A Diaper In The Office? - Part Eight (final for now)

After being cleaned, changed and fed for the night, Mommy put Baby Fifi (Fiona) back into the crib, and talked for a bit. Mommy Margaret said she had something in mind to talk to her about the next day. In the meantime, Fifi relaxed and started to think of the fun times ahead. She feels a deep, burning desire that she never realised that she had, until now. She wasn’t sure, but she was beginning to feel better as an adult baby.

In the morning, Baby Davina (Dave) was already up and away to work, before Mommy came through to wake up Fifi (Fiona). After making breakfast, they had to get ready for the journey to work. As Margaret began driving, they started talking about the times that they had, before Margaret asked Fiona “Now that you’ve tried it, would you like to live with us, and become my sixth child?”

Fiona was a little taken aback by this offer, but it seemed again to be a generous one. The two ladies began talking about numbers, and it was quickly apparent that a large proportion of Fiona’s salary was being taken up by rent of her apartment. Travel, food, clothes, etc. barely seemed to touch it. Margaret seemed to have her mind made up “Well, if I offer to give you a month to try and see how you like it? Go back and forward when you like to your own place, if you feel you need time to yourself, at any time. You can use our home, and our things like the diapers, as you need them. We have enough washable and disposables, if you want to wear them all the time, or experiment with them and see how you feel. Just be as kind and considerate as you are at work, and I won’t have any problems in being your mother. I’ve had other people who come, stay for a bit, and then leave again, but I’d like you to try and make something of it. You can ride to work with me each day, and then, we can do whatever you want on evenings and weekends”.

Once they got to work, Fiona’s mind was naturally taken a little aback. That night was another wonderful night of fun, and she was enjoying every minute of it.

In the days and weeks that followed, Fiona started living between her apartment, and with her new mommy. There was plenty of space for her, as Fiona didn’t yet have a lot of stuff to bring between them. The days and evenings that she chose to spend alone were not as happy, despite trying to play with a diaper on her own. It wasn’t the same, without her mommy.

She decided that she would take this opportunity, to move in with Mommy (Margaret), Davina (Dave) and their own children. She also decided to start wearing diapers each night, most evenings and weekends, as well as planning to try days during the weeks and months that followed. She was excited about working with her boss, and going back to her place to be mothered and babied. Their home was now ringing out with the sounds of another adult baby, to join the others.

Mommy Margaret still lives with her four born children, with her husband Dave (and his sissy baby girl ego Davina), and Fiona (Fifi). Margaret still wears diapers for need, and her two big babies wear them for pleasure. Fiona mostly becomes baby Fifi when not at work, but has been an adult (still in diapers) on several occasions. And yes, Mommy Margaret occasionally asks one of the other two adults to play with her, as a baby. Fifi started trying reverse potty training, in an attempt to become more babyish. Within a month she had found it easier to release (when diapered in the day as an adult) and the occasional wet diaper in the morning – much to the delight of Mommy Margaret, who plans to fully reverse both adults potty training, when they are comfortable in doing so. Margaret has started further baby treatment, and while she had already been breastfeeding Baby Davina, Fifi feels better with a bottle, for now. Margaret loves mothering them both – even the dirty diapers.

This story is now complete, but sets the scene quite well for an AB-related family. I would like to do further stories – perhaps around their continued reverse potty training, or breast feeding, and continuing in life.