A Birthday Surprise

“So I’ll have a venti mocha latte with oat milk, a shot of strawberry flavor, and extra whip cream. Also, a tall black coffee with one cream,” the blond haired boy said, smiling at the short, brown haired barista that stood behind the counter. “Oh, and my name’s Alex, and she’s Kacey.”

The Starbucks was almost empty that day. It was a grey day, cool for the summer, and few wanted to brave the inevitable rain. However, the weather that kept people out made it perfect for hot drinks, and that drew latte addicts in like flies. This particular one, in the center of a book store, combined two of their rainy day loves.

“Ok, who gets the coffee and who gets the strawberry chocolate milk thing?” the barista asked.

“Ummm… I…”

Kacey came beside him and put her hand on his shoulder. “He gets the strawberry drink. I get the coffee.”

“Ok!” The barista said, and left to make the drinks.

“Did you have to say that?” Alex asked the red haired girl who was clinging to his shoulder.

“Yep! If your going to order something like that, the world will know.”

“Alex! Happy almost-birthday!”

“What?” Alex said. It was Bill, a friend of his from work. He was a tall man, broad shouldered, and wore a long rain coat. He had come in while they were waiting.

“I said happy almost-birthday!”

Alex cocked his head to the left. “How did you know it was almost my brithday?”

“Uhhh…” he said. His eyes darted to Kacey, then back at Alex. “Facebook.”

Alex looked suprised. "Huh. I thought I had removed that from Facebook. How weird.

He turned back to the counter, unaware of Kacey glaring at Bill.

“So how you doing anyway Alex? Funny to run into you here,” Bill said.

“Well you know I…”

He was interrupted by the appearance of the barisa. “Alright I have a venti strawberry mocha made with oat milk and extra whip cream for Alex.” She handed him the drink.

Alex blushed. “Uhhh I think you mean a coffee. Dark coffee. NO cream or sugar.”

“No it was definitely a venti strawberry mocha made with oat milk and extra whip cream.”

Alex shook his head and looked at Bill. “No it was definitely a coffee. Your strongest kind.”

The barista leaned onto the counter top. “Alright. I tell you what. I’ll go get you that coffee, the strongest kind we have, with no sugar or milk, but I get to see you drink it. Right here in front of us, no leaving to throw it out when your gone, no coming back in for your sugary drink.”

Alex stared at her considering his options. Kacey snickered beside him.

“Just give me the #($@-ing strawberry mocha.”

Kacey was laughing out loud as the walked in through their front door.

“OOOO LOOK AT ME I"M ALEX! I ONLY DRINK THE STRONGEST COFFEE SINCE I"M BIG AND STRONG!” she said, doing her best to imitate her voice. “Unless no one is watching then I only want my warm choccy milk.”

Their home was a small suburban townhouse. It was older then most but still strong, and they had repainted the walls of the main floor in deep blues and dark colors, then furnished it with wood and and simple couches. A door in front of them lead to their stair well, and on the top floor the colors began to get brighter and more vibrant, and the furniture shifted from classy to comfy. The ground floor was the ‘mature’ floor they showed to visitors, the top was more for them.

Alex was hanging his head as he sipped his drink. “Yeah yeah yeah,” he said. “So, how did he know it was my birthday soon? I don’t remember mentioning it to anyone at work.”

Kacey paused. “Ummmm well you know how these things are. Someone hears something then they tell another then it passes to two more, and suddenly everyone knows. Its common knowledge. Everyone knows each others birthdays.”

“What is your uncles birthday?”

She looked to the side, thinking. “November 31st?”

“That’s not real. There are only thirty days in November,” Alex said, while going over the rhyme in his head and counting on his fingers.

“December first then.”

“Ahh, that makes sense.” He stripped off his coat, and began to take off his shoes.

He was going along with it, but seemed unconvinced. “Anyway, its a big birhday for you. Afterall it is your thi…”

“Twenty-seventh? You are right, that is a big one,” he replied.

She folded her arms. “Twenty-seventh? I could have sworn we had that a few years ago.”

“Well you were mistaken. I’m turning 27.” He looked up at Kacey, who was standing still.“What are you doing?” he asked. “Why aren’t you getting undressed?”

“I need to go,” she said quickly, looking out the door.

Alex stood up and looked out. “What for?”

“Uhhh… Coffee.”

“We just got coffee.”

“I mean, copy. I need to make copies of something for work.”

“Oh.” Alex put his hand on his chin. “Can’t you just do that with our printer here?”

“No. They need to be better. You know, professionally done. Glossy and all that.”

“Ok, should I come to help?”

“NO! I mean, no, its for work. You stay here and, ummm… video games.” She pointed up the stairs, toward their bedroom where they kept their gaming systems.

Alex turned to where she was pointing. “You are actually telling me to go upstairs and play video games? Why?”

“Why not?” she asked. “Don’t you want to play video games?”

Alex paused and thought. “Yeah I do.”

“Good! Then go!” She turned around to leave, then paused and turned back. “Oh wait! Remember to wear headphones! Bye! Love you!” That being said, she turned and ran out the door before Alex could ask anything more.

Alex waved. “Love you too.” He watched her run to the car, quickly open the door and get in, then drive away. “That was odd, I wonder why she was acting that way? Why specify headphones?” He thought for a second, then shrugged. “Ah well. Video game time!”

He walked up the stair well to their bedroom. It was painted blue, and with cabinets and shelves built around a large king sized bed. There was a TV screwed into the wall in front of the bed with their gaming systems underneath it, but Alex ignored it for a moment. Instead, he walked to a single white door that lead to their closet and opened it. He pushed aside their hanging shirts and dresses until he found what he was looking for. A large, brown plastic box with a sealed green lid, which he unlocked and opened.

“There we go,” he said, staring at the packages of diapers inside.

“Ok, quick. We only have a few minutes,” Kacey said to the gathered crowed. She knew most of them, and most of the ones she didn’t she had at least seen in Alex’s photos or facebook pages. There was Bill from Alex’s work, who they had run into earlier, then Tim from his university days, then Sarah who he knew through her, and more. It was all their friends, gathered for one reason.

“So the plan is to enter the house as quietly as possible, holding the packages and balloons. I’ll text him to come down, and we will shout “Surprise” as he does. He’ll probably be playing video games with his headphones, so it should work.”

“You don’t think he’ll notice a crowd of people entering his home?” Bill asked.

Kacey scoffed. “Please. Fuck no. When he’s playing video games that guy wouldn’t noticed a crowed of rhinoceroses entering his home.”

They all laughed and agreed. “Well we shouldn’t have any problems then,” Bill said.

“Of course not,” Kacey replied. “Unless…” A thought came to her head. He was home alone, just relaxing and having fun… her eyes went wide.

Would he? She had only been gone a few minutes, but he did just get home, and its not like he was rare. She went through scenarios in her head, trying to think of a way she could avoid it without warning him.

She got out her phone and texted him. “I’ll be home soon! Want to go to the movies? I figure we can have ‘fun’ times tonight after, if you are down for that ;)” she sent him. Hopefully he’d see it, decide to stay in normal clothes for the movie, and be willing to put off any ‘other’ things until later. She told herself it would work, and prayed she was right.


Alex was dimly aware of his cellphone buzzing as he excitedly ruffled through the clothes. First up was a set of overalls. “Nah,” he thought. Overalls were cute but could still be seen as “normal,” he didn’t want anything that wouldn’t be obviously a kink outfit. Though no one was going to see him, if someone DID, they should know what he was dressed as. Thats what made it a good outfit

He held up a dress. “Nah,” he threw it back in. He picked out a onesie. “Nah,” he said again. Today was a day for exposed diapers, the most obvious of all. He picked out a pair of pink striped stockings and a matching custom shirt with “Baby” as a label across the chest. “PERFECT!” he said, and threw them onto the bed beside his waiting printed pink diaper.

The phone buzzed again. “Eh,” he said, shrugging. He clicked it, didn’t bother to read it, and closed it. If it was anything important, they’d call him.

The car was stuffed full of people. Kacey drove it through the familiar suburban streets toward their home. While still trying to keep an eye on the road, she looked again at her phone. The message she had sent was marked as “read,” and she let out a sigh of relief knowing he had sent it. Still, she sent another message, just saying “hello” to get his attention. Better safe then sorry.

“Ok can whoever that is stop breathing on me?” She asked.

“Sorry! Its just too crowded!” Sarah replied. She was sitting on top of her boyfriend, whose name Kacey couldn’t remember. She looked in disgust at the number of people crowded into her vehicle, and tried not to think of the ticket she’d get if she was pulled over.

Oh well, she told herself. Hopefully I’m the only one doing something abnormal.

Alex smiled as he tape the baby-printed adult diaper onto himself, sending puffs of sweet scented powder flying. He pulled up his socks and tied them in place with bows that matched the one already in his head.

He looked at himself in the mirror and laughed at his reflection. A grown man, but you wouldn’t know it from the pink and baby-themed clothes he now wore from head to toe. “Perfect!” he said again. “And ESPECAILLY perfect for a playing video games, ESPECIALLY on a rainy day when I can’t go out, and no one will be coming by to visit.”

He put his headphones on and jumped stomach down on the bed, then turned on the game system.

Somewhere on the bed beside him, his phone vibrated, but the sound had no way to get through his headphones.

“Ok, everyone be very quiet and come into the lobby,” Kacey said.

“Actually its only a lobby if its in a public building, this is just the entrance,” Bill said.

Kacey glared at him.

“Sorry,” he said.

They piled in as close and quiet as they could. Some were holding gifts or food, others were letting balloons go into the air. Kacey herself held a cake in a bag.

“Alex!” she shouted, loud enough to be sure he could here. “Can you come here for a second?”

Alex thought he heard something, and for a second wasn’t sure if it was in the game or real life. He heard it again. Someone was DEFINITLY calling his name, and that person DEFINITLY was Kacey. He was surprised she was back from the office supply store so quickly, the closest one he knew was almost an hour away. He shrugged, and figured it must be a new one.

He took off his headphones and walked toward the door. He paused, and looked down at his outfit.

He knew it was unlikely that someone else was there, but given what he was wearing, he decided it was better to be safe then sorry. He listened closely.

Not a peep. The only sound at all was Kacey shouting.

Still, he wanted to be sure. “Kacey, is anyone else down there with you?” he asked.

There as a pause. He could have sworn her voice sounded unsure at first, but he dismissed it. “No! Just me!” She replied.

He nodded to himself. It was safe then. He tried to think of a reason she might lie, but his mind gave him nothing. Besides, clearly he’d be able to hear anyone down there, they’d be making noise and talking.

Kacey made a “shhushing” sound with her mouth as she heard the foot steps, and moved her hands downward to signal for people to be quiet. She wanted it to be a surprise, and that meant no one could make a noise.

She listened for his footsteps, trying to keep track of where he was. Any second now.

Alex descended the stairs, moving from the bright colors and comfort of the top floor to the seriousness and relative maturity of the ground. He paused again to listen incase there was anyone else there, but heard nothing except for Kacey shuffling her feet. He opened the door.

“SUPRISE!” the crowed shouted, but the bigger surprise was for them. Alex had appeared, dressed in a plainly visible diaper, pink t shirt that labelled him a baby, knee high stockings and with a bow in his hair. Their cheering turned to confusion.

Alex, for his part, screamed in terror, then froze. He looked across the crowed.

“Ummm… would you believe I’m trying out for a job as a mascot?” he asked through a fake smile.

“Oh Alex,” Kacey said, shaking her head.


Picture to go with this by Aungshadow. Actually an old one, part of an art trade, that I decided to finally write a story for

(I got a few requests for a follow on to this story from people who wanted to find out what happened after he was found, and decided to cave. However, it was intended to be a one shot, just a lead up to the final moment of his being found. So, I hastily threw together some ridiculous nonsense for the fans. Enjoy!)

“You know this is actually kind of fun. Open wide for the airplane!” Bill said.

“You don’t have to do that,” Alex replied.

“Yes he does. And you don’t have to be so grumpy. Bill, keep doing that, Alex, open your mouth for the airplane,” Kacey ordered.

She, along with a small group of friends, were crowded in what would, for the most part, be a normal kitchen. Plain white walls, modern equipment, and a plain light brown wooden table were all offset by the one odd addition. That addition was Alex himself, sitting with his arms folded, legs spread wide, and eyes glaring, trying his best too look as tough as possible while wearing a diaper, pink baby clothes, and sitting in a high chair. His efforts didn’t have the effect on the audience, who were all stifling laughter. Overall, he looked nothing like a Mary Sue-ish self insert character should, which only angered him even more.

Alex sighed and opened his mouth. The fork entered his mouth in a way a true airplane never could, as it wasn’t a true airplane, it was a fork. He took the cut up pizza in his mouth and ate it. “At least it isn’t baby food this time” he mumbled. He had to wonder what kind of writer had the hero character had the hero character constantly end up humiliated in diapers, and why anyone would read it. They all must be REALLY weird.

His posing had little effect on his audience. Since having been walked in on while dressed in his kink clothes, and his few faltering explanations had done little to dissuade the one obvious one. After a bit of shock and discussion, they decided it was far from the strangest thing they had seen him do, and since it was his birthday, they may as well give him what he wanted. They they then ignored his protests as they carried him into the kitchen, and lifted him into an adult sized high chair Kacey pulled out of a closet. Now he was the only odd addition in the otherwise normal, plain white and modern kitchen, and the focus of the crowd.

Bill looked at him then at Kacey. “Baby food? Is that something we can do?”

“NO!” Alex said. "I didn’t say that! I didn’t say anything! I said “MMMM Pizza!”

Kacey shook her head. “Sorry, it’s his birthday. He wanted pizza.”

“Exactly, its my party and I’ll pie if I want to. Pizza pie that is.”

“And you’ll wear diapers and a pretty pink bow if you want to,” Sarah, another friend from Alex’s work, added.

Alex rolled his eyes. “Well duh, who wouldn’t?”

“Anyone. Like 99% of people unless they lost a bet or were being paid a TON of money” Sarah replied. She took the fork and forced more into his mouth.

“ACKK hey!” Alex said, gagging. “Not so much!”

“Hehe messy baby, got more of it on you then in you. Hey! Can we put him in a bib?” Sarah asked.

“Yep! Two steps ahead of you,” Kacey replied, carrying one out of her closet.

“Hey no no awww really?” Alex said as it was draped over his shoulders. He grabbed it and looked at it in disappointment. “Oh well,” he picked up the baby bottle in front of him and slammed it on the table. “Hey! Since its my birthday and I get to choose, I CHOOSE to have this filled with beer. Lets hops to it!”

They all looked at Kacey for her reply. She laughed and said “Yes, this is the part where he gets embarrassed so he tries to act tough to assert himself. Don’t worry, its easy to deal with. Watch.”

She took the bottle and emptied it into the sink, then took a bottle of beer out of the fridge. “Awww, does da widdle baby wanna be a big strong boy?”

“Hey now…”

“Does he want a big grown up drink?”

“Don’t be mean!” he pleaded.

She poured the beer into the bottle and walked toward him. “There! There’s a big grown up drink for a big grown up boy. Go ahead! Drink it!”

He looked at the drink sadly. Finally he reached out and took it. “Thanks,” he said.

“What’s what?” Kacey asked in a cheerful voice.

“Thanks Mommy,” he said quietly.

“AWWW,” the crowed cheered.

Alex took the bottle of beer and sipped it, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

Kacey stood sideways in front of him, holding her hands toward him as if presenting a prize. “As you can see, by pretending to play into his fantasies of being tough while secretly making fun of him…”


She continued. “While secretly making fun of him in a way that widdle babies can’t tell, you can take the wind out of his sails. Now he’s drinking his beer like a good baby, thinking he won while he totally lost. Also, don’t let him know that spreading his legs while dressed like that doesn’t make him look bigger, but just looks like he soaked his diaper and can’t close them.”

Alex blushed and closed his legs, and once again everyone broke out in cheers and applause. Kacey broke this by clapping her hands. “OK! Time for cake!”

“Oh!” Sarah ran to the fridge, opened it up, and took out a box. She lifted a cake. "I made some edits! I made it say “Happy 2nd birthday” instead of “Happy”’

“Twenty fifth,” Alex interrupted.

She smirked at him. “Twenty fifth. So do I get to smash it in his face like you do with babies?”

“NO!” Alex stood up pointing at them. “No smashing cakes!”

“OHHH good idea!” Kacey said.

“Its a waste of cake!”

“And you have a waist of padding. Smash the cake!” Kacey continued to ignore Alex and began slicing the cake, placing a piece that was too large to serve any purpose except face smashing.

“Its a good cake!” Alex said, having never seen or tried the cake before.

Sarah took the piece and carried it toward Alex.

“Don’t you want cake! MMMM cake!”

“Tut tut now Alex, widdle babies should be seen and not heard,” Sarah said as she put the cake in front of him.

“WOW! Nice Sarah! You’re really getting it! Distance high five!” Kacey added. She held up her hand as if for a high five, and Sarah responded from across the room.

“But… but That isn’t even true of REAL babies!” Alex whined, but was still ignored.

The offending food sat in front of him. It tried to look as intimidating as possible while still being cake. It thought of growling, but them remembered it was an inanimate object which couldn’t growl, so instead though bad thoughts at the sloppiness of the writing and the silliness of anyone who bothered to read it.

Kacey rolled her eyes. “Alex this is going to happen whether you want it or not,” she said.

“WAIT!” he said, pushing himself up in the high chair and pointing a finger at the cake. “Keep it there! I’m warning you! You want me in diapers, I will use this one right now and clear the room right. @#(#@. NOW.”

The audience looked at him, then toward Kacey. She put a hand to her chin and pretended to think. “Hmmm no. I think they’d just laugh, then wait as I took you upstairs to get your butt changes, then tease you more when you get back down.”


“Go ahead, this will be worse for you then anyone else here. Also, don’t say ‘fucking’, its a bad word.”

Alex backed down a bit. “Uhhh… but… but you said @#(#@.”

“Yes but you’re a baby and I’m not, so I can swear and you can’t. Now either fill your pampers or sit down and let Sarah smash the cake in your face.”

Alex settled back down. “AHHH well this just isn’t fai… .UMHP!” he said, as the cake was smashed into him.

They all looked at him and applauded. “What a gorgeous sight you make!” Kacey said. “Now, next thing, presents! And we get to open Alex’s special ones since everyone knows!”

“Ahhh @*#&” Alex said, as he was taken down from his high chair and brought onto the next part of the party.