A manga/comic category?

Like, okay, this site is for ABDL stories, obviously, with a place for pictures exclusive to the logged on to view. And I’ve been having an idea as of late, what if we added a comic/manga thread? If this was implemented, I’d like if there was an NSFW tag the authors could use, only a very low amount of people here are below age 18, but there are people here who read diaper comics/manga and aren’t looking for hentai. I’d also like it if there was a tag to whether or not it’s a comic adaptation of a pre-existing ABDL story, and a tag for fan-comics of an officially published media, like a book or anime, if it’s implemented of course.

Granted it’s probably not possible or would need a crapton of redesigning on this site in order to function properly, but if this is actually possible and won’t sink or harm the site, then do you think it can be done? I’ll be perfectly fine if the head honchos say no, it’s just something I think would be cool to have on here.

So two things here:

  1. There really wasn’t a need to delete your original thread and repost this. That’s never going to be acceptable. When an ADMIN replies to your thread and tells you it is in the wrong place and doesn’t bother to move it there’s a reason for it.
  2. Let me spell this out for you explicitly since you missed the hint in my reply to the other thread: It’s not happening.