A Knight's Journey

Hello all! I’ve been lurking here and reading for the past few days and decided to contribute with a story of my own. I’m super excited to get it out, with it being my first ever story and all. If anyone notices any mistakes or contradictions let me know! I’m still learning how to actually write out my stories properly. :yum: This is going to be mostly sfw, nothing overtly sexual anyways, so if that’s what you’re looking for you must seek elsewhere!

I’ll try to update this regularly, I already have most of it thought out, I just need to get it written. I’m not the best with tags, so if you can think of any I should add lmk.

CH 1: Strange Dreams

Shawn has a good life. He has everything he could want, a well paying job, a beautiful girlfriend, even his own apartment they shared.

So why’s something so off?

He couldn’t even begin to imagine why he wasn’t happy. Everything was perfect! His lady love, Kina, was making plenty of bank with a steady job of her own so they could afford just about anything they wanted. They’d traveled to other countries and enjoyed all the sights and wonders they held. He spent his free time making little figurines of various medieval-themed characters, a passion of his. In all aspects, he really was living his dream life.

Something was just off.

Then, on a night that was extraordinarily normal, something happened.

He had come home from work just like any other day, spending the evening with Kina, playing video games and watching movies. Around the ever so late hour of midnight, they decided to turn in, they both had work the next day after all. Settled and comfortable, it didn’t take him long to fall asleep. Slipping into a deep slumber, he started to dream.

“Shawn hun, it’s time to get up!” The curtains were opened with a flourish, the morning light filling the room with it’s warm glow. He stirred before opening his eyes, rubbing at the sleep that still tugged them. The first thing he noticed was the mobile, lazily hanging above him, the unicorns and dragons drifting about. With a big stretch, he pushed himself into a sitting position, feeling an uncomfortable damp towards his rump. Looking down, he realized he was wearing a rather bulky diaper, complete with a purple star and moon pattern. Plus an unmistakable yellow stain.

“I hate to wake you with such haste, but Sir Hopps has received a new quest for us. The queen has heard of a beast nearing the southern border, making everyone she comes across absolutely miserable! We should try and set out right away, we can’t let her get to any of the villages lest she hurt anyone else.” He looked up to lock eyes with a large bi-pedal white rabbit, her deep purple eyes alight with concern, complemented by the lacy lavender bows that held her ears back. He looked at her through baby blue bars, something he quickly realized was a crib. The oddity of the situation seemingly lost on him as he got to his knees.

“A beast? Here? Beli we haven’t heard hide or tail of anything remotely dangerous in moons! Are you sure that’s what’s out there?” Dropping something as he spoke, he looked to see a bright red pacifier attached to a clip. Beli reached over and unlocked the crib, lowering the bars with grace that preceded her before turning and heading towards what could only be a changing table.

“I’m afraid so. It’s black fog has seeped into the village of Angel Lake. An apparent sign of it’s approach. Now we mustn’t hesitate, let’s get you changed and go discuss this with Hopps.”

After a quick change, they walked down a hallway to a room with a large circular table in it’s center. Behind it, a much smaller brown-spotted rabbit wearing a gold bowtie paced feverishly, his eyes locked onto a scroll of parchment.

“Good, Shawn you’re up! We have to hurry, there’s been sightings of a-”

“Beli already told me what’s out there. If it’s true we have no time to waste! Let’s gather our gear and set out as soon as possible!”

He stood outside of their cottage dressed in a red shirt and overalls, which did little to hide the bulk of his diaper underneath. On his back he had a red and blue foam sword sheathed in fabric and a plastic shield bearing a strange mark in silver. He tapped his foot impatiently, they needed to gain as much ground as possible on that beast, what was taking them so long?

As if to answer, the door swung open and Sir Hopps bounded out with his staff in tow, a long handled rattle with colored balls inside, clacking around as he hurried outside. Beli followed, a large bag slung over her shoulder, her trusty diaper bag. It held everything they could need, from clean diapers to snacks. She calmly closed and locked the door before stepping down to join them on the path.

“Alright, we should start for Angel Lake as quickly as possible! If we travel through the rest of The Golden Oak Woods we should end up on The Starfeilds, it won’t be a long trek fro-!” Something collided with him, knocking him to the ground with a cushy thud. He was overwhelmed by the smell of baby powder as a large dragoness tackled him with a hug.

“Powder! You scared the daylight out of me! Haven’t I told you not to sneak up on me like that?” With a huff he returned the hug. Satisfied the dragon hopped off of him, smiling at him and wagging her tail rapidly. Her white scales glittered in the sunlight, almost as if she was made of fairy dust.

“Ah, right on time Powder! Let’s set out immediately, would you mind carrying my bag?” Beli walked up to the dragoness and gave her head a few pats. In turn, Powder nodded, letting Beli strap the bag on her like a satchel. Her tiny wings poked up between the straps with a puff of dust. Shawn stood, wiping the dirt off his overalls before looking around at his friends. He had his whole team here, and they could do anything if they stuck together.

“Are we ready yet? That beast won’t wait all day!” Sir Hopps started down the path in front of them, leading into the woods. Beli followed, humming a tune to herself. Powder circled around Shawn, looking at him with excitement before turning and bounding after the others. He looked back at their cozy cottage, the colorful leaves drifting past in the wind. With a nod to himself, he followed his friends.

As they neared the entrance of the woods, Hopps was chattering about all the possible dangers they could face in there, smugly boasting that they’d all be safe with him. Beli seemed concerned, fussing over all the possibilities awaiting them. Shawn stopped and gazed at the large oak trees. This was it. A new quest to tackle. He was ready, he’d always been ready. That beast didn’t know what was coming for it. He took a deep breath……

And woke up.


Interesting and good start. I wonder where you decide to take the story from here.

Good start! I was wondering why he was taking all the AB things so casually if he wasn’t expecting them, the last part makes sense :slight_smile: