A couple new sites.

::slight_smile: ::)Just what we need.

http://adult-babies-in-wonderland.socialgo.com/ - Shitty look, nothing new, a free host, extremely gay name.

http://www.wettingwonderland.com/ - Not as bad of a look as the above site, but still hideous, IMO. It has video chat, which no other ABDL site has, as far as I know. The name is kinda gay. It’s owned by Nikki from WetSet. (from what I’ve heard she is the girlfriend of WetSet’s owner.)

Summary: Both sites look like shit, IMO. Neither offers anything new except for video/voice chat that is offered by Wetting Wonderland. Both names suck. I give the sites one month and six months, respectively, before both are overrun by retards, losers and HNGs and both turn into DiaperSpace clones. Wetting Wonderland already lost me as a member since I haven’t received my verification e-mail and there is no way I see to request another.

Re: A couple new sites.

It’s interesting that you’ve seen the second one before. The posting on Daily Diapers I read made it seem like the site was brand new. The owner posted in the thread I started in a group on FetLife and she made it seem like the site was brand new as well. shrugs

Re: A couple new sites.

Ah, OK. The owner said it has only been up for a week or so, so I was confused. I didn’t know the link was posted anywhere else.

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Speaking of new sites, anyone know anything about this place?


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Never heard of it.

The first website I posted has been removed.

Seriously, WTF is up with all of the retarded ABDL sites popping up in the past couple of weeks? Is it because it’s the summer and people have nothing better to do?

Re: A couple new sites.

Looks like Adult Babies in Wonderland (the SocialGo one) has already been axed. If only Deeker’s could be so short-lived.

Re: A couple new sites.

Yea, it got axed the day after I started the topic here. If you have an account on FetLife, you should read the topic that was started about that site. It’s fucking hilarious. http://fetlife.com/groups/18060/group_posts/708781