A Lesson to Learn

Jack woke up slowly. He glanced at the alarm clock beside his bed. 6:55. Five minutes until it went off.

Smiling to himself, he reached over and turned the alarm off. He then looked down at the girl who was lying beside him. Brown haired, fairly tall, muscular, angular face with high cheekbones, and above all beautiful, Steph was the girl of his dreams. She was perfect. Well, except perhaps for one thing, some would say. As far as he was concerned, that was only debatably a flaw. Jack, himself a well built, tall and brown haired man, would probably debate the other side.

As the clock neared seven, he bent over and put a hand on Steph’s shoulder. “Good morning baby girl,” he said, “its time to wake up.”

She stirred slowly, smiling.

“Come on little one, the sun is up! Don’t let the day go away.”

“I don’t want to,” she said gruffly, but still smiling.

“Awww well that’s too bad little one. You have to go to work.”

“Says you, you’re just going to go back to bed.”

“And whose fault was it for booking shifts on the weekend so you could go out on a weekday?”

“Five more minutes?”

“No. Come on, don’t be a brat.”

With that, he picked her up and sat her in his lap and kissed her. She snuggled in close. She wiggled her bum over his legs, making a quiet crinkling sound. He turned on the bed side lamp, flooding the room with light. The large wooden bed they slept on was surrounded by a desk, night table, and deep red walls.

“You awake now?”

“Mmhmm” she nodded.

“Good. Then it’s time for a diapie check.”

She sat up straight and began to push away. “Hey no! Don’t be mean! Jack, no! I can do it!”

“Come on baby girl, if you could do it yourself you wouldn’t need them. Don’t try to hide your widdle accidents.”

She struggled half heartedly, pushing for a moment before letting him lay her down again on her back, not really trying to stop him. She folded her arms and made an attempt at a glare that thinly disguised a smile. “I can do it” she mumbled.

“Sure you can,” he smiled. Slowly, he pulled down her cotton pyjamas bottoms to reveal a white diaper.

Jack looked at it a moment. “Hmmmm… I think we can both guess what the answer is going to be,” he said. Steph blushed, still smiling, and looked away. “But I guess I can give you the benefit of the doubt. Even if it’s just to make you feel better.”

She stuck her tongue out at him, and he replied with the same.

Jack reached forward with his hand and felt the bottom of her diaper. “Yep, that is one wet diaper little one. Poor little diaper girl, never learned to use the potty I guess.”

“Hey!” she whined, “it’s only at night!”

“Sure it is Little Ms. Potty Pants. And never mind your excuses. It’s still more then you’re supposed to at your age.”

“Don’t be mean! I can’t help it! It’s not fair to make fun.”

“Oh yeah? Then why do you smile every time I do?”

She struggle a moment, trying to frown, but her lips kept moving up. “Shuddup,” she said. Then, her smile turned a bit darker. “Maybe there is something I know that you don’t know.”

“Uh huh. Apparently “how not to be a pants soaking diaper girl” isn’t one of them. That’s something I know but you don’t. Come on, let’s get you changed.” He stood her on her feet, patted her bum, and led her by the hand toward the bathroom. The bathroom was attached to the bedroom. It was black tiled and grey walled, and had the full sink, toilet, shower and bath, with a few long mirrors along the wall.

“Heh! I can do it myself!” she said, pulling.

“Sure you can. You can also wake up to the alarm every morning rather than my kisses, but we both know you prefer it this way. If you didn’t want me to change you, you’d have stopped me some time in the last 8 months we’ve been doing this.”

“Fine,” she said, and lay down.

Carefully, he undid the tapes on her diapers. “Tsk tsk little princess, supposed to be all grown up, and still getting your soggy diapers changed. When are you going to grow up and learn to use the potty?” He wrinkled his nose.

She made a face that was between a glare and a pout, but the smile was coming through.

He continued. He was taking as much time with it as he could. He opened the front of her diaper and wrinkled his nose with an exaggerated disgust. “Jeeze. I bet the entire house would smell better if you did, stinky girl. Look how soaked this is! If it wasn’t for your little baby pampers, we’d of had to through the bed out.”

“You know, it’s not nice to make fun of medical conditions. You better be careful!”

“Oh, and why is that, smelly girl? What’s gonna happen, one day your wet your diaper-wipers too much for me to handle?” He wrapped up the used diaper and through it out.

“I’m just saying, bad things sometimes happen to people who do stuff like that. People don’t like it, and they want to get back at them.”

“Sure, sure baby girl. You can’t even get by without me changing your huggy-wuggies. I’m not afraid.” He began cleaning her with baby wipes.

“Well, Karma happens, it’s all I’m saying. And stop calling them that! You sound ridiculous.”

“What? You don’t like me teasing you with the names of your cute little pamper-wampers? I don’t think the girl who just got her huggy-wuggies should be calling anyone ridiculous.”

“They are Dry-24/7s and you know it. Adult diapers, not baby diapers.”

“Uh huh… Pretty sure that’s an oxymoron. They are definitely your widdle baby diapoos.” he stopped. He reached inside the pack and took another out, then studied it carefully. “You know… since you’re such a potty pants baby, I’m not sure if I can let you go to work in normal undies. I think you should be in your diapers. Just in case.”

“Oh really?” she asked dryly.

“Yep. I think little babies who wet themselves should be in diapers 24/7, just like the name says. In fact, I think I should put your bum right back into diapers right now and send you off like that, crinkling away. Then, if anyone noticed, they will know that you’re a little baby potty pants. Seems fair to me.”



"Do it. Diaper me up. I agree. Like you said, little babies who wet themselves should be in diapers 24/7. Totally fair. "

He looked at her questioningly. “You’re serious?”

“Yep. Like you said, I clearly need them.”

Jack wasn’t sure what to do. He had been teasing her, as he often did. Normally they moved on, kissed, than repeated the joke the next day. He never expected her to actually tell him to do it, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. What was she up to?

“Well? Are you going to diaper me or not?”

“Sure, if you want it. I’ll diaper your bum little girl.” He grabbed the powder.


“Here we go,” he rolled his eyes. He knew there would be something else.

“BUT,” she emphasized, ignoring his remark. “If I wear this to work, then I get to decide what you wear today.”

“So you’ll just put me in diapers? No deal.”

She giggled. “No, no. I have a different idea for you. You’ll be wearing my clothes. My NORMAL clothes. Don’t worry, I’m not going to put you in diapers this morning.”

He leaned back and thought a moment. “So you’ll wear a diaper to work, and all I have to do is cross dress at home?”


“Where no one can see me?”


“Why would that be worth it to you?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t know. I guess you’ll have to wait and find out.”

He looked at her, then at the thick white garment in his hand. Was this some kind of trick? She seemed pretty eager… but this was the sort of game they often played… What was she planning?

He thought a moment more. “Alright, deal” he said. They shook hands.

They shook hands. They both showered quickly, then dried each other off. When they were done, she lay down again on the ground, giving him a smile and a sneer. He powdered her liberally, then he got to work. He lay the diaper underneath her and carefully tapped it on. He then stood up and reached down to help her up. By the time he was done, the padding was thick around her, effecting her walking and crinkling with every movement.

“That is going to be hard to hide,” he said, poking her padding. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’m sure. Now, let’s get you dressed.”

“Alright diaper butt, lead the way.” He spanked her bum, letting out a loud THUCK and crinkle.

Not letting him take control, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bed room. “Come on little girl,” she said. “Let’s get you dressed.”

First, however, she had him wait, sitting on the bed as she got dressed. She pulled a pair of panties over her diaper, then leggings over that. Jack figured she was hoping to hide the crinkling sound. She pulled a long, lose skirt over, perfect to hide the bulk, and a shirt. Despite her efforts, the bulk was still visible to anyone who was looking, and the crinkling still came through.

“All right little girl,” she said, “my turn.”

It seemed that not only was she going to pick Jack’s clothes, but she insisted on putting them on for him too. She began with a pair of elastic cotton panties that had ruffles along the edges. He rolled his eyes, realizing she was going to go for the most embarrassing thigs she could find. She followed them with white stockings, held up by a garter belt. She gave him a short pink skirt that left the bottom of the garters and most of his thighs exposed. Bright red high heels completed the bottom portion.

She ruffled around a moment looking for a t shirt. She frowned, dismissing a few and throwing them on the ground. Finally, she smiled, opened her pyjama drawer, and took something out.

“Seriously?” he asked. It wasn’t even the kind of shirt she normally wore, and definitely not anywhere it could be seen. It was one of her older ones, a cotton t shirt with a floral pattern.

“Yep! A deals a deal! Arms up!” She said, pulling it over his head, then followed it with a bowed hairband. Next, she gave him lipstick, a bit of make up, eye liner, and a kiss. “There’s a pretty little girl.”

“Right, well at least no one will see me. Good luck hiding your pampered backside.” He patted her bum.

“Big talk from someone in cute widdle panties. Good luck hiding your SKIRT,” she replied. “Now, I better get going. Making you all pretty has taken some time. I left some breakfast in the fridge, I’ll eat mine on the way. Just take a picture every hour and send it to me so I can make sure you’re being honest.”

“Alright. Have fun diaper butt.”

“Ok! Have fun panty butt!”

“Whatever baby girl.”

“Whatever sissy girl.” She stopped before leaving. "Oh and my cousin Susie is going to be coming today. She shouldn’t be here until after I’m back, but I just thought I’d let you know.

“What?” He tried to stop her, but she was gone, and he didn’t want to leave. “Ok…” Did she have a cousin Susie? Since when?

Most of his day was normal. He ate the breakfast that she had left, a mixture of yogurt, granola and fruit. He was happy and a little surprised to have it, normally he made his own.

He sent the pictures every hour, and went through a normal weekend routine, mainly playing computer games. The clothes felt different, but weren’t uncomfortable. They were embarrassing, but no one was around to see them, so he didn’t care. He figured if someone did, he’d just tell them at least he made them look good, then move on. He’d gotten through more embarrassing situations, he was sure. Normally, simply appearing confident worked.

Getting tiered of his computer games, Jack turned the machine off. He grabbed a book, walked down the stair well, and headed to living room. It was a large, wooden floored and gold walled room with a pair of matching red and gold sofas around a coffee table. It was normally his favourite place to read. Today, however, the fact that it was by the front door and had a massive bay window made him think for a moment. However, he simply locked the door and closed the blinds, then sat down and got into his book.

A noise startled him from it. He got up and looked around, then paused, gaping.

“Ho… Wh… Who are you?!” he asked the girl standing by his now open door. She appeared to be about twenty, so a few years younger than Jack or Steph. She had dark hair and an equally dark dress, and had a tattoo seemingly of a raven or a crow on her shoulder, half covered by the dress. He noticed she had a slight resemblance to Steph, with the same cheekbones.

“Duh, I’m Susy. Didn’t Steph tell you I was coming?”

“Yeah but… not for… How did you get in here? The door was locked!”

“Oh this?” She looked at the door and shrugged. “Dunno, just did.”

“What… That doesn’t make sense!”

“Whatever. Nice outfit by the way.”

Suddenly Jack remembered what he was wearing. He jumped up and fruitlessly tried to cover himself with his hands, then realized it was pointless. Finally he remembered his thoughts about confidence. He stood up strait and made a point of raising his chin. “Thank you. I think I make it look very good, actually.”

She laughed. “Riiiiiigggghhhht. Don’t worry, I knew about your pretty little predicament.”

“What? How? Anyway, I’m afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave. I don’t know you, I’m not sure if you are who you say you are, and you’ll have to wait until Steph returns.” He tried to stay as in control as possible while getting her to leave. Having a stranger see him dressed like he was was even worse than he thought.

“Awww are you afraid of a girl like me? Doesn’t matter, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait here for Steph. Say, do you have any tea?”

“What? No we don’t.” Jack realized he was being distracted. “What do you mean you’re not going anywhere? Get out.”

“Oh? I don’t think so.”


“You see, I happen to have to have a few nice little pictures of you here on my phone.” She held up the screen, showing the pictures Jack had been sending Steph of him in the skirt.

“What? How did you get those!?”

“And look! Here is your facebook page! Wouldn’t it be a shame if somehow those ended up on the same phone, which happens to belong to someone holding a grudge against you? Imagine that!”

“No please! Don’t!”

“Oh, so suddenly you’re not so tough and confident in your pretty skirts, are you?”

He blushed.

“Oh, whats this?” She seemed confused. “That’s odd. It seems not only am I looking at your profile, but I’m actually logged into it! Imagine that!” She turned the screen to show him exactly that.

“NO! How did you do that!”

“Dunno, just did. Doesn’t matter, I have it now. Tell you what, we’ll make a little deal, ok? You seem to have had some luck with those recently. Maybe not good luck, but luck.” He looked at the ground. “How about you let me stay here, and I don’t make these your profile picture, then change the code and lock it from you. Sound fair?” She held the phone out to the side, showing the picture being cropped for his page.

Jack considered his options. Desperately, he ran at the phone, grasping for it. However, she seemed to anticipate this, and easily moved it out of his way, taping him on the shoulder as she did. He tried again, then stumbled.

Suddenly, without realizing exactly how, he was outdoors. He was lying on the front porch, door wide behind him. He got up quickly and ran for it, only to see it closed and locked in his face.

He banged on the door with both his fists. “Let me in or I’m calling the cops!”

“Do it, see if they arrest the poor little girl the big cross dressing man tried to tackle. I’m sure that will go over REALLY well for you. Especially after what I do to your facebook page.”

He grabbed at his head and let out a loud moan. “Fine!” he said. “Just let me in and I’ll let you stay.”


“What do you mean ‘no’? It’s my house!”

“I want tea.”


“I said I wanted tea and you said you had none. Go get me some tea, and I’ll let you in. There is some at the convenience store on the corner. Get the Teavana Wildberry kind. Deal?” She had taken some money he kept in a bowl by the door and was pushing it out through the mail slot.

“You want me to go all the way over there, like this, FOR TEA!?”

“Well it’s that or stay out there while I mess around with your facebook and these pictures. Your choice.”

“God Dammit” he said. Being seen by a store clerk and a few others was better than having it all over facebook. “Fine, I’ll go.” He took the money.

“Alright, and don’t come back without it! No matter what happens!” he could hear here laughing behind him.

He walked down the street, doing his best to appear as if everything was perfectly normal. Act like you have something to hide and others will find it, he figured. If he didn’t seem like he should be embarrassed, people wouldn’t either. Just act like its normal, and keep your dignity, he told himself. He stumbled, trying to keep his balance in the high heels. Try to keep your dignity, he told himself again.

It was quite a struggle, however. It was a bright, sunny day out, and he lived in the middle of suburbia. Large houses stood on either side of him, all with large windows. Even so, it seemed like there were more people out then there should be. Families sat on lawn chairs, and children played in the grass. Couples walked dogs along the sidewalk. Cars drove past on the road. He made an effort to appear calm, looking them in the eye when needed, greeting some of them. However, he could still feel their eyes on him, see the cars slowing down, and tell the children were stopping their games to watch and stare. Above all, he could hear the barely stifled laughter coming from all around.

Another thing filled his mind. He could feel a strange tingling sensation in his shoulder. At first he thought it was just his self-consciousness, but after a moment he realized the feeling was right where that strange girl had touched him.

He kept walking, trying to ignore the feeling as it got stronger and stronger. The convenience store was right in front of him, only a few yards away. All he needed to do was go in, get the tea, then leave.

Suddenly the tingling sensation stopped. At first he was relieved, but then his eyes went wide as it was replaced by a massive bloated feeling in his bladder. He stopped, forgetting dignity, and put his hands over his crotch as he concentrated on not wetting himself. How did it come on that quickly? He considered just running back to his house, but then he remembered the deal. If he didn’t have tea, he wouldn’t get in. That girl didn’t seem to be one to have mercy.

He made himself walk forward and turn into the store, struggling to keep it in, and struggling even more to appear confident. The pressure built with every step, making him wince. He stepped into the store.

The convenience store was in a small, white room, with rows of junk food and cleaning supplies between walls of glass refrigerator doors. It was essentially indistinguishable from any other convenience store, and not the sort of place to find specialty teas.

“Hello Jack, ho…. What are you wearing?” Bill, the oversized and hairy store owner asked.

“Never mind Bill,” he said through his teeth. “Do you have tea? Wildeberry?”

“Yeah actually, a mistake. Just got it today from a misplaced order. How did you know?” Bill sounded genuinely surprised.

“Never mind. I need it.”

“Alright, it’s there in the back,” he pointed.

Jack walked over, knowing full well that Bill was staring at him the entire time. He saw the tea, labelled Teavana Wildberry, on the bottom shelf and bent over to get it. He grabbed it, then saw his reflection in one of the glass doors.

“Oh bloody hell…” he mumbled. Of course. With a skirt as short as his, simply bending over had made it rise up, exposing his panties. He grumbles curses, stood up strait, and straitened it.

He walked quickly to the counter and put it down. He grimaced the entire time, trying against mounting pressure not to wet himself.

“Alright, one wildeberry tea,” Bill said. Thankfully, he seemed to be the only one who didn’t care enough to comment. As long as he was payed it didn’t matter, Jack supposed. Still, he’d have issues coming back again.

“Thank you,” Jack muttered.

“No problem, have a nice day!”

Jack walked out. At this point, his bladder was at an emergency point. He looked around, hoping for some way out. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have any bathrooms, and there was nowhere private enough to hide. He definitely was NOT going to ask someone to use their bathroom two blocks from his house and dressed as he was.

He tsked, then began to run. The running motion made the pressure worse, but he needed to get back now, or it wouldn’t matter.

The heels made running slower. He stumbled, then regained his balanced and kept going. He stumble again, and kept going. He tried to run faster, and suddenly tripped and fell to the ground.

He groaned. This just wasn’t his day. Even worse, he seemed to have landed in a pu… Oh god he thought…

He stood up quickly. He heard the laughter again, this time louder. They weren’t even trying to hide it. A child shouted.

“EWWWW Mommy she’s peeing herself!”

It took him a moment to realize the kid was right. There, out in public, cross dressed, with half the eyes in the neighbourhood already on him and laughing, and without even realizing it, he was peeing himself. The skirt was already soaked, and more was coming out.

He began to run as fast as he could. All attempts at dignity were gone, and he covered his blushing face as he ran. He stumbled, then reached down and took his shoes off. Why hadn’t he thought of that earlier? He sprinted as fast as he could, leaving a chorus of laughter and shouted comments behind him.

He made it back to his house. He banged on the door and rang the doorbell, shouting Suzie’s name.

Finally she opened it the door.

“Did you get the tea?” she asked.

“Yes! Now let me in!” he held it up.

“Now now, that’s no way to talk. I’m afraid you’ll have to ask nicely.”

“WHAT!?” he said.

"Remember, give me give me never gets, please and thank you are best bets.

He looked around desperately, seeing the people watching him. "Fine. PLEASE let me into my own house.

“Alright,” she said. She took the tea, and he ran inside.

For a moment he was so glad he forgot what had happened. She broke him out of it quickly.

“WELL! What do we have here? A little miss potty pants, it seems.”

“What? I…”

“Never mind your excuses. I don’t think Steph will be happy to see what you did to her clothes.”

Jack paled. He hadn’t thought of that. “Oh god… I need to get these clean!” He began to take them off and walk toward the laundry room.

“Ah ah ah, not so fast smelly girl.” She reached out and grabbed his hand. He pulled against it to break free, but found he couldn’t. How? She barely had a finger and a thumb on it, but he couldn’t move. "I’m afraid I can’t let you do that.


“You know… since you’re such a potty pants baby, I’m not sure if I can let you go about the house in normal undies. I think you should be in your diapers. Just in case.”


“Yep. I think little baby girls who wet themselves should be in diapers 24/7. In fact, I think I should put your bum right back into diapers right now and send you off like that, crinkling away. Then everyone will know that you’re a little baby potty pants. Seems fair to me.”

“What? That’s ridiculous!”

“Really? It seems you said something similar this morning. Very similar, in fact.” She chuckled. “Were you lying? Do I need to get soap?”

Wait, Jack thought, how close was that to what he actually said? What was going on?

“What do you mean by soap?”

She laughed. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll find out eventually. Keep arguing and it might just be today. Now come on, let’s get you diapered little one.”

“What!? No! You can’t diaper me! Let go!” He tried to pull out of her hand, but couldn’t.

“Oh really? Would you prefer I tell Steph? Explain what happened to her favourite skirt? Or maybe I should just put them on your facebook and let her find out on her own.” She held up the phone, showing pictures of him standing in his soaking wet skirt. When had she taken those?

“So what’s it going to be? Diapers, or facebook?”

He stared at her. Those couldn’t be his only options. He struggled against her again, but she held him tight.

“Well?” she said.

He opened his mouth, then looked down. “Diapers” he mumbled.

“Sorry? Say that again, I didn’t hear.”

“DIAPERS!” he said louder, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Better, but I’m afraid that’s not enough. I think you should ask nicely. And call me Auntie Suzie while you’re at it, since you seem to be a baby.”

He glared, and she just stared back.

He put on a fake smile. “Please put me in diapers Auntie Suzie!”

“Better. Now without the sarcasm, and tell me why you need them. The full reason.”

He groaned. She really was going to make him do this.

“Please put me in diapers Auntie Suzie. I really need them because I’m a baby who wets himself.”

“Him? In that skirt?”

“Who wets herself.” He finished.

“Good enough. Come on.”

She led him by the hand and took him up the stairs. Where he expected her to turn right to take him into the bedroom, she went left. Where was she taking him?

She continued down the carpeted hallway, then turned right to another door. This was one of the spare bedrooms, which wasn’t used. Jack and Steph saved them for guests or for when they eventually had children. Perhaps she was staying there, Jack thought. But why take him there?

She opened the door, and Jack stared in shock.

The entire room had changed. The simple blue walls, table, and single bed were gone. In its place was a complete nursery. The walls were painted bright pink with fairy princesses along them. A changing table, well stocked with diapers, was along the far wall. A high chair sat in one corner, and a dresser beside it. The open closet doors showed rows of hanging dresses and onesies. A collapsible playpen leaned against the wall, surrounded stuffed animals and toys. Finally, as the centerpiece, there stood a massive crib, complete with a mobile hanging over it.

“How… how did this get here?”

“Dunno,” she shrugged. “Just did.”

He stared at her in bewilderment as she pulled him in. He was too astonished to struggle. How was she doing all this? Magic? It sure seemed like it, Jack thought.

“Is this some kind of trick? Its like magic or something…” could it be? It seemed impossible… but so did changing an entire room in a few minutes.

“Must be,” she said, rolling her eyes. Sarcasm? Or is that what she wanted him to think? There must be some other kind of explanation. The simplest solution was always the best. But what was really simpler, she managed to get all this in without him noticing, or just used magic?

“First thing first, let’s get you out of those silly big girl clothes.” She reached for them, pulling them off with surprising speed. He stood naked in front of her, covering himself with his hands. “Oh don’t worry little one, that’s nothing I haven’t seen before. And I’d have to see it anyway to change your widdle di-dis. Now, my favourite part. Let’s get you properly dressed.” She smiled.

She took his hand and led him over to the changing table. She bent down, and grabbed him under the knees and lifted him up, cradling. He gasped in shock, and she lay him on the table. How was she doing all this?

She reached under the changing table and took out a bottle of baby powder and a thick diaper. She powdered him, then opened up the diaper.

“NO!” Jack said as he saw it. This one was nothing like the plain white adult diapers Steph wore. It was thicker, with wavy pink edges, and designs of bottles, starbursts, flowers, and teddy bears on it. To make matters worse, the words “Baby Girl” were written in bold across the front, as if it wasn’t obvious what it was meant for.

“Oh? Are you going to argue? Do you want to go back on our deal? I can send the picture to Steph right now, then you can see how you fair trying to argue with me and fight me so I don’t pamper your butt anyway. Seems to me it be irresponsible not to put you in your widdle diapie-wipies.”

Jack groaned. Steph must have told her those names. “Fine, but… not such a… baby looking one, aright? The ones Steph has are white.”

“Oh so you want adult diapers? Because it seems to me someone recently said that was an oxymoron. Now be quiet or I’ll get the soap.”

Jack stopped talking, not wanting to know what the soap was. How did she know so much about the conversation he had with Steph? They must have planned this together, but still… This girl was strange.

Jacks thoughts were broken by the rustling sound of the comically over thick and babyish diaper being opened. He stared in horror as she lay it underneath him, letting his bum sink down onto the thick padding. She took her time, slowly pulling it up between his legs and over him. He felt it pressing against him, the inescapably pressure of the soft material strange but oddly comforting. He blushed to think of it, not only was he being put in a diaper, but in a way he found it comfortable. Finally, she taped it on him snugly, leaving him trapped inside it.

“There, now how does that feel widdle baby?” Susie asked, smiling.

“Alright, I guess. A bit strange,” Jack replied.

Susie chuckled. “Uh huh. So too afraid to admit you like them?”

Jack’s eyes went wide and he looked away from her, not wanting to admit it.

Susie patted his bottom. “That’s alright little one. Come on, let’s get you dressed.” She grabbed Jack’s hand and started pulling him toward the closet.

“Hey, wait, what are you going to make me wear!?” Jack tried to struggle against her, but once again found it impossible.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll find something cute for you,” she said smiling. “Now let’s see…” She started going through the hanging clothes and shelves, taking out childish outfit after childish outfit, carefully considering it, and putting it back. A humiliating string of onesies, footed pyjamas, dresses, skirts and t shirts were paraded in front of Jack. He cringed inwardly. This was far worse than the effeminate outfits Steph had gone through earlier. At the time he had though being made to wear panties and a regular dress was bad. Now he was standing next to a complete stranger, naked except for a diaper, while she decided which babyish and overly effeminate outfit she was going force him into. He almost craved the dress.

Finally, she settled on one. Jack groaned as he looked at it. It was a pink silken dress, covered in frills, with a border of hello kitty pictures along the bottom and pictures of flowers up the skirt. Much like his diaper, the words “Baby Girl” were written across his chest, a fair reminder of his new status. The entire thing was held up by shoulder straps and an elastic waist that was punctuated by a large cloth flower. She pulled it over his head and let it settle. He tried straitening the skirt, but found nothing he could do would make it go much past his mid thighs, leaving the bulky bottom of his diaper exposed.

“Awww don’t whine, baby girl. You look adorable,” Susie giggled. “Seriously, if I can’t at least get SOME pics of this on facebook or something, I’m going to be heartbroken.” She saw Jack’s eyes widen, and patted his cheek. “Don’t worry, if you’re a good little girl, I’ll blur your face. If not… well, there is quite a community for stuff like this on tumblr and Deviant Art, not to mention a few more specific sites… I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the rest of them once I make your account and hide the password.”

Jack made a silent pledge to himself to try everything he could to be a ‘good girl.’ Like before, he just had to think of it the right way, like a game he had to play, stay confident and not let it embarrass him. He could do it, he told himself. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and instantly felt a blush coming on. He hoped he could.

“Now, come on, let’s finish up,” Susie said. Jack sighed and let her dress him in another pair of long white stockings with pink bows at the top and soft pink slippers. She tied an oversized bow into his hair, handed him a stuffed rabbit, and shoved a pacifier in his mouth. She simply left it in as if expecting him to suck, and to his own surprise, he did.

She giggled. “And don’t you dare drop that paci or that bunny. I think you’ll find you won’t be able to anyway.”

As Jack wondered what that could possible mean, Susie took his hand again and dragged him to stand directly in front of the full length mirror that was now in the closet. Despite all his thoughts and beliefs about confidence and attitude, his appearance almost made him cry. He really did look like an oversized baby girl. The dress seemed to fit perfectly over his chest, hugging his figure in a way that made him seem slimmer and more effeminate. The skirt, rather than hide the diaper, seemed to emphasize it, spreading out over its bulk and leaving much of it visible. Worse still, none of it seemed out of the ordinary, or as if he shouldn’t be wearing it. Had his body always been that hairless? His legs and chest seemed shaven, and perfect for this type of outfit. Conversely, the hair on his head seemed longer, falling down to his shoulders. He guessed it was just one of the many strange things that had happened that day.

He figured he could at least save some dignity by getting rid of the pacifier and stuffed rabbit. He reached up to grab the pacifier and pull it from his mouth. However, when his hand reached the handle on it, he found he couldn’t budge it. He tried simply to spit it out, but it wouldn’t drop. He then tried to drop the rabbit, but his hand still clutched it firmly, and he couldn’t open it.

He looked at Susie questioningly. “Whas goin on?” he asked, blushing at how his voice sounded with the pacifier in his mouth.

She smiled at him. “Aww, you really haven’t guessed it yet, have you little one? Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough. Just know for now you aren’t going to be able to drop your cute widdle bunny or pretty pink paci. Not to mention take those diapies off. Wouldn’t THAT be a disaster,” she said, rolling her eyes and laughing. “Don’t worry, If you want the paci out, I can do it for you. For a little while anyway.”

With that, she drag him out into the room. She reached down to the shelves under the changing table and produced a baby bottle full of milk. To his horror, Jack realized he was about to be baby bottle fed by a younger girl, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. She reached the crib, pulled down the bars, and sat down on it. Next, she pulled him onto her lap. She reached up and pulled his pacifier out, then put the bottle firmly into his mouth. Without thinking, he began sucking.

He squeezed his eyes shut and tried not to think about how he looked. There he was, a respectable, grown man, employed for the government, with experience and the admiration of people working underneath him. People worked for him, he thought. He had pride. He demanded RESEPCT.

And yet, there he was, sitting on some girls lap, wearing a frilly babyish dress, his diaper crinkling underneath him, with half the town having seen him soak himself outdoors, and now he had to drink from a baby bottle. How could this have happened?

He finished the bottle as quickly as the thin opening would allow. Susie took the time to bounce him up and down on her knee, seemingly unaffected by his larger size, and pat his padded bottom. Each time he felt himself raise up off her knee and settle back down in his diaper, felt her hand on his bottom with no regard for his personal privacy, or heard the all too loud crinkle of the plastic around him, there, he knew, against his will and to keep him from soaking the carpet, he felt more and more like the child she was treating him as.

“Good baby!” she said as he finished the bottle. She then placed the pacifier back into his mouth, not even letting him have the chance to speak normally. “Oh, and would you look at the time? Looks like someone’s mommy is going to be home soon!”

Jack’s eyes went wide. He looked around for a clock. What time was it? It must have been hours since Susie arrived… What time had it been then? If Steph came home and saw him like this… He shuddered. He didn’t even want to think about it. Having to explain to her that somehow a college girl had made him do it… He’d never hear the end of it.

As if it had only been waiting for Susie’s word, the doorbell rang. Jack squealed and glanced around nervously, looking for a place to hide. Susie simply took his hand and began dragging him toward the front door.

“Pwease,” he said, not even caring about how the pacifier made him sound. “Pwease don make me see hew wike dis. Can I pwease get dweased?”

Susie giggled. “Awww, poor baby. A bit embarrassed?” She pinched his cheek. “Don’t worry, I’m sure your mommy will have no problems with your widdle diapie-wipies, especially not after I explain what you did to her dress.” Jack cringed at the memory. “Now, let me make sure you are good and ready.”

Jack wondered briefly what she meant, then had his question answered in the worst way possible. Susie turned him around to face her, then lifted the front of his skirt. She looked down at the front of his diaper, patting it and opening the top. He realized after a moment that she was checking if it was clean. She hadn’t even bothered to ask if he knew its state, she just went right to it, implying not only that he would soak it, but couldn’t trust him to tell her if he did. She might even be right, for all he knew.

“I’m cwean,” he mumbled, hoping to save some dignity.

She ignored him completely, and kept checking. She then bent him over her lap, tail in the air, and lifted his skirt to his head.

“I’M CWEAN!” He shouted as she checked him for messes. Surely he would know if THAT happened. And really, he had wet himself, but that was an entirely different matter.

She then patted the back of his diaper in a congratulatory manner and sat him back down on her lap. “Good baby!” she said. “You kept them clean! That’s so wonderful, your mommy will be proud.” She sounded genuinely surprised.

“I don need em! And I coulda told oo I was dwy!” he whined, shocked at how childish the words seemed.

“Uh huh,” she laughed. “Suuuurrreee. I’m sure your little accident outside proves that. You’re cute little one, but if I can’t trust you not to wet yourself in public, I can’t exactly trust you to know when you have, can I? If you could do it yourself you wouldn’t need them. Don’t try to hide your widdle accidents.”

Jack cringed, the absurd logic seemingly all too convincing in his state, and even reminding him of his own earlier thoughts. It brought him down, seemingly proving further that he was just a baby, incapable of stopping himself from soaking his diaper.

The doorbell rang again.

“Now now, that’s enough didly daddling. Your mommy said she’d wait at the door, but she is getting impatient. Now, march!” She stood him on his feed and started patting his bum to encourage him forward. He did as he was told. He hung his head low, all attempts at pride gone as he waddled as best as his ridiculously thick diapers would allow. The strange girl kept time with continues pats to his thickly padded rear, each one bringing his mind right back to his diapered state and reinforcing how far he had fallen.

Finally they reached the door. Susie unlocked it, turned the doorknob, and opened it up. Jack closed his eyes and tried to imagine he was somewhere else, dreading how Steph might react. Laughter? Anger? Condemnation?

To his surprise, none of that happened. He opened his eyes to see Steph and Susie greeting each other, hugging and laughing. They seemed to completely ignore him, as if him standing there in a diaper and a dress was the most normal thing in the world and not even worth commenting on. This somehow made it worse. If she had been surprised, it would be because she didn’t think he needed this. With her treating it like it was normal and talking as if he wasn’t there, he felt all the more like a child.

“And hows my cute little baby?” he heard her say. She turned her attention to him, placing a hand on each of his cheeks.

“Did you have a good day? Were you a good baby for Auntie Susie?” she asked.

“Uh huh, and wes” Jack replied. Was she in on this? He thought.

“Good girl,” she responded, patting his diaper. Next she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you little one. Mommy missed you.” Though he was embarrassed by being talked to like a child, the feeling of her arms around him comforted him, making him feel small and protected. He was surprised to find he liked the feeling, in a way.

“I wuv oo and missed oo too Steph,” he replied.

She backed up and looked at him with wide eyes. “Steph? Is that my name now? Tut tut little one, say it right,” she waggled a finger in front of his face, then pressed it against the tip of his nose.

“I wuv oo mommy,” he said, eyes downcast.

“Good baby,” she said. “Now let’s see if you managed to keep your pampies clean.” With that, she bent down on her knees and lifted his skirt up. Much like Susie earlier, she began patting the padding and opening the top up. Susie watched smiling, seemingly to amused at the scene and Jack’s noticeable embarrassment to correct her or mention that she had just done the same thing.

When she was done, Steph stood up smiling. “Well done!” she said, giving him a big kiss on the check. “You kept them clean! Good baby!” She patted the back of his diaper hard.

“Tank oo mommy,” Jack mumbled. Though he hated to admit it to himself, he had felt a swell of strange pride at having his diapers pronounced clean, and the pat on his diaper really had made him feel better. He quickly squelched the feelings as fast as he could. This wasn’t normal, he told himself. There was no way he’d wet himself, of course he’d be dry.

As if to directly contradict his thoughts, Susie chimed in. “We will see how long that will last,” she laughed.

“Well, yes, of course, but it’s alright to let them feel good about themselves for these little things. Even if it really is just a matter of time until she needs a change anyway, congratulating a baby about staying clean makes them happy and will help with future potty training.”

Jack gulped at the mention of potty training. How long were they planning on keeping him like this? She couldn’t be serious. He tried to say exactly that, but found he was ignored and rode over by the two ‘older’ women.

“I guess so,” Susie was saying. “Though it is kind of silly. She is only dry because she already wet herself earlier, and it’s not like it was due to her abilities. She is going to be wet and messy again.”

“Yes, yes, I know. But I like to see my widdle baby smile!” Steph pinched his cheek and wiggled it around. She then turned back to Susie. “So, was she a good girl for you? Give you any trouble?”

Jack groaned inwardly. She had asked him the same thing, then didn’t even care about what he said. She was just humoring him and didn’t believe he could answer, as if she really did think of him as a child who needed a baby sitter. Now they kept talking about him as if he wasn’t even there, not bothering to acknowledge his input or even that show they realized he could understand them. Strangely enough, however, the feelings of being taken care of, and that they really did know what was best for him even if he didn’t, made him feel relaxed and happy in a way he hadn’t in a long, long time. It brought him back to his childhood, where everything was taken care of, and he never had to worry about anything because his parents would always be there. He… No, he thought. He wouldn’t go there. He quickly blocked the thoughts from his head.

“Well, I can’t say she was always a good girl. We did have one little issue earlier,” Susie was saying.

Oh no, Jack thought. What was she going to tell her? Didn’t she say she wouldn’t mention the dress?

“Uh oh,” Steph said. “What happened?”

"I’m afraid I’ll have to show you. All I can say is there is a reason he is in a new dress.

“Tsk,” Steph said with a sharp smack to his bottom that made him jump. “I think I can guess. Let’s see the damage.”

Susie led them upstairs, with Steph now the one pulling Jack along by the hand. He wanted to walk slower, knowing full well that things could only get worse once he got there. However, Steph pulled him along as easily as Susie had, and soon he was standing in the nursery again with his head low, dreading what was about to happen.

“Now,” Susie said, “I am not going to tell you or explain it right away, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show you.” Jack glared at her, realizing how literally she was taking her promises.

He cringed and averted his eyes as Susie walked over to the pile of discarded clothes on the ground and picked them up for Steph to see. The fine long dress and panties hung mockingly in front of him, massive wet stains visible on both.

“OH! Is that?!…” Steph seemed to shocked for words, then spanked Jack hard. “What is that? Explain yourself, you naughty little girl.”

“I….umm” Jack responded, too embarrassed for words.

“Now you listen, little Ms. Potty Pants. I think anyone can tell EXACTLY what happened to my dress, and who is responsible. But if I don’t hear it coming out of your mouth, then I am going to grab a bar of soap and rinse the naughtiness right out of it.” Jack suddenly realized what that threat had meant earlier. The thought made him gag. “So, I am going to count to three, and when I’m done, you’d better have a REAL explanation. One…”

Jack, dreading the count, began to explain it. “Aundie Susi sen me to goes ge tea,” he said. “I gots a cwamp an fel likes I had to go, but didn wanna come back witout ta tea. So I twipped an fel myself wet.”

“So you pissed yourself like a little baby right in public, didn’t you?” she asked.

He nodded. “Wes Mommy,” he said.

“And just this morning you were trying to tell me you were a big girl, and now you’re helplessly wetting yourself in front of others? And you used to think you didn’t belong in diapers?”

“Uh huh.” He didn’t dare point out that she wet herself at night as well, or that she herself was still thickly diapered.

“And you’ve gone and ruined one of my favourite dresses. I’m going to have to get that dry cleaned, you know. And I bet you know exactly who is going to bring it in and explain what happened, and what that person will be wearing when she does, don’t you?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good. Now, just in case you ever decide to think of yourself as a big girl again, I’m going to give you a stern lesson. Come here.”

She grabbed Jack’s hand and dragged him toward the crib. Jack was startled, and terrified at what she might mean, but followed meekly. Once there, she sat down and pulled Jack over her knees with his bottom facing up, much like Susie had. At first he thought he was getting checked again, but the far more painful answer came within moments.

SMACK! The first blow to his diapered bottom landed loudly, making him jump and squeal, and the first real punishment spanking he had gotten since he was a child began. 'You are a bad, bad baby," she said as she rained spanks down on his bum and legs. SMACK SMACK SMACK! It continued, each spank causing more and more pain to his padded rear and thighs. He struggled at first, but quickly gave up when he realized how pointless it was. He hadn’t felt so helpless, so utterly in the control of another since he was a child. Here he was, diapered, dressed and humiliated, and getting a spanking for misbehaving and publically wetting himself, and he had no way at all to fight back. It really was as if he was only a baby. He began to feel tears form in his eyes.

The spanking ended after eventually, leaving him sniffling, sore, and whining. Steph made him stand up on his feet, then began checking his diaper again. He sighed, patiently waiting for this next humiliation to end.

It didn’t end the way he expected, however. "Tsk tsk, she said. “Soaked. You really did a number on your huggies, diaper girl. You really are a diaper girl, aren’t you? I don’t think you’ll be finding your way out of your pampie-wampies for a long, looong time.”

“WHA!?” Jack shouted in shock. It couldn’t be… but as he felt her press the padding against him, he knew it was true.
It was too much. It really was. The pain, the humiliating outfits, the fact he had wet himself… it was too much. He began to cry loudly, bawling like a baby.

“Awww, poor widdle baby,” Susie said, laughing.

“Oh, don’t cry Ms. Potty Pants. This is what we would expect from you. Now, we will finish your punishment, then get you changed into a clean diapie, ok?”

Jack nodded sadly. Steph took his hand and lead him to the corner of the room, where he just noticed there was a mat. The mat had the words ‘bad baby’ on it, with an arrow pointing into the corner where he was made to stand. A second sign labelled the entire area the “naughty corner.” Finally, Steph showed him a paper that read “naughty baby,” and another with a description of his crimes. She had him hold his skirt up, exposing his diaper and bright red thighs, and tape the signs to his back and his padding. She then left him, still holding up his skirt, to suck his pacifier, cuddle his bunny, and think about what he had done.

She returned after what would have seemed like hours and came up behind him.

“How are you feeling widdle baby potty pants?” she asked.

“Mpphhh,” he mumbled, not wanting to answer.

“Did you learn your lesson?”

“Wes mommy,” he nodded, still sniffling.

“Good.” With that, she turned him around and hugged him tightly. Almost instantly he broke down and began crying again, the events of the day having worn him down. She rocked him gently, softly tutting and kissing him. She sat down on the crib and pulled him into her lap, cradling and cuddling him close as she continued to rock him and scratch his back. “There there,” she said, “Its ok now. Mommies not going to let anything happen to her precious baby girl. You are a good, good baby.”

He hugged her tight, ignoring the pain in his bottom from sitting and the humiliation of the situation. He needed comfort, and nothing seemed more comforting then to be hugged tightly, kissed and rocked by someone he knew really loved him. He had never felt so safe and secure, so cared for, so unconditionally loved, in decades. He really did feel as if all his problems had gone away, that he’d be taken care of as long as he lived. To him, after all the stress of working, of trying to be responsible, of constantly trying to give an image of confidence and respectability, the sudden feeling that none of it mattered, that no matter what he did he’d be here in her arms was wonderful in a way he couldn’t describe. Even the punishments, the humiliations and the spankings, only came across as signs of love, that someone who really knew what was best did it for his own good. In her control, when she could do anything he needed to him, even embarrass him, even spank him, even put him in diapers, he would be fine.

The rocking stopped as he stopped crying, and he looked up at her.

“All better now?” she asked, and he nodded.

“Good. Want a diapie change smelly girl?”

He giggled to hear that name used against him, and nodded. With Suzie watching, she picked him up as if he were as light as a child and carried him to the changing table.

“Alright little girl, lets get these stinky diapoos off,” she said, laughing. She handed him another bottle of milk to suckle as she changed him, and carefully undid the tapes on his diaper.

Like he had to her, she took her time to emphasise each portion of the changing. “Ewww stinky baby!” she laughed as she opened the front panel to reveal the soaked interior, making him blush. She took away the pamper, wrapping it up carefully, and threw it away. She began wiping him down with baby wipes, the soothing coldness making him shudder.

He continued to drink the milk. It was surprisingly filling, making him feel as if he had eaten an entire meal. At the same time, it made him feel drowsy and his eye lids drooped down further and further. The excitement of the day made him weary, and the wonderful comfort of the last while left him more at ease then he had been in years. Why not just fall asleep here? He thought. He could picture it, getting powdered and diapered as he slept, then carried over to the bed, tucked in and softly kissed goodnight. Even if it was embarrassing, it made him smile.

When he was clean, she stopped and looked down at him with her hands on her hips. “Well little one!” she proclaimed. “All clean, and smelling much better I must say. Wonder how long it will last?” She giggled. “Now, since it seems SOMEONE is going to go beddie bies soon, I think we should get your night time diapies, don’t you?”

He smiled and nodded, and she reached down and took another diaper out. This one was much like the previous, but thicker, and with animals on it rather than the stars and bottles.

“See?” she said “the cute little animals have diapers on, just like you. They’re babies too!” She ruffled his hair.

She opened the diaper up in front of him. Jack was still embarrassed to see it, and to think that soon it would be on him. However, he knew there was nothing he could do, and though it embarrassed him even more, he didn’t really mind. He had seen Steph in her diapers more then enough to stop thinking of them as strange anyway, and he liked being taken care of.

She grabbed his ankles and lifted his behind easily, then placed the diaper underneath him. She put an extra pad on it, adding to the bulk, then lowered him down on it. Part of him still cringed inside, embarrassed at the thought of his wife diapering him like an infant. However, he was willing to ignore it for now. Let her have her game, he thought. She raised the diaper up between his legs, lowered it and tapped it own. He wiggled around a bit, luxuriating in the soft padding, more comfortable and cozy then he was willing to admit.

She had him sit up, and took his dress, socks and slippers off. Susie handed her a pair of pink footed pyjamas, which she pulled over both his legs, raised over his shoulders, and buttoned up. They were decorated with flowers similar to the dress, and like everything else here it seemed, had “Baby Girl” written across the front. They really would never let him that label, he guessed.

Once he was dressed, Steph picked him up, carried him to the crib, and sat him in her lap again. She began rocking him soothingly and bounced him up and down.

“I supposed my special little baby would like to know what happened?” she asked. He nodded vigorously.

Susie spoke up. “In case you hadn’t guessed, little one, I’m no ordinary girl. I’ve been studying the art of magic since I was a child. Hehe, like you,” she laughed.

Jack looked at her, not sure if he believed her. Certainly what had happened today did seem like magic. Her getting in randomly, his wetting himself, not being able to fight back, the sudden appearance of the nursery… Steph nodded. “It is a genetic ability, but some aren’t able to learn it. She was, I wasn’t. So, she used a few choice spells to teach you a lesson. Do you know what that lesson is?”

Jack stared at her surprised, then nodded. He still didn’t know if he believed it all. He supposed there was always a possible explanation. She had a key, which made sense because Steph had to be let in later, so something must have happened to hers. He had been given some kind of muscle relaxant, perhaps in his breakfast, which made him weaker and with less control of his bladder. He didn’t check the spare bedroom often, and it could have been changed at any point while he was gone, then just left for him to assume Susie had somehow managed it in the few minutes it took to get to the store. Suggestion could take care of the rest. It was all possible, he supposed, and he didn’t know which was more likely.

“Hahah of course you do baby girl, but maybe, just maybe, we should explain it anyway. You think, Cous
?” Susie rolled her eyes, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

“Alright little one,” Stephanie said in a patronizing tone, “I’m sure such a clever little girl can figure it out, but I will just in case, ok?” She continued without giving him the chance to speak. “I’m afraid you’ve been a naughty little girl a lot recently. Teasing your mommy, making fun of medical problems she can’t control, acting all superior… karma was going to get you, I told you. Mommy can’t let her baby keep acting up, even if it is fun sometimes. It’s my job to teach my baby how to behave, isn’t it?”

Jack nodded sadly, and she continued.

“Now it’s not all bad. Mommy didn’t mind the widdle baby girl changing her, and some of the teasing was fun. But we were afraid you were getting it into your head that you should always do that, and that’s a big no no. Anyway, Mommy wanted the baby to know how it felt, and that you couldn’t just do whatever you wanted without a response. Even if she enjoyed it sometimes, she had to do something on principle, understand?”

Jack nodded.

“It’s for your own good anyway. So no the baby knows Mommy can diaper her any time she wants, just as easily as she did to Mommy this morning. I hope the baby won’t be so bratty in the future. But it isn’t all bad, and I did have fun, so the baby doesn’t need to be punished anymore, and the spell is ending. So Mommy is going to put you to bed, and let you decide if you want to stay a baby tomorrow, ok? What do you think.”

He looked up at her, then down at his stuffed rabbit. It really was cute, he decided. He felt the silky fur along its back, and squeezed it close. It reminded him of the stuffed animals he had as a child. He remembered when he had grown too old for them, and slowly got rid or lost track of them. He remembered being scolded once for asking for a new one, and told he shouldn’t want them. He thought back further, back to when it didn’t matter, when he could play with all the toys he wanted and no one would tell him not to, or that he was too old. At the time, he felt his eye lids get heavy, the comforting memories relaxing him.

“I don no mommy,” he said drowsily. “Can I’s decide tomowow?”

Steph laughed. “Alright little one. Sleep on it. We will talk tomorrow.”

She leaned back, resting him against her chest and lowering him until she cradled him. She began to rock him gently, kissing him as she did. He suckled his pacifier, letting the soothing feeling fill him. He squeezed the rabbit, feeling its softness. He felt the smooth padding of the diaper wrapped around him, like a cushion press up against his skin. He almost moaned at the warm silkiness of onesie. He felt the love of the arms around him and the repetitive motion of being rocked. He felt himself relax further, going back to a time when he didn’t have a care in the world.

He didn’t even notice when he was tucked in.