A Diaper In The Office? - Part One

This is my first story post. I have not been reading the forum for quite some time now, but I’m experimenting with writing these stories, so I thought I’d seek you lovely people out once more!

Fiona had not long left university at the age of 21, and joined a little office of a charity project. There were about ten others working there, mostly women. Some were full-time or part-time paid staff, some volunteers who came in for the odd day in-between other commitments. She had been there the whole summer, almost three months, and was enjoying it immensely. The other ladies had recently helped her celebrate her 22nd birthday, and took a collection for a gift for Fiona, despite her not being there that long. Everyone just got on superbly. The volunteers always rated the place very highly, and everyone felt they were part of the team. She did some phones, some computing work, and others besides.

She had been shown round by the office manager, a woman by the name of Margaret. She must have been well into her forties, four kids, but still wanted to keep coming back to the place that she worked. There were certain signs and behaviours though. Everything was labelled, so that if she wasn’t in, anyone could find everything. Coloured sticky notes, held down with sticky tape, indicated just about everything, from the boiler (with instruction book), to the location of a box of incredibly old floppy discs.

Fiona had a slightly rough Monday night. She sometimes got these during her university time, but she did not want to take a day off work at this late stage. She came into work, and actually felt a little better on Tuesday morning. She went out for her usual lunch in the nearby park, and returned to her desk. However, as most women fear, she got caught unprepared about 2pm. Not expecting this for at least another day or two, she remembered the location of a plastic bag in the Cleaners Cupboard, clearly labelled “EMERGENCY SUPPLIES FOR WOMEN”. It was clear enough to scare the odd male contractor away. She grabbed the bag, and made for the direction of the bathroom.

When she arrived, Margaret had shown her everything, from how to work the coffee machine, to the location of this bag. It wasn’t specifically stated, she just pointed and explained “those are there, if you need them just replace them when you get the chance”. Now it was. The bag wasn’t quite tied up, but there was something in it, and she was just grateful for that.

She opened up the bag, and wasn’t quite sure what this item inside was. It seemed a lot larger than she was expecting. She held up one bit, then the rest flumped out. It was an adult sized disposable diaper. She froze on the spot. Here she was, in somewhat dire straits, and this was all that was there. An adult diaper. She’d never wet the bed or anything as a kid, as a teen, or anything. By this time, it was 2.15. She had less than three hours to go before home time. If she put this on now, who was going to know? She had a long skirt on, no-one could tell, although the plastic of the diaper seemed rather noisy. Whoever had left this thought kindly to rip a piece off the packaging to show the instructions. She thought to herself, who needs instructions for a diaper? It should just go on like…

… She slid it between her legs, and was about to pul it all the way up, when she stopped. She was a bit nervous, but she continued. She pulled up the diaper further, until it reached her crotch. Fiona thought that this was unusual, but there must be someone who needed to use them in the office. She thought about this for a moment. Here she was, fully grown adult. No more school. No more long-term learning. Now, she’s in diapers. She wasn’t the baby of the family any more, or was she? Some kind of automatic reaction as she tried to tape it up. She then realised, it was back-to-front. Remember her thoughts about who needed instructions? Well, she found the little bit of plastic, followed them closely. It was comfortable enough, so that was it. She was in a diaper, at work, for the rest of the afternoon. She put the instructions in the bag, folded the bag up, and placed it inside her purse, for now.

Back to her desk, Fiona carried on with her work, and tried to forget what was there. She had to move around the office quite a bit that afternoon, and she just hoped that no-one had noticed. Nobody said anything to her about it, and she ended up being allowed to go home ten minutes earlier, as all her tasks were done for the day.

She left work, into her car, and started driving. As with every evening, she was looking at an hour to get a little distance, as it was the rush hour. She often wondered why they called it that, because there was no-one going anywhere fast. She made a mental to herself to stop on the way home, but aside from that, she just wanted to get back home.

About twenty minutes down, she felt a sudden need to pee again. Sometimes she had these feelings, and it was usually when she had been stuck in traffic. She remembered, this time, she is wearing a diaper. She said this back to herself, as she could barely believe it. “I am wearing a diaper”, she said. Her mother told her at puberty that she wore one of her child’s diapers a couple of times, but this was not the same thing. She felt she had to pee, and she really couldn’t put it off. She’d just passed her previous place to stop, so she felt that she had no choice. She had to go. She was wearing a diaper. She could probably just let go, but she was scared. It was a hot day, and she’d drunk quite a lot. She felt that she could not hold on any longer, so she closed her eyes, deep breaths. She tried to subconsciously stop from peeing herself, but she knew that this had to happen. Stop, count to ten, start, relax, let go. She felt a flush of hot liquid flowing into the diaper. She could never remember the time this last happened, but now, here she was, driving and diapered, and now wet.

A Diaper In The Office? - Part One

And presumably was looking for a tampon or something in the first place? And would have just looked elsewhere perhaps?

A Diaper In The Office? - Part One

Yes, she was.

Do keep reading onto the next chapters, it’s there for a reason. :smiley: