A Loving Wife


I have learned that “diaper stories” work best when diapers themselves are not central to the plot of the story. Thus while diapers are significant to this story as I start it, my goal is not to have diapers be the focus, but to have the relationship described be the focus, and the plot follow the evolution of the relationship once diapers into the relationship. Thus I am beginning this story with a clear goal in mind, but it is also an open ended story such that I am not sure how long it will be in its complete form or the directions it may take as I try and let the characters come to life. Thanks for your patience with me as I use this forum to explore these characters and their relationship.

Also note, I have a tendency to start stories and then set them aside. With that in mind, if this story ever becomes an “abandoned” piece of work, I offer my permission to anyone who desires to take up the mantel of the story and keep it going to do so, so long as they are true to what has already been written and do their best not to distort the story into something it was never meant to be. As you will see, I avoid foul language and overly graphic scenes.

So without further ado, I present Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Maddy had already finished cleaningherself, but hadn’t yet stepped out of the shower. She was nervous.She let the water run another few minutes and took several deepbreaths, trying to calm herself. She peaked out from the behind thecurtain once again, confirming what she already knew: the diaperswere still there.

Two weeks ago, she and Zach had beengoofing off after watching one too many episodes on Hulu. She hadasked her husband to share a secret he had never shared with anyone.She had always thought he was holding back on something. Not that hehad a deep dark secret of any kind, but that perhaps he wasrepressing part of himself.

Sure enough, he had been. He hadfinally admitted to having a diaper fetish.

She still felt surprised by thatconfession. Not shocked, but certainly surprised. They had jokedabout their small bladders and their childhood bed wetting, evenjoked about needing Depends. Every now and then he would fold ablanket over her between her legs like a diaper, and he had more thanonce tried to get her to wear a onesie, but she had thought it wasjust a joke, just them being silly together.

So his fetish made sense, but it stillsurprised her. He had been very himself about it when he confessed:shy, gentle, all the things that she had liked about him when theyfirst started dating and that had led her to marry him almost fiveyears ago. She didn’t blame him for keeping it a secret, she probablywould have done the same thing.

Zach had been clear, he didn’t expecther to do anything about it. He understood it was an odd fetish, andthat she might not be interested in it. But she had pressed him onit. He explained that in his mind, he would like to wear with her atsome point, but that caring for her was significant to him too. Thatfor him, she didn’t need to act like a baby, or anything like that,but that he thought putting her in a diaper would be intimate.

She had often told him that she wantedhim to be more assertive about what he wanted. And so even though hehad given her an out, she had decided then and there what she woulddo. “I’m not saying I’m into it, but if it’s something you areinterested in, I’ll give it a try.”

They had talked a while longer, and hadcome up with a plan. She would would try wearing one for a night butshe wasn’t ready yet to have him diaper her like a baby, so she wouldput it on herself. They wouldn’t go anywhere that night, just chill,eat dinner and watch TV, like their normal low key Friday evening.She could see what it was like then.

Now it was Friday, their day offtogether. So Zach was cooking dinner as she showered and finallychanged into the diaper.

Maddy realized she had been standing inthe shower for an extra ten minutes not really doing anything. Zachhad said she could back out anytime and he wouldn’t be disappointed,but she saw on his face he really would be. And so she sighed andturned off the water.

She dried off slowly, wondering whather husband was thinking. Knowing him, he had intentionally delayedstarting dinner so he would be distracted while he waited.

She brushed her teeth and flossed,knowing she was only stalling. So finally, she picked up the diaper.Zach had said that there were adult diapers with prints on them andin different colors, but she had insisted that for the first time thediapers be fairly simple. So the last time they had gone to Walmart,they had just bought the store brand. She had been embarrassedchecking out knowing the diapers were for her, but the cashier didn’tseem to react at all.

Finally, Maddy opened up the diaper andpositioned it on her body. The tapes took her a few moments to workout, but once she had one side taped the other side was easier, andthen she was able to adjust the first side. The diaper was in place.

She looked at herself in the mirror.She giggled a little when she realized the diaper actually fit herwell. In one way, it was just like having a thick pad on. She took afew paces inside the bathroom and it felt a little funny to walkaround in, but nothing extremely odd.

Once she got over having the diaperitself on, she pulled on the tee shirt she had picked out. The teewas a little bit long so it sort of covered the diaper, but herhusband would still appreciate that she didn’t have pants on over itor anything.

She again looked in the mirror. Zachhad explained that she didn’t need to act like a baby, but that hedid like the idea of her in a diaper and onesie, perhaps with apacifer. She thought that was too far to start with, but admittedthat she already did look younger even without all that. She put herthumb in her mouth and sucked for just a second, then laughed as sherealized she did look like a toddler.

Zach had insisted it wasn’t abouthumiliating her or making her feel small, but more about the intimacyof caring for her. She tried her best to understand, but stillcouldn’t help but feeling, not quite humiliated, but certainlyembarrassed about the whole thing. But she couldn’t delay any longer.

She peaked out the bathroom door, thenquietly walked down a few steps of their townhouse. She confirmedthat the front door was locked and that the blinds were closed. Shehad wanted to be sure to think of everything. Her blanket was lyingon the couch, ready for her to cover up if someone knocked on thedoor, and she could still scurry to the downstairs bathroom or theguest bedroom downstairs to hide if that happened.

She looked over the banister, and sawthat their drinks had already been poured and set up in their usualplaces. Zach had booted up the next episode of Elementary, their currentbinge watching show of choice. Zach himself was still in the kitchen,as far as she could tell, and the timer on the oven said two minutes.She decided to wait until the timer went off to reveal her diaperedself.

She had learned over the years thatZach’s response would be subdued. He would probably grin a lot,trying to hide his excitement, but other than that, she didn’t knowwhat to expect.

She heard the first beep of the timer.One minute left. She sat down on the steps and waited. She heard Zachmoving around the kitchen, pulling down plates, opening the microwaveto get what she assumed would be frozen veggies. She heard themicrowave close and Zach set the timer on the microwave again.

Finally, at about the same time, theoven beeped and the microwave beeped. She heard Zach turn off theoven, open the microwave, then heard a plate being set down and theoven open. After another moment, she peaked down again. He couldn’tsee her, but she could see the plates he was setting down in theirusual spots – he had made spaghetti. Nothing wrong with that. Theycould bake it and eat off it the next couple of days too. Alongsidethe spaghetti were the frozen veggies she had predicted, but alsobreadsticks and applesauce.

Maddy smiled. Zach did a lot of thecooking for them because of their schedules. He wasn’t a fantasticcook, but he could make a lot of different meals, and this one was avery Zach meal. He tended to make simple meals and put way too muchfood on her plate. She also knew Zach would try and serve desert;they had picked up ice cream at Walmart too, something they did fartoo often. They both could stand to lose a few pounds, but neitherone of them were fat, and tonight was not the night to start a diet.

Zach didn’t yell, but said loudly,“Dinner’s ready!” and Maddy stood up and took the final stepsdown to the first level, turned the corner, and revealed herself tohim.

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I like the idea for the start of this story. I did a problem reading it though, please before you post the next chapter read it yourself or have a close friend read it. The spelling was fine, but their were way to many places where you let out a space between words or at the end of a sentence. Still not a bad start, looking forward to the next chapter.

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Welcome. You’re off to a fine start here, and it looks like you’ll fit right in here. I’m liking this one so far.

Regarding the missing spaces, that would be a copy/paste issue. Some sources play nicer with the forum software than others, and some of the forum editors handle pastes a little differently. Post in the Tech Help forum if you need help.

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Thanks for the advice on formatting. I made sure to double check the spacing this time. I’m sure I still missed a few so please be patient.

Chapter 2

In the split second before Maddy turned the corner to reveal her diaper to her husband, a hundred different emotions and thoughts ran through her. A wave of nervousness hit her at nearly the same time as a wave of confidence. This whole thing seemed silly and goofy, but it also seemed very them. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, she couldn’t believe this was what Zach wanted. She wondered what her friends would think of her right now –she doubted Zach would appreciate it if she told them his secret. She wondered what the feminists might try to tell her. Then again, she knew Zach loved her. He didn’t just say the words, he showed her every day. And then another wave of nervousness hit her and she saw Zach looking at her, taking her all in.

She saw his grin. She knew that grin,the one that meant he was excited but happy but trying to contain himself.

“What do you think?” she asked, “Do you like it? Is it what you imagined?” She wasn’t sure if she was asking for him or for her. If he didn’t like she could just get out of the diaper, and have things return to normal. But then was she disappointing him? Or what if he did like it? Would he want her in diapers all the time? She didn’t want that either. And so she looked at him, anxiously awaiting his answer.

“It’s perfect. You rock, you know that? Not many girls would do this for their husbands,” he said and he stepped forward to hug her.

She let him embrace her, holding on to him for her own comfort as well. Looking into his eyes, she could almost see her own hazel eyes staring back at her. She blushed as she saw the look in Zach’s eyes. It wasn’t quite a lusty look, but a look of something she couldn’t quite put a finger on. But it made her feelgood. It made this whole thing seem almost normal.

Maddy realized she was famished. “Let’seat while its hot,” she requested, and Zach took her hand, led her to her seat and sat down beside her in his normal spot. He said a prayer and pressed play on the episode he had booted up.

When the first suspect came up, Maddy spoke up between bites, “He did it.” Zach replied, “Maybe. He could just be the guy who knows more than he is telling.” A few minutes later, another suspect came up, “I think its him,” he said.

They watched silently for a while. Maddy noticed that Zach was eating his dinner slower than normal. She caught him stealing glances at her, and she smiled. She turned her own attention back to the show, and sure enough, the first suspect did it.”

“You were right,” Zach conceded.His plate was finally empty and he stood up and took both their plates and put them in the dishwasher, “You want desert?”

“Sure,” Maddy replied, “And of course I was right.”

Zach laughed, “And humble too.”

Maddy laughed with him, “You would have figured it out if you weren’t so distracted.”

“Thanks. Ready for the next episode?”

Maddy nodded. Zach turned on the episode and though it was more complex, this time, he was the firstto pick up on the actual murderer, “The wife did it. It’s the DiNozzo rule.” Sure enough, he was right this time.

He got up and put the ice cream bowls away, then sat back down, asking, “Tiebreaker round?”

Maddy was already feeling sleepy, but she asked, “What time is it?”

Zach looked at his phone, “9:21. If you want to go to bed, we can.”

“No, its okay. I just might fall asleep.”

Zach pressed play and Maddy felt herself fading. She grabbed her blanket and adjusted herself so she could still watch the show but would be comfortable if she did fall asleep. She didn’t even bother guessing whodunnit.

After what seemed like only a few moments, she felt Zach’s lips on her forehead. She must have dozed off. “What’d I miss?” she asked.

“Not much. No way we could have figured this one out. The CEO did it. You ready for bed?”

Obviously, she was more tired than she realized, but she was also fairly comfortable. So instead of going back upstairs, she told her husband to turn on a ballgame or something and she put a pillow on his lap and laid on it.

He turned on the Diamondbacks game, and she noted that it was only the top of the sixth. She could sleep fora while and he would enjoy the rest of the game. She felt him stroke her hair and play with it. Then he rested his arm over her chest like a seatbeat. She liked that position, it made her feel safe. She knew he wouldn’t be comfortable long in that position though, and sure enough, soon he was back to playing with her hair. She sighed. She was happy and content resting on him. She felt his hand stroke her cheek, then move to her arm, then her legs and back up her thigh,finally resting on her side right were the diaper was. She smiled and fell asleep.

Maddy felt her husband fidget a little. He was trying to get up. “Is the game over?” she asked. “Yeah,”he said, “It’s really time for bed now.”

“Did we win?” she asked. “Not this time. We’ll get them tomorrow.”

“Do we have to move? Can’t we just stay here?”

“Yeah, we’ll be more comfortable in bed. Plus, I need to use the bathroom.”

She scooted enough to let him get back,but stayed with her head on the armrest. When he came back a moment later, he said, “Need help getting upstairs?” She sat up and nodded, and he positioned himself so he could give her a piggy back ride. He moved his arms around to his back to hold her and she felt his hands on her diaper.

As he climbed the steps, she realized that it didn’t feel weird.

When they got to the top of the steps, Zach asked, “Do you need to brush your teeth or do you just want to go straight to sleep?”

“Straight to sleep,” she replied,and he entered the bedroom and set her down as gently as he could on the bed. Then he jumped on top of her, and gave her a kiss. Then he rolled to his side and just looked at her. She smiled. And she realized what the look was. It wasn’t lust, it was delight.

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I don’t know when the last time was when the main reaction I had to reading a chapter was: cute!

It’s not a reaction stories elicit often around here. I’m not sure how long a story can survive on cuteness alone, but right now, you’ve got it working.

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I like it so far.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have an idea of where I want to go, so please just bear with me as I work towards that goal. I’m working hard to make sure neither character is too passive.

Chapter 3

Zach laid on his side for a few minutes, watching his wife. He couldn’t believe how she had reacted to his confession. He had thought she would be angry he had kept it a secret, or weirded out by it. Sure, they had joked about various things off and on since they had started dating, but actually acting on those jokes was something totally different. Yet there she was, in a diaper. He didn’t even know what to think. He was one lucky guy. He didn’t know how he could repay her. Of course, she would tell him he didn’t have to repay her, that she was doing this because she loved him. And, of course, he loved her. He loved her bunches.

He realized he needed to use the bathroom and got up. As he put his foot down on the floor, he noticed the pack of diapers sitting in the corner. If guests were there, theywould have hid them in the closet, but for now it was a fun reminder to have them just sitting out in plain view. He thought about putting one on himself, but made his way to the bathroom first. Once he was done, he linger an extra minute washing his hands. Would Maddy like it if she found him in a diaper with her in the morning? Or would she enjoy being the only diapered one? Would she think he was being controlling if she was diapered and he wasn’t? Or would he be stealing her thunder if he did?

He finally grinned. Maddy was awesome. She would be fine either way. So it was just what he wanted. He could do whatever. He took a breath, decided to forego the diaper for now,and crawled back into bed.

He stole another look at her. She was curled up slightly, with the covers up to her chin, but he knew whatwas underneath. He smiled as he turned onto his back and closed his eyes.

Maddy woke with a start. She felt disoriented and confused. She saw Zach lying on his side of the bed,closest to the door so he could protect her, and closest to the clock because he was OCD about time. She took a deep breath and remembered what was going on. She was still in her diaper, in bed, next to her husband. She leaned over and looked at the clock. It was 5:23. She realized that she was still sleepy, just needing to use the bathroom.

She was about to get up to go when she realized she was wearing a diaper. She laughed at that to herself,and then realized she had a decision to make. She had told her husband she didn’t want to use the diapers, at least right away.There was something odd about that. But she was warm and cozy under the covers. And if she rolled just right, even though he was asleep,Zach would put his arms around her and hold her close. She loved that, and when he was sleepy, he would hold her longer, be comfortable longer since he was more loose and relaxed.

But was she really considering peeing into a diaper? She wasn’t really a baby, and that’s not really what Zach wanted anyway. He liked that she was independent and strong on her own. And he wouldn’t know either way, at least for several hours.If she didn’t wet the diaper, he would understand. If she did, she could still change out of it before he woke up. It was all up to her.

She lay there thinking. The pressure was building and she had to make a decision soon or it would be made for her. She wondered what it would be like to use the diaper,wondered what her husband might say. But she kept coming back to: it was all up to her.

Finally she got up and headed into thebathroom. She would sleep better if she just stayed dry. She would feel better about herself. And so she closed the bathroom door andturned on the light. She thought she could just pull the diaper down like a pull-up, but she realized it was too snug. She would have toundo the tapes. She had to fiddle with them for a minute, but finally the diaper was off. She set it on the counter, and then sat down on the toilet, taking a deep breath.

When she was finished, she realized she had another decision to make. She could put the diaper back on –she thought the tapes would last. Or she could put normal clothes back on. That was her agreement with Zach. When she was ready she could be done. They didn’t have anything go on tomorrow – today, so she really could do anything she wanted. Once again, it all came down to her.

She sighed, and decided that normal panties were the way to go. She rolled up the diaper, stuck in the trash bin, then washed her hands and left the bathroom. She went into the bedroom and quietly opened up her drawer, pulling out a pair of panties. Before she put them on, she paused. She could still put another diaper on. Zach would like it. But no, she didn’t want that again quite yet. She did decide to put on a different pair, one she knew he would like. She switched them out and pulled the new pair on,then climbed back into bed beside him.
She laid back down and tried to fall asleep. She really was tired. Saturday’s were their day to sleep in.She could get a few more hours and be well rested. Zach would make her breakfast like he normally did and they would bum around the house and watch TV before doing their chores.

But she found that it was more difficult than she thought. And she couldn’t figure out why. So she sat back up one more time, picked up her glass of water from the nightstand, and took several sips. She laid back down and moved herself so that Zach wrapped his arms around her. She felt safe in his arms, at peace, and soon she was able to move back to her side and could tell she was about to fall asleep.

And then she realized why she was having trouble falling back asleep. She had gotten used to the diaper. Now the panties seemed uncomfortable. How was that possible?She had been so nervous about them just a little while ago, did she already like them? That didn’t seem likely. But she did miss them somehow. Or maybe she just was that tired. Or maybe she just really liked knowing how she made Zach feel. She finally fell asleep deciding to figure it all out in the morning.

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Interesting, it’s been awhile since I’ve liked a story like this. Usually, diaper-agreement stories bore me after awhile. This one’s very nice; feels good to read.

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Yes, I agree. I hope it can sustain over several more chapters.

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This is a sweet story. :slight_smile:

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I like the mutual… respect and trust?.. in this latest chapter. The way they process what they want vs. what the other wants feels very mature, and gives the sense of a strong, stable relationship.

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Chapter 4

The knock on the door came around 3:00. Maddy jumped up and quickly opened the door to see her friend Laura standing there. She and Laura had been college roommates, had found out how similar they were, and had instantly become best friends. But then Maddy and Zach had moved halfway across the country for Zach’s job, and she hadn’t seen Laura since. And so as soon as the door was open, Maddy not-quite-squealed, “Hi! How are you? Come on in,” as she gave Laura a hug.

After the hug, Maddy helped Laura bring in all of her stuff and led her to the guest bedroom. She had made sure to vacuum, tidy up and write an encouraging note that also had the WiFi network name and password.

Laura was a vegetarian, much to Zach’s chagrin, but he would deal. Maddy had planned out the meals for the days she was staying, and as Laura got settled, she started the timer on the oven for the vegetarian lasagna they would have that night.Once she got that going, she sat down on the couch and soon Laura was out too.

“So, how’s it going?” was the only question Maddy needed to ask in order to start a conversation that lasted nearly an hour and a half. Laura hadn’t married yet, and so of course they talked about boys, but the conversation quickly moved from boys to clothes to work to all sorts of other topics, some deep,some not so deep. As they talked, Maddy put the lasagna in.

The lasagna was almost done when Laura asked, “So, can I see the rest of the apartment?”

“Only if you excuse the mess upstairs,” Maddy laughed.

“What mess?” Laura replied and stood up, “Lead the way.”

Maddy led the way upstairs and turned into the office. A large green lounge chair and ottoman sat in one corner, piled with clean clothes she hadn’t yet put away. On the far wall was a desk and office chair with a filing cabinet on its left side. On two of the other walls were bookcases stacked to the brim.On the last wall was a dresser filled with craft supplies and miscellaneous debris that had no other place.

Maddy explained, “So this room is our office, library, and general storage room.”

Then Laura made a comment that Maddy hated. Laura wasn’t trying to be mean, she just couldn’t know what she was saying when she said, “And eventual nursery, right?” The truth was that she and Zach had been trying to conceive for a while now, and it was a struggle. She hadn’t told anyone, not even Laura,and so she really didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, Laura changed the topic “Have enough books?” she laughed. “Not according to Zach,” Maddy smiled, “If it were up to him, he’d have the whole room be nothing but books.”

“How’d you marry such a nerd?”Laura asked, and Maddy replied, “Just lucky I guess.”

“Let’s see your bedroom!” Laura said as Maddy started to closed the door to the office, then decided to leave it open so that it could stay cool.

She left the office door open and opened the door to their bedroom. The bedroom was messier than shewould have liked – the sheets weren’t made and the laundry bin was full. The TV was dusty.

Laura stepped in and took a look around. She didn’t comment on the mess, but said, “This really is a nice home. You guys lucked out in finding it.”

Maddy nodded, “Yeah. Actually it was the first place we looked. Zach found it listed online, and we beat out a single police officer for it.”

Laura laughed, “A cute police officer?” Maddy smiled at the comment, forgetting the awkward moment in the office, “We’ve never met him, I bet I could talk to my landlord though.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”


Maddy explained, “Yeah, we looked at a couple of other places, even a house for rent, but the house wasn’t in the greatest shape, another apartment was in a bad neighborhood,and another was just super sketchy. In the end, this place was cheaper and nicer, and its closer to Zach’s work – he can walk from here when the weather is good.”

“That’s awesome.”

Just then the oven timer went off, and Maddy said, “Let me go deal with that. I’ll leave it in the oven so it will stay warm for when Zach gets home, but I’ll turn the oven itself off.”

She started to head downstairs when she heard Laura ask, “Um, Maddy?”

She turned her head back around to see Laura looking puzzled. She wondered why until she looked into the corner of their bedroom and saw the package of diapers sitting there.She couldn’t believe she had forgotten to move it into the closet, to keep it hidden. She had thought of everything else. It had been awhile since she had worn the diaper for Zach, and she hadn’t done it since, but the pack was still open.

She knew what question was coming next,and tried to think of an answer. She could lie and say she needed them. But that would be super awkward. Then again, if she told the truth, Zach would be angry with her. He had trusted her with his secret and she needed to try to keep it. If the pack was closed, she could say they had bought it to donate somewhere, but that wasn’t an option anymore.

Laura pointed to the pack and asked,“Maddy, why do you have these?”

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A nasty place to end it but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. You’ve done well executing the old tropes so far.

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Chapter 5

“Maddy?” Laura asked again.

But Maddy was frozen. She had no idea how to get out of this situation. Fortunately, the timer on the oven was still going off. She said, “Wait one second,” and bolted down the stairs. She turned the timer off, then turned the oven off. If Zach was too late they could always heat it up again.

Then she took a few deep breaths. She knew she would have to answer Laura’s question, and she still didn’t know what she was going to say. She heard Laura coming down the steps, and she took another quick breath.

Laura had a puzzled look in her eyes and asked again, “Maddy, is everything okay? What’s with the diapers?”

One more deep breath, and then Maddy opened her mouth, “Well…”

But before she could finish, they both heard the garage door open. Zach was home.

Maddy said, “One sec, let me go ahead and pull the lasagna out. Then I’ll explain everything.”
She went into the kitchen and set the lasagna on the stove. She hoped Zach would forgive her for spoiling his secret, but the truth was best option.

Zach opened the door, and said, “Hi honey, I’m home!” He sounded just like Ward Beaver, and Maddy laughed. He saw Laura first and gave her a hug, then walked into the kitchen and kissed Maddy.

Maddy smiled and then whispered,“Sorry, babe.” Zach was confused, but then Laura came into the kitchen too. “Okay, Maddy, so whats with the diapers?”

Maddy had been ready to tell the truth.But then she saw Zach with his eyes wide open. She saw almost in slow motion the dawning realization of what was going on. He didn’t look like he had been betrayed, at least, but she could tell he was upset.Maybe she should lie. Maybe she should… but she had nothing, no idea of what to say.

That’s when Zach stepped up. “Sorry, Maddy, I didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of your friend.”

Laura turned to Zach, “What do you mean?”

Zach said, “Their mine. I’ve been having… issues, recently, and well, those help.”

Laura laughed a little, “Issues? Like, what, wetting the bed?”

Zach just nodded. He was blushing a little, but he saw Maddy in his peripheral vision, clearly relaxing a little now that she didn’t have to take the fall.

Laura asked, “So what, does Maddy diaper you at night?”

Now it was Maddy’s turn to laugh. She wondered what that would be like. But she said, “No way. He has to do that all on his own.”
Laura was still laughing as Maddy started putting plates out and heating up some vegetables. It wasn’t a mean laugh, but she knew Zach would take it hard. Fortunately, Zach was doing his best to take it in stride.

“You want to try one?” he asked. Maddy had to laugh at that. Zach would never cheat on her or anything like that, but she suddenly had an image of both her and Laura in diapers and Zach grinning madly.

But she was surprised when Laura said,'I will if Maddy will.” She had a twinkle in her eye.

Maddy knew that’s not what Zach had expected, but now she had to make another decision. She put it off,“Let’s just have dinner first, okay?”

Zach said a prayer, and then they started eating. Laura wasn’t done asking questions, “So how long has it been going on? Maddy, whats it like waking up next to him after he wets?” Both her and Zach fielded questions until finally,Laura stopped asking.

Maddy could tell Zach was embarassed,so she said, “Why don’t I clean up from dinner. Zach you can go shower and then we could watch a movie.”

But that only gave Laura more ammunition, “Yeah, Zach, get in your pajamas and your diapee.”

But Zach laughed too, “Yeah, a shower sounds good, thanks for cleaning up Maddy.”

Zach headed upstairs, and Maddy finally left Laura have it, “Why were you being so mean to Zach?”

Laura said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be mean. But come on, Maddy, an adult bedwetter?”

Maddy sighed, “You know its genetic right? Like a family thing?”

Laura replied, “That almost makes it worse. It means your kids will be wetters too!”

Maddy nodded, “Look, he loves me, he treats me awesome, and he works hard for us. I can put up with something small like this. Just let it go please. No more teasing.”

“Fine, I’ll apologize.”


“So, are you going to wear them with me?”


“Come on, it’ll be fun. Wear a diaper with me,”

Maddy laughed, “What do you have a fetish or something?”

Laura replied, “What? No way, I just think it’d be goofy and silly. Besides, haven’t you thought about it anyway, wearing one like I dunno, to support Zach?”
“Yeah, I guess so,” Maddy admitted.She felt bizarre having this conversation.

Maddy started the dishwasher and Laura said, “Okay, so let’s go grab ourselves some diapers while Zach is in the shower.”

Maddy thought it was odd that Laura was pushing for this so hard. But she went with Laura and grabbed a diaper. Laura went back downstairs to the guest room and Maddy closed the door to their bedroom. It had been a few weeks since she had first put on a diaper, and so it once again took a second, but she soon had the diaper on. She decided that this time she would put on a pair of loose pajama pants to cover up.

She headed back downstairs, really puzzled about the whole situation. But she found that the diaper actually did feel comfortable.

She was downstairs again before Laura came out, and she decided that she would pull down their popcorn popper. Zach made the best popcorn, and they hadn’t had microwave popcorn in forever. He used coconut oil and just the right amount of popcorn salt and butter. She got the supplies ready for him and then turned on their Roku, looking for a movie.

Then Laura came out, except she was wearing just a diaper and a tee-shirt.

“What are you doing, Laura?” Maddy asked.

“Wearing a diaper, of course,”Laura replied.

“But no pants? Come on. You wouldn’t be around Zach in just a bra and panties.”

“No, of course not, but this is a diaper. It’s not like he’s going to make a move on me. Don’t you trust him?”

Maddy paused, then answered, “Of course I trust him, it’s just weird, that’s all.”

“Fine, I’ll go put pants on.” Laura said.

Maddy was concerned. Laura had never acted like this before.

That’s when Zach came downstairs. Madd ycould tell that he was diapered, and she discreetly lowered her own pantline so he could see she was too. “Thanks” he said softly. He stole a second glance at her and grinned.

“I thought you might be willing to make us some popcorn?” she asked, and he said, “Sure, just give me a minute.”

As he started the popcorn, Laura came back out and it was obvious she was wearing a diaper too. “Look,”she said, “It’s the three diaper babies.”

But neither Maddy nor Zach laughed, andLaura realized her error. “Sorry. And Zach, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean to you.”

Zach smiled, “No worries. Just don’t tell anyone else about it, okay?”

Laura said, “I promise.”

The popcorn took just a few minutes and the three settled in on the couch. Both Zach and Maddy were distracted, but Laura seemed to be enjoying the movie without thinking about the diapers. Maddy noticed that Zach was stealing glances at her, and smiled. She realized he was working hard not to glance at Laura.

Once while they were dating, Zach had admitted to liking Laura for a while. It made since, both she and Laura were built similarly, and though definitely not identical, they were certainly the same “type.” But Zach had said it was never anything more than a crush, and not a serious one at that. Still, she appreciated that he wouldn’t even look at another girl. He had admitted that every now and then since they started dating, he would notice how attractive another woman was, but he said that he was careful not to take second or third glances. He admitted he wasn’t perfect, but he tried. And now she saw once again, that she was the only girl for him. Even if the other girl was diapered too.

She moved closer and moved his hand so that it touched her diaper. He grinned and she rested on his shoulder.

When the movie was over, it was time for bed. Laura grinned and couldn’t help but offer one more joke,“Goodnight, Zach, stay dry!”

Zach replied, “You too, Laur,”

When Zach and Maddy were upstairs, Maddy blurted out, “I’m so sorry, Zach. I thought I had taken care of everything and when Laura arrived she wanted a tour and-”

But Zach cut her off, “It’s really okay. She’s not going to tell anyone else. It’s awkward, but really its fine. Besides, it got you to wear again,”

Maddy said, “Still, you didn’t have to take the fall like that. It was my fault she discovered them.”

Zach took her in his arms and held her close, “It’s really fine Maddy.”

Maddy relaxed, “Thanks. I owe you one. I don’t know why Laura was acting so weird.”

Zach said, “I don’t know her as well.But thanks for saying that. I thought it was weird too.”


“Well, let me go brush my teeth and we can crawl in bed,” Zach said.

“Deal” Maddy replied.

“You can take off the diaper if you want, you know,”

“It’s okay, I know you like it.”

“Thanks. You’re the best.”

“No you are. Because of me Laura thinks you’re an adult bedwetter.”

“Maybe I am,” Zach laughed, “Be right back.”

Maddy crawled into bed and when Zach came back, she moved in close to him. She couldn’t believe how well he had handled it all. She started planning how she would pay him back for it all. He would say she didn’t have to, but she wanted to. She wanted to take care of her man who would take the fall so she didn’t have to. She loved him so much. And she smiled as she fell asleep as a plan formed in her mind.

Re: A Loving Wife

I like the way this is going so far. It did seem a bit suspect that Maddy wouldn’t have remembered or noticed the diapers to move them before Laura showed up, or that she (or rather she and Zach) wouldn’t have done a decent cleaning beforehand, seeing as you’ve billed it as being a significant trip for Laura to get there. Since she didn’t do the cleaning, I suppose I can believe they could have become part of the background clutter that she puts out of her mind, but I would have thought more likely she would keep seeing them and thinking, “I should move those sometime.”

Overall, though, it’s a fun story, so don’t worry too much about it. I’m looking forward to reading more.

Re: A Loving Wife

I feel like I wrote myself into a corner in the last chapter. Here is my way of getting out of it and moving the story forward. Hope you enjoy! Thanks again for your patience on the spacing issues. I’m doing my best to catch them but I’m sure I’m still missing a few.

Chapter 6


Zach wasn’t sleeping well. He looked over at the clock and saw that is already midnight. He was tired and wanted to sleep, but sleep just wasn’t coming. He didn’t know why. He was relaxed, warm enough but not too warm, and his to do list for tomorrow wasn’t that long.

He didn’t even mind the diaper he was wearing. Maybe he did mind the teasing Laura had given him a little.He didn’t mind when his wife teased him – for the most part at least, but Laura had been a little mean spirited. He couldn’t figure out why.

So maybe that was what was bothering him. He didn’t like the idea of Laura thinking of him as a bed wetter. But then again, he didn’t want her knowing about his fetish either. He almost started to blame and get mad at Maddy, but he could have hid the diapers too. She had been busy cleaning the downstairs and getting ready for her guest. It would have been an easy thing to forget. It wasn’t really her fault.

Zach realized he needed to go to the bathroom. He was about to get up when he remembered his diaper. It had been a long time since had actually wet the bed, but that’s what Laura thought was going on anyway. Maddy wouldn’t care, she knew about his secret anyway. And the diaper wouldn’t leak.

So he tried to get comfortable and let himself go. But he had always had trouble going intentionally from that position. After a few minutes of trying without success, he finally got up and headed toward the bathroom. He stood over the toilet and even put the lid up, and after a moment, started to fill his diaper.

He went back to their room, grabbed another diaper, and went back to the bathroom to clean up and change.He put the wet diaper in a plastic Wal-mart bag and tied it up before quietly taking it down to the garage, tossing it in the large garbage bin there and heading back to bed. Trash day was only a few days away anyway.

He laughed to himself as he did,knowing that he wasn’t a bed wetter after all – he had tried and couldn’t. But of course he was still wearing a diaper.

He fell asleep easily.

3 AM

Laura woke up a bit confused. It took her a moment to remind herself she was no longer in her own room but staying with Maddy. It took her another moment to realize she was wet.

She felt bad for being so mean to Zach. She knew that she only had been so mean because she was a bedwetter herself. She had never quite outgrown it. She had been extremely careful during college, and even Maddy didn’t know her secret. It had been tough, not just to keep it a secret, but also keeping a secret from Maddy at all.

She got up and went into the downstairs bathroom to clean herself up. She got a plastic Walmart bag from under the kitchen sink and put the wet diaper in it. She figured she could throw it in the trash in the garage. Surely Maddy and Zach didn’t look in the trash, or if they did, they wouldn’t pay that much attention to notice if it was wet. She could just say she got uncomfortable with the diaper during the night and threw it out, that much at least was true.

She thought about putting on the pull-ups she had brought for herself, but figured she should be okaynow until morning. So she put on her regular clothes and crawled back in bed, falling asleep easily.

6 AM

Maddy woke up and realized she needed to use the bathroom. She slid out of bed and made it to the bathroom before she realized she was still wearing the diaper. She thought about going ahead taking the diaper off like she had before, but decided against it. She was probably going to want to use a diaper eventually, for Zach, so she might as well try now.

So she quietly went downstairs to grab a glass of water and headed back to bed. She sipped on the water and tried to relax, and sure enough, as she relaxed, she could feel the diaper start to get wet. Once a little dribble came out, the rest was easy and soon the diaper was soaked.

She was kind of embarrassed, but also surprised as to how the diaper felt that way. She lay there for a few moments, trying to sort out her emotions. On the one hand, she had just peed in a diaper. That part she hadn’t done since she was like four. But bed wetting wasn’t uncommon for her growing up, and the sensation almost reminded her of some of those moments as a child.And on the other hand, she knew now that she could do it. In a weird way, that was kind of liberating, kind of empowering, partly because she knew she could please Zach, but partly for herself.

She thought about trying to go back to sleep and letting Zach find her in a wet diaper. But she wasn’t sure if she really was ready for that. Plus, she didn’t know if she could fall back asleep in a wet diaper. It would be uncomfortable at best.

So she got up again, grabbed a pair of panties from the drawer, and went to the bathroom to clean herself off. She put the wet diaper in a plastic bag, put on the panties, and took the bag down to the garage. She opened the lid to the trash bin and was about to toss it in when she noticed two other similar bags already in the trash.

She was somewhat surprised but just assumed Zach had been wearing and using the diapers more than she realized. She didn’t think much of it as she tossed her own diaper into the pile and closed the lid. She washed her hands in the bathroom one more time and then crawled back into bed, falling asleep easily.

Re: A Loving Wife

Kinda ran out of steam on this one, but wanted to give a nice conclusion. So here is the final chapter. Thanks for your support, and perhaps I’ll return to write a new story when the idea strikes me.

Ch. 7

Maddy felt weird as she walked in thedoor from her and Zach’s date. She had put on the dress he had boughtfor her last fall, which had a Peter-pan collar and illusionneckline, with an a-line skirt. It was somewhat modest, but still alittle revealing, yet proper. It had at first surprised her that Zachhad chosen that particular dress, but it fit his personality. Hecalled it his lucky dress.

But that wasn’t why she felt odd. Shefelt odd because she had chosen to wear a diaper under the dress. Andshe had used it during the date. She hadn’t told Zach that she waswearing one until they were already at the restaurant, which she hadchosen specifically because she knew they wouldn’t run into anyonethey knew. He had smiled his big smile and she felt adored, until sheneeded to go to the bathroom.

It took her a minute to get going, butsoon the diaper was soaked. She thought back to her wetting thediaper in bed, yet this time it felt different.

She wasn’t sure if she could continuewith the night she had planned. She had bought a onesie. Light blue,with Olaf from Frozen on it. She had even tried it on, and it fitexactly like she wanted it. She had originally intended to put it onwith the diaper, like Zach had said he was interested in, but now shedidn’t know.

She went to their bedroom and pausedfor a moment. She could be honest with Zach, tell him she wasuncomfortable with it. But the truth was she wasn’t. She liked beingtaken care of. She didn’t want to feel like a total baby, but sheliked the way he cared for her especially since she had started doingall this.

She grabbed a new diaper and went tothe bathroom. She took off the wet one and cleaned herself up, thenwent ahead and used the toilet again.

She paused again. She really didn’twant to wear the diaper again. And Zach would understand.

She took it back and put it as best shecould back in the bag. Zach could use it and she wouldn’t mind.

She got a pair of panties out, anddecided to put on the sleeper. She went downstairs and saw Zach hadpulled up the next episode of their show, and she sat down besidehim, then let herself into his arms. This was what she wanted. Notthe diapers, but being held. Feeling safe, feeling confident. Thatshe was loved. That she could be whoever she wanted to be, and Zachwould be there for her.

He placed his hand across her body andshe nestled into him. She purred and closed her eyes. She wouldlisten to the show, and fall asleep in his arms. She wasn’t a baby,but she was his.

Re: A Loving Wife

Enjoyed this. Hope you’ll share more if the muse strikes :slight_smile:

Re: A Loving Wife

Nicely written. Well paced. Delightful.

This is probably the best story i have read about ABDL. I wish you would continue the story