A little bit like summer camp, kind of. (Nikki and Sarah 10)

Well, they’ve been teasing it for the last two stories, so I guess it’s time they finally get to go. And as always, the parts will be posted in the Donors’ Lounge first and here later.

A little bit like summer camp, kind of.

Nikki and Sarah leaned on the railing of the mezzanine overlooking the crowded lobby. Sarah rested her head on Nikki’s shoulder. “I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” she said. “What if we see someone we know?”

Nikki grinned. “Then we either make a new friend with some common interests, or we do like evangelicals at strip clubs: Pretend we don’t recognise each other.”

The last option made Sarah laugh. “Talk about mutually assured destruction,” she said and nudged Nikki’s arm.

For a little while they looked down at the people lined up to get their convention passes. “I have to admit that this isn’t what I was expecting,” Sarah finally said and nodded towards a couple that looked like they were in their 70s.

“Oh? What were you expecting? Public spankings in the lobby and people dressed in gimp suits?”

“I don’t know. Not this…” Sarah gestured at the crowd below them. “It just seems so… normal. It looks like a literature convention.” Just then, a man and a woman walked through the door and joined the line. He was wearing nothing but motorcycle boots and tight leather pants, while she wore a severe-looking, charcoal business suit. She also carried a riding crop which she tapped impatiently against her leg while they waited.

“OK, maybe not them,” Sarah admitted.

“Be nice. Not everybody wants to hide their kink like you do.” Nikki reached over and adjusted the velvet choker around Sarah’s neck. “Besides, I could have had you wearing something that showed off that bulge of yours.”

Sarah instantly turned bright pink at the mention of her diapers. She had long since become used to wearing them in public, but she still found the mere mention of them incredibly embarrassing, something Nikki knew to exploit to its fullest potential.

“Anyway,” Nikki continued, “the whole thing doesn’t really start until tomorrow. Some of them’ll probably be a little more dressed up then.” She returned her attention to the crowd below.

“Are you looking for someone?” Sarah asked. “You look like you’re looking for someone.”

For once, Nikki blushed. “Oh, you know. Just looking for familiar faces. It’s been five years since I was here last, but there are still some few familiar faces.”

“Like the short, bald guy with the long goatee you talked to?”

“Sonic? Yeah, we’ve met before.”


Nikki chuckled. “He likes to be tied up and stuck with needles. Let’s just say that five years ago, there was some blue body paint and a pair of red sneakers involved.”

Sarah stared at Nikki with her mouth hanging open. “You’re not saying that he…”

“Uh-huh.” Nikki grinned.

“And you stuck enough needles in him to make him look like a…”

“Oh no, not me. I just heard about it afterwards.”

“And he doesn’t mind being called Sonic?”

Nikki laughed. “Are you kidding? He’s proud of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he puts it on his name tag.”


“Speaking of the name tags,” Nikki said, “there’s a couple of things you should remember. If they have red strings-”

“Lanyards,” Sarah corrected.

“Oh let your mistress speak or you’ll be wearing a gag the rest of the day.”

“Promises, promises.” Sarah grinned.

Nikki scowled at Sarah. “You’re going to have to learn to behave, otherwise this is going to be a very embarrassing weekend for you.” Nikki paused and took a breath. “Like I said: If somebody has their pass on a red lanyard, they’re staff. And if somebody has yellow tape across their pass, like you do, it means they don’t want their picture taken.”

Sarah nodded. “Good rule,” she concluded.

“Yeah. Other than that, the rules are generally to be respectful and always get consent.” Nikki smiled. “In other words: Look, but don’t touch; at least not without asking permission first. So no groping all the cute girls in their tight, shiny outfits.” Nikki nudged Sarah’s arm and wiggled her eyebrows. Sarah suddenly became very preoccupied with the crowd below.

“Don’t be mad. I’m only teasing you.” Nikki nudged Sarah again and saw her smile. “But there will be a lot of cute girls in naughty outfits. And we are going to blend in.”

“Are you saying…” There was a definitive note of anticipation in Sarah’s voice.

“Oh, and I said ‘we’, not ‘I’. You’re getting dressed up too.” Nikki watched Sarah out of the corner of her eye. “Relax, It’s not like it’s those outlandish outfits in your stories. I’m not going to parade you around wearing nothing but half a dozen belts.”

Sarah breathed an almost visible sigh of relief. Her literary alter ego, Sophie, was a lot more willing to be seen in public wearing fetishy outfits than she was. If Sophie had been here, she’d be on a leash and wearing a bright red leather bikini already. And Natalie would be wearing something tight and black and shiny. Not pants though. Maybe a dress. Oh, and long gloves, all the way up to her elbows.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

“Huh?” Sarah shook her head to clear her mental etch-a-sketch

“You just had that faraway look on your face.” Nikki reached over and ran a finger along Sarah’s chin. “Plus, you looked like you were seconds away from drooling.”

“Oh, I was just thinking.”

“Well, I could see that.” A grin blossomed on Nikki’s face. “You were planning a new story, weren’t you?”

Sarah shrugged. “More like playing with a few ideas, but yeah.”

“Oh re-he-he-heally,” Nikki said in a pretty good imitation of Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura. “So what am I wearing in this draft?”

“It’s not you…”

“OK, OK. What’s Natalie wearing in your story?”

“Black dress,” Sarah said, hoping it would be enough for Nikki.

“Knowing you, I’m guessing it’s tight and shiny. But what about you, I mean Sophie? What’s she wearing?” Nikki gave Sarah the look that told her that there was no point in trying to distract her. She wanted an answer.

“Askimpyredleatherbikini,” Sarah mumbled quickly.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“A skimpy, red leather bikini.”

“That sounds yummy.” Nikki made a show of licking her lips. “Too bad we don’t have one of those for real.”

“Or a rubber dress,” Sarah muttered absent-mindedly.

“Yes, that too.” Nikki nodded.

Sarah clapped her hands over her mouth when she realised she had said the quiet part out loud. Nikki just put an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“I know it’s only been an hour since they started handing out the passes and that the actual convention doesn’t start until tomorrow, but what do you think so far?”

Sarah smiled wryly. “You know how we sometimes people-watch at the mall, and make up stories about the people?”


“It’s a lot more fun when you know that they like to dress up in freaky clothes.”

“Freaky clothes? That’s bold words coming from a woman wearing a diaper and a velvet stand-in for her actual collar. Pot, meet kettle.”

Sarah smiled sheepishly. “Yeah…”

“Also, you might not want to use the f-word too much. It’s kind of what we come here to get away from. We hear it enough the rest of the time, you know. Besides, I’m sure some of them would think you standing here with a wet diaper was kind of freaky too. So try not to judge people, OK?”

“I’m not wet,” Sarah protested.

“You will be before we leave,” Nikki countered.

“What? You want me to…” Sarah unconsciously reached down. She caught herself and camouflaged the gesture by pretending to adjust her belt.

“Oh come on, it’s not like it’d be the first time you wet yourself in public. We’ve been doing that for years. The only place you haven’t worn your diapers is at work.”

Sarah became very busy studying the people below again.

“You know that that’s a dead giveaway,” Nikki said. “Whenever there’s something you don’t want to say, you always get really busy with something else. It doesn’t work for five-year-olds, and it certainly doesn’t work for you.” Nikki grabbed Sarah’s chin and gently, but firmly, turned her head to face her. “What aren’t you telling me, my little pet?”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Do you remember last year when I was on that hibiscus tea kick?”

“Do I ever. You drank so much of that stuff, I was surprised you didn’t pee pink.”

“Yeah well, turns out hibiscus is a diuretic.”

“Oh no. You didn’t…” Nikki gasped softly. “At work?”

Sarah shook her head. “No, but it was close. So I wore my thinnest ones for a couple of days until I was back to normal. Just in case I couldn’t get to a bathroom in time.”

“Aww, you were being the tinkle-teacher,” Nikki joked, letting go of Sarah’s chin to stroke her cheek.

“It’s not funny.”

“Come on. It’s a little funny.” Nikki sidled closer and gave Sarah a kiss.

“No it’s not. I was terrified somebody would notice.”

“And did they?” Nikki raised an eyebrow.


“Exactly. Because nobody can tell you’re wearing diapers.” Nikki gave Sarah’s butt a quick pat.

Sarah just smiled and looked back down on the crowd. The line had moved since last she paid attention. The man picking up his pass looked like a banker. Sarah found it a little jarring to see him in the same line as a woman in a purple jacket so sparkly it made her eyes water.

As Sarah stood there, leaning against Nikki, she remembered something she had seen on the convention schedule. “Nikki?”

“Now now, my little pet. We agreed that as long as the convention is going on, you would use the proper titles.”

“But it doesn’t start until tomorrow,” Sarah argued.

“People are picking up their passes. That’s close enough.”

Sarah sighed. “Fine. Ma’am?”

“Yes dear,” Nikki answered saccharinely.

“Are we going to any of the workshops or lectures?” Sarah pulled up the convention schedule on her phone.

Nikki squinted at the small screen. “Well, I’m definitely going to the one at noon on Friday.”

“What?!? The one about electro-play. No thanks. That’s a hard Mongolia.”

“No silly. The other one.” Nikki pointed to the screen. “The one about safe bondage techniques. And you’re not allowed to come to it. Whatever I learn there is going to be a surprise for you.”

“Oooooo Mistress,” Sarah cooed, “you give the best surprises.”

“Thank you my pet.” Nikki gave Sarah a quick peck on her cheek. “How about you then? Any of the workshops tickle your fancy?”

“I don’t know. Maybe the one on the psychology of paraphilia.”

“Of course you’d pick a psychology lecture. How about the one about writing porn?”

“What?” Sarah looked back down on the phone. “When is that?”

“Tomorrow at one o’clock.” Nikki pointed at the screen.

“You mean ‘Sigh, scream or whimper? When to use what.’? How do you know that’s about writing?”

“Maybe we could say that I recognise the name of one of the lecturers?”

“Oh reeeeeally? Read a lot of porn, do we?”

“Not exactly.” Nikki said, sounding more awkward than Sarah had ever seen her before.

“OK, now you really have to tell me.” Sarah wiggled her eyebrows suggestibly, then wrinkled her nose and made a cute little growl.

Nikki sighed. “You’re not going to stop nagging me about this until I tell you, are you?”

“Nope.” Sarah was enjoying Nikki’s discomfort immensely and had to struggle not to grin.

“OK, let’s sit down.” Nikki walked over to a couple of chairs halfway hidden behind some fake-looking plants and sat down. Sarah followed her and sat down in the chair next to Nikki.

“So how do you recognise the name of one of the porn writers. Which one is it? Ben Dover, Paige Turner, Eleanor Digby or…” Sarah looked at the list and rolled her eyes, “Ivana Fokker? Oh please tell me it’s not Ivana Fokker. That name’s an affront to puns; even the bad ones.”

“It’s not her. It’s Eleanor.”

“Oooo-kay? So how do you know her?”

Nikki took Sarah’s hand. “Sweetie? You know I love you, right? And just you.”

Sarah could feel a horrible knot forming in her stomach. That was never a good way to start a conversation. “I’m getting a little worried here,” she said uncertainly.

Nikki took a deep breath. “I met her when I was here five years ago. And we hit it off.”

“She’s your ex?”

Nikki cringed. “It’s a little more complicated than that.” Nikki closed her eyes. “You know how I like to be the boss with you?”

“Yes, oh great and powerful mistress.” Sarah’s voice was dripping with sarcasm. Nikki ignored it and held on to Sarah’s hand. “Oh wait, are you telling me she was your sub before me? I’m her replacement?” Sarah’s sarcasm gave way to anger.

“Not exactly.” Nikki hesitated. “I’m not always the bossy one,” she finally said.

“Oh my god, are you saying that you were her little pet?!?” The knot in Sarah’s stomach loosened, but didn’t go away entirely. She wasn’t exactly sure how she felt. She felt angry. Angry with Nikki for having kept this from her. But at the same time she felt relieved. She wasn’t Nikki’s backup solution. If she was being honest with herself, Sarah had to admit that she even felt a stab of jealousy. She knew it was stupid and that it happened five years ago, before they were together, but she still didn’t like the thought of sharing Nikki with someone else. In addition to this turmoil of emotions, she also felt that she had to pee. At least I can do something about that.

Sarah closed her eyes and took a breath, then exhaled. The familiar warmth spread out between her legs and Sarah had to resist the urge to reach down to adjust the slowly swelling diaper.

“You’re mad, aren’t you.” Nikki was still holding Sarah’s hand. “I’m sorry. I really didn’t know she’d be here.”

“How long were you two together?”

“After the one weekend here? We had a bit of a on-again-off-again, long-distance thing going for a couple of months after that. It had been over for more than half a year when we got back together.” Nikki lifted Sarah’s hand to her mouth and kissed her knuckles. “And I don’t have any regrets about that.”

Nice try, but you’re not getting off the hook that easily. Sarah snatched her hand back. “Any other exes here that I should know about?” she asked petulantly.

Nikki looked like she had been kicked in the stomach, instantly making Sarah regret what she had said. She shook her head. “No. Everyone else I’ve ever dated were vanillas.”

“Talking about other exes… not really helping,” Sarah pointed out.

“You’re right. I’m sorry.” Nikki pouted and lowered her head while looking up at Sarah. “Can you forgive me?”

Jackpot! Sarah made a show of pretending to think about it, rubbing her chin and furrowing her brow. Then she pulled out her phone and pretended to read from it in a nasal, high-pitched voice reminiscent of the coneheads. “Vee at ze H.G.F. haff a list of temands…”


“Happy Girlfriend Front. Now don’t interrupt.” Sarah cleared her throat. “Wan: Vee temand you vear tight ant zexy clothes all veekend. Prefferably somesing black. But vee are willing to renegotiate kolours.” Sarah looked up to see Nikki’s reaction. “Two: Vee allso temand a minimum of sirty minits of znuggles efery mornink. Zis is non-negotiable. More temands vill follow.”

Nikki gave Sarah her are-you-fucking-kidding expression. Sarah looked back with her are-you-actually-claiming-your-dog-ate-your-homework stare. For several seconds they both sat motionless, just staring at each other. Then Nikki began to snicker, then giggle and that was that. “Fine,” she said inbetween the giggles, “you win.”

“Good. You may kiss ze negotiator,” Sarah said. “Ant zen you should change her since she is verry vet.”

“Oh are you now? I’d let you sit on my lap, but you’re a little too big of that; and these chairs won’t let you lie down either.”

“Stupid chairs,” Sarah said and pouted.

“You know, we could go up to our room. Get a bit of a head start on that daily snuggle.”

Nikki rose and held out her hand to Sarah to help her up. When she got up, Sarah felt the weight of her diapers shift, making the crotch of her pants feel a lot fuller than it had been when she sat down. Nikki took Sarah’s other hand as well, and walked backwards towards the elevator, pulling the waddling Sarah along.

While they waited for the elevator to arrive, Nikki slipped an arm around Sarah’s waist and pulled her closer. “H.G.F.?” she asked.

“You try coming up with a good abbreviation on the fly.”

“Like ‘Soggy, Horny, Awesome Girlfriend’? Or ‘Diapered and Really Immoral Partner’?”



The elevator doors slid open to reveal a man and a woman and four large suitcases. Nikki and Sarah slid in between the wall and the largest suitcase.

“Fifteenth floor please,” Nikki said to the woman who was standing by the buttons. She helpfully pressed the button.

As the doors closed, Sarah felt one of Nikki’s hands on her butt. She jumped as it slid down to give her wet diaper a squeeze. Sarah was almost surprised there wasn’t an audible squelch. She gave Nikki a dirty look, but Nikki pretended as if nothing was going on, and then gave it another squeeze.

The elevator slowed to a halt on the tenth floor and the couple maneuvered the suitcases out. Nikki and Sarah both retreated to a corner to avoid having their toes run over. Once the doors closed again, Nikki broke into a fit of giggles.

“Stop it. It wasn’t funny.” Sarah said sulkily.

“Oh come on. That expression on your face was priceless.” Nikki leaned in and kissed Sarah’s cheek. “Besides, there’s no way they could have seen. The suitcase was in the way.”

“Nikki, we’re in an elevator with mirrors on three of the four walls.”

“Oopsie.” Nikki grimaced. “Well, there’s no way they could see your diaper, so they probably just think we’re a couple of horny lesbians. Can’t you just imagine how that porn continued in their heads?”

Before Sarah had a chance to answer, the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Nikki took her hands again and pulled her along out of the elevator and down the corridor, walking backwards the whole way.

“You know that this means additional demands from H.F.G., right?” Sarah said as she waddled after Nikki.

“Wasn’t that H.G.F.?”


“I think I can convince their negotiator to take it easy.” Nikki fished the key card out of her back pocket and swiped it. The door unlocked with a barely audible whirr and a click.

“Oh really now. We’ll see about that.” Sarah opened the door and walked in ahead of Nikki.

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Twenty minutes later, Sarah emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile. “All clean,” she announced to Nikki who sat on the bed and fiddled with her phone.

Nikki put away the phone and patted the big towel she had spread out on the bed. “I guess we should get you properly dressed for lunch then.” Nikki pulled a fresh diaper out of the yellow gym bag where they kept Sarah’s diaper supplies.

“Aww, do I have to? I wanted to wear the green summer dress.”

“Nothing’s stopping you from that,” Nikki said as she unfolded the diaper.

“But it’s short. One big gust of wind and everybody will see.”

“When was the last time you ended up flashing your underwear to anybody because the wind blew your dress up?” Nikki asked with a single raised eyebrow.

Sarah sighed. “Never,” she admitted. “But it feels like they’re on display.”

“And that’s why we have these.” Nikki held up the granny panties they used as diaper covers.

Sarah sighed again. She knew when she had lost. “Fine,” she said glumly and sat down on the towel. “But it had better be one hell of a lunch.”

Nikki just smiled. She put a hand on Sarah’s shoulder and pushed. “Lie down sweetie.”

Despite the gentle words, there was a commanding undertone in Nikki’s voice that made Sarah feel all tingly; not unlike the descriptions of ASMR that she had read about. “Yes mistress,” she whispered and lay back.

Nikki lifted Sarah’s feet up onto the bed. When Sarah did as she was told, she picked up the diaper and quickly slid it in under Sarah’s butt. “And down again,” she said.

Sarah lowered her butt onto the diaper, marvelling at the almost tissue-like sensation of the diaper against her skin. I don’t care how many times I put on a fresh diaper, that feeling’s never going to grow old.

Nikki put a hand on Sarah’s knee. “A penny for your thoughts,” she said, slowly sliding her hand up the inside of Sarah’s thigh.

Sarah smiled back at Nikki between her raised knees. “Oh, I was just thinking about how much I love it when my favourite mommynatrix changes me.”

Favourite mommynatrix? You have more than one?” Sarah replied to Nikki’s question by sticking out her tongue.

Nikki lifted the yellow diaper bag up onto the bed. “Since you’ve been such a good girl, I’m going to give you a choice: Powder or cream?” Nikki held up the box of baby powder and the jar of diaper rash cream.

The choice made Sarah pause and think. Powder had easier cleanup and a more neutral odour. the cream, on the other hand, just felt sooo good.

“I don’t know Mistress,” Sarah said. “Are we going to walk far?”

“It’s a bit of a walk, but not too far.”

That made Sarah’s choice a lot easier. The deliciously slippery sensation of walking with a generous coating of ointment was something she had only recently discovered. And it was well worth the extra cleanup when she next needed changing.

“The cream please Mistress,” Sarah finally said.

“I had a feeling you’d say that.” Nikki smiled and put the box of baby powder back in the diaper bag. Then she unscrewed the lid of the ointment and dipped her fingers into it. Withdrawing three white-tipped fingers, Nikki leaned in closer and drew a smiley-face on Sarah’s mound.

“You know what,” Nikki said as she considered her artwork, “maybe we should grow out a little hair so we could have moustache. What do you think?”

Sarah giggled as Nikki drew a small handlebar moustache on the smiley. “That tickles,” she said.

Nikki looked at the face between Sarah’s legs for a moment. Then she scooped out more ointment and buried the smiley under a greasy, white layer.

Sarah bit her lip to stifle a moan as Nikki began to spread the ointment. When Nikki’s slick fingers slid between her butt cheeks, Sarah almost purred with pleasure, and tried to grind her hips against Nikki’s hand.

“Now now. None of that,” Nikki said and gave Sarah’s mound a little smack, leaving four finger marks on the slippery, white surface.

Sarah groaned. “I’m sorry Mistress. It just felt so good.”

“I know, but that’s no excuse for that kind of behaviour. If you can’t control yourself, we’re going to have to take drastic measures. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?” Nikki gave Sarah a stern look.

“I’m sorry Mistress.” Sarah pouted.

“So,” Nikki said, “do you promise to behave yourself?”

Sarah nodded. “Yes Mistress.”

“OK.” Nikki got up. “Now don’t move. I just have to wash my hands.”

Doing as she was told, Sarah just lay there while Nikki ducked into the bathroom. Not doing anything was usually not a problem for Sarah; unless Nikki got her all worked up first. Or she got an itch. And right on cue, there was a little tickle on her left knee. Sarah tried to ignore it, and for a little while that worked. Then she just glared at the knee, trying to make the itch go away by sheer force of will. But finally she had to capitulate. She brought the knee up and raised her hand to scratch it.

There are few things in life more satisfying than scratching an itch, and Sarah savoured every moment. She almost missed the sound, or cessation of sound, of Nikki turning off the water in the bathroom. And despite the strict order she had been given, it was still a struggle to lower her knee and put her arm down by her side again.

Nikki came out of the bathroom and fixed Sarah in place with a stare. “Show me your hands,” she said.

Sarah held up her hands.

“Both sides.”

She turned her hands around. What is she doing?

Nikki studied Sarah’s hands, taking the right hand in hers and gently rubbing the fingertips.

Well that’s new. “Um, Mistress? What are you doing?”

“Oh, I thought I heard you moving around, so I figured I’d check if you played with yourself. But your hands are clean. No ointment at all.” Nikki reached out to stroke her cheek. “Good girl,” she whispered.

Sarah looked away.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” Nikki’s hand stopped.

“I… I had an itch,” Sarah finally said. She felt like she was admitting to barbecuing kittens for fun.

“Oh did you now? And did you…” Nikki paused suggestively, “scratch that itch?”

“Yeah,” Sarah mumbled. “I’m sorry I moved Mistress. Can I please scratch my knee some more? It still itches.”

“Your knee?” Nikki paused, her confusion evident on her face. Then she realised what Sarah meant and smiled. “Which one? This?” Nikki put her hand on Sarah’s left knee and began scratching it.

“The inside please, Mistress.” Sarah closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure as Nikki’s short nails hit just the right spot.

“But other than your knee, you’ve been a good girl, right?”


Nikki’s silence made Sarah open her eyes again. She saw Nikki kneeling on the bed between her legs, just looking at her with a thoughtful expression.

“A penny for your thoughts,” Sarah said.

“Oh, I was just thinking about maybe trying out a new pet name for you this weekend. And right now…” Nikki gestured to Sarah’s ointment-coated crotch, “you kind of look like a frosted doughnut.”

“I don’t care what you do to me, you’re not calling me ‘Doughnut’. That’s just too stupid, even for a pet name.”

Nikki looked almost disappointed at Sarah’s comment. Then her face brightened. “In that case,” she declared, obviously trying to sound official, “your new pet name is ‘Honey Bun’.”

I guess it could have been worse. At least it’s not ‘Muffin’. Sarah looked back at Nikki. “I can live with that,” she said.

“Well that’s good, because it’s not like you have a choice in the matter. I’m the boss, remember?”

“How can I forget, Mistress?”

“That’s better. Now let’s get you dressed properly.” Nikki pulled the diaper up between Sarah’s legs and held it in place with one hand while taping the sides with the other. Sarah really had to admire the display of dexterity. The diaper fit perfectly.

The mattress shifted as Nikki stood. She extended a hand to Sarah and helped her sit up. Then she walked across the room to sit down in the room’s single easy chair by the window. Nikki patted the side of her thigh. “Come here Honey Bun,” she said.

Sarah stood.

“No.” Nikki shook her head. “Little girls crawl.”

Oh, she’s doing that again. Well, if she suggests a pacifier, I’ll tell her where she can put it. Sarah got down on her hands and knees and crawled across the floor to kneel next to Nikki and rest her arms and head on her lap.

“Such a good wittle girl,” Nikki said, slowly stroking Sarah’s hair.

Why does she keep calling me a little girl? I mean, I don’t mind being all helpless with Nikki… Oh who am I kidding; I love it when I’m completely at her mercy. But the whole baby talk thing is a little annoying.

Nikki scooted forward in the chair and patted the front of the chair between her spread legs. Sarah took the hint and crawled around Nikki’s leg until she was between her legs.

“Turn around sweetie.”

Sarah turned around until she had her back to Nikki and a knee under each arm. Nikki ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it back into a ponytail.

“I have to admit I never get tired of seeing you in your diapers,” Nikki said. She began braiding the ponytail. “And I loved the way you wiggled your butt when you crawled to me. Did it feel good?”


“But you know something’s missing, right?” Nikki finished the braid and slid her hands along her jaw and down her neck.

Sarah realised her neck was bare and that Nikki was talking about her collar. “Yes Mistress,” she said. “Will you please help me put it on?”

Nikki moved the braid out of the way put the collar around Sarah’s neck. The feeling of cool leather encircling her neck sent a shiver down her back. It was snug enough to constantly remind Sarah of its presence, but not enough to be uncomfortable. Sarah felt her butt cheeks clench involuntarily at the sound of the buckle; the metallic creak and snap that signalled Nikki’s dominance over her.

Despite having done it regularly for several years now, the feeling of surrendering to Nikki like this was both intoxicating and incredibly arousing. A small squeak escaped Sarah’s lips.

Nikki smiled down at her. She bent down and placed a chaste, almost maternal kiss on Sarah’s forehead.

“Isn’t that better?” Nikki asked.

“Mm-hmm.” Sarah leaned further back and rested her head against Nikki’s stomach.

“Good. Then you should probably get dressed. Unless you’re planning to go to lunch like that.”

Sarah slowly rose and picked up the granny panties. As she pulled them up, she thought of something and stopped. “Mistress? Where’s my choker? The dress won’t hide the collar.”

Nikki stroked her chin. “No,” she said after a few moments. “The collar stays. If you don’t want to wear the dress, then pick something else. But I want the collar visible.”

“But people will see it.”

“That’s the whole point.”

“But… But…”

“Good point,” Nikki said with a grin. “You should definitely wear something that shows off your butt.”

Sarah rolled her eyes at the pun. “You know what I mean.”

Nikki rose and wrapped an arm around Sarah’s waist, pulling her close. “Sweetie, we’re a three-day drive away from home, in a city neither of us have ever been in before-”

“You have.”

“Fine, a city you’ve never been in before; where nobody we know live. If somebody sees you wearing your collar, what are the odds that they’ll know who you are? Or ever even meet you again, for that matter?”

“But still…”

Nikki traced a line from Sarah’s forehead and down her nose with her free hand. “The only thing they’ll think is that they’re jealous of me for having such a gorgeous girlfriend.”

Sarah couldn’t help herself. “Aww.”

“Also, it looks fuckin’ hot on you.”

“Talk about killing the mood Nikki.”

“That’s ‘Mistress’ to you. And just be glad I’m not insisting in having you on a leash.” Nikki paused. “Today.”

Sarah sighed. “Yes Mistress.” She rolled her eyes at Nikki’s antics and started looking for something to wear that would work with her collar.

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Now that so many of us are cooped up at home I thought I’d be nice to all of you and let you all have the next part at the same time. (The next part of the story may be donors only. It depends on how naughty the girls get.)

The walk to the restaurant was a little longer than Sarah expected. Not that she was going to complain. With every step, lotion-slick butt cheeks slid against each other and Sarah had to struggle not to sway her hips excessively. Walking like she was on a fashion runway would look more than a little out of place in the middle of a crowded street.

Eventually they reached their destination: A small, basement restaurant below an Italian restaurant. There were a few tables outside, under the upstairs balcony, but Nikki ignored them and headed straight inside. The moment they stepped inside, Sarah understood why. The shade of the balcony had provided a welcome respite from the heat of the early afternoon sun, but that relative cool was nothing compared to the temperature inside. The air conditioning was running at full blast, making the small room almost chilly.

The first thing that struck Sarah, was the colours. The walls were covered with 60s pop art prints and psychedelic LP covers and what little of the walls that wasn’t covered by the multicoloured riot, was painted a shade or orange so vivid it would make your eyes water. The whole place looked like it had been frozen in time the last fifty years.

Nikki looked around, taking in the place. “Wow. This place hasn’t changed a bit,” she finally said. She sat down at one of the empty tables in the corner furthest from the door. Sarah sat down across from her.

“You’ve been here before?” Sarah said, not really asking.

“Yeah. I found this place by coincidence the last time I was here. I was planning to go to the Italian restaurant upstairs, and I thought this place was part of it.”

“Which it’s not.”

Nikki nodded. “Obviously. Anyway, I checked out their menu and decided to give it a shot.”

“And I guess the food was good?”

“Ooooooh yes.” Nikki smiled.

Just then, the waiter materialised and handed them the menus. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked.

“Just water for now,” Nikki said.

The waiter nodded and left, returning less than a minute later with two glasses and a pitcher with water and ice. To his credit he promptly left them alone to study the menus.

Sarah quickly skimmed the menu and saw that it was all comfort food: Massive sandwiches, rich soups and almost a dozen different kinds of shepherd’s pie.

“Not exactly what I’d eat on a hot summer day like today,” Sarah commented.

Nikki shrugged. “There’s a reason why the air conditioning is on full blast, I guess. But trust me, it’s worth it.”

“You sound like you’ve eaten here a lot.”

“A few times, yeah.”

“So what are we having?” Sarah leaned forward and added “Ma’am”.

Nikki looked up from the menu. “Are you sure?” she asked.

Sarah nodded.

“I want to hear you say it. What do you want?”

Sarah looked around. The restaurant was empty except from an old man at a table by the door and two waiters talking quietly by the small bar.

“I want you to take charge, Mistress,” Sarah whispered, her words almost drowned out by the music. She lowered her eyes demurely

Nikki didn’t say anything, but Sarah could almost hear her smile. She reached across the table and took Sarah’s hand in hers and gently rubbed the knuckles with her thumb. Sarah was just about to speak when the waiter appeared again.

“Have you decided, or would you like some more time?” he asked.

“I’ll have the jumbo corned beef sandwich, hold the pickles please,” Nikki said.

“OK, no pickles,” the waiter said and jotted it down on his little notepad.

“And my little honey bun here,” Sarah’s hand twitched at her new pet name, but Nikki’s hands didn’t let go. “She’ll have the sweet potato shepherd’s pie with pulled pork.”

“And to drink?”

“We’ll just stick with the water,” Nikki said.

The waiter nodded and disappeared again.

“You didn’t have to call me that,” Sarah hissed at Nikki.

“No I didn’t,” Nikki admitted calmly, “but I wanted to. And it’s not your place to protest. Besides, would you have preferred if I called you my little pet?”

“No,” Sarah said.

“No, what?” Nikki gave Sarah’s hand a little squeeze.

“No, Mistress.” The whisper was almost inaudible. Sarah’s cheeks were burning.

Nikki slid off one of her shoes and ran her foot up and down Sarah’s calf. “Relax Honey Bun. I’m not going to embarrass you over lunch. That’s for later.” Nikki straightened her leg, letting her foot wander up the inside of Sarah’s thigh. She gasped.

“Thank you Ma’am,” she managed to whisper while gulping down air.

“I bet you appreciate your… uh, choice of clothes now.”

Sarah only nodded.

The next half-hour, Nikki pretended they were just another couple having lunch. Sarah, on the other hand, was having a much harder time playing along because under the table, hidden by the table cloth, Nikki was using her foot to constantly distract and tease her. By the time Nikki asked for the bill, Sarah was flushed and sweaty despite the temperature. She was, however, not sure whether it was because of the food or Nikki’s foot poking and teasing her lap for the last half hour. But when Nikki finally withdrew her foot to put her shoe back on, Sarah almost felt like she missed it.

Nikki rose and held out a hand to Sarah. When she got up from the table, Nikki leaned in close and whispered: “So, are you a sticky little honey bun now?”

Sarah blushed furiously. “Nikki!” she hissed.

Nikki laughed and kissed her cheek. “That’s Mistress,” she whispered, “but I’ll forgive you since you’re so absolutely adorable when you’re blushing.” She took Sarah’s hand and led her out into the sweltering afternoon.

They both stood for a few moments, squinting against the glare while they fumbled to find their sunglasses. Once they could see clearly, Nikki gave Sarah a little nudge with her shoulder. “So, are you ready to go shopping?”

“Shopping? Now?”

Nikki nodded. “Mm-hmm. I wanna pick up some stuff today so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow.”

“What kind of ‘stuff’?” Sarah knew enough to be suspicious when Nikki became vague.

“Weeellllll,” Nikki started as she began walking up the street. “Do you remember the very first time we went to buy… supplies for you?”

“At The Bandage Barn?”

"Yeah. Do you remember what you thought the place was called?

“No. But I bet it was something stupid.”

“You misread the GPS and thought it said The Bondage Barn.” Nikki chuckled.

“Yeah, that sounds about right. But what has that got to do with anything?”

“Well… It’s not exactly a barn…”

“Oh,” Sarah finally connected the puzzle pieces and saw the whole picture.

“‘Oh’ indeed,” Nikki said. “Now come along. There’s a bus stop just up the street.”

As they started walking, Nikki looked at Sarah. “Already?” she asked.

“Already what?” Sarah replied, not sure what Nikki meant. “Um, Mistress,” she added quietly.

“That little waddle of yours.” Nikki made an almost imperceptible nod towards Sarah’s hips. “Do you need to be changed already?” she whispered.

“What? Oh. No, this is all your handiwork, Mistress,” Sarah whispered back. “Or rather footwork.”

“Aww, that’s my little honey pun.”

Sarah rolled her eyes as Nikki put an arm around her waist and pulled her closer as they walked.

After short wait at the bus stop and a bus ride that felt like more like a sauna than public transportation, Nikki and Sarah found themselves in a neighbourhood that looked quite different from where they had eaten lunch. Instead of three- or four-storey-houses that looked like there could still be apartments above the shops and restaurants, this neighbourhood was all square, two-storey blocks of brick or concrete. The street almost looked like it had a continuous strip mall running down either side of the street.

They walked past a pharmacy, a book store and a place selling either second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-hand furniture or some kind of modern art; Sarah wasn’t entirely sure.

“Nearly there now. But before we go in…” Nikki stopped outside a health food store. She began rooting through her bag until she found what she was looking for: A four-foot length of black paracord with a small carabiner at one end.

“Are you planning what I think you’re planning?” Sarah asked, nervously eyeing what Nikki liked to call her ‘undercover leash’.

“Think of it as a warm-up for tomorrow.” Nikki looked at her. “What do you say?”

Mongolia! Mongolia! Just say it: Mong-fucking-golia! Sarah hesitated. “I don’t know,” she finally said. Nikki didn’t say anything, letting Sarah make this decision entirely on her own.

Come on, you wuss. It’s not like they know you or will ever see you again. At least not the people in the store. And besides, it’ll be like she said: A warm-up for tomorrow. Sarah felt like she was in a cartoon with an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other; a very nervous, uptight angel and a horny, leather-clad demon. And the demon was making a very compelling case. Also, you know you want to. You didn’t even think about stopping her in the restaurant.

“OK,” Sarah finally said. “On one condition. We do it discreetly. No pulling the leash out here.”

“But inside the store is OK?”

Sarah shrugged a little, knocking the little angel on her arse so the demon could have her way with her. “Just don’t overdo it. And no mentioning the… you know, padding.”

“Of course not Honey Bun,” Nikki said and winked. She took Sarah’s hand and walked the final steps.

Sarah had not expected the naughty lingerie on display in the windows. Nor the big sign above the door saying ‘Sinsation’ in bold, red letters on a black background. She had expected the store to be hidden away in some seedy back-alley.

“You ready?” Nikki stepped in front of Sarah, blocking her view of the store.

“Yes Mistress,” Sarah whispered and closed her eyes. There was a slight tug downwards on her collar and a metallic click from the carabiner that made Sarah shiver ever so slightly. She imagined a little bolt of blue lightning going from the D-ring at the front of the collar, around to the buckle in the back and down her spine and into her diaper. There it bounced around a little, making Sarah very glad she had more protection than just a thin layer of cloth. When Sarah opened her eyes again, Nikki had her back to her and the leash over her shoulder. She pushed open the door and walked through, pulling Sarah along.

Sinsation was very narrow store with shelves and racks everywhere from floor to ceiling. It wasn’t the first time Sarah had been in a sex shop, but this one was entirely different from the ones she had been in before. The store was like a layer cake of kink. Up front they had the same cheap, and not so cheap, vibrators and naughty nurse costumes that Sarah had seen before, but as Nikki pulled her further in, things changed.

The next layer was the ‘50 shades of grey’-layer with its faux-kink; fuzzy handcuffs, blindfolds and feathers for bored housewives and bachelorette parties looking to be edgy. This was what Nikki had once called the IKEA of kink.

But in the back was what Nikki referred to as 'the good stuff". The musky scent of leather mixed with the almost chemical, plastic smell of vinyl and the distinctive smell of latex to create an aroma that made Sarah glad she was still wearing her diaper. Of course, her reaction could also be because of all the different outfits hanging on the racks.

Sarah ran her fingers over the almost creamy material of an extravagantly big, leather ball gown. She couldn’t help but imagine how absolutely majestic Nikki would look in it. She would be sitting in a comfy chair with Sarah kneeling subserviently next to her, slowly stroking her hair as if she was a favourite pet. Seeing the price tag, however, quickly brought Sarah back to Earth. That is, until she saw the outfit next to it. And the one next to that. She traced the laces on a PVC corset with her nails, ran the links of a chromed chain leash between her fingers and felt the almost sticky surface of an unpolished latex t-shirt under her fingertips. For some reason the staff left her alone. They probably saw my collar and leash and figured that Nikki’s the one making the decisions. Sarah glanced over at Nikki who was in the middle of a hushed conversation with a sales lady. She gave her a smile and a little wave, but stopped when she realised it made her look like a four-year-old who suddenly found herself in a candy store.

Sarah was in the middle of another daydream, this one involving a purple spandex catsuit, a very intricate leather harness and a shark cage in a small inflatable pool, when Nikki interrupted her train of thought.

“Well, I found everything I was looking for. And I even found an extra little something for you.” Nikki grinned. Sarah knew that grin. Something deliciously embarrassing was about to happen.

Nikki took Sarah’s leash and gave it a tug, leading her even further towards the back of the store. She opened a plain door and gestured to Sarah to step through it into the darkness. As she stepped inside, the lights flickered on, revealing a small room with mirrors on two of the walls and a couple of benches.

“They have a fitting room?” Sarah asked incredulously.

Nikki closed the door. “Why wouldn’t they? It’s not all leather thongs, assless chaps and ball gags. I saw you checking out the outfits they had.”

“Yeah. Some of them were pretty awesome, weren’t they.”

Nikki nodded. “Mm-hmm. Now drop your pants.”

“What?!? Here?”

“Yes, here.”

“But what if somebody comes in…”

Nikki didn’t say anything. She just grabbed the end of the leash and held it, reminding Sarah of it.

Sarah sighed. “Fine,” she said.

“Ah-ah-ah. What kind of an answer is that? Do I need to put you over my knee and give you a spanking?”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Wanna test that hypothesis?” Nikki raised an eyebrow and tilted her head slightly to the side.

“No, Mistress.” Sarah lowered her eyes. She began unbuttoning her jeans.

“Such a good, obedient, little pet, aren’t you Honey Bun?” Nikki stepped closer to stroke Sarah’s cheek.

Sarah wriggled her jeans past her hips and down her legs, letting them fall to the floor around her ankles.

“Granny panties too. All the way off.”

Sarah shuffled over to one of the benches and sat down, working her jeans over her shoes. Then she stood to pull the big panties down and step out of them.

“Aww, don’t you look cute standing there in just your diaper and t-shirt.”

“Shh! Don’t say that. They could hear you outside.”

“Pfft. Even if they did, they wouldn’t come in. Besides, this probably wouldn’t even be the strangest thing they’d seen today if they did open the door.” Nikki stepped back.

“Come on baby, strike a pose. Let’s see you model that outfit,” Nikki said with a laugh.

Oh, you’re doing silly now. Well, I can do silly. Sarah did her best impression of an overpriced, underfed stick figure, pushing out her chest and putting a hand on her hips.

“Lovely dahling, lovely. Now show me silly, very silly.” Nikki was doing her impression of Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Sarah put her fingers in her ears and stuck out her tongue.

“Beeotiful!” Nikki’s impression switched from Edna Mode to Donald Sutherland’s tank driver from Kelly’s Heroes. “And needy. I want to see needy.” Sarah pouted and held out her hands at Nikki.

“Perfect!” Nikki exclaimed. “Hold that pose. And close your eyes while I find something for my needy, little honey bun.”

Sarah closed her eyes.

“No peeking”

“No, Mistress.” Sarah rolled her eyes under her closed lids. She could hear the sound of Nikki’s bag rustling for quite a while. That’d be just like her to put the thing she needs first on the bottom.

Something cold, smooth and heavy landed in Sarah’s hands. She was so surprised she almost dropped it. When she opened her eyes she saw a bundle of shiny, yellowish rubber as well as Nikki’s grin.

“What is it?” Sarah fumbled with the bundle, trying to find the waistband.

“Forget about the granny panties. Those are proper rubber pants.”

Sarah shook the rubber bundle to reveal a pair of panties just as big as the panties she had taken off just a minute earlier. “They look… roomy,” she said.

“Well…” Nikki came closer again. “I wanted you to have room for your big diapers,” she said. “And before you worry about them knowing about your diapers, remember that some people like roomy panties for other reasons.”

“Oh really. Like what?” Sarah asked. Her sarcasm almost palpable.

“They can hide inserts. You know, butt pads.”

“Butt pads? Why?”

“I. like. Big. butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face…”

Sarah just stared incredulously. “You’re an idiot,” she finally said.

“Maybe, but you’ll still address me with the proper respect,” Nikki said sternly.

“You’re an idiot, Mistress.”

“Better. Now put them on.”

Sarah stepped into the panties and pulled them up. The didn’t feel like the other rubber clothes she had looked at in the store. Instead of feeling almost sticky, like a rubber band, the panties felt smooth and almost silky.

“They don’t feel like the other clothes out there,” Sarah pointed out.

“Yeah, they treat the latex with some chemical. You don’t need lube or baby powder to put it on, but on the other hand, it doesn’t get quite as nice and shiny. But you’re wearing these under your clothes, so that doesn’t really matter.” Nikki shrugged.

“Unless…” Sarah said as she ran her hands over the smooth latex.

“Unless what?”

“Unless I decide to parade around in them at home. Then they won’t be under my clothes.”

“True enough. But get your pants on. We don’t want to monopolise the room.”

“Mmm-yes Mistress.” Sarah said, still distractedly stroking herself through the latex.

“Honey Bun? Now.”

Sarah sat down and worked her feet through the pants legs before pulling them up. She found that the new panties had a higher waist than the pants, so she tucked her t-shirt in to hide them.

While Sarah got dressed, Nikki put the granny panties in her bag. Then she took Sarah’s leash and gave it a light tug. “Come along now.”

When they came out of the fitting room, the lady Nikki had spoken with earlier came over to them.

“Everything OK?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” Nikki answered. “They were a perfect fit. Weren’t they, my little honey bun?”

Sarah suddenly realised Nikki was talking to her. “Umm, uh-huh,” she said, not quite knowing where to look. She felt like a kid suddenly being asked something by the adults.

“Now look who’s shy all of a sudden.” Nikki smiled and reached behind Sarah to pat her butt.

“Nikki, can we go?” Sarah whispered. She just wanted to get out before Nikki embarrassed her further.

“Ah-ah-ah. What did you call me?” Nikki gave Sarah’s leash a little yank. She stepped in close and whispered: “This leash is not coming off until you need a change. So if you want to take the bus like this…”

“Mistress, please.”

Nikki just looked back at Sarah. She had clearly made up her mind and was not going to budge.

“Aww. They’re just so cute when they have to do stuff they don’t want to,” the sales lady said. “My boyfriend has that same expression.” Nikki laughed. “Are you sure you don’t want a paddle for when you need to spank her? I’m sure we can give you a good deal on a nice one.”

“Thanks for the offer, but we’re good. I have other ways of disciplining her when she misbehaves.”

“I bet.” The lady grinned knowingly.

The grin made Sarah feel a little uneasy. “Mistress?” she said pleadingly.

“Yes yes yes.” Nikki sighed. “Well, It was nice talking to you, but I think I have to take my sticky little honey bun home now.”

Sarah felt her cheeks burning as Nikki gave her leash a little tug and began walking towards the exit. When they reached the door, Nikki stopped and turned to Sarah. “Well? Do we keep the leash on?” she asked.

She knows I can’t just pee on command, no matter how much I might want to. I don’t want to walk around out there on a leash, but the only thing down there is lotion and… Heeeeey.

“Welllll,” Sarah said, trying to sound awkward. "I do need my Mistress to change me.

“Really?” Nikki sounded like she didn’t buy it.

“Hmm-mm.” Sarah nodded energetically.

“I’m not going to check you right here, but you know you’ll regret it if you’re lying. Good little girls don’t lie.”

“I’m a good girl,” Sarah pointed out.

“I guess we’ll see, won’t we.” Nikki detached the leash from Sarah’s collar, and deftly tied it around her right wrist instead. Then she wrapped the remaining rope around her left hand before taking Sarah’s hand in hers. Sarah was still on a leash, only now it was tied to her wrist. But as long as she held Nikki’s hand, nobody would notice without looking closely.

“Now hold this.” Nikki handed Sarah the bag with the things she had bought. It was the stereotypical, brown paper bag, which Sarah was grateful for. She didn’t feel a need to advertise that they had a whole bag full of things from a sex shop while walking down the street.

They only had to wait for a couple of minutes at the bus stop before the bus arrived. It was a bit awkward getting on without letting go of Nikki’s hand and revealing the leash, but eventually they made their way to an empty seat.

Sarah sat down and put the bag on the floor between her feet. When Nikki sat down next to her, she looked around before letting go of Sarah’s hand.

“Was that really necessary?” Sarah whispered, trusting the engine noise to prevent the other passengers from hearing her.

“What? I had to make sure my little girl didn’t run off because she got distracted by something pretty in a shop window,” Nikki said, sounding remarkably like a super-sensible nanny.

“Come on. I’m not three.”

“Well,” Nikki shrugged, “I know about at least one thing you’re wearing that says you’re a little girl.”

Sarah rolled her eyes and just looked out the window.

“Oh fine,” Nikki said exasperatedly. “I’ll take it off. Will you stop sulking? That pout weally isn’t vewwy pwetty.” Nikki stroked Sarah’s cheek.

Sarah couldn’t help but smile at Nikki’s baby-talk.

“We agreed to not do this in public,” Sarah said.

“Unless you agreed to it.”

“Unless I agreed to it,” Sarah conceded. “And I didn’t.”

Nikki looked at her. “Really.” She leaned closer and whispered. “I told you the leash would stay on until you wet yourself. And I don’t believe you did.”

“Actually, you said it would stay on until I needed to be changed.”

“Potato, tomato,” Nikki said, butchering the expression. “It doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t wet your diaper.”

“No I didn’t-”

“Hah! I knew it.”

“I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to be changed.” Sarah emphasised the last word. “I’m all greasy…and juicy,” she said in an obvious parody of a seductive, hoarse whisper.

Nikki almost choked on her water and began coughing. Sarah grinned she had tried to time that last whisper to just when Nikki took a sip from her bottle.

“Jesus! You did that on purpose,” she wheezed.

Damn right I did.

“I didn’t.”

“Riiiiiight.” Nikki finished coughing and sat up straight. “You technically didn’t lie, but you know what I meant.” She untied the paracord around Sarah’s wrist. “So don’t for a second think that there won’t be consequences.”

Pfft. Twenty minutes and you’ll have forgotten about it. I was technically right and that’s the best kind of right.

The bus ride back to the hotel took a lot longer than the ride to the shop, but eventually they reached the stop just down the street from the hotel. The heat outside the bus was just as bad as inside it, but at least there wasn’t the smell of sweat and bad breath that had filled the bus as more and more passengers had boarded.

Sarah stretched and looked around. In the tiny park next to the hotel, people were clustered in the shade from the trees, and the sidewalk on the shadow side of the street was notably more crowded than the sunny side. She just wanted to go anywhere air-conditioned.

“Come along now,” Nikki said. She took Sarah’s hand and pulled her along. “We still have a couple of things we need to get before we can relax.”

Nikki led Sarah past the hotel to a bar where the music wasn’t too obnoxiously loud and the outdoor tables were under big, multicoloured parasols.

“Why don’t you park your padded butt here, and I’ll get a few other surprises? And then we’ll get some snacks and head back to the hotel.” Nikki handed Sarah the Sinsation-bag. Then she walked off down the street.

Sarah made her way to the bar and ordered something cold, lemony and not too strong. The bartender handed her a glass with a cloudy, yellowish drink with some green garnish floating in it. Sarah paid and took the glass outside to one of the tables. The temperature was about the same as inside the bar, but the slight breeze was a welcome addition. She sat down and sipped her drink. It tasted of lime and mint and apples, and that combination hid whatever alcohol was in it.

While she waited, Sarah did what she often did when she was bored: she people-watched. It only took Sarah a little while to lose interest in most of the people passing on the street in favour of the people sitting at the outdoor tables at the restaurant across the street.

At one of the tables were two men that couldn’t look more different. One was tall, tanned and well-built without being overly muscular, the other was short, thin and pale. They looked like they were having a heated discussion about something. Sarah decided to call them Bob and Tony. After watching them for a little while longer, she realised that Tony was actually a woman called Toni. Sarah decided that Toni thought Bob had been flirting too much with the waitress and she was jealous. Their discussion looked like it was escalating when Nikki returned and sat down across from Sarah, blocking her view.

“So, enjoying the view?” Nikki put her shoulder bag down next to Sarah’s paper bag.

“Kinda. Did you find what you needed?”

“More or less. How about you? Ready to go?”

Sarah held up her half-finished drink. “Mind if I finish this first?”

“Only if you ask properly.”

“May I please finish my drink Ma’am? It’s really yummy and I want to drink all of it.” Sarah made the biggest puppy eyes she could. If you’re going to treat me like a child… well, two can play that game.

“As long as it’s not too strong. You don’t want an upset tummy, now do you?”

“No.” Sarah pouted and shook her head.

Nikki took Sarah’s drink. “I don’t think this should be a problem,” she said after tasting it. She handed it back to Sarah. “So what have you been doing?”

“Just watching people.”

“And making up stories about them?”

“Of course.” Sarah smiled.

“Anything exciting? Or is it just the world’s most boring soap opera?” Nikki glanced at the people passing them on the street.

“Not yet. There’s some drama at the restaurant over there, but I haven’t come up with a proper backstory yet.” Sarah sipped her drink again, playing for time. She had felt that all too familiar pressure in her bladder ever since she sat down. She had tried to let go, but there just wasn’t enough to get the flow started. It was building slowly; way too slowly in Sarah’s opinion. She took another sip, and as if there was a direct connection between her throat and her bladder, she felt the pressure increase just enough. Sarah leaned back, took another sip, tried to look all cool and nonchalant, and willed herself to relax and let go.

It felt like forever, but finally there was a tickling sensation. Then a small bloom of warmth. The trickle was so modest, it didn’t even feel wet.

“You just did it, didn’t you.” Nikki grinned. She took Sarah’s glass and had another sip.

How the hell can she always tell?

Sarah tried to pretend like nothing had happened. “What makes you think that?” she asked.

“My little honey bun, we’ve lived together for four years and I changed you for almost a year before that. Did you really think I haven’t figured out how to tell?”

Sarah was glad that Nikki kept her voice low and chose her words carefully. There were just too many people nearby. She really didn’t want any of them to hear the words “diaper” or “pee”. She finished her drink and took a deep breath. There was another small trickle of pee that was almost immediately absorbed by her diaper. On the one hand, Sarah was disappointed at the lack of the big wet rush that a full bladder would have produced, but on the other, she knew that the relative dryness of her diaper would still let her enjoy the slippery sensation of the diaper rash ointment that still hadn’t been completely absorbed by her skin.

Nikki picked up her bag. “I think we should probably get going. I have a little baby girl who needs a change.”

“Nikki,” Sarah hissed.

Nikki leaned down and whispered in Sarah’s ear. “Nobody knows it’s you.”

Sarah gave Nikki a dirty stare before looking around to see if anybody had heard her. Nobody seemed to be paying any attention to them, so Sarah got up. When she bent down to pick up her bag, Nikki swiftly moved to stand behind her.

“What are you doing?” Sarah asked and looked over her shoulder at Nikki. What’s she planning? We’re in public. She’d better not be up to something.

“Sweetie,” Nikki whispered. She sounded serious. “Tuck in your t-shirt. I can see your new undies.”

Sarah reached back and felt that her t-shirt had slid up to expose a couple of inches of shiny latex above the waist of her jeans.

“How long have I been having them on display like that?” Sarah quickly pulled the back of her t-shirt down and tucked it into her jeans again.

“I don’t know.” Nikki shrugged and grimaced a little. “I just noticed when you bent over.”

God, I’ve been sitting here showing off my rubber panties to every Tom, Dick and Harry who happened to be behind me.

“Personally,” Nikki said, “I think they go very well with your collar. But maybe that’s just me.”

Sarah looked around again to see if anybody was looking at her. Nobody seemed to be doing so, but she still felt like there were dozens of stares boring into her back.

“Let’s just get out of here,” she said and checked to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything.

“Of course sweetie.” Nikki took Sarah’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Despite the way it looked, Sarah felt relieved as Nikki took charge and led her back down the street towards the hotel. They stopped by a grocery store where they bought some fruit and a couple of bottles of water, but other than when she needed both hands to find her money to pay, Nikki didn’t let go of Sarah’s hand until the hotel room door closed behind them.

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Nikki turned to Sarah, put her hands on her shoulders and pressed her up against the door. “So, my sticky little honey bun. Are you ready to face the consequences of your deception?”

“But I didn’t-” Sarah began.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah. I just want to hear two words out of your mouth right now.”

“And what would that be, oh great and powerful one,” Sarah said sarcastically.

“‘Yes, Mistress.’” Nikki didn’t move. She just held Sarah pinned to the door and looked into her eyes.

Sarah blinked first. “Yes, Mistress,” she said and lowered her gaze.

“Good. Now undress. I want you in nothing but your diaper.”

“The rubber panties too, Mistress?”

“Yes. They must be getting a little clammy by now. I mean, it’s not like the material breathes.” Nikki grinned and took a step back to give Sarah enough room to undress.

Sarah pulled the t-shirt up and over her head. The cold air blowing from the air conditioning raised goose bumps on her skin and when she peeled off her sports bra, she instantly perked up.

“Looks like somebody’s looking forward to what’s going to happen.” Nikki pinched one of Sarah’s nipples, slowly rolling it between her thumb and forefinger. Sarah bit her lip to stop a moan and leaned back against the door.

“Did I tell you to stop?” Nikki gave the nipple another pinch before letting go.

“No. No, Mistress.” Sarah kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her jeans. She wiggled her hips and slid the jeans down her thighs, leaving the rubber panties. As Sarah bent down to get her feet out of the pants and her socks off, she felt Nikki’s hand stroking the almost silky latex covering her butt. She wiggled her butt as she stepped out of her pants and pushed the pile of discarded clothes away with her foot.

“Oh, aren’t you an eager little beaver?” when Sarah straightened up, Nikki reached around her and grabbed a butt cheek with each hand. She lifted, pulling Sarah closer. “But you’re going to have to be a good girl and be patient.”

Sarah swallowed and nodded.

“Good. Now, hands behind your back, and eyes closed.”

Even though Sarah knew she was standing in only her diaper, in a hotel room in a strange city with only a thin door between herself and the hallway, the darkness behind her eyelids felt familiar and comfortable. She could hear Nikki moving around. There was the sound of a long zipper being pulled and the rustling sound of a paper bag. Then silence; or at least nothing Sarah could hear over the hum of the ventilation system and a distant siren outside.

“Step forward.” The tone in Nikki’s voice was unmistakable. She was in full mommynatrix-mode. Sarah couldn’t help feeling tingly in all the right places. She took a slow step forward, taking care not to bump into anything. Falling flat on her face would really ruin the mood right about now.

“One more,” Nikki said in a sing-song tone. Sarah took another careful step.

“Good girl.” Sarah jumped as Nikki whispered from behind her.

God! She moves like a fucking ninja.

“Now, arms behind your back. And keep your eyes closed.” Sarah put her hands back on her buttocks. She felt the familiar touch of warm leather encircling her wrists as Nikki put her cuffs on. The metallic clink of the buckles was as loud as church bells in Sarah’s ears.

“Isn’t that better?” Sarah felt Nikki press against her back as she slipped her arms around Sarah’s waist and pulled her closer. Moments later, a pair of lips pressed gently against her neck, kissing her just above her collar.

Sarah moaned softly and tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck as an invitation to more kisses.

“You like that?” Nikki whispered, her breath warm against Sarah’s ear. Sarah curled her fingers behind her back, trying to find Nikki’s crotch to tease her.

“Behave yourself,” Nikki said sternly. She turned Sarah to the left and slowly led her forwards. Sarah felt the floor change from the fake wood floor of the hotel room to the cold tiles of the bathroom.

“Watch your toes,” Nikki said as she helped Sarah step over the tiny threshold separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Sarah had stubbed her toe on it every time she came out of the shower, much to Nikki’s amusement.

“Mistress?” Sarah asked when she realised where she was standing. “Shouldn’t we take off the cuffs? Don’t wanna get the leather wet.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that,” Nikki said as she turned Sarah around to face her. “You’re only in the shower in case there are leaks. Now shush.”

“But I’m not that wet,” Sarah pointed out. “I barely peed.”

Are you going to be a good girl and do as you’re told? Or am I going to find something to gag you with?"

Sarah pouted. “I’ll be good,” she said.

Nikki patted Sarah’s cheek. “That’s my girl.”

Nikki’s finger traced a line from Sarah’s cheek, down her neck, taking a right turn at her collarbone and slowly making its way down her chest and stomach until it reached her diaper. Sarah shivered slightly as a chill went down her back; a chill that had nothing to do with the temperature.

“Now hold still.”

Sarah barely managed not to jump when she felt something cool and smooth slide down the front of her diaper. She did, however, let out a small yelp.

“Oh, stop being such a baby and kneel.”

Sarah felt Nikki’s hands under her arms, helping her down to her knees.

“And keep your legs spread,” Nikki said tapping her foot against the inside of Sarah’s knee.

There was a few moments of silence. Sarah thought she could hear Nikki’s feet against the tiled floor, but that could just be her imagination. She wondered if she should risk opening her eyes a little to find out what Nikki had put down her diaper and was now pressing against her stomach.


“Mistress? What was that?”

“You can open your eyes now. But no more talking unless I ask a question, or I really will gag you.”

Sarah slowly opened her eyes and looked down. Coming out of the top of her diaper was a clear plastic tube about as thick as her little finger. Looking up, she saw Nikki standing just outside the shower wearing only her pants. She was holding the other end of the tube in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. She took a sip and smiled down at Sarah.

“Thirsty?” she asked. Sarah nodded. Nikki held the bottle to Sarah’s lips to let her have a mouthful. She grimaced at the taste of the luke-warm sparkling water. It needed to be ice cold. Anything warmer than that and it tasted like stale sweat. Nikki put the bottle down next to the sink.

“Now, I know you well enough to say that you’re probably feeling a little tingly right about now.”

Sarah nodded.

“And you’ve been feeling that way for quite a while today, haven’t you?”

Sarah nodded again.

Nikki balanced on one foot while she slid the other up the inside of Sarah’s thigh.

“Want to feel even more tingly?”

Sarah swallowed and nodded for the third time.

“Ask me nicely.”

“I want…” Sarah hesitated.

“What does my sticky, little honey bun want?” Nikki smiled mischievously while she slowly rubbed her foot against Sarah’s diaper.

“Please Mistress. Don’t stop.”

Nikki cocked her head to the side in mock confusion. “But you’re not wet enough to deserve more tingles,” she said.

“I’m sorry Mistress. I’m trying. i really am.” Sarah tried to relax and let go, but there just wasn’t enough water pressure.

“Does my little baby want some help?” Sarah could almost hear that Nikki had planned all this in her voice.


“OK,” Nikki said and withdrew her foot. Sarah couldn’t help but let out a little groan of frustration. “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll help you get wet and tingly enough, then I’ll wash and change you and then we’ll go take a little nap. And all you have to do is not say anything. I think we’ve had enough of you stretching the truth today. Don’t you agree?”

Sarah was about to answer, but Nikki put a finger to Sarah’s lips.

“Don’t you agree?” Nikki repeated.

Sarah took the hint and nodded.

“Good girl. Now hold still.”

Nikki picked up a funnel from the sink and stuck it into the end of the plastic tube. Then she quickly grabbed the bottle of sparkling water and dumped it into the funnel. Sarah jumped and squealed as her diaper was flooded with bubbling water that felt a lot colder than it had when she tasted it earlier. Nikki grinned and knelt in front of Sarah. She reached out and gave the front of the diaper a little push, making it sag as the water rushed further back. Sarah arched her back and gritted her teeth as thousands of little bubbles formed on her most sensitive skin. Unfortunately, the tingling quickly grew to a stinging sensation as the meagre protection from the ointment was worn away.

“Ow, ow, owowowow! Shitshitshitshit! Getthisoffme gedditoffgedditoff!”

Nikki tore off the tapes and Sarah’s writhing and wriggling caused her diaper to fall off right away. The removal of the diaper didn’t help much and Sarah still felt like her crotch was on fire.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. I’m sorry.” Nikki grabbed a towel and tried to dry Sarah. It didn’t really help, but at least the stinging didn’t get worse.

“Ow ow ow,” Sarah said through gritted teeth as she tried to get away from Nikki’s towel. Despite it being soft and fluffy, it felt like sandpaper. Nikki reached up, grabbed the shower head and turned on the shower, aiming the spray just below Sarah’s belly button and letting the water cascade down between her legs. At first Sarah jumped at the cool water, but soon she calmed down and breathed a sigh of relief as the stinging from the sparkling water lessened.

“What the hell Nikki?” Sarah said through gritted teeth.

“I’m sooo sorry sweetie. Are you OK?” Nikki turned off the water and helped Sarah up, the mood ruined. “I only meant for it to get really tingly. I didn’t know it’d get extra bubbly when it got warmed up.”

Sarah stood bow-legged in the shower while Nikki removed the carabiner that held her cuffs together, freeing her arms. She allowed Nikki to dry her, but it still felt like she had the biggest diaper rash ever, so she really didn’t want to bring her legs together.

When Nikki took her hands and led her out of the bathroom, Sarah waddled after her, her gait so wide that she almost bumped her knees on the door frame.

They reached the bed and Nikki pushed the covers aside. Sarah crawled awkwardly onto the bed and flopped over on her back, spreading her legs wide. Nikki sat down next to her and brushed Sarah’s hair away from her face.

“Aww, my poor little baby.”

“It’s not funny. That really hurt,” Sarah said, pouting a little.

Nikki looked away. “I didn’t mean for that to happen. I didn’t know the the bubbles would become that intense.”

“You said that already.” Sarah paused. “I think you shouldn’t have any more surprises like that without testing them first.”

“But then they won’t be surprises,” Nikki protested.

“Then test them on yourself.” Sarah really didn’t feel like any more surprises in her diaper. At least not for a while.

“Yeah, I guess that’s fair,” Nikki conceded.

“Yeah, see how you like it,” Sarah mumbled.


“Oh, nothing.”

“Know what? I’ll make it up to you. You just lie back and relax while I set things up.” Nikki rose from the bed.

“No more surprises,” Sarah warned.

“Nothing we haven’t done before,” Nikki promised. “Now lift your head sweetie.” When Sarah did, Nikki grabbed the pillow and piled it up against the headboard next to her, along with the other pillows.

“Now you just close your eyes and pretend to be a big starfish and I’ll be right back.”

Sarah stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry at Nikki, but did as she was told and closed her eyes. Again, the darkness behind her eyelids made the unfamiliar surroundings fade away.

Maybe we should use blindfolds more. That could be interesting. Especially if we both wear them.

While Sarah wasn’t completely lost in her own thoughts, she jumped a little when she heard the sound of a folded towel being snapped open. She opened her eyes just in time to see Nikki spreading out a towel on the bed in front of the pillows. Then she began unbuttoning her jeans. Nikki noticed Sarah watching and smiled. She wiggled her hips suggestibly as she slid both jeans and panties down. She sat down on the towel, scooted up against the pillows and spread her legs.

“C’mere baby,” Nikki whispered and patted the spot between her spread legs.

Sarah made her way across the vast expanse of white cotton until she was lying on her back with her head resting on Nikki’s stomach and one arm over each of her thighs. Nikki reached down and with a grunt of effort, hoisted Sarah up.

“Oh that sounds soooooo sexy,” Sarah said and grinned.

Nikki didn’t reply. She only wrapped her arms around Sarah’s waist and pulled her close. Sarah could feel her warm breath against the side of her neck. Despite the still painful stinging, it turned into what Sarah liked to think of as a perfect moment. The only thing that existed was the two of them, the gentle embrace of Nikki’s arms and the warm feeling of her skin against Sarah’s. She sighed happily and leaned back against Nikki. Nikki, in turn, kept giving the side of her neck little darting kisses.

After what felt like forever, but in a good way, Nikki smiled. Sarah couldn’t see it, but she felt the shape of her lips change with every little kiss.

“Feeling a little better?” Nikki asked.

“Mm-hmm.” Sarah would have nodded, but her head just didn’t want to move away from where it was resting against Nikki’s shoulder.

Nikki slid her hands up Sarah’s chest, pausing briefly to cup her breasts before moving up to her neck. She began fumbling with the buckle of Sarah’s collar.

“Don’t,” Sarah mumbled. “Leave it on.”

Nikki stopped. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Feels right.” Sarah turned her head and tried to kiss Nikki, but only got a mouthful of hair.

“I think we can give the diapers the afternoon off. Don’t you agree, babe?”

“Mm-hmm.” Sarah gave a happy little sigh. “Just the afternoon?” she asked.

“Yeah. I think you should still put on your night diapers. We don’t any accidents in the hotel bed, do we?”

“No,” Sarah admitted quietly. “But not yet, right?”

“No, sweetie, not yet. I was thinking we could have a nice, relaxing afternoon.”

“Mm-yeah. And maybe we can have some grown-up fun.”

“Would you like that?” Nikki ran her hands down Sarah’s chest again, letting one hand rest against her crotch. “I thought you were sore.”

Sarah twisted so she could reach Nikki’s chin with her hand. She let a finger brush against Nikki’s lips. “Maybe you could kiss it better?”

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I’ve been read this story for 3 days and im glad i read it. Superrrrr good. Thank you for sharing this lovely stories.