

Bright light penetrated the sanctuary of Mura’s eyelids, a frown crossing her face as the girl rolled over and rubbed her eyes, too tired to wake up. A series of small panicked screams from behind her drew her attention away from falling back asleep, Mura slowly pulling her diapered rear underneath her and into a sitting position. Drowsily, the girl looked around, blinking several times before finally laying eyes on the tiny figures staring at her in awe. “Toys!” A glow immediately spread across her face, the excited smile wrenching the girl out of her earlier tiredness.

Slowly, the girl pulled herself to her feet, the ground shaking as she did and knocking the few who didn’t run in terror onto their rears. “Ooh…let’s play!” The woman who served as the current target for Mura’s affections screamed as the giant’s outstretched hand drew ever closer. “Silly dollie; I’m just gonna play with you.” The yelling turned to quiet whimpering as Mura grasped her gently, lifting the girl into the air as she continued stomping towards the farmhouse. With an earth-shaking thud, Mura dropped into a sitting position, rattling the very foundation of the house as she did so.

As Mura examined the farmhouse, a frown began to spread across her face. “This is a silly dollhouse; I can’t even see inside!” Setting the “dollie” she held in her lap for a few seconds, Mura placed the tips of her fingers under each side of the building’s roof, grunting as she pulled it up. As Mura pulled harder and harder, her stomach also began to strain in response, the rumbling audible to all nearby. With a tremendous crack, Mura lifted the roof off of the rest of the building, revealing the inside of the house beneath as the escape of gas from her rear grew into much more. The seat of Mura’s diaper was shortly very thoroughly filled, Mura gaining a couple dozen feet in height as her belly began to bulge further out in response to the mess.

“That’s better! Now, I wonder which one you are…” Mura lifted the now coughing and gagging woman back up, examining her with a curious glance. “Oh, you must be the baby 'cause you’re so little!” She set the “baby” down into the visible bedroom, the look on her face growing puzzled as she remembered something. “Wait…weren’t there other dollies too?” Carefully, Mura turned around, spotting several figures in the distance who were in the midst of running for their lives. “No! Bad toys! Don’t run away from me!” Taking her attention off of her earlier charge, Mura pulled herself back to her feet, running off after the fleeing farmers only to catch sight of a towering skyline in the distance. Her attention entirely drawn away from the few people she’d been chasing, Mura ran off towards the city, giggling as her pounding footsteps announced her coming to the city of Westport.

“Alright, Jim; first caller’s on the air: Steve from all the way over on the east side.”

“Hey, Steve. What’s going on over on the far side of Westport?”

“Tony, Jim, you gotta see this. There’s some sort of giant half-naked girl over here. Just watched her rip the roof right off of the Schroeders’ house. Boy, I thought I was a goner.”

“Now, wait just a moment here, Steve. Are you saying that there’s a giant here in Westport? I mean, certainly we would have seen it by now.”

“Oh, don’t worry. She’s headed right towards the city. You know, I think that’s about the only reason I’m here talking to you: something about the city distracted her, got her attention off of me.”

“Wow. Well, I’ll be keeping my eye out for giant women…or for the lunatics who see them! Next caller: Sam, from…”

A loud thumping sound alerted the residents of Westport to the incoming incident. Experienced with earthquakes due to their oceanside proximity to several faults, most immediately ran for cover, expecting the shaking to slowly die down as it had hundreds of times before. “Ooh! So many toys!” Mura’s excited cries shocked the city, people poking their heads out of cover only to see the enormous foul-smelling girl towering over them, giggling all the while. “I wanna play with you! And you!” The girl reached down, taking a person in each hand, their attempts to flee entirely unsuccessful due to her long reach.

Crouching down once again with a frown, Mura pushed even more of a mess into her diaper, the material desperately stretching to accommodate both it and the additional height and weight Mura continued to gain. Now towering over most of the buildings in the city, Mura continued to stomp along the road, trailing a series of knocked-over buildings and piles of rubble in her wake.

“Hey! Put me down; I didn’t do anything!” One of the two being carried by Mura shouted up at her, Mura raising the man up to her face as his shouting came to a sudden halt.

An upset frown on her face, Mura decided to teach the doll a lesson. “No! Bad toy! Don’t tell me what to do!” The man’s wish was granted as he was set back onto the ground…right under Mura’s lowering bottom. The foul-smelling garment slowly moved further and further towards the protesting man, his futile attempts to scoot backwards serving no purpose but to have Mura realign herself effortlessly. As he shielded his face, trying anything to prevent the mushy diaper from pressing into him, it ground to a halt mere inches away. He breathed a sigh of relief which was quickly accompanied by coughing at the stench. Unfortunately, the feeling was short-lived as Mura let out a mighty grunt, sitting down and filling her diaper even further as it squashed around the man beneath.

As the mass in her diaper grew, so did the giantess herself. Despite her sitting position, Mura found her eye level quickly to raise above even the tallest skyscrapers due to a combination of a much more full seat and her quickly increasing height. Though one of Mura’s dollies still sat in her hand, too afraid to as much as utter a chirp, the girl quickly realized that sitting on her other toy had left her hand free. Looking around curiously, Mura spotted a tall office building and the employees staring fearfully through the glass windows. She grinned and reached towards them, her eyes set on a particular frozen figure within.

“Our next caller is from the offices of Cloud Corporation; maybe Mary here will be a bit more level-headed than the last couple. Mary, what’s going on over at the CloudCorp office?”

“Hi, Tony? Been a fan for quite a while and so happy to finally be on the air with you. I’m not so sure that Steve was all that crazy though.”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“Come on, Mary. You don’t mean to tell us that there’s a giant diapered woman stomping through the streets of Westport, do you?”

“I don’t know about that, but there’s something shaking the ground over here. We’re all staring out the windows trying to figure out…Oh, god!”

“Wait, wait. Mary, stay with us! What’s going on?”

“He- he was right. Oh my god, she’s staring right at me! No, no no no- AAAGH!”


The enormous hand pushed through the glass to wrap itself gently around the screaming office worker, lifting her into the air as she giggled. “There! Now you can play with me too!” Mura smiled at the two, reaching into a nearby department store to find clothes in which to dress her dollies. For several minutes, the “little” one played contentedly with her new friends, happy to relax and play while bystanders gaped. All of a sudden, Mura frowned, her stomach gurgling as she clutched it with one hand and held the dollies in the other. The girl took a deep breath and pushed, a cacophony of sound echoing throughout the city as a noxious cloud erupted from Mura’s backside. Those not immediately knocked over by the blast ran as quickly as they could, coughing and choking at the disablingly disgusting scent.

“What in the world is going on over on the east side?”

“I have no clue, Jim. Maybe our next caller can give us a bit better idea. They’re ringing in from all over; we have hundreds of calls backed up. Margaret, you’re on the air.”

“Oh, thank god; someone answered. None of us can even call 911; they’re too busy to get through to a person.”

“Really? So are these rumors of a foul-smelling giantess true?”

“Oh, most definitely. We’re all huddled up in a parking structure right now, hoping that she doesn’t notice. Wait, something’s happening. Her face…” A loud, rude sound echoes even through the tinny audio of Margaret’s phone.

“What’s going on, Margaret?”

“Oh my god, that smell! It’s…” Coughing can be heard from the radio.

“Margaret? Margaret, are you still there?”


Holding her toys fortunately above the line of stink carrying through the city, Mura continued to play happily for a while longer, her already full diaper growing with her sporadically until she was visible to most of the city around. Entirely engrossed in the terrified two she held in her hands, the giantess failed to notice the gathering armed forces rolling in, setting up a perimeter around her. A rocket exploded against the girl’s side, her squeal of “Ow!” matched immediately by a very upset, pouty glare at the little people scattering the ground. “Bad toys! No!”

Shifting her two favorite dollies safely into one hand, Mura reached out towards the soldiers on the ground. “This is where you go when you’re bad!” As the troops tried to flee, jumping out of their vehicles and sprinting for cover, Mura pulled them all into her grasp, lifting them up as she pulled back the waistband of her diaper. Her fingers flicked apart, Mura brushing the last of the clinging soldiers into the back of her diaper just in time for the waistband to snap shut again. Mura took the opportunity to squat down once more, pushing even more of a mess into her newly occupied padding as she grew even further.

“Sounds like we might have a bit of a strange situation on our hands here, Tony.”

“No kidding. We’ll continue taking calls the whole time to make sure everyone is updated and safe. Next caller, you’re on the air!”

“Tony! This is Mike from over on the east side. This is insane! It looks like she’s playing with a couple of people like dolls. I’d hate to be them about now.”

“Are- are they okay?”

“Yeah; they’re probably the safest of any of us. I’m getting out of here, To-”

“What is it? Why did you stop? Are you alright?”

“YES! I’m more than alright; the army’s here to save us! Thank god for big guns and the ol’ US of A.”


“Yeah, they have machine guns and bazookas and everything, I swear! One of them just fired at her!” An explosion can be heard in the background followed by Mura’s speech. “Oh…oh god, it didn’t do anything. And now…”

“Keep going; what’s going on?”

“The…she put the soldiers into that diaper. Oh, god…” Retching sounds can be heard from Mike as the loud sound of Mura’s messing begins.


Now upset and annoyed at the toys’ actions, Mura pulled herself to her feet, using a nearby building for support on the way up. Still carefully holding onto her new favorite dollies, she began stomping around, kicking over cars and building as her city-sized tantrum began. “No, no, no! Bad! No!” A flailing foot sent a nearby skyscraper hurtling across the city as the monstrous woman crushed building and car underfoot. “No being mean!” The pouting and whining continued, Mura knocking over a whole line of buildings as she ran towards the heart of the city.

After another handful of bystanders placed directly into her very full diaper, Mura seemed to lose interest in the people, her newfound size after further messing making only the couple of people still held in her hand even visible to her. Still angry and upset, Mura settled for picking up a fallen car, throwing it across the city. The destruction it caused seemed to amuse the giant girl, giggling as she threw a chunk of building the same way. She danced around for several seconds happily before picking up handful at a time and throwing them around the city. Dancing and laughing, Mura’s playtime quickly finished leveling the city, the crushed concrete all around the only remnant of the previously enormous port town.

“Well, Jim, I think we might be in the middle of an historic event. If this isn’t some massive prank, of course.”

“Can you believe it? A giant? This seems like something out of one of those Japanese monster movies. Either that or some very strange porn, one of the two.”

“I’m not sure if I can. This just seems too strange. On the other hand, the building has been shaking for quite a while now. Something’s definitely going on out there.”

“Yeah; I’m with you there. Something’s happening but I’m not going to believe in a giant diapered girl unless I see her with my own two eyes.” CRASH! “Oh my god, Tony! What is that?”

“A piece of a building has just crash landed just outside of the station building. And- no, that can’t be real…”

“It’s real, Tony! The giant girl is right outside! She’s leaning up against the building - no! It’s going down!”

“This is Jim, signing off for maybe the last time. Godspeed, Westport. May you all get out of here safely.” A loud crashing sound is heard as the radio fades into static.

The city almost entirely flattened, Mura took the opportunity to sit down, opening her left hand to reveal the terrified faces of the two “dolls” she’d been protecting this whole time. “There…” Mura yawned as she spoke to them. “Now we can play without any of the mean toys trying to get us.” Smiling but sleepy, Mura went back to her play, the shattered city providing a somehow childish backdrop to Mura’s immature but destructive behavior. Another yawn echoed throughout the county, Mura slipping into a laying position as her eyes began to flutter closed. “Ni-night, dollies…” With a final sigh, the girl’s head lowered to the ground, asleep to begin her slow journey down in size.

That evening, on a prominent news network…

"Today, this twenty-fifth of June, more than any other day in history, is a day that will live on forever in the minds of our nation as well as those around the world. The first contact with an unknown race of gigantic humans has resulted in the destruction of the entire city of Westport, its buildings and businesses reduced to nothing more than rubble. The girl herself, nicknamed ‘Mura’ by scientists researching the issue, is fast asleep in the center of the city. She took several people hostage, most of whom have been rescued safely.

"The two girls who were carried around and played with by Mura suffered no injuries other than some light bruising from being lifted and carried around. They’re currently under further investigation and psychiatric care to ensure that they don’t experience any long lasting issues from the event.

“The giant caused an estimated $450 billion in damages to the city and surrounding area. Most of the damage is irreparable. At this point, all we can do is hope that she continues sleeping for long enough for our top scientists to investigate what we need to do to prevent this from happening again…”

Several days later…

The once again hundred foot tall girl turned in her sleep, knocking the people who’d been investigating her free of her legs. Over the course of several minutes, she squirmed, nearby officers preemptively radioing for backup. Mura’s eyes once again pried themselves opening, her hand lifting to shield herself from the sun beating down on her face. Reaching around frantically with her other arm, Mura frowned, quickly realizing that something was missing.

With a mighty grunt, the girl lifted herself up, her pants once again beginning to fill as she grew into a standing position. As she stomped off towards the next city over, Mura let out a growl, her voice carrying for miles. “Where are my dollies?!”