A Diaper In The Office? - Part Five

Fiona had gone home with Margaret to her family home, for dinner, and who knew what else could be expected. They’d just driven into the garage, where another car had already arrived. In the space for another one, there were several cases of what she presumed were adult diapers, judging by the print on the box.

Dave, her husband, greeted their arrival. Margaret then introduced Fiona, “the young lady that works in my office”. As introductions were made, Dave explained that the four kids were in bed. The ladies were shown towards the kitchen table, as Dave had already prepared dinner for the three of them. Wine had already been opened to accompany the meal, and the conversation soon began to flow – almost as fast as the wine did. Conversation started off with Fiona & Margaret’s work, and Dave’s job (as a warehouse manager), but then turned.

Fiona asked “So, do you mind me asking, how you get from that job to having a thing for your wife’s diapers?” Dave replied, “Well, when she started using them, it was to stop her getting too wet, as the other pads weren’t up to it. I was curious about what was covering my wife’s vagina, and that was it, in the beginning. I tried one on, played around a bit. Then we joked about her mothering me as well, and it sort of went from there”.

Margaret replied “Fiona ended up in a diaper earlier this week, for the first time… tell Dave about it, I’m just going to get ready”… At this point, Margaret left the room to the side, and went to another room, as Dave asked, “So how did you find the diapering thing?” Fiona wasn’t quite sure what was meant, so she said “In a bag, in the bathroom at work!” Dave laughed this off, and replied “No, (laughs) what made you wear a diaper at work? How was it? What did you think of it?”

Fiona explained, “Well, I got caught short with my period, this diaper was in the emergency bag at work. I’d never used that bag before, and Margaret was in an important meeting about funding, so instead of making a fuss, I just slipped it on. On the way home, bought some more to replace it, so I played a bit when I got home, and the wine kicked in, then it was next morning. Went to work yesterday, came back home, had a night of playing around, without the wine this time, back to work today, and here I am, I seem to like it, even though It’s still all new to me. With me so far?”

“Yes, absolutely. Margaret can do wonderful things with those diapers, mostly for me. She has a wonderful talent as a mom to our kids… and to me, sometimes, too.”

Margaret’s voice then came through from another room. "Are you two ready for me yet?. Dave’s voice went a little quieter, and ever so squeakier. “Yes mommie” before saying to Fiona “Come with me, and you’ll see how good she is… come on, have a good relaxing evening. Let go of all your adult cares in the world, and just relax, let go. It’s a wonderful way to de-stress. Now, come with me”.

Dave lead Fiona through to the far end of the house, furthest from the street. There was a little corridor with a couple of small rooms. They’d already passed the other children’s rooms on the way into the house, and Dave & Margaret’s bedroom too. So, what could this be, Fiona wondered? They walked into what appeared to be a larger-than-life playroom, with everything that any kid could possibility want, in a small indoor space. There was lots of baby pink and blue around. A large changing table and stacks of diapers caught Fiona’s eyes. Everything was adult-sized. Everything that a very lucky baby, or two, could use, she thought.

Margaret had changed out of her work clothes, and was now in a flowery, almost motherly, dress, with a colourful apron. She looked at Fiona “Well, what do you think? It took a while to get all this together, but it’s a wonderful little playground for my baby Dave. If you want to join in, then just tell me if it gets too much for you… won’t you Fiona?” Fiona’s eyes were still fixated on a large stack of diapers. “You sure have a lot of adult diapers here”, she said. “Yes, of course we can have some adult fun, just the three of us… what happens if the other kids wake up?” Margaret explained that she had installed a baby monitor through in the room, not for their use, but so she can hear if the other kids wake up in the night. It was, after all, the opposite end of the house.

Margaret called out “Come on baby Davey, lets get you into a diaper…”, to which Dave again replied “Yes please mommie”. “Let’s get those nasty big clothes off you… come on… there’s a good boy for mommie”… She had quickly stripped her husband naked, and onto the change table. Fiona observed he had been shaved, as his pubic area was entirely clean, just like a baby. As she went over his genitals with baby wipes, and then baby lotion, it was quite obvious that Dave was enjoying the moment, and his mommie also appeared to be in her element. She followed this up with a shaking of baby powder, to which he had to say “thank you mommie”. It was an interesting transformation. Here was the boss, the woman to which she spoke and accounted to, treating her husband like a baby. It didn’t appear to be a chore, as Margaret appeared to be getting as much out of it as Dave. Margaret slid the diaper under “little davie’s bum” and taped it up with maternal love and care. “Come on baba, come to momma” she said, standing up beside the change table. Dave got up, for now just wearing a diaper, and waddled over to sit down and play with the toy cars.

Margaret then looked over at Fiona, and asked “What do you think?”, and Fiona replied “I’d like to give it a go”. “Do you mind if I call you Baby Fifi?” “Call me whatever you like… mommie” said Fiona, with a slightly devious glint in her eye. Margaret then slid her hand between the sides of Fiona’s blouse, unbuttoning as she went, before quickly taking it off. Her hands followed to take off Fiona’s bra, skirt, and “big girl knickers”, as Margaret called them. “Come baby Fifi for momma” she said, and motioned for Fiona to get onto the changing table. Momma Margaret cleaned up her “big baby girl Fifi” with warmed baby wipes. Fiona could feel a sensuous feeling through her body, despite being a little reserved. Margaret used her gloved fingers to clean the lips of her vagina, before starting to work on covering her bottom with baby lotion. “How’s that baby Fifi”. Fiona nodded, and replied again “Yes mommie”. It was like she was a kid, but a very big kid. She was still an adult, there was no question of that. She felt very quickly like she had regressed to her little girl days. Margaret seemed to make a wonderful mother, and made everything just right. She had no idea this is what they did in their time. While Fiona was watching movies, eating takeouts, and generally living the life of an early twenty something, she was still a young girl at heart. She enjoyed what was happening, but still wondered exactly why she was enjoying this so much.

“Now, does baby Fifi want momma to put her in a new diddee, or a pullup?” Trying to remain in part, Fiona replied “What’s a pull-up mommie?” Margaret took one of the diapers from one of the piles, and stretched it out between her hands. “They are training pants, for when little giwrls become big giwls. Would you like to try one, or shall I put you in a diaper?” Fiona thought this was something to come back to, and she was familiar at least with the concept of an adult diaper, so decided to play it safe. “Diaper please mommie” she replied. “Well, I think that will be very comfortable for you darling Fifi” Margaret said, while propping her up to slide a large diaper under her body. “Fifi, while you have this on, just let go, and Momma will check to see if you need a change anytime, is that okay?” “Yes mommie”, Fiona said, almost instinctively now. Margaret then asked Fiona to lift her legs. She was then asked to split them, so Margaret can pull on a pair of clear, pinkish plastic pants, over her disposable diaper. “These are so you don’t leak for mommie” said Margaret, lovingly.

Momma said she would be back in a moment, and she came back holding up two lovely AB dresses. In her left hand, she had a red one, with white spots, and a yellow/black Mickey Mouse pattern. The second one was a blue and green with a mermaid on it. “Which one does Baby Fifi want to try?” asked Margaret, holding them up at arm’s length. Fiona pointed to the red Mickey Mouse design, and Margaret responded with “Good choice, my little baby Fifi”. She kept the dress on it’s hanger, placing it on a rail beside the changing table. Margaret asked Fiona to lift her arms, and she slid the dress down the length of her new baby girls’ body. Fiona was then walked over to the mirror, much to the adulation of Margaret, who said “There Fifi… now, don’t you look like a good giwl for mommie”… Margaret seemed to be enjoying having two people calling her mommie this evening.

Margaret then looked down to her husband, sitting playing with a toy truck while his wife dressed her colleague as a baby girl. Margaret then held up the dress, and asked “Now, does Baby Davie want to be a sissy for mommie?”

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