A Diaper In The Office? - Part Six

Fiona had watched as her boss, Margaret, had just transformed Margaret’s husband Dave into a baby, before continuing to change herself. She was beginning to enjoy this, as Margaret started giving a very deep level of maternal care. Margaret had just dressed her “baby Fifi” in a red and white Mickey Mouse patterned baby dress, before asking “Now, does Baby Davie want to be a sissy for mommie?”

Davie said “Yes pwease mommie”. Margaret smiled back and said “Good baba for momma, come crawl to momma”. Davie put hands down on the floor, and did exactly as his wife/mother had told him, crawling just like a baby, dressed only in his diaper. Momma then stood him up, and onto the changing table once more. Momma asked “sissy Davina” to lie back, stretching out his legs, so momma could put on a similar pair of pinkish plastic pants to those of Fiona, with one difference. These were much longer, and had fastenings, almost like to stop baby from trying to remove the diaper. Before she put these onto him, Margaret walked across to Fiona, whispering quietly “watch how quickly I can get him excited”.

Margaret walked back to the changing table, and said “Now baby Davina, ready for momma to have some fun with her wittle sissy baba?” She started by turning baby to lie down on his front, and opened the cap from a tube of cold lubricating jelly. She squeezed out a small amount ready onto her fingers, and placed her hand inside the waistband of the disposable diaper. She began to examine "baby Davina’s botty, placing her fingers in firmly, lubing all around. She then went to a box, and removed a vibrating butt plug, which had a remote vibration control. She lubed up the tip and said “Ready baby davina… ready for this to go into your poopy hole?” Dave wasn’t speaking, as he was already very excited, so Momma whacked his cheek to regain his attention. “Yes mommie, oh thank you mommie” he said, almost instinctively. She then placed the plug deep into his bottom, and he took in a big breath as she fingered it down. She then took away her hand from inside the diaper, and turned baby around once more. She then stretched the plastic panties over his legs, down onto the crotch, securing the locks, before stretching over a pair of pink pantyhose being stretched out, down the baby’s legs. Baby Davina really enjoyed the feel, first for the plastic, and then the nylon, sheering down his legs. She then got Baby Davina to stand up, with arms up, to allow her to place the mermaid dress over his body, before stopping to look down at her husband. “What does Baby Davina say?”

“Oh thank you… Mommie, can I please have some fun?”

Momma took her sissy by the hand, walking him over to the rocking horse. “Come on Baby Davina, come have some fun”. Momma helped the sissy onto it, with quite a bit of rustling noise from the disposable diaper, plastic and nylon. “Good sissy for momma”, she said to Baby Davina. Margaret began to rock the horse, back and forward. With every forward move, Baby Davina was clearly enjoying the moments. It was at this point that Margaret turned on the vibrations, setting off a noise that could be heard through the diaper. Baby Davina was enjoying this more and more, and began to groan and moan in ecstasy. Momma then began to rock the horse more intensely, and set the vibrator to it’s highest settings. Baby Davina was enjoying this “oh so much momma”, before collapsing in a heap at the front of the horse. “Good baby for momma… you can lie down now”. A very happy Baby Davina was then taken by hand by momma to one of the two cribs, which had been made up. Momma pulled down the side, and asked her baby to lie down. Momma pulled the cover over the tired baby, and allowed “her tiwed wittle sissy” to have a nap.

After that, she washed her hands over the sink, before walking back to Fifi, who was playing with a doll’s house. “Would my little Fifi like some fun as well?”

“Well, I’m not… I don’t…. well, yes mommie… Why not?”

Fiona seemed a little hesitant, but she was still taking all this in.

“Fifi, why are you holding back? Don’t you feel comfortable?”

“Well, yeah, but… I need to let go, real bad…”

“Come on baby Fifi, let go into your diddee for momma”

Fiona was a little tensed, and wasn’t really immediately ready. Before she could say anything else, Momma asked her to stand up. “Stand up baby Fifi, come with momma, I’ll help you”.

Momma walked Fifi over to the other crib, and sat her baby down. “Lie down now for momma”, she tried to reassure her. She started playing some gentle music in the background. “Now, relax, be a good baba for momma, Fifi, let go into your diddee…”

Momma then began stroking her gently over the diaper, and all over her body. She was concentrating on the chest and arms, which Fiona seemed to find comforting. “Come on now Fifi, be a good baby for momma… let go now…”. Fiona closed her eyes, and took a big breath, letting all her control go. She felt it a little difficult, after releasing just a tiny dribble. Once again, Momma Margaret wanted to encourage her. “That’s a good baby Fifi, good girl for momma. Be a good gwirl again, let go in your diddee”. Fiona did the same, taking another deep breath, and letting go of her bladder. This time, she managed to let go quite a bit more. Momma Margaret could see the print on the back of the diaper starting to disappear. “Good girl, very good baby for momma”. Momma could see her diaper getting wetter at the front, but asked her to roll onto her side. Momma Margaret lubed her fingers again, before slipping her hand under the waistband of Fiona’s diaper. She gently started fingering her bottom, and found that Fiona was actually really badly impacted, constipated. “Baby Fifi is all full… don’t cry, momma will take care of this for you”…

Momma Margaret went back to the same drawers where she obtained the butt plug used on her husband, and this caused a moment of fear inside Margaret. However, this time, Momma Margaret came back with some suppositories. “Now baba Fifi, momma sees you are all packed up in there… just relax, be a good baba… momma will make it all better”. Fiona thought to herself for a moment – here she was, running around mad this week, and she’d obviously overlooked something. She had let go a bit earlier in the week, but there wasn’t a lot that time. She hoped nothing was severely wrong, but thought to herself, if that woman can make her husband enjoy the diapering, then she was sure that a good mother could take care of a little constipated baby girl. Momma Margaret looked down at her once more and said “Right baba, relax” before tearing the strip, and removing a suppository. She began to insert it deep into Fiona’s rear, as far as it would go. “That’s a good giwrl for momma”, Margaret said in reassurance, as she got Baby Fifi to lie back down on her back. “Good girwl, relax and be good for momma” she said.

Momma allowed Baby a few minutes while she cleaned up her hands, before walking back over to the two cribs. Baby Davina was still asleep. Baby Fifi could feel something working inside her. She felt like she needed to let go at both ends, and she wasn’t sure if this was the little extra ingredient working in her rear. Still, momma knows best, she thought to herself.

Momma Margaret walked over to the cribs, and resumed stroking Baby Fifi. “Come on Baby Fifi, be a good giwrl for mommie… let go into that big safe soft diddee of yours”. Margaret was certainly reassuring. When Fiona felt that she could hold it no more, she started to smile and giggle, as Momma Margaret had started to tickle her feet. She smiled again, took in a deep breath. “Good giwl” Momma called. When she heard those words, she closed her eyes for a moment, and imagined herself as a real baby in need of help from her momma. She relaxed, let go of her muscle, allowing a bit more wet to come at the front. “Good babay, keep on, momma is pwoud of her new babay Fifi” she said. Fiona thought to herself, New baby – she’s very accepting, and incredibly maternal. “Come on babay, momma knows you can do it…” She relaxed, smiled, and let go of her bottom. She felt the mess coming out, and it all coming out into the diaper. “Good giwrl… good babay Fifi” Momma Margaret said proudly, almost like reverse toilet training a toddler. “Come on babay” she said, as she could see Fiona’s diaper and plastic panties starting to bulge, more heavily. “Good giwrl, momma is very pwoud of you”, she said. She put out her arms, and gave her “new baby Fifi” a kiss and cuddle.

She continued to stroke her body, over her arms and chest, before working on the outside of the diaper region. Fifi seemed to respond positively, so she went over for another vibrator. This one was not placed on the outside, and was in the usual pseudo-phallic long bullet style shape. “You were such a good girl for momma, emptying yourself into your diddee, now momma will give you some fun”. She turned the vibrator on gently, and began to pace up and down at the front of Fiona’s diapered crotch. Fiona was seriously enjoying this – all things considered. Here was she, leaking out of several orifices at once, and all contained in the same adult disposable diaper. Here was her boss, attempting to be a proud mother, having just helped her newest baby through a bought of constipation, into a dirty diaper. She was trying not to over-analyse what was happening. She was just trying to relax and enjoy it. She didn’t know what her boss would get out of cleaning her dirty diaper, but she could ask all these things later.

For now, Fiona just relaxed, and enjoyed being Margaret’s little baby Fifi. She was really enjoying the buzzing too, and started wriggling. Margaret placed the vibrating toy under the waistband of the plastic panties, but not inside the diaper, to allow Margaret to continue to enjoy this moment, as much as she could. She had enjoyed some diaper play, and wondered what was to come, in the back of her mind. She was sure, now, that Margaret could make almost any situation into fun.

Re: A Diaper In The Office? - Part Six

Following computer and Internet related problems, Part Seven shall follow, along with some other thoughts and ideas in time. I’ve not forgotten, or let it hang like this.