A Diaper In The Office? - Part Two

Fiona was driving home, stuck on the highway, in the evening rush. She had to improvise, and is now rather wet as a result. The traffic started to shift, and she finally got moving. She remembered that she had to stop at the store for dinner, amongst other things.

Having parked the car, she made straight for the restrooms. She had a look, and far from the diaper actually leaking, it looked like it was still ready for more. About half of the print on the outside had came off, but the remainder was still there. Her skirt wasn’t wet. In other words, there was little to say this young lady was wearing a diaper, aside from a slight bulge. Her long, free flowing skirt, was able to cover this, and down to her knees, for safety. She thought to herself how glad she was that she’d not gone for a short one today. She flushed the toilet (out of habit rather than anything else) before leaving and letting the next customer in.

She needed something for dinner, as well as to replace the one that she had already borrowed from her workplace. The store was fairly large, so she hoped that finding them would be easy enough. In the car, she’d had visions of herself, this young, confident, qualified woman, asking a man where the adult diapers were. In reality, she’d already spotted all that she needed, on the way in.

Firstly, she went back to the items that she had noticed before. Firstly, two different packs of pads into the basket, then remembered that she probably had to replace the diaper too. Naturally, the adult diapers did not come in singles, just 24’s. Mind you, the alternative would lose pride, respect, and quite a bit of money. She had a look at them, and noted the various colours. The one that she had was a green one, marked with Size L. There were also a purple XL (Extra Large), blue was Medium, and yellow for Small. There were also patterned ones, which turned out to be white with the colour on it, for a Plus, presumably for extra absorbency or something. She was, after all, no expert in the field, but it was rather easy to spot what she had on, and what was in that bag. She took a moment to think briefly, but it was then that her tummy started to growl.

She headed for the chiller, and decided to have something lazy. In passing the wine, she decided to add a bottle of rose and a light white to the basket, before proceeding to add a Mac & Cheese for the oven, together with a garlic cibatta bread, and a tiramisu. That seemed to be about it, a lot more than she had intended to come in for! She lifted the basket containing the Mac & Cheese, garlic bread, tiramisu, two bottles of wine, adult diapers, pads, onto the counter. Once this had been done, the clerk started scanning the goods, and Fiona started packing. Suddenly, the voice from behind the counter asked “How old are you?” Now, as Fiona is unusually diapered, she panicked a little at this question. "Erm… 22, why?

The lady behind the counter smiled, and held up the two bottles of wine, before asking for proof of age. In her mind, Fiona was relieved that this was not a diaper related observation occurring. She looked in her purse, past the folded bag, and pulled out her Drivers Licence. After handing this over, the lady smiled back and said “Thanks, I just needed to check… it’s the law”. After a surprisingly relaxed moment, she thought to herself “Well, how old do you need to be in diapers… old or young”? She gave up thinking for now, just as the clerk asked for payment. She collected her change, and returned to the car.

It wasn’t far from the car, and she was ready for this day to be over. Aside from the oddities, she did get on rather well at work. She sat and thought about the analysis the boss had asked her to do earlier in the day. She started it in the morning, and got it finished in time to leave a little early, of course. She thought about the other tasks she had done, but returned her mind to the task of the drive home.

It was close to 7pm when she finally got into her flat. She put the car keys down on the table inside the door, and proceeded to the kitchen. She started unpacking her groceries, and thought about what she had just purchased. She stood and looked at the packing for several minutes, not quite believing it. She replaced the diapers, and pads, back in the bag, and left them beside her purse to replace at work the next day. She kind of hoped she was first in the next day.

After sliding down her skirt, she followed by taking off wet diaper. The first two tapes were kind of rushed, and the latter two more slowly, to make sure nothing spilt over. She placed it in the bathroom trashcan. It had been a hot day, and unusual on many fronts. She wondered to herself, even with putting two back where the first one came from, it’s still 22 to use up. Twenty-two adult diapers, for a 22-year-old woman who can never remember herself wetting the bed. She thought back and couldn’t remember having any accidents at school, but maybe when she was much younger, she thought. She thought to herself, no sense in wasting these. She thought to herself, I need something… might as well make the best use of them.

Unbuttoning down her blouse, arms up, and she slipped it off. Her bra quickly followed down to the ground, as she jumped in the shower for a quick clean up. She washed carefully around her groin, with an excess of perfumed soap to try and get rid of any possible smell of stale pee around there. She thought to herself, it’s just the dinner, the wine, and me. Who’s going to know if she tried them again? She’s got the night to herself, she could do it rather easily.

She stepped out of the shower, and wrapped her body up in soft cotton towels. Why was she so inquisitive about something she’s seen advertised before, but never even twigged to try something? Now, things were looking a little different for Fiona.

She went back over to the kitchen, turned on the oven, and started unwrapping dinner. She then uncorked the bottle, before filling a large wine glass with the white. The dinner went in, and she started sipping the wine. She went back to the large bag of diapers, and decided to give them a go. Even just herself. She took the towels off, and got into a pretty pink cotton nightdress that she’d already left out from the night before. She stepped apart, before taking the nightdress off to slide the diaper under her crotch. She backed up against the wall, so she could do up the tabs herself, before replacing the nightdress. She felt a little bit naughty, but nice at the same time.

The oven pinged to say that the food was ready, and she decided to take it all through to the bedroom on a tray. After finishing the bread and the mac & cheese, she finished the glass of wine, before pouring another. The more she felt a little bit dirty by it all, the more she was turned on by the prospect. She got up to get desert, but also brought back a litre of soda with her. She was starting to warm to the idea of being diapered for the evening, and maybe the night. She wondered, what happened if… then she remembered, all had gone well so far. She only hoped that it would continue.

After finishing desert, with yet more wine, she pushed it all away, and got on with the matter in hand – enjoying her evening. This time it would not be a movie, chatting to her friends, online shopping, or anything else. This would be her time, all alone in her diaper, and she was beginning to enjoy the experience. She began rubbing her hands over her body, all over, and smoothing over the crotch of her diaper several times. She began rubbing her crotch frantically, and decided that yes, she could enjoy this. If it was the wine talking, then she was oblivious to the fact. She liked the way it made her feel, and she was hurting nobody. In fact, she felt much better than she expected, under the circumstances. She began rubbing her legs together, and was enjoying the feeling so much.

She opened the bottle of soda, and filled up the wineglass. This promptly overflowed onto the lap tray! To clean up, she put her hand into the top drawer of her bedside cabinet, and picked out a box of tissues. Her hand returned the box to the drawer, and she found some of her vibrating toys. Unusually, without a moment’s hesitation, she took out one, and started using it up and down her body. She started using the buzzing end of it to go up and down the outside of her diaper. She felt so good, so unusually liberated. She soon collapsed into a heap on the bed.

The next Fiona knew, it was morning, and she woke up in a heap with a rather wet diaper on.

A Diaper In The Office? - Part Two

Interesting story, but why did she want to continue, other than the story line. Please expand on this, later

Re: A Diaper In The Office? - Part Two

Why did she go to the restroom if she had a diaper on?

Re: A Diaper In The Office? - Part Two

To check that it was not leaking, before she started shopping.

Rest of the story will answer the other questions :wink:

Re: A Diaper In The Office? - Part Two

Dessert, not desert. Otherwise not a bad story.