A Man by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet (complete)

Hi all. I decided that it was time for me to actually write a story. To preface, it starts out pretty slow, but gathers steam. I will also use this opportunity to ask readers if they can recommend other stories that are similar to this one (genre: where a girlfriend babies her boyfriend). I also welcome all comments and critiques. Enjoy!

A Man By Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet

Chapter 1: First Date

Daniel tried once more to calm his nerves. It was only a date; he had been on tons of these before. Besides, he told himself, it wasn’t as if this was his first time chatting with Jessica. They had met on match.com, and had already spent two weeks chatting online and getting to know one another better. Daniel though was enthralled from the first minute. He chuckled to himself remembering her first message: “Let me stop you there before you try a hackneyed pickup line- besides why should you try to pick me ‘up’ when I would much rather you go ‘down’ on me…”

He loved her vulgarity and the way in which she played with social norms. He loved everything about her. Her auburn hair, the whimsical look in her ghostly grey-blue eyes and her penchant for baby-doll dresses. There again was the mystifying quality about Jessica. She could wear a baby-doll dress and still look powerful and in-control.

Jessica had given him specific instructions about what to wear on this date. It was a fancy restaurant, she told him, but not too fancy. It wasn’t quite blazer fare, but a button-down wouldn’t suffice. When Daniel expressed confusion, she quickly added, “Okay. You are going to wear a pair of black slacks with a light blue v-neck sweater and brown boat shoes.”

“As you wishhhhhh,” he typed, referencing The Princess Bride, which they had recently discovered was each other’s favorite movie.

Daniel knew he needed to leave soon in order to arrive on time for the date. But as he checked himself in the mirror one last time, he reached into the cabinet for a bottle of Johnson’s baby powder. He poured some into his hand and smoothed it out all over his neck. He took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet fragrance, and imagined Jessica. The scent made it so much easier to imagine her in his fantasy, rubbing the powder gently onto his belly and crotch and fitting him lovingly and snugly into a crisp Pampers disposable diaper. He glanced once more at the mirror. He was ready.

Jessica spotted Daniel seated across the restaurant, with his back facing her. He was wearing the outfit she had requested, which matched his dark brown hair and hazel eyes nicely. “On time,” she thought, “points for him.” Her ex-boyfriend was always running late. She understood that he was a busy man, but you just don’t make a woman wait. She hesitated briefly, considering how to make her entrance. Even though it was the first date, she already felt very close to Daniel, so she opted to sneak up behind him and give him a hug from behind. She approached him, reached over his shoulders, and paused.

“You smell like a baby,” she remarked. “Why are you wearing baby powder?”

Daniel panicked slightly. He turned to face Jessica and tried to compose himself, fearful that she could see right through him. He had practiced a response to such a question. He was always careful to prepare for such an eventuality.
“Oh. I wear a gold chain necklace, and it occasionally starts chafing, so the baby powder helps.” He cursed himself for calling it “baby powder;” he should have just called it “powder.” That would have been the normal thing to do. Would she believe him? Damn those grey-blue eyes and their mystical powers of divination.

“Okay,” she said, sitting down causally opposite Daniel, “that scent just reminds me so much of when I used to baby-sit toddlers.” Daniel was relieved. He took a sip of water and breathed deeply. Her mention of babysitting though set his fantasies into overdrive and he couldn’t help himself.

“Are you a good babysitter?” Crap, he thought, I said, “Are,” but I should have said, “Were.” However, his brief flight into another nightmare scenario was cut short this time, as Jessica casually responded, “Oh. I’m the best babysitter. Kids love me but I am also a strict disciplinarian.”

The date went smoothly from that point on. They talked about all matter of things, touching on a shared hatred of fish, alien movies, and intellectual arrogance. Jessica even let slip a story about her ex, a forbidden topic on first dates, but Daniel seemed unperturbed. Rather than getting jealous, he actually listened and supported her point of view. A rare find, she thought.

Chapter 2: Second Date

They agreed that the second date would be more causal. Daniel suggested a walk in the local park followed by some frozen yogurt, and Jessica readily agreed. Daniel did not even hesitate before applying a little baby powder, convinced that she would not give it a second thought this time. They met in the park by the fountain and this time Daniel went in for the hug. Jessica retreated however, looking a little disgusted.

“Honestly, just like a little baby, she said.”

Daniel forced a fake chuckle and asked, “Is that a bad thing?” watching his fantasies evaporate before his eyes.

“You should smell like a man, not a baby,” she replied. "Why don’t we go pick you out a nice cologne? "Daniel tried to hide it but he looked visibly disappointed. Jessica picked up on his mood and added, “Don’t worry- I promise I’m not one of those girls who enters a mall and then never leaves. Two hours max and then we will leave, I promise.” Daniel was again forced to pretend that this cheered him up.

So instead of walking in the park, they walked to the local mall. As they made their way towards the shop that sold perfume and cologne, they passed a drug store, with a stack of diapers visible through the window. Daniel bent down, pretending to tie his shoelaces, tyring to take in the image for as long as possible, and then the overwhelming scents of cheap perfume reached his nostrils, and he reluctantly hurried forward.

All things considered, the date was still very successful. Jessica had Daniel try-on almost every cologne in the shop before finding one that she liked. She then picked out two perfumes for herself and let Daniel decide which he liked better. At the checkout, he offered to pay, but she insisted that it was a gift for him and that now he would be able to buy a perfume for her that she would enjoy. Daniel breathed in the sweltering musk of the cologne. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t baby-powder. Jessica claimed that she could perceive citrus and woody notes, but Daniel wasn’t convinced. He resigned himself to the fact that Jessica had rejected his fantasy. He would keep seeing her nonetheless. She was an amazing woman and well, fantasies sometimes had to remain fantasies.

Chapter 3: Third Date

Jessica was busy with work the next week, and had to cancel their planned date. The same thing happened again the next week. Jessica assured him that she really did want to see him and was not in the least trying to avoid him, but Daniel still felt slightly insecure. He was overjoyed therefore when she called in the middle of the day to see if he would like to grab a quick lunch. He rushed out of the office, only briefly noting to himself that he was again wearing baby powder and knowing that Jessica would inevitably comment on it. He had actually intended to wear the cologne she bought him on their next date, but it was in a drawer at home.

Just as he predicted, Jessica noticed. Only this time she actually seemed kind of angry, and started ranting:
“I don’t get it. I buy you nice cologne but you still prefer to smell like baby powder. How does it not bother you that people think you smell like a baby?”

He tried to interject and to explain that the cologne she bought was at his house and she had called out of the blue, but Jessica didn’t want to hear it. Daniel was bewildered at Jessica’s reaction. It’s not about the scent, he told himself. Jessica is hurt because she thinks that I don’t value her opinions. “Jessica, I’m sorry, he said. It’s not that I don’t value your opinion. No one else’ opinion matters more.”

“It’s not my opinion, Daniel, it’s a fact, Jessica responded. You smell like an infant. Look- I’m happy to change your diaper and feed you a ba-ba, but I don’t want to date a baby. I want to date a man,” and if you smell like baby-powder, then I just can’t see you as anything other than a baby."

Daniel tried to devise a response, but his head was swimming. She said that she is happy to change my diaper and feed me a baby bottle, he thought. Of course, she said it rather snidely, and it was accompanied with what sounded as if she were threatening to break up with him. He would have to focus on the latter point first. But before he had a chance to say anything she had finished her sandwich and was on her feet.

“Sorry I have to get back to the office like 5 minutes ago. We will talk later.”

As Jessica left the diner, she considered her conduct. He’ll definitely get the message, she thought. Everything she had done had been well calculated. Calling during the middle of the day, insulting him. In her previous relationship, she had tried to change her boyfriend. He was useless around the house and rude towards her friends, and she had to repeatedly rebuke him. He would of course apologize, and then an hour later, would revert to the same habits. Jessica had learned from that relationship that you couldn’t change people in less they wanted to change. Jessica liked Daniel but he wasn’t yet a real man. But he could be trained to be, as long as she made strategic moves. Calling him in the middle of the day was a strategic move. She assumed that he would be wearing baby powder, because he did not seem to care what other people thought about him. Maybe part of her admired that self-confidence…

But she still needed a real man. So, she compared him to a baby and left before he had a chance to respond. By cutting the lunch short, she was sure that the message would have longer to sink in. She could imagine him right now at the office: bossing others around and stroking his beard, doing things that men do in order to feel manly.
It worked perfectly too! When they met up after work the next day, he wore cologne. It may have just been in her head, but Jessica could have sworn that Daniel also spoke in a deeper voice and a more confident manner. Her plan was working.

–to be continued

Re: A Man by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet: (part 2)

Would still love some feedback. Probably one more part to come.

Chapter 4: Fifth Date

The next step was to check that the behavior change was sinking in, and to reinforce it if it was not. Jessica had of course worked out her plan well in advance. Their next date would solidify everything. She called Daniel to request some help around her house. As it happens, she had recently moved to a new apartment and could use some help moving things. Daniel said that he would be over in another hour, which gave her just enough time to do the necessary shopping.

As Daniel walked over to Jessica, he was feeling pleased with himself. The crisis in their relationship back at the diner seemed to have been averted. That Jessica was requesting his help was a very positive step for the relationship. Jessica was usually so strong and independent, and her asking for help could be perceived as a sign that she was showing some vulnerability around him.
Jessica greeted him warmly at the door. He was not wearing the cologne. This wasn’t really a “date” after all; he was just helping her move some things. He had also decided not to wear baby powder either though. Jessica assigned him a list of tasks: rearranging the furniture in the living room, hauling boxes down to a storage locker, and helping to assemble an Ikea cabinet. The list of chores kept piling up, but Daniel took it in stride.

“As you wish,” he sang. Jessica smiled each time he referenced their favorite movie. It was nice imagining herself as Princess Buttercup from “The Princess Bride.” She wasn’t sure she really believed in “true-love” anymore. It was, of course, childish to believe that a loving relationship would materialize as if by magic. Relationships took work, and sometimes you had to craft your own prince charming–take that sedentary figure lying on the couch guzzling beer and mold him into a proper suitor. But still, perhaps there would always be that piece of her, as there was with every single girl, which loved to picture herself as a princess.

Daniel delighted in that smile. He would carry a thousand boxes into the dingy basement, endure all the cobwebs and splinters in the world, to see that. But, what he would not do was build any more IKEA desks! Unfortunately, he wasn’t really one of those super handy guys that could fix or build anything, and he ended up using the wrong size screw while building the base forcing them to start over.

“Oh my God, you are useless,” Jessica chided. “You know what- I will finish this. You are all sweaty from moving boxes, so go take a shower, and then maybe we will order in some takeout.”

Daniel grabbed a towel and found Jessica’s bathroom. As he walked in, his eye was immediately drawn to a bottle of baby powder left out next to the sink. He tried to ignore it and began fiddling with the shower nobs to determine which direction made the water hotter. She’s such a hypocrite, he thought, yelling at me for using baby powder when she uses it herself. He reconsidered though. It’s less of a big deal for girls to use baby powder- they wear all kinds of perfumed powders and lotions. Maybe she had even been taking care of a baby in her apartment in the interim, a niece or a nephew. He realized he didn’t yet know if she had siblings. He made a mental note to ask about that at a later time.

Daniel dried off after his nice hot shower. He was feeling very refreshed. He paused once more before putting back on his clothes. He looked again at the bottle of baby powder. He loved to put on baby powder after a nice shower. He considered, though how Jessica would react. But wouldn’t it be better to smell like baby powder than to smell like sweat from his clothing, he rationalized. Also, there was a part of him that loved when Jessica called him a baby. He had just helped her with moving things all day, so he had earned some brownie points. Even if she got angry, it was unlikely that she would break up with him after all he had done. At the worst, he would have to make it up to her on the next date. Unless…

He was interrupted in his reverie by a knock on the bathroom door: “Dinner is here. Come and get it while it is hot,” yelled Jessica.

Daniel was startled by the knock. He quickly got dressed and before he could reconsider again, he grabbed the bottle of baby powder and spread a nice amount on his neck. The second he exited the bathroom, he saw Jessica’ face and watched it contort first into a look of realization and then into a scowl. But the anger never followed. Instead she spoke to him in a dry even tone, rather matter-of-factly.

“Oh. I almost forgot. We should get you into a clean diaper before dinner,” she said. She walked to the closet and produced what was unmistakably a diaper bag. It was pink and brown, with a bright pink Velcro cover with floral designs and a large pouch on either side, clearly to hold a baby-bottle. Daniel’s mouth stood aghast as Jessica one by one removed the contents of the bag. First she laid out a diaper-changing mat, followed by 3 large diapers, and two large bottles of baby powder. “Lie down,” she ordered, using that same cold dispassionate tone.

Daniel fumbled for words. “Haha,” he managed, “Point taken. I smell like a baby.”

“Lie down,” Jessica responded again. “I already explained to you- in my mind, if you smell like a baby, then you are a baby, and I would be a bad babysitter if I allowed a baby to crawl around without a diaper, now wouldn’t I. I won’t ask again, so lie down now.”

Daniel thought to continue protesting, but why would he? This is exactly what he always wanted, his deepest darkest fantasy coming true. Daniel walked towards her, and began removing his shirt. She slapped his hand away, and merely reiterated, “Lie down.” Jessica swiftly removed his shirt, pants, and socks, followed by his boxers. He was lying stark naked in front of her, but it wasn’t the intimate experience it should have been. Mechanically, she lifted his buttocks into the air and slid a diaper underneath, ignoring his obvious erection. She then twisted the cap on the baby powder bottle and poured—poured, not shook—the contents on to Daniels’ crotch area, his bottom, and all over his stomach, clearly intentionally applying an excessive amount of baby powder, and then made no effort to even rub it in. She taped the diaper in place, redressed him, and then walked off to the bathroom to go wash her hands.

Daniel lay there on the mat thinking over what had just happened. On the one hand, this was exactly what he had always wanted. A woman just diapered him. He should feel amazing. Yet, he felt just the opposite. The act of diapering had been done with no love or caring touch. It was a cold, mechanical act, devoid of emotions or sentiment. His fantasy had been perverted.

Jessica then returned, behaving as if nothing had happened. She invited him to come eat dinner, and they sat and talked, neither one mentioning the bulge in Daniel’s pants. Jessica seemed to think that the constant crinkle of the diaper should have been enough to emphasize her message, and Daniel, for his part, was so upset by how his fantasy had turned out, that he didn’t want to give his diaper or the diapering he had received a second thought. Uncomfortable with the awkwardness in the room, but forever detesting small talk, Daniel instead opted to go straight to the really deep questions.

“So what are your dreams, your aspirations,” Daniel asked. “Your . . . fantasies?” he continued, nearly choking on that last word. He hadn’t intended it sexually, but it was difficult not to make the connection to his present situation.

"Nothing groundbreaking, " Jessica replied. “I just want to be happy and live a meaningful life. I wouldn’t mind becoming the CEO of a company one day, but I don’t think that is crucial to my future or anything.” She trailed off for a moment, reflecting that perhaps it was sad that she didn’t have loftier or more original dreams.

Daniel caught on to her mood, and immediately chimed in, “Yeah. I don’t really have any outrageous dreams either,” though he in fact did. Daniel was an idealist, convinced that he would somehow save the world one day, but now was not the time to discuss that, he realized. “You know,” he offered instead, “sometimes I wonder what Inigo Montoya did after he killed the six-fingered man. I mean he had devoted his entire life to avenging his father’s death, so now that he accomplished his life’s dream, what does he do with the rest of his life. But they never show you that do they. Until Hollywood inevitably decides to make a sequel that is…”

That seemed to cheer Jessica up. They began to talk about the best and worst movie sequels they had seen, and competed with one another to see who had the best villainous laugh, with both agreeing that Daniel emerged as the clear victor. As Daniel celebrated his victory, Jessica commented that she needed to get to bed soon. But Jessica was not about to let Daniel forget about his diaper.

“Do you need a fresh diaper before you go?” she inquired sweetly.

“Are you really going to make me walk home in it?” he countered.

Jessica did not bother responding. Instead, she merely showed Daniel to the door, and kissed him on the forehead to say goodnight.

Chapter 6: The Aftermath

The kiss had been important, Jessica reflected. She needed Daniel to listen to her, but she didn’t want him to hate her. It was essential that he walk home in the diaper; that way he could reflect in private on what had happened and come to the necessary conclusions of his own accord. But, there was also the risk that as he mulled things over, that he would come to resent her for humiliating him. The kiss said, “I still care about you even if it doesn’t feel like it.” She would also text him later to immediately invite him out to dinner tomorrow night to further emphasize that she was still invested in the relationship.

Daniel wondered what the kiss meant. It was a bizarre conclusion to a bizarre night. On the one hand, a kiss on the forehead didn’t mean much; it’s not like she had kissed him on the lips. On the other hand, she didn’t have to kiss him at all, unless maybe that too was intended as a slight. Maybe a kiss on the forehead was supposed to be some sort of maternal symbol to emphasize that he was a child. After all, she had forced him to walk home in the diaper. If he had been anyone else, that would have been about the most humiliating experience one could think of. Of course, for Daniel it was no big deal. True, he had never worn a diaper in public, but he had plenty of experience wearing diapers in private. He knew that the crinkle wasn’t really all that loud, and the bulge didn’t really affect his gait. (In fact, he had often been disappointed by how inconspicuous a diaper was, which was perhaps what made the strong scent of the baby powder so important). Once or twice he thought he saw a passerby look at him funny, but he reassured himself that he must just be imagining it.

Entering his apartment, Daniel was about to take off the diaper when he reconsidered. Maybe, he thought, he could still get some pleasure out of the diaper. He relaxed his bladder muscles allowing a steady stream of warm urine to envelope his crotch. Maybe he would even sleep in the wet diaper. It had been some time since he had done that. He had to do something to reclaim the excitement of his fetish that Jessica had nearly spoiled. Was she really worth it, Daniel questioned.

Just then, his phone buzzed revealing a text from Jessica inviting him to dinner the next day. Evidently, she still did care about him. He also realized that despite the night’s events, he still was eager to see her. She is worth it, he assured himself. But he was not going to let her continue to bully him into doing whatever she wanted. He needed to make a stand. Daniel decided that he would wear baby powder the next day just to make a statement that he could not be cowed into backing down by Jessica’s attempts to humiliate him. Yet, even as he bolstered his confidence, he was weighed down more by a recurring reel of the night’s events flitting through his mind than he was by his now soaked diaper.

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This is turning into an interesting read. Normally in this genre its a very strong woman diapering an incredibly weak man who has no desire in diapers, he just kind of goes with it out of fear. It is great to see what you are doing here, a strong woman trying to control a strong man who is fully aware what is happening and is going along with it in hopes that his fantasies come true.

With that said I think the pacing may be a bit of a concern. So far on each date he has worn baby powder and she has gotten angrier and angrier even to the point where she diapers him. So she is getting angry with him and is trying to control him but to no great success. While he is kinda goading her into babying him and when she does its kind of callous and un involved. So over the coarse of the story they have gone on a couple of dates, granted the relationship is blooming fast but you are showing time and time again that neither party are going to get close to what they want.

The reason i bring this up is because this dinner which is coming up, if we look at the characters can only go one way. He wears baby powder to prove a point, she humiliates him again but in a cold manner and they break up. The reason i think they would break up is because its a new relationship, she has a very definate picture of what she wants, while he also has a good idea of what he wants. They have gone out on several dates and neither one of them are getting what they want out of the relationship so i think if the dinner was to go badly then they would just call it on the relationship. But that is just from reading the story so far.

The art of the tease is somewhat overlooked in abdl stories. It’s an easy pitfall to get stuck in. I have read loads of stories where its all about the good stuff, the diapering, the babying all that jazz. It is easy to forget that getting to the good stuff is just as fun as actually reading about the good stuff and if done properly makes the good stuff even better. I find that stories just about the good stuff get really boring after a page or so, and the stories i keep coming back to are ones that tease out the diapers and the babying and deliver at the right time.

So how does that relate to this piece. Granted you have been teasing us with the diapers, the road to getting their has been entertaining and I do care about the characters. However each date has been about the baby powder issue. We havent seen why these two people are interested in each other. If you slow the pace down and add in a few more sections showing us that despite the baby powder issue these two still care a great deal about each other then I feel you are not so pidgeon holed in where this story has to go. Like she has made it quit clear she wants a man not a baby, so if he lets it slip hes an ab or she figures it out I dont see her reacting in any other way then dumping him. Also with her strong opinions on not wanting a baby he is going to realise that his fantasies will never come true and I think we havent seen enough of why they are still going out to create a believable way that he will give up his abdlness for her.

So in conclusion I think slowing this story down, showing us the good times they have together without the baby powder issue coming up will make this story an amazing one.

With all that said i am really enjoying the story and do look forward to reading more.

In relation to spelling and grammar I didnt notice any mistakes and the flow of the story was really nice.

Re: A Man by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet

It’s a good story and has a few good twists. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

Re: A Man by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet

Wow. Awesome feedback! MrMcAwesome, I could not agree more with your critique. I think when I didn’t get any comments on the first post, I sped things up a little to try to make the story more engaging.

That said, I think you may be surprised by where this is going, but I think I may rewrite part of my second post to develop their relationship a little further, as you suggested- so stay tuned for that.

Re: A Man by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet

Part 2 (chapters 4 &5-not chapter 2) has been modified. Enjoy!

Re: A Man by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet

I read the re writes and I do like them, keep it up fella.

I get what you are saying about the comments but don’t worry about them. Just write at the pace you feel comfortable with and that you think will make it compelling and then the comments will come.

Anyway looking forward to more.

Re: A Man by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet (Part 3)

Chapter 6: A Dream

That night, Jessica dreamed of her ex-boyfriend Eliot. They were in the middle of a warzone, somewhere in Baghdad or maybe Afghanistan, somewhere with swirling plumes of dust-clouds and a chorus of heavy artillery in the background. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she spotted the flash of a muzzle of a gun pointed in her direction. She dropped to the floor, tucking her head and executing a barrel-role while simultaneously un-holstering her weapon and firing two shots at her aggressor. She listened for the sound of metal tearing through flesh… but heard nothing. Suddenly, the arena morphed around her. Now she was lying with her face in the dirt. Someone was shouting at her, but she couldn’t hear anything. Her hearing must have been temporarily impaired.

“Can you diss it?”

“What??” she shouted back, swallowing bits of sand in the process.

“Can you disarm it?”

“Disarm? Disarm what?” she called back, her throat running dry even as she received the reply.

“The bomb! Can you disarm the bomb?” You know what- give it to me."

Jessica finally willed herself to lift her face. In her right hand she was holding a briefcase with bright red numbers displayed across an LCD panel in the cover. 00:00:58 it read. But she was alarmed less by the ticking bomb then she was by her sudden recognition of the voice that was screaming at her.

“Eliot?” she screamed, rising to her feet. Fuck the sniper fire. Her real enemy was right in front of her. “What are you doing here?” Jessica fumed. “Get away from me!”

“Just give me the bomb,” Eliot retorted. “This is no job for a girl anyway.”

“Fuck You. You do not get to tell me what to do, you useless cheating pig” she spat back.

Eliot must have made some reply, but Jessica could barely focus beyond her fury. She could have sworn that he was no longer talking about the bomb. Yeah… now he was saying something about “dirty dishes” and “your hotter sister.” It all sounded vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it. It seemed like memories from a lifetime away.

She glanced back at the timer on the briefcase. 3 seconds left. Jessica panicked. At the last second she grabbed the briefcase and hurled it over her head. She didn’t actually see the explosion, but she heard the anguished cries, and somehow she instinctively knew that the casualties were friends of hers, the people she loved most of all.

Jessica awoke with a start, her pajamas damp and her face dripping with sweat. She could tell that that had been no ordinary nightmare. The pain—emotional not physical—she had felt at that last moment was far too visceral; even now it lingered. She ruminated at length over that dream. Her relationship with Eliot had ended badly. The war zone wasn’t really such a bad metaphor to describe the last couple of days with him. But, perhaps she had allowed the combativeness that had characterized her last relationship to invade the rest of her life, and to hurt her other relationships. Daniel’s name certainly came to mind, and stung with the same intensity as the aftermath of the bomb’s explosion. Had she been too hard on him? Was she even capable of being in a healthy, mature relationship?

Chapter 7: A Proper Man vs. a Proper Lady

Tonight is the night, Jessica thought, as she entered the restaurant. They would finally leave the whole baby powder thing behind them. Tonight she would invite Daniel back to her place. Tonight she would pleasure him in ways beyond his wildest dreams. She had been taking this new relationship fairly slow up to this point, probably because of lingering emotions from her breakup with Eliot. But tonight, she would show Daniel that she was ready to dive in and to make her life entirely about him. To that effect, she had foregone her usual baby-doll dresses, which left much to her suitors’ imaginations, donning instead an elegant strapless teal gown, the embodiment of sex appeal.

Jessica found Daniel seated in the rear of the restaurant. He was looking rather dapper himself, with a pair of beige slacks, a light blue shirt and a dark blazer. Perhaps I don’t have to dress him after all, she thought to herself. As she approached the table, Daniel stood up and pulled out her chair. She smiled. Though the gesture was rather antiquated, she liked that he was trying to impress her. She decided to play the part, offering her hand and attempting a little curtsy, though the movement felt more awkward than anything. Daniel dutifully kissed the hand, and as he did so, a waft of baby powder reached Jessica’s nose. She was stunned. She had been absolutely positive that her humiliating diapering the other night would have put that issue to rest permanently. He was clearly making a statement tonight. But wasn’t he afraid that she would humiliate him again? And this time they were out in public. Maybe he thought she would never consider diapering him in public, as much out of concern for her own reputation as for his.

“You know I am going to have to baby you again,” she whispered. “And this time we will go all the way, bottles, pacifiers, the works.”

“How about we play a game?” Daniel responded, as if she hadn’t said anything.

She tried again. “Actually, we should really get you home soon. I still need to give you your bath and I need to put you to asleep by 8:00…”

“Let’s play a game,” Daniel continued, without missing a beat. “You clearly have an idea in your mind of what a proper “man” is. So I want to explore gender roles a bit. During this date, I will play the perfect gentleman and you the perfect lady. Sound intriguing?”

“I’m listening,” said Jessica, a little shocked at Daniel’s commanding presence.

Daniel smiled. He had thought this up late last night. Already, it had changed the power dynamic in the date. “Excellent,” he said, handing her a piece of paper and a pen. “Here is how it works. On that sheet of paper, take two minutes to write down a list of all the behaviors, mannerisms, etc. that you think characterizes the perfect gentleman based on societal norms. I will do the same, except I will write a list for the perfect Lady. We will then both have five minutes to review the list the other person created. From that point on, we both need to conform to everything on the list. Every time you violate one of the items on the list, you receive one strike. The first person to get three strikes loses. Now, for the stakes: if you win, I will go along with whatever your plan is tonight—you know diapers, bottles, pacifiers, the works—without any resistance. If I win, though,” Daniel mused pausing for effect, “then on our next date you have to wear a corset. You know what a corset is right? It’s that body constricting lace garment that women used to wear in like the Victorian Era. I already looked. You can find them online. People wear them at like Renaissance fairs and stuff like that. They are supposed to be extremely uncomfortable. So… do you accept my terms?”

Jessica considered for a minute. A corset was indeed supposed to be almost unbearably uncomfortable. But she was confidant that she could win, and then he would have to willingly go along with his punishment. She could even shave off all his body hair. That would be truly emasculating, even for Daniel. “Fine,” she said, “but if I win, I get to baby you not just tonight but for a full week, and you have to comply willingly. Do you agree?”

There was silence for nearly two minutes as both Jessica and Daniel stared into each other’s eyes. For Daniel, of course, this was a win-win, but he needed her to think that this was a difficult decision, that the stakes might be too high. Finally, when he could no longer bear waiting, Daniel answered: “Agreed. Let the games begin!”

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Chapter 8: The Contest

At the conclusion of the two minutes, Daniel glanced over the list he created. He would have liked to have been able to add one or two more items, but he was still pleased with what he came up with. It would certainly present a challenge for Jessica and clearly illustrate his point about how ridiculous gender roles are. The list looked like this:

A Proper Lady shall:
•Maintain proper posture at all times, sitting and walking with her back straight
•Chew quietly and with her mouth closed
•Only speak when directly spoken to
•Refrain from burping or farting in public
•Keep her hands folded in her lap
•Order from the menu as to suggest that she is of a delicate figure
•Refrain from talking about business or other matters that do not concern her
•Refrain from cussing or swearing

Jessica and Daniel exchanged lists. He thought he saw the fleeting presence of doubt in her eyes as she scanned the list and considered for the first time that she might lose the bet. Daniel also looked at the list Jessica had provided. It was pretty much as he expected, though there was maybe one or two items that surprised him. “It’s interesting, don’t you think,” said Daniel, “that gender roles for women have changed drastically, but gender roles for men remain almost exactly the same?” Jessica’s list looked as follows:

A Gentleman:
•Rises from his chair when the lady gets up.
•Holds open doors for the lady
•Pays for the lady’s meal
•Avoids all forms of vulgar speech
•Does not burp or fart in front of a lady
•Maintains proper hygiene: no touching the mouth, nose, or crotch.
•Walk on the street-side of the sidewalk to protect the lady from traffic
•Offer his coat to the lady if she is cold
•Looks into the lady’s eyes instead of at her breasts or buttocks.
•Refrains from talking too loudly.

When the agreed upon five minutes were up, Daniel immediately called over the waiter.

“We’ll have two glasses of the House red, please,” he said.

“I’d actually prefer white wine,” chimed in Jessica.

“Very well,” Daniel summarized, a wide smirk on his face, “one glass of red and one of white, please.” When the waiter had left, he turned to Jessica and stated simply, “Talking when not directly spoken to equals strike one.” Jessica’s face went pale. She had just instinctively corrected the order, not thinking at all about the competition. Damn, she thought, this was going to be much harder than she expected. Had Daniel done that on purpose? Did he know that she always preferred white wine? Suddenly, she began to panic. For some reason, she couldn’t remember the other items on the list. How could she have any chance of winning if she couldn’t remember what she was required to do?

Daniel was ecstatic. His only intention had been to try to get Jessica a little drunk so that she would be less careful, but now he was winning one strike to zero. Unfortunately, as much as he had mulled over this plan, he still had not come to a final decision as to whether he wanted to win or not? To be completely babied for a week by Jessica was beyond his wildest fantasies, but would she do so lovingly, or would it be a week of cold-dispassionate Jessica, almost clinical in her treatment of him? Could he forgive himself, though, if he forfeited this opportunity?

The time for that decision approached rapidly. By the time dessert arrived, they had both received another strike. Daniel spilled a little wine and instinctively cursed, earning him his first strike, and Jessica was called out for gesticulating wildly during conversation instead of sitting with her hands in her lap. After her second strike, Jessica was an internal wreck. Her palms were sweaty, and her pulse was racing. That anxiety, however, made her prone to even more mistakes. She began to slouch and chew with her mouth open. The latter had always been a problem for her, something that had been drilled out of her by her mother. Apparently, though, stress was enough to undo even the most ingrained of change. Daniel could have called her out on these points, ending the game, but he chose not to.

Instead, he did something stupid. He stayed seated when she got up to leave, and then adjusted his crotch in front of her, something he never would have otherwise done. Despite all his earlier hesitations, the decision had been easy. He didn’t do it because he wanted to lose, he was not even thinking of his punishment. He did it because he saw that Jessica was struggling, and he couldn’t bear to hurt her. He would have done anything to alleviate her pain. In that moment, he realized that he loved her.

Chapter 9: Shopping for Baby

Jessica could barely contain her glee. She whisked him out of the restaurant, shouting “that’s both strike two and strike three. You lose!” She continued to rub it in. “Baby Daniel didn’t learn to get up from his chair for a lady,” she mocked while assuming a baby-talk voice, “and baby Daniel also thinks that its okay to touch his crotch in public. But don’t worry, we will soon disabuse him of that notion once we get him into his nice thick diapers and footsie pajamas, so that he can’t play with himself anymore.” Jessica was clearly reveling in the humiliation she had planned. She was probably overcompensating slightly for her near breakdown earlier, but she was not about to stop. She won, and she was going to make Daniel pay.

But Daniel was only partly listening to what Jessica was saying. He was still mulling over his sudden realization that he loved her. Daniel had never felt this way about anyone before. He had often wondered what it would feel like to really fall in love. But there is no image that concretely captures that feeling, no physical object or fantasy to daydream about. No, he had sought a substitute for that amorphous positivity that is love by turning to diapers. Diapers, pacifiers, baby powder, these things were concrete, they could be fawned over, and thinking about them provided a reliable feeling of happiness. Something had changed, however. Daniel’s desire to be babied fused with his love of Jessica. It was no longer enough for someone, a beautiful woman, to diaper him. No, it had to be Jessica, it could only be Jessica.

Jessica’s diatribe, though, slowly began to filter in to Daniel’s consciousness: "Well what do we need. Oh I am going to make you regret the day that you challenged me to a bet, you can count on that…. We are going to need diapers, so so many diapers. I think I will probably need to empty out your underwear drawer to make room for the diapers, excuse me, your diapers… paci…bottle…of course baby food, but only the grossest varieties… a bib… I’m definitely not going to get you a crib- that is way too difficult and expensive… not sure what we will do about a high-chair, but we’ll figure something out… for your diaper bag of course, for when we go on outings, oh you didn’t think you were going to be staying inside all week, did you… and I guess I will leave some surprises… oh, maybe I can invite my best friend’s little sister to babysit for you one night…

Jessica dragged Daniel into the drug store. She was simultaneously talking, and trying to create a mental tally of all the items she would need, which made it hard to focus on the impact her words were having on Daniel, but she was positive that he was squirming by now. The shopping could even be part of the humiliation, she thought. After grabbing a shopping cart, she took Daniel by the hand and led him through the baby isle, commenting on each and every item along the way. “Awww. You will look positively adorable with this pacifier.” She was honestly a little surprised by how excited she was at the prospect of babying her boyfriend, but she convinced herself it was all about the humiliation factor. She had to completely tear him down before she could build him up as she saw fit.

“Umm… where is the baby food?” she pondered, mostly to herself.

“Isle four,” chimed in Daniel. At this point, Daniel was again completely present. The packages of diapers and other baby items in their cart fully diverted his attention from his internal reverie.

“Thank you for being such a good helper,” Jessica mocked.

She turned the corner, passing through the drink isle, Daniel following dutifully a few paces behind along with the cart, and stopped short, her face turning milky white. Coming up the other end of the isle was her ex-boyfriend Eliot, and three of his friends. Even worse, she could tell by his gait that he was more than a little drunk. Eliot saw her and a scowl spread across his face.

“Well look who it is,” he said, walking towards her with his friends in tow.

Jessica wanted to run or to slap him or something, but her body was numb. “Excuse me miss perfect,” he said, reaching across her body to the shelf, intentionally grazing her breasts in the process. Jessica was still frozen. Just then, Daniel came up the isle, and met eyes with Eliot. Eliot somehow realized that Jessica was with Daniel, because his face contorted in jealousy. He grabbed Jessica by the back of the neck, stating, “Little cunt, you think you can dole out what’s mine?!”

Jessica didn’t even see it happen. Daniel moved far too swiftly. In a flash, he grabbed Eliot’s arm, twisting it over his head and back into a chicken-wing. Eliot cried out in pain from the pressure being exerted on his wrist. Daniel continued exerting pressure until Eliot was sprawled face first on the floor. While maintaining his position in relation to Eliot, Daniel glanced menacingly at Eliot’s three friends.

“Here’s what you are going to do,” he said. “You are going to pick your friend here off the floor, and you are going to take him home and force him to take a cold shower. You will not remain in this store for another minute. Leave whatever you have in your cart. Your night is over, done!”

He didn’t ask whether they understood. There was no room for miscommunication. Daniel relaxed his grip, and a whimpering Eliot scrambled away immediately, his friends nearly running after him.

“You okay? asked Daniel.” Jessica turned to Daniel, overcome with emotions, her absolute hatred of Eliot, her incredible gratitude to Daniel, and a feeling of shame and regret.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. “I kept saying that you weren’t a real man just because you sometimes smelled like baby powder. I feel so stupid. You defended me, you protected me when I was feeling vulnerable. But it wasn’t just this. You always treat me with profound dignity and respect, and I have been so cruel to you. You are more of a “real man” than any other man I have ever known.”

Jessica wiped the tears from her face, already trying to restore her composure. “Come,” she whispered adopting a sultry voice. “Let’s go back to my place so that I can show you just how grateful I am.” She added a wink for good measure, once again in control of the situation.

“Sure,” said Daniel, “but the baby food is in isle four.”

Jessica, paused. She was about to respond that she no longer cared about punishing him, that she had totally fallen for him and was ready to leave that whole thing behind, but now that she had stripped herself of the prejudice and judgmental look, the excitement behind Daniel’s eyes became obvious. How stupid she had been all along to have missed it.

“All right, baby boy,” she finally responded after a minute, “and then we have to figure out how we are going to get your crib. Whatever the cost, whatever it takes we are going to get you a crib.”

How wrong she had been. She thought that Daniel was a baby that needed to learn to be a man; in fact, he was a man that wanted to be a baby.

“As you wissshhh,” she whispered, more to herself than to Daniel.

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I love this one. From the clever title, to the amusing plot, and the little switch around at the beginning where I was expecting Daniel to do the babying, not receive it. I love how you show both sides and how they happen to come together in such a wonderful coincidence. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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This was a very interesting take on an old format. I loved the originality of the premise.

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Commendations are definitely nice, but this is my first story and I am eager to improve, so honest (and detailed) critiques would be very much appreciated!

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The fact it hasn’t been ripped to shreds is actually a good sign considering how long ago you posted the first part of it. If there were any major problems they would have long since been pointed out by some of the more outspoken members. :slight_smile: