A Little Mistake

Prompt: Write about a character’s experience with a friend.

Disclaimer: The usual disclaimer I put on these types of stories applies.

Carley, an eighteen-year-old Little and the youngest member of the Little Rescue Society to date was staring out the window and taking in the sights. Her boss had recommended that she try to walk a few miles in the captive Littles’ shoes, and she finally found someone she trusted who was willing to help her do that; however, she was beginning to have second thoughts.

“Are you comfortable?” Crystal asked.

“I guess so,” Carley said cautiously. She quietly tugged at the restraints to see if she could release them.

Crystal stopped the car and then turned around to face her. “You know you can still back out of this, right?”

“But if I do, I’ll never know how to relate to captured Littles. That’s really important in our line of work, you know,” Carley said.

“Good point. I just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. I’m about to go full Crazy Amazon Mommy on you, you know.” Crystal said with a hungry smile.

Carley felt a strange nervousness in the pit of her stomach. She swallowed hard while her partner just stared at her with an amused look. “I know,” Carley finally said.

“Good baby,” Crystal chirped. She then gave her charge a sly wink.

Carley giggled. Something about this was exciting to her. “Um, you will still treat me like an adult if I ask you to, won’t you?” she asked nervously.

The response was an evil laugh then a pause. “No, no, baby, you won’t get to be an adult again until I’ve given you the full captured Little experience!” Crystal continued to laugh with maniacal glee. She was clearly enjoying this.

Carley was beginning to get uncomfortable. “I mean, is there like a safe word or something?” she asked.

Crystal frowned. “No safe words. Real captive Littles don’t get safe words.”

Carley let out a loud sigh. “It’s just-I may need to…understand…what’s going on,” she was having trouble finding the right words. This conversation was awkward.

“Ah, I see. I’ll talk you through anything new then, okay? Would dat make snookums feel bettew?” Crystal said cutely. Carley cringed and blushed a little at the baby talk.

“Oh you better get used to being embarrassed, cutie,” Crystal teased.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Carley asked. This time she felt just a tad annoyed.

“You’ll see,” Crystal sing-songed.

The car stopped at a Super-Mart. “Why are we here?” Carley asked.

“Because Momma needs to pick up some supplies for her new baby girl.” Crystal walked over to the car seat, typed in some kind of code, and Carley’s restraints were suddenly released. Carley then felt herself being lifted up and placed on Crystal’s hip. “Come on!” Crystal was smiling and walking with newfound confidence and energy.

“I’ve…never seen you this excited,” Carley mused. She’d been in a Super-Mart hundreds of times before to do her own shopping, but never as someone’s “baby.” The whole experience felt a bit surreal. She was put in the cart, again placed in a child restraint that she didn’t have the strength to undo, and then carted around as they passed shelves of items tall enough to be towers. A few people giggled as they saw her pass.

Crystal’s voice suddenly brought her back to reality. “Now, you look nervous, so I’m going to do what an Amazon mommy normally does to a nervous Little.” She returned to her “baby voice” as she continued to explain, “instead of listening to whatever whittle twouble you’re pwobably having, Momma’s gonna shove a mean ol’ locking pacifier in your mouth so that you can’t talk or scream.”

“Wha–mhph!” As soon as Carley opened her mouth to ask for clarification, she got a mouthful of giant pacifier gag. The bulb inflated immediately and depressed her tongue. She mumbled softly underneath it and shot her partner an annoyed look.

“Oh, don’t be that way,” Crystal said calmly. “You wanted the full experience, didn’t you?” Carley gave a defeated nod. “Good. I’m giving you exactly what you want. Just relax and try to enjoy it.”

Carley continued to babble and mumble as she watched Crystal pick up the supplies. The supplies were pretty standard baby items, only they were specially labeled “Little” for some reason. She wondered what the difference was and would have asked, but the gag was still firmly in her mouth. She tried to spit it out when it deflated, but even the tiniest opening of her mouth caused the bulb to inflate and fill her mouth again. She had no choice but to keep her mouth closed and suck very gently to keep from injuring her mouth. She was beginning to regret her decision to go through with this.

“Let me go, you bitch!” That sentiment was only amplified when she saw another captive Little being forcibly dragged through the store by his “mommy.” The poor guy wore a swollen brown-stained diaper and a tee shirt. Carley puffed out her cheeks in a visible display of anger to try to get Crystal’s attention. She ignored her and walked away from the cart to do more shopping, though. That’s when the unthinkable happened.

The crazy woman with the screaming captive in her cart looked directly at Carley and approached when she saw she was alone. “Oh, you’re so cute. Is your mommy around?” the woman asked. Carley babbled frantically from behind her pacifier. “Aw, isn’t that cute?” the woman said as she reached for Carley’s restraints. “I can’t believe your mommy put you in that ridiculous-looking grown-up costume. Let me take you home and get you a nice romper and good clean diaper,” the woman said with a hungry grin.

Carley was fighting frantically and screaming as loudly as she could, but the pacifier gag was muffling most of it. It couldn’t end like this. She was about to get adopted for real. Why did she even agree to any of this?

“Excuse me, what are you doing?” a familiar voice said. The woman whipped around. “I was just about to take this unattended Little,” the woman said matter-of-factly.

“She happens to be my Little,” Crystal said indignantly. She looked furious and had her face contorted into a snarl. Carley had never seen her that way.

The woman backed away to her cart where her own captive Little awaited. She then turned her nose up and gave a “humph,” before slowly pushing her cart down the aisle.

Seeing captive Littles was nothing new for Carley, and she knew she had no means of rescuing them while they were legally with their captors. Less intelligent Littles in her position might have tried to rescue the poor guy, but judging from the band on his wrist, he was probably microchipped and could be returned to the woman legally if he went missing. Microchipped Littles, the ones who were officially adopted, were difficult to rescue. The rescuers had to prove gross misconduct and since Littles were often treated fairly harshly as is, that was nearly impossible to do.

A sinking feeling developed in the pit of Carley’s stomach as she thought about what she was going to experience in the next few days. Crystal had promised multiple times that she was going to treat her just like the average captive Little they rescued. She would have refused the deal entirely, but she heard rumors that her boss felt like she didn’t really have a lot of empathy for what the rescued Littles dealt with, and that could be grounds for termination, meaning she’d lose her immunity as a free Little and have to be much more careful in Amazon society.

She turned her attention back to Crystal who had resumed shopping like nothing had ever happened. Voluntarily trusting an Amazon to have this much power over her would have been unthinkable before she joined the Little Rescue Society. There, she gradually unlearned her fear of Amazons as she met the ones who were invested in helping Littles lead better lives. Now, here she was, feeling only slightly uneasy while sitting in a cart and watching her partner pretend to be her new “mommy” buying baby supplies. A few years ago a scenario like this would have given her nightmares.

They turned a corner and entered the medicine aisle. Crystal picked up a bottle of liquid medicine called “Sleep P’s” and tossed it in the cart. It was advertised to “help your little one with bedwetting,” but it was specifically labeled “for Littles only.” Everything else in the cart looked like fairly standard baby supplies, but that was something Carley had never seen before. She wondered about it for a few minutes. She wasn’t a bedwetter! It must be something Crystal was picking up to embarrass her with at the checkout. Now that she took a closer look, she noticed there were several items like that in the cart, such as cute baby clothes, extra thick diapers, baby toys and books, and special baby DVDs. Crystal was being quite thorough. Carley would have guessed that she only needed some baby diapers and baby clothes to complete the experience, but apparently, her partner thought otherwise.

A few of the items were just weird, like “Insta-rash.” It was advertised as a “spanking in a can.” Carley guessed that this spray actually caused diaper rash. She started itching at the thought of it and looked at Crystal with pleading eyes. Crystal gave a fake reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, baby. This is only for when you’re bad and Mommy’s hands are tired.” Carley picked up the can and studied it. The main ingredient was some kind of acid that Littles are supposed to be allergic to. She cringed and shuddered as she put it back in the cart. Hopefully, most of these items were just for show.

After about three hours of shopping, Crystal finally made her way to the checkout. Carley was hoping she’d use the self-checkout, but she wasn’t that lucky. The Amazon woman chose to get into a busy line where all of the embarrassing items were on full display, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she decided to make conversation.

“Oh, what a cute little baby! How old is she?” A woman ahead of them in the checkout line asked.

Carley cringed and helplessly mumbled behind her pacifier while Crystal patted her on the head. “Oh, she’s eighteen.”

“Oh, eighteen months! How adorable!” the woman cooed.

“No, not months, years,” Crystal corrected. Carley felt the color drain from her cheeks. She felt like she was quickly losing her adulthood with each of Crystal’s cringe-inducing words.

“Oh? That’s a Little?” the woman asked. “I never would have guessed. She looks so cute and…little!”

“I know, right?” Crystal said.

“I take it these items are for her?” the woman asked.

“Yep!” Crystal chirped.

The woman took a look at the cart. “Oh…you know, you could have gotten the sandy powder to go along with the Insta-rash spray. It’s like baby powder, only it’s really irritating and itchy, perfect for punishment!” The woman gleefully explained details of Little torture to Crystal who just nodded along. Some of the things she described made Carley go weak at the knees and get nauseous. “She needs that; she looks like she’s going to be really rebellious, a grown-up suit and no diapers. If she were my Little, I’d make it where she wouldn’t be able to keep those pants dry for more than a few seconds! Potty training makes Littles uppity; it should be among the first things to go!”

Carley cringed uncomfortably and bit down on her pacifier. Crystal gave a fake polite smile. “I’ll remember that. I really appreciate the input. Um, what was your name again?”

“Beatrice Malodor. I run one of the best Little etiquette schools in the city,” she declared. She then dug in her purse and handed Crystal something. “Here’s my card. Don’t hesitate to call me if you ever need help getting that little carpet mouse under control.”

Crystal took the card and Carley watched the woman leave. Her big silk purple dress hugged her voluptuous curves while the jangling of her gaudy earrings kept time with the clicking of her chunky heels as she walked away. A wave of fear washed over Carley. She felt like she just met the supervillain in some kind of kid’s movie. She nervously looked up at Crystal and saw her distractedly putting her items on the belt for the person at the register to check out.

There were probably more embarrassing comments to come from the cashier, but after that encounter with Madame Malodor, she wasn’t really concerned about it. She couldn’t quite get over the idea that someone could have so much contempt for someone they’d never met. What did that woman have against Littles that she felt like they deserved to be tortured for existing?

Another situation was developing that Carley hadn’t been attending to. She needed to pee. She was pretty sure she could hold it until they got to Crystal’s house, but then she remembered the diapers and wondered if she’d even be granted access to a toilet. She opened her mouth to try to ask for the bathroom, not remembering her pacifier gag, and was rewarded with a jaw-crushing mouthful of air-filled nipple. It inflated so much that she couldn’t close her mouth. She held her mouth in its painful position for several minutes while it slowly deflated.

Crystal and the cashier shared more jokes at Carley’s expense before the items were paid for. In the parking lot, Carley tried to mumble her concerns from behind the pacifier. Crystal put a hand to her mouth and laughed. “Oh, silly me! Here you go, baby.” She gave it a few expert twists and it fell out of Carley’s mouth and onto the ground. She reached down, picked it up, and handed it back to Crystal. For a few seconds, she just stood flexing her jaw happy that nothing was going to hold it open and try to crush it. “Well, do you have any questions for me?” Crystal asked.

Carley stood there dumbfounded and a little afraid to speak. After the store, she was beginning to feel like she and her partner weren’t even close to on even footing. All it took was a pacifier and some baby treatment and the people in the store were quite willing to treat her differently, like a dumb little baby doll. The conversation the etiquette school owner had with Crystal about her didn’t raise any red flags. No one checked to see if she was alright when the pacifier inflated and she couldn’t get her jaw closed. The level of power Amazons had over Littles was making itself a sobering reality.

“Earth to Carley? You-who? Are you still there?” Crystal teased.

“Yeah, I’m here,” Carley answered grumpily.

“Did you enjoy our Little shopping trip?” Of course, she put the emphasis on “Little.”

“No,” she answered honestly.

“Well, come on, grumpy bum. Mommy’ll see if she can cheer you up!” Crystal said. Carley just looked at her partner with a frown. “What’s wrong?” Crystal asked. Carley answered with a groan. She then felt a hand on her shoulder. “Are you sure you want to go through with this? I haven’t started any of the treatments,” Crystal whispered.

Carley stopped in the middle of the parking lot and stared at Crystal. She let out a loud sigh. “I don’t know.”

“I can turn around and put this stuff back, and we can tell our boss that he’s asking too much,” Crystal said.

“But what if he fires me?” Carley asked.

“Then, I guess you’d just be an ordinary free Little,” Crystal answered.

“Free for anyone to pick up and adopt. Then I’d be facing all of these indignities for real, with no hope of ever getting out,” Carley said.

“The LRS could always come after you if they hear about it,” Crystal said dismissively.

If they hear about it,” Carley said.

Crystal gave a sigh. “Well, it’s up to you. I’m happy to go through with this if you want to, or I’m willing to stop and let everything go back to normal.”

“If I keep going, what else is going to happen to me?” Carley asked.

“I told you already. I’m going to try to give you an experience pretty close to what an average captive Little would experience, so nothing too harsh, just something you might get from the average well-meaning but completely clueless Amazon caregiver,” Crystal said cheekily.

“You didn’t really answer my question. Can’t you go into specifics?” Carley asked.

Crystal put her hand to her chin and looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “It really wouldn’t be a good idea. I can talk you through the processes as they happen, but it’s kind of like boiling a frog. If you turn up the heat too fast, it might just decide to hop out. Telling you everything right now would just make you more apprehensive.” Crystal made a loud sighing noise, “and what you need to do is…relax.” She mussed Carley’s hair.

“Hey! Quit that!” she said with a laugh while trying to straighten her auburn locks.

“Those would look so cute in ringlets!” Crystal gushed.

“You wouldn’t,” Carley said.

“Oh, you bet I would!” Crystal said. She fluffed the Little’s hair more before finally leaving it alone.

Carley paused for a moment. “Can I set any boundaries on this at all?” she asked.

“No sweetums. The only boundaries are I’m a responsible Amazon mommy, so I wouldn’t knowingly physically harm you or injure you to the point of needing medical care. Nothing else is off-limits, though.”

Nothing off-limits? Amazon mommies can injure their Littles if they want to? Everything her partner was saying should have sounded terrifying, but for some reason, Carley found herself getting more and more excited as her partner talked. It was insane because the shopping experience a few minutes ago had been a shock to her system. She could only imagine how horrible the rest would be. Why then was part of her thrilled about this? There was her boss’s ultimatum hanging over her head, but that was no reason to crave it, was it? She just found herself with a sudden inexplicable craving for a new experience, and this was her friend, right? She wouldn’t really hurt her, would she?

“This might be your one chance to find out what it’s like without getting in really big trouble,” Crystal said in a sing-songy voice. She moved to tickle the Little woman under her armpits.

“Stop that!” Carley said as she batted her hands away. She was trying to act annoyed, but for some reason, she wasn’t feeling that way at all. She had the biggest smile on her face.

“Come on! A second childhood? No grown-up worries or responsibilities? A friend who’s always there for you and willing to help with your most intimate needs? The freedom to look cute to everybody you meet without doing anything? What do you have to lose?” Crystal said in that same melodious sing-songy voice.

Carley was buzzing with excitement at this point. She didn’t know what was causing it. It was making her feel a bit tipsy, as if she’d been drinking and then been given a chance to play a lottery she was guaranteed to win. She felt like shouting “yes, I’ll do it,” at the top of her lungs.

“So, whaddya say?” Crystal asked.

“It’s only for six months maximum, right?” Carley asked.

“That’s right. Only for six months, and you’ll still get to work while you’re under my care, if you want to. That’s another rule I didn’t mention. What I do with you won’t interfere with our work. Don’t worry, though, there’s lots I can do with you that’ll still allow you to do your job.” Crystal gave a cheeky grin.

“Like what? That would mean no diapers, right? Because I need to be able to go in without being seen? But why did you buy diapers, then?” Carley asked.

“Oh, there will definitely be diapers and changes and even the occasional diaper rash. In fact, the big girl potty will be off-limits for most of our time together if you go through with this,” Crystal said matter-of-factly.

“But won’t that get in the way of me doing my job?” Carley asked.

“Nope,” Crystal answered dismissively. Carley paused and gave a sigh. “I think somebody’s stalling,” the Amazon woman said in a sing-songy voice.

“Am not!” Carley said.

“Are too!” Crystal quipped. “Prove it, then. Do you want to be my Little baby doll or not?”

Carley paused. “I…um…” she could hardly think straight. Something had her buzzing with excitement like she was three years old again and her mom just promised to take her to the carnival if she could admit that she wanted to go. She tried to think of the downsides. Wasn’t she extremely apprehensive about this earlier? Now she just couldn’t think of a reason to be worried at all.

“Tick tock…if you don’t want to, we can just stop playing and go home,” Crystal said. Carley’s thoughts were racing. This opportunity might be off the table if she didn’t make a decision quickly.

“I’ll…I’ll do it,” Carley said quietly.

“I can’t hear you,” Crystal sing-songed.

“I’ll do it.”

“Yay! You’re going to be my Little, my baby girl for the next six months!” Crystal said jubilantly. She threw her hands in the air and did a little dance. Carley cringed but she found herself being picked up and forced to dance along. For some reason, she leaned into it without protest. She suddenly got an uncomfortable look on her face.

“What’s wrong baby?” Crystal asked.

“I need to pee,” Carley admitted.

“You know, you could just let loose right here in the parking lot. I won’t punish you for it,” Crystal said. She started making hissing sounds. “Think about nice cold flowing water,” she said teasingly.

“Stop that! Now I really need to pee,” Carley said with a laugh. She then winced, pulled her legs together, and held herself.

“It would feel better if you just let it happen, cutie,” Crystal said. She stuck her fingers under Carley’s shirt and started tickling again, massaging and squeezing her bladder area.

Little Carley was laughing along until she felt her bladder relax and a few drops of urine escape into her panties. She quickly snapped out of her elated trance and forcibly pushed Crystal’s hands away. “Stop! Stop! I can’t tell if you’re kidding or serious, but I’m not going to wet my pants out here in the parking lot!”

Crystal removed her hands and made a frustrated “d’aww” sound before snapping her fingers as if disappointed. “I almost had you!” she joked. “Come on, then. Let’s get you into the car,” Crystal said. “I bet you’re just bursting with excitement,” she quipped.

At Crystal’s words, Carley felt her urge grow until it was almost unbearable. She wasn’t sure what to do; she felt like she was going to have an accident. “Can’t we just go back in the store? I really need to pee!” Carley complained.

“Nope, you’ll have to wait until we get home; big girls can hold it,” Crystal teased.

The idea of having to wait until she got to Crystal’s house just made it worse. She felt herself dribbling into her underwear. She didn’t want to have an accident right here in public, but she just felt like she couldn’t hold it anymore. She slowly relaxed her bladder and the dribble became a little stream. An obvious wet spot formed on her crotch and streaked down her pants legs as she finished her business.

Crystal shot her a look and raised an eyebrow. “Aw…see? Don’t you feel better?” she teased.

Carley started crying in embarrassment. She hadn’t wet her pants since she was a toddler. She was just so overwhelmed by her emotions that she didn’t know what to do. She felt a hand gently touch her on the shoulder. “It’s okay, baby. Let’s get you out of those wet pants and into something nice and dry, okay?” Crystal said sweetly.

Crystal opened the back of her car and gently picked Carley up by the armpits. “Lie down for me,” she asked gently.

“Why here? Can’t we go to a bathroom?” Carley asked.

“Yes, we could, but if I do it here, no one gets to see your little accident, but if you want me to, I can parade you into the store, loudly announce that you wet your pants, and show you off to a bunch of curious ogling Amazons before we march ourselves into the public restroom to take care of this. It’s up to you. I thought I’d try to start you off slow and spare you a little dignity, though,” Crystal explained in a teasing manner.

Carley complied and lay down. She felt Crystal trying to remove her pants. “Um, I can do it myself?” she asked, trying not to sound demanding.

“Yes, you can, baby. I just thought you might want some extra help. You peed a lot, and I don’t want you to get a rash.”

Carley cringed as she felt her face get hot. “I’m not helpless,” she answered politely.

“I won’t fight you over it. If you want to do it yourself, go ahead. I’ll get you the supplies.” Crystal removed her hands from Carley’s belt and retreated to the backseat and started rummaging through a bag. “Let’s see, wipes, rash cream, pull-ups, baby powder…am I missing anything? Oh yeah! Cute pink bunny onesie!”

Carley cringed at the announcement as she removed her soaked pants and underwear. She was standing in the car naked from the waist down when Crystal returned. She began handing her the supplies and instructing her how to clean herself. “Okay, so first wipe yourself down really good with the baby wipes. Judging from the smell, your urine is really concentrated and you’ll probably get a rash if you skip this step. Next, put rash prevention cream on your–”

“I’m fine. I got it,” Carley said dismissively. Crystal folded her arms and frowned a bit. “Uh, could you maybe give me some privacy?” Carley asked.

Crystal turned and walked away, only to reappear again after a few seconds. “I could, but I think I’m just going to stand here and make sure you’re doing it right,” she said.

“You know I know how to clean myself,” Carley complained.

“I would hope so because having a caregiver is supposed to be a new experience for you, but you need to get used to this lack of privacy. Captured Littles eventually find themselves with very little in way of physical and mental agency, and you, little friend, are playing the part of a captured Little until further notice. I promised to give you the whole experience, including the soul-crushing lack of agency.” Crystal paused. “Now, finish cleaning up before Mommy decides you’re going too slow and takes over for you.”

Carley cleaned herself all while Crystal stood by and made jokes and rude comments. It was uncomfortable at least. She wasn’t sure what she hated worse, the fact that she had her privacy violated, or the fact that she was getting her basic competency questioned over and over again. She knew she agreed to this, but something told her this was just a taste of whatever tortures were to come. She finished cleaning herself and applying rash ointment and baby powder.

“Is my baby girl all clean?” Crystal asked in a sing-songy babyish voice. “Let’s put on some clothes so that we’re not standing out here in our birthday suits, okay?” With that statement, she handed Carley a fresh pull-up and the baby bunny onesie. At first, Carley made a face at the pull-up and garish-looking baby clothes. “What’s wrong?” Crystal asked.

“Do I really have to wear this?” Carley asked.

“I suppose not,” Crystal said. Carley gave a sigh of relief. “I guess I could just put you back in the car in only your pull-up, but if we do that, you’re getting a spanking when we get home.”

“What?!” Carley asked.

“You heard me, but it’s still your choice,” Crystal said, as she laid the clothes out in front of Carley.

“I…don’t think…I want you to spank me,” Carley said slowly.

“Then, put on your clothes and get in the car so we can go home. It’s getting late,” Crystal said with a hint of impatience.

Carley did as she was told. She first stepped into the crinkly pull-up made especially for Littles and then into the costume-style footed pajama baby clothes that made her look like she was about to go trick-or-treating as a baby bunny or something.

“See that? Aren’t you just adorable?” Crystal asked. Carley made a face. “Aw, and look, it even has crotch snaps for easy diaper changes,” Crystal pointed out. Carley reached back and felt the snaps clearly indicating her padded rear. “Of course, we’ll have to work our way up to that, won’t we?” Crystal asked.

Carley obediently got back in the car seat and let Crystal buckle her in. She cringed a little bit thinking about what she was wearing, but it wasn’t that bad. She did enjoy the extra attention she was getting from her friend in this state in spite of herself, and it’s not like she went into any of this without having some idea of what to expect. She lay back in her car seat and let out a gentle sigh. Crystal started laughing.

“What?” Carley asked.

“You look so content. You haven’t put up a real fight since we left the store,” Crystal said.

“Do you want me to fight you?” Carley asked.

“Every Little fights. I’m guessing it’s easier for you because you know this is all just pretend. Plus, you did have some extra help with feeling calm.”

“What are you talking about?” Carley asked.

Crystal just gave another laugh. “I used my Little voice on you; yes I did,” she joked. “It’s a special set of high-pitched sounds Amazons know how to make that are irresistible to a Little. They get all excited and they just don’t know what to do with themselves. They have to follow what the Little voice tells them to do, yes they do,” she said.

Carley felt weirdly tingly. She squirmed just a little. Crystal laughed. “For example, from now on, whenever you need to pee-pee, you’ll just relax your little bladder and let it all flow into your pull-up. You want to feel this relaxing calm feeling that comes from releasing your bladder and feeling the warm urine dribble onto your padded crotch, so instead of waiting for a potty, you’ll just start to pee whenever you feel like you need to.” Carley felt tingly and a little sleepy during and after Crystal’s weird speech. As she came back to consciousness, she noticed she was relaxing her bladder and dribbling just a bit of liquid. She quickly clamped down to stop.

Crystal somehow seemed to notice what was going on from the rearview mirror. “You best just relax and realize you can’t fight it, sweetie. I’m appealing to a part of you that you may not want to acknowledge you have, the part of you who wants nothing more than to experience what it’s like to be a little helpless baby again, and I’m giving it exactly what it wants, and try as you might, you can’t stop me, no matter how badly your ego wants you to act like a grown-up, you’re going to find yourself failing over and over again from now on until I decide it should be otherwise. Your baby self and my words are much stronger than your fragile grown-up independence, and we’re going to win.” Crystal laughed when she saw Carley’s shocked expression. “Well, that last part sounded a bit cheesy, but I think you get the idea,” Crystal joked.

Carley squirmed in the car seat. Crystal’s words made her nervous, but for some reason she also felt really good despite just receiving a threat that she’d be stripped of her adult independence, any Little’s worst nightmare. She felt a little tickle in her belly as she thought about all of it and wondered why she both dreaded and felt excited about the prospect.

The car stopped, and Carley recognized the place as Crystal’s house. “Wow,” Carley said.

“A brief warning. You cannot under any circumstances break character during this part of the training without my permission. Doing so will result in a punishment,” Crystal instructed as she undid the restraints and lifted Carley out of the car seat. Unlike the playful voice she was using earlier, she sounded serious this time.

“What if I need to know something or tell you how I’m feeling?” Carley asked.

“A real captured Little wouldn’t be allowed to do that. They’d just have to learn to play along with their caregivers until their conditioning was advanced enough that their requests and concerns passed for those of a small child,” Crystal explained.

“But…” Carley said.

“Uh-uh,” Crystal said as she put her finger to Carley’s mouth. “Do you want a spanking? Because I don’t mind giving one to you.” Carley shook her head. “Good, then, let’s stop pretending to be a grown-up.” Crystal took her finger away.

Carley let out a long sigh. “Okay,” she said in a pitiful groan.

Crystal let out a small giggle. “You are so cute when you’re utterly defeated,” she said as she gently tapped her cheek. “Okay, tell you what. There’s a private email system here, and I suppose I’ll let you tell me your grown-up concerns that way, but I’m only going to check it once in the morning, so you best not have too many grown-up issues. I’ll discuss with you what I see fit when I see fit, if I see fit, got it?” Carley nodded her head and Crystal led her into her house.

Once inside, Carley got a tour of her caregiver’s house. It was a reasonably-sized house for an Amazon, and of course, it seemed like a giant’s house to Carley. She tried to keep track of everything she was being shown, kitchen, living room, dining room, den, upstairs bedrooms, downstairs bedrooms, the basement, etc.

They came to a dark room and before Crystal turned on the light switch, Carley knew what room it was from the sudden appearance of an ache in her bladder. The mere sight of the toilet made Carley start to dribble into her pull-up. She pressed her legs together and tried to hold it back.

“What’s wrong with you?” Crystal asked. She had a slightly amused look on her face.

“I need to pee, now!” Carley demanded. She ran toward the bathroom only to feel a tug on her arm as someone held her back.

“U-uh-uh, little girl, in this house, we say the magic words or we don’t get permission to do anything, and for you, the potty is a privilege, as you are wearing a pull-up.”

“Please,” she whined. Crystal let go of her arm and allowed her to run to the toilet. Carley looked at the toilet and wondered how she’d even get up to use it. It was at least as tall as she was. She winced as her bladder gave her another strong signal and she inadvertently relaxed and dribbled a bit more.

“Don’t forget to wash your hands!” Crystal reminded jokingly.

Carley groaned and strained for a few seconds before yelling “I can’t reach it!”

Crystal walked in and casually leaned against the wall, watching Carley’s potty emergency like it was some kind of odd spectator sport. “Do you by chance need my help?” she finally offered in mock obliviousness.

Carley squeezed her legs tight as she felt like she was about to lose control. Suddenly, someone lifted her by the armpits and placed her on the edge of the toilet. She felt a sense of relief, but she realized she still had her pull-up on! She reached to take it off. Too late. She felt her bladder relax and warm urine spread across her crotch and hips. Her pull-up sagged and turned yellow. Carley grimaced at the wetness clinging to her skin and the squishy feel of the now flooded undergarment.

“Well, you almost made it,” Crystal joked as she lifted the soaked Carley off of the too-large toilet and set her back on the tiled floor. “If you want to toilet train so badly, I think I have an old training potty in the attic from a garage sale when I was thinking of adopting a Tweener. Maybe you’ll have better luck with that?” she offered.

Carley burst into tears for the second time that day. Crystal kneeled down next to her and started rubbing her back. “Poor baby. It’s okay. It’s okay. You want to be grown up so badly but your body just isn’t having it.” She reached her hand to the back of the PJs and squished the swollen pull-up. “Let’s get you out of this and give you a nice shower, okay?” Carley nodded her head.

The shower was different than the cleanup in the store parking lot. Crystal didn’t allow her to even handle the washcloth. The excuse she made was that Carley was too slow about cleaning herself, and she wanted to get her to bed so that she could get some rest. Carley allowed it, even though she couldn’t remember the last time another person bathed her. That accident somehow temporarily messed up her confidence to take care of herself. At least Crystal was mostly quiet during the shower and didn’t try to tease her. Carley guessed that maybe she was trying to show a little empathy for a change, but maybe she was just tired.

After the shower, Carley decided to ask if Crystal had any underwear in her size. She wanted out of pull-ups as quickly as possible.

Crystal responded with a scoff. “I don’t know if I should trust a baby girl who’s peeing in her pants with big kid underwear,” she said gently. “After all, if you wet the bed, I’ll have to give you a spanking and force you to wear diapers to sleep, but if you want to chance it, I think I do happen to have some Little’s size underwear. I bought some with the other supplies for your little visit. You want to, don’t you?” Crystal teased.

“I don’t know what kind of chance I’m taking; I’ve never wet the bed since I was potty trained,” Carley asserted.

Crystal scoffed. “There you go, pretending you’re potty trained. You haven’t proven that little fact to me. I’ve watched you wet your pants twice and that was just today and only a few hours apart at that!”

Carley’s eyes went wide and she stammered, “I…I…you know I’m potty trained? We work together?” she finally said.

“Yes?” Crystal said slowly. “But you aren’t supposed to break character,” she whispered. “I need you to play along or this won’t work as well. Remember, you’re supposed to be in the headspace of a newly captured Little facing an aggressive Amazon caregiver you’ve never seen before. I’m not playing the part of your friend right now, and if you do this again, I’ll punish you for not sticking to the script.”

“What kind of punishment?” Carley asked.

Crystal gave a loud sigh. “Congratulations, Carls, you just earned yourself a spanking. I’ll try to go easy on you since it’s a first offense, though. Now, is there anything else you would like to talk to me about or can we get back to your conditioning?”

Carley felt a little shocked and offended. “Spanking?! When?”

“No later than tomorrow morning and no earlier than right after we finish this conversation,” Crystal paused. “I’ll make you a little deal. Let’s get back to what we were doing before you interrupted, and I’ll forget about the spanking tonight, okay?”

“Okay,” Carley said carefully. She wasn’t looking forward to being spanked by her best friend and work partner, especially not after all of the stress she experienced just today.

Crystal loudly cleared her throat. “Anyway, getting back to where we were before you so rudely interrupted. I do have some big kid underwear I could let you wear, and it would save you the humiliation of wearing a pull-up to bed, but if you’re a bedwetter, you better not take it. In fact, if you’re a bedwetter, I think we should just move straight to diapers for nighttime.”

“I’m not a bedwetter!” Carley said automatically.

“In that case, then, I’ll let you sleep in underwear, but there is a rubber sheet on your bed just in case,” Crystal warned.

Crystal led Carley to a drawer where there was kid underwear in Little’s sizes. She carefully looked through the drawer and frowned at what was offered. There were a few plain color ones, but most of them had funny cartoon and movie characters on them. They were clearly intended for a child, not like the underwear she usually wore.

“Pssst. It’s me, your friend Crystal. I’m breaking character to tell you a few things about your progress. One, you’re not doing anything wrong by deciding to wear underwear to bed. To your knowledge, you are not a bedwetter, so choosing diapers or a pull-up wouldn’t make any logical sense, would it? In a real situation like this, choosing diapers or a pull-up would hint to your captors that you’re dishonest and would probably earn you more punishments. Two, you will probably get a spanking tomorrow, but I’m just doing it so that you get to experience an approximation of what captured Littles really go through, okay? I don’t have any hard feelings toward you and I think you’re doing great so far. Also, if you break character right now, I won’t punish you for it, because I’ve given you permission. Do you have any questions for me?” Crystal asked in a whisper.

“I’m not looking forward to a spanking tomorrow,” Carley said carefully.

“It would be weird if you were. I mean, it’s punishment, not fun.”

“So why are you doing it?” Carley asked.

“Why do parents punish real kids?” Crystal asked.

“To get them to stop doing certain behaviors?”

“Yes and no. Yes, punishment for doing something wrong is what happens when a parent punishes an older kid who supposedly knows better, but babies don’t know good things from bad things. Punishment conditions them to associate some behaviors with negative things and other behaviors with positive things. You were really close, though,” Crystal said.

Carley rolled her eyes. “I think we said the same thing.”

“Maybe we did. I’m kind of in Mommy mode right now.”

“I’ve noticed,” Carley said as she continued to pick through the underwear.

“Are you having trouble picking?” Crystal asked. “Remember, it’s just for the night. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m probably not going to keep you in underwear for very long.”

“What do you think I should choose?” Carley asked.

“Hmm…how about a nice white pair? Basic is best, amirite?” Crystal asked. Carley sighed and picked a thin white pair of cotton briefs. “Do you need help putting them on?” Crystal offered.

“No, I’m an adult!” Carley barked.

Crystal put her hand on Carley’s hair and messed it up. “Obviously you are! I was just getting back into character,” she said with a laugh. “Go ahead and put those on. I’m going to go into the kitchen and make you a bedtime snack, and yes, you are required to eat it. If a real captive Little refused food, she would be force-fed and probably spanked, and I will do that to you if I have to, but it’s not going to be my first choice,” she warned.

While Carley was trying on underwear for bed, Crystal went into the kitchen and pulled some things out of her shopping bag, the bottle of Sleep P’s and some oatmeal for Amazon toddlers. It was one of the only things that weren’t made specifically for Littles. The Little versions were made with special laxatives that made it hard for them to control their bowels. She wasn’t going to be extremely cruel and make Carley both mess and wet herself on the first day. Such a traumatic loss of a skill she had most of her life could be psychologically damaging. No, she was just going to go along with the idea that it was mainly Carley’s actions causing the changes and only help them along gradually enough for the changes to be believable. That would be less traumatizing, hopefully.

Regardless, though, the end goal was a complete loss of potty training, so setting things up so that they could eventually reach that goal was important. Tonight she’d start with a tasty drink to help Carley get to sleep and start wetting the bed. She would also include a meal that could aid bowel movements and could hide an effective laxative.

Crystal read some of the ingredients to make sure she was getting the doses right. First the Sleep P’s. Sleep P’s helps your little one with bedwetting. Just mix one teaspoon of solution with your little one’s favorite food or drink before bed and watch the magic begin. Your little one will sleep deeply, dream sweetly, and wet peacefully without waking up. Disclaimer: Sleep P’s is for Littles only and is intended to encourage bedwetting, not prevent it. Diaper dependency is recommended for healthy Littles.

She continued to read the ingredients. It was pretty standard, mostly natural ingredients with just a few things the average person couldn’t pronounce. She poured a glass of milk, the kind treated for Amazons this time, as the stuff for Littles contained copious amounts of non-stimulant laxatives to promote bowel health and prevent constipation. She would move Carley to that after she started to develop bowel incontinence.

Lazily, she reached for the Sleep P’s solution, eyed a teaspoon full, and stirred it into the milk. She thought the milk looked awfully bland, so she checked the cupboard and found some raspberry syrup. There was a tiny laxative additive in it even though it was for Amazons, but it was an insignificant amount and wouldn’t have any serious effect on Carley’s bowel habits. She again eyed a teaspoon full and stirred it until it turned a satisfying pink.

She then moved to the oatmeal. She prepared it according to the instructions and then pulled out a canister labeled Little Fiber: promotes Little’s bowel health. This was an odd synthetic dietary fiber that could help promote incontinence in high enough doses. It worked by swelling up and filling parts of the colon and then pushing itself out along with feces. In moderate doses, it acted like regular dietary fiber, only a lot more effective, but too much could cause the interesting and embarrassing effect of the ingester’s feces being pushed out involuntarily. Daycares spiked Littles’ meals with doses of Little Fiber far beyond the recommended amount so that they would start to develop severe bowel incontinence and be less likely to try to escape. Prisons also gave it to inmates to make diaper punishments more humiliating and to help flush out swallowed contraband.

A liberal amount went into the finished oatmeal. She then stirred it until it swelled to twice its original size. She resisted the urge to taste it and instead smelled it. It smelled of sweet apples and cinnamon, and it wasn’t distinguishable from a bowl of oatmeal without a ridiculous amount of synthetic dietary fiber in it.

Once she finished making the snack, she admired her work. The milk in the glass looked off for some reason. There was nothing wrong with it, but the presentation didn’t look like it was being served to a captive Little. She rummaged through the cabinet and found a baby bottle and carefully poured the milk inside. She then set it back on the table.

“Carley! Your bedtime snacky-poo is ready!” Crystal called.

Carley appeared wearing another cutesy baby outfit with snaps on the crotch. She tiptoed to the table and got help into the booster seat. She frowned at the baby bottle but then quietly took a spoon and began to eat the oatmeal. “Mmm,” she said. The oatmeal was surprisingly flavorful. The last oatmeal she remembered having was bland mush. Once the bowl was empty, she tried to leave the table without drinking the milk.

“Baby, you forgot your milkies. Drink your ba-ba for Mommy,” Crystal said. The Little sighed at the indignity of having to drink from a bottle, but what did she expect? She climbed back into the booster seat and put the nipple to her lips. “Be careful, baby, do you want me to hold it for you?” Crystal offered.

“No, I got it,” Carley said as she put the bottle to her lips and began to suck.

“Such a big girl,” Crystal cooed.

Carley finished the milk with a tiny burp. “Okay baby, time for beddy bye,” Crystal said. She led her back upstairs to a room decorated for a small child. There was a toddler bed in the corner topped with friendly cartoon blankets and sheets on it. Carley climbed into the bed and covered herself with the blanket. “Good night, baby Carley,” Crystal said before turning out the light.

Crystal went to her room and sighed deeply. She was going to have more laundry to do in the morning and a spanking to give. It had been a long time since she put herself to the task of regressing Littles. She was a reformed Little etiquette school psychologist who left the business years ago for more ethical pursuits with LRS. Her expertise in various regression techniques saved countless Little lives.

Now, she was doing something she thought she’d never do again. She hoped her friend appreciated her for providing her with this valuable experience. Hopefully, Carley’d be a better person once she understood what captive Littles really go through. In the past, she’d been really judgemental and abrasive toward them.

Part of her wondered if she was being too nice. She didn’t want to scare Carley or make her think she wasn’t her friend, but so far the experience had been relatively tame, like they were just playing some kind of game with each other. It was only the first day, though. She had time to correct the course if she was being too nice and Carley wasn’t learning her lessons.

Tomorrow was going to be interesting. She’d planned to enroll Carley in a daycare program; it was run by a friend who was also in on the operation, but Little Carley wouldn’t get to know those details. Mildred was an old friend and an expert on unpotty training and diaper dependency conditioning. Hopefully, the daycare could do the hard parts, the real humiliation and degradation, and she wouldn’t look like the mean one. Carley had been compliant up to this point, but she had no idea if that would continue. Maybe if someone else did the heavy lifting, she could work on drying tears and planting gentle suggestions.

She let out a sigh. Maybe she’d gone soft? She certainly wasn’t concerned about hurting feelings before she reformed. The difference between those Littles and Carley, though, is that Carley was expected to come back from this experience in one piece. Breaking someone and leaving them that way was much easier than breaking someone and then trying to rebuild them.

Before joining LRS, she reduced Littles to nothing more than obedient little sentient dolls for a living. She was good at her job, too. She could get into the Littles’ world, pretend to be a close friend, and then bit by bit tear it all down until they were all crying, drooling, shitting, messes, who needed mommy and daddy just to feel like people.

She wasn’t exactly proud enough of all of that to put it on her resume. A lot of people still didn’t know the secrets of her sordid past, but she’d tried to move past all of that. She lay her head on her pillow. Maybe just maybe she was starting to make up for her past and not falling back into old patterns. Only time would tell.


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