"A child called "'IT'"

Anyone read this book?

"A child called “‘IT’”

Yes. Apparently it was fabricated.

It was still pretty good.

"A child called “‘IT’”

Yes and it made me cry. How could a mother be that cruel and get away with it so many years until the school called the police finally in 1973 and David was finally taken away. In fact how could a father even let it happen and not even try and top it? I thought he was such a coward and David wasn’t mad at him. If I were the guy, I would have always fought with my wife and maybe pack my bags and leave with my son, maybe with all the kids. Yeah I would take all the kids and divorce the bitch.

I don’t care if the mother had a mental illness (which was obvious in the book), I still hated her and wanted to send her nasty mail if I knew her address but sadly I found out in his other book, she died in January 1992.

Anyone read A Brother’s Journey and A teenager’s Journey by Richard Pelzer. He was Russell in David’s books. He changed the names of his brothers so in Richard’s books, they all have different names except David. Richard was indeed abused as David suspected In The Lost Boy but this time she didn’t use the same abuse methods on him she did to David. It was more emotional and neglect but it was very severe. It started right after David left. It made me mad that nothing was ever done. I know times were different back then. Even today people still get away with child abuse and neighbors are still afraid to even report it.


Anyone see the pattern? All their names start with the same letter as they did in David’s books.