A Better Life [Diaper Dimension] UPDATED 4/22/2018


The yellow flames licked the dark sky as an acridity diesel smell invaded Rebecca’s nose, “No, not this dream again!” She wanted to scream but she had no mouth, she wanted to run but her legs would not move. That was when the praying started.

“Blessed Father and creator of all. Cleanse my daughter of her impure urges with your holy light!”

“With your holy flame she shall be purified.”

“With your holy flame her articles of lust shall be destroyed.”

Rebecca saw a shadowy figure pick up a flaming hunk of wood and bring it towards her, “Lord, let these flames impart your holy wisdom into this lost soul.” Rebecca felt the flaming timber brush against her thigh and crotch. She felt her body scream out in pain as the flames licked her skin, yet she had no mouth.

Rebecca awoke in a cold sweat. Her alarm clock blaring only for her to hit the snooze button. The clock read 6:30 AM, “Why is it always that dream.” She muttered as she swung her legs out from under the covers and stood up. Her lily white nightgown was damp with sweat.

“Rebecca, are you up?” A woman’s voice asked as the door opened revealing her mother in her typical outfit, a floor length skirt and a blouse, “Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes. Shower up and get dressed.”

“Yes mother.” She sighed as she opened up her wardrobe and removed a white blouse and ankle length skirt similar to her mother’s. Rebecca set the clothes on her bed before walking out of her room and rounding the corner and opening the bathroom door.

Rebecca shut the door behind her and locked it. The girl exhaled deeply and removed her nightgown. She always hated this part because she had to look at what she had become. A scarred shell of her former self. She looked at herself in the mirror with disgust. Burn scars like blades of grass flowed around her inner thighs and crotch, constant reminders of her discovering her true self two years ago.

Rebecca was doing researching for a school paper when she stumbled across a banner ad for The Bureau. She was curious and soon her research veered off from the American Revolution to The Bureau and the world of AB/DLs. She was fascinated by this world and felt some strange connection to it, that was when she made the choice to buy diapers. She had saved up some money from babysitting to purchase a small package of bed wetting diapers. She had hidden them in her wardrobe, she thought she had covered her tracks, she thought wrong. One week after she had bought the diapers she was pulled out of English class and brought to the Principal’s office where her father who was the town’s priest, the guidance counselor, and the principal were waiting for her. They interrogated her about the websites about the diapers, about… things and feelings that she never understood, wearing the diapers felt good to her and when she said that, things got worse than she ever could have imagined. That night she was led to an empty field and the diapers were burned in front of her. Her own father burned her with the flaming timber in the name of God.

Rebecca fought back tears as she remembered the events of two years ago. She was eighteen now, an adult, yet she knew that her parents did not trust her with a phone or even to go out of the house without one of them with her. Rebecca had been a virtual prisoner of her parents for the past two years, her only respite was school. At school Rebecca had some friends and she could read in the library during her breaks. Her father had gone to great lengths to conceal what he had done to Rebecca, mainly to maintain his reputation and to keep his church’s congregation from leaving him. Some priests called their congregation their flock, he called his, his herd.

Rebecca sighed and turned the shower on, letting the water heat up for a few before stepping into the stream of water. She shut her eyes and stood there for a few minutes as the water washed away the sweat from her sleep. After washing her head and body she turned off the shower and stepped out before wrapping her body in a towel and making sure that she wouldn’t drip any water onto the hardwood floor. Her long brown hair wrapped up was wrapped up in a second towel. Rebecca made the short walk back to her room and stared at the outfit she had laid out. This was what her father had told her to wear today, everyday he dictated her outfit for the next day. Rebecca ruffled her hair with the towel to help dry it out before getting a pair of panties and bra from her underwear drawer. Wearing them felt wrong to her ever since she discovered the joy of diapers, but unfortunately she knew this would be her life until she died. She quickly got dressed and made her way downstairs where her parents were waiting for her, a grey suitcase was sitting by the door.

“Good morning Rebecca.” Her father looked up from the paper. He was already dressed in his black pants and shirt with clerical collar. He took a sip of coffee, “Excited for the trip to Jackson?”

“Yes sir.” She nodded meekly as she sat down across from him. Her mother set a plate of scrambled eggs and biscuits in front of her, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now, eat up. Father will be driving you to school today.” She said as she refilled Father’s coffee cup.

“Thank you sir.” Rebecca nodded to her father as she muttered a quick prayer, “Thank you lord for this food, amen.”

“Short, but I’ll allow it.” Father nodded as he went back to reading the paper.

“Thank you sir.” She said as she began to eat.

It took about fifteen minutes for Rebecca to finish her breakfast, “All done sir.” She looked at her father as she set her fork down.

“Good, go brush your teeth and get your shoes on. I packed your spare toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag. I want to be out of the door in five.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir. May I be excused?”

“You may.”

“Thank you.” Rebecca said before walking back upstairs to the bathroom where her pink toothbrush waited her, the bristles were starting to become frayed but for now the brush still worked. Rebecca brushed for two minutes exactly, before spitting and rinsing. She set the toothbrush aside and went to her room to retrieve her shoes, a pair of black flats. She grabbed her wallet from her dresser and stuck it in one of her skirts interior pockets. She then slipped her shoes on before walking back downstairs, her father was waiting for her.

“Ready?” Father looked at her as he grabbed the car keys.

“Yes sir.” She nodded as she grabbed the suitcase and followed her father out the door.

“Have fun.” Rebecca’s mother smiled as she started to clean the dishes.

The drive to Rebecca’s high school was a short one. She only lived about a mile from the school. Rebecca could see a charter bus waiting in the school parking lot, a group of seniors and their parents were milling about. This was the start of the annual senior trip for the seniors of Corinth High. The trip was simple, a one week excursion to the state capital of Jackson. The trip to Jackson would take about seven hours by bus and when they arrived they would go straight to Millsaps college to attend a play, and then they would retire to their hotel. That was all Rebecca remembered.

“Here we are.” Her father said as he parked the church van that he used as his personal vehicle. Rebecca saw the principal walk towards the van.

“Father Charles, how are you doing this morning?” The Principal smiled as he wiped some sweat from his bald head with a handkerchief, the hot Mississippi sun was in full force, signaling the start of summer.

“Principal Skipper, I’m doing quite fine today. How are you?” Father smiled as Rebecca got her suitcase out of the van.

“Sweating like a sinner in church, father.” He smiled.

“We are all sinners Principal Skipper.” He looked over at Rebecca, “I trust you will be keeping a close eye on her?”

“Yes father, of course.” He looked over at the girl, “Come along Rebecca, the bus is just about ready to leave.” He motioned for the girl to follow him as he started to walk towards the bus, “Have a good week father.”

“You too Principal.”

“Goodbye father, thank you for allowing me to go on this trip.” Rebecca smiled a bit and hugged her father.

“You are welcome, now go get on the bus.” Father smiled back.

“Yes sir.” Rebecca nodded as she followed the principal over to the bus where he loaded her suitcase into the luggage compartment of the bus. Rebecca saw one her friends, Casey, the daughter of the town’s sheriff.

“Hey Casey!” Rebecca smiled a bit.

“Hey Becca.” She smiled back, “You excited for the trip?”

“Yeah.” She nodded a bit, “I’ve never been to Jackson.”

“It’s nice.” Casey smiled, “Lots of places to hang out.”

“Alright students!” The principal raised his voice, “Board the bus so we can arrive in Jackson on schedule please!”

“Come on Becca, you can sit next to me.” Casey smiled as she entered the bus with Rebecca behind her.

“Thank you.” Rebecca smiled and took a seat next to Casey as her classmates filed in.

“Anytime, this is going to be a long bus ride.” Casey smiled as she put her ear buds in.

Rebecca awoke to Casey poking her side, “Becca, wake up, we are at Millsaps.”

“Wha?” Rebecca yawned and stretched as the bus came to a stop.

“Did you seriously sleep the whole time?” Casey smiled as she saw large groups of students with picket signs walking down the sidewalk, “What’s going on?”

“Looks like a protest.” A guy sitting behind them said, “Hey Brendon, can you see what those signs say?”

“Yeah, I think they say: Wolowitz has got to go. Who the hell is Wolowitz?” Brendon said.

“Millsaps’ current president, “No idea why they are protesting him, guess he must have pissed off some snowflakes.”

“Fuck off Casey.” A voice from the back of the bus yelled, “Wolowitz covered up a massive hazing culture at Millsaps.”

“Enough!” The Principal Skipper yelled, “We will still be seeing our play. Now, everyone off the bus. We will be walking to the theater.” he sighed as the bus doors opened and he stepped out.

“Come on Becca, lets try and get good seats.” Casey smiled as she followed Rebecca out of the bus. Principal Skipper led the group of fifty seniors down a sidewalk, however, the group soon found themselves in a quad where two opposing groups were getting ready to square off. On one side were the Pro-Wolowitz protesters while the anti-Wolowitz protesters were on the other side. Campus police were trying to keep the two sides separate.

“Excuse me.” A student said as he accidentally bumped into Rebecca, “My bad.”

“Its okay.” Rebecca smiled as the student walked off.

Unfortunately for everyone in that quad all it took were two bottles, one from each side to turn the quad into a madhouse. College police quickly lost control of the situation as the two sides surged towards the other with Rebecca’s group and some extremely unfortunate college students caught in the middle of the melee. Campus police tried to regain order, but in the end they were forced to pullback with several injured officers.

Rebecca was terrified, in the melee she had gotten separated from her classmates and was struggling to find somewhere safe. Pepper Spray was starting to be used and it hung around in the air, many were starting to cover their eyes, Rebecca was unlucky enough to catch a spray right in the face. She went down screaming in pain as her eyes began to burn. She felt herself being picked up and carried through the crowd. She could hear police sirens getting closer and closer, “It burns!” She screamed as she kept her eyes tightly shut to try and alleviate the pain.

“I know, I know.” A masculine voice close to her head told her, “We are almost to the paramedics, they will help you.” It must’ve belonged to the person carrying her.

“T-thank you.” Rebecca managed to choke out.

“Not a problem.” The voice said, “HEY! I NEED SOME HELP HERE!” The voice yelled as Rebecca felt herself being laid on some grass.

“What happened?” A second voice asked?

“Pepper spray. Some fuckers were ready for a fight.”

“Someone always is in these types of situations. Lucy, go get me my thermos.”

“Why do you need your thermos?”

“It has milk in it. That should help flush her eyes and since capsaicin is fat soluble it will help with the pain.” The paramedic said, “Alright young lady, I know it hurts but I need you to open your eyes.”

“O-okay.” Rebecca cried as she started to open her eyes. Suddenly her vision went white as the paramedic poured milk over her eyes, instantly she felt better, her eyes still burned a bit but it was nowhere near as bad as it was.

“There we go. Feel better?” The paramedic smiled.

“Yeah, thanks.” She turned to try and find her rescuer, but he had disappeared, “Where did he go?”

“The guy that brought you? He went back into the fight for more people.” The paramedic shrugged, “Now, I need you to blink your eyes rapidly. Tears should help flush the last of the pepper spray. I’d recommend staying here. If you need any help just holler.” The paramedic said before going to work on another patient.

Rebecca kept blinking her eyes for a few minutes as the melee raged on. Rebecca looked around a bit and a poster grabbed her attention the moment she saw it. The poster read, “Tired of your life? Is the stress too much for you? Do you want to be pampered for the rest of your life? Come to The Bureau recruitment depot! Only one block this way!” The poster featured an arrow pointing down the street. Rebecca’s heart was beating out of her chest. She looked around and couldn’t see any members of her class. Rebecca stumbled to her feet and did what her heart told her to. Rebecca ran as fast as her feet could carry her.

Rebecca’s heartbeat faster and faster as she ran down the street. As she ran she saw more signs pointing her towards the recruitment depot. Soon she saw it, a large building whose sign said: Bureau Recruitment Depot. Rebecca’s hands were shaking as she opened the glass doors to the building’s lobby. A secretary was tapping away at her computer as she looked up at Rebecca, “Welcome to The Bureau recruitment depot. How can I help you baby?” Rebecca walked over to the desk, her entire body was shaking now. She wanted to talk but her mouth refused to open as fresh tears started to form in her eyes.

“Baby, are you okay?” The secretary stood up and walked over to Rebecca, “Do you need help?”

Rebecca nodded a bit.

“Okay, did someone hurt you?”

Rebecca nodded again.

“Do you need me to call the police?”

Rebecca shook her head before her mouth started to work again, “I-I want to leave here.”

The receptionist nodded and smiled as she realized what Rebecca wanted, “Do you want to go to Amazonia and get a new life?”

“Yes please.” Rebecca inhaled and started to cry.

“Its okay suger.” The receptionist hugged her, “I’ll get one of our recruiters to come down and help you. Don’t worry, you are safe. They can’t hurt you anymore.” The receptionist rubbed Rebecca’s back before hitting a button on her desk

“T-thank you.” Rebecca cried.

“You are welcome.” She smiled

“You got one for me Grace?” A new voice called out as a man in a suit entered the lobby from a set of double doors.

“Volunteer.” The receptionist smiled at Rebecca, “Now dear, John here will help you fill out paperwork okay?” She said and grabbed a box of tissues for the girl

Rebecca nodded and broke off the hug before grabbing some tissues, “Thank you.”

“All part of my job sweetie. Good luck.” Grace smiled before taking her seat.

“Now then Ms….” John looked at Rebecca.

“Rebecca.” She said before wiping her face with the tissues.

“Ms.Rebecca, I understand you wish to enter the care the Amazons?”

She nodded, “Yes please.” She said as she blew her nose.

“Excellent, please come this way.” John smiled and led Rebecca through the pair of double doors into a normal looking corridor before stopping in front of an open door and stepping in, “here is my office. We just have a bit of paperwork to do before we can proceed. Please take a seat.” John shut the door behind Rebecca and gestured to a chair in front of the desk, “Now then.” John said as he sat down behind his desk and got some papers and a pen out, “What is your full name?”

“Rebecca Mary Matthews.”



“Okay, date of birth?”

“March tenth, 2018.”

“Okay, and do you know your SSID?”

“No sir.”

“I see. Do you have any identification on you?”

“Yes, I have my ID.” Rebecca shakily took out her wallet and fumbled for a few seconds to get her ID out but she did and gave it to John.

“Thank you.” He said as he scribbled some information down on the paperwork, “Now then, some of these next questions may be a bit hard to answer, however, please answer them truthfully as these will help us determine what Amazon you will be placed with.”

“Yes sir…” Rebecca nodded as she put her ID back into her wallet.

“Have you ever been abused either mentally, emotionally, or physically.”

Rebecca swallowed hard and inhaled deeply, “Emotionally and physically.”

“I’m sorry.” John sighed, “How long was the last incident of abuse?”

“Last month, Father called me a useless harlet.” She teared up.

John slid a box of tissues towards Rebecca, “Take as many as you need. Has your abuse left any scars? I don’t need to see them. I just need to know about any scars.”

Rebecca nodded, “Burns on my thighs and crotch.” She started to cry again.

John sighed loudly. He hated doing this, making people like Rebecca recall details about their abuse. But, if he wanted to get them into the right Amazon’s household, he needed all the information he could get, “Would you consider yourself an AB/DL?”


“Was your abuse tied to the fact that you identify as an AB/DL?”


John nodded and started to write on a new form before sliding it to Rebecca, “Just sign on the dotted line at the bottom and your new life will begin.

“J-just sign?” Rebecca cried.

“Correct.” John couldn’t help but tear up a bit.

Rebecca’s hands shook as she took a pen and started to sign her name. This was it, her new life, her escape, her path to living how she wanted to live!

John smiled and took the form after she signed it. He placed the forms in a clipboard and stood up before walking over to Rebecca, “Do you need a moment?”

Rebecca shook her head as she blew her nose again, “I’m ready.”

“Alright, follow me.” John said as he opened the door and left the office. John led Rebecca back down the corridor through another pair of double doors into a warehouse like place. Rebecca saw silver and green pods that were closed with lights blinking on them and clipboards in holders on the sides, she saw many more like that but they were open, “These are the stasis pods. You enter one of these and you have the best sleep of your life. When you wake up you will be in Amazonia.”

“Just like that?” Rebecca looked at John.

“Just like that. Of course our physicians will give you a full check up before you are given to your Amazon.” John said as he guided Rebecca to an open pod. He placed the clipboard in the pod’s holder, “All you have to do is step into it.”

“John… Thank you.” Rebecca smiled at him as she stepped into the pod and laid down on the cream colored upholstery.

“You are welcome.” John smiled as he pressed a button on the side of the pod. The lid of the pod started to descend until it fully closed. Within ten seconds Rebecca was sleeping. John smiled as he moved the stasis pod into the OUT zone with the other occupied pods. John exhaled deeply and walked back to the lobby to talk with Grace a bit, however, when he got to the lobby he saw Grace arguing with a portly bald man in a suit.

“Sir, I will once again tell you, no girl like that has come through our doors!” Grace said clearly getting angry.

“Woah, woah. What’s going on here?” John asked as he walked over to the desk.

“I’m looking for a girl. Long brown hair, ankle length skirt, and a white blouse. I know she came here!” The man yelled.

“Sir!” John raised his voice, “If Grace said that someone fitting that description did not come through those doors than that means they didn’t! Now either leave on your own, or I will have security escort you out!”

The man was clearly angry but left anyway, “This isn’t that last that you have heard of me!” He yelled as he left the building.

“Good job Grace.” John smiled.

“Thanks. She all ready?”

“Yep, she is in her pod waiting for the truck.”

“Good.” Grace smiled and raised a closed fist towards John.

“We make a good team.” John smiled as he fist bumped Grace.

Rebecca couldn’t remember a time she had slept better than she had just slept. She dreamed that she was sunbathing on a cloud while being fed grapes by angels. However, eventually the dream started to fade away and she found herself laying somewhere she didn’t recognize. Her head was resting on a fluffy white pillow while her body was covered with a thick pink blanket. She sat up and looked around, she was sleeping on a massive couch, she felt tiny as she saw how big everything truly was. Rebecca noticed an easel set up with its back facing her, was someone painting her? Rebecca soon noticed her outfit, she was in a white onesie, a onesie, just like the ones she had seen online! She turned her head and didn’t feel her hair brushing against her arms, she felt her head and discovered a pair of pigtails on either side of her head. Rebecca then tried to stand up, but that was when she felt it, her diaper.

“M-my diaper.” Rebecca started to tear up as she placed a tentative hand on the bulge around her waist and crotch, “My diaper.” Rebecca smiled.

“Lindsay, listen!” A woman’s voice echoed through the room, “I’m still going to be able to make it to the gallery in Libertality opening in a few weeks. I’ll just bring her with me…. No, I’m not leaving her at a daycare while I go to the gallery! The first month with a newly adopted little is some of the most important bonding time! Trust me, when you see her you will fall in love with her! Poor dear was abused by her parents for wanting to wear diapers. I know! Littles belong in diapers! You don’t punish them for wanting to be in them!”

Rebecca’s ears perked up upon hearing the woman’s voice. This was her new family, this was her…mommy, “M-MOMMY!?” Rebecca called out.

“I’ll call you back Lindsay, she just woke up and is calling for me. She is already calling me Mommy! Talk to you later.” The woman’s voice was getting closer to Rebecca. This was the start of her new life, this was the first time in years that she truly felt happy.


I like this! Glad she’s away from the abusive jerk! It would have been nice to have seen some justice done to her father though… Hope there’s more?

An interesting start and a nicely different perspective to The Bureau, from the POV of one of their recruits.

I like it hopefully you continue it. And i agree the father needs a massive boot in the arse

I would give you a like but don’t know how

Keep up the awesome work

Nice start. I’d really like to read more.
The concept seems thought out, but this chapter was moving at a breakneck pace, though. That’s not really a point of criticism, as it doesn’t necessarily matter, especially if this is meant to be a short story. There just seemed to be some points where there could have been some good character development to see who Rebecca was before she came her new life. Then again, maybe you already have a plan to address that in some other way, or the whole point of the story is something completely different. If that’s the case, please ignore all but my first line :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooohhhh, I like this much, much, much better! :slight_smile:

The specific complaints I had about The Collector are completely corrected. You only explain the backstory once we have some emotional grounding to care about it; and as for emotion, there’s emotion for days.

I LOVE the intentional stiffness of the parent’s dialogue. You communicate the coldness between Rebecca and her mother in her very first line.

I look forward to seeing if “Mommy” lives up to Rebecca’s expectations…

On the negative side: careful with your summarial voice:

“Its okay.” Rebecca smiled as the student walked off.

Unfortunately for everyone in that quad all it took were two bottles, one from each side to turn the quad into a madhouse. College police quickly lost control of the situation as the two sides surged towards the other with Rebecca’s group and some extremely unfortunate college students caught in the middle of the melee. Campus police tried to regain order, but in the end they were forced to pullback with several injured officers.

Rebecca was terrified, in the melee she had gotten separated from her classmates and was struggling to find somewhere safe. Pepper Spray was starting to be used and it hung around in the air, many were starting to cover their eyes, Rebecca was unlucky enough to catch a spray right in the face. She went down screaming in pain as her eyes began to burn. She felt herself being picked up and carried through the crowd. She could hear police sirens getting closer and closer, “It burns!” She screamed as she kept her eyes tightly shut to try and alleviate the pain.

This is written like a summary, but it shouldn’t be. The summarial voice is for things like background information and descriptions of routine and plans. When you have a BIG development in the plot, use the narrative voice:

Rebecca and Casey were walking through the crowds when a bottle soared through the air and shattered on the bricks. The two sides quieted for a moment. Then another bottle flew. In the quad, a college police officer started talking nervously into his walky-talky.


A bottle hit a counter-protestor right in the face, spraying blood.

The campus erupted.

Otherwise the reader’s eyes will skim through the passage. They’ll be very surprised — like me — to find major events happening in the summarial voice.

Another quick thing: I have a small writing tip to improve sentence variation.

Rebecca felt the flaming timber brush against her thigh and crotch. She felt her body scream out in pain as the flames licked her skin,

The flaming timber brushed against Rebecca’s thigh and crotch. Her body screamed out in pain as the flames licked her skin,

Inevitably most sentences in a story will start with: “Rebecca went…”, “Rebecca spotted…”, “Rebecca wanted…”. Whenever you get the chance, use another subject word.

Chapter One

Miranda Arevalo had applied to adopt through The Bureau almost five months ago. Sure she could go through a local adoption agency or she could even grab one off the streets, but she was one of Galice’s most famous artists, she was going to go through the best possible channels in order to get her little, she was not going to half ass this. The day Miranda had gotten the call for The Bureau was the best day of her life.

Miranda had gotten the call as she was working in her studio on a new painting. She had gotten her hands on a book produced by The Bureau detailing the art movements and styles of Earth and she was eager to try and recreate some. She had fallen in love with Romanticism, Impressionism, and Expressionism. However, she was trying out the pointillism technique and getting quite frustrated.

“Ugh! How can anyone make art like this?!” She yelled as she put her palette down and sat down in her spinning chair, defeated, “I swear, whoever masters that technique should be paid millions of Kules.” She groaned as she massaged her temples, concentrating so hard on the tiny little dots had given her a headache. Miranda removed her hair sticks and let her pink-blonde hair fall out of its neat bun. That was when her phone rang, “Yes?” She sighed as she answered it.

“Hello, Ms. Arevalo. This is Chuck with The Bureau. I’m pleased to inform you that we have a little that we think you would be a great fit for. She is currently en route to our Galicean headquarters from Libertality. Do you still wish to adopt with us?” The adoption agent on the phone said.

“Y-yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Miranda’s eyes went wide as a massive grin exploded across her face.

“Excellent, is it possible for you to swing by our offices right now?”

“Of course! I will be right there!” Miranda said as she stood up and exited her studio.

“Excellent, just a reminder that our adoption fee is 1,500 Kules.”

“Of course, do you take check?”

“Of course ma’am.”

“Excellent, I shall see you in about ten minutes.”

“Very well, we look forward to uniting you with your Little. See you soon.” The agent said before the line went dead.

“YES!” Miranda fist pumped a few times as tears ran down her face. Miranda had always wanted to adopt a little. Like many Amazon women she had an incredibly strong mothering instinct and without a significant other, her chances of adopting an Amazon child were quite low, however, when adopting a little, marital status paid no part in the decision process. Of course Miranda worked from home so she would be able to spend 99% of the time with her little. Miranda quickly changed out of her artist’s smock and threw on a t-shirt and some jeans. Before walking out of the door she took a look at her penthouse apartment. The neat and tidiness of the living room, the fine pieces of art that decorated the house. This would all change soon. Soon there would be a playpen in the middle of the living room, there would be toys scattered about the apartment, finger paintings hung next to her landscapes and still lifes, Little gates would be on practically every door, or not… she would have to see what kind of little she got.

Miranda couldn’t help but feel nervous as she slipped on a pair of sneakers before grabbing her phone, keys, and wallet from the marbled kitchen counter, “Miranda, you can do this.” She reassured herself as she turned the lights off and left the apartment, locking the door behind her. Miranda had two neighbors at the penthouse level. Grenna Gonzales, an actress, but she was off on one of the smaller islands filming a new movie. Her other neighbors were the Lockflints, an agricultural lobbying power couple. She got along well with her neighbors. Miranda pressed the button to call the elevator when a thought crossed her mind, “I need to call Daniel!” Daniel was her personal shopper and best friend. She got into the elevator when it arrived and dialed Daniel’s number, he picked up on the second ring.

“Miranda, sweetie. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Daniel asked as Miranda descented forty five floors.

“Daniel, guess what?” Miranda giggled.

“You are finally getting a full body waxing?”

“No. No matter how many times you invite me, the answer will always be no.” Miranda laughed.

“Rats, alright then, what is it?”

“I got approved by The Bureau!”

“Congratulations! So, what kinda little didja get?”

“I don’t know. I’m about to head over there to take care of paperwork.”

“Well, if you ever need any help. Uncle Daniel, and Uncle Peter will be happy to babysit for you.”

“That is so sweet of you. I might just take you up on that offer eventually.” She said as the elevator reached the garage level, “Alright, I’m about to start driving. I’ll likely send you on a shopping trip when I get my little’s profile.”

“What kinda of budget do you want?” Daniel asked.

“I’ll tell you when I know.” Miranda said as she got into her SUV, “Alright, talk to you later.”

“Talk you later sweetie. Congrats again!” Daniel said before he hung up.

Miranda smiled as she turned her car on and drove out of the parking garage. Constance, the capital city of Galice was a hive of activity this time of day. Miranda didn’t care about the traffic or any of that, she had a little to get to! Constance traffic was legendary for being bad, fortunately it wasn’t rush hour so she was actually moving at a decent pace. She turned on the radio and her favorite song came on, right at her favorite part, “Everybody put your hands up, everybody put your hands up!” Miranda started to sing along with the music and bounced in seat as the trumpets started to play.

It only took about half an hour to reach The Bureau’s Galicen headquarters, normally traffic made getting to this part of town an hour long adventure in traffic land, fortunately is was unusually light. Miranda inhaled deeply as she drove her car into a spot marked for adopting Amazons, “Here we go Miranda, you can do this. You’ve done commissions for The Bureau tons of times, you got this. They like you.” She muttered to herself before turning the car off and removing the key. Miranda noticed that the parking lot was quite packed, with only five spots reserved for adopters remaining, “Must be a large batch.” She thought as she entered the lobby.

“Pick up, interview, or consultation?” The Amazon manning the front desk asked in a rather board voice.

“Pick up I believe.” Miranda flashed a nervous smile.


“Miranda Arevalo.”

The secretary typed on her keyboard a bit, suddenly a friendly smile started to form on her face, “Ah, Ms. Arevalo, it seems Regional Director Maloof has seen fit to oversee your adoption personally. He should be down shortly. In the meantime please take a seat.” She gestured to several rows of chairs with Amazons in most of them.

“Thank you.” Miranda nodded and walked over to the waiting area. On the way she noticed something familiar hanging on the wall, it was one of her paintings, her first dabbling in romanticism, “Home at Last.” Miranda muttered the title to herself. The picture depicted an Amazon breastfeeding a pair of littles next to a crackling fireplace as snow gently fell outside. The painting had sold decently well at auction, fetching around 48,000 Kules from a phone bidder. She had no idea The Bureau had bought it.

“Is that her?” A hushed voice asked behind Miranda.

“I think so.” A second hushed voice replied. Miranda sighed a bit as she heard the click of a phone’s camera shutter.

“Great.” A sarcastic thought echoed through Miranda’s mind, “Now the paparazzi will be here.” Normally the paparazzi would pay no mind to a painter like Miranda, however, she had recently gotten into a feud with an incredibly popular Libertalian starlet, Grace Kernals, over a commission. She had requested a painting in the style of little artist Jackson Pollock and when Miranda presented the actress with a drip painting, she had thrown a fit saying that it looked hideous and nothing like Pollock’s work. Miranda had guessed that Grace knew jack shit about art and heard the name Pollock from a friend. One lawsuit later Grace was stuck with the painting and out half a million Kules, plus legal fees. That was when she started to smear Miranda on Hoot, the planet’s premier short message social media platform. Not that Miranda really used it, she maintained a profile just to inform her fans of new gallery events or auctions. Miranda chuckled a bit, pictures of her new little may just start to adorn her Hoot page. Miranda was eventually brought out of her thinking when a bearded Amazon tapped her on the shoulder.

“Ms.Arevalo??” The Amazon smiled as Miranda turned around, “Fareed Maloof, regional director. How are you?” He asked.

“Well, traffic was actually quite light today.” A small smile crept across Miranda’s face.

“Excellent, if you would follow me please I will get you your new little’s file.”

“Of course, lead the way.”

Fareed nodded and guided Miranda through a door marked, “Authorized Personnel ONLY” Fareed walked over to a small filing cabinet next to a door that had the word, “Processing” on it, “Here we go.” The Amazon said after he opened the cabinet and looked for a few seconds before pulling out a manila folder, “Her name is Rebecca, of course you are free to change that, and I would actually recommend it.”

“Why? Rebecca sounds like a fine name for a little.” Miranda was confused.

“You see… Rebecca, was abused by her parents on Earth. She identified as an AB/DL, a little that wishes to wear diapers and act…properly.” Fareed handed Miranda the folder, “She has nasty burn scars on her thighs and crotch from a particularly nasty incident.”

Miranda was horrified, to punish a little for wanted to be diapered was absolutely abhorrent to her, “Why would they do that?!”

“Her biological father was the religious head of their town. He had a quite…conservative view of things and viewed her interest in diapers as a sin.” Fareed shook his head a bit. Galice had for the most part shunned all kinds of religions after a 150 year war happened over which religion should rule Galice, the Ilutia or the Puluks. It was a bloody and needless war.

“I see.” Miranda opened the file. Waiting for her was a picture of a sleeping girl with long brown hair and pale skin, “She is so cute!”

“I know. Your profile matches up with her pretty well. Your personality test was a 98% fit for her situation. Now then, you just need to fill out a few forms that I will have her brought to you.” A clipboard with several forms made its way into Miranda’s hands as she was brought over to a large viewing window.

“Is that?”

“Our temporary nursery.” Fareed smiled at five rows of ten cribs, most of them were pink, but about fifteen were blue, “Not a whole lot of boys this cycle. Rebecca should be right about there.” He pointed to a crib towards the top right corner of the nursery, “Unless her name isn’t Rebecca anymore.”

Tens of different names crossed Miranda’s mind, “Um, I was thinking about… Kiki.”

“Kiki sounds like a perfect name, just write that in where it says new name.” Fareed adjusted his tie, “Now, do you have a nursery set up?”

“I do not, but I have a room cleared and I can have it set up within the hour. I was waiting to see what kind of little I got before I set up the nursery. Didn’t want to have a pink nursery and get a boy.”

“Of course.” The director nodded, “But how quickly can you have a nursery set up? We do not like sending out littles with Amazons who do not have the means to care for them.”

“I can have my two best friends, one of which is my personal shopper, start setting the nursery up within the hour.”

“Excellent, however, we will be sending a representative to make sure that the nursery is set up. We will not tell you when.”

“Of course, of course.” The pen skipped across the forms as Miranda signed them, “Here you go.” Miranda handed the clipboard to Fareed.

“Thank you, I will go file this and soon you can leave with Kiki.” The fading footsteps on the carpet told Miranda that Fareed was leaving, but she didn’t care. All she could do was focus on her soon to be little sleeping away in her crib without a care in the world. Miranda quickly whipped out her phone and started a text to Daniel.

“Daniel, its a girl. I need you to swing by Little Emporium with Peter. I need you to get a full nursery set, the whole package. I also need you to get diapers, her papers say she is a size 4 in Littles of course. I also need you to get all sorts of clothes for her, color and style doesn’t matter she will look amazing in whatever she wears, she is so adorable. I also need bottles, formula, a high chair, little food and snacks…. Oh, and pacifiers plenty of pacifiers, and a walker and a stroller…. Please. Set budget at 50,000 Kules.” Miranda’s hands were shaking slightly as she typed out the text, her grammar was going to shit but she didn’t care.”

Miranda looked up from her phone to see an amazon nurse in scrubs walk over to Kiki’s crib and pick up the swaddled little. The nurse looked up at Miranda and smiled as she carried Kiki out of the nursery. Miranda’s heart yearned to be with her little. Suddenly her phone vibrated.

“Already there. Was just waiting on your budget, I should have everything at your apartment within an hour if traffic isn’t too too bad.” The text from Daniel read.

Miranda chuckled and texted back, “Thnx.” She chuckled as Fareed returned to her.

“All the paperwork is filed, lets get you united with Kiki.” Miranda blocked out most of what Fareed said, all she heard was that she was getting united with her little. Fareed began to lead her through the hallways. Eventually the two of them came to a room marked: Uniting Room #1.

“Is this it?” Miranda’s hands shook.

“Yes it is.” Fareed opened the door revealing a small playroom like set up. The room was carpeted with pillows off to one side, there was a toy chest over neatly tucked up against one of the cream colored walls, a changing table fully stocked with all sorts of diapers, and a playpen with toys in it. All of those things meant nothing to Miranda. All she cared about was the nurse sitting in a rocking chair holding a pink bundle in her arms.

“Now, she will still be sleeping for around one to two more hours. Which should be enough time for you to get her home and prepare for her to wake up.” Fareed smiled and watched Miranda gravitate towards the nurse.

“C-can I hold her?” Nervous shaking gripped Miranda.

“Of course, would you like to sit down?” The nurse stood up.

“Please.” Miranda quickly sat down in the rocking chair.

“Alright, here you go.” The nurse smiled and handed Kiki to Miranda.

Tears started to stream down Miranda’s face as she gazed upon her little’s pale face, “She is beautiful. Hey there sweetie, I’m your new mommy.” Miranda swore that she saw a faint smile develop on the girl’s face.

“Take as much time as you need.” Fareed smiled, “Nurse, can you get Miranda a swaddle carrier please.”

“Of course director.” The nurse nodded and left the room.

“It feels like a part of my heart that was missing has been returned to me.” Miranda wiped tears away from her face.

“Good. However, Miranda, please know that we are making a massive exception for you. Normally we require a nursery to already be set up and inspected by us. Luckily, you are a great friend of The Bureau. Take heed that we will be watching you very closely to make sure we were not wrong in trusting you.”

“Of course.” Miranda gently rocked Kiki as the nurse returned with a basket like baby carrier with a car seat adapter on it.

“Director, there seems to be a crowd of paparazzi outside.” The nurse set the carrier next to the chair.

“Are you still feuding with that actress?” Fareed looked over at Miranda.

“Not really. It’s mainly just her slandering me over that painting.” She sighed, “I’m so sorry about this. I’ll leave to get them away from here.” She said as she looked down at the carrier. It seemed to be like a pram but there were straps that help the little in place. Miranda carefully set Kiki down in the pram and buckled the little into the carrier. Miranda made sure that the straps weren’t too tight.

“Its okay Miranda, we will give you an escort.” Fareed said and took out his cell phone and dialing a number, “This is Fareed, can we get a security escort waiting in the lobby please? Thank you.” The regional director put his phone away, “A security escort is waiting for you in the lobby.”

“Thank you.” Miranda sighed as she followed the nurse and Fareed. The trio soon reached the lobby where a five amazon security team was waiting. Two more guards were keeping a swarm of reporters from entering the building. Miranda looked down at Kiki and raised the sunshade on the carrier fully so that she was hidden from the prying eyes of the cameras. This was Miranda’s problem, not Kiki’s.

The nurse accompanied Miranda and the security team as they walked through the crowd of reporters.

“Ms. Averlo, what do you have to say about the latest allegations against you by Ms. Kernals?”

“Have you adopted a little?” Miranda rolled her eyes at the idiocy of the question, she was walking out of an adoption agency with a little carrier. Despite wanting to yell at them, numerous past incidents had taught her that it was best to keep her mouth shut.

“What do you say about the rumors that you are giving up painting?”

“How would you describe your relationship with The Bureau?”

Miranda sighed as she opened her SUV’s back door. The nurse helped her set the carrier on a seat and then began to expertly and properly attach the carrier to the seat, “There we go. If you have any problems with Kiki please call us.” The nurse smiled as Miranda got into the driver’s seat. When Miranda had began to pull out the nurse and guards retreated back into the building.

Miranda looked back at Kiki’s shut carrier and smiled, a new chapter of her life was about to begin.

Traffic had picked up from when Miranda had gone to the offices to get Kiki. It had taken Miranda nearly an hour and a half to get back home. When Miranda had gotten back to her apartment she could hear Peter and Daniel working away in the room that was to become Kiki’s nursery, “How is it coming you two?”

“Almost done Miranda!” Daniel’s voice rang out from an opened doorway in the hall.

“Thanks again you two.” Miranda smiled as she lowered the sunshade and unbuckled Kiki from the carrier.

“It is our pleasure.” Peter’s deeper voice replied.

“This goes without saying, but would you two mind being Kiki’s godfathers?”

After a brief moment of silence the pair replied, “We would be honored.”

“Excellent.” Miranda started to undo Kiki’s swaddle revealing the girl wearing a white onesie with a diaper bulge and her hair done up in pigtails, “Such a cutie pie.” Miranda set the girl on her sectional before quickly grabbed a spare easel and canvas and set it infront of Kiki, hopefully she could get a rough sketch before the girl woke up. She smiled as her phone started to ring. A quick check on the caller ID showed that it was her publicist, Lindsay. Miranda silently cursed and grabbed a pillow and blanket from the section and carefully set Kiki’s head on the pillow before covering her with the blanket.

Miranda sighed and answered the call, “Lindsay, to what do I owe this call?”

“What I can’t just call and check up on one of my favorite clients?” Lindsay’s sing songy voice came through crystal clear on the phone.

“You heard about me at The Berau huh?” She sighed and walked towards her bedroom, consciously not looking at nursery, she wanted it to be a surprise.

“Yes I did, and I can clearly see that you adopted a little.”

“Are we going to have a problem with me adopting?”

“Not at all, no. This is great for your image.” Miranda could hear shuffling papers, “Now, there is the matter of that gallery opening in Libertality in a few weeks.”

“I’ll make the gallery opening, I will just bring her with me.”

“Dear, littles don’t belong in an art gallery unless they are the artist, or they are buying art. Just put her in a daycare like the one I put Timmy in when I travel. He loves it, he has plenty of friends there.”

“No, I’m not leaving her at a daycare while I go to the gallery! The first month with a newly adopted little is some of the most important bonding time! Trust me, when you see her you will fall in love with her! Poor dear was abused by her parents for wanting to wear diapers.”

“What?” Lindsay sounded slightly shocked, “You don’t discourage littles from wanting diapers!”

“I know! Littles belong in diapers! You don’t punish them for wanting to be in them!” Miranda rolled her eyes.

Suddenly a voice called out, “M-MOMMY!?”

“I’ll call you back Lindsay, she just woke up and is calling for me. She is already calling me Mommy! Talk to you later.” Miranda quickly hung up, her arms were shaking as she briskly walked towards the living room. Miranda could just see Kiki’s head poking out from over the section.

“Why hello there sleepy head.” Miranda cooed gently as she walked over to the couch and knelt down next to the easel, “Did you sleep well?”

Kiki’s face lit up when she saw Miranda, “Uh huh! Are you my mommy?”

“Yes I am, such a clever little girl you are.” Miranda smiled and patted Kiki’s head, “This is your new home Kiki.”

Kiki’s face suddenly grew confused, “Who is Kiki?”


I really like this concept, I hope they can fix her body and get rid of the scars for here father, I know they have a great medical staff.

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