A Lesson in Kittencare

“You wished to speak with me?” Chatnoir, a small cat, asks. Currently, a teacher’s aide at Great Nature, a great learning institute on their planet Cray, had been summoned by a higher up. Isabelle, known as the ‘Holy Great Sage of Black Shadows’, barely looks up from the papers she’s grading. She glances at Chatnoir, cracking a small smile.

“Ah yes, do come in Chatnoir.” Isabelle, a pink fox with five tails in a regal robe, instructs. Black tendrils from Isabelle’s hind paws drag a chair to her desk. The cat hopped in the chair, tiddling her claws. Chatnoir had only been a teacher’s aide at Great Nature for only twenty years, what could someone like Isabelle want with her?

“Nervous?” Isabelle asks. Chatnoir opened her mouth, stammering to form sentences. To save face, she simply nods. Isabelle chuckled, “Don’t be. Understand that I summoned you because I need a favor.”

“Fa-fa-favor?!” Chatnoir gasps. If this was true, the cat might go from a teacher’s aide to an actual professor because of this. Hell, she’ll even settle for the title of ‘Honorary Professor’. Isabelle nodded and Chatnoir’s eyes widen. Coughing into a paw, Isabelle stood up and turned her back to Chatnoir.

“Yes, a favor. Due to a staffing issue, I’m teaching a class and I will require your…assistance. As compensation for your assistance, I’ll, personally, pay you to triple your yearly salary,” Isabelle offered.

There was a moment of silence between them. Anyone would happily accept such an offer. With the money, she could afford to stay on the university’s grounds for quite some time. As well as the cavalcade of books and knowledge she’d have at her disposal. Best of all, if she performed well enough, there might be a letter of recommendation awaiting her.

Say farewell Teacher’s Aide: Chatnoir! Hello, Professor Chatnoir. Chatnoir marvels at the thought. ‘Professor Chatnoir’, she loved the idea. Purring at the thought, Isabelle nodded. Without words, she knew Chatnoir would accept. Although Isabelle scratched a side of her head.

After all, Chatnoir didn’t know why the offer was so high.

Sighing, she plopped an odd-looking bag onto her desk. A few things were sticking out, things Chatnoir hadn’t seen in years. A baby bottle in one holster and a canister of powder in another holster. Was this a diaper bag? The sight of this made her blink.

“It’s a parenthood class. We’re gonna be recording in a mock nursery setting for future reference. We’ll be running through the basics of infant care: changings, feedings, and what crying can mean. If you feel uncomfortable, I can always find someone else to fill in the position,” Isabelle explained. Chatnoir, reasonably so, held her head down in embarrassment. Perhaps it would’ve been better to ask what the course was about.

Regardless of her dignity, she had to accept this. The benefits outweighed the price of humiliation. Besides, the recording will be updated once new childcare methods are discovered. So, the recording might last for about a year or so, hopefully.

“N-no! I still want to do it,” Chatnoir responded while blushing. The worst part of this is the thought of her superior seeing her nether region felt dirty. She shook the thought out of her head. This humiliating task will serve as a stepping stone for her career.

“Good, now I’ll meet you in room N-37 in one hour, don’t be late,” Isabelle instructs.


Forty-five minutes later, Chatnoir arrived at room N-37. Though Isabelle said an hour, showing up early never hurt. Peeking inside, she shudders at the sight of Isabelle’s breasts. Even in her old age, her breasts are still as perky and voluptuous as if she were still a young fox maiden. Many would dream of getting so close to breasts that beautiful.

We’ll be running through the basics of infant care: changings, feedings…

If they were to include feedings, it would have to involve breastfeeding. Without realizing it, she licked her lips. Just the thought of snacking on those nips, even if they weren’t lactating was arousing to some. The feline, Chatnoir, was one of them. Had Isabelle not met eyes with her, she might’ve pleasured herself.

Something Isabelle wasn’t interested in seeing, “You’re here…early.”

Chatnoir blushes, bowing to her superior, “For-forgive me, O’ Holy Great Sage, I just thought that it’d be-”

Isabelle, putting on a top designed for ease of breastfeeding, laughed at her assistant. Sheepishly laughing herself, Chatnoir slowly entered the room. Isabelle patted the changing table next to her, head nudging towards a few floating orbs.

“This recording will be purely visual, nothing we say will be recorded. A few students interested in video editing will handle the rest,” Isabelle explains. The floating orbs scurry to the four quarters of the changing table. Chatnoir blinked at their location. Far enough for none to see the fox except for her arms, but close enough for the cat to be full display.

“Isn’t the positioning just a tad bit off?” Chatnoir asked.

“Nope, I believe this to be fine. Now hurry along before I find someone else to record with,” she responded. The mere thought of not getting paid made Chatnoir leaped onto the changing table. Laying with her stomach exposed, Isabelle brought a strap around her assistant’s stomach.

A red tint from the orbs informs them they’re recording. Isabelle flaunts a light pink pamper to the orbs with one paw, lifting Chatnoir’s legs with the other. Sliding it underneath, she unfolds the diaper flaps and gently slides it underneath the cat’s rear.

“So…why me?” Chatnoir asked. Isabelle, keeping a smile for the cameras, wiped to the cat’s rear.

“Size difference. Comparably, I could adopt a kitten your size and claim her my daughter,” Isabelle responds. Chatnoir’s ears perked up at those words. Would she actually adopt the cat and make her do this full-time? The thought was…arousing? Face redden, she fought the desire to purr from Isabelle’s wiping.

Her paws were rubbing the feline’s clit. Looking into her superior’s eyes said more than words could. Chatnoir bit her lip, continuing her effort to ignore the stimuli. She wiggles and moves from the fox’s paws. Isabelle’s smile wavered at this, moving her paw away.

Discarding the wipe, she sprinkled powder over Chatnoir’s rear. Chatnoir tilted her head. Other than sprinkling a bit more powder around her crotch, her superior made no attempts to arouse her. Unceremoniously, the diaper is taped around her waist followed by a few crouch pats. The red tint from the orbs dim, indicating this part of the recording done.

Sitting up, Chatnoir stretched her legs a bit. The padding wasn’t thick but, definitely not thin. If she walks, she’ll have a cute waddle as any good kitten should. Blushing, she forced that thought out of her head.

“Breast or bottle?”

“Huh?!” Chatnoir’s head and ears perk up.

“Next section is feeding. Which do you prefer to be done?” Isabelle asks. If triple her yearly salary wasn’t her reward, she’d dash right through that door. The thought of her superior breastfeeding her was a humiliating one. Arousing too but humiliating all the same. Even so, for the good of her future students and her wallet, restraint must be shown.

“Bottle,” Chatnoir answered.

After retrieving a bottle from under the changing table, she sats in a rocking chair. The orbs surround them, the red tint returns. Now humming softly, she eased the bottle into Chatnoir’s lips.

She initially made a face. It was awkward to nurse on a bottle for obvious reasons. Fortunately for her, nursing became easier. Between Isabelle’s rocking, her petting, and constant cooing, it became easier for the cat to lull back to when she was a kitten.

She certainly felt like one.

The content in the bottle was sweet and creamy. She’d have to give compliments to whoever’s milk this was. The kitchen staff certainly – Chatnoir nearly chokes on her bottle. Isabelle chuckles as if saying ‘Your kind thoughts are appreciated.’ Wait – her superior was lactating? Was she pregnant? If so, she had an odd way of announcing it.

Somewhere along the line, Chatnoir’s eyelids became heavy and she slowly fell asleep.

An hour or so later, she wakes up in a crib. In one paw she had a freshly finished bottle, the other held a Leopald plushie. Towering over her is Isabelle, smugly smiling at her kitten.

“Such a cute idiot.”


“You. You are a cute idiot,” Isabelle snapped her digits. Two of the orbs emits lights, acting as a screen, displaying Chatnoir’s diaper change. Showing off Chatnoir’s heated face in particular. “Look at you, almost getting off to a diaper change. What kind of freak are you?”


“Ah ah ah! Don’t even bother lying to me. I could see it written across your face. Thinking ‘I’ll get to suck on my superior’s breasts’ and ‘it so much fun to wear diapers.’ Can’t believe I wasted my time on you!”

“Wait – I can explain!” Chatnoir cried. A pacifier is swiftly popped into her muzzle, effectively silencing her. Isabelle’s smile faded, replaced only with seething disdain for her assistant.

“Kittens speak when the adults are done talking. Did you honestly think that I was going to pay you? Earlier was a test! I wanted to test your integrity and work ethic. Over money, you’re willing to humiliate yourself! If money is all you care about, you aren’t fit to be an educator!” Isabelle scowls. Chatnoir, teary-eyed, hugged her plushie tightly. She pulled out her pacifier, resisting the urge to cry.

“Please give me another chance. I-” Again, Isabelle interrupts Chatnoir’s pleas.

“Save it. Effective immediately you are relieved of your teaching duties here at Great Nature. Though don’t worry, you aren’t gonna be homeless. You’ll be given a purpose as a test baby,” Isabelle announced as shadows converge around them. Chatnoir pushed her pacifier back in, hugging her plushie and sucking her paci for comfort.

“Pwease dow’t do twis!” She cried. Isabelle shook her head. Chatnoir was an embarrassment to Great Nature. After this, her time at the university would be expunged from their records. Even so, Chatnoir’s needs will be taken care of. She’ll be fed, changed, and babied every day.

Just as the cat wanted.

The darkness that converged around them condensed into Isabelle’s paws. Turned pitch black, the room darkens. Chatnoir cowers beneath the crib’s blankets.

“Don’t fret little kitten, this won’t hurt a bit. You won’t even remember this conversation. You’ll just be a happy kitten, a perfect practice baby for our students,” Isabelle whispers.

Due to Chatnoir’s greed, she’s about to lose everything and more. She’ll lose her job. She’ll lose the respect of students and faculty. Worst of all, she’ll lose every bit of her personality. When Isabelle’s done, there will be nothing left.

The weight and reality of this left Chatnoir a sobbing mess. When her cries reached the fox’s eyes, the shadows she’d gathered disappear immediately. The room brightens and the orbs resume recording.

Carefully, Isabelle removed the covers to see her assistant bawling her eyes out. Inwardly, the fox wanted to kick herself. She hadn’t intended to scare Chatnoir that harshly. Get her to cry, sure. Not like that though.

I’ll have to tone it down next time, she thought. Naturally, Chatnoir evades and squirms away from Isabelle. Although in a crib with bars too thin for her to slide through, she wasn’t sure how she’d escape. Just as long as she got away from this scary fox.

It took some effort, twenty minutes to be exact before Isabelle had Chatnoir in her paws. Bouncing slightly, she rests Chatnoir’s head against her chest. The cat was still crying, though Isabelle’s steady heartbeat softens her sobs.

“Don’t worry. You’re not fired, and I won’t make you a practice baby.”

“Weally?” Chatnoir asked.

“Really. Remember I needed you to cry and figured this would be the best way of going about it,” Isabelle responded. Chatnoir’s sobs slowly end, though she does sniffle for a short bit. In this moment of calmness, a foul odor hits both their noses.

During Isabelle’s intense moment, Chatnoir had messed herself. The cat’s face burned with blush once more. She wasn’t sure how many times she’d embarrassed herself in these recordings.

Isabelle walked to the changing table, buckling Chatnoir back in. Slapping her own forehead, she scurries over to retrieve the Leopald plushie. As Isabelle changes Chatnoir’s diaper, the cat, childishly, plays with her toy. When it was finished, the orbs were deactivated. Along with it, Isabelle plucks out Chatnoir’s pacifier.

“I appreciate your services. You can expect your payment on payday.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this…strange task.” Chatnoir unbuckles herself and leaps onto the floor. Waddling to the door, neither addressed the diaper she’s wearing.

“If you wish, we can make this a thing we do on occasion. Trust me, once you’re teaching for as long as I have, you’ll need stress relief,” Isabelle proposes. Chatnoir shifted her gaze between her plushie and diaper. Ignoring Isabelle’s pretend threat, it was a fun experience.

Besides, Chatnoir’s eyes lock on Isabelle’s chest, “We can discuss that at a later time. However, I do believe we’re short a feeding method.”

“Ha-ha seems we have,” Isabelle gets on one knee with her paws extended. “Now come to mama, kitten.”

A couple things.
First, furry isn’t really my cup of tea, so take that as you will. I’ll just comment on the writing itself.
It’s not bad by any means, at least not overall. The most glaring issues I think you should address are simply verb tenses, you switch between past and present tense quite a bit. It does hurt the readability.

The other issue is that even for a vignette, it kinda dumps some relationships and implications of ability, status, and history, all without letting those aspects show their effect naturally. Now, this ties into my question, which may clear up a few things.

You put this in fanfiction so: is it really fanfiction of an existing original work?
If it is, that probably explains some of what I don’t grasp about these characters.
If it’s not, my above criticisms remain, and I’m going to move this out of the #stories:fanfiction category.

It is fanfiction. Chatnoir and Isabelle are cards from Cardfight Vanguard.

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