A Diaper In The Office? - Part Three

Fiona woke up suddenly, in a real daze. To begin with, she wasn’t entirely sure where she was, especially when looking towards the groin. She realised all too quickly, around the same time that she spotted the alarm clock showing 8:36! She’s normally up about 7am, to work from 9am, but not today, obviously. She had wanted to be the first in, but she’s had to settle for calling a cab. A very quick clean up all around, not forgetting to take the bag with her to replace the used items. She packed the bag carefully, covering it in several grocery bags, before the cab arrived.

As she proceeded to start looking at how she looked, and rescuing her face with make-up in the back of the car. The cab driver appeared to be the inquisitive sort. He spoke with a Canadian accent, and to be honest, she’d rather talk about him, than trying to explain what happened the night before. At this precise moment, she’d rather be back in bed, instead of trying to not tell a taxi driver about her night. She narrowed it down to a quiet night in, and with a bit of luck, the cab arrived at the offices soon after.

Fiona came into the office, and unusually was the last in. After settling down quietly at her desk, she popped off to the loo on the way for coffee. She settled with just putting the bag gown, and getting back out. One of the occasional helpers had just made coffee, and in the circumstances, she could do with some waking up. She attempted to get the calculator out, working around the numbers before entering them. It all made sense to her, even though she was just in. Or, so she thought.

After about an hour, Margaret called her to one side. She started by asking, “Fiona, how are you… you look tired, is something wrong?” How could she explain? She said “No, just slept in”. Margaret could tell something was wrong, and she tried to help, but didn’t want it blowing up in her face.

“Fiona, I’m only asking because I care… were you wearing a diaper yesterday?”

No matter how discrete Fiona had tried to be, it must have failed. She naturally suffered immediate panic before she remembered there had been a reason. “Well, kinda, had to… it was in the bag in the …” [as she pointed towards the Cleaners Cupboard].

The reaction from Margaret was the most interesting, as she was a little embarrassed, very quickly going red. “Was that all that was in that bag?”, she asked. Fiona nodded. “Well I’m sorry if that caused you any embarrassment. That’s one of mine that I left there. You see, I have to use those after something that happened when I was in labour with my first child. Since then, I’ve had to use those things all the time… although when I go into hospital, they usually try and put a tube into me, before realising that my problems aren’t just one sided, if you get my drift. Darling, why didn’t you come to me? I would have… was it when I had to go for that meeting yesterday?” Once again, Fiona just nodded. “I’m so sorry sweetie, just… how did you get on with them? They are rather big!”

Fiona couldn’t quite explain, but she was somewhat relieved. “Well, I wore it home, got some more to replace it from the store, and then…”

Just before Fiona explained further, Margaret remembered that Fiona had been late that morning. “Don’t worry, would you like to come to dinner with my family tomorrow night? We can talk about it all then”. Fiona quickly agreed, before they went for more coffee.

The day was otherwise a bit less hectic than the day just passed. Fiona did get a quick flick through the glossies when out for lunch, when an adult diaper ad popped up in the magazine. Typically, now that she’s seen one adult diaper, they’re everywhere! The afternoon was long and she could finally get home, shortly before 5pm. She’d missed the traffic coming in late that morning, but this time, she had to get home on public transit. That was easy enough to do, but it did give her some neutral space to think about Margaret’s offer of dinner the next night. She had wanted to spend more time with her colleagues out of work, and she thought this was such a good idea.

After stopping for a takeout on the way back to her flat, she stretched out flat on the couch. She thought to herself, who’s going to know if she has a go with another diaper?

She pulled out another diaper, sat herself on the bed, and rolled herself onto the flatted diaper. She wrapped around the sides, before fastening down the tapes. She got up for more soda, and begun watching the television. After the first half an hour, she felt the need to go pee real bad. She decided that this would be a good time to relax, let it all go, and she can see if there is really anything in her feelings. She relaxed, let go, and felt the warm flowing liquid filling the diaper. She then started fingering the front of the diaper. Fiona was surprised to find that this actually felt good to her. She started rubbing more vigorously, and decided to let go again.

She closed her eyes, let go, and expelled a deep breath from her chest. She could feel the diaper getting warm again, but this time, not just at the front. She stopped, turned around, and tried to check. She’d started to poop. She felt very naughty, and had her mind in two thoughts. Should she be happy, adult, playing around, exploring her body, even if it means entrapping bodily fluids, or should she feel embarrassed, upset, and unhappy? She decided that maybe this was something that she could enjoy, if all the circumstances were right. She stood up, looked at herself in the full-length mirror, down to where the diaper had faded print at the front. She decided to close her eyes, and let all loose. After all, she could clean up in the morning.

After a while, she sunk into bed. Before sleeping, she thought to herself about things. She thought back to when she was young, and her mother encouraging her to stay dry and clean. She remembered to the last few days, how it all came about by chance. She stuck her left hand into the bedside cabinet, and looked for something that went buzz. She felt too tired to do anything serious with it, but just rolled it down the outside of the wet diaper. Fiona then felt a very intense feeling, that she’d not had in a very long time. Whatever was exciting her had possibilities, she thought.

Just after 7am on Wednesday, and Fiona wakes up on time. She takes down the dirty diaper, carefully, and wraps it in the remaining grocery bags. The shower hosed all over her body, taking away the traces of the evening just gone. The serious adult in her had to happen for work, but then, the dy and the evening was yet to come.

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I think English isn’t your first language, but you write pretty well even so. With a little more practice you’ll be able to write very well, so keep it up! Etes-vous Quebequois ou Français? Si vous étes, vous peut écriter en anglais plus bon de je peux écriter en français.

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No wonder I’m a little loss in the story. I thought it had to do with me being tired.

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Yes and No. I have lived all my life in the UK, but I am trying to write this story set in the US. So, I’m trying to balance things as best I can.

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I think it’s a decent story so far. She’s gradually getting more into wearing nappies, but we don’t know how it’s going to work out. Is she going to change from DL to AB? Is she going to wear a nappy when she goes to Margaret’s? Read on to find out.

I just think you could have been clearer in part One about why she was looking in the bag of emergency supplies for women (for the benefit of your non-female, non-psychic readers) There was something about “it” starting a couple of days earier. Her period? Otherwise, this being an ABDL story, had she wet her pants? Also, it’s dessert not desert.

Fiona goes home from work by car, but next day she goes to work by taxi. Why? Also, switching between past tense and present tense adds to confusion - or at any rate doesn’t look good. She’s/she’d - S is next to D on the keyboard I suppose. I read a story on abdlstoryforum recently that continually switched between past and present tense, and had full stops (periods) in the middle of sentences for no reason all the time, but at least it was a nice story.

Looking forward to Part Four

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Hey, thanks to you all for all the comments, will try and incorporate them into the next bits.

To answer the question

Too much wine!!! :smiley:

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I thought onset of her period being the initial reason was hinted at effectively. But I did find it confusing that she needed to take a cab today, without more explanation that she was still feeling effects of wine. I do like this storyline though.