A Bedtime Tale in Eire [Diaper Dimension]

[SIZE=3][sans-serif]Once upon a time, there was a Little. She was cold, she was sad, and she was facing death. The Little had been picked up by the Littlecatcher. [/sans-serif]

[serif]Yes, my dear, I know… The Littlecatcher is scary, shhh. [/serif]

[sans-serif]The Littlecatcher had taken the Little girl from the streets, like the Littlecatcher does to any Little who can’t take care of themselves. The Little had been in the pet store for six months. They tried to make her a kitty, but no one wanted her and she was sad and alone. One day, the Amazon who owned the pet store decided that the Little girl would never sell as a kitty and he’d have to kill her. This made the Amazon a little sad because he liked his Littles, but a Little that no one wants is just a burden. [/sans-serif]

[serif]Littles like you are put in this world so that a special few of them, like you my dear, can find their true purpose as a pet and make some Amazon happy.[/serif]

[sans-serif]Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be a kitty, the Amazon wondered. [/sans-serif]

[serif]What color was her hair? She was blonde, like you sweet Little.[/serif]

[sans-serif]So he took a chance and had her changed again, into a fox. He used the Amazon magic to change her hair color to a fiery red, and he took her kitty tail and gave her a beautiful, fluffy fox tail, and fox ears. He added fur to her back so the Amazons would want to pet her. When the magic was done, he put her back in his pet store and hoped that a nice Amazon would come and pick her.[/sans-serif]

[serif]Of course some Amazons are nice, they’re not all monsters, you silly Little. Yes, a lot of the Amazons you meet around here are mean to you… you’re not a pet. You’re a wild Little on the streets with no one to take care of you. You are right to avoid them.

Now, the magic of the Amazons is painful, magic has a price after all. The Little girl…

Her name? Let’s see… ah yes, her name was Aine. Yes, it’s a pretty name.[/serif]

[sans-serif]Aine was in her cage in the pet store, and she hurt. Her body hurt all over, like she’d fallen down the stairs that go to the dock. The Amazon magic had her feeling confused as well. When the Amazons use their magic to turn a Little into an animal, it makes them think like that animal too… but now she had been a kitty and then a fox, and she was confused. She couldn’t purr any more, she couldn’t meow. She had spent months as a kitty and she didn’t know how to be a fox, but the Amazon pet master made her a fox to try and save her life.

One day soon after, an Amazon princess came to the store. She knew she wanted a pet, but she didn’t know what kind. She was dressed like all Amazon princesses dress, shiny shoes with tall heels, perfectly clean dark clothes, clean hair that was twisted into fancy designs, and the makeup they wear on their faces to look even more beautiful. She wore bracelets and a necklace of gold, and she had kind eyes.

“You certainly are a cutie. Do you want to come home with me?” the Amazon princess said as she looked into Aine’s cage. Aine’s heart soared, she knew what happened to captured Littles who couldn’t get picked by an Amazon, she had seen some of the other Littles taken away to the dark, dark room of the pet store, never to come back. She wanted more than anything for the princess to take her home. Aine did her best to look cute, to look like something the princess would want. She swished her tail, she rolled over and showed her tummy, she wiggled her paws at the princess. The princess giggled, which was the most beautiful sound Aine had ever heard in her life. The Little girl wanted to beg the princess to take her, but she couldn’t speak. The Amazon magic takes a Little’s speech.[/sans-serif]

[serif]Yes, I know that sounds scary… but Littles don’t need to talk to Amazons. Amazons are bigger, stronger, smarter, and better than a silly Little like you in every way. There’s nothing a Little can say to an Amazon that will do any good, Amazons don’t want to hear anything a Little has to say.[/serif]

[sans-serif]Aine hadn’t spoken a word in six months, not since the Littlecatcher took her and the Amazons worked their magic, and this was the first time she wanted to say anything at all since then. The princess opened the cage to pet Aine, who lit up at her touch. The princess’s touch felt amazing as she stroked Aine’s soft fur. [/sans-serif]

[serif]When the right Amazon finds you, you’ll know… an Amazon can make you feel amazing or make you feel terrible. That’s why you have to hope for a prince or princess to come and find you, and not a witch or warlock.

But Little Aine had a darkness in her… most of us do, a dark voice that whispers awful things, things you know are wrong… don’t listen to your dark voice, Little one. Aine’s dark voice spoke to her.[/serif]

[sans-serif]Look at yourself, the dark voice chided, Begging for attention from your captors when you should be escaping. The cage is open, you should run!

The voice urged her to do what she knew was wrong, but Aine was strong and she didn’t listen. Littles who run after they’re captured just get caught and punished, and Aine was a smart Little. She knew that. Her patience paid off.

“Yes,” the princess said with a smile, scruffing the fox-girl’s ears, “You’re the one I want. I have to make my home ready for you, I’ve never had a Little fox. And I think we should change your color, I’ve always liked silver foxes better.”

Aine was so happy she could cry, the princess was going to rescue her. But the princess wanted a silver fox, so the pet master had to work his magic again, which meant more pain. Aine got a new collar and more fur, the magic thickened the fur on her back and added a fuzz to her tummy, all in silver… the tip of her tail, her ears, and above her eyes turned black. Aine ached from the magic, but she was happy her princess was coming for her.

But days passed and Aine started wondering if the princess had forgotten about her. Her dark voice taunted her.

Look at you, it whispered evilly to her, peeing on yourself and begging to be taken to more captivity. You should want death over this constant humiliation. You’re a human!

But Aine barely felt human, she had been in her cage for months. Her days just drinking from the various bottles the pet master’s magical metal helpers brought her. Littles in captivity are kept in diapers, you see. Amazons take care of all of a Little’s needs, you never need to look for a safe place to pee when you’re taken. Some Littles are bothered by it, but the smart ones know it’s better that way.

Aine dreamed of her princess every night, the dark voice was an evil dragon in her dreams, breathing fire and destroying her happiness. It was hard to find happiness in the pet store but the memory of the princess’ gentle touch kept Aine hoping.

Just when she was ready to give up, the princess returned with a small cage to carry Aine in. The dark voice told Aine that she should hate the princess, that it was the fault of the princess that she was in pain again. [/sans-serif][serif]The Amazon magic comes from needles and knives, all Amazon magic is painful at the start, it’s just the nature of it… everything has a cost, my dear.[/serif]

[sans-serif]The princess opened her pet store cage and held up the carrier, commanding the little fox-girl to climb inside.

The dark voice told her not to go.

Don’t do it, the dark voice whispered, you’re not an animal, you’re a person! The princess’ magic added more fur to you, she will only see you as a pet.

But Aine had hope. The princess seemed nice, she had kind eyes and a kind smile.

Anything is better than death, she told herself. [/sans-serif] [serif]Trusting an Amazon is a gamble, Little one. Some Amazons are kind and sweet, and some are terrible and cruel… and some look like one but are really the other. [/serif][sans-serif]This is what Aine feared as she crawled into the carrier, fighting her aching muscles. Her fur hurt, her ears hurt, her tail hurt, all from the magic that changed her from a red fox into a silver fox. Her diapers were wet and she was tired, her sleep had been difficult due to the pain. She took the leap of faith and trusted the princess.

“Good girl,” the princess cooed at her. The princess’ magic words took away some of the hurt and made Aine feel good inside, it made her skin feel tingly. Aine followed her kitty instincts and tried to purr… and it worked! The princess had used some of her magic during the color change to give Aine back her purr, she knew that Aine was still part kitty inside, and she gave back the parts that Aine was missing. She carried the little fox away from the pet store and took her to her car. [/sans-serif]

[serif]Yes, cars are scary. If a Little gets hit by a car, they almost always die. But cars are a special magic and they’re fun to ride in if you’re with an Amazon. [/serif]

[sans-serif]The princess worked her magic to move the car along, and she talked to Aine as she did.

“Everything is all set up, my little pet. All we need now is something to call you, don’t we?” The princess mused, not expecting Aine to answer of course, “Perhaps I’ll just call you Silver, or Silvee for short. You’re going to love your new home Vee, just you wait and see. There’s lots of room for you to run around, and all the soft pillows you can sleep on.”

The pillows sounded nice to Aine, but she was upset at giving up her name. Aine is an old name, a proud name, one that has been carried by Littles on Eire for a long, long time. It means “Radiance” and the Little wasn’t ready to give it up. She growled and hissed, trying to tell the the princess that she didn’t like or want the new name. This was a mistake.

“No Silver. You don’t hiss. Bad girl,” the princess scolded. Amazons can have the simplest magic words, these were two of them. They caused Aine to hurt terribly, her body reacting to the words. Aine whined, she wanted the pain to go away, but even more she wanted the princess to see her as a human, what she still felt like inside. She wanted the princess to see her, not just a pretty fox.

The princess carried the carrier to a magic box, the big metal doors closed and the box hummed, and when they opened again, they opened to a new place. A magical place, the princess’ castle. It was the most beautiful thing that Aine had ever seen. Everything was spotlessly clean, the floor was polished stone, the walls were pristine white, there were paintings on the wall. Aine didn’t get to enjoy the view long, the princess reached into the carrier and grabbed Aine by the scruff.[/sans-serif]

[serif]The scruff… it’s a piece of fur and skin on the back of an animal’s neck, Amazons add it to all Little pets with their magic. When an Amazon grabs a Little by the scruff, they can’t move - they can only wiggle their paws a bit, it keeps them from fighting back. You don’t have one, but all Littles who get transformed into animals get one. Don’t worry, dear, it isn’t hurting poor Aine, it just keeps her from struggling. Where was I…[/serif]

[sans-serif]The princess held Aine by the scruff and looked her in the eyes.

“These are for the pain,” the princess said, holding up a clear, magic candy, “This will make you feel better, it will make the color change hurt less. But only good pets deserve this luxury, and I’m not sure you deserve to be called that right now. So you must beg for me, and show me that you can be good.”

Aine was torn, her savior, her princess was behaving cruelly in her mind… [/sans-serif][serif]but she wasn’t really, was she? No, of course not. The princess was an Amazon, after all, and it’s not the place of a Little to growl or object to anything an Amazon says, but Littles like Aine are proud, she still wanted to be seen as a human. [/serif]

[sans-serif]She was hurt that her princess had magic that would make her better but wouldn’t share it. The princess set Aine on the ground and placed her hands to Aine’s fox-mouth, and used her magic to allow Aine to open and close the fox face. Aine was overjoyed and she laid down on the floor and whimpered, licking her princess’ ankles. She found that her tongue was longer than she remembered, the magic had given her a fox’s tongue. Aine looked up at the princess, trying to say with her eyes how sorry she was and that she would be good.

“Good girl,” the princess said the magic words again and Aine felt warm and tingly again, “That’s it, very good girl.” The magic words combined with the touch of the princess’ hand was amazing to Aine, it felt better than anything she had ever felt before. It was soft and gentle and she wished it would never end. Her fox ears felt soft and sensitive, and the princess’ touch was pure delight. The princess picked up Aine once more, cradling her in her giant arms. After the months of only being cared for by the metal helpers of the pet master, the princess’ warmth was better than anything Aine could have imagined. The princess gently pressed the clear magic candy into her fox-mouth. “Chew it first, my good girl.”

When Aine had finished chewing and swallowing the candy… [/sans-serif]

[serif]Yes, it tasted sweet, like the candy you find near the boardwalk sometimes. Shh. [/serif]

[sans-serif]When the candy was swallowed, Aine felt the magic warm her whole body and she didn’t hurt any more, the princess had taken away all of her pain just like that. Yes, all Amazons have that magic, that’s why they rule over everything.

Aine, finding she had use of her tongue and mouth again, tried to thank the princess, but it’s hard to make words when you can’t move your lips… which a fox doesn’t have.

“Aank you,” her words came out.

“Ah ah,” the princess waggled a finger at the fox kit in her arms, and scolded her in a gentle voice, “I’ve allowed you the freedom to move your mouth, but if you abuse that by attempting English, you’ll be punished and that privilege will be removed. Talking is for people, not for pets.”

This broke Aine’s heart, she feared the princess would never see the Little inside the fox, never see her as a person, only as a pet.

The princess didn’t see how sad Aine was, and took her deeper into the castle, showing her the wonderful place she lived now. Everywhere in the beautiful castle, the princess had added ramps and hammocks, benches and tunnels, platforms and towers, perches and cushions, tiny doors and glass bubbles, all for Aine to enjoy. She took Aine to the kitchen… [/sans-serif]

[serif]A kitchen is a place where Amazons keep their food, where they cook it and eat it. Oh yes, the princess had lots and lots of food, more food than you’ve ever seen, breads and candies, meats and real fresh vegetables, ripe fruit and clean water. And Aine had her own spot in the kitchen, with two bowls on the floor just for her.[/serif]

[sans-serif]A loud sound startled Aine in the princess’ arms, she was using a magic device to open one of the hard round cans. Inside, it was full of a soft, wet food that smelled amazing to the fox-girl. The princess set the girl down and scooped the food from the can into her bowl and gave her a soft pat on the diaper. Aine hadn’t had real, solid food in six months, not since the Littlecatcher got her. And as she ate, no one tried to stop her. No one tried to fight her or take the food away, she didn’t have to hide it at all. Aine ate every last bite and licked the bowl clean before she realized that the other bowl was full of the clearest, cleanest, coldest water that she had ever seen. It tasted so much better than the water in the pet store, better than the rainwater she caught to drink on the streets. I know, rainwater tastes good… but Amazon water is cleaner than you can imagine, Little one. And it was all for Aine. She nearly wept with joy at the amazing flavors. She didn’t think her belly had ever felt this full and content in her whole life.

When she looked around, the princess was gone. Something in Aine told her that she had to clean herself, so she took a few moments and cleaned her muzzle and paws, licking herself clean. It was part of the Amazon magic that made her have these fox-thoughts. She still had some lingering kitty-thoughts from the previous magic as well. This was very apparent as she went to look for the princess. Once she was clean, she padded back into the area with the couches and the pet bench, her lingering kitty-thoughts demanded that she climb the kitty climber and sit as high as possible, so she could look down on everything from on high. The kitty in her is satisfied by this, and she curled up, wrapping her beautiful silver tail around herself. Before long, she was asleep.

The princess woke her up soon after, Aine woke to the Amazon’s huge hands stroking her fur, caressing her ears. [/sans-serif]

[serif]These things sound scary to you, who do not have them and do not want them, but to Aine it was gloriously comforting. She did not want her fur either, but the Amazon magic had given it to her and she enjoyed the touches in a way that she couldn’t as a human.[/serif]

[sans-serif]“Good girl,” came the magic words again, sending warm tingles through Aine’s body. “Would you like a treat?”[/sans-serif]

[serif]Aine didn’t know that she wanted the treat, it was a hard cookie shaped like a tiny brown bone… but that’s part of the Amazon magic. Their food is magic, too - they cook it with magic devices, and the worst Amazon food when fresh will taste better than anything you’ve ever scavenged. [/serif]

[sans-serif]The magic that turned her into a fox told her that she would love the treat… and as the princess held the cookie to her fox-mouth, she couldn’t resist. She snapped it up and chomped it in two big bites, and she realized right away that she would do anything to have another one. [/sans-serif]

[serif]There’s a reason you almost never see escaped Little pets on the street after they’ve been transformed, my Little one. The food is so good, it’s easy to put up with all manner of humiliation to get more.[/serif]

[sans-serif]The princess took her new pet and gave her a gentle bath, holding her in the water and cleaning her soft fur. The kitty-self that still lurked in the back of Aine’s brain told her to avoid the water, to escape, and she gave a long whine.

“Shh now,” the princess said softly, “It’s okay, Vee. The water won’t hurt you. You’re a fox now, darling, foxes don’t mind the water much. They can swim and get wet without much of a problem. You’re not really a kitty, Silvee, you’re a fox now. That’s it, you’re a good girl.”

The magic words soothed her, but the comments about not really being a kitty, but a fox rankled. She wasn’t an animal at all in her mind, she was a Little who had been transformed.

I’m a person, I’m a human. I’m not a kitty or a fox, I don’t want to be bathed because it’s my body, not yours!

She couldn’t voice that thought, however… she had to kneel calmly as the giant princess bathed her naked body, only making her more aware of all the fur they had added to her body… on her shoulders and back, on the back of her neck where she was forced to feel her hated scruff being scrubbed, the soft down of her tummy. Their magic had given her much more fur than she wanted, but none in her diaper area, of course. She whined, hoping the princess would release the tie that held her human feet up and bound to the backs of her thighs, but she didn’t know that the magic had changed how her blood flowed in her legs.

The princess dried her off, admiring how silky and smooth her pet’s silver coat was before diapering her again in a thick, silver-grey special diaper with a hole for her fox-tail. Aine was used to these, she hadn’t stood on her own two feet in six months and all of her time since the night the Littlecatcher took her she had spent in diapers. All of her control was gone, even if she were free she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from going when she needed to.[/sans-serif]

[serif]No, it didn’t hurt her… it just was. It is the way of kept Littles, they just go.[/serif]

[sans-serif]“That’s it. Good girl. Maybe you’d like to explore a few of your tunnels and jungle gyms, hmm?” The princess said softly, her magic words filling Aine with warmth and tingles as she carried the fox-girl into the most luxurious room she’d ever seen, with a cream colored plush carpet and a huge, fluffy bed. “I think exploring is good. Foxes are naturally curious. I’ve hidden a few treats around various parts of your tunnels and other petspots. I’m sure you’ll enjoy hunting them all down.” The princess lowered her to the ground gently once more and released her with a pat on the head. “I have to make dinner now. You behave yourself.”

The promise of hidden treats got the fox-girl’s mouth watering, and she crawled into a trimmed hole in the wall, just under a bookshelf filled with more books than Aine had ever seen, not that she knew how to read them. It opened into a tunnel, which she followed to a tee in the path, she sniffed around, deciding which way to go, using the gift of enhanced sense of smell the Amazons had given her…

Do all Amazons live like this, Aine wondered, imagining how many Littles could live in this space comfortable. The thought of how many Littles were out there, hungry in the streets, fighting and hurting each other for the food the Amazons threw away, while the giants lived in lavish comfort. If Littles were in charge, we’d take better care of the Amazons than they take of us.

Her fox-self told her the tunnels were a safe place, a comfortable place, that she should be happy… and her nose led her to a treat, the bone-cookie that had been so amazing. She snapped it up quickly, devouring the delicious morsel, squirming from the rush of flavors and sensations. It was like being stroked and petted all over all at the same time and it tasted better than anything she ever ate as a free Little. She just laid for a while in the bubble, feeling safe and protected, relishing the wonderful feelings. Before long though, a familiar enemy was scratching at her brain.

What a good pet you are, the dark voice mocked her. Safe and cozy in your little tunnels… oh wait, do you feel that? That itch? The one that feels like you need to scratch your teeth?

She was aware of the milk-itch, she got it whenever she tried to stay away from the formula bottle in the pet store.

Their magic makes you need it, Aine could hear a sneer on the disembodied lips, Will you beg for it, you animal?

The princess soon returned, blowing softly on a whistle and calling.

“Silvee, where are you my little vixen? Mommy’s got your supper.” The princess’ giant face appeared just outside the glass bubble where Aine lay, wearing a gentle smile. She tapped on the glass, “Come on out now, sweetie, get something to eat, okay? You can explore more after, but you don’t want your dinner to get cold.”

The fox in Aine’s mind was telling her that the whistle meant she needed to be as close to the princess as possible, her muscles ached a bit that she wasn’t already at the giant woman’s feet. The itch makes her resentful, however, and there’s an urge to escape into the tunnels. The giant wouldn’t be able to follow her in there, she’d be safe… but the tapping on the glass reminds her of her time in the pet store, she’d been with the woman less than a day.

What if she decides you’re not worth the trouble and sends you back? she wondered to herself.

Then you would go back, and you would die, the dark voice replied to the thought.[/sans-serif]

[serif]When the Amazons landed here in Eire, long ago, they brought their magic with them. A magic unlike anything the Little people had ever known… and they fought the gods of the Littles, the Tuath Dé… and they killed them. Don’t cry, Little one. All Littles know this - even the old tongue is banned, forbidden to be spoken in Amazon hearing. They are the Fomhóraigh, but don’t ever call them that to their faces - the penalty is death. And because the gods are dead, there is no refuge for a dead Little. When you die, it is over - when the gods were with your people, you were fierce warriors, ready to face death because the Tuath Dé would care for your fallen… that’s why the Fomhóraigh killed them. With no peace waiting for you after death, death is much more frightening… Aine knew this too, and though her pride as a Little told her that she should stand and die rather than submit to the Amazons, she was afraid to die, and rightly so.[/serif]

[sans-serif]Aine took a little slide out of the bubble and ended up at the feet of her captor, and presented herself submissively, ready to be carried around once more.

The princess leaned down and rubbed her fox-ears and called her a “very good girl”, which made Aine feel pure delight, the magic coursing through her.

“Come on now,” the princess smiled at her pet, “I want you to try out your ramp, so you’re going to walk.”

The princess guided her towards the stairs, showing the fox-girl that she had the ability go almost anywhere in the princess’ castle, causing Aine to wonder how many pets the princess had had before.

“I expect you to empty both your bowls, Vee. Then maybe you can have dessert, and we’ll cuddle for a bit. Would you like to cuddle, little vixen?”

Aine blushed as she gave a soft yip of assent, using her fox-voice to agree to the idea of cuddling. She thought back to her time in the pet store, how she had longed for the princess to pull her out of the cage, how wonderful her touch had been… and she hated herself for wanting it even now.

I need to get her to see me as a person, she told herself, then things can be perfect. I know I’m a Little, I know my place… but I’m still human.

Her tail swished happily behind her as she dove into the bowl of food, the princess had given the fox-girl some of her own dinner, a dish of creamy noodles with bits of hot chicken… it was fresh and glorious, and even better than everything else Aine had been fed so far. Aine snapped and slurped and licked every stray morsel of the creamy meal before lapping up the warm formula from the other bowl. The milk-itch vanished as she emptied the bowl, guzzling the sweet formula, which tasted even better warm. She felt sleepy and tingly, and before she even realized she was moving, she found herself back at the feet of the princess, curling her silky, silver tail around one of the woman’s ankles while stretching her paws over the other foot, rubbing against her legs.

What am I doing? she wondered to herself, a little afraid. But the thought doesn’t have much chance to take root as the princess swept Aine into her lap, stroking her fur softly and sending electric tingles of delight through the girl.

“You have sauce on your nose, silly pup,” the princess laughed, a musical tinkling sound, as she swiped a finger across the fox-girl’s snout before shoving her finger into Aine’s mouth, giving her that last little bit of the delicious meal.

Aine’s eyes widened in surprise, and the dark voice shouted at her to bite the Amazon, to attack and run… and for a split second she considered it. But for the first time in her life, she felt warm, comfortable, and full… and she found herself simply licking the princess’ finger clean.

“You must have been so hungry, you poor thing. Don’t you worry any longer. I’m going to make sure you’re well fed. Your water bowl will always be full; you’ll never ever go thirsty or hungry again. And when you’re a super good girl, like today, you’ll get some of whatever is cooked for dinner. You seemed to like the pasta. Never again, Silvee, are you going to go to sleep hungry or thirsty. You’re always going to be warm and dry, well fed, and most importantly, loved. All you have to do is stay with me, love me back, and be the curious, playful little vixen I know you can be. That doesn’t sound so bad now does it?” The princess cooed, scratching lightly under Aine’s fox-chin before returning her fingers the soft, soft ears. “What a good girl you are.”

Aine melted under the woman’s attention, purring and cooing. Dreams of warm beds and full meals filled her head, of never feeling hungry again… That’s all a Little in Eire really wants. Somewhere safe, and dry, with lots of food and warmth.

Why can’t the Amazons share their fortune with us as people, she lamented. Everything sounded wonderful until “love me back” and “playful little vixen”. Even awash in all of the amazing feelings, she couldn’t take it.

“I hu-nan,” she whined, unable to make the m without the use of her lips. “I Ah-nyee,” she vocalized her name, desperate for the woman to call her by her real name, her old name. The name birthed from the tongue of her people.

“Vee,” the princess frowned, denying her plea with the pet-name, “If I have to remind you again, you will get into trouble. I will tighten your mouth and put you back on a liquid diet, is that what you want?” Her tone lost its previous softness, filling the Little with fear, “I don’t want to hurt you, Silver, but if you refuse to behave, then I will. Let’s not ruin a perfect moment, okay? You’re safe here with me.” The princess hugged her closer and rubbed her on the fluffy spot where cheek merges with ear, a spot that the Amazon magic had made special, and very sensitive. “There, that’s a good girl. Lay down nicely, please.”

Aine’s whole world exploded in color as that sensitive spot was caressed, and coupled with the magic words, all of the fight left her, she could do nothing but knead and purr. She rubbed against the woman’s hands, seeking to intensify the touch, to make those feelings last as long as possible, her lengthened tongue hanging from her fox-mouth involuntarily.

No! she shouts in her mind, I’m not a fox, I’m a human!

But her body was caught in the throes of pleasure, the magic making her feel good all over. She started a low hum, a sound of pure pleasure as her body betrayed her completely.

You are a pet, not a person, the dark voice taunted her again, Talking is for people, remember?

Aine shut the voice out, surrendering to the wonderful feelings, riding the wave of pleasure as she melted in the woman’s lap, loving every moment… but hating herself.

“There, you see? This isn’t a bad place, and I’m not a bad person. You can be happy here, you’ll see,” the princess promised her, planting a soft kiss on her forehead. She leaned back in the chair, almost laying down as she settled the fox-girl on her chest, stroking her fur over and over, gently. “I love you,” she whispered to the fox-girl, “And I’m going to see you live a happy life, warm and safe.” The princess smiled as the fox tail swished softly, tickling her flesh.

The princess was surprised by her admission. Amazons aren’t supposed to love Littles, not any more than one loves their favorite toy. Littles are things to the Amazons, nothing more. Most Amazons take pets to help themselves relax, or to improve their standing among their peers, or as a trophy… but the princess was cultivating a real love for Aine.

She snuggled her pet, and little Aine fell asleep in her arms, which only softened her Amazon heart further.

When Aine awoke, it was from a nightmare - a twisted memory of the night the Littlecatcher got her, she woke with a start, panting, her legs aching from running in her sleep. The Littlecatcher didn’t get her in the dream, she woke up first… but that wasn’t the truth of reality.

It was dark and warm where she was, a soft glow illuminating the interior of a magenta cube gently. Aine pawed around, looking for an exit, but all of the sides of the cube were sealed. She found the seam of a door and rattled it, but it was locked, and she was trapped. The cage was warm and comfortable… but it was still a cage.

Aine reflected on the whirlwind of the day. She had awoken in the kennel that morning, aching and cold from the magic the unfeeling Amazons had forced upon her weeks ago. That day she had been adopted, something she’d been dreaming of for months. She had been fed a hot meal, real food… not just liquid. She was cuddled and praised, held and petted… she was warm and full, in a soft bed instead of a cold, hard cage.

The princess had said she loved her.

Isn’t it depressing that this is the most comfortable you’ve ever been, you filthy Little? the dark voice asked her, You should focus on being the best pet you can be - what else is there for you?

The voice was right… she was right. This was as good as it was going to get for a Little. She’d still try to convince the woman to give up the name Silver, but otherwise… she’d be a good, obedient pet.

That’s all Littles are good for, right?[/sans-serif]

[serif]Shhh, my Little one… you know it’s true. Do you like this life on the streets, really? Yes, you’re right, you’re free. But you’re cold, you’re hungry. When it rains, you get wet. If you get hurt, you either turn yourself in or you die. Eire is a harsh place for Littles, your gods are no more.

Me? I don’t exist. Half-bloods aren’t a real thing in Eire, and so neither am I.

Look for your prince or princess, Little one. Let their magic transform you. Be their baby, be their pet… give up your old tongue name, your gods are gone.

Don’t cry… if you’re lucky, you’ll have a warm bed and real love… it can happen. It happened to Aine.

Of course it’s a true story. And yes, there is more… but that’s a tale for another time. Be good, be safe, and be lucky. May your princess find you and make all the dreams you won’t admit you have come true.[/serif][/SIZE]

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We don’t have a teary-eyed emoji here, or I would have led off with that.

Yet another sweet (well, sweetly told, anyway) story from the Goddess of the Diaper Dimension. This is a very well-wrought vision of a new (and appalling, of course) island in your version of the DD, which never seems to run out of surprises. It makes sense that you’d do a whole story based on the pet experience that you created earlier, and here you expand it beautifully. It’s horrifying that the pet store would put Littles down if they aren’t adoptable. OTOH, it’s nice that this particular owner at least has heart enough to try something new to see if it works before he does such a cruel thing.

I was a bit confused about the mask in the princess’s house. She opens it for the medicine; does she then leave it open? It seems open still during feedings (otherwise how could Aine eat solid foods?), yet if it is open, isn’t she less foxlike? And why wouldn’t she press her name agenda earlier?

I’m also wondering about the princess herself: the “halfblood” tells the little “you” character to seek out his or her own princess or prince. Are all Amazons on this island royalty? Or at least rich as Croesus?

Loved the narrative structure here, BTW: fun and “Princess Bride” experimental. But I do think you could have gotten away with italics; you really didn’t need a separate font. :slight_smile:

Got anything else in the works?

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[QUOTE=kerry;69848]We don’t have a teary-eyed emoji here, or I would have led off with that.

Yet another sweet (well, sweetly told, anyway) story from the Goddess of the Diaper Dimension. This is a very well-wrought vision of a new (and appalling, of course) island in your version of the DD, which never seems to run out of surprises. It makes sense that you’d do a whole story based on the pet experience that you created earlier, and here you expand it beautifully. It’s horrifying that the pet store would put Littles down if they aren’t adoptable. OTOH, it’s nice that this particular owner at least has heart enough to try something new to see if it works before he does such a cruel thing.

I was a bit confused about the mask in the princess’s house. She opens it for the medicine; does she then leave it open? It seems open still during feedings (otherwise how could Aine eat solid foods?), yet if it is open, isn’t she less foxlike? And why wouldn’t she press her name agenda earlier?

I’m also wondering about the princess herself: the “halfblood” tells the little “you” character to seek out his or her own princess or prince. Are all Amazons on this island royalty? Or at least rich as Croesus?

Loved the narrative structure here, BTW: fun and “Princess Bride” experimental. But I do think you could have gotten away with italics; you really didn’t need a separate font. :slight_smile:

Got anything else in the works?[/QUOTE]

I’ve been refreshing periodically, waiting for you to find the story!

The silver fox mask is designed so the little can open and close the fox-mouth, sorry that was confusing. She can work her jaw to open the mask. The Amazon in question did leave it that way on purpose. The Amazon in question is not actually royalty, though she is well off. Oh, and the italics wouldn’t have worked for the narrator, I had italicized thoughts… it would have been too confusing. The font worked, I think.

This is actually a rewrite of an online roleplay I did with an author from another site, KWOceans… I was the Little :wink: Some of the Amazon dialogue is simply copy/pasted :slight_smile:

KWOceans dreamed up Eire and asked me for a name - I didn’t find out until we did this roleplay session that it fit so well with some Celtic folklore. So it grew and expanded - Amazon tech all seems like magic to them, it’s a really fun perspective.

Also… while flattering, Princess Pottypants is the goddess of the Dimension :wink: I have been dubbed the “Princess of Torment”. I had already named BabySofia “Princess of Evil”.

I do have another one in the works! I have written 4,453 words on a new story I’m calling “Save Yourself”, it’s the first story I’ve written that isn’t a love story at its core… it’s a psycho-thriller and it is seriously messed up. I’m loving it. I tend to wait until I’m 5-7 chapters into a work before I post it, I just finished writing Chapter 2. I can’t wait to share it! It’s super dark, we’re going back to Catalon.

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Oh no! Catalon!

Well I beg to differ: Princess P may have created the DD, but you have expanded and elaborated and honed it. I will still consider you Goddess. I consider her Creator, but like too many Creators, she seems to have left her creation in the hands of others…

(Bad kerry! No off the cuff digs at organized religion. Very, very bad girl!)

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I’m not much of a furry, but this story was pretty good. I liked seeing Aine’s internal battle played out as she tried to fight against the pleasures and pains she was experiencing. However the part where the Amazon felt love for Aine is just simply not true. You don’t torture someone without consent or change them to fit your idea of what you want if you love them. I think that amazon is just confused as to the difference between bliss and love.

Thank you for sharing.

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This was a really really good story. And I can’t wait to read more of the bedtime tales. I am very interested in knowing the website to role-play in the DD. Sounds really fun.

Re: A Bedtime Tale in Eire [Diaper Dimension]

There is no website to roleplay in the DD, and I’m afraid there are no more of the Bedtime Tales - this was a fun one-off that I co-wrote with KWOceans from a private roleplay. Eire is a very different spot in my DD setting, and while this was fun to explore, I’m pretty done with it.

I’m glad you enjoyed it though!