A Diaper In The Office? - Part Four

Fiona got ready for the journey to work – actually, not knowing entirely what to expect. She once again called a cab for her ride to work, leaving home about half-an-hour earlier than usual. This would be because Margaret offered to take her back to her family home at night, in her car, and promised to see she was home safe. She somehow believed her, being the kindly, caring, motherly figure that she was. She didn’t understand all of this, but it would be a good time to learn. After all, colleagues entertain each other all the time, diapered or not.

After a quiet morning, Margaret allowed her to go for lunch a little earlier and longer, if she agreed to bring something back for her too, with $20 supplied between the two of them. Fiona thought that she could easily get used to this sort of thing, and didn’t quite know what to make of it all. In total contrast to the morning, the afternoon was rather busy, so much so that home time came around in next to no time. Once everyone else was away, Margaret finished tidying up, and the two of them left, locking up the office after them.

The traffic appeared to be a bit more solid than usual for a weeknight. Margaret remarked there was a ball game on, or something. Once in the car, Margaret attempted to reassure her. “Fiona, I want you to know, we’re not going to force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, or that you aren’t comfortable with. Whatever we talk about must remain between us, please. Do you mind me asking, why didn’t you ask around for something else”

Fiona was a little hesitant, but wanted to try to explain it “Well… erm… I don’t know, I couldn’t find you, or anyone, and rather than try to bother everyone else… and my mother said she’d had to do it once, so I thought, well, why not, who’s going to notice, right?”

“No Fiona, you had some of the plastic sticking out the top of your skirt when you bent over”.

“Aaaah….” Fiona now realised exactly how she knew. It wasn’t a trick. It wasn’t a test. It wasn’t a plan. It was just that her skirt had presumably slipped a little with the plastic.

“…now you understand I’m a beginner, don’t quite understand it all… but been experimenting, you know…” “Tell me more” said Margaret, eagerly. “Well, I had some wine that first night, and had a bit of a play around with my body… can’t remember all of it, did something similar last night. So, what happened? Why do you need those?”

Margaret started trying to explain it all. “Well, like I said, I have to wear those things, all the time. My first pregnancy six years ago, at first, I started leaking just a little, when I was pregnant. After the birth, trying to get the babies out, they cut in some inappropriate places, they left me double incontinent, you know what that means, can’t control when I wet or mess myself. I was bad enough with the kids, and then, you know, you are looking after them, your own problems kind of get put to one side. You just hope one day it will be good again. Then you try medications, other options, more medications, then having more kids, and life in general, has kind of meant these are for life. After the birth, I was recommended these little pads, which didn’t hold a lot, and left me just about as wet as they were. It wasn’t until we started trying the adult diapers that I could feel better about myself, as much as I can. My husband has been really supportive.”

Fiona just nodded through this. She felt a little bad about what happened, and had heard various horror stories of such. “So, what about the kids?” Margaret replied, “Well, we had twin girls, Stacey and Becky first time around, those are both five. The two little ones, Simon is three and a half, and Sharon is two. Dave my husband, leaves for his work early morning, picks up the children on his way home, feeds them and puts them to bed for when I get home. It’s all fun, and I’ve got my hands full with the five of them”.

Fiona thought to herself “Five”, so she had to ask. “Margaret, you said you have five kids?”

Margaret then broke off from their discussion to point out the traffic on the next road was clear, and that they were nearly home. “Well, my home”, Margaret added. That maybe went without saying, as she was in a totally different neighbourhood from Fiona. It was a very beautiful larger home, a large treble garage, and vast space and greenery. As Margaret drove up the driveway, she added “Before we go in, there is something else I have to tell you… my husband, Dave, sort of got excited when I started wearing these things. He’s into it more than I am. He actually enjoys it… but then, it’s just us, consenting adults. Nothing more. He’s maybe what you would call an adult baby. He likes being diapered himself, and we play around and make games out of it some nights, once we’ve got the other four to bed. He’s my fifth child. When I first needed diapers, he tried one on. He now gets rather excited… if you get my drift.” she said, as she was sticking her middle finger up at an angle.

Fiona was a little curious, and she asked, “But how do you get a diaper on, if his thing’s sticking up?”

“With great difficulty sometimes” she replied. “Just relax, you’ll have a great evening. If you aren’t comfortable with something, just say, and I’ll call for a cab and get you get back home right away.”

Once again, Fiona nodded. They then got out of the car, and into the family’s home.

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I am really enjoying this story. I haven’t noticed any glaring errors in spelling or grammar, which is my normal search in stories.

Please bring more of Fiona and margret soon.

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“Margaret remarked there was a ball game on, or something.”

Or something???

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Some cause of the extra traffic… but never quite sure.

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That was the most important thing to take from this.